DCEU Complete Movie Timeline (From Man of Steel To Shazam)

The Justice League heroes may be the stars of the DCEU, but the history that brought them together stretches back thousands of years. Across the planet Krypton, through ancient Greek mythology, and to a time when Atlantis was the most advanced society above water, the timeline of the DC movies may seem too ancient to identify using specific years. But Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and Justice League have all given enough evidence to create one massive chain of events. And with Aquaman and Shazam! adding the final pieces of the puzzle, a solid DCEU timeline is taking shape.

Fans may be suspicious of a concrete DCEU timeline, since many of the films never actually make their exact year known, let alone relevant to the story. But as the movies multiply, the approximate dates have been narrowed down. Even if it feels like any ancient empire or dynasty in the DCEU is measured in “thousands of years” to be intentionally vague, Wonder Woman and Aquaman have locked in a more complete picture. And surprise: some of that history is nowhere near as ancient as fans might assume.

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For now, the DC movie universe is easy enough to lay out from beginning to end, at least where the films’ “modern” periods are set. So to start with dates everyone can agree on before diving into the past, the modern Era of the DCEU and its biggest events are confirmed to take place in the canon timeline as such:

  • 1918: Wonder Woman
  • 1984: Wonder Woman 1984
  • 2013: Man of Steel
  • 2015: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • 2016: Suicide Squad
  • 2016: Justice League
  • 2016-2017: Aquaman
  • 2019: Shazam!

That’s the DCEU timeline so far, but every new movie is guaranteed to bring new events and parallel storylines to light. And if the newly released Shazam! is any indication, the mythology of DC’s biggest heroes is going to be expanded in not only the present day, or the future, but in the ancient history, with new figures and formative events being introduced only when their stories are necessary. Based purely on the films already released, and ones reportedly in development, the history of the New Gods, Apokolips, New Genesis, Atlantis, Themyscira, and perhaps even Krypton are still subject to change.

What makes it so difficult to accept one timeline as canon is that films like Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman have all relied on the “accepted story” being revealed as not the whole truth. That being said, putting together a concrete timeline based on what Aquaman adds to the history of King Atlan, the Atlantean Empire and the sinking of the city is no easy task. Which is why we’re breaking it down into one DCEU timeline for fans who need to know.

  • This Page: The Movie Events in The DCEU Timeline
  • Page 2: The Ancient History of the DCEU
  • Page 3: The Modern DCEU Takes Shape
  • Page 4: The Age of The Justice League Begins

Page 2 of 4: The Beginning of The DCEU Timeline

DC’s movie universe has taken shape thanks to a variety of different heroes, writers, and directors, but one thing remains the same in every single one of them. Not a structure, style, or even tone, but an overwhelming sense that the film’s hero is almost instantly out of their depths. Their journey to greatness may only be beginning, but the conflicts and enemies they encounter have been in motion for thousands of years, long before the current DC heroes were even born. And while that approach has given the impression of a massive, epic, and nuanced timeline stretching back into ancient history… it also means fans may have a hard time remembering whose ancient people went to war with whom, first.

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Thankfully, the first wave of the DCEU still fits together fairly well – whether or not Zack Snyder, Patty Jenkins, David Ayer, or anyone else at Warner Bros. was actually connecting the dots along the way. So with Superman explaining the timeline of ancient Krypton, and Wonder Woman handling the gods, mankind, and the Amazons, it falls to Aquaman to fit in the last piece of the puzzle. And fit in it does, with the ancient legends of King Atlan, his trident, and Atlantis above water helping complete the picture.

From Steppenwolf to Suicide Squad, here is the best approximation we have of the timeline of the ancient DCEU:

  • 200,000 BC – Zeus Creates Mankind on Earth: As explained to Diana by her mother in Wonder Woman, the creation of human beings was the first task of Zeus, who created them in the image of the Olympian Gods. Before long his son Ares corrupted mankind with hatred and violence, leading Zeus to make his second creation: the beautiful and noble Amazons, blessed with enough of Zeus’ own divinity to protect and guide mankind to their better destiny. And to defend Earth alongside them, should the need arise.
  • 28,000 BC – The Earth Unites Against Apokolips: While the year in which Zeus created mankind is largely a placeholder (tied to the scientific estimates of when “humans” emerged), the year in which Apokolips first attempted to invade Earth comes from the DCEU specifically. More than once during production and in accompanying marketing materials, the ancient prologue seen in Justice League is said to have occurred “thirty thousand years ago.” That number might be rounded for convenience, but it’s as exact as we’re going to get. Presumably, the Amazons allied with mankind despite their past betrayals, and the Atlanteans existed because… well, unless Poseidon copied his brother’s creation, let’s just brush that question aside for now.
  • 18,000 BC – Supergirl Comes to Earth: This news will be a shock for fans hoping to see Kara Zor-El in a Supergirl movie, but a prequel comic already confirmed that the DCEU’s version of Supergirl lived thousands of years earlier. She was chosen to lead a Kryptonian Scout Ship during her planet’s age of expansion, but through a sinister betrayal, ended up crashing into Earth. That ship would be frozen in ice and eventually discovered by Kal-El as his Fortress of Solitude giving an exact date for its arrival.
  • 15,000 BC – The Fall of Krypton Begins: The planet Krypton may only have exploded a lifetime ago for the modern DCEU, but its decline began in antiquity. Jor-El’s artificial intelligence gives Kal the account, marking this period as the time when Krypton began to engineer children, abandoned expansion, and lost the ‘soul’ of their civilization. But on Earth, things were going swimmingly.
  • 10,000 BC – The Deserters Leave Atlantis: The Aquaman movie takes over the timeline at this point, with Vulko’s history lesson claiming that a tribe of Atlantis referred to as “Deserters” decided to leave the rest of their people, and head to an inland sea. When their lands dried up into what would become The Sahara Desert, they perished. Science tells us that Earth’s orbital ‘wobble’ led to the Sahara becoming lush with water for a few thousand years, beginning in 10,000 BC.
  • 5,000 BC – The Trident of Atlan is Forged: This date is approximate, since it’s near the end of the window in which the Deserter Tribe would still have been alive to forge King Atlan’s Trident (a final artifact to immortalize their talents).
  • 4,300 BC – The Enchantress is Born: The file on Enchantress shown in Suicide Squad provides her age, confirming she was ‘born’ as a god figure in South America around this point in history. Which parallels with the emergence of the Norte Chico, among others, as one of the first spontaneous creations of civilization around the world.
  • 3,000 BC – The Alliance of Man, Atlantean & Amazon Ends: The fact that the storylines involving the Olympian Gods and sinking of Atlantis have yet to appear is going to be a main topic next, but for now, this Golden Age of the DCEU comes to a close. Justice League informs viewers that the great Warning Fire of The Amazons – lit by the Amazons after Steppenwolf’s attack – has not burned for “five thousand years.” While some have taken that as a milestone for the War of The Gods, evidence conflicts it. All we know for sure is that from 3,000 BC forward, the alliances between humans, Amazons, and Atlanteans was over.
  • ???? BC – The Wizard Shazam Ends The Age of Magic: The exact year is never given, but presumably thousands of years prior to the present day, the fallen champion of The Council of Wizards (otherwise known as Black Adam) rebelled and destroyed them. The Wizard Shazam withdrew all magic to The Rock of Eternity, along with the Seven Sins.

