20 Storylines Shameless Wants Everyone To Forget

With the announcement that Emmy Rossum and Cameron Monaghan will leave the series following the ninth season of Shameless, the Gallagher household is prepping for a major shake-up on the casting front. The creator of the Showtime series John Wells has remained open about a future Fiona return, though he has also stated that there are many more dysfunctional tales left to be told for the Gallagher clan.

For eight seasons, Shameless has remained consistent in the deplorable decision-making skills of its characters, though the series’ depiction of a low-income family living below the poverty line has always been at the forefront. As the strong matriarch who single-handedly raised her siblings while her father wasn’t around, Fiona’s absence is sure to shift more focus towards the show’s younger stars as writers hope fans will soon forget her. Ian’s storyline in season 9 drove much of the action, so Monaghan’s exit will surely leave a whole as well.

Whether they’re dealing with the changing gentrification of their community or watching as another beloved character takes their leave, the Gallaghers have proven time and again that they can adapt better than anyone. From the show’s debut back in 2011 until now, the stars of the series have been forced to mature, sometimes faster than they wanted to. Along the way, there have been many entertaining or even head-scratching subplots which have since been left behind. Although the changes are nothing new to the Gallaghers, they have left many questions up in the air for fans.

Join us as we take a look back at 20 Storylines Shameless Wants Everyone to Forget.

20 Frank and Bianca

After Sammi shoots Frank in the arm to teach him a valuable lesson about courtesy, she forces him to visit the hospital to have his wound checked. During his stay, he begins bonding with his distraught doctor Bianca, whose diagnosis of stage three pancreatic cancer has left her with a new lease on life. Attempting to persuade her to live life to the fullest, Frank offers to teach her how to live carelessly, which includes a copious amount of substance abuse.

Although Frank’s time with Bianca was intended as a heart-wrenching moment which left him reeling the following season, it was never clear why the successful, young doctor would choose to spend her remaining days with him. With her money, she could seemingly spend her days anywhere. There’s little reason to believe Frank would appear as an enticing option.

19 Lip’s Sports Gambling Internship

With an exceptionally high IQ, Lip isn’t the standard member of the Gallagher household, though his self-sabotaging personality has prevented him from achieving a legitimate career. Accepted into the University of Chicago, he threw away his future after an assault on a campus guard led to his expulsion. Following a stint in rehab, Lip secured an internship with a tech start-up, thanks to his friend, Professor Youens.  Soon, however, he discovered the truth behind the company. His co-workers were using proxy servers to hide illegal sports gambling activities.

Although the crooked start-up appeared as a perfect match, nothing would come of it.

He temporarily used a wire fraud scheme to steal cash from the company, but in due time, the start-up went under and Lip was left without a career goal once again.

18 Kevin Discovers His Kentucky Heritage

Season eight concluded with a strange hodgepodge of storylines for Kevin, which included a search for self-identity as he tracked down his biological parents and found himself in Kentucky. Once he arrived, he was introduced to Aunt Ronnie and the rest of the family, immediately settling in and recalling his past as Little Barty. Unfortunately, V immediately sensed something wrong about the group, apart from their offhanded racist remarks.

As a small child, the low-income family struggled to properly raise Kev, resorting to abandoning him at a roadside gas station. He eventually learned to accept his heritage, although he seemed to quickly forget all about it soon after. Kev would have other moments of a self-identity crisis in season eight, including exploring his possible attraction to men, but his Kentucky lineage would ultimately become an afterthought.

17 Fiona Marries Gus, Then Immediately Cheats on Him

Speaking of his character on Shameless, star Steve Kazee said Fiona’s former husband Gus Pfender “got a really raw deal” over the way his storyline ended. After meeting the eldest Gallagher sibling, the two went from strangers to married seemingly overnight.

When Jimmy’s return visit catches Fiona off guard, she’s faced with an ultimatum.

Either run away with Jimmy or stay with Gus, whom she’s known for a few days. Her reaction is to throw away her newfound relationship for the temptation of her ex-boyfriend. She cheats on Gus then immediately regrets it, but by then it’s too late. Her marriage to Gus is over and any remnants of it are completely forgotten by the writing staff.

16 Debbie Steals a Baby

Before Debbie was doing crazy things like stealing expensive baby strollers to support Frances or having Liam amputate her toes to avoid undergoing a pricey surgery on her crushed foot, she was just a lonely girl looking for a playmate.

In the episode “Casey Casden”, Debbie grows tired of playing with a sack of potatoes decorated to look like a baby.

Rather than asking for a new doll, she takes matters into her own hands when she lures a three year old boy back to the Gallagher residence. The Gallaghers then spend the episode concocting a plan to call in false sightings of the child with the cops finally finding him with Debbie, who acts like she found him wandering around Chicago. Needless to say, it was a crazy storyline that the show’s producers haven’t attempted since.

15 Anything Involving Sammi or Chuckie

Frank’s estranged daughter Sammi is first introduced in season four after Frank discovers his liver in failing. Posing as a Good Samaritan, he begins dating her to grow closer before dropping the devastating bombshell. Oddly enough, however, she’s not disgusted at all by the news and even embraces her new father figure, despite his countless shortcomings.

By season five, Sammi has acquainted herself enough with the Gallaghers to move into the household, though she was never invited. When her son Chuckie is later arrested and sent to juvenile detention for possession, she blames Carl, later ratting him out to the authorities. As a result, a dispute breaks out which ends with Mickey locking her inside a shipping container and Sammi later shooting at him, presumably leading to her arrest and the end of her story.

14 Fiona Cheats on Mike with His Brother

With her recent investments in Patsy’s Pies as well as a laundromat and an apartment complex, Fiona’s newfound entrepreneurial spirit has only recent become a central part of her storyline. Prior to becoming a property owner, she was a down on her luck South Side girl who constantly found herself in failing relationships.

In season four, Fiona’s downward spiral of relationships hit another low.

She was in desperate need of a rebound following Jimmy’s disappearance. After securing a job at Worldwide Cup, she began having a fling with her boss Mike. When Mike’s brother Robbie comes into the picture after his release from rehab, Fiona’s attraction to danger takes ahold. Putting her career in jeopardy, she has an unwise affair which culminates in her arrest at the end of the season.

13 Frank Uses Liam as Collateral

Scouring Chicago for enough money to support his many dirty habits, Frank has attracted the attentions of enough bad guys that it’s a miracle that he’s manage to run around carelessly for so long. In the season two premiere, he again backed himself into a corner when he drunkenly bet a bar patron at the Alibi Room that he couldn’t remain conscious after two taser blasts. After the customer manages to remain on two feet, Frank’s $10,000 gamble comes at the expense of the Gallagher household.

Unable to come up with the dough, the patron threatens Frank with a blowtorch, to which he responds by offering up Liam as collateral. Luckily, the Gallagher clan rallies together to get him back. Frank would later develop a bonding relationship with his youngest son, completely erasing all memory of the incident.

12 Kevin and Veronica’s Foster Child

With twins Amy and Jemma, Kevin and Veronica finally settled down to have children of their own after V became pregnant in season four. Prior to having their own kids, the couple were experimenting with parenthood in the form of a money scheme which saw them taking in a foster child in order to collect money from the government.

In season one, Kev and V welcome Ethel, a teen saved from a polygamist colony where she was married to an elderly man named Clyde.

They also took in Ethel’s son Jonah, who was born as a result of the marriage. Over the course of her stay, she struggles to grow accustomed to the modern world, but eventually settles in, until she runs away with her boyfriend Malik in season two, disappearing forever.

