Game of Thrones: Bryan Cogman’s Spinoff Show Not Happening

Bryan Cogman’s Game of Thrones spinoff series will not happen. According to the writer-producer, HBO has decided not to move forward with the project. During Game of Thrones’ eight-season run, Cogman wrote 11 episodes, including the latest installment titled “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.” 

Cogman attended the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City, and prior to Game of Thrones, he worked as a writers assistant on the short-lived NBC drama My Own Worst Enemy starring Christian Slater – this coming after he appeared on camera as “Mailman” in two episodes of Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia. By 2011, Cogman received his first Game of Thrones writing credit for the season 1 episode “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things.” Cogman later wrote “What Is Dead May Never Die” for Game of Thrones season 2, and he also wrote the season 3 episode “Kissed by Fire.” Since then, Cogman has written numerous Game of Thrones classics, and his series swan song – the aforementioned “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” – has been praised by fans and critics alike for effectively setting up The Battle of Winterfell, which is one of television’s most-anticipated episodes. 

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Per THR, Cogman won’t be part of any future Game of Thrones-related projects for HBO. During an interview, Cogman discussed his creative approach for “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” and gave a surprising answer when asked about future Game of Thrones projects. He said, “My prequel show is not happening and will not happen… I’m working with Amazon now and helping them out with their shows.”

In September 2017, Cogman was officially attached to a Game of Thrones prequel series, one that’s entirely different than the upcoming spinoff The Long Night. During the THR interview, Cogman notes that he’d previously been developing a show with franchise creator George R.R. Martin, but states that “HBO decided to go a different way.” Incidentally, Cogman is now done with Game of Thrones, at least from a professional aspect, as “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” marks his last writing credit, along with his last producing credit. As a whole, Cogman co-produced 39 Game of Thrones episodes. For Disney+, Cogman wrote the upcoming movie adaptation The Sword in the Stone, which is based on the King Arthur legend.

For HBO’s upcoming Game of Thrones prequel series The Long Night, Jane Goldman wrote the pilot episode. Previously, she’s written feature films like Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, along with the entire Kingsman franchise. Last October, George R. R. Martin revealed The Long Night as the show’s title, and Josh Whitehouse was cast as the male lead in October. Naomi Watts and Miranda Richardson have also been cast in The Long Night. 

After such a spectacular Game of Thrones episode, the news of Cogman’s departure may be upsetting for many franchise fans. However, when considering the turbulent production history of Game of Thrones’ original pilot episode – which never aired – HBO’s primary goal for The Long Night will be to produce a pilot that will resonate with fans and set up the series as a whole. Moving forward, perhaps HBO will enlist Cogman for the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel series.

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Star Trek Theory: Discovery Is Setting Up A Pike/Spock Spinoff

Star Trek: Discovery may be setting up a spinoff that centers on the adventures of Captain Pike and Spock aboard the USS Enterprise. Discovery‘s versions of both classic Star Trek characters have been well received, and after getting a glimpse of the Enterprise bridge in season 2’s penultimate episode, fans are wondering if we really have to say goodbye to Pike and company so soon.

CBS All Access has made no secret of the fact that Star Trek is going to be the beating heart of the streaming service going forward. In the wake of Discovery‘s success, several other upcoming Star Trek series have been announced, including the animated comedy Lower Decks, the Michelle Yeoh starring Section 31 spinoff, and the much celebrated return of Patrick Stewart to the franchise in an as-yet-unnamed Jean-Luc Picard series.

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All of those shows certainly have potential, but the notion of a TV show taking place on the original Enterprise with Pike and Spock has a different kind of allure. But is it something CBS would want to pursue? Does it fill a hole in their longterm strategy for the franchise? Let’s break it down.

  • This Page: Captain Pike’s Popularity & Star Trek’s Presence In 23rd Century
  • Page 2: The Kelvin Movies & The Enterprise

Captain Christopher Pike is a towering figure in Star Trek lore, but he’s never really been allowed to take center stage. The character was abandoned after the first pilot for Star Trek: The Original Series, with Jeffrey Hunter’s brooding captain ditched in favor of William Shatner’s swashbuckling James T. Kirk. That pilot footage would be brilliantly repurposed in the classic two-part episode “The Menagerie,” but that was for all intents and purposes the end of Pike’s story. Bruce Greenwood played an older, more soulful version of Pike in the J.J. Abrams reboot films, serving as a father figure to Kirk who ultimately died at the hands of Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness.

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Anson Mount’s Pike has been a very different animal. After the crew of the Discovery were betrayed by their Mirror Universe former captain, Gabriel Lorca, Pike’s easy charm and sense of morality – as well as has implicit trust in Michael Burnham – have re-centered the show and solved many of the character problems that plagued Star Trek: Discovery season 1. Mount is dynamite in the role, and even if we know what grisly fate awaits him, he would canonically be the captain of the Enterprise for another decade or so. Petitions for Mount’s Pike to be given his own show have begun to spring up, and it would seem like a natural progression for both the character and CBS’s growing slate of Star Trek projects.

At this point, it would be a major surprise if Star Trek: Discovery season 3 didn’t take place in the future, perhaps as far as a thousand years past the 23rd century. The Picard series will take place at the twilight of the 24th century, and it’s unclear which era of Star Trek lore Lower Decks will occupy. If Discovery does leave the 23rd century behind, it will presumably have to jettison a lot of the recurring characters and subplots that are specific to that era, many of which are still unresolved.

