10 Sitcoms To Stream On Netflix Instead Of Bingeing The Office Again

As much as we love to watch the hilarious cringefests that unfold inside the tiny Scranton office of Dunder Mifflin, it’s sometimes nice to have a change of pace every so often and pick up a different sitcom to binge on Netflix. Yet we think to ourselves, how could there possibly be a better option out there than The Office? What other sitcoms will offer characters that manage to make us laugh as hard as we do with Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute? How could any other TV love story compare to the likes of Jim and Pam?

These shows might just do the trick. Below is a list of the best sitcoms to watch on Netflix while you take your quick water break from The Office.

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On this classic 1980s sitcom, everyone knows everything about everyone in the little Boston bar where these memorable characters spend all their time at. Decades after the sitcom’s premiere date, Cheers still holds up as one of the best TV shows of all time. Fall in love with the fiery love/hate relationship between Sam and Diane. Crack up at Carla’s constant witticism. Clutch your heart in awe at TV’s most loveable idiot, Coach. Catch up on the show that has reshaped sitcoms as we know it.

So grab a drink and become one of the locals at the bar where “everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came”. It will totally be worth it.


Don’t let Zooey Deschanel’s excruciating “adorkableness” fool you. While the show might have originally been advertised as an excuse for Deschanel to clumsily trip on kittens and rainbows because she’s just so darn quirky, the writers of New Girl were quick to shy away from this gimmick and the results were glorious. The hilarious sitcom offers a peek into the lives of long-term roommates who are trying their best to navigate through adulthood despite how childish they naturally are. New Girl is underrated one of the greatest sitcoms of all time due to its perfect mix of comedy, romance, and iconic characters that you could spend all day quoting with your friends. It has everything you could possibly need in a feel-good TV show and then some.

So go ahead and give New Girl a try while joining the chaos and adventures in apartment 4D. You know you want to.


Head on down to Eric Forman’s basement to crash with him and his oddball friends on That 70s Show. Sometimes when you’re stuck in a place like middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin and there’s nothing better to do, you’ll end up getting into some crazy shenanigans with your friends just to pass the time. This is certainly the case for Forman, Jackie, Donna, Hyde, Kelso, and Fez, who must get creative in order to have a good time- and a good time is what this crew lives for. What were kids up to in the midwest during the 1970s? This little sitcom might just have the answer!

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Plus, it’s a huge bonus to get to see Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis fall in love on-screen considering they are now married in real life and madly in love. If it wasn’t for their romance on That 70s Show, one of Hollywoods most adored “It” couples would cease the exist!


Kim’s Convenience offers the perfect amount of comedy and heart to make it a superb sitcom. The show centers around an immigrant family from Korea called The Kim’s who own a convenience store in Canada. It has all the comedy and romance that you could want from The Office, but with much more diversity. It’s refreshing to finally watch a sitcom that has characters from all different backgrounds and walks of life without ever getting preachy. The heart-warming characters on Kim’s Convenience are instantly loveable while at the same time beyond hilarious. It’s the perfect family sitcom to put you in good spirits.


Of course Parks and Rec is on this list. How could it not be? It is the number one show that is compared to The Office for several reasons. They’re both hilarious work-place comedies set in the form of a mockumentary with zany characters that you can’t help but instantly adore. A lot of people claim Parks and Rec is The Office without all the cringe.

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As much as we love the intentional awkwardness brought on by Michael Scott, it’s sometimes nice to take a breather from all that tension and dive into the feel-good atmosphere that Leslie and the gang never fail to offer. If you’re in the mood for one of the most optimistic shows in TV history, look no further.


If you haven’t watched Friends yet, what are you doing with your life? There’s no bigger fantasy than living in an unrealistically huge New York apartment with all of your best friends while you spend your days dancing in fountains and simultaneously opening umbrellas. Who wouldn’t want that? Despite the impractical glamour of this sitcom, Friends lets it be known that the best things in life are free, and they come from the relationships you form with the people you love.

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So why not soak yourself in the pool of wish fulfillment that only a sitcom like Friends could properly provide? Go ahead, jump in.

(Just don’t eat any of Joey’s food…)


Master of None has received countless awards and critical praise for a reason. It is a masterful show that has been commended for “reinventing” the sitcom as we know it.

Ansari’s show is all about one thing: Love. Love for romance, love for family, love for friendships and (especially) love for food. It is shot gorgeously and is never afraid to take risks. Unlike most sitcoms, Master of None isn’t afraid to escape the comfort zone brought on by having the same characters in the same location in every episode and season. The show deserves all of the critical praise it receives, and you can tell that Ansari has put his heart and soul into this project.