11 Anything Involving Sheila

Remember Sheila? The agoraphobic housewife with a proclivity for cooking was a former love interest of Frank’s, who welcomed him into her home to take advantage of her disability checks. For five seasons, she played the picture-perfect example of a housewife, though her repressed emotions would occasionally rear their ugly head.

Throughout the series, Joan Cusack would receive considerable acclaim for her turn as the wacky, subservient Sheila, earning an Emmy nomination for each season she appeared in. Although she would never receive more than a guest credit, her most memorable storylines would include dealing with her troubled daughter Karen, having an affair with Karen’s boyfriend Jody, and marrying Frank. Her storyline came to a rather abrupt end after her house exploded in season five, resulting in her driving off in an RV, never to be seen again.

10 Frank Hires a Hitman

Always the deadbeat father, Frank experienced a slight morality check when he wasn’t invited toFiona’s wedding to Sean in season six. As a way to make up for all his shortcomings, he offered to pay for all of Fiona’s wedding expenses. Everything came to a head, however, when Sean began sleeping over at the Gallagher residence, resulting in a brutal confrontation between Fiona’s fiance and the lousy patriarch of the household. After days of Frank wearing Sean’s underwear and drinking his milk, Sean’s frustration boiled over, resulting in a fight between the two.

Frank is seen on a train attempting to pay a random guy to dispose of Sean permanently.

Although nothing would come of the exchange, the attempted assassination was out of the ordinary, even for the lowly Frank.

9 Debbie Purposely Gets Pregnant

The third youngest Gallagher, Debbie began the series as the well-intention, younger sister who still held high hopes for Frank and cared for her family, though she often found it difficult to socialize in school. In due time, she transformed from the innocent girl wise beyond her years to one of the most troublesome characters on the show, using her hardened attitude to deceive her way to whatever she desired.

In season five, Debbie’s manipulative personality crossed a line when she became enamored with Derek, a boy who taught her how to box. Wanting a perfect life with her newfound boyfriend, she purposely lies to him about being on birth control in order to become pregnant and force him into a marriage. Unfortunately, her plans fall through when Derek leaves to live with his grandmother, leaving Debs a single mother.

8 Frank Tells Carl He Has Cancer

As the delinquent troublemaker whose interests include weapons, explosives, and various money-making schemes, Carl has proven to be the most like his dear deadbeat father Frank. As a faithful member of the Gallagher family, he’s the unfortunate product of a dysfunctional upbringing, but none of his regrettable actions were deserving of the scare Frank gave him in season five.

After seeing a cancer patient receive an autographed Bulls basketball on television, Frank decides to extort the Make-A-Wish Foundation by giving them a sob story.

Shaving Carl’s head, he convinces him that he has cancer and tries to get him an autographed basketball of his own, that he can later sell for a profit. Instead, Carl is offered a free summer away at a camp for cancer patients, ruining Frank’s plans and giving Carl his own mini vacation.

7 Carl Marries Kassidi

As a way of coming up with enough cash for military school in season eight, Carl sets up his own rehabilitation center in the basement of the Gallagher home, hosting neighborhood addicts for days of withdrawal. It’s here where he first encounters Kassidi, a seemingly sociopathic teen who concocts a plan to extort money from her rich father to pay Carl’s expenses.

Soon after sparking a relationship, Kassidi’s wildly chaotic personality begins threatening Carl’s career goals. As she wanders about Chicago’s South Side doing things like Snapchatting drive-by shooting victims, Carl becomes more wary of her actions, which makes it all the more confusing that he marries her at the end of the season. The season nine premiere seems to have ended her story, however, as the character’s recent disappearance suggests that she may now be deceased.

6 Mandy Hurts Karen

As the manipulative former girlfriend of Lip, Karen was the incessantly rude daughter of the agoraphobic Sheila, who would go to extreme lengths to get her way. After she stops seeing Lip due to her marriage to Jody as well as the birth of her down syndrome son Hymie, Karen decides to start things back up with her former lover, only for Lip rejects her for Mandy.

After brazenly attempting to meddle with Lip and Mandy’s relationship, Karen receives a rude awakening when she receives a text from Lip, which is later revealed to be Mandy using Lip’s phone. Showing up to a park to meet, Karen is struck by an SUV driven by Mandy, leaving her permanently brain damaged, effectively ending her story on the series.

5 Frank Has a Twin Brother

With so many siblings running around and Frank constantly inviting himself in with his various trouble-making shenanigans, it’s impossible for the Gallaghers to keep track of everyone’s comings and goings. That’s why the existence of more Gallaghers seems completely absurd, but as the early seasons have shown, there are more family members out there.

Of all the odd Gallagher members forgotten from the early seasons, none were crazier than Jerry, Frank’s twin brother.

Ian and Lip visit Jery after their grandmother Peggy claims he owes the family $5,000. Looking just like Frank, he threatens to shoot his nephews shortly after realizing they’re after money. Since his appearance, little mention has been made of Frank’s twin or of Frank’s other siblings Clayton and Wyatt.

4 Jimmy’s Return

First appearing as Fiona’s love interest in season one, Jimmy introduced himself to the Gallagher household as Steve, a hotshot businessman who comes from money. Soon afterward, his real personality begins to shine through as Fiona discovers that he makes his money through various illegal activities. In due time, he gets engaged to the daughter of a crime lord, which leads to his supposed demise in the season three finale.

Jimmy returns at the end of season four, becoming a recurring cast member for a brief time.

In an attempt to flatter Fiona, he tries to persuade her to leave her husband Gus for him. Although his return answered questions about his fate, it still left his future up in the air, leaving many to believe his story should have ended with the season three cliffhanger.

3 Frank Lies to Butterface About Her Heart Transplant

Of all the lowdown plans Frank has concocted, perhaps nothing is more despicable than the time he began hanging out with Dottie, a former good-time girl with a heart condition. Nicknamed Butterface for her less than stellar looks, Frank discovers that Dottie is in serious need of a heart transplant, rewarding him the opportunity to weasel his way into her good graces and work his way into her will before she passes away.

Although Frank’s decision proves to be flawed, he fully commits to the scheme. While Dottie is in the shower, she gets a phone call telling her a new heart has arrived which could save her life, only Frank decides to tell the hospital that Dottie has already passed away. Later, Dottie loses her life during an intimate moment with Frank, making his actions even more awful.

2 Kev has a Baby with Veronica’s Mother

As the Gallaghers’ longtime friends, Kevin and Veronica are often the supporting comic relief of the series, though they have also proven to be the strongest lasting couple. In season three, after repeatedly failing to have a baby, V enlists her bubbly mother Carol to act as a surrogate. When Carol also fails to become pregnant, Veronica to suggests her mom and Kevin actually get intimate with each other to possibly improve their results.

In due time, Carol warms up to the idea, becoming pregnant with Kevin’s child. By happenstance, Veronica soon discovers that she too is pregnant, with twins. Nine months later, the couple are the proud parents to three newborns, only Carol decides to single-handedly raise her child on her own. After a few brief appearances, Kevin and Carol’s child is forgotten and never shown again.

1 Everything Positive About Ian and Mickey’s Relationship

As a violent street thug, Mickey Milkovich is the antithesis of the gay stereotype. Ian, whose storied history with Mickey makes up a large portion of his story in the early seasons, is the more sensitive of the couple, but his rebellious nature and struggles with bipolar disorder make him an equally multi-dimensional character.