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The easiest way to pick up those threads would be throw a Pike/Spock show. Both characters are already familiar with most of the major players of the era, so there wouldn’t be much need to reintroduce concepts to the audience. It would also uphold a sort of Star Trek tradition, where one show introduces a new species or conflict, only for it to be further explored in a spinoff series. Star Trek: The Next Generation introduced the Bajorans, Cardassians, and Trill before Star Trek: Deep Space Nine went on to more fully define those species. A Pike/Spock series that stood in opposition to the creeping amorality of Section 31’s influence on the Federation would be a great way to grapple with some of the weightier questions that Discovery too often chooses to punt on.

Page 2 of 2: The Kelvin Movies Are Done & The Enterprise Is Worth Seeing Again

It’s still possible there will be more Kelvin timeline films, but the prospect seems fairly unlikely these days. Star Trek Beyond underperformed at the box office, and Chris Pine walked away from the negotiating table after Paramount attempted to lowball his salary for a proposed fourth film. The Star Trek film series is essentially mothballed at the moment, and there’s been no real indication that’s going to change anytime soon.

That could be used to CBS’s advantage. Star Trek’s film and TV rights were split by corporate reorganization about a decade ago – CBS controls the TV rights, Paramount controls the movie rights. Rumors have persisted for years that the two corporate entities have been waging something of a cold war over Star Trek, squabbling over who controls what aspects of the franchise. If Paramount isn’t even developing any Star Trek projects, any studio spats over use of iconic elements like the Enterprise and Spock would seem like a moot point.

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The general setup of the Enterprise’s mission of exploration also just lends itself better to television than it does films, as it’s an ongoing story. It’s been 15 years since audiences were able to tune in to a weekly show about the Enterprise exploring the galaxy – and that was the widely reviled Star Trek: Enterprise. A Pike/Spock series would give the franchise an opportunity to get back to basics, while still building on the innovations introduced by Discovery.

There are plenty of intellectual and corporate strategic reasons to pursue a series set on Captain Pike’s Enterprise, but there’s also one that is purely visceral. In the first part of the Star Trek: Discovery season 2 finale, “Such Sweet Sorrow,” we get our first look at Discovery‘s version of the iconic Enterprise bridge, and it is a sight to behold. Unlike the “Apple Store” redesign seen in the Kelvin films, the Discovery Enterprise – commanded by Rebecca Romijn’s Number One while Pike has been away – is a tasteful update of the TOS bridge. It’s much larger and with modern lighting and design elements, but also unmistakably the bridge of the NCC-1701, with red/orange railing and authentic reproductions of the old set’s knobs and lights.

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The production team did an amazing job melding the style of Discovery with the retro 60s feel of TOS, and it’s almost painful to think we’re never going to see that set used after this season of Discovery ends. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Whether they meant to or not, CBS has created the foundation for a great series that fans are dying to see. And while Mount’s Pike has been getting the lion’s share of the praise, Ethan Peck’s Spock has been nearly as remarkable, and Peck has had to play with a decidedly more famous and beloved character than Mount. Peck’s ability to maintain the core of the character established by the late Leonard Nimoy – while saddled with mental instability and a scraggly depression beard – has been a real achievement, and he deserves to take a stab at the more traditional iteration of the Vulcan science officer.

There’s no guarantee CBS will pursue a Pike/Spock series. Executive producer Alex Kurtzman seems to have a fairly good idea of where he wants to take the Star Trek franchise, and he’s yet to really acknowledge the fan desire to see a full series about Pike’s Enterprise. But the pieces are all there, and while Star Trek: Discovery has been a success, it’s been a controversial, polarizing one. If CBS wants to earn some goodwill and gift themselves a surefire hit, all they need to do is re-board the Enterprise.

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Love, Simon Spinoff TV Show Coming To Disney+

Fans of Greg Berlanti’s 2018 film Love, Simon will be happy to know that Disney+ has ordered a TV series based on the book series. The hit film gained notoriety as one of the first teen films centered around a same-sex romance, targeted specifically at young adult audiences. Disney announced the launch of their streaming platform in August 2017, with the official North American launch expected in late 2019. Disney+ will become available to other parts of the world gradually, with launch dates expected between 2019 and 2021.

Love, Simon was released in March 2018, raking in a whopping $11,756,244 at the box office on opening weekend. The success of the film hardly came as a surprise, as the subject matter tackles real-life struggles that young adults often face. The titular character is a teenage boy who is keeping a secret; he is gay, but has yet to come out to his loved ones. The film follows Simon as he grapples with the outcome of his friends and family discovering the truth.

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According to THR, Disney+ has ordered a straight-to-series TV show based on Becky Albertalli’s novels. The TV series will be a spinoff of Albertalli’s Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, on which the film Love, Simon is based. The book series spawned a sequel, titled Leah on the Offbeat, and the upcoming TV series will take place within the world of Albertalli’s novels. Albertalli elaborated on the spinoff’s details on Twitter.

