WandaVision Disney+ TV Show Starts Filming Fall 2019, Will Be 6 Hours Long

Elizabeth Olsen says that Marvel’s Scarlet Witch and Vision Disney+ series, WandaVision, will begin filming this fall and should run about six hours long. After years of comic book stories about the pair as a romantic couple, Wanda Maximoff and Vision finally paired up on the big screen in last year’s Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Avengers: Infinity War. Their happiness was short-lived, however, after Thanos made his way to earth and promptly ripped the Mind Stone from Vision’s head (killing him instantly), before then using his Infinity Gauntlet to snap half of all life in the universe out of existence, Wanda included.

Thankfully, it looks like the surviving MCU superheroes will find a way to reverse all that in this week’s Infinity War followup, Avengers: Endgame. Marvel Studios has only officially announced one more movie after Endgame (this summer’s Spider-Man: Far From Home), but is known to be working on several films for Phase 4 of the MCU. It’s also developing a handful of MCU TV series for the Disney+ streaming service, ahead of its launch this year on November 12.

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Among the MCU Disney+ series that’ve been confirmed so far are a show about Falcon and Winter Soldier, as well as a series about Loki and a show following Wanda and Vision titled WandaVision. Olsen, who plays Scarlet Witch in the MCU, was at the Endgame premiere earlier this week and told Variety that filming on WandaVision is currently slated to begin this fall. She later revealed that the show will span about six hours (or eight forty-five minute episodes) overall, in keeping with previous reports on the matter.

Olsen also referenced to the series’ “great group of writers”, which includes Jac Schaeffer as the show’s main producer and pilot writer. The latter has quickly made a name for herself at Disney, having written the Frozen short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and co-written the upcoming Black Widow solo movie that Scarlett Johansson is headlining. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has further confirmed that the Marvel Disney + series will intersect with future MCU movies, as part of a larger shift in storytelling that Marvel plans to start embracing in Phase 4 and beyond.

Between all that and Olsen and Paul Bettany reprising their respective roles as Wanda and Vision, the WandaVision series is shaping up to feel like a proper continuation of the overarching MCU narrative. The show will also have better production values than some of the other MCU TV series have in the past, to the degree that it should look and feel pretty cinematic. As for what the future holds for those crazy kids… well, everyone will just have to wait and see what happens in Endgame, and how – if at all – it sets the stage for WandaVision‘s storyline.

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Lord Of The Rings TV Show Reportedly Starts Filming In Scotland This August

Filming for the new Lord of the Rings TV show may be happening this year and could take place in Scotland. Based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s much-loved trilogy of books, it is anticipated that filming could commence as early as August 2019, with Leith being the possible new home for the expensive new series.

The series is being made by streaming giants Amazon and, with its $1 billion budget, is being touted as the biggest budget series in TV history. The Lord of the Rings TV show was first reported in late 2017, with the series eventually landing at Amazon. Since then, news has been slim on production, but it appears filming could begin as soon as this summer.

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The Daily Record reports that the proposed site for this project has already delivered on production for blockbuster hit Avengers: Infinity War last year, and so it is envisaged that this could add another string to the bow of the Scottish TV and film industry. It will also help to alleviate concerns that Scotland is missing out on such ventures due to lack of studio space. While this will be a welcome boost to the industry, this isn’t completely new to Scotland, where filming and production has taken place for the Netflix historical drama, Outlaw King, and which houses the production of Outlander at Ward Park Studios in Cumbernauld.

While it’s not yet clear what the focus of the series will be, Amazon executives hinted that, though it will not be a remake of the books or films, it will contain characters that fans are familiar with and whose journeys they will be keen to explore. Some fans have speculated that Aragorn will be the main player here, though a map revealed by the show’s official social media confirms it will be set in the Second Age, 3000 years before the movies. Fans can also rest assured that with help from the Tolkien Estate and Trust, the heritage of such a canonical text will be respected. But it will be at least 2021 until this will be revealed, when the Lord of the Rings TV show is likely to air.