As one of the best-written gay relationships on television in recent memory, Ian and Mickey’s story was at times chaotic. 

After his imprisonment at the end of season five, Mikey escaped from prison and fled to Mexico, tearfully leaving Ian behind. Since then, the positives of their relationship have been largely dismissed and Mickey’s absence has left a void on the show which has yet to be filled.

What other storylines does Shameless want to bury? Let us know in the comments!

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Teen Titans: 10 Strongest Members, Ranked (And 10 So Weak They’re Useless)

With the new Teen Titans show, entitled”Titans being release on DC Comics’ new streaming platform, it feels like the ideal time to delve into their world a little bit. Although the series may not live up to the expectations of the fans, it certainly appears to be a departure from DC’s current slate of projects. The show, which was originally developed by TNT before being axed by them, will star Brendan Thwaites as Dick Grayson, AKA the first Robin, who leads a team of young superheroes against the forces of darkness. Of course, Robin is the most famous member of the Teen Titans and maybe one of the most powerful. However, not every single one of his teammates come close to being a useful member of the team.

With superhero teams in general, there are always going to be weak links. There will also always be characters who wield far more power, skill, or intelligence than others and therefore completely overshadow them. Teen Titans is no exception to this. After all, it is a team of young, mostly”B-level superheroes, at least in comparison to the Justice League, which pretty much dominates in terms of power.

This list will analyze twenty of the most famous characters to have ever been a part of the Teen Titans in the comics, animated shows, and in this upcoming DC series. Ten of them will be some of the most powerful additions that the team, while the other ten will leave something to be desired.

Without further ado, here are 10 Strongest Members of the Teen Titans (And 10 So Weak They’re Useless).

20 Strongest: Cyborg

Although this imposing character was recently seen in the Justice League movie, as well as was a member of that team in some of the comics, he was actually a Teen Titan first. Due to the fact that Victor Stone, AKA Cyborg, was cybernetically-enhanced, he is easily one of the most powerful members of the Teen Titans. Cyborg’s physical strength is only matched by his hyper-intelligence, which seems to be something he got from his talented father, who is the reason for his robotic body as well.

As for his physical abilities, his partially-robotic body allows him the ability to fly, as well as giving him enhanced strength, technopathy, medical scanners, built-in weaponry such as his cannon, and a variety of sensory systems.

19 Weakest: Pantha

In a lot of ways, Pantha is similar to Marvel’s X-23, who was featured in the Wolverine film, Logan. Both characters have razor-sharp claws and can be useful in a battle. However, Pantha is no X-23. She doesn’t boast the healing powers of X-23 nor the berserker rage. Not to mention, her claws are nowhere near as powerful as X-23’s nearly indestructible adamantium.

Pantha’s abilities pretty much end after the claws and enhanced agility.

She’s also a loner and kind of hostile to her Teen Titana allies. This doesn’t make her all that reliable or even effective as a member of a superhero team. She also just not very interesting, so it’s hard to root for her.

18 Strongest: Starfire

How could Starfire not be on this list? After all, she is one of the most famous members of the Teen Titans. She will even be featured on the Titans show, as portrayed by Anna Diop.

This alien warrior princess that’s been stranded on Earth, is the ability to absorb huge amounts of ultraviolet energy and project them at will. The ultraviolet spectrum can be a powerful tool. On the lower ends, it’s what gives us a tan, but on the extreme ends, it could completely disintegrate us. Starfire was also trained as a warrior by her people so she definitely knows how to handle herself in battle. She also has super-strength thanks to the energy she is able to infuse.

17 Weakest: Roy Harper

Roy Harper is even pretty useless on CW’s Arrow, especially in comparison to his mentor, Oliver Queen. Additionally, when ranked against his Teen Titan colleagues, he is definitely one of the weakest links. Sure, he’s an excellent marksman and an absolute master of all things archery, but how does that even compare to the super-human strength of Connor Kent or Wonder Girl? He’s nowhere as good of a fighter as Nightwing or Robin as well.

Harper may be one of the favorite members of the team, but that doesn’t make him particularly useful.

In the comics, he also struggles with an addiction issue which makes him a liability on the battlefield as well as at social functions.

16 Strongest: The Robins

Pretty well every incarnation of Robin has been a member of the Teen Titans. It most famously started off with Dick Grayson, but Jason Todd and Tim Drake also were members of the Teen Titans at various stages in the game.

Although all three of these characters don’t posses any superhuman abilities given to them by birth, magic, alien-heritage, or technology, they were all trained by one of the greatest superheroes of all time, Batman. This means that every version of Robin has had extensive training from The Dark Knight. Aside from their natural leadership abilities, the Robins also are excellent hand-to-hand fighters, well-versed in technology and the use of gadgets, are brilliant tacticians, and can use their environment against their opponent.

15 Weakest: Aqualad

In the comics and in the animated series, Aqualad may be a dreamy character who is Raven and Starfire’s object of infatuation, but he’s really not more than that. Sure, he does have all the powers of Aquaman and the Atlantians, but these powers are very specific to the water if following the original comic canon.

Aqualad can almost certainly best certain villains if he’s fighting them in the ocean. After all, he does have superhuman strength, speed, and can manipulate marine life to his will.

If he’s taken on land, he’s pretty much one of the least skilled members of the team.

He doesn’t have the martial art abilities of a character like Robin, nor does he seem to have the immense intellectual capabilities of Batman’s protege.

14 Strongest: Rose Wilson

Rose Wilson, otherwise known as Ravager, is the daughter of Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke. She has a lot of the same skills as this powerful supervillain as well as the rage within her due to her father’s horrible actions. She was even given the same exact serum that allowed Deathstroke to have enhanced strength, speed, and durability.

Rose has something on top of her father and other members of the Teen Titans: she has a limited precognition which is triggered by adrenaline. This means she can see what her opponent is going to do before they do it, Additionally, she was trained by both her mother and Nightwing and therefore is an utterly fantastic martial artist.

13 Weakest: Hawk and Dove

Although the versions of Hawk and Dove portrayed in the upcoming Titans are played by a male and female couple, it doesn’t make them any stronger. Originally, this crime-fighting, bird-themed, the duo were a pair of brothers who were gifted superhuman abilities.

To access these abilities, they have to speak magic words.

After the words are spoken, they turn into the colorful pair with enhanced speed as well as strength. Perhaps they’d be more effective if they were on the same page, but they rarely are since Hawk is more brutal and willing to fight while Dove wants to solve things through peace and communication. In comparison to other members of the Teen Titans, these two don’t really have the brains, brawn, or powers to put them at the top of this list.

12 Strongest: Beast Boy

Beast Boy may have a bit of a silly name but he is a force to be reckoned with. His ability to change into any animal he sees fit at any moment in time is not only unique, but also a cool power for a team to have. Think about it: an elephant could come in handy once in a whil– so could a hawk or even a worm.

Garfield Logan had a bit of a tragic past as well, which only adds to his will to fight and become more powerful. This orphan joined the Teen Titans after his adoptive family sacrificed himself while battling the Brotherhood of Evil.

11 Weakest: Bumblebee

There seems to be a lot of characters in the Marvel and DC Universes that have powers, as well as names, reminiscent of insects. This is particularly true of wasps, bees, and hornets. Well, the Teen Titans have their very own resident Bumblebee: Karen Beecher.

Karen is basically a mirror-image of Marvel’s Ant-Man.