Few details are available about the upcoming series, except that none of  the original cast members of the film will be a part of it. Berlanti has also confirmed he will not be signing on as director, due to a prior deal with Warner Bros. Television. So far, only original screenwriters Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker have signed on as showrunners. Berger and Aptaker are also the co-showrunners on NBC’s This Is Us. 

Those who choose to subscribe to Disney+ should hope to find a wealth of TV shows and films available for their viewing pleasure. Companies in collaboration with Disney+ are Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and others. The service will most likely feature all of the Marvel and Stars Wars films, as well as original content. Disney has already announced plans for a live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp, a revival of the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars, and many other projects. Subscribers will have the option to pay a monthly fee of $6.99 (half the price of Netflix’s standard monthly fee), or an annual fee of $69.99. If this didn’t sound good before, the streaming service will be ad-free, along with the possibility of a Hulu and ESPN+ bundle package.

Disney+ already sounds like a major competitor for other streaming platforms, giving viewers an assortment of content at an affordable price. Fans of Love, Simon can feel confident that, if nothing else, the series is in good hands with Berger and Aptaker as showrunners. Although statements so far indicate a completely new cast, fans will have to wait for an official word from some cast members about their potential return to the TV series.

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AMC Announces Female-Led Walking Dead Spinoff Show

AMC reveal plans for a third The Walking Dead TV show. Based on the comic books by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead first began airing on AMC in October 2010 and rapidly went on to become a worldwide sensation. Now confirmed for season 10 expected later this year, TWD has suffered ups-and-downs in terms of viewership but continues to be AMC’s biggest draw and recently survived the loss of lead actor, Andrew Lincoln. Unsurprisingly given its success, a spinoff called Fear The Walking Dead dropped in 2005. Originally recounting the early days of the zombie apocalypse, FTWD has since caught up with the main show and several characters have crossed over between the two series.

Despite already juggling two projects concurrently, AMC have made no secret of their desire to expand the universe of TWD further, and around the time of the season 9 premiere, reports began to emerge that revealed several different undead ideas were lurking in AMC’s pipeline. Following Lincoln’s on-screen departure, the first of these was confirmed to be a series of Walking Dead movies starring the show’s former protagonist, however rumors continued to suggest that AMC had more up their sleeve than just a feature length adventure for Rick Grimes.

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Those suspicions have now been confirmed, as AMC have announced (via EW) that a third scripted TWD series is in the works. The new show has been created by franchise veteran Scott M. Gimple and TWD writer and producer Matt Negrete, who will act as showrunner on the new venture. The series will reportedly start production on a 10-episode run this summer in Virginia ahead of a 2020 premiere. A synopsis for the currently untitled new show reads:

“[The series]will feature two young female protagonists and focus on the first generation to come-of-age in the apocalypse as we know it. Some will become heroes. Some will become villains. In the end, all of them will be changed forever. Grown-up and cemented in their identities, both good and bad.”

Financially, it’s not hard to see why AMC are investing more time and money into TWD. Even with the recent drop in ratings, both TWD and FTWD continue to do very well for the network, bringing in plenty of cash, and Kirkman’s comic series is also still going strong, providing the main show with plenty of source material to draw from and leaving other titles room to tackle original stories.

With that said, this latest addition to the franchise surely risks burnout from even the most ardent of TWD fans. While many viewers would be willing to invest their time into watching both the main series and its spinoff – which helpfully run at different times of the year – is their interest strong enough to watch three separate shows set within the same universe? The Marvel Studios TV output perhaps demonstrates a precedent for such dedication but did have the success of the hugely successful Hollywood movies to fall back on. Each Marvel show also featured a distinctly different feel, whereas one of the biggest criticisms of FTWD is that it has become very similar to the main show in plot, themes and tone.

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The untitled Walking Dead spinoff is expected to premiere in 2020 on AMC. More news as it arrives.

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Fast & Furious Spinoff Casts Roman Reigns as Hobbs’ Brother

Dwayne Johnson has revealed that Roman Reigns is playing Luke Hobbs’ brother in the upcoming spinoff, Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Wrestling fans were left shocked when Reigns (whose actual name is Leati Joseph Anoaʻi) announced he was taking a leave of absence from the WWE last October, in order to focus on getting treatment for his leukemia (which had been in remission since 2008). Reigns had gradually evolved into the face of the WWE in the years prior to his departure, all while the company’s former top star, John Cena, turned his attention to his movie career with roles in films like Blockers and Bumblebee.

While Reigns has remained largely off the radar in the few months since then, it appears his battle with cancer is going pretty well. In fact, he’s doing well enough to make his film debut with a role in Hobbs & Shaw, which is currently filming with Johnson – reprising his role as Luke Hobbs from the previous Fast & Furious movies – and cast members like Jason Statham, who’s reprising his Furious Seven and Fate of the Furious role as Deckard Shaw. The Rock has even posted a photo of himself posing on the movie’s set alongside Reigns, in turn confirming the latter’s role in the spinoff.

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Johnson has announced that Reigns – his wrestling brother in spirit – is now playing his onscreen counterpart’s actual brother in Hobbs & Shaw. He also saluted the wrestler and his ongoing battle with cancer in an Instagram post, which you can check out below.