What happens after you die? The Good Place has all the answers! Well, sort of.

The best thing about The Good Place is how effortlessly brilliant it is. It manages to be loveable and hilarious while at the same time it has an abundance of philosophical wisdom to provide viewers with in every episode. Follow the adventures of Eleanore, Tahani, Chidi, and Jason, as they attempt to navigate through their afterlives. It’s quirky, creative, and fun, with characters who are out of this world (literally).


Are you a sucker for Judd Apatow romcoms such as Knocked Up and Trainwreck? Why not watch one of his romcoms in the form of a TV show? Love tells the story of Mickey and Gus, two opposites who try their best to make it as a romantic couple despite their conflicting values. What is so refreshing about Love is how realistically it depicts modern relationships. It reveals the trials and tribulations faced by people who are addicted to love and even dives into what goes on inside love addicts anonymous meetings. Will these two opposing people be able to survive their relationship despite all odds? Binge the show to find out!

1 Big Mouth

The best thing about an animated sitcom is its ability to get away with pretty much anything. Big Mouth takes advantage of this notion. The brilliant series centers around a group of middle schoolers who are trying their best to survive through the awkward stages of life that only puberty could provide.

The kids are accompanied throughout the show with their very own hormone monsters who attempt to navigate them through all the uncomfortable changes they’re experiencing as they grow from children to young adults. It is truly one of the most unique shows on TV due to how original it is, and easily one of the funniest.

What sitcom will you be watching next?

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Simone Torn

10 Animal Documentaries You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now

There are a variety of animal documentaries out there that are perfect for animal and nature lovers to enjoy. From soothing nature documentaries to more political ones about how humans impact animals, there are many animal documentaries to choose from. For fans who love to learn about animals and are fascinated by them, these 10 documentaries are perfect to add to that Netflix watchlist.

Here are 10 of the best animal documentaries that you can stream right now on Netflix.

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There are a variety of fascinating and beautifully shot BBC Earth specials available to stream on Netflix, and Life is one of the most interesting. This documentary focuses on many different kinds of life forms and how they are all connected. 

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Life specifically focuses on adaptations different species have had to survive, and the documentary focuses on strange and bizarre behaviors that different species have adapted to live and thrive. This series has 11 episodes and focuses on life forms all across the world. This is an ideal documentary to watch for those who like to learn about the oddities of the natural world.


This series of documentaries didn’t start as a Netflix original series, but Netflix then took it up. The first in the series is set in Australia and goes over the most deadly and frightening animals to be found on that continent. Netflix has also made two more versions of the show, one set in Latin America and one set in Asia.

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If you love strange, creepy, and deadly animals, you’ll love the 72 Dangerous Animals series. Learn about species you’ve likely never even heard of before and be amazed/horrified at how dangerous nature can truly be.


Frozen Planet is another BBC documentary that you can stream on Netflix right now. This is a broad, sweeping, and stunning documentary that looks at the coldest regions on earth. Focusing on animals such as killer whales, wolves, and polar bears, fans will love seeing these species up close and in high definition. This documentary is extremely informative and also looks at how global warming is impacting the frozen areas of our earth, and how this is impacting all life on earth. Frozen Planet focuses on the Arctic and Antartic and took 2,300 days to make.


Similar to the 72 Dangerous Animals series, but without the desire to scare the viewer, this documentary gives details about many animal species. However, if you’re not so into the scary parts of nature, this is the perfect choice for you. So many animals are really adorable, and this doc is all about the cutest animals out there. 72 Cutest Animals is a count-down style list that gives facts about many animal species including penguins, koalas, and ducks. This is a great animal documentary to watch with the whole family.


Born in China was a documentary created by Disneynature, and it’s now available to stream on Netflix. Born in China was filmed by Lu Chuan who follows three different animal families in China. This documentary also shows the beautiful, diverse landscapes that can be found in China.

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The animals featured are the giant panda, golden monkey, and snow leopard. These beautiful animals are shown in HD, and you’ll love seeing these families and the different ways they have adapted to survive in their environments.


Orcas are one of the most compelling animals in the seas. They are fierce predators but have been known to be extremely friendly to humans. While most people wouldn’t just jump into the water to swim with them, this documentary tells the story of a woman who does just that. Dr. Ingrid Vasser swims with killer whales, and after watching this documentary, you’ll be jealous that you don’t get to, too. The cinematography in this documentary gets you up close and personal with these stunning cetaceans.