Page 3 of 4: The Modern DCEU Takes Shape

As we alluded to before, here is where the timeline of the DCEU gets seriously interesting. Because as much as Justice League‘s ancient prologue established the story of Mankind, Atlanteans, and Amazons as one of ancient history – and Wonder Woman’s own tale of the Olympian Gods did the same – both films have begun to walk back their ancient time scale. With Aquaman, it’s explicitly stated that the worlds of Atlantis and the Amazons may have fallen long before the modern world began to form… but could still have been around less than two thousand years ago. Humans have even shorter memories than some would believe, it seems.

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The 20th Century events that planted seeds for the coming Justice League universe are easy enough to track, and won’t cause too much confusion (although seeing how closely key events in the Leaguers’ lives overlap will be a bit of a thrill). It’s the first centuries and the first two millennia of the Common Era that will prove a bit controversial.

Some of our dates may seem to contradict existing fan timelines, but as we said above, the assumed dates and spans of centuries are starting to be corrected faster than some fans might like. We’re basing our timeline purely on what the storytellers themselves have explained, what the characters offer up for timeline details in-universe, and what the films’ mythology states about its own ancient (or Middle Ages) happenings.

In other words, prepare to have some of your assumptions about the DCEU’s more recent history blown away, in our compiled timeline:

  • 800 – Enchantress & Incubus Imprisoned: Beyond confirming that Enchantress and her brother, Incubus, hail from pre-Columbian South America, the specifics of exactly who worshipped the pair as gods is unclear. Their is some evidence in the film and its accompanying material that form a link between them and both the Inca and Maya people. Combine that with the fact that the pair were eventually overthrown and imprisoned in magical bottles (until June Moon opened one), and a link can be made between the fall of these civilizations, and the Suicide Squad villains’ disappearance. For history nuts, the fact that the golden age of the Mayans came to an abrupt halt, and collapsed by 900 AD seems a perfect connection to the (temporary) disappearance of Enchantress and Incubus.
  • 1000 – Atlantis Sinks: Yes, believe it or not, the Aquaman movie reveals that the city/empire of Atlantis existed in all its glory, above the surface, far longer than most will expect. Vulko’s claim that Atlantis had unlocked the secrets of unlimited energy “when the rest of the world still thought the Earth was flat” doesn’t exactly narrow the window, but he suggests that the fall of Atlantis due to King Atlan’s pride coincided with the monarch’s self-imposed exile. So when the Karathen guarding Atlan’s remains claims it has guarded the relic from the unworthy for 1,000 years, fans have to ask: how soon after Atlantis’ sinking did Atlan disappear? If it’s immediate, as makes the most sense, then Atlantis fell beneath the waves just as the vikings began to make their way across the North Atlantic. And this isn’t the only change fans will need to accept, either.
  • 1100 – Ares Slays The Olympian Gods? Some fans point to the mention of the Amazon beacon not being lit for “5,000 years” as an indication of The War of The Gods, when Ares finally revolted, killing the rest of his kin until Zeus fought back, and created Themyscira to safeguard the Amazons. But that’s not a one-to-one deduction, and since Zeus fathered Diana with Hippolyta around the same time, it would make Wonder Woman 5,000 years old, too. Since director Patty Jenkins has given her opinion that Wonder Woman is only 800 years old, it puts the vanquishing of the Olympians and the disappearance of the Amazons closer to the year 1100.
  • 1918 – Steve Trevor Comes to Themyscira: The dates of The Great War make Steve Trevor’s arrival easy to place, and kicks off what will turn out to be the last great DC superhero adventure for much of the century. Until Steppenwolf decides to try again…

Page 4 of 4: The Age of The Justice League Begins

At long last, we can leave the earliest, prehistoric (for the rest of the world) days of the DCEU behind, and shift from a time when key events were millennia apart to the modern age, when entire world-changing events happen in the span of months, not years. It is here, in the wake of wonder Woman putting an end to Ares and giving mankind their future back, that the DC heroes we know best begin to emerge. And for those who prefer their timelines confined only to the times in which the movies release, it’s the point at which the major, movie-featured moments start dropping left and right. It may have taken the history of the world to unite the Justice League, but the time spent building out the past of DCEU’s cosmic side was worth it.