Her shrinking abilities don’t seem to be on the level of Ant-Man’s and therefore she feels weak in comparison to her colleagues on the Teen Titans. The suit she wears is also solar-powered, which can be limiting. She may be DC’s first superheroine of color, but she just doesn’t cut it in terms of powers, which is a real shame.

10 Strongest: Raven

Raven is the half-human daughter of the powerful extradimensional demon named Lord Trigon. Due to this, Raven is cursed with an array of incredible and unnatural mystical abilities. These abilities are wildly uncontrollable at times, which does cause conflict for the character and the rest of the Teen Titans. However, when controlled, the power that she wields can be the greatest asset the team has at their disposal.

Raven’s mystical powers include astral projection, teleportation, telekinesis, and an amazing healing ability. At her most powerful, Raven was able to finish an entire army of demons all on her own. For these reasons and more, there’s no doubt that Raven is one of the strongest members of the Teen Titans.

9 Weakest: Joker’s Daughter

Being the supposed child of The Joker is like being the legitimate child of Batman; it’s impossible to emerge from the large shadows cast by these iconic DC characters. When it comes to the Joker, you pretty much don’t get a more famous villain.

Duela Dent may be a bit off her rocker, but she can’t even compare to her supposed father’s unhinged personality.

Duela Dent also may or may not be the Joker’s legitimate heir. As for her powers? She has none. She is a talented acrobat, but aside from a few clown-themed gadgets, that’s pretty much all there is to say about her. She almost certainly doesn’t rank close to most of the weakest members of this Teen Titan’s list.

8 Strongest: Connor Kent

It’s utterly impossible to keep anyone remotely similar to Superman off of a list such as this one. After all, Superman is one of the most powerful and dynamic beings in the entire universe. Connor Kent, AKA Superboy or Kon-El, isn’t far off. In fact, anyone with a remote connection to Krypton is basically meant for any “strongest character” lists.

Due to Connor’s hybrid DNA, he wasn’t granted all of the Kryptonian powers that we know Superman to have. Instead, he has a form of tactile telekinesis which allowed him to manifest the more traditional Kryptonian powers such as super-strength and freeze-breath.

7 Weakest: Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein shouldn’t be confused with the famous and hilarious Mel Brooks film. This character is an actual member of the DC universe.

Aside from being a particularly disliked member of the Teen Titans, he’s also one of the most utterly useless.

Just like the older and far superior version of the Frankenstein Monster, Young Frankenstein has enhanced strength and is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. But that’s it. He’s merely a hulking brute who adds nothing to the Teen Titans team. What do you expect from a character who is simply a number of body parts stitched together in a lab? He almost certainly doesn’t rank against skilled fighters like Robin or Roy Harper, nor could he hold his own against someone like Connor Kent.

6 Strongest: Wally West

How do you beat the “fastest man alive”? Well, you could argue that he isn’t the “fastest man alive.. You could say that the original Flash, Barry Allen, is superior. But some would completely disagree with that even though Wally West followed in Barry’s footsteps for most of his career.

What sets Wally apart from other characters in the DC Universe who have speed powers, is that he can never be cut off from the source of superhuman speed, the Speed Force. Wally is so fast that he can manipulate and actually freeze time. He can also run so fast that he can turn particles into nuclear warheads due to relativistic levels of acceleration. In short, this dude may be one of the most powerful characters in DC, let alone the Teen Titans.

5 Weakest: Jericho

Even though this character is the son of one of the strongest villains in the DC Universe, Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke, Jericho just isn’t all that powerful. Aside from not being a particularly engaging character, Jericho merely has the power to possess others.

His power can only be activated if he makes eye contact with his intended target.

On top of this, Jericho is a pacifist, in contrast to his father. This means that he is unlikely to use the full extent of his powers at any given time. He avoids violence. Though that may be a good trait in a human being, it’s not when you’re a superhero trying to protect the world from the forces of darkness.

4 Strongest: Donna Troy

Although Donna Troy, AKA Wonder Girl, has a particularly unengaging origin story, she’s actually an important member of the Teen Titans. A lot of writers seem to have recognized this as they have tried to remodel her on a number of occasions. This is why a lot of her backstory is particularly convoluted. As for her powers, well, they are akin to those of Wonder Woman.

Donna also hails from Themyscira and therefore has many of the same abilities as Diana Prince. Although she may not be as powerful as her older role model, she has superhuman strength, durability, and speed. Additionally, she is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, can mimic any voice she hears or knows, and wields the same weapons that have made Wonder Woman iconic.

3 Weakest: Gnarrk

This caveman, who is literally a displaced Neanderthal stranded in the present, is very strong but that’s about it.

Sure, he does have some cool climbing skills as well as agility, but he has very limited intelligence.

This just makes him a brute, no better than half of the henchmen that the Teen Titans barrel through in order to get to the big, bad, boss on any given occasion. Gnarrk can be a human wrecking ball but that ranks pretty low on a list of characters who either have superhuman abilities granted to them by technology, magic, or an alien heritage. As well, it ranks particularly low against characters who are incredibly skilled martial artists, tacticians, and intellects.

2 Strongest: Nightwing

Being personally trained by Batman gives one many advantages in both the brain and brawn departments. Being the very first Robin sets Dick Grayson apart from both the Robins (Tim Drake and the like) who followed him and many of the other members of the Teen Titans.

Sure, Dick Grayson, even as Nightwing, doesn’t have the incredible superhuman abilities of Connor Kent or Donna Troy, but he’s an expert martial artist, engaging leader, talented acrobat, brilliant tactician, and pushed by rage and hurt from his childhood. Although Dick Grayson’s time as Robin on the Teen Titans is the most famous, he became far more powerful as Nightwing. Nightwing basically represents Dick’s evolution from Robin to a Batman-esque figure.

1 Weakest: Wonder Twins

The Wonder Twins are pretty much the most ridiculous superheroes in all of DC. Whether they’re a part of the Justice League, The Super Friends, or the Teen Titans, this brother and sister team are pretty useless.. The same thing goes for their pet monkey, Gleek.

The Wonder Twins, Jayna and Zan, hail from the planet Exoor. When the two of them touch one another they can change into any form of water (which is highly limited) or any animal of their choosing.

Not only do they have to touch each other, but they also have to shout, “Wonder Twins powers, activate!”

If the pair is not anywhere near one another, these silly powers can’t be activated. This means they simply need to be separated by a foot in order to render them useless.

Who do you think is the strongest or weakest member of the Teen Titans? Let us know in the comments!

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20 Strongest Power Rangers, Ranked (And 10 So Weak They’re Useless)

There have been so many seasons of Power Rangers over the years that it has become hard to keep track of them all. Most ’90s kids probably stopped watching a while back, but there have been countless Rangers over the years that are remembered fondly. Of course, between the fan favorites and the Rangers fans don’t remember at all are the worst of the bunch — some of the weakest and most useless Rangers in the show’s history.

It’s hard for the Rangers to share the spotlight — you often have to be the Red Ranger (or Tommy Oliver) to get any character development on the show.Some Rangers just didn’t get enough recognition on their respective shows, but maybe it’s time that they did. For the sake of nostalgia, let’s look back on the cheesiest kids’ show in history to see just how many real heroes there were in the spandex-clad bunch.

For this list, we’re going to look at previous seasons of Power Rangers to pick out the strongest of them all, as well as a few exceptionally lame dishonorable mentions. They may have been many kids’ childhood heroes over the years, but not every Ranger was a winner. Any Ranger in Power Rangers canon is up for grabs, including those in the movies, comics, and video games. Keep in mind that this is a ranked list, so the entries will run from worst to best in their own respective categories.

