Spider-Man: Far From Home Is The Last MCU Phase 3 Movie, Not Endgame

Marvel’s Kevin Feige has revealed that he considers Spider-Man: Far From Home to be the end of Phase 3. Although the wall-crawler was one of Thanos’ many victims in Avengers: Infinity War, it’s long been an open secret that he’ll be coming back. As far back as June 2017, Marvel figures were confirming that the next Spider-Man film would be set minutes after Avengers: Endgame.

Spider-Man: Far From Home had generally been viewed as the first film of Phase 4, launching the future of the MCU. Indeed, Kevin Feige himself had seemed to suggest that was the case, telling viewers he wanted the highly-relatable Peter Parker to be the one to hold their hands and guide them into what he called the next incarnation of the MCU.

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However, it looks as though plans have changed a little. Speaking with a reporter at a fan event in Shanghai, Kevin Feige was asked about Spider-Man: Far From Home. As always, Feige is secretive in his response, but the little he did say will make fans sit up and take note. “It’s the end of the third phase,” he observed. “You’re the first one I’ve told that to.

This makes perfect sense in terms of the overall narrative of the MCU. Avengers: Endgame is the climax of the MCU to date, an event movie that’s frankly unparalleled in the history of cinema. While Thanos is sure to be defeated, there will be massive consequences for Marvel’s entire shared universe, and Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to explore these. Feige’s comments essentially turn the next Spider-Man movie into an extended epilogue for Avengers: Endgame.

Fans generally assume that each MCU phase will end with an Avengers film, but that’s not necessarily the case. It’s true that Phase 1 ended with The Avengers, but that was largely because Marvel was taking a gamble with the whole shared universe model at that time; had The Avengers failed, the whole idea would have fallen apart. With Phase 1 a success, Marvel actually ended Phase 2 with Ant-Man. At least Spider-Man: Far From Home will make a more logical conclusion to one of the phases.

Curiously, this announcement does mean the future of the MCU is a whole lot more unclear than we had previously been thought. Feige is keeping his post-Phase 3 plans under wraps; Marvel is known to be pushing ahead with both Black Widow and The Eternals, but neither of those projects have been officially announced. Spider-Man: Far From Home, however, had been considered the only confirmed movie in Phase 4, but now it turns out that isn’t the case after all.

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Thomas Bacon

Marvel Skipping Spider-Man’s Origin Story Was The Best Move In Homecoming

Marvel skipped Spider-Man’s origin in Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming – and it was a smart move for the House of Ideas. Marvel has never been particularly keen on doing a rinse-and-repeat of stories and ideas that have already appeared on the big screen. That’s not been a problem with most of their characters – Robert Downey Jr. is the definitive Iron Man, after all – but with Spider-Man it was something of an issue.

Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had drastically underperformed at the box office, and critical responses had forced Sony to (temporarily) shelve their plans to build a cinematic universe out of the Spider-Man franchise. That led Marvel and Sony to strike an unprecedented deal that brought the wall-crawler into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel was clear that they wanted to relaunch the franchise once again, which meant letting Andrew Garfield go, but it meant the studio was launching the third cinematic version of Spider-Man since the year 2002.

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Marvel went to great effort to differentiate their Spider-Man from either Andrew Garfield’s or Tobey Maguire’s. They cast Tom Holland as a young Peter Parker at high school, they stressed the dynamic between their new Spider-Man and the other heroes of the MCU, and they even chose to represent some of his powers slightly differently. But the most notable difference between this iteration of Spider-Man and the previous ones was the decision to avoid re-telling Spider-Man’s origin story.

  • This Page: Spider-Man’s Origin Story Told Time & Again
  • Page 2: Spider-Man’s Origin Is A Smart Secret

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: a teenage boy gets bitten by a radioactive spider and develops incredible super-powers. At first he uses these powers for his own benefit, becoming a wrestler, and he becomes increasingly selfish. Then, in a tragic twist of fate, the teen’s uncle is shot by a criminal who he could have stopped earlier. He’s forced to learn a painful lesson; with great power must come great responsibility.