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It wasn’t Superman’s intention to trigger a new wave of heroes just by stepping into the spotlight, but if general Zod’s hope was to prove Earth was weak, his insistence on Superman announcing himself to the world certainly backfired. Wonder Woman stopped hiding from her true calling, The Flash, and Aquaman were all next to follow suit, being drawn out due to their lineage as the descendants of those ancient tribes who fought off Steppenwolf the first time around. The biggest moments from this section of the timeline will be most familiar to movie fans, since a majority of them are shown on-screen.

That being said, the films only show one character at a time, without highlighting how one formative moment or trauma in the life of a future Justice League hero falls in relation to their future teammates. Some satisfying, possibly even poetic comparisons and contrasts become visible when folded into one massive narrative. We’ll spare details where these dates are clear, but see for yourself how the last half-century of the DCEU took shape, step by step:

  • 1974 – Thaddeus Sivana Summoned & Rejected By Shazam
  • 1980 – The Death of Krypton, Kal-El Survives
  • 1981 – The Death of The Waynes, Bruce Survives
  • 1982 – STAR Labs Acquires The Mother Box: “US Gov Object 61982” accepted as the year of acquisition.
  • 1984 – Wonder Woman Discovers a New Threat
  • 1985 – Arthur Curry is Born
  • 1988 – Clark Kent Discovers His Powers
  • 1994 – Victor Stone is Born
  • 1995 – The Batman is Born: Based on Bruce’s claim of “twenty years” as vigilante.
  • 2004 – Billy Batson is Born
  • 2010 – Harley Quinn & Joker Kill Robin: As shown on Harley’s Suicide Squad rap sheet.
  • 2013 – Superman Kills General Zod
  • 2015 – Superman is Killed
  • 2016 – The Suicide Squad Saves Earth From Evil Gods
  • 2016 – The Justice League Saves Earth From New Gods
  • 2016 – Aquaman & Mera Save Earth From Ocean Master
  • 2019 – The Shazam Family Saves Earth From The Seven Sins

Looking at the bigger picture developing here, the stakes have certainly been elevated with the coming of this age of heroes. We can only hope that the future of the DCEU will somehow return to a period of relative calm after so many threats to life on Earth as we know it. But somehow… we doubt that Warner Bros. and DC Films are going to take their foot of the pedal any time soon.

This timeline is sure to be adjusted, expanded, and hopefully locked into place as more films are released within DC’s shared universe. When they are, we’ll do our best to keep the DCEU Timeline complete, and updated with the latest canonical information for the comic book fans who share Bruce Wayne’s own affection for a paper trail.

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Aquaman Has Already Outgrossed Wonder Woman & Man of Steel Overseas

Aquaman has already outgrossed both Wonder Woman and Man of Steel at the overseas box office. December is always a busy month for the film industry, with every studio releasing their own four-quadrant movies to intense competition. This year, with no Star Wars film dropping at Christmas, the studios have been fighting it out – and Aquaman looks set to be the winner.

The film’s domestic takings haven’t been particularly impressive. Aquaman had the lowest domestic opening weekend in the history of the entire DCEU, earning $67.4 million domestically during its first three days. At time of writing, its domestic total still sits at just $72.7 million. But the superhero blockbuster has been performing very differently overseas, and in fact looks set to be a record-breaker for DC Films.

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As noted by CBR, a staggered international release means Aquaman has already outgrossed both Wonder Woman and Man of Steel in the overseas market. That means it’s already the strongest solo film in the DCEU to date, bringing in $410.7 million to date against $409.3 million and $377 million. If the film’s current performance continues, it should outperform both Suicide Squad and Justice League‘s lifetime international box office takings by the end of the week. It’s not inconceivable that Aquaman will ultimately beat even Batman V Superman, which grossed $543.2 million overseas.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman on a submarine

The secret to Aquaman‘s success appears to be its performance in China, a country that appears to be falling in love with the superhero genre of late. Aquaman has been out in China since December 7, and has already earned $232.8 million in that territory. It’s long been believed that the Chinese box office is vital to the future of the film industry, but the performance of this year’s superhero movies suggests that this is particularly the case with comic book adaptations. Venom scored a record-breaking opening weekend in China, while Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War grossed a staggering $373.4 million.

It’s interesting to note that the DCEU is currently pivoting away from its more famous heroes. Films starring Batman and Superman haven’t really been a marked success for the DCEU, and instead Warner Bros. is developing superheroes who’ve never starred in their own movies before. In the case of Aquaman, the star is a character who’s traditionally viewed as underwhelming, mocked because he has the power to talk to fish. Whatever the final box office takings may look like, though, Aquaman’s time has clearly come – and he can now stand proud as one of DC’s greatest global champions.

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Source: CBR

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The Aquaman Movie Has a Major Man of Steel Homage

Zack Snyder’s time leading the DCEU may be over, but the Aquaman movie looks to have at least one homage to his and Henry Cavill’s Superman, and the trail first blazed by Man of Steel‘s reboot.

That’s judging by the latest newest trailer for Aquaman, which finally shows off more of star Jason Momoa in the classic comic costume. The secrecy surrounding the gold-and-green suit has led fans to believe that Arthur Curry’s decision to don the armor will be just as important as the first time Superman put on his own uniform, if not more. Now, the trailer shows Aquaman may go one step further in honoring Henry Cavill’s “first flight” sequence in Man of Steel.