As this post illustrates, Hobbs & Shaw will provide both Reigns and Johnson with a chance to honor their Samoan heritage on the big screen. The Rock has always been unapologetically proud of his Pacific Islander roots and honored them before in films like Fate of the Furious and Disney’s animated musical Moana, but it’s nice to see that Reigns will get an opportunity do the same with his first movie appearance. The latter is still in the middle of his battle with leukemia – as The Rock discusses in his Instagram message – but his small role here shouldn’t be overly taxing. The scenes where the Hobbs brothers are together will undoubtedly be a treat for the many wrestling fans of the world too, in light of Reigns’ saddening announcement last fall.

Interestingly, it’s now been revealed that Hobbs & Shaw will introduce new family members for both of its namesakes. Johnson previously confirmed that Vanessa Kirby (Mission: Impossible – Fallout) is playing Shaw’s sister and M:I 6 agent Hattie in the film, and it’s possible other members of the mercenary’s family will briefly pop in too, as Deckard’s mom Magdalene (Helen Mirren) and brother Owen (Luke Evans) did in Fate of the Furious. As for the Hobbs clan: it was reported last summer that Hobbs’ daughter is being recast for the spinoff, but there hasn’t been an update on the subject since then. Perhaps The Rock will clear things up in the near future?

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G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes Spinoff Movie Gets Director & Release Date

The first G.I. Joe spinoff movie, Snake Eyes, has found its director and release date. Paramount and Allspark Pictures are moving forward with plans to create a cinematic universe of their own. Their desire is to crossover a variety of Hasbro products on the big screen, with Bumblebee potentially launching the universe.

Before such a crossover happens though, they’ll set up or reintroduce key IPs. G.I. Joe is one of the properties they hope to bring back to the big screen, after the last franchise lasted just two films. It was revealed earlier this year that instead of continuing to prioritize G.I. Joe 3, the studios instead turned their attention toward a Snake Eyes solo film. Evan Spiliotopoulos (Beauty and the Beast) was hired to write the script, and it appears the studios are happy with his work as Snake Eyes has received plenty of new, positive information.

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The Wrap shared the updates regarding Snake Eyes, with the biggest being Robert Schwentke finalizing a deal to direct the solo movie. Schwentke most recently directed small film The Captain, but has experience in bigger budget films with Insurgent and Allegiant. In addition to Schwentke joining the project, Paramount and Allspark Pictures have given the spinoff a March 27, 2020 release date.

Interestingly, The Wrap’s report notes that this is the third film in the G.I. Joe franchise, but it’s unclear how close a spinoff it really is. Ray Park played Snake Eyes in the first two films, so if this is indeed a spinoff, it’s possible that he could reprise the role. What should make this unlikely – even if it’s in the same continuity as the first two films – are the story details The Wrap shared. They state the movie centers on Snake Eyes’ origins, making this a prequel, if it’s connected to the prior movies at all. Regardless, the origin story will show Snake Eyes trying to become a member of the Arashikage Clan, a shadowy group of highly skilled ninja assassins.

This is a major step forward for Snake Eyes, as it now becomes a project that fans of the silent, masked assassin may learn more about sooner than later. There’s no production schedule currently available for the movie, but the early 2020 release date indicates it may not be too far away from the start of filming. Paramount still needs to find who will play Snake Eyes in the movie and assemble a cast around him before that can happen. As a whole, Snake Eyes is coming together quickly, now that it has a director and release date set.

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The CW Developing Jane the Virgin Spinoff

The CW’s hit TV series Jane the Virgin is coming to a close, but a spinoff is in the works at the network. The comedic, meta-take on a telenovela (based on an actual telenovela) has delighted audiences since it first began airing in 2014. Following the eponymous Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) – who discovers she’s been accidentally artificially inseminated – on her journey through pregnancy, a love triangle involving her baby daddy, Raphael Solano, and much more, the series is set to conclude with its fifth season, premiering in early 2019.

Leading up to its official cancellation, there were many hints that Jane the Virgin wouldn’t continue beyond Season 5. The characters and the very cheeky narrator often make meta jokes that relate back to the series, and this was no exception. Additionally, Gina Rodriguez and creator Jennie Snyder Urman have indicated as such in interviews. And with the return of her formerly-assumed-deceased husband, Michael Cordero, the show will come full circle with a final conclusion to the Jane-Michael-Raphael love triangle.

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Now, news of a spinoff to the Golden Globe-winning series is bound to excite fans. Variety reports that the as-yet-untitled series is in development, with Snyder Urman, Rodriguez, and several others on board to executive producer the show. Valentina Garza, a writer and producer for the current series, is at the helm. Garza’s producing credits also include animated series The Simpsons and Bordertown.

Though no real details have been made public at this time, sources have revealed that it will be in an anthology format ala American Horror Story. Though none of Jane the Virgin‘s popular characters are set to appear, the subject of each season will come from a novel as written by Jane, making this the tie-in. Rodriguez could potentially narrate this, though there’s no official word on that either.

Jane’s writing, which has come into play many times in the show as she pens novels and attends graduate school, has already been tested with audiences, in a way. Her novel, Snow Falling, which is based on her relationship with Michael, was actually written and is available for purchase. As the series has progressed, Jane has continued her writing, so there’s the potential for many new novels to exist. All are romance-focused, with a bit of a dramatic telenovela air, so the general format and subject matter will likely help tie the seasons together. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how this new venture maintains the essence of the original.