Everybody knows the broad strokes of Spider-Man’s origin. That’s the tale as told by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko all the way back in 1962; it’s been retold in countless popular animated shows, and it’s even been adapted twice for the big screen. One version was told in Spider-Man in 2002, and a revised one a decade later in The Amazing Spider-Man. The story beats have been absorbed into popular culture, in the same kind of way even a non-superhero fan tends to know Superman was sent from his dying homeworld of Krypton as a baby. Marvel always wants the MCU to feel fresh and original, and as a result they really didn’t want to repeat the same formula.

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The MCU’s Spider-Man was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, and he’d already been operating as a superhero for several months. That single decision meant Marvel didn’t need to retread ground already explored; they could settle for just tossing in vague references, knowing that viewers would join the dots with ease. In one telling scene, Tony Stark asks this young Peter Parker why he dresses up as a superhero. “When you can do the things that I can, but you don’t,” Peter explained, “and then the bad things happen… They happen because of you.” While it clearly carried the sentiment of the famous “power and responsibility” speech, it was a very different way of putting it. In fact, where Uncle Ben’s ghost pretty much haunted the previous Spider-Men, the MCU’s Ben Parker will get his very first mention in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the fifth movie featuring Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The trailers have already shown Peter traveling with his uncle’s suitcase, literally the first explicit nod to Ben Parker in the MCU to date.

Page 2 of 2: Spider-Man’s Origin Is A Smart Secret

But there’s another reason Marvel has chosen not to tell Spider-Man’s origin story again; it’s because they’re well aware people will think they know it, and as a result the studio can take audiences by surprise if they switch things up. As Kevin Feige explained in an interview with Cinema Blend:

“The truth is, we want audiences to bring their own… let them fill in those blanks right now. They’ve seen the other films. They’ve read comics. They can fill that in. That was a very purposeful decision we made to not retread that ground. There are little things that are said here and there that people can read into. What the specific facts are in the past, we don’t… we haven’t revealed yet.”

The significance of all this becomes clear when viewers stop to ask themselves a few key questions. Where did the radioactive spider come from? In the original comics, the spider happened to dangle in front of an experiment, and its body was suffused with mysterious energy. Dying, the spider fell towards the ground, and landed on Peter Parker’s outstretched hand. Reflexively, it bit, injecting its venom into his bloodstream, and thus creating Spider-Man. That’s the traditional origin, but it’s actually been reworked a number of times in the comics. One story arc suggested the spider was destined to bite Peter, transforming him into a mystic “Spider Totem.” It was always going to bite him, and the radiation was an accident that simply complicated things. In the Ultimate Comics version, a modernized retelling of the Marvel Universe, the spiders had been genetically engineered by Norman Osborn in order to create super-soldiers. One escaped, and bit Peter Parker when he was visiting OsCorp on a school trip. Between these three very different options, the comics allow Marvel Studios a lot of leeway. And they could even choose to do something completely fresh and new – should they ever wish to.

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Another question: Did the spider bite only Peter, or did it go on to bite someone else as well before it died? During the “Original Sin” event in the comics, writer Dan Slott revealed that another of Peter’s classmates was also bitten by the spider. Cindy Moon was quickly ferried away by Ezekiel, a man who understood the power of the Spider Totems and who feared she would draw the attention of an interdimensional race known as the Inheritors. When Peter learned of Cindy’s existence, he broke her out, and she became the superhero Silk. Tiffany Espensen plays one of Peter’s classmates, Cindy, in the MCU – and she’s the spitting image of Silk. Cindy has yet to demonstrate any super-powers, but that could change in a future movie. Again, the fact Marvel hasn’t shown the spider-bite means the spider could easily have survived long enough to create more superhumans.

And are there any other spiders? If the MCU’s spider was an accident, then it’s unlikely to be repeated. If it was created, as in the Ultimate Universe, then the odds are good that there are other radioactive spiders out there. In the Ultimate Comics, another spider escaped OsCorp, and it eventually found its way to a teenager called Miles Morales. Miles became the Ultimate Spider-Man, one of Marvel’s most popular teen heroes, and the star of Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. He’s already been confirmed to be part of the MCU, meaning the potential is there for him to be introduced as another superhero further down the line. It all depends on just what happened.