Cue that theme song — here are the 20 Strongest Power Rangers, Ranked (And 10 So Weak They’re Useless).

30 Strongest — Kendrix Morgan (Lost Galaxy)

While many of the later Rangers aren’t very memorable, Kendrix Morgan stands out for being one of the only to give their life in a fight. As the Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger, Kendrix sacrifices herself in the episode “The Power of Pink” during a fight with the evil Pink Psycho Ranger.

She’s a competent Ranger to say the least, the smartest on her team, and probably one of the bravest in the entire series.

She might not be the star of her season, but she makes the list for one of the most meaningful and memorable farewells in the show’s history.

29 Strongest — Tori Hanson (Ninja Storm)

Original fans of the show probably stopped watching long before Ninja Storm, but the season featured a small cast of Rangers and only one that seemed truly heroic: Tori Hanson. Tori is easily the strongest Ranger on her team. Not only is she the first female Blue Ranger, but easily the most level-headed among her initial teammates, Shane and Dustin.

Just because she’s the voice of reason doesn’t mean she isn’t a tough Ranger. Tori manages to defeat two of the season’s main villains without backup, and even wins a battle by piloting the Megazord by herself! Her shining moments come when her teammates aren’t around — probably because they only hold her back.

28 Weakest — Zack Taylor (MMPR)

Somebody had to say it eventually — Zack is a beloved member of the original cast, but he’s easily one of the worst members on the team.

His character is little more than a stereotype, and he has no distinctive character traits other than being the “cool” Ranger.

To make things worse, he is immediately overshadowed by his successor Adam. Not only does Adam get actual character development, but he proves to be the more capable fighter and even rises to second-in-command. Zack is hardly the weakest on the list, but he’s definitely the weak link on the original team.

27 Strongest — RJ (Jungle Fury)

Part goofball and part mentor, RJ is Jungle Fury‘s most valuable Ranger. Not only is he the Rangers’ landlord — owner of their secret HQ at Jungle Karma Pizzeria — he’s also secretly a martial arts master.

While he starts out as an eccentric Mr. Miyagi type who trains the younger Rangers, he eventually surprises everyone by breaking out a morpher and becoming the show’s very first Purple Ranger. He’s a fine leader, a great teacher, and the “Wolf Ranger” abilities only enhance his fighting skills. He may seem a little odd, but when duty calls, RJ always makes for a reliable Ranger.

26 Strongest — Taylor Earnhardt (Wild Force)

She’s not a Red Ranger, but she’s the best of her team and might as well be the main character in Wild Force. Taylor is ex-military — a Lieutenant and former Air Force pilot before being the first Ranger of her kind. Not only did she recruit the other Wild Force Rangers, but she wrote the team’s guide book and acts as their leader.

She’s a little by-the-book, but she is headstrong and often the first to jump into action.

Taylor eventually yields leadership to Cole, the Red Ranger, but she’s clearly the powerhouse of the team.

25 Weakest — Sky Tate (S.P.D.)

Power Rangers S.P.D. is an underrated season, featuring decent acting, a surprisingly serious tone, and well-developed characters. Case and point: Sky Tate, one of the best worst (or worst best) Rangers in history.

Sky makes for a competent Ranger, but he has ego issues. He resents being the Blue Ranger, believing he’s above it and more deserving of the Red Ranger powers, which is the higher rank. This causes some in-fighting between Sky and the team before he gets over his grudge. At the end of the season, he gets promoted to Red Ranger and learns humility, but not before being a pain to work with.

24 Strongest — Carter Grayson (Lightspeed Rescue)

Carter easily ranks as one of the best and strongest Red Rangers. A selfless firefighter-turned-superhero, Carter is brave, tactical, and ready to lay down his life to protect others. He’s the leader of his team and is dedicated to his Ranger career, appearing in several reunion episodes since Lightspeed Rescue.

Carter is a bit of a workaholic because he feels his job is so important — a flaw, but an accurate summation of his moral character.

If Captain America were a Power Ranger, he’d probably be a lot like Carter Grayson.

His last appearance came in 2014 during the Super Megaforce “Legendary Battle” episode, proving that his Ranger days are far from over.

23 Strongest — Orion (Megaforce, Super Megaforce)

Fans aren’t kind to Power Rangers Super Megaforce, but it does have one advantage that all of the other seasons don’t — these Rangers can turn into any previous Ranger from the show’s history.

Orion is the group’s Silver Ranger, who has the powers of all the “sixth” and “extra” Rangers. His outfit might look ridiculous, but he has the strongest Ranger abilities ever at his disposal. Green Ranger? He’s got that. White Ranger? Check. Gold Ranger? You bet. He’s young and inexperienced, hence his low placement on the list, but this objectively makes him a force to be reckoned with.

22 Weakest — Troy Burrows (Megaforce, Super Megaforce)

While Orion can get away with being a lame character with cool powers, Troy cannot. Troy is the leader in both incarnations of the Megaforce Rangers, despite being a cold and dry charisma vacuum.

He receives no character development and only seems to lead the team because he was “chosen” to do so.

He’s not bad in combat and he has several Red Ranger powers to back him up, but he’s not one of the weakest for his fighting prowess. He’s one of the weakest for being a uninspiring leader. There are comic relief characters who display better leadership qualities than Troy.

21 Strongest — Jen Scotts (Time Force)

It’s not often that a Pink Ranger gets to lead the team, but Jen ran Time Force like a well-oiled machine. Tough, capable, and prepared for anything, Jen leads her Rangers back in time to the far-flung era of 2001 with the efficiency of a soldier.

She had to make some tough decisions during her time as leader — namely letting some random dude named Wes borrow the Red Ranger powers for a whole season — but all-in-all, Jen Scotts is one of the strongest Rangers to date for her strong leadership and well-rounded skill set. Her suit might look sweet, but this Ranger is as tough as they come.

20 Strongest — Sydney Drew (S.P.D.)

Syd doesn’t seem like a strong member of her team initially. She’s spoiled, self-centered, and not as well-rounded as her teammates. However, she has an ability that puts her above the rest. All the S.P.D. Rangers have some superhuman power unrelated to their Ranger abilities.

Syd can alter her molecular composition by absorbing things she touches, much like Marvel’s Absorbing Man.

She carries a chunk of iron around with her for this purpose – giving herself literal fists of iron. This easily makes her one of the most dangerous Rangers on the list.

19 Weakest — Zhane (In Space)

Zhane’s a fine Ranger, aside from the fact that struggles to be one. We’re not talking about cooperating with the team or acclimating to the job — Zhane literally struggles to maintain his Silver Ranger form.

When he’s morphed, he’s tough as nails and the strongest on his team. Unfortunately, his character was the victim of a subplot involving “leaking” Ranger energy. How does that even happen? To make matters worse, Zhane isn’t around much because of the way his original Super Sentai footage was edited into the show. As a result, he’ll go missing every other episode — as if he wasn’t unreliable already.

18 Strongest — Anubis “Doggie” Cruger (S.P.D.)

The strongest on his team, Doggie Cruger commands the S.P.D. Rangers until he gets his own powers. He’s also a giant dog-man. Don’t ask.

Cruger’s dark back story drives him to be the best at his job.

When he finally becomes the Shadow Ranger in the two-parter episode “Shadows”, he makes a show of it by defeating a hundred enemies without taking a hit. The episode even provides a KO counter to keep track of the action. Doggie is easily one of the most impressive Rangers ever — almost as impressive as fitting his snout inside a helmet.