Man of Steel’s First Flight

Some DC fans may not remember, but the very first glimpse of Henry Cavill in the Kryptonian Superman suit came in just a few moments of footage at the end of the very first Man of Steel teaser. Where previous versions depicted Superman standing proud, hands on hips, chest puffed, Man of Steel did something different. The world met the new Superman flying straight up into the sky, filmed from afar in profile, showcasing the air compressing ahead of him as he soared to full speed.

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While Clark Kent’s own ascent would be a bit rougher in the movie, the way Snyder revealed the boundary-smashing nature of his Superman was impossible to forget. And now it seems fans will get a strong reminder of the Man of Steel’s debut when watching Aquaman, as well.

Aquaman’s ‘First Swim’ Homage

The above image comes courtesy of the recently released, Chinese trailer for Aquaman. Aside from showing more (or different segments) of the film’s massive battle, the footage also includes a handful of shots of Jason Momoa in the gold and green armor. None is more striking than the shot included above, with Aquaman glimmering in the ancient armor of his people, trident held above his head, soaring straight up towards the surface – and the water doing its very best to help conjure the image of Henry Cavill’s Superman breaking the sound barrier.

Considering how closely Zack Snyder and James Wan worked to bring the aquatic hero to movie audiences – first in Batman v Superman and Justice League, preparing Arthur for his launch into Aquaman – the shared imagery makes sense, even if James Wan doesn’t confirm it as an explicit callout to his creative collaborator. And if the shot of Aquaman racing out of the ocean depths follows his discovery of the King of Atlantis’ armor, then his first time pushing it, himself, and his trident to the limits is an unmistakable echo of Superman’s own debut. In much the same way as the comics, Superman on film has forged the path for his fellow heroes to follow.

More than most, it makes sense that Superman’s famous origin story should echo throughout Aquaman’s. Two sons of two different people, called upon to unite then, but first must oppose a brother who wishes to crush one with the other. And hey, a fearsome, fearless redhead to help urge him along his path to greatness, too. We don’t know how closely the tones of Snyder’s and Wan’s take on Aquaman will fall, but DCEU fans have at least one moment to look forward to – paying testament to both Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill’s contributions to superhero history.

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Dwayne Johnson & Netflix Team Up For John Henry Movie

Dwayne Johnson and Netflix are teaming up on a folklore-inspired film titled John Henry and the Statesmen. This will mark the first collaboration between The Rock and the streaming giant, as well as the third project overall for Johnson and director Jake Kasdan. The latter duo previously joined creative forces on 2017’s smash box office hit Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and will reunite to begin shooting Jumanji 3 near the end of this year.

In addition to joining lucrative properties like Jumanji and Fast & Furious, Johnson has spent the last ten years expanding his “brand” to encompass everything from movie adaptations based on a variety of IPs (ex. video games, popular toylines) to original ventures (like this summer’s Skyscraper) and even his own HBO TV series in the form of Ballers. Interestingly enough though, The Rock really stepped up his franchise-building efforts a few years ago, around the same time that Netflix started to ramp up its own original movie and TV show content production. As such, it was probably inevitable that the pair would eventually find a project that they could develop together.

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Per Netflix’s press release, Johnson will star in John Henry and the Statesman as the eponymous steel-driver and lead “an ensemble cast of the most popular figures from folklore and legend from all around the world” in the film. You can check out the teaser for the movie below, along with The Rock’s comments on what the John Henry folk story means to him, personally.

John Henry is based on a pitch that Johnson and his Seven Bucks Production team developed with screenwriter Tom Wheeler, who will (naturally) further write the movie’s script. Wheeler is already in the Netflix business, as it were, and is serving as the showrunner for the company’s upcoming Frank Miller-backed TV series Cursed (an origin story for the Lady of the Lake, essentially). The writer is also far from a stranger to fairy tales and legends, having previously written the Shrek spinoff Puss in Boots – among other films with broad, crowd-pleasing appeal.

Indeed, “crowd-pleasing” is the name of the game for Johnson and there’s fair reason to believe that he will deliver the goods again with John Henry, especially if the results of his efforts on Jumanji with Kasdan are any indicator. Moreover, John Henry is another movie that (like his upcoming Kamehameha biopic The King) is something of a passion project that holds a personal meaning to Johnson, by the sound of it. Good things tend to happen when The Rock really pours his heart and soul into his productions, so that certainly bodes well for his very first Netflix movie.

And, of course, if the film is a success, then don’t be surprised if Johnson and Netflix try to turn this one into a full-blown superhero-style franchise revolving around popular folklore figures from around the world.

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We will bring you more details on John Henry and the Statesmen as they become available.

Source: Dwayne Johnson

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Doctor Who: Biggest Questions After Jodie Whittaker’s First Episode

Warning! SPOILERS for the Doctor Who season 11 premiere ahead!

The new season of Doctor Who finally arrived and now the world has had their first taste of Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor. The episode, “The Woman Who Fell to Earth,” is exciting, scary, action-packed, and surprisingly emotional – all the elements that make up a great Doctor Who episode. It’s a brand new era for the 50+ year-old sci-fi series, and it’s only just getting started.

Along with a new Doctor, there’s a whole new cast of characters joining Whitaker on the adventure. This cast is also the most diverse cast Doctor Who has ever had, which feels like the right choice for this new era of Who, and that diversity exists both on screen and off, with season 11 including the first writers of color in the show’s history. For a television series that can go anywhere and do just about anything, it’s about time Doctor Who began branching out and including new voices.

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Now that the world has seen the 13th Doctor’s first episode and gotten a taste of the show’s new direction, we have a few questions that we’re very interested to see answered in the upcoming season.

  • This Page: Why Did the TARDIS Abandon The Doctor?
  • Page 2: How Powerful Is The New Sonic Screwdriver?

Why Did The TARDIS Abandon The Doctor?