By concealing Spider-Man’s origin, Marvel ensured they had the maximum room to maneuver. They could effortlessly write OsCorp, Norman Osborn, and the Green Goblin into Spider-Man’s backstory, and nobody would bat an eye. They could set up superheroes like Silk and Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, and it would all feel natural and organic. It really was a smart move on Marvel’s part.

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Thomas Bacon

This Is What Spider-Man: Far From Home Would Look Like As A Step Up Movie

Funny or Die releases a parody video in which Spider-Man has a secret weapon, and that weapon is the power of dance. The clip mashes together the Step Up movie franchise with characters from the upcoming MCU film Spider-Man: Far From Home. The result is a comedic imagining of a poppin’ and lockin’ Peter Parker. 

Directed by Jon Watts, Spider-Man: Far From Home represents the 23rd MCU franchise film, and will be a direct sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tom Holland reprises his role as the titular superhero, while Samuel L. Jackson reprises his MCU franchise role as Nick Fury. Jackson recently portrayed a younger version of Nick Fury in Captain Marvel, and will appear in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal will star as Quentin Beck aka Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. As for Duane Adler’s Step Up franchise, the series features young dancers of different backgrounds. In the original franchise installment, Channing Tatum stars opposite Jenna Dewan. Produced for $12 million, Step Up earned over $114 million at the box office, and inspired four sequels, along with a YouTube Premium series that launched in 2018 and returned for a second season in 2019.

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On YouTube, Funny or Die released a Spider-Man/Step Up parody video entitled “Spider-Man Steps Up.” Early on, Spider-Man’s weekend vacation is interrupted by Nick Fury, who states: “You got gifts, Parker. But you have a job to do. Are you going to step up or not?” Of course, the various clips are taken from MCU films, and the parody plot thickens when Iron Man scratches on the turntables and sets off a lit street party. The clip introduces Mysterio through a street dancing shot of Gyllenhaal from Jean-Marc Vallée’s 2015 film Demolition, and Spidey then decides to slip into something more comfortable by replacing his normal superhero threads with a skin-tight, all-black get-up. For this portion, Funny or Die uses clips from Tom Holland’s 2017 performance of “Umbrella” on Lip Sync Battle. By the end, Spider-Man does indeed step up, and the clip then incorporates Tobey Maguire’s awkward Spidey street dance from Spider-Man 3. Watch “Spider-Man Steps Up” below.

Created in 2007, Funny or Die has been a popular destination for comedy fans over the years. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay originally co-founded the website, along with Chris Henry and Michael Kvamme. Over the years, Funny or Die has produced numerous original clips, with many of their most popular videos coming from Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” interview series. Ferrell and McKay recently announced a creative split, however they’ll continue to work together for existing projects under their company Gary Sanchez Productions.

Recently, Funny or Die released a Game of Thrones-themed video called “Wig Warging with Jonathan Van Ness: Evil Carol Brady.” Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live aired a Game of Thrones crossover sketch when Kit Harington hosted earlier this month. With Game of Thrones set to conclude before Spider-Man: Far From Home’s July release date, perhaps Funny or Die’s Step Up parody clip foreshadows what’s to come by late spring and early summer.

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Q.V. Hough

Samuel L. Jackson Returns for Spider-Man: Far From Home Reshoots

Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson revealed that he’s returning to don the eyepatch and do reshoots for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Following up on the success of 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, which grossed a solid $880 million at the worldwide box office, Tom Holland will return to once again play the MCU’s version of Peter Parker in Far From Home.

When fans last saw Holland’s Parker, he was in fact turning to dust in the arms of Tony Stark during the devastating climax of Avengers: Infinity War. Whether Far From Home is set before Infinity War, or in fact takes place after the events of that movie and therefore by existing spoils the fact that Peter Parker will somehow be resurrected in Avengers: Endgame, is something that won’t be revealed until the newest Spider-Man adventure is actually released. What has been revealed is that Jackson’s Nick Fury will appear in Far From Home, which sees Spider-Man taking a trip to Europe and battling Jake Gyllenhaal’s villainous Mysterio.