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Disney Has Recast The Original Star Wars Trio (& Now A NEW Spinoff Can Happen)

Lucasfilm has recast all the main heroes of the Star Wars original trilogy – which may well prepare the way for a very different kind of spinoff. So far, Lucasfilm has used their spinoff movies like Rogue One and Solo to explore the rich tapestry of Star Wars history. Their focus has been on setting up the original trilogy, revealing Han Solo’s backstory, or exploring just how the Rebellion got the Death Star plans in the first place.

Results have been mixed. Rogue One was a tremendous success, critically acclaimed and breaking over $1 billion in the global box office. Unfortunately Solo proved rather more flawed. The film didn’t really have a strong concept to begin with, greenlit by Disney because of just one scene and lacking a central theme or idea. It was fatally undermined by a lackluster marketing campaign that assumed the Star Wars brand could never fail to perform well. Since then, Lucasfilm has reportedly pivoted away from their original plans. The spinoffs are believed to have been put on hold, with the studio instead focusing on expanding the Star Wars TV presence.

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But a recent twist in the Star Wars tale has raised a far more interesting possibility. It’s now become clear that Disney has recast all the central characters of the original trilogy – Han, Leia, and Luke. That creates the exciting possibility that Lucasfilm could create brand new adventures starring the greatest heroes of the Star Wars galaxy.

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  • Page 2: How An Original Cast Star Wars Story Could Work
  • Page 3: Would Disney Make A Proper Original Trilogy Spinoff?

Disney Has Recast The Original Trilogy Heroes

Only two of the recast Star Wars original trilogy stars have appeared on the big screen. The first was a delightful appearance from the young Leia Organa in Rogue One. Norwegian actress Ingvild Deila played Leia in the film, chosen because of her ability to replicate a 19-year-old Carrie Fisher. As well as her similarity to the character in height, body type, and profile to the actor, Deila spent months studying Fisher’s facial expressions, working hard to mimic her precisely, and then acted out a very brief scene. Her face was then overlaid by a digital recreation of Fisher’s own. It was a strange experience, and Deila admitted to Technology Review that she may not have gone through with it if Fisher had passed away before production. Two years on, the emotions have calmed a little, and she’s concluded that she’d be happy to do this again – so long as she had the blessing of the Fisher family.

Then there’s the young Han Solo, played by Alden Ehrenreich in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Although the film was hardly a success, that wasn’t Ehrenreich’s fault; he was one of the film’s highlights. In marked contrast to Rogue One‘s approach with Leia, Ehreinreich was never asked to do a Harrison Ford impression. Lucasfilm rightly decided that such an approach would be disrespectful; while they chose an actor who physically resembles a younger Ford, Ehrenreich was allowed to do his own version. As a result, he was able to successfully capture Han’s spirit while making the role his own.

Finally, there’s Luke Skywalker. Rey’s Force vision in Star Wars: The Force Awakens was originally going to include a sequence recreating Luke and Vader’s duel on Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back. Although this scene never made it to the big screen, it was filmed, with Robert Boulter cast as the young Luke Skywalker. Recently, an image of Boulter as a battle-damaged Luke found its way online, showing just how accurate a recreation it was.

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Across these three movies, Lucasfilm has now recast all the Star Wars original trilogy roles. This creates a tremendous opportunity; could Lucasfilm create spinoffs set during the Galactic Civil War, with a recast Luke, Han and Leia all serving in the Rebellion?

Page 2 of 3: How An Original Cast Star Wars Story Could Work

The Original Trilogy Is Open To Spinoffs

Although the original trilogy shows some of the most important events in the Galactic Civil War, there are vast aspects of this period of the Star Wars timeline that are unexplored on the big screen. There’s a three-year period between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, then another one-year time jump to get to Return of the Jedi. While that third film is really the decisive victory in the conflict, Chuck Wendig’s “Aftermath” novels have confirmed that war continued to rage in the galaxy for another five years after the Battle of Endor.

These gaps are traditionally filled by official tie-in media. The old Expanded Universe (now branded “Legends”) explored the Galactic Civil War in comics and books; Disney relaunched the canon after they purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, and have simply followed the same pattern. But here’s the interesting thing; Lucasfilm’s spinoff movies to date have drawn inspiration from ideas originally developed in the Legends books and comics. With the stars of the Star Wars original trilogy recast, it’s entirely possible they could hone in on the Galactic Civil War and show what happened to Luke, Han, and Leia in those unseen years.

What An original Trilogy Spinoff Could Be About

The Galactic Civil War began in A New Hope, when the Empire’s Death Star gambit failed dramatically. Until this point, resistance to the Empire was done by a fractured group of Rebel cells, the relationship between these groups dangerously disjointed. Leaders like Bail Organa and Mon Mothma were desperately trying to get the Rebels to cooperate, but nobody could agree on a central strategy, and every group was primarily concerned with fighting against the Empire’s tyranny on their own worlds. The Death Star, however, changed everything. When the Empire destroyed Alderaan, they proved to the entire galaxy that they were evil beyond measure, and that they had to be overthrown. When the Death Star itself was destroyed, the Rebel Alliance demonstrated the Empire’s vulnerability – and this remarkable military victory confirmed that the Alliance was the way forward. Local cells were absorbed into the Alliance’s structure, and the Rebellion began to build up its own military. Soon the galaxy was in a state of open war between two galactic powers.