17 Strongest — Wesley Collins (Time Force)

Wes goes from spoiled brat to noble hero over the course of Time Force. While the rest of the Time Rangers are from the year 3000, Wes is an ancestor of a future (and deceased) Red Ranger, living in 2001. The team needs a Red Ranger and the morpher can only be unlocked through a DNA scan, so Wes is drafted out of necessity.

While the team is reluctant to give this random dude superpowers, Wes commits to the job and answers the call of duty. He ends up becoming the de-facto leader and has returned for several reunion episodes. He’s one of the strongest Rangers, all thanks to hard work and dedication.

16 Weakest — Andros (In Space)

Andros is cold, quiet, and not a very inspiring leader. He has superpowers that he often forgets to use, and sometimes he lies to his team for no apparent reason other to seem mysterious.

Andros’ only real claim to fame is destroying Zordon, the Rangers’ original mentor.

He did it out of necessity, sure, but that’s not exactly something a Ranger would want to be known for. Plenty of older fans remember Andros as the strong-silent rogue in what is easily one of the show’s best seasons — but he’s just not that great of a Ranger.

15 Strongest — Psycho Pink (In Space, Lost Galaxy)

The Psycho Rangers are a fan-favorite. Each one is pretty dangerous, but if any of them deserve a spot on the list, it’s Psycho Pink. She survives several encounters with the two different teams of Rangers and even outlives the rest of her teammates.

She’s also the only villain to actually defeat a Ranger — specifically Kendrix Morgan, the Pink Galaxy Ranger. Psycho Pink is only around for a handful of episodes, but she’s violent, resilient, and strong enough to make the list. Yes, she still counts, even though she’s just some weird pink plant monster in disguise.

14 Strongest — Leo Corbett (Lost Galaxy)

He’s not an iconic Ranger among fans, but he totally should be. Leo starts Lost Galaxy out as a good-hearted nobody who sneaks onboard a spaceship, but he learns to be a soldier and becomes one of the fiercest Red Rangers ever.

By the end of the season, Leo is unstoppable even in the face of certain defeat.

His shining moment comes in his final battle facing the season’s villain, Trakeena. To defeat her, he fires his strongest weapon at point-blank range. The explosion should have been lethal for him, but after the dust clears Leo is the only one left standing.

13 Weakest —Ryan Mitchell (Lightspeed Rescue)

Ryan Mitchell, the Titanium Ranger, is the first Power Ranger not taken from the Super Sentai footage the show is made from. As America’s first original Ranger, he’s really cool-looking, but that’s all he has going for him.

Ryan spends most of the season brainwashed by villains into hunting the Rangers. Even after he manages to break free and join them, he has a habit of not morphing or being completely absent from Lightspeed Rescue. Because he is an original Ranger, very little footage exists of him participating action scenes. As a result, the supposedly powerful Titanium Ranger isn’t much use it all.

12 Strongest — Dillon (RPM)

It’s hard to imagine what a “gritty” season of Power Rangers looks like, but make no mistake, RPM was extremely dark for the series. Sure, it keeps the bright colors and cutesy toys, but it came with a post-apocalyptic setting and surprisingly serious characters. Enter Dillon: a send-up to Mad Max‘s protagonist, Max Rockatansky.

He’s a leather jacket-wearing, muscle car-driving rogue who wanders the wasteland in search of answers.

He has amnesia as well as cybernetic enhancements that give him superhuman powers even without a morpher. Between his survivalist skills and that definitive advantage over his teammates, he’s easily one of the strongest Rangers.

11 Strongest — T.J. Johnson (Turbo, In Space)

First the Red Turbo Ranger and eventually second-in-command of the Space Rangers, T.J. is a strong leader and a capable combatant. Not only is he the successor to Tommy Oliver, but he’s experienced dozens of the Rangers’ craziest adventures. He survived trips to space, he’s been cloned, he’s fought the Psycho Rangers — he was even around when the Turbo Rangers were baked into a giant pizza.

He’s also made appearances in reunion episodes since, including “Legendary Battle” in 2014, and this year’s “Dimensions in Danger” episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. All these years, and T.J. still hasn’t lost his touch.

10 Weakest — Sam (S.P.D.)

This season’s extra Ranger, Sam, is one of the most useless Rangers of them all. He might have a cool outfit, but he’s a victim of unnecessarily convoluted writing. Sam first appears as a superpowered child who the S.P.D. Rangers protect from bullies. He eventually becomes the Omega Ranger decades later, after travelling back in time to fight alongside the regular team on rare occasions. Because of arbitrary time travel rules though, he can only appear morphed.

Without his powers, he’s reduced to a floating ball of light.

In short, Sam is never around, and even when he is, he’s not an actual character.

9 Strongest — Kimberly Ann Hart, The Ranger Slayer (BOOM! Studios)

As the original Pink Ranger, she’s a fan-favorite and likely a frequent first crush. While Kimberly’s television counterpart is a hero in her own right, her comic counterpart is better suited for this list.

The Ranger Slayer is a version of Kimberly from an alternate reality. Brainwashed by the villainous Lord Drakkon, Kim acted as his personal assassin. In her universe, she was used as a weapon against all kinds of Power Rangers until she eventually broke free and began a resistance against her tormentor. She’s the Kim you know and love, but battle-hardened beyond belief. For that and her amazing redesign, she earns this spot on the list.

8 Strongest — Jason Lee Scott (MMPR, Zeo)

The original Red Ranger and eventually the Gold Zeo Ranger, Jason is the O.G. in Power Rangers history. He’s friendly, brave, a born-leader, and we would remiss not to have him on the list.

Jason is often considered to be one of Tommy Oliver’s few equals in combat, and easily one of the strongest on his two teams.

Jason even returned to the show years later in Wild Force’s reunion episode “Forever Red”, where he proves that he’s still one of the best.

The only reason he isn’t higher on the list is because of experience — he’s only a recurring member of the show’s first two teams.

7 Weakest — Justin Stewart (Turbo)

How would a cheesy, campy, child-friendly show attempt to pander to an even younger audience? Well, Power Rangers did it by adding a younger Ranger– a much, much younger Ranger.

Justin Stewart is a child prodigy who skipped most of junior high and moved straight into high school, befriending the then-Zeo Rangers and eventually replacing Rocky to become the Blue Turbo Ranger. Justin is often whiny, gullible, and a little too immature for audiences who had already grown older than the character himself. As you’d expect, he’s also an inexperienced fighter. He gets the advantage of turning into a fully-grown adult when he morphs, but it doesn’t help much.

6 Strongest — Billy Cranston (MMPR, Zeo)

Billy started out as one of the Power Rangers’ weakest links. He was shy, timid, and the worst fighter of the bunch.

Billy came into his own through experience and became one of the best Rangers in history.

Not only did he serve on the original team, but he stayed to help the Alien Rangers and Zeo Rangers in a background role. As the Rangers’ quartermaster and strategist, Billy planned out missions, investigated villain activity, and even invented some of the team’s weapons and Megazords. The first few Ranger teams would have never survived their adventures without Billy, making him one of the strongest and most resourceful Rangers ever.

5 Strongest — Adam Park (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo)

Adam is one of the longest serving Power Rangers in the show’s history. He replaces Zack after one season and stays on long enough to be part of three consecutive Ranger teams. Not only is Adam a great fighter with a well-rounded skill set, but he rises to second-in-command under Tommy Oliver, even when surrounded by series veterans.