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Indeed, Jackson’s work on Far From Home does not appear to be quite finished yet. As the actor revealed on his Instagram, he is getting ready to put back on the iconic Nick Fury eyepatch and participate in reshoots for the latest Spider-Man adventure. In the post, Jackson also gets in a hashtag plug for another of his upcoming films, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, the sequel to his surprise hit action-comedy The Hitman’s Bodyguard. See Jackson’s post below:

It’s not yet known how big a role Jackson will actually have in Far From Home, but the fact that he’s showing up for reshoots could be an indication his part is being beefed up. As Jackson jokes in his hashtag, such reshoots can also be referred to as “enhancement shots,” depending on how you want to spin the matter. Indeed, the idea that a film is being enhanced by doing more work is a much more pleasant notion than that anything is being “reshot,” as the very term “reshoot” is still taken as an indication that something has gone amiss on a production and the scramble is on to fix the problems.

Given how efficient the Marvel Studios/Disney machine has become in churning out blockbuster after blockbuster, it would indeed be a major shock if there were something wrong with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Already this year, the MCU has seen a $1 billion-plus blockbuster in Captain Marvel, and Avengers: Endgame is predicted to destroy box office records when it arrives next week. It seems almost a foregone conclusion that Far From Home will simply take its place as the next successful MCU movie when it arrives.

Then again, not every Marvel movie is considered a masterpiece either by critics or fans, so the Marvel Studios machine is not in fact infallible even if it seems that way. Eventually Marvel will create a dud, and it’s entirely possible that Spider-Man: Far From Home will be that dud. However, if the movie is able to capture the same fun spirit as Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s almost certain that it will be a success with audiences.

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Dan Zinski

Division 2 Contains A Spider-Man PS4 Easter Egg

The Division 2 has done it again – this time with an unexpected, web-slinging twist. Not content with the Assassin’s Creed Easter egg that may well have given away the location of the next title in Ubisoft’s long-standing franchise, it looks like a Division 2 Spider-Man Easter egg is also an actual thing which has been noticed by Insomniac Games, no less.

Spider-Man was a smash hit when it launched last year, selling over 9 million copies in a few short months after release. After the game’s wealth of DLC and its internet popularity, there were perhaps surprisingly few crossover events with other major titles to capitalize on that. While this definitely isn’t a crossover by any means, the Division 2 Spider-Man Easter egg is still a nice tribute.

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The team at Insomniac Games, the minds behind Spider-Man, took to Twitter with footage of someone finding the Division 2 Spider-Man Easter egg. From the video, you can clearly see that the Easter egg is a backpack webbed to a wall. Players can shoot off the webbing and debris to free it, a callback to the way that Peter Parker interacts with these in the Spider-Man game. The backpacks are an iconic part of the web-slinging hero’s arsenal, and there’s a little wink and a nudge here from Ubisoft in using them as the Easter egg in The Division 2; they’re the richest source of Easter eggs in Spider-Man.

The Division 2 Spider-Man Easter egg is pretty neat, and yet another example of Ubisoft paying homage to a popular title (though not necessarily one from the company’s stable). Ubisoft is no stranger to these sorts of callbacks in titles in its own games, considering that it hinted at Watch Dogs 3’s location in Watch Dogs 2. Since players are clearly still finding these little treats scattered throughout the game, it’s highly likely that there’s still more homages and Easter eggs that have yet to be discovered, potentially to do with other AAA games.

There’s going to be an update to The Division 2 soon which will have some difficulty and quality of life improvements for players. So, if the end-game is looking a bit routine at the moment, then now might be the perfect time to go on a hunt for any other Easter eggs the game might have in store. With any luck, a few more Spider-Man Easter eggs may turn up as well.

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Ginny Woo

Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense Isn’t In Captain America: Civil War? Think Again

Spider-Man’s spider-sense was actually featured in Captain America: Civil War – twice. When Marvel Studios struck an unprecedented deal with Sony to incorporate a new version of Spider-Man into the MCU, they decided not to repeat anything that had been done before on the big screen. That’s why Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is younger than any previous iteration of Peter Parker, and it’s why Marvel avoided retelling that famous origin story.