When the Doctor began regenerating from 12 into 13, the TARDIS also began to change. The console room exploded and the Doctor went tumbling out the doors. As she fell to Earth, the Doctor could only watch as the TARDIS dematerialized – abandoning her. And while the TARDIS is known to be a temperamental old thing, it doesn’t usually strand the Doctor without good reason. So where has it gone? And why?

The next episode of Doctor Who will probably reveal where the TARDIS ended up, but it could be a little while before we get a full explanation for why it disappeared in the first place. One reason might be that the TARDIS simply doesn’t care for this new version of the Doctor. As far as we know, this is the first time the Doctor has regenerated into a woman. Maybe the TARDIS just doesn’t recognize her? Or is more fond of men? Those would be rather silly explanations for why the TARDIS acted the way it did, but they aren’t entirely out of the realm of possibility.

It’s more likely, however, that the TARDIS is malfunctioning. This could be happening either as a result of the regeneration (the TARDIS also went haywire when 10 regenerated into 11) or because it’s been tampered with somehow. Whatever the reason, it’ll be up to The Doctor to reunite with her TARDIS, and in doing so, the show may just reveal more about the special bond between The Doctor and her best traveling companion.

Page 2: How Powerful Is The New Sonic Screwdriver?

How Powerful Is The New Sonic Screwdriver?

The 13th Doctor isn’t only without her TARDIS in the Doctor Who season 11 premiere – she’s also without her trusty sonic screwdriver. But the Doctor is very clever, and a bit of tinkerer. With a few parts from an alien transportation pod and some Sheffield steel, she constructs her own sonic screwdriver. Well, it’s more than a screwdriver, as fans already know, but with her building her sonic screwdriver instead of receiving one from the TARDIS we have to wonder… how is it different from previous screwdivers?

In the episode, the screwdriver already appears to have a few short circuits, sparking when the Doctor first reveals it. But then, as the episode continues, it more or less performs it’s job as it should. So will the fact that this screwdriver is handcrafted from arguably lesser quality materials than a typical sonic device (sorry Sheffield steel, you just aren’t that high tech) affect how powerful it is? And more importantly, will this screwdriver work on wood?

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Who Will Rescue The Doctor?

At the end of the episode, as the Doctor is attempting to transport herself to the planet where her TARDIS wound up, she manages to send not just herself but Ryan, Yaz, and Graham as well. And she doesn’t actually transport them to a planet, but rather into outer space, where they’re left floating in the vacuum.

Of course, the previews for next week’s episode already reveal they’ll be rescued, but by who? The obvious guess is that it’s the other people seen on the planet in that preview. Their outfits  appear to be space suits or a uniform, suggesting they’re a crew of some sort. They may also be military, which isn’t going to sit well with the Doctor at all. Just how they rescue The Doctor and her new companions from an icy death in space remains to be seen, but perhaps the bigger question we should be asking is – why were they transported to space in the first place?

The Doctor said the signal came from the TARDIS, but there is no TARDIS where they are. And though initially it appeared as if the TARDIS abandoned the Doctor, maybe it was actually stolen? A stolen TARDIS isn’t the same as it being lost, and it would mean someone is trying to keep the Doctor away from it – in which case, season 11 might see the Doctor searching the galaxy for her TARDIS. It’s a little unlikely given that the reveal of a new TARDIS interior is almost as big of a deal as a new Doctor, but it would be an interesting twist on the typical formula. And besides, it isn’t as if the Doctor hasn’t been without their TARDIS before.

Next: Doctor Who Season 11: New Cast & Character Guide

Doctor Who season 11 continues next Sunday with ‘The Ghost Monument’ at 8pm/7c on BBC America.

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2018-10-07 04:10:37 – Sarah Moran

Dean Cain: My Superman Would’ve Saved Pa Kent in Man of Steel

Dean Cain has revealed that his Superman would have acted much differently in Man of Steel. Cain starred as Clark Kent and his Kryptonian alter-ego on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The series first aired on ABC in 1993 for four seasons. There had been plans for a fifth, but the show was ultimately canceled due to increasingly low ratings. Cain has since remained within the DC television fold, with appearances on both Smallville and, more recently, Supergirl.

The Superman character has since been rebooted for the big screen, with Henry Cavill first donning the cape in Man of Steel. The film was met with a mixed reception, yet remains one of the most successful in the franchise. Cavill has since reprised his role in Batman V Superman and Justice League.  Although he was previously set to cameo in Shazam, there are apparently no plans for Superman in the near DCEU future. Instead, the character will next be seen played by Tyler Hoechlin in the 2018 Arrowverse crossover event “Elseworlds”. Fans, however, still hold out hope that Cavill will one day get a standalone sequel.

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Taking part in a special 25th-anniversary panel for Lois & Clark alongside co-star Terri Hatcher, Cain had some thoughts to share on the DCEU and how his Superman would have handled things differently. As reported by ComicBook, discussion rapidly turned towards the characters of Ma and Pa Kent. Hatcher stated that when she thought of those characters, she could only see them as K Callan and Eddie Jones, who played them on the show. Cain was quick to agree, highlighting a particular frustration he had with the big screen franchise.

“Same. I don’t picture Kevin Costner. No offense. By the way, why didn’t Superman save him right then? Seriously, that made me so mad. I would have saved him, I’m just throwing it out there.”

Played, as mentioned, by Costner, Pa Kent was killed when a tornado struck the town of Smallville in Man of Steel. Whilst numerous residents, including Clark, sought protection and safety under a bridge, Pa Kent ended up trapped in its path. Rather than allow Clark to save him, he prompted Clark to let him die in order to keep his powers hidden.