Adam is probably the most underrated character in the show, and definitely one of the most powerful Rangers. He’s easily the best Black Ranger too, even though he has probably earned himself a red suit several times over.

4 Weakest — Rocky DeSantos (MMPR, Zeo)

Sadly, Rocky’s most unique quality is not being Tommy Oliver or Jason Scott. Rocky joined the team as a replacement for Jason, who had already yielded his leadership of the team to Tommy, so he became a glorified Red Ranger extra.

In Zeo, Tommy was given the Red Ranger powers and Rocky was demoted to Blue Ranger.

Then, at the beginning of Turbo: A Powers Rangers Movie, Rocky is forced to retire from Rangerhood after falling out of a boxing ring and breaking his back. To be fair, he did return for Ninja Steel‘s recent reunion episode “Dimensions in Danger”, but that doesn’t reinvent his lame reputation.

3 Strongest — Tommy Oliver (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, Dino Thunder)

You probably expected him at the top of the list. He isn’t. Good guess — but that doesn’t mean Tommy isn’t one of the strongest Rangers in history. Even fans who stopped watching in the ’90s know that Tommy was one of the best. He was the strongest fighter, had some of the coolest abilities, and stayed around long enough to have the most experience of any Ranger in the show’s lifespan.

He’s been a villain, a leader, a mentor, and he’s defeated monsters single-handedly. Green Ranger, White Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, Red Turbo Ranger, Black Dino Ranger — Tommy Oliver might as well be a one-man army.

2 Weakest — Dax Lo (Operation Overdrive)

He’s the weakest Ranger from what is often considered the worst season of Power RangersOperation Overdrive is littered with bland characters  but Dax is downright annoying.

He’s not particularly valuable in combat, nor is he an asset to the team on a personal level.

A stunt actor who dreams of being a Hollywood star, Dax is a narcissist who seems to care more about making lame jokes than saving lives. He’s not incompetent or anything — he survives, after all — but he never really seems like a hero.

By the time the season ends, Dax doesn’t even have a character arc — unless you count his newfound desire to direct.

1 Strongest — Lord Drakkon (BOOM! Studios)

What if Tommy Oliver never joined the Rangers and decided to become a villain? In an alternate reality, Tommy uses his Ranger abilities to conquer his universe and every other universe along the way in the hopes of becoming a god. Meet Lord Drakkon.

Armed with a hybrid of Tommy’s Green and White Ranger powers, Drakkon scours the multiverse to hunt down other Rangers and recruit them into his empire. Every time he defeats one, he absorbs their power and takes on a new Ranger form, constantly evolving and growing in strength.

As much as we hate to admit it, this is the strongest version of Tommy, and likely the strongest Power Ranger in the history of the franchise. It’s too bad that he’s evil.

Are there any Power Rangers we missed? Make sure to leave a comment and give us your strongest picks!

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Every Major MCU Villain, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has treated superhero fans to some of the greatest stories over the past ten years. Beginning with Iron Man, the MCU has expanded through space and time to bring some of comic books biggest heroes to life. Ranging from The Avengers to The Guardians of the Galaxy, seeing some of the biggest adventures on the silver screen has brought millions of fans back to movie theatres. With twenty films released, the MCU has currently grossed over seven billion dollars at the box office.

Not only has the franchise brought numerous heroes onto the screen, but it has also introduced us to unforgettable villains. In order for there to be a successful hero, there must also be a strong villain. For every goodness that is Captain America, there needs to be someone just as evil to oppose him. This is what has made the MCU so incredibly successful. Not only do fans want to see their heroes succeed, but they are hoping to see the villains fall.

A strong villain can be measured in several ways – is the villain so physically strong that no one can oppose them? Or is the villain the most intelligent that they can outwit the heroes? Or perhaps the villain is so evil that it is impossible for them not to be strong? The MCU has done a wonderful job at providing high-quality villains in their films for their heroes to oppose. While some may certainly be stronger and more opposing than others, there is no shortage of evil in these films.

Here is Every Major MCU Villain, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest:

20 The Mandarin/Trevor Slattery – Iron Man 3

Iron Man fans were incredibly excited to see that The Mandarin would be making an appearance in Iron Man 3. His comic book feud with Tony Stark had fans salivating after viewing the trailers. Unfortunately, he ended up being an incredible disappointment.

The final act of Iron Man 3 revealed that The Mandarin was not the mastermind he had been depicted as. He was nothing more than a performer named Trevor Slattery who had been paid to act this way. Slattery was nothing more than a figure-head for a much larger plot.

All that Slattery managed to do was ruin fan’s dreams of watching this super villain. When comparing him to other MCU villains, his pathetic nature hardly makes him worth ranking. Unless this list was ranking the all-time most disappointing MCU moments, then he would earn his place at the top.

19 Sonny Burch – Ant-Man and The Wasp

While Ant-Man and The Wasp was an entertaining addition to the MCU, it certainly did not have a villain worthy of the two heroes.

Sonny Burch is a run-of-the-mill bad guy looking to profit from crime. There is little motivation beyond his basic intentions of wanting to sell Hank Pym’s technology for his own gain. Furthermore, he does not do any of his own work to achieve his goals and relies solely on henchmen. And when he finally does take matters in to his own hands, his plan is quickly foiled and he ends up in prison.

After Thanos’ “finger-snap” wiped out half of the MCU, fans certainly hoped that Burch was included. This way he would never make another disappointing experience.

18 Alexander Pierce – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

When the government begins to get involved in superhero films, it never turns out well. Particularly when that government official is completely hands-off from his plan.

While Pierce does gain credit for running an inventive scheme, he lacks the ability to execute it. A man wearing a suit can be very powerful, but Pierce does not execute any of the plan himself. All of the heavy-lifting in the film is done by The Winter Solider, while Pierce remains silent. Furthermore, when Pierce is faced with actual combat, he succumbs very easily and will no longer be featured in another film.

Being a part of HYDRA is grounds enough to be considered a super-villain, however he is certainly weaker than the average MCU villain.

17 Aldrich Killian – Iron Man 3

At least some of these humans began to develop some sort of super power to make them credible villains.

Aldrich Killian has both the drive and powers to potentially be a great villain. His use of the Extremis technology has granted him superhuman strength and regenerative healing abilities, giving him powers unlike other people on the list. However, it is his hatred for Tony Stark that drove him to commit several illegal acts.

A man with something to prove is very dangerous and Killian’s drive is what makes him stronger than other regular humans. However, the fact that he can breathe fire and rip apart Iron Man suits doesn’t hurt his ranking either. However, there are certainly much stronger villains out there that were more successful in their plights.

16 Whiplash – Iron Man 2

When a man has been brewing a plan for years, he has the determination to do some serious damage.

Ivan Vanko’s childhood was ruined due to his father’s affiliation with the Stark family. It is this rough upbringing which drives him to extract revenge against Tony Stark. Certainly the most intelligent villain up to this point, Vanko’s work with mechanics and technology is second to none on this list. Combine this with his determination to take down the Stark family, and he is very dangerous.

The only reason that Vanko was not successful in taking out Stark was that he under-estimated the relationship between Stark and James Rhodes. If he had not made this fatal flaw, he would have been successful. And perhaps if Mickey Rourke had not hated being a part of this film.

15 Dormammu – Doctor Strange

When an evil force that resides in The Dark Dimension is not considered to be one of the strongest villains, there are certainly some powerful beings out there.