It also meant that Marvel chose not to focus on Spider-Man’s spider-sense. In the comics, the spider-sense is a core part of Spider-Man’s powerset, a preternatural sixth sense that warns him of danger. When Sony began making Spider-Man movies, they chose to make the spider-sense central to their portrayals, creating stunning slow-motion scenes that emphasized the sense of impending danger and the speed of Spider-Man’s reflexes. Marvel Studios chose to ditch this approach, and it wasn’t until Avengers: Infinity War that there was even an explicit nod to the spider-sense, with the hairs on Peter’s arm standing on end as the Black Order ship arrived on Earth.

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But on closer watch, just because Marvel hasn’t focused on the spider-sense in previous films, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there all along. It’s worth remembering that the MCU’s Spider-Man has struggled to master his powers in a way none of the other big-screen versions have. As he explained in Captain America: Civil War, all his senses have been “dialed to 11.” He’s struggling to cope with the sheer amount of input; and that potentially means he hasn’t yet worked out how to handle this mysterious danger sense.

In actual fact, there are two scenes in Captain America: Civil War where Spider-Man’s spider-sense appears to be in play. The Airport Battle really begins when Spider-Man enters the scene, stealing Captain America’s shield and webbing up his hands. Though he doesn’t know it, Captain America had figured that Iron Man’s forces would somehow try to take his shield, and he’d planted Ant-Man on it as a surprise. It’s easy to miss, though, but Spider-Man begins to react to Ant-Man’s presence before Scott Lang sizes up. He knows that something is wrong, even if he hasn’t got a clue what it is. That’s a problem Spider-Man has frequently had in the comics, when his spider-sense warns him of danger but he can’t figure it out in time to dodge it.

Later on, Spider-Man takes on Falcon and Winter Soldier. During the fight, there’s a moment when he’s engaging Falcon in a mid-air battle, telling Sam that he has the right to remain silent. Bucky attempts to intervene, ripping up a piece of furnishing and tossing it at Spider-Man – but the wall-crawler reacts at speed. “Oh, God,” Peter gasps, the eyes of his mask widening just as they tend to when his spider-sense is triggered in the comics. He turns to see what’s coming, and ducks under it, before catching it with webbing and throwing it straight back at the Winter Soldier. There’s absolutely no way Spider-Man could have sensed that attack if not for his spider-sense.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed that the MCU’s Spider-Man does indeed have spider-sense, and it’s since been visualized in Avengers: Infinity War. As Feige noted, “I think how we explore [the spider-sense] in a cinematic sense will change.” In Captain America: Civil War, while the spider-sense was there, the action scenes weren’t really from Peter’s perspective and thus it wasn’t the focus. It will be interesting to see what approach Jon Watts takes in Spider-Man: Far From Home now the spider-sense is officially out of the bag.

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Thomas Bacon

Spider-Man: Far From Home Image Offers Best Look At New Red & Black Suit

New images from Spider-Man: Far From Home feature Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) two new suits and his team-up with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). All eyes may currently be on Avengers: Endgame‘s rapidly approaching release, but it won’t be that long after it debuts that the next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe arrives. Spider-Man: Far From Home will pick up minutes after the ending to Avengers: Endgame, making it the first Phase 4 MCU film.

Thanks to this placement, Marvel Studios and Sony have been put in a difficult position when it comes to marketing Spider-Man: Far From Home. As of right now, Spider-Man is still among the half of the universe’s population that was turned to dust at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, and how he returns – and what the state of the MCU will be once he does – is likely a spoiler for Avengers: Endgame. Sony has still continued to promote their big summer blockbuster, but they’ve also refrained from showing off too much. What we have seen is plenty of Peter’s overseas summer vacation and that he’ll be recruited by Fury to stop the Elementals.

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The lone trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home officially revealed the new suits that Peter was previously seen wearing on set, and now USA Today has provided two new images that feature them. The first image puts Peter in a brand new red and black suit, and he appears to be preparing to take Michelle (Zendaya) somewhere. The second image only shows the back of his all-black stealth/tactical suit, which has the eye goggles flipped up. This photo shows Peter meeting with Nick Fury and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), potentially prepping for a mission.