Rotten isn’t solely an animal documentary, and it’s different than any of the other films on this list. Rotten is a Netflix documentary that explores where our food comes from.

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It looks at some of the less desirable aspects of making food. Some of the episodes in this documentary focus on animals such as chickens at factory farms and fish that are caught for food. This documentary is an insightful look at food and the animals we use for food.


Blue Planet and the sequel, Blue Planet II, are two of the most fascinating as well as soothing documentaries about animals and nature out there. The series were both made by BBC earth, and the production value is very high. This documentary looks at many different species across the world’s oceans from seahorses to dolphins to sharks. Seeing the mysteries and wonders of the oceans and the creatures that live there is a major treat.


Blackfish is a more political documentary as opposed to an in-depth nature doc. This influential documentary is all about SeaWorld’s killer whales and their cruel treatment. The documentary also focuses on all of the orca attacks on humans that have happened at SeaWorld, a strange phenomenon as orca attacks on humans don’t really happen in the wild. Blackfish is really well made, and it was so influential that it caused SeaWorld to end their shows that put trainers in the water with the orcas.


Our Planet is the most recent animal documentary to make some major waves online. Our Planet was a series made for Netflix that released this month, and people can’t stop talking about it. The documentary specifically focuses on how humans are connected to the natural world and how our actions have an impact. The episodes focus on different habitats such as forests, oceans, and jungles. Our Planet shows the stark reality of how climate change is impacting our world and the animal species we share the planet with.

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Disney+ Will Stream All Disney, Pixar & Star Wars Films, Most Marvel

The new Disney+ streaming service will feature an extensive catalog including all Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars films, as well as most of the Marvel movies. Disney+ has been a major corporate priority for Disney over the last few years, with every subsidiary expected to play their part. Even the Fox acquisition was partly driven by a desire to increase the size of Disney’s catalog.

Disney is finally ready to lift the lid on their plans for the new streaming service. As part of their Investors Day 2019 webcast, they confirmed that Disney+ will go live in the United States on Nov. 12, and will roll out worldwide over the next two years. It will cost only $6.99 a month, or $69.99 for an annual subscription, and in addition to original content it will feature an extensive catalog.

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The focus of Disney+ is on five discrete brands: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Not all of the films will be available at launch, but many will be, and the catalog will grow over the course of the next two years as distribution rights revert. Disney has confirmed the following content:

  • The first two Star Wars trilogies plus The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, with Episode IX, and the spinoffs added by the end of 2020
  • All Pixar films by the end of 2020
  • All Pixar theatrical shorts from launch
  • Most Marvel films, including Captain Marvel
  • The entire 13-film Signature collection, including the likes of the original Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King
  • An extensive movie library that includes the likes of Mary PoppinsAlice in WonderlandThe Sound of Music, and Malcolm in the Middle
  • Over 250 hours of content from National Geographic, including the Academy Award winner Free Solo
  • 5,000 episodes of Disney Channel content and 100 Disney Channel movies will be available on launch

By the end of 2020, Disney estimates that Disney+ will include more than 7,500 episodes and 500 films. This number includes original content, of course, and it gives a sense of the sheer scale of Disney’s ambition. They aim to establish themselves as a true competitor for Netflix, a market leader in the digital sphere as well as in the box office. Notice that a number of Fox properties are already confirmed to be part of Disney+, including The Sound of Music and even National Geographic.

It’s safe to assume the first year will be a period of exponential growth for Disney+, as distribution rights revert back to the House of Mouse. Growth will presumably slow down by 2021, with the streaming service becoming increasingly dependent on original content to keep it fresh. But there’ll be a sense of prestige thanks to the animated classics, as well as a whole range of award-winning films that have been acquired from Fox.

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Thomas Bacon

Captain Marvel Will Stream on Disney+ at Launch

Marvel fans won’t have to wait long to watch Captain Marvel on Disney+, as it’ll be available from day one of the new streaming platform. The way we watch films and TV shows has been in constant evolution for years now, and streaming services came to change not only the way we access these products, but also the way they’re produced.

With platforms like Netflix and Hulu producing and distributing a wide variety of content, Disney was not going to sit back and watch, and in November of last year announced their own streaming service, Disney+, will launch this year. The service will include content from Disney’s main studios, such as Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Marvel Studios, meaning that all films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will eventually make their way there. However, there’s one MCU film that will stream completely exclusively on the Disney+ platform.