As the leader of The Zealots, Dormammu is bent on merging his Dark Dimension with Earth. While he is stuck inside the Dark Dimension, his powers certainly over-take most villains on this list. He is seen disintegrating Doctor Strange with minimal effort multiple times.

Dormammu is defeated due to his inability to foresee Strange’s use of the Time Stone, leaving him stuck in a never-ending time loop. Dormammu realizes he has been mentally defeated, and gives up on his plan. If someone with Dormammu’s power was able to overcome Strange’s magic, the world would be in serious trouble. However, due to his plan being foiled so easily, he is not a very strong villain.

14 Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger – Iron Man

An arrogant businessman who will stop at anything to accomplish his goals is extremely dangerous. Especially when he gets his hands on a super-suit of his own. Obadiah Stane was the first MCU villain that fans encountered, and he did not disappoint. Jeff Bridge’s portrayal of someone who will betray anyone to achieve what he feels is his set the tone for what villains would become in superhero films.

When Stane’s true colors are revealed during Iron Man, he is able to out-think and over-power Tony Stark. Furthermore, he has the intelligence to have his own Iron suit designed in order to gain the strength he needs. As The Iron Monger, Stane even over-powers Iron man during their climactic battle.

His business-savvy combined with his ruthlessness made him a formidable villain – certainly the best from the Iron Man franchise.

13 Darren Cross/Yellowjacket – Ant-Man

Darren Cross may seem like another evil business man in a super suit, but he is much more than that. Deep down, Cross is the most malicious human villain in the MCU.

Unlike The Iron Monger, the Yellowjacket is a very adapt fighter and has experience with his weapons. Cross is able to take Scott Lang to the limit during their battle and is close to winning their fight. Apart from their fight, Cross is also the type of villain who can anticipate his enemy’s moves and outsmarts Lang as well.

Perhaps more importantly, Cross is a villain who has been driven to insanity, making him extraordinarily dangerous. While it is his unclear head which causes him victory, he became very close to being the first MCU villain to win.

12 Emil Blonsky/Abomination – The Incredible Hulk

Having control over a super suit is one thing, but being able to transform into something which can rival The Hulk is extraordinarily impressive.

Emil Blonsky has the combined abilities of two Avengers: he has both Captain America’s ability combined with The Hulk’s transformation. This makes him not only incredibly dangerous, but unstable. Blonsky is obsessed with being the most powerful person, which is why he subjects himself to outrageous experiments. Upon seeing The Hulk’s power, he becomes hell-bent on defeating him.

His motivations may not be strong as some of the other villains, but there is no denying how dangerous Blonsky is. He may not have defeated The Hulk, but is there still a possibility of a return for The Abomination? Perhaps The Hulk needs another formidable opponent?

11 Malekith The Accursed – Thor: The Dark World

While certainly not the most popular villain in the MCU, The Dark Elf was a formidable opponent of Thor. His motivations for wanting to send the world into eternal darkness are not exactly clear, but he causes some problems along the way.

Malekith’s reign of terror against Asgard begins with taking the life of Thor’s mother, Frigga. While he may not be successful in his overall goal, this malicious act was devastating. Furthermore, he is one of the only villains who has been able to stand toe-to-toe against Thor in a fight. At certain points, it looked as though Malekith may come out on top, especially after Thor lost his hammer.

His lack of screen-time was almost made up for with his strength and his ability to take Thor to the absolute limit.

10 Ronan The Accuser – Guardians Of The Galaxy

Back before it was fully clear that the Guardians of the Galaxy were a part of the MCU, they faced a tough challenge on their own. Ronan the Accuser may not be the most memorable villain, but fans should refresh their memories.

Ronan is considered to be one of the most sadistic villains due to his hatred for the Xandarians. Out of all the other villains on this list, Ronan’s hatred for a single group of people burns brightest. This hatred makes him do things that others would not even attempt, including double-crossing Thanos.

In one-on-one combat, Ronan is unmatched as he even defeats Drax. He is only defeated when the entire team comes together to take him out. Even though he is incredibly strong, it is his intense hatred which makes him one of the top villains in the franchise.

Enjoyed him in this film? He is confirmed to appear in Captain Marvel.

9 Adrian Toomes/The Vulture – Spider-Man: Homecoming

A strong villain is not only defined by their physical strength, but also their cunning. Adrian Toomes fell into life as a villain in order to provide for his family, but his attitude is what drove him to be a successful one.

For all intents and purposes, Toomes never intended to be a “bad guy”. However, he becomes very good at it once he gets a taste of success as an arms-dealer. While his battles as The Vulture are intense, it is Keaton’s portrayal of a father which makes him dangerous.

When Toomes says that he will take out Peter Parker if he interferes in his business again, the audience fully believes him. The Vulture may be intense, but a father trying to protect his family is even stronger.

8 Ultron – Avengers: Age of Ultron

I had strings but now I’m free. There are no strings on me.

The thought of a sentient machine with the drive to extinguish humankind is enough to terrify anyone – even The Avengers.

Up until this point, Ultron was the most formidable opponent that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes had ever faced. He is able to mentally manipulate them to the point that the group almost fractures. Furthermore, the effects of his evil plan are felt through several MCU films showing just how strong his influence is. If he had been successful in his plan, it would have been meant absolute extinction.

What perhaps makes him one of the strongest villains is that Ultron was the first villain to take an Avenger’s life. Unfortunately, Quicksilver was one of his first victims and cemented his legacy as a very dangerous villain.

7 Red Skull – Captain America: First Avenger

Even though he is one of oldest villains on this list, The Red Skull retains his status as one of the strongest. In addition, he is certainly one of the most evil.

Johann Schmidt’s intentions are 100% evil as he plans to bomb each of the World’s capital cities. It is hard to argue that someone so evil is not at the top of the “big bad” list.

Schmidt’s ambition is eventually his undoing as he is unable to handle the power of the Infinity Stones. While fans learned in Infinity War that he has accepted his fate, there is a glimmer of hope that he will return as a villain. As strong as The Avengers are now, they would still have trouble containing the evil of The Red Skull.

6 Ego – Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2

Ego may seem wholesome at first, but, once his true intentions are revealed, it is a different story.

While initially presented as Peter Quill’s estranged father, the audience is led to believe that he simply wants to reconnect with his son. However as time goes on, the full extent of his atrocities are unveiled. His personality is best described as sociopathic, as he truly only cares for himself. There are very few villains in the MCU who are that sadistic. It is revealed that he also may have taken more lives than any other villain.

The Guardians of the Galaxy films are normally an escape from the harshness of other franchises, but Ego reminded fans how deranged some villains can be.

5 Hela – Thor: Ragnarok

Thor is considered to be the strongest Avenger based on his god-like strength. So to see a villain easily dispatch of him was surprising, but that is exactly what Hela did.

Following only moments of screen time in Thor: Ragnarok, Hela established her strength by imposing herself on Thor. Not only did she easily remove Thor from the equation by throwing him into space, but she also destroyed his beloved hammer without breaking a sweat. Having seen Thor destroy enemies with ease, it was astounding to see him be defeated so soundly by a newcomer.

Hela’s thirst for power combined with her untold strength and intellect makes her very dangerous. Unfortunately, her demise means we have seen the last of her in the MCU for now.

4 Helmut Zemo – Captain America: Civil War

Strength does not always mean physical strength, which is evidenced by Helmut Zemo. Despite only being human, he gains rank as one of The Avenger’s most formidable opponents. He does not require the magic or strength of others on this list, as he was able to