This exact sequence of Michelle and Peter together was previously seen taking place on set, and the interaction between them has led many to wonder if MJ will learn that Peter is Spider-Man during Spider-Man: Far From Home. The suit looks fantastic regardless. The stealth suit is not prominently featured here, but Peter wearing it in a meeting with Fury and Hill could serve as further evidence that they (and S.H.I.E.L.D.) give him this new suit as part of their partnership.

Now that some official images have been released, many will now begin to wonder when the second trailer will arrive. There have been rumors that Sony and Marvel Studios are waiting until after Avengers: Endgame has been released to do so. Considering the first trailer was lacking on many story details, the second trailer may be prepared to let more information out of the bag – but these details may be spoilers themselves for Avengers: Endgame. The wait for a second trailer isn’t even being felt at the moment thanks to the attention the end of Phase 3 is getting anyways. But, with a now slightly earlier release date set, Sony is likely itching to kick the marketing into high gear, and these Spider-Man: Far From Home photos can help tide everyone over until that can happen.

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Cooper Hood

Spider-Man: Far From Home Release Date Moves Up 3 Days

Spider-Man: Far From Home is arriving three days earlier than previously scheduled. A sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, Far From Home will also serve as the first movie in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a result, there’s a lot of secrecy surrounding the film and where, exactly, it takes place in the larger MCU timeline relative to this month’s Phase 3 conclusion, Avengers: Endgame. While it’s generally assumed to take place after, Marvel Studios is keeping its cards close to its chest for the time being.

In the meantime, Sony has been doing its part to promote the film ahead of its release this summer. The Far From Home trailers have included a special appearance by Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, but otherwise focused on Peter Parker (Tom Holland) as he tries to enjoy a relaxing summer trip to Europe with his friends… only for Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) and several elemental monsters to show up out of the blue, wreaking havoc. As it turns out, Peter will be going on “vacation” a little earlier than originally expected.

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Sony has announced that Far From Home will now hit theaters on Tuesday, July 2, rather than Friday July 5. That gives the MCU adventure a head start on this year’s Fourth of July holiday frame, where it’s expected to (easily) beat the competition and take the number one spot at the global box office.

While Far From Home was already all but guaranteed to become a hit, its new release date should only benefit the film’s commercial prospects. Audience attendance traditionally goes up in the summer in general, with the Fourth of July frame being an especially lucrative time of the season. As such, Far From Home has an even better shot now at topping Homecoming‘s $117 million 3-day opening take in the U.S. from two years ago. It’s still a bit of a long shot to surpass Spider-Man 3‘s $151 million domestic opening from 2007, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility, either. Assuming the word of mouth is positive (and with Homecoming director Jon Watts back at the helm, it should be), Far From Home will undoubtedly fly high financially, however it fares in comparison to the rest of the franchise.

Still, it will be interesting to see if Far From Home gets a boost, post-Endgame. Ant-Man and the Wasp premiered over the Fourth of July holiday in 2018, and it definitely benefitted commercially from being released right after Avengers: Infinity War. MCU fans may not be quite as devastated after Endgame as they were when Thanos wiped out half of all life, but they should nevertheless be in the mood for something a little more light-hearted (a la what Far From Home is promising) by that point. And what better way to let off steam than hanging out with Peter and his friends as they romp around Europe (or, in Peter’s case, save the day… again)?

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Sandy Schaefer

Spider-Man: Homecoming Teases A Way To Turn Humans Into Asgardians

Spider-Man: Homecoming may have subtly revealed how to turn humans into Asgardians in the MCU. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Asgardians were introduced as a powerful race of aliens who were worshiped by ancient humanity, and their powers are far beyond those of the mortals of Earth.

The Thor and Avengers franchises have focused prominently on Asgardian weapons. Thor’s weapon of choice is the mighty Mjolnir, the enchanted hammer that was destroyed by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Heimdall’s sword, Hofund, appears to be part of the Bifrost mechanism, meaning Hela needed to retrieve it in order to summon the rainbow bridge. And Stormbreaker, created by the dwarf Eitri in Avengers: Infinity War, may well have the potential to destroy entire planets.