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As previously reported, Captain Marvel will be the first Marvel film to join Disney+, but the Mouse House has now announced that the film will be available from day one. Previous Marvel films found a place at Netflix, but with Disney launching its own platform, it’s only natural that all content that comes from them will now skip Netflix and go straight to Disney+.

Aside from other Marvel films, both past and future, Captain Marvel will be joined by a few Marvel series with characters from the MCU. Loki will get his own spinoff series, with Tom Hiddleston reprising his role as the God of Mischief; Sam Wilson aka Falcon and Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier are teaming up for a series, simply titled Falcon & Winter Soldier, with Scarlet Witch and Vision also getting their own series, titled WandaVision.

In addition to that, it was recently revealed that Disney is working on two unscripted Marvel series, titled Marvel’s 616, an anthology docuseries, and Marvel’s Hero Project, aimed at a younger audience with the purpose of teaching them how to create a positive change in their communities, something their favorite heroes would be proud of. Disney+ will go live in the U.S on November 12 at a price point of $6.99 per month, with plans to expand worldwide by the end of 2021. Until then, Marvel fans in the U.S will be able to enjoy Captain Marvel on this new streaming platform from day one, which might be a pretty good incentive to get a subscription as soon as possible.

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Adrienne Tyler

The Mandalorian Release Date Confirmed: Will Stream On Disney+ At Launch

The Mandalorian will be available on Disney + from launch. The first ever live-action TV series, The Mandalorian is directed by Jon Favreau, and is set to be a highlight of the new streaming service. Its plot remains a closely-guarded secret, although it’s known to take place between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

The Mandalorian is set on the outer reaches of the Star Wars galaxy, far from the influence of the New Republic. It’s confirmed to star a “lone gunfighter” in Mandalorian armor, and fans have eagerly speculated that he could be tied to Boba Fett or Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels. One of the tie-in Star Wars novels, set between the Original and Sequel Trilogies, has already introduced a new character who wears Mandalorian armor, Cobb Vanth, so he’s another potential candidate.

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Today, Disney held an investor meeting focused on the upcoming launch of Disney +, and they revealed audiences won’t have long to wait before they can check out The Mandalorian. The series will be available when the new streaming service launches, on November 12 2019. It was also confirmed that it will be an eight-episode run.

This indicates just how confident Disney is in the overall quality of The Mandalorian. It’s essentially the House of Cards to Disney’s Netflix equivalent, proving just how powerful they believe the Star Wars brand truly is. The release date also means that Star Wars fans will find the tail-end of the year to be absolutely thrilling; first they get The Mandalorian, and then on December 20 Lucasfilm release Star Wars 9.

The timing of this announcement alone means this won’t be the last news about The Mandalorian this weekend. Starting today, Star Wars fans flood to Chicago for Star Wars Celebration, with Lucasfilm aiming to further build hype about their upcoming films and TV shows. The Mandalorian panel takes place on Sunday, April 13 from 11 am – 12 pm CDT, and it was already assumed that Lucasfilm would confirm the release date there. Now that particular cat is out of the bag, it’s even more likely the studio will take advantage of this opportunity to drop a first full-length trailer.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting to note that Disney seems to be keeping careful control over the length of their various shows. The Marvel Studios TV series are all confirmed to run between six to eight episodes in length, and now The Mandalorian is confirmed to have an eight-episode first season as well. This may well become the typical or average length for a Disney + digital original.

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Thomas Bacon

Twitch’s Squad Stream Gives Creators More Reason To Collaborate

Twitch unveiled a new Squad Stream feature yesterday that will give its content creators a new way to collaborate with each other, with a particular emphasis being placed on supporting smaller streamers. Twitch has been steadily rolling out updates with the intent to make content creators’ lives a little easier, with Squad Stream being the latest and most robust update.

Twitch Squad Stream couldn’t come at a better time for the community, which has been bolstered by two genres that thrive on the ability to share screens without cannibalizing viewership. Battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are driving forces for viewership and, previously, popular creators giving attention to smaller streamers was difficult since it was tough to do on both channels, which typically meant the more popular figure remained the focal point of the experience. Grand Theft Auto V roleplay has also become a major factor in Twitch, and it has quickly become a popular collaborative title for famous streaming personalities.