For now though, Amazon is refusing to comment and so it is a waiting game for those eager to know if such a production will grace the new Scottish studios. Scotland has already proved that it can deliver and is anxious to become a major player when it comes to filming and production. The UK has seen a resurgence in recent years when it comes to producing high-end TV drama, with studios like Bad Wolf springing up in Wales, producing shows such as A Discovery of Witches and the upcoming His Dark Materials starring Lin-Manuel Miranda. Filming of the Lord of the Rings series in Scotland would be a triumph not just for Scotland, but for the UK TV and film industry in general.

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Happy! Season 2 Review: SYFY’s Over-The-Top Series Starts Off Slow But Steady

The notion of continuing SYFY’s Happy! after what turned out to be a highly stylized, hyper-violent, and always over-the-top first season seems like a difficult task. After all, the story of Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) racing through the streets of New York City to find his kidnapped daughter Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo) from a deranged Santa, all while a corrupt children’s entertainer, Sonny Shine (Christopher Fitzgerald), made the world a creepier, less festive place, seemed, like the comic of the same name from Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson on which it was based, destined to be a one-and-done series. Instead, SYFY and series showrunner Brian Taylor have seen fit to get the gang back together for a spring-themed second season, one that, unfortunately, has to follow in the footsteps of its unhinged predecessor. 

The self-destructive nature of Happy! is a large part of its initial appeal — well, that and the talking animated horse voiced by Patton Oswalt. But really, naive imaginary creatures aside, Happy! season 1 got a lot of mileage out of, well, driving like it was headed off a cliff. That pervasive recklessness, the sense that the series — like its characters — were perpetually on the verge of going off the rails, was, in essence, not just the source of its puerile charm (if you want to call it that) but also the element that enticed viewers to keep watching. Happy! sold itself on being the Peak TV version of a car wreck in progress. Soon enough the whole thing would end up a smoldering pile of mostly resolved plot threads. 

Because of how the first season ended, though, the season 2 premiere, ‘The War on Easter,’ finds itself in a tricky situation of juggling the edgelord-y elements that made it work in the first place, with the responsibilities of longform storytelling. In other words, though Happy! happily walked its main character right up to the edge of oblivion in its first season, its been forced to walk Nick back more than a few steps as season 2 gets underway. 

There’s some humor in this, as Nick has mostly given up his vices — drinking, drugs, and killing lots of people — and has replaced them with relatively (for him, anyway) wholesome activities like spending time with his daughter, attending to basic bodily hygiene, driving a cab, and dealing with the fact that Hailey’s former imaginary friend has now latched onto him in a more permanent way. Of course, this being Happy!, things aren’t quite so cut and dry, with “dry” being the operative word here as Nick is hitting breath spray and cough syrup harder than the mafia types who were out to get him last season. 

Most of the premiere is spent getting caught up with the new Nick (mostly the same as the old Nick), and understanding that while his experiences from last season have put him on a different path (otherwise known as not-quite the straight and narrow), his daughter, former partner Meredith (Lili Mirojnick), and ex Amanda (Medina Senghore), aren’t equipped with the same coping mechanisms as he is. In other words, their behavior is more like that of a normal human being who has been through a traumatic experience. That being said, much of what ‘The War on Easter’ attempts to do in its first hour is strike a compelling balance between the aftermath of the first season’s storyline, and trying its darnedest to drum up some interest in a fittingly blasphemous Easter-themed storyline wherein Sonny Shine is selling “MEGA” (Make Easter Great Again) to the Vatican, while a crazed lunatic with a pink eye dressed in Easter Bunny bondage gear is blowing up nuns and abducting not-so-wholesome charity organizers for likely nefarious purposes. 

In other words, it is and it is not the Happy! viewers have come to expect. But whereas things get off to a somewhat slow start in the story department, the show still has plenty of attitude and willingness to show off Taylor’s signature style with one very bloody hyperactive action sequence that seems designed to mitigate concerns that the show has somehow lost its edge or its juvenile sense of humor. What seems missing from the sequence, though, is any sense that it’s connected to the larger story. From the way in which it’s resolved (spoiler: Nick kills everyone), it would seem he’s inadvertently stumbled on some run-of-the-mill wrongdoing and only stepped in because one of his sex-worker friends got wrapped up in said wrongdoing because of him.