This three-year time period was a difficult and dangerous one, and Luke, Han, and Leia would have been at the forefront of it. Leia was one of the Rebellion’s most notable diplomats, and she would have been one of the people heading out to visit other planets and encourage entire worlds to side with the Alliance. Luke would have participated in countless battles as an X-Wing pilot and a celebrated Rebel hero, the man who shot down the Death Star. At the same time, he’d have been trying to learn everything he could about the Jedi Knights and the Force. Han’s role is a little more uncertain, but for all his objections he clearly stuck around, and probably tried to link the Rebels in with black market arms suppliers. Against this backdrop, all three were marked for death by terrifying forces. The Empire would have targeted Leia in particular; when Luke’s name became known to Darth Vader, the Sith Lord would have become relentlessly focused on capturing him. And as for Han, Jabba would have sent a wave of bounty hunters after him. Any of these ideas could form the heart of a spinoff movie.

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By the time of The Empire Strikes Back, the Rebel Alliance was on the back foot, driven back to their secret base on Hoth. Empire shows the darkest time in the entire Galactic Civil War, with Alliance Command fleeing Hoth in disarray, Han captured by Jabba, and Luke learning the truth of his horrifying lineage.

Again, there’s a period not covered, a one-year gap where the Alliance reorganized themselves in spite of the fact Luke and Leia were focused on finding their friend Han. This, too, could form the basis for a spinoff – perhaps loosely inspired by the Legends story Shadows of the Empire. One of the most popular tales in the old EU, this saw Leia attempting to navigate the galaxy’s criminal underworld in her attempt to track down Han. This period is a little trickier, given Alden Ehrenreich – the most prominent member of the recast heroes – wouldn’t be able to appear it. But there are still clear possibilities, and Disney has yet to explore this one year period at all in the new canon.

Page 3 of 3: Would Disney Make A Proper Original Trilogy Spinoff?

Would Disney Ever Make A Spinoff With Han, Luke & Leia?

The potential is there. The heroes of the Star Wars original trilogy have been recast, and the success of tie-in media confirms that there are stories to be told in this time period. But, sadly, it’s currently uncertain whether or not Lucasfilm would ever do this.

The core problem is, of course, the untimely death of the late Carrie Fisher. Lucasfilm’s primary concern when using the character of Leia Organa is honoring her. Although Lucasfilm’s approach with both the young Leia and Peter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One showed the potential of bringing Leia back with a recast actress and CGI, the studio recognized that this would be distasteful. Lucasfilm issued a statement in which they insisted they had “no plans” for this approach, and – significantly – hinted that they felt this would dishonor her memory. They’re using unused footage of Fisher for Star Wars Episode IX, and the cast and crew are carefully stressing that it’s all about respecting the legendary actress who is no longer among them. The wound is clearly still very raw indeed.

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It’s possible that, after the release of Star Wars 9 and the end of the sequel trilogy, the pain of Carrie Fisher’s passing will ease a little and Lucasfilm will consider revisiting the Galactic Civil War with a recast Leia – and maybe even use CGI to do so. But Ingvild Deila has rightly stressed that it would all depend on the wishes of the family. If Lucasfilm could craft a respectful story that earned the family’s blessing, and didn’t seem like a crude attempt to simply make money off the back of Fisher’s brand, it would go a long way to persuading fans to give it a chance. But the studio would need to be very aware of the emotional reactions viewers would have on watching the film.

Meanwhile, note that Lucasfilm has taken very different approaches with each of the recastings. Alden Ehrenreich was given a remarkable amount of latitude to adapt Han Solo for his own film, making the character his own. In contrast, Ingvild Deila was just a “ghost actor,” playing Carrie Fisher playing Leia Organa. “You didn’t have personal ownership of a role,” she explained. “I was just the vessel.” That would undoubtedly be the right approach to take with Leia, but it’s unclear how those radically different methods would coexist when placed side-by-side. Certainly, it would be much harder to create the right character dynamics between Leia and Han.

What’s more, viewers have never even seen what the recast Luke Skywalker would actually look like on the big screen, so this aspect is currently completely untested. All in all, as interesting as this idea may be for Star Wars fans, it doesn’t look as though it’s going to happen anytime soon.

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Star Wars: Rogue One Spinoff Sets Americans Producer as Showrunner

The Americans executive producer Stephen Schiff will serve as showrunner for the recently announced Rogue One spinoff series revolving around Cassian Andor. Several years into their Disney era, Lucasfilm continues to find new and exciting ways to expand the galaxy far, far away. In addition to several cinematic projects, they’re also in the process of developing two separate live-action television shows for the Disney+ streaming service. One of these, Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian, is currently in production and continues to add big names to its cast. The other was officially announced earlier this month and sees Diego Luna return as his fan-favorite Rogue One character.

Since the Cassian series is so early in development, not much is known about it at this point in time. Obviously, it will serve as a prequel to Rogue One (Luna’s even discussed the possibility of digital de-aging), but details remain closely guarded. For now, the priority for the studio is putting together a top-notch creative team to oversee the show, and they’ve landed a name that should be an excellent fit in that regard.