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Twitch Squad Stream will make the lives of streamers looking to capitalize on any of the above a lot easier. The feature will let up to four Twitch streamers go live simultaneously in one window, which will both make it easier for viewers to watch whatever is happening from four different perspectives while also giving better methods to content creators who want to both host and showcase smaller streams. Squad Stream is a natural extension of the already existing discoverability features that are baked in to Twitch, like raiding and hosting. Hubert Thieblot, Twitch’s vice president, released a statement about the feature:

Creators can join forces right from the dashboard, stream content they wouldn’t normally stream, and grow their communities all at the same time. Viewers get more angles on the action, a way to support more of their favorite streamers with ease, and a chance to chat with several great communities at once—or join a new one.”

The feature is being advertised by Twitch as useful beyond just the mainstream sectionsthink League of Legendsand the battle royale genre it seems tailor-made for. Apparently,  Twitch envisions Twitch Squad Stream as something that can work with tabletop streams of Dungeons & Dragons and speedrunning sessions, the latter of which has become much more popular in the wake of the GamesDoneQuick charity streams that occur twice yearly.

While the notion that Twitch Squad Stream will support smaller creators better is a nice one, it remains to be seen whether that will actually be the case. The feature is currently only available to Partners, though, who represent the platform’s top-tier creators. Twitch Affiliates will follow, but Squad Streams might become yet another tool for the already entrenched Twitch streamers to maintain their viewership while also collaborating with other massive streams instead. Naturally, we’d like to see more creators given chances, but that’s not always how the business works. We’ll see how it plays out but for now, cautious optimism about a feature that could represent a major shift in how we view streaming seems to be the community’s initial response.

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Cody Gravelle

10 Best Historical Dramas To Stream On Netflix

Historical dramas have captured the imaginations of audiences since the invention of theater. The genre has never lost popularity. We love to view our history through a dramatic lens. If you’re looking for something based in truth with perhaps a bit of artistic license, Netflix has quite a catalog to offer. The streaming service’s ‘Historical Drama’ category is ripe for the picking. If you’re having a hard time narrowing down your choices we’ve rounded up the 10 best titles available to stream right now. Get your binge on, you might even learn something along the way.

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10. The Crown

The Crown tells the life story of Queen Elizabeth II, the current Queen of England. While it eventually progresses to our own time, the show begins in 1947. The Crown covers many extremely important historical events like the election of Margaret Thatcher. It’s an incredibly moving show that chronicle the cultural changes in England under the Queen’s rule. The Queen herself has watched the Netflix original. The Queen said she enjoyed the show. She called a few details overly dramatized. It’s rare for the subject of a historical drama to be available to view the work based on their lives. Having the Queen watch and enjoy The Crown is truly a unique situation.

9. North And South

North And South follows Margaret Hale as she navigates life in 19th century England. The show highlights the stark difference between the industrialized north of England and the more agrarian south. The show isn’t afraid of tough themes like class and sexism. It tries to tell the story of life during the rise of the British empire. Under Queen Victoria’s rule, England rapidly transformed becoming nearly unrecognizable. We watch the country and landscape drastically change as we follow the wealthy Margaret from the south to the north. This historical show demonstrates just how quickly a country can revolutionize its culture and economy.

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8. The Duchess

Keira Knightley in The Duchess

Keira Knightley leads a star-studded cast in this gorgeous period piece. Keira plays the Duchess of Devonshire, Georgianna Cavendish. Other A-listers like Ralph Fiennes and Hayley Atwell round out the cast. Like many period pieces, the show tackles the difficult issues of it’s setting. The female lead means that women’s issues take center stage. The Duchess is trapped in a loveless marriage. We watch her struggle with the sexual double standards of her time. The 18th century was full of strong women battling to change conditions for all women. This show tells the story of one of them.

7. When Calls The Heart

Stephen Amell in When Calls The Heart

When The Heart Calls is set in Canada at the beginning of the twentieth century. Erin Krakow takes the lead as Elizabeth Thatcher. Elizabeth leaves high society and leisure to offer hope to a working-class village. Elizabeth works as a teacher in a small coal-mining town. This show highlights the role of education in equalizing society. Social classes often experience gaps in access to education for the poorest areas. The show also takes on the huge differences in labor standards and practices over the last century.

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6. The Tudors

The Tudors on Showtime

The British royal family has always been an object of fascination. They’ve been featured in dramatic works since the crown was first worn. The Tudors illustrates the rein of King Henery the VIII. The four-part series examines the life of one of Britain’s most polarizing figures. Each season focuses on a different aspect of the ruler’s life. His history-making feud with the pope, his marriage to Ann Boleyn, the reformation and the siege of Boulogne are all featured.