Whatever side of the fence people sit regarding Zack Snyder’s vision of the Superman character, the death of Pa Kent was a point of contention for many. For the man who would be Superman to let anybody die, much less somebody he loved, arguably felt wildly out of character. It felt even more so for Pa Kent to even guide Clark down a path of self-preservation and to sacrifice others. When you add to that the fact that Clark had already revealed his powers whilst saving children from a bus crash, it just makes little sense. As such, the death wasn’t as poignant a moment as it was intended to be, for many fans. Instead, it felt like a contrived way of imbuing the character and the franchise with a Batman-esque level of angst and darkness.

There remain many who oppose that belief and adore the film vehemently. Therefore, some will no doubt take issue with Cain’s words and any negative thoughts towards the DCEU. Still, Cain does have a point. His version would never have never even contemplated letting that happen. Such is the beauty of a character like Superman, however. As Hatcher herself expressed, there are so many different variations of the characters out there at the moment. If one doesn’t particularly resonate with you, be it Cain’s or Cavill’s or Hoechlin’s, there is always another to embrace.

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Source: ComicBook

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20 Twilight Fan Castings Better Than What We Got In The Movies

Casting perfectly for a single film is important; casting perfectly for a film that will spawn a five-film saga is vital. Not every casting decision for a film franchise is going to be perfect. Even renowned franchises such as the MCU, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings have actors in roles that didn’t quite suit them or where there was an even more perfect casting decision staring them in the face.

Finding the perfect cast for a film is much harder than most people give these casting director’s credit for. All they have to go off of is the script, the director’s vision, and possibly (luckily for many big blockbusters) the source material. It’s even harder when adapting a book series whose fans have been picturing the characters in their heads for years.

Finding the perfect cast after a film’s complete is much more fun, even if it has no real impact. Though films are often recast when remade (A Star is Born) or when sequels are released and the original cast doesn’t return (The Girl in the Spider’s Web) it’s fun to still find that perfect cast when there’s no remake/sequel in sight. The Twilight Saga’s cast has been ridiculed and spoofed more than most franchises; some criticism warranted, some not. Fans took to the internet, as they’re known to do, with their ideal picks for who they think the cast of The Twilight Saga should have been.

Without further ado, here are 20 Twilight Fan Castings Better Than What We Got.

20 Rosie Huntington-Whitley As Rosalie Hale

Rosie Huntington-Whitley is more known for her runway walks and magazine covers than for her filmography, but she has three acting entries under her IMDb page; a 2009 short, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Mad Max: Fury Road.  Her resume  may be short, but it surely consists of some prominent movies. Her modeling career on the other hand, is one of the most prestigious and fruitful in the world.

While Nikki Reed may have been fine in retrospect for the character’s lack of screen-time in comparison to the other Cullen members, a woman with the following of Huntington-Whitley could added a higher profile cast member for the film.

19 Tom Sturridge As Edward Cullen

Robert Pattinson may be one of the few casting decisions the original filmmakers made that most fans are pretty okay with. A certain fan had a different actor they thought could have played the part a little bit better; Tom Sturridge.

Casting him with a certain actress who we’ll touch on a bit later, the On the Road and Far from The Madding Crowd actor has a lot in common with Pattinson himself.

Both men were born in London, both were in the 2004 drama Vanity Fair, and birth dates are less than six months apart.

Sturridge’s career never quite took off the way it should have, something that a leading role in a billion-dollar franchise surely could have helped.

18 David Harbour As Charlie Swan

Since his role as Eleven’s guardian in Stranger Things, Harbour has been branded as one of the best character actors to play a loving and concerned father. Billy Burke is one of the few who many fans actually thought fit the role well, but Harbour would have been such a fun and comedic addition. Many may think that Harbour would be too old to play Bella’s dad; those fans would be hard-pressed to learn that Burke is actually nine years Harbour’s senior.

Harbour has for many years been a supporting actor in films like Suicide Squad, A Walk Among the Tombstones, and End of Watch; another supporting role such as Charlie Swan would have been just perfect for the actor.

17 Angelina Jolie As Victoria

Victoria had already been replaced once, so why not do it again? Rachelle Lefevre played the red-haired vampire who was part of the coven that homes James and Laurent in the first two films, but then was blindsided when recast and portrayed by future Jurassic World star Bryce Dallas Howard for Eclipse.

The books characterize Victoria as a beautiful and strong woman, adjectives that describe Angelina Jolie quite perfectly.

As of late, Jolie has focused her time more behind the camera then in front of it, but having her play the part would have been quite exciting, especially standing next to a vampiric Ben Stiller.

16 Ben Stiller As James

James, while not the most important figure in the saga, was the main antagonist of the first film. When his coven stumbles upon the Cullen’s and Bella playing a pretty athletic game of baseball, he decides that the human will be his next meal, causing Edwards and his family to go to vast lengths to protect her.

While Cam Gigandet may have had the physique for James, Ben Stiller’s rendition of the vampire would have given the character new depth.

Stiller’s dramatic work is pretty scarce, but having acted in film like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Brad’s Status prove he’d be able to handle it. Stiller’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world, so getting him would have been no easy task, but could have brought something unique to the film.

15 Millie Bobbie Brown As Jane

Some might say that Millie Bobbie Brown is far too young to play the millennia old vampire, but the character was turned at the age of 12. Brown would have been far too young during the original films– she was five during Jane’s first appearance in New Moon– but she would be perfect now.

The young actress has obtained fame from her portrayal as Eleven in Netflix’s Stranger Things, though look for her soon in the Godzilla sequel, Godzilla: King of Monsters and its crossover event Godzilla vs. Kong. Jane’s supposed to be a mysterious character with an old soul, something that Brown portrays brilliantly throughout the first two seasons of Stranger Things.