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According to Deadline, Schiff has signed on to be showrunner and executive producer on the untitled Star Wars prequel. The outlet also notes Lucasfilm is in the process of recruiting a writing team. It’s expected the Cassian show will commence filming at some point next year.

Schiff’s background makes him the perfect choice for this corner of the Star Wars galaxy. One of the few things fans do know about the Cassian series is that it will lean heavily on espionage elements, chronicling the intelligence officer’s time in the fledgling Rebellion. The Americans, of course, utilizes that genre exceptionally well, winning multiple Primetime Emmys over the course of its acclaimed run. During his time on The Americans, Schiff was part of a group nominated for Outstanding Drama Series twice, so hopefully his sensibilities translate well to the galaxy far, far away. Obviously, Star Wars is a slightly different playground than the more adult-orientated realm of FX, but Schiff should still have plenty of leeway. Rogue One made multiple allusions to Cassian’s dark past, giving Schiff’s team morally ambiguous ground to explore. It remains to be seen how far they’ll go, but there’s potential here for complex and compelling narratives.

All in all, this is a very encouraging development for the Rogue One prequel and illustrates Lucasfilm is committed to making these TV shows as great as they can be. In some respects, the live-action series are about to become the main attraction of the entire franchise. After Episode IX comes out next December, Disney is planning a slowdown on the movie side of things as Lucasfilm plots their next slate and the Avatar sequels generate revenue for Disney. So all eyes will be on The Mandalorian and the Rogue One show for the next while, and ideally they can carry the torch. Both sound very fascinating and already boast impressive pedigrees.

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10 Spider-Women We Could See In The Spider-Verse Spinoff

Well, that was fast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is already on track for a sequel and a spinoff. Right now, we don’t know too many details about the sequel, probably because it would spoil the first movie, but we do know something about the spinoff.

In a move that will surely please Spider-Fans, Sony is building an all-female team for their next animated web-slinging adventure. It’s not too far of a leap to assume that Sony will take a Spider-Verse inspired approach to the spinoff, bringing together different Spider-Women from Marvel’s menu of alternate universes. So put on your Spectacular Speculating caps, true believers! Here are 10 Spider-Women We Could See in the Spider-Verse Spinoff.

10. Peni Parker

Like fellow Spider-People, Peni was bitten by a radioactive spider. Unlike many of her compatriots, however, Peni received the bite voluntarily. Without it, she wouldn’t be able to pilot the spectacular SP//dr mech suit, the last creation of her scientist father before he died. Now, Peni defends her world’s New York City against threats like M.O.R.B.I.U.S. and the VEN#m mech suit. At just 9 years old, Peni is the youngest member of the Spider-Core, but that doesn’t mean she’s got any less power (or responsibil- oh you get it).

Of course, you already know Peni and her SP//dr suit from Into the Spider-Verse. Her manga design makes her stand out against an already colorful animated universe, so you can bet we’ll see her in the spinoff. Plus, if she’s half as cool as she seems from the Spider-Verse ads, we’ll probably see her pop up in the direct sequel as well.

9. Scream

As you know, Spider-Verse isn’t the only Sony Spider-Man movie to come out this year. Despite negative reviews from critics, Venom has smashed its way through this fall’s box office. With sales topping Wonder Woman, Justice League, and every X-Men movie ever, Venom‘s symbiote story is sure to become a mainstay in Sony’s future prospects. However, Venom wasn’t the only one of Marvel’s symbiotes to appear in his film.

The monster called Scream showed up in Venom as part of the sinister Life Foundation’s exploration into alien life. At the end of the film, her character’s fate was left undetermined. If Sony wanted to create a bridge between Venom and the Spider-Verse with a female character, Scream is absolutely the way to go. She’d add danger to the ensemble, serving as either an antagonist or reluctant protagonist like Venom himself. Though Scream’s murderous nature might be a little too dark for the animated superhero flick, she’s still a character worth exploring. Whether that’s in a PG or R rated movie is up to Sony.

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8. Araña

Anya Corazon’s spider-powers didn’t come by way of science. Her hero’s journey began when she saved a kind of spider-wizard, one who awarded her the strength and agility we’ve come to expect from web-slingers. However, Araña’s powers don’t stop at gymnastics. When threatened, she can form a powerful exoskeleton around herself. It’s a bright blue coating reminiscent of a classic Spider-Suit, but with an organic feel. In a cinematic landscape so full of advanced suit tech, it would be cool to see something that looks more Swamp Thing than Iron Man.

If she was in the spinoff, this would be Araña’s first venture outside comics. And it would be smart for Sony to give her that platform. With her magic-based powers and Mexican heritage, Araña would add diversity to a team of web-warriors. In a movie featuring a team of similarly-powered characters, there’s a chance some people might complain about lack of distinction. Araña is the answer to that.

7. Betty Brant

Before comics were all about alternate universes converging, Marvel published a book all about fudging timelines. What If? comics featured popular Marvel faces in different scenarios, usually wrapping up stories in just one comic book. One of those stories featured Daily Bugle reporter Betty Brant getting bit by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker in another universe. After the accident, she called herself Spider-Girl, put on the most awkward costume of all time, and set out to kick some criminal butt.