To that end, much of ‘The War on Easter’ unfortunately feels like Happy! is spinning its wheels. That might be because the show has two more hours to fill this season, an addition that may have thrown the usual kinetic pacing off somewhat. It also has to do with the show’s intentions with regard to its characters, like Patrick Fischler’s Smoothie and especially Ritchie Coster’s now incarcerated and demonically possessed Francisco ‘Mr. Blue’ Scaramucci. The latter seems destined to play a significant part in some larger story that Happy! is building toward, while the former is revealed to be much more a part of the show’s current goings-on. 

In all, Taylor has clearly focused the show’s energies on the idea of change and rebirth and renewal. Like season 1, Happy! is happy to wear its thematic elements on its sleeve, and always ready to turn any potential subtext into text. It’s part and parcel of what makes the show tick, and while it doesn’t get off to as roaring a start as season 1, there’s plenty evidence to suggest Happy! will be back to its old ways soon enough. 

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Happy! continues next Wednesday with ‘Tallahassee’ @10pm on SYFY.

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Kevin Yeoman

A Quiet Place 2 Reportedly Starts Filming This Summer

Production on A Quiet Place 2, the follow-up to Paramount’s post-apocalyptic horror/thriller A Quiet Place, is reportedly slated to begin this summer. A Quiet Place was a hit with moviegoers and critics alike, so it was no surprise when Paramount decided to move forward with a sequel. It is not currently known if anyone from the previous movie will return to star, but John Krasinski, who directed, co-wrote, and starred in the film, has been working on the script for its upcoming continuation. Now, it seems the project will move into production soon, as the film is expected to arrive in theaters next May.

A Quiet Place is set in a post-alien invaded world, where members of society struggle to live after the world is decimated by creatures hunting by sound. In order to stay alive, those who have survived are forced to suppress the use of sound to stay undetected by the creatures. Alongside Krasinski, the cast included Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds, Cade Woodward, and Leon Russom. The film focuses on the Abbott family and their efforts to stay alive, while also raising children during the apocalypse. Not much is known regarding what direction A Quiet Place 2 will take, but Krasinski stated that it could focus on a new group of survivors. While details regarding the plot are scarce, they should become more clear as the film nears production this summer.

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According to Production Weekly, filming will begin on A Quiet Place 2 this summer in upstate New York. For context, with the film expected to land in theaters early next year, the original film was also shot in New York with production lasting for nearly half a year. No specific date has been given for when filming will officially begin, but more information regarding the production on A Quiet Place 2 should arrive soon.

While Krasinski has remained tight-lipped about the follow-up, Blunt – his co-star and real-life wife – has stated she knows the basics for the film. Also, despite not sharing specific details, Krasinski has made it clear that A Quiet Place 2 won’t be a traditional sequel. In fact, Krasinski originally had no interest in revisiting the alien-invaded world, but Paramount managed to convince him to come back. The success of the first film had a lot to do with his involvement, so his return will hopefully lead to another successful chapter in the series.

A Quiet Place was a standout cinematic experience in 2018, so the sequel certainly has quite a lot to live up to. Whether or not it will answer questions pertaining to events leading up to the first film remains to be seen, but fans will no doubt be ripe with speculation in the months leading up to the reveal of any official plot details. As A Quiet Place 2 nears filming, more details for the film should begin to surface.

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Amazon’s Dark Tower TV Show Reportedly Starts Filming In April

The Gunslinger will ride again in Amazon’s adaptation of The Dark Tower as the TV show will reportedly begin filming in April. Based on an epic series of novels by Stephen King, The Dark Tower follows Roland Deschain in a fantasy world as he tries to reach the mythical tower. Along the way, he faces off with his mortal enemy The Man In Black and various other supernatural threats. Considered to be King’s magnum opus, the story is told across seven novels and fleshed out further in multiple tie-in novels.