14 Shiloh Fernandez As Edward Cullen

Shiloh Fernandez may not be the most well-known actor out there, but then again, neither was Rob Pattinson when he was cast as Edward more than a decade ago. As featured on one of the greatest website names of all time,, Shiloh would have made a great Edward, after some make-up work done to make him look a little less alive.

The Utah-born actor is roughly the right age, and as seen in the picture above, looks quite convincing as a vampire when his eyes are brightened and yellowed, with his skin a bit paler, like most of the Cullen’s.

13 Liv Tyler As Esme Cullen

Though she’s been rather absent from the big screen since playing Ed Norton’s love interest in the MCU’s The Incredible Hulk, she’s still etched in cinephiles minds for her roles in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Strangers, and (less so) Armageddon.

Tyler looks like she was born to play a vampire, and it’s a shame she’s never been given the opportunity.

Esme is a pretty small role in relation to the other Cullens, but  Tyler could have maybe brightened up the role a bit, or at the very least, given the family a more familiar feel for viewers.

12 Hugh Jackman As Garrett

The second best cast role in the saga– we’ll talk about the first in just a bit– is none other than a small character named Garrett played by the brilliant Lee Pace. Garrett is vampire who joins the Denali coven at the end of Breaking Dawn when he and Kate begin to form a relationship.

The only way that Lee Pace could be outdone is if one of the most beloved actors of our time replaced him: Hugh Jackman.

Jackman spent a movie hunting vampires back in 2004 with the critically berated Van Helsing, so maybe joining them would be more his suit. Classy as all could be, the Jackman above (provided by Nocuus) would have been perfect for Garrett, a man who was changed in mid 18th century New England.

11 Anton Yelchin As Mike Newton

This one, awfully unfortunately, will never be able to come to fruition because of a tragic accident which resulted in Anton Yelchin losing his life at the age of 27. Mike was played by Michael Welch, but Yelchin would have been the perfect age, and perfect casting for the role. Welch actually auditioned for the role of Edward, but ended up being cast as Mike after Pattinson was brought aboard.

The nice guy from high school is more or less exactly who Yelchin was born to play, and imagining him trying to hold Bella’s hand at the movies is textbook teenage romance that feels just right with Yelchin. Yelchin, like Jackman, isn’t a stranger to vampire films, having starred in the remake of Fright Night. Yelchin’s untimely passing came right at the height of his fame, and a Twilight film would have added right to it.

10 Lily Collins As Alice Cullen

Lily Collins actually auditioned for Twilight, but for the role of Bella; “I think everything happens for a reason and everyone who gets the roles they get were meant to.”

Collins has the flowing movement that Greene brought to the performance, but could have come off a bit more authentic in her compassion.

Greene was not been the worst actress in the franchise, but Collins would have potentially been a step up from the unexperienced performer. Greene’s career never took off quite like Collin’s did, which makes the films down the line seem a bit more dated when new viewers can’t recognize the fourth-billed lead; something that casting Collins could have changed.

9 Hugo Weaving as Aro

Michael Sheen wasn’t just the best casting of any of the actors in the franchise with his turn as Aro, but he gave the best performance from anyone, and even liked the source materia, Sheen may have been flawless, but another actor could have the potential to have done better; that man is Hugo Weaving. Though Aro is much younger than both Sheen and Weaving in the novels, both actors are very similar in age.

Like Liv Tyler, Weaving is famous for his part in The Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as the Wichowskis’ Matrix trilogy. Hugo’s vampire transformation above is a very reminiscent of his Elvish lineage in LOTR, but also extremely similar to Aro’s Volturi attire in the Twilight Saga.

8 Alexander Skarsgård As Emmett Cullen

Either it’s a coincidence that so many of the fan casting decisions were previously in vampire films/TV shows, or there is just an abundance of vampire films/TV shows. Alexander Skarsgård played Eric Northman on HBO’s cult vampire drama True Blood. Though he initially played the show’s antagonist, he was the favorite amongst fans and had far and away the most successful career after the show.

Standing at 6′ 4”,the Stockholm born actor has a much more towering physique than Kellan Lutz, who played Emmett in the films.

As he already plays brooding and mysterious extremely well, letting Skarsgård show a comedic soft side would have given the actor the chance to stretch his wings.

7 Rachel McAdams As Rosalie Hale

Rising to fame four years before the first films release with her starring role in The Notebook and near-perfect teenage antagonist in Mean Girls, McAdams has had an incredible career in the 15 years since; including an Oscar nomination for Spotlight. The inclusion of a renowned thespian like McAdams would have been a welcome addition for the filmmakers as well as the fans.

McAdams may be, and have been back in 2008, a little old to play a vampire who was turned at the age of 18. However she played a high schooler at the age of 26 for Mean Girls, so just a few years more later wouldn’t have been much more of a stretch.

6 Henry Cavill As Carlisle Cullen

Henry Cavill may not have been the household name back then that he is now due to his DCEU fame, but Twilight could have been that jumpstart he needed.

Though Cavill may have had a hand in pretty huge blockbusters with Man of Steel, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Mission Impossible: Fallout, he had been in only one mainstream film pre 2010; Stardust.

Had they stayed faithful to the books, Cavill would have been a perfect casting.

With Carlisle being the make-shift patriarch of the Cullen coven, the filmmakers wanted to go with someone a bit older than the character in the books.

5 Amber Midthunder as Leah Clearwater

Leah is the only female shapeshifter in Quileute history, and played by Native actress Julia Jones. Jones is an incredible actress, but newcomer Amber Midthunder has thrusted onto the scene after appearing in Hell or High Water and FX’s Legion.

Leah is 21 in the books, thus Midthunder is the perfect age to play the young woman, if the film were to come out today.