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But, as powerful as Asgardian weapons may be, there’s evidence that some of them could be wielded by humans – and could even grant Asgardian power to mortals. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Happy Hogan makes a throwaway reference to “Thor’s magic belt.” This is the Megingjörð of Norse legend, a word that literally translates into “power belt” and that doubles even Thor’s prodigious strength. This moment was only a throwaway reference – don’t expect Megingjörð to feature in Avengers: Endgame at all – but it’s certainly an interesting one. In the comics, Megingjörð was introduced in Journey into Mystery #91 back in 1963, where it was revealed to be a mystical belt held in storage by Odin when it wasn’t being used by the God of Thunder. Significantly, in Thor #276 it was able to be worn by a human – and, indeed, just the act of wearing Megingjörð granted a most unworthy man the strength to lift Mjolnir.

The throwaway reference to Megingjörð subtly sets up a lot of major comic book ideas for the MCU, most notably the Thunderstrike, an enchanted weapon that blended the human and the divine in order to create a superhero who named himself Thunderstrike after his hammer. Eric Masterson even claimed the mantle of Thor for a time; perhaps a similar idea could allow Thor to live on in the MCU even though Mjolnir has been destroyed, and even if Chris Hemsworth departs after Avengers: Endgame.

Interestingly, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has already established that Asgardian artifacts can be used by humans in the MCU as well. Back in season 1, in the episode “The Well”, Coulson and his team stumbled upon a long-lost Asgardian Berserker Staff that – just like Megingjörð – granted the wearer enhanced strength. True to its name, the Berserker Staff had the side-effect of forcing its bearer to face all their greatest pain in order to generate a surge of rage and hatred. While useful in Asgard’s brutal wars of ages past, it proved dangerous when it fell into the wrong hands.

All this means that there is indeed the potential for ordinary men and women to use Asgardian artifacts, and thus gain the power of the gods themselves. Considering that Asgard was destroyed at the end of Thor: Ragnarok and many expect a new home to be made on Earth, likely Norway, this would have some serious implications. Kevin Feige has teased that Marvel could potentially do a female Thor, inspired by the popular Jason Aaron run in which Jane Foster became the Mighty Thor, and the mention of Megingjörð may well explain how that could happen.

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10 Most Memorable Quotes From Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy

Sam Raimi helped to start the superhero movie trend with 2002’s Spider-Man. He set the template for origin-story movies that is still used for dozens of movies every year. The sequel, Spider-Man 2, is still considered by many to be the greatest superhero movie ever made.

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The threequel, Spider-Man 3, might be maligned and controversial, but even that movie has some memorable moments. To many moviegoers, despite the fact Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland have since played the role in multiple movies of their own, Tobey Maguire is still the ultimate big-screen Peter Parker. Here are the 10 Most Memorable Quotes From Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy.

10 “For me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option.”

A lot of the drama in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy is based on fate. Fate is what gave Peter Parker his powers, and he sees this as a sign that fate wants him to be a hero and make the world a better place, so he bases the whole rest of his life on that.

The way Peter sees it, he can’t just settle into a career and a healthy, steady relationship. It just isn’t on the cards anymore: “Not everyone is meant to make a difference. But for me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option.”

9 “Hey, kiddo, let Mom and Dad talk for a minute, will ya?”

J.K. Simmons may have won his Oscar for his performance in Whiplash, but his portrayal of J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was fantastic. That’s what made him a star – he captured the Daily Bugle editor’s mannerisms and fast-talking so perfectly.

In the first movie, right after he talks down to Peter Parker, he’s attacked by the Green Goblin. When Peter returns as Spider-Man to save him, he’s able to talk down to Jameson from behind his mask. He seals his mouth shut with a web and says, “Hey, kiddo, let Mom and Dad talk for a minute, will ya?”

8 “You know, I guess one person really can make a difference.”

As much as audiences hate Spider-Man 3, there is no arguing that it has one of the most poignant Stan Lee cameos of all time. Peter Parker is looking forlornly at a news headline in Times Square announcing Spider-Man’s latest heroic act. He’s eternally unfulfilled with his double life as Spider-Man and isn’t sure how to feel about it.