An adaptation for The Dark Tower was in the works for many years, with Ron Howard initially working on a cross-platform saga that would have seen the adventure told on both the big and small screens. The project ultimately didn’t come to pass, with Howard stepping back to serve merely as a producer on a solo film outing. Directed by Nikolaj Arcel (2009’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), the eventual film adaptation starred Idris Elba as Roland and Matthew McConaughey as his nemesis. Serving as both an adaptation of the books, as well as a sequel, The Dark Tower featured elements from each installment of the literary saga. Despite praise for Elba’s performance, the overall film was poorly received, and soon after, King announced that the in-development series – which was intended as a spin-off to the film – would now be a complete franchise reboot.

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According to That Hashtag Show, Amazon Studios is apparently gearing up to begin production fairly soon. Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead) and Akiva Goldsman (Titans) are already onboard the ambitious project, which will reportedly begin filming throughout Croatia in April this year. Production on the series – which will cover 13 one-hour episodes – is said to continue until late-June. There is no word yet on who will fill the iconic roles, but details for the show indicate that it will follow Roland in his formative years, as he and his friends seek vengeance upon Marten Broadcloak (aka The Man in Black) following the latter’s affair with Roland’s mother. As such, Amazon is looking for actors and actresses between the ages of 16 and 18 to fill the roles.

What’s more is that King himself is attached to the project. It’s unclear whether he will serve as a writer or merely assist on a producer-level, but his mere involvement will assuredly calm the nerves of many fans following the reception garnered by the movie. The author previously revealed why he thinks the film failed and so could help steer things in the right direction on the second go around. The Dark Tower will be one of two huge fantasy adaptation underway, with Wheel of Time also in development at Amazon.

The works of King have been experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, with numerous adaptations either already produced or in various stages of development. As well as IT: Chapter Two and Pet Sematary, the rights to many properties have recently been acquired by various studios and networks. A sequel to The Shining recently wrapped production and the crime-thriller Mr. Mercedes was renewed for a third season. It’s certainly a good time to be a Stephen King – and Dark Tower – fan.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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Doctor Who Season 12 Starts Production With New Cast Photo

The twelfth season of Doctor Who is now officially in production. Season 11 of Doctor Who concluded at the beginning of the month with the show’s first New Year’s special, replacing the usual Doctor Who Christmas Special. The BBC series has been around since the 1960s, but the current Doctor is being played by actress Jodie Whittaker.

When Whittaker was first cast as the Doctor, there was a lot of backlash from fans for a variety of reasons. While the show did originally receive a lot of hate, Whittaker’s debut beat Christopher Eccleston’s record for being the most watched modern-debut, but still managed to divide fans this season. Season 11 introduced a lot of storylines that radically changed the series, such as rewriting the Time Lords’ backstory, revealing new information on the Doctor’s past and family, and even introduced Time Lord religion. Despite some not liking the new direction of the show, it looks like production has officially begun for Doctor Who season 12.

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Posting on Twitter, Doctor Who on BBC America announced that Doctor Who was back in production and even shared an image of the main cast members for season 12. The image below shows Bradley Walsh (Graham O’Brien), Mandip Gill (Yasmin Khan), Whittaker, and Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair) on what appears to be a filming location for the next season. The full Twitter post can be seen below.

Since production just began, there isn’t a whole lot of information about the next season of Doctor Who. As of right now, it’s been confirmed that Whittaker is returning to Doctor Who for season 12, but the series won’t return until sometime in 2020. It was once rumored that showrunner Chris Chibnall was exiting the series, but he seems to be involved with season 12 in some capacity, and even teased that the next season might have even more classic Doctor Who villains.

Given that the ratings for season 11 of Doctor Who were the highest the series has seen since 2010, it’s likely this season will continue in the new direction season 11 seemed to be taking. The liberties the series has taken this past season seem to intrigue viewers to say the least, but it’s still a mystery whether Doctor Who will continue to divide its fan base. Regardless, most people will be relieved that production on Doctor Who season 12 has started, so that BBC can keep its 2020 release date.