Acting in both Sunshine Cleaning and Swing Vote in 2008, the actress was already in high profile films the same year of the first film’s release. Midthunder’s a fan favourite on Legion, so expect the young lady to take off in the future; who knows, maybe even in a remake of Twilight.

4 Steven Strait As Jacob Black

Taylor Lautner became an overnight sensation with the success of the Twilight films, but no one could deny that the actor’s performance lacked authenticity. Steven Strait may not be any more of a household name than Lautner was, but the actor had already starred in his own film, something Lautner hadn’t done when first cast.

Strait starred in the Roland Emmerich vehicle 10,000 BC, which didn’t get rave reviews but gave the actor the experience of being first billed. Strait may be a bit older than Lautner, but that maturity and experience surely would have helped the character command a scene.

3 K.J. Apa as Edward Cullen

Riverdale may be a new show, but the Netflix series is a refreshing and original way to adapt a beloved medium. K.J. Apa shines as Archie, the title character of the original comics and his personality and way he carries himself on the show would be downright perfect for the sensitive and loving vampire.

Apa is still a relative newcomer to the scene, but with Riverdale under his belt and a role in the new drama The Hate U give he’s turning himself into a familiar face. Pattinson was a fine Edward and his career has surely taken off since ending his tenure as a vampire, but he may have been a bit happier had someone else taken the role.

2 Emily Browning As Bella Swan

Emily Browning was infamously author Stephanie Meyer’s first choice to play the role of Bella, though it obviously didn’t come to fruition. The young actress who appeared in A Series of Unfortunate Events, Sucker Punch, and Sleeping Beauty has had a very successful career by anyone’s standard, though has never been in a film quite as popular as Twilight.

The actress had this to say during a 2011 Indiewire interview: “The author at one point stated that I would be her ideal Bella, but I chose not to audition because I was at a point in my career where I wasn’t sure I wanted to work, I definitely didn’t want to sign onto a trilogy so I didn’t audition.”

Of course her wishes were respected, but one could only wonder what a Twilight saga with Browning at the helm could have looked like.

1 Millie Bobby Brown As Renesmee Cullen

That’s right, Millie Bobby Brown’s on here twice. She’s just that good!

This bit of casting could have potentially happened, with Brown being just six when Breaking Dawn: Part 2 was released.

Mackenzie Foy has matured into a great actress, but her performance in the film was a little flat. Renesmee in the book seemed to be smarter than her age; more advanced than she should be. This is something Brown would excel at, having done it for two seasons in Stranger Things.

Let’s be honest, anything would have been better than the CGI Renesmee at the beginning of her the last film.

Which actor do you wish could have had a major role in The Twilight Saga? Let us know in the comments!

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Man of Steel 2: What Cavill’s DCEU Departure Means For Solo Superman Movies

With Henry Cavill’s reported departure from the DCEU, the future of Superman solo movies is up in the air. Even though Man of Steel 2 was never officially set in stone in the first place, the lack of transparency surrounding the Kryptonian boy scout’s cinematic presence is now that much more in the dark.

Superman’s portrayal in the DCEU has been rough from the start. After kicking off the expanded universe with Man of Steel, only to breeze past a sequel directly into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the overall timeline and tone was mixed at best – especially compared to the calculated phases within the competing MCU. Then, following the franchise’s unorthodox development, as well as five years without a direct sequel, Superman’s depiction in Batman v Superman and Justice League was a far cry from the everyman’s hero Superman was meant to represent (notwithstanding any attempt to build a multi-movie personality arc), which divided audiences. It also didn’t help that neither Man of Steel nor Batman v Superman surpassed critical or financial expectations. And, finally, the nail in the coffin came with the digitally-removed mustache in Justice League, which wasn’t just a creative issue, but visual proof that this version of the Man of Steel was a misfire – disappointing more than it delivered.

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So, with Cavill (reportedly) out of the picture, Warner Bros reassessing the DCEU, and hardly any information regarding the future of solo Superman movies, there is plenty to consider in terms of which direction the character will be taken. That said, though, the bitter truth may well be the fact that Superman isn’t quite as necessary to the future of DC films as many might have expected. And, whether he’s officially overshadowed by Wonder Woman or replaced altogether by someone like Supergirl, the true death of Superman may have finally come to pass.

The report on Cavill’s departure suggests that Superman will be “replaced” by his cousin, Supergirl. A movie centering on Kara Zor-El was first mooted in early August, and it now appears to be where the Krypton side of DC Films is heading. This would allow Supes to take some time away before an inevitable reboot, making a recast in-universe a bit more palatable.

When it comes to banner heroes, though, there’s another direction; given that Wonder Woman’s narrative and skillsets are so similar to Superman’s (outsiders with superhuman strength and old-fashioned values who leave their homeworld and deputize themselves as protectors of Earth), the DCEU may already have a solution to their Superman problem. Wonder Woman is the expanded universe’s biggest success, critically and financially, so DC’s best bet may well be nixing Supes from the picture altogether and having Wonder Woman represent a kind of amalgam of the two characters for the sake of creative consolidation.

Regardless of underwhelming responses toward Cavill’s era (though not necessarily Cavill himself), Superman is still undeniably a beloved DC character. Cavill’s departure could easily just open the door for a new actor to take his place, which would fit in nicely with DC distancing itself from its first go at the DCEU – assuming enough time was left between films to reintroduce him into the mix, regardless of whether there’s a narrative explanation for his change. That said, the constant missteps in the way Hollywood translates this character to the big screen (not just starting with Man of Steel or Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, but all the way back to Superman III in 1983) is the biggest problem. Stepping away from Superman for a few years might do the trick, but even then, if the overall universe being created isn’t working to the strengths of its most treasured characters, history may well repeat itself yet again.

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