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5. Magnificent Century

Netflix Magnificent Century

Magnificent Century is a breath of fresh air. The series is set in Turkey and follows the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. He was the emperor of the Ottoman empire in the 16th century. His accomplishments shaped the world but often remain unacknowledged in the modern era. He built an empire larger than Alexander The Great’s. It stretched from what is now know as Vienna to the Sahara Desert.

4. The Paradise

Netflix The Paradise Season One

Victorian England gets its own fabulous historical drama set in 1875. The story revolves around the first department store in Britain and the colorful characters who work and shop there. Based on the novel ‘Au Bonheur des Dames’ by Emile Zola, it’s a sort of rags to riches story. Denise Lovett is the main character, she’s a Scottish woman who works at the store and immediately impresses her boss John Moray. There’s plenty of drama as Lovett is caught up in the romance and luxury of her time, faces off with co-workers and tries to stave off her boss’s thirsty suitor.

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3. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a critically acclaimed series. The artful cinematography transports viewers to another time. This gritty show follows the exploits, drama, and tragedy of a notorious street gang in Birmingham. It’s set in the post WWI era. Over the show’s four seasons time progresses to the beginning of WWII. Peaky Blinders touches on the themes of predictability and social class as the family rises to power.

2. To The Ends Of The Earth

Netflix To The Ends Of The Earth

To The Ends Of The Earth follows aristocrat Edmond Talbot on an epic journey from England to Australia. Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the main role as Talbot. Benedict has described the story as a rock and roll epic about a young man’s gap year. This show, based on a three-part novel series by the same title, is not for the faint of heart. The subject matter of the show is for a mature audience.

1. Call Me Francis

Call Me Francis Netflix

Call Me Francis casts the viewer’s gaze onto the pre-palpal life of Pope Francis. This shockingly honest piece explores the struggles of living in a country under a fascist military dictatorship. The show has met acclaim from both critics and viewers alike with one exception. The series doesn’t cover Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio’s estrangement from his own religious order. The exclusion leaves a treasure trove of dramatic material untouched.

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The Hulu Series You Should Stream Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Donald Glover in Atlanta Season 2

Deciding what to stream is a big deal. If you’re going to binge watch something for hours on end you have to choose wisely. Don’t leave a decision like that up to chance. Instead of trusting your recommended results or flipping a coin, why not let your personality decide?  We’ve narrowed down ten great shows based on which Myers Briggs Type would enjoy them most. Whether you’re obsessed with solving puzzles or with following serious reality drama, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list then get to streaming your recommended show.

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10. ESFJ: Atlanta

Zazie Beetz in Atlanta

Atlanta is a classic tale of showing interest in a family member just in time to ride their coattails. In the show, Earn (Donald Glover) is jobless and trying to turn his life around. His cousin Alfred (Bryan Tyree Henry) is clawing his way up the ranks of the local rap scene. As soon as Earn realizes his cousin may be headed somewhere he sees his path to a better life. ESFJs value social status. It’s important to them to look fresh and continuously improve themselves. This rags to riches struggle is fascinating to anyone obsessed with the top.

9. ISTP: Queen Sugar

Queen Sugar Promo Header

ISTPs love to figure out what makes things and people tick. The complex and rich interpersonal relationships in Queen Sugar make the perfect puzzle for them to savor and unravel. The ISTP’s calm, rational mind loves to carefully dissect a complicated human interaction and examine it piece by piece. ISTPs can sometimes leap before they look. This impulsiveness means they sometimes find themselves a little too deep in someone else’s business.

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8. ESFP: Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers Boat

ESFPs love to have a good time. They’re the life of the party and love other big, vibrant personalities. They also have a keen sense of aesthetic. They love beautiful things and visual patterns. Bob’s Burgers is a great combination of gorgeous, bright and fun animation full of big characters. The show is beautiful. The colors are well chosen and express the flavor of the show and the Belchers. Bob’s Burgers is non stop laughs. The quirky humor is a perfect fit for fun loving ESFP

7. ISTJ: Pawn Stars

ISTJs aren’t above a little guilty pleasure. As long as it’s straightforward. These practical thinkers love the straight forward and mundane. Nothing could make them happier than a succinct interesting story and a quick offer. Pawn Stars is a great choice for ISTJs. They love rules, order, and chaos. The standards on Pawn Stars are linear. The staff knows what they can move and what they can’t. The consistent format of the show would be comforting while the unique items provide novelty.