But then Stan Lee comes along, the man who created the character and brought wonder into the minds and hearts of millions of people across the world, and tells him, “You know, I guess one person really can make a difference.”

7 “Go, web! Fly! Up, up, and away, web! Shazam! Go! Go! Go, web, go! Tally ho.”

With the release of the DCEU’s latest, Shazam!, it’s been unearthed that Sam Raimi actually referenced the character 17 years earlier in his first Spider-Man movie. As Peter Parker realizes he gained superpowers from the spider bite he sustained on a school field trip, he crawls up a wall and then tries to figure out how to shoot webs out of his wrist from the rooftop.

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Among the words and phrases he tries to use to activate his web-shooting ability was “Shazam!” Of course, in the movie Shazam! (and the corresponding DC Comics storylines), the titular exclamation is used by Billy Batson to activate his own superpowers.

6 “I believe there’s a hero in all of us.”

Marisa Tomei makes a fine Aunt May, but no one can beat Rosemary Harris’ delivery of this touching monologue, which indirectly convinces Peter to take back up the Spider-Man mantle:

“Too few characters out there, flying around like that, saving old girls like me. And Lord knows, kids like Henry need a hero. Courageous, self-sacrificing people. Setting examples for all of us. Everybody loves a hero. People line up for them, cheer them, scream their names. And years later, they’ll tell how they stood in the rain for hours, just to get a glimpse of the one who taught them how to hold on a second longer. I believe there’s a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams…”

5 “I will not die a monster!”

This quote from Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus – who still stakes a claim as the best supervillain ever depicted on-screen – is like a primitive version of The Dark Knight’s “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.”

By the time Doc Ock realizes the error of his ways and that he’s gone mad with power, it’s too late. He’s prepping to destroy the city. As a scientist, all he wants is to be remembered for his achievements. If he dies now, he realizes, he’ll be remembered as a monster. So, he sacrifices himself to save the city from his own diabolical plan.

4 “It’s as if you’ve reached the unreachable and you weren’t ready for it.”

This is the line that Sheldon quotes to Amy in The Big Bang Theory. As Mary Jane asks Peter what he told Spider-Man about her, he just drops all the lies and speaks from the heart:

“The great thing about M.J. is, when you look in her eyes and she’s looking back in yours, everything feels…not quite normal. Because you feel stronger and weaker at the same time. You feel excited, and at the same time, terrified. The truth is…you don’t know what you feel except you know what kind of man you want to be. It’s as if you’ve reached the unreachable and you weren’t ready for it.”

3 “Where do all these guys come from?”

There sure is a lot wrong with Spider-Man 3, but it also does a lot of things right. One of them is the sly, self-aware wit that Peter has developed over three movies as a superhero.

He’s battled a crazed millionaire who dressed up as a flying goblin to terrorize people, a crazed scientist who gave himself four extra robotic limbs, and now, he’s just come across a fugitive whose DNA has been fused with sand. As he walks away from the fight, trying to get the sand out of all the nooks and crannies, he says, “Where do all these guys come from?” It’s a good question.

2 “No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, the ones I love will always be the ones who pay.”

This pretty much sums up the internal struggle that Spider-Man goes through. He doesn’t want to get too close to people, like Mary Jane or Aunt May or Harry, because he knows that in his double life as a superhero, they’ll be the ones who suffer. This goes back to the beginning, back when his eye-for-an-eye attitude got his uncle killed.

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This is a powerful quote, because it feeds into the struggle that makes Spider-Man such a tragic and relatable character: he loves people, and to protect them, he has to keep his distance from them, because he loves them so much. It’s a real pickle.

1 “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Tom Holland has vowed to never utter these words in any of his movies as Spider-Man, because they were immortalized by Tobey Maguire in Sam Raimi’s trilogy. This is the phrase that Spider-Man lives by, as he hopes to bring peace and order back into the world to make up for letting his uncle get murdered.

Peter brings up Uncle Ben’s wise words in the final moments of the first movie: “Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I’m Spider-Man.”

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