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Source: Doctor Who on BBC America

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Anthem Closed Alpha Starts in December: Here’s How to Register

Gamers who have been keenly looking forward to playing BioWare’s upcoming multiplayer action role-playing game Anthem now have the opportunity to sign up for the Closed Alpha, which will run from December 8-9, 2018 across four separate three-hour sessions. The deadline to register is the end of day on December 3, and requires an EA account.

Anthem will be something of a departure from the kind of role-playing games that BioWare fans are used to. The developer is best known for the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, which have single-player campaigns, extensive dialogue trees, and offer romantic relationships with other characters in the game. By contrast, Anthem won’t have large, branching dialogue trees (just two dialogue options each time) or romances, and the action gameplay is primarily focused on the multi-player experience (though it does have a single-player portion).

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To sign up for Anthem‘s Closed Alpha, go to the EA Community Playtesting portal and log in with your EA Account (if you don’t already have one, you can create one). Read and accept the terms and conditions, and then choose from either the PC, Xbox One, or PS4 playtest. Once you have completed these steps, your status will appear as Pending, and should be changed to Approved within a few days. Be sure to sign up (and add your Xbox gamertag, if you’re signing up for the Xbox One playtest) by the end of day on December 3, or you’ll risk missing out on the Closed Alpha. Once approved, you will receive in email with further instructions.

Anthem‘s approach to mingling single-player and multi-player gameplay has been dubbed “Our World, My Story.” There is a central hub where players can progress through the single-player story and build relationships with non-player characters. Then, upon donning exosuits called Javelins and venturing out into the world, the multi-player portions of the game will begin. You can also choose to play through the entire game solo, if teamwork isn’t your thing.

The Anthem pre-launch demo will become available for players who have pre-ordered the game (or signed up for the premium services EA Access or Origin Access) on February 1, 2019, and Early Access will begin on February 15. However, the Closed Alpha will be the first opportunity for players to explore BioWare’s new sci-fi world, and see if it measures up to the studio’s past titles.

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Anthem will release February 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: EA

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Derviş Zaim: Right, truth, conscience are most important components of my movies

The 8th International Crime and Punishment Film Festival starts today with a rich screening program that seeks to enhance awareness, communication, solidarity and long-term collaboration on an international…Click To Continue

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Countdown starts for 3rd Sinopale Film Festival

The 3rd Sinopale Film Festival will be organized at the Hal Sinop Meeting Center, Sinop Cultural Center and Sinop Historical Pasha Bastions between Oct. 25 and 29.

The festival program includes film…Click To Continue

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween Interview – R.L. Stine

Halloween is just around the corner, and to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year there’s a new Goosebumps movie arriving in theaters – Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. The movie features a new cast of kids – played by Jeremy Ray Taylor (IT), Caleel Harris (Castle Rock), and Madison Iseman (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) – who discover a lost Goosebumps book in a hidden room and unwittingly unleash a new season of terror, as Slappy the Dummy brings Halloween costumes to life and wreaks havoc on the city.

Jack Black reprises his role as Goosebumps author R.L. Stine in Haunted Halloween , so to celebrate the movie’s release, Screen Rant spoke to the real R.L. Stine to find out about the new monsters on parade, and ask whether Black’s curmudgeonly portrayal of the author is accurate.

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I have to ask, because the movie’s about a secret Goosebumps book hidden in a box – is there actually a secret Goosebumps book somewhere out there?

R.L. Stine: No. I wish [laughs]. I wish there were some extra ones somewhere that I could pull out. No, no secret book… But it’s kind of creepy, these two boys go into this house and knock over something and find this book and it’s locked, and they unlock it. And that starts all the action. All the horrible action.

Are there any Goosebumps monsters in this movie that we didn’t see in the last one?