6. ENTJ: The Affair

The Affair TV Show

The Affair is exactly what it sounds like, a show about an affair. The story is told from the perspective of many different characters, all of whom have their own motivations, interpretations, and perspectives. ENTJs have a difficult time with emotional expression. They’re too rational and analytical to devote too much to their feelings. Watching the effects of an affair on so many deeply feeling characters would prove to be fascinating for ENTJs. Picking apart each character’s every move could be a full-time job for them.

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5. INFJ: Real Housewives

Real Housewives

INFJ is an intuitive personality type. They can smell drama like blood in the water. The Real Housewives series is the perfect match for these judgemental diplomats. The nonstop subtle manipulation and unexpected outbursts make this a fun challenge for INFJs. They love testing the limits of their predictive powers. Every catfight they accurately predict will feel like a major win. This idealist has high standards. They aren’t afraid to judge others as they hold them up to their code.

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4. ESTP: The Sopranos

The Sopranos Cast

The Sopranos appeals to the no-nonsense ESTP. They’re exactly the type of person who can handle the rough east coast culture portrayed in the show. ESTPs aren’t afraid of a little risky behavior. They won’t bat an eye at half of the illegal and shady shenanigans on that the family gets up to. This personality type is also very enterprising. They can appreciate the hustle more than most. They’re the boss of their domain and they love watching other strong personalities handle their business.

3. ISFJ: Dexter

ISFJs live by a code. They hold everyone around them to the same high moral standards. Their deeply analytical minds mean they love having a mystery to sink their teeth into. Dexter is a perfect choice for these principled thinkers. His rules help them ease into the horror of the gore and murder. Having the illusion of order amid the chaos makes the dark drama palatable. Many ISFJs can relate to a mind as calculating as Dexter’s. Slowly unraveling the twists and turns of the plot will be a delicious treat.

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2. ESFP: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Golden Globes 2017 - Jimmy Fallon

The performer in the ESFP can’t resist good showmanship. Jimmy Fallon hosts an army of talent every season. This show is sure to keep a big personality entertained. ESFPs can have a short attention span which makes late night TV perfect for them. There’s always something new and different t delight this rich and generous personality type. For a group of people who love cheering others on, The Tonight Show is a perfect choice.

1. INTJ: How I Met Your Mother

INTJs are in it for the long haul. These future thinkers know how to dig their heels in stick to a commitment. This show is extremely long and drawn out, but worth every moment. INTJs eat up every bit of the slow drip that is How I Met Your Mother. It takes a specific personality to stay interested in a show that takes 9 seasons to tell a simple story. INTJ is in it to win it. Their curiosity keeps them coming back for more, even in a slump season.

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8 Best Yule Log Videos to Stream This Christmas

This Christmas, settle down to a cozy digital fire with one of these Yule log videos or streaming fireplaces with themes ranging from Star Wars to Marvel to DC. While some Christmas traditions stay pretty static over the years, from Christmas caroling or gifting fruitcakes, Yule logs have taken an interesting turn. Instead of actually burning a log in a fireplace, modern Yule logs are videos, often with gentle sound effects and music.

Of course, this makes it easy to create branded and themed Yule logs for fans of all stripes to enjoy, allowing everyone to enjoy some digital holiday fires with their favorite franchises and personalities. Here’s all the best ones we’ve found.

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Nick Offerman Yule Log

Watch the Nick Offerman Yule Log

Rising to fame because of his character Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, the stern, bearded, whiskey drinking comedian immediately had a very clear brand, and that’s exactly what this Yule log is. 10 hours of Nick Offerman staring into the camera and sipping whiskey. Of course, he didn’t actually do it for 10 hours. It appears to be a 45-minute loop. Can you find where it resets?

Venom Yule Log

Watch the Venom Yule Log

Venom was a big hit this year, leaning into the obnoxious and absurd take on the character, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that he has his own Yule log. Unfortunately, the video is just a 10-20 second loop of an animated Venom sitting by the fire and occasionally downing a hot cocoa. While it might not be anything fancy, it’s only supposed to serve as background noise on the TV, and accomplishes that job just fine.

Pokemon Yule Log

Watch the Pokemon Yule Log

This hour-long Pokemon Yule log is a little more active than many others, featuring an 8-bit Charizard trying to nap by the fire, only to get interrupted by some other Pokemon sneaking around.