It could be fun to see Betty on screen for several reasons. First, she could serve as a callback to the campy Spider-Man of the ’60s in her mannerisms and art style. Second, that costume is genuinely hysterical. Lastly, there’s a great opportunity for casting Betty Brant. If you remember Betty from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, you’ll recall she was played by none other than Elizabeth Banks. Banks proved her animation chops as Wyldstyle in The LEGO Movie, and it would be great to see her take on a superhero. Spider-Verse is already setting up a legacy of stellar voice casting, and adding Banks’ Betty would be a bombshell boon.

6. Spider-Gwen

Maybe the most obvious person on this list, Spider-Gwen had fans reeling when she showed up at the end of the first Spider-Verse trailer. From a universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten instead of Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen has been a fan favorite Marvel comic character since her debut in 2014. And it’s easy to tell why. Gwen is bold and snarky, resilient, and intuitive. Plus, she’s the lead singer in a punk band, the Mary Janes. If that’s not a recipe for a perfect superhero, I don’t know what is.

Spider-Gwen will probably feature as the main protagonist in the Spider-Verse spinoff, similar to what Miles Morales is doing in this film. However, Gwen’s role will likely be from a “teacher” standpoint as opposed to Miles’ “student” status, due to her apparent knowledge of the Spider-Verse. For the same reason, it’s likely that she’ll also be the one putting together the team. And if her alternate universe knowledge isn’t enough to make her team captain, fan devotion definitely is. Just like the Mary Janes, Sony would be smart to put Gwen Stacy in the lead.

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5. Spider-Ma’am

May Parker’s nephew Peter forgot his lunch on the day of his science lab field trip. When May arrived to deliver it, she was bitten by a radioactive spider. Yes, the woman behind this universe’s Spider-Mask is none other than Aunt May.

As you can see in the image above, Spider-Ma’am decided that her superhero outfit would be as close to her regular old lady clothes as she could possibly make it. It’s an example of the level of sheer hilarity with which this character is handled; a level which won’t be unprecedented in the Spider-Verse. John Mulaney’s cartoonish Spider-Ham is sure to win over audiences after his big screen debut, and including a similarly silly character in the spinoff would be a great move. Plus, it’s time for an old lady, Aunt May again. She’s a badass.

4. Madame Web

No one on this list is anything like Madame Web. She’s not gifted with the typical agility and strength Spider-People possess. Instead, her gift is her incredible Spider-Sense, one that makes her a powerful psychic force. Madame Web is older and wiser, serving as a kind of mentor to some Marvel characters in the past. It would be great to see her as an Obi-Wan type for the gang of young Spider-Folks, guiding them to save the day.

Fans will remember that Joan Lee, wife of Stan Lee, voiced Madame Web in the ’90s Spider-Man cartoon. Including Madam Web could be a touching tribute to a woman who was so influential to the Spider-Man franchise, and would surely bring back memories for fans of the old show. Plus, we might actually get a big screen explanation to how Spider-Sense works? We can dream.

3. Spider-Girl

Mayday Parker is, out of everyone on this page, the most literal member of the Spider-Family. She’s the alternate universe daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, who took up the mask when her father suffered a devastating injury at the hands of a Green Goblin. Mayday hails from the MC2 universe, a briefly-lived “sequel” to Marvel’s main continuity. Together with American Dream (the niece of Sharon Carter), and Wild Thing (the daughter of Elektra and Wolverine), Spider-Girl defends the other Marvel U from the descendants of common Marvel villains.

Incorporating Spider-Girl makes sense when you consider the source material. Some of the MC2’s strongest characters were women, and they weren’t afraid to put them in leadership roles. Even if Sony doesn’t take direct characters from the MC2, they’re already taking the initiative in incorporating more women in comic book media.

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2. Silk

Cindy Moon and our Peter Parker are from the same universe. Heck, they’re from the same origin story. Right after that infamous radioactive spider bit Pete, it crawled over to young Cindy and blessed her with powers. From there, though, her story differs wildly. Instead of being left on her own to find a heroic path, Cindy is trained by a Spider-Master called Ezekiel, then locked away for years to protect her against reality-hopping villains who feed on Spider-People. Silk loses all chance of a normal life, not to mention her family, from the experience.

Spider-Man’s character has always hinged on his power being both a blessing and a curse. For Silk, her powers lean a lot harder toward the “curse” side, which would add an interesting dynamic to the team. It would also add some emotional gravity to the movie; Silk’s tale makes it clear that being a hero isn’t all fun and games. Even in a “fun and games” type of movie, it’s important to have that grounding.

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1. Spider-Woman

Alright, let’s clarify something first: Many of the characters on this list have gone by the codename Spider-Woman at one point or another. However, it’s Jessica Drew that holds the most recognition by that name. And she’s earned it. Her character is fascinating, having gone from a science experiment to brainwashed HYDRA agent to Avenger over the course of her existence. She’s seen so many different angles of the Marvel universe, appearing as a leader of the New Avengers team, a captive aboard a Skrull Invasion ship (while she was pregnant!), and a supportive best friend for Captain Marvel herself, Carol Danvers.

It would definitely be hard to condense this character’s expansive history into one movie, especially a team-driven one. However, the popularity of her character to Marvel readers almost certainly ensures her inclusion in the Spider-Verse at some point. Could that be a solo film somewhere down the line? It definitely wouldn’t surprise us.

Which Spider-Women do you hope makes it into the Spider-Verse spinoff? Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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