Stine: Well, there are gummy bears [laughs]. They didn’t have gummy bears. After the first one I said, “How will we ever do a sequel? You used every single monster in the first movie!” There was nothing left. But yes, there are some. There’s an ogre, for one thing. We didn’t have an ogre in the first one. And my very favorite scene is the one with the gummy bears. Cute little gummy bears and then they turn into monsters.

But they’re so cute, what harm could they possibly do?

Stine: Well, they grow teeth for one thing. And then they all stick together and become a huge blob and attack people. It’s a wonderful scene [laughs]. Very proud of that!

It seems like there aren’t a lot of scary movies aimed at kids, since so many horror movies involve blood and gore. Is there a special trick to terrifying kids?

Stine: No, it’s the same as for grown-ups, I think. I think it’s surprise, it’s travelling into the unknown where you don’t really know what’s next and you can’t see what’s coming up, and it’s a lot of twists and turns. I think it’s the same as doing horror for adults.

There’s a whole new cast of kids in this movie. Can you tell us a bit about them?

Stine: Well, there’s a delightful boy who’s building a replicas of Tesla’s lab, because Tesla’s real lab is actually in their town. And he’s fiddling with the electricity and he keeps blowing out all the electricity in the house, but he’s determined to do it. And his doing this leads to an amazing scene near the end at Tesla’s real lab. It’s a real Frankenstein type lab. I went to Atlanta, where we filmed the film… and they showed me these sets. These guys are geniuses! They built this amazing Frankenstein’s lab… I couldn’t believe what these guys could build. It was incredible.

So Slappy the Dummy is the ringleader in this movie again. What is it about Slappy that people love so much?

Stine: I don’t really get it [laughs]. I don’t know why a dummy coming to life is so scary. But people are really frightened of him, and he’s so popular now that every other Goosebumps book has to be a Slappy book. I think I’ve written about fourteen of them [laughs]. It doesn’t get any easier to think of plots about a dummy coming to life.

Maybe it’s also because he likes to insult people. People like comedy roasts, so maybe that’s why they like Slappy.

Stine: Well that’s why I like to write him – he’s really an insult comedian. That’s why I love writing him, because he’s so rude!

Do you think kids are easier to scare than adults, or harder?

Stine: Probably easier. Probably don’t have to work as hard to scare them. But you know, my audience – seven to twelve year-olds – I get them the last time in their lives they’ll ever be enthusiastic. And then when they turn twelve, they have to be cool… and they’re gone. But before then they love writing to an author, they love reading, they love hearing from you, they love going to things… it’s just the best audience.

Was Jack Black’s portrayal of you in the first movie accurate?

Stine: I love Jack. Not accurate at all! Nothing accurate. But he’s a great guy, I thought he was wonderful. He flew to New York in a blizzard to meet me, to try to figure out how he was going to play the character. And we had lunch and he was like, looking at me, right? [Laughs] And then he said, “Bob… what about the script is true about you?” And I said, “Nothing, not one thing, none of it’s true!” And he said, “I’m going to be a sinister version of you.” And that’s what he decided to do.. And then when it started filming he started talking like Orson Welles, right? He does, in that first film, and I said, “Jack, I’m from Ohio, I don’t sound like that!” But I thought it was really fun. What a weird thing, to be a character in a movie.

Seeing as, unlike Jack’s version of you, you don’t hate kids – is there a favorite interaction with a young fan that you’ve had?

Stine: I’ve had way too many. I’m just so lucky. Because I go out, I really talk to kids, I go to schools, and I really do like kids. And you know, I have a son and I have a grandson, who’s four and hilarious. And he’s taking after my son, he won’t read my books. That’s my son’s claim to fame, he never read one. Isn’t that horrible?

Does he tell you that all the time?

Stine: He bragged about it, how he never read one!

You should write him into a book so that he has to read it.

Stine: I did! I made him the star of a Fear Street book, it was a vampire book, and he was the star and he didn’t read that one either. In the very last paragraph of the book he gets bit in the neck. [Laughs] I got my revenge!

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween arrives in theaters this weekend.

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