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Vader Funeral Pyre Yule Log

Watch the Vader Funeral Pyre Yule Log

There may not be a Star Wars movie coming out this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still ring in the season with some Star Wars fun. This repeating loop of Vader’s funeral pyre from Return of the Jedi is a great fireplace substitute for any fans of the galaxy far, far away.

Hallmark Channel Yule Log

Watch the Hallmark Channel Yule Log

Hallmark movies have come to define almost everything stereotypical about Christmas with over 150 Christmas movies produced over the years. True to form, the Hallmark Yule log has almost everything you’d expect other than two people discovering the meaning of Christmas as they fall in love. Instead, there’s a lounging cat that gets in and out of a cat bed. An alternate version has both a cat and dog.

Deadpool’s ‘The ‘Poole Log’

Watch Deadpool’s ‘The ‘Poole Log’

Yes, of course there’s a Deadpool Yule log. And yes, it’s actually a flaming bag of poo. Found on Ryan Reynolds’ YouTube channel, The ‘Poole Log shows a snowy front porch with a flaming bag, with a hand-drawn “‘pool log” written on it, presumably indicating that it’s full of the Merc With a Mouth’s own steaming Christmas present.

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DC Universe Yule Log

Watch the DC Universe Yule Log

Available only to DC Universe subscribers, this Yule log is presumably located in Wayne Manor, although it’s littered with Justice League memorabilia, with stockings over the fireplace belonging to Diane, Clark, Bruce, and a tiny one for Dick. If you watch closely, minor changes happen throughout, such a robin-gloved hand swapping the Dick stocking for a Jason one, or a butler delivering a tray of tea and a first-aid kit. In addition to the stockings, there’s also an Aquaman trident and many other DC Easter eggs located throughout.

Marvel Yule Logs

Watch the Marvel Yule Logs

Marvel’s YouTube channel offers a variety of Yule logs, all revolving around different characters. You can choose from Captain America’s Brooklyn apartment, Ms. Marvel’s New Jersey home, Thor’s Asgard home, Iron Man’s Manhattan apartment, and the Guardians’ spaceship. Each set is a meticulously assembled miniature and is accompanied by themed music to match each character.

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Making A Murderer Part 2 Trailer: The Conviction Was Just The Beginning

Part 2 of Netflix’s true-crime docuseries Making a Murderer is set to stream on October 19, according to the first trailer. The new season is an anticipated follow-up to one of the most talked-about true-crime series in recent memory. The original series, which premiered in 2015, joined the likes of Serial and HBO’s The Jinx, as not only captivating television (or podcasts), but also highly influential series with real-world implications. The two subjects of Making a Murderer, Steven Avery and his newphew Brendan Dassey, had their convictions investigated — and in Dassey’s case, overturned before being upheld again — by a lengthy and fraught legal battle that is now the subject of the series’ second season. 

That Netflix would want to capitalize on the fervor of the first season is no surprise, but given that the follow-up was announced soon after the first season became a sensation, it is rather surprising the streaming service was willing to wait as long as it did for more. That certainly works in favor of the new episodes, as not only does it feel less opportunistic, but it also presents a greater likelihood that there will be more new information viewers were perhaps unaware of. 

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The trailer for Making a Murderer Part 2 plays out less as a follow-up to season 1 than a response to the furor it caused. The new season focuses its attentions on the efforts by attorney Kathleen Zellner to overturn the conviction of Avery and Dassey, and there’s plenty of seemingly compelling evidence presented to make is seem as though Zellner, her team, and Avery have a fighting chance. Check out the trailer below:

“Netflix presents the highly-anticipated second chapter of the critically acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning original documentary series Making a Murderer, which followed the unprecedented journey of Steven Avery from DNA exoneree and reformer to convicted murderer. Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos return to the Midwest where they have exclusive access to Steven Avery and his co-defendant and nephew Brendan Dassey, their families and the legal teams fighting for justice on their behalf.  Over the course of 10 new episodes, Making a Murderer Part 2 provides an in-depth look at the high-stakes post-conviction process, exploring the emotional toll the process takes on all involved.”

Of course, with all true crime documentaries, the news and the internet will beat them to the punch, so what they offer will be a more in-depth look at the process of overturning a conviction and, presumably, the evidence that will once again get viewers creating petitions to overturn a murder conviction. Whether Making a Murderer Part 2 will be the phenomenon season 1 was remains to be seen, but true-crime obsessives won’t have to wait long to get their fix. 

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Making a Murderer part 2 will stream on Netflix on Friday, October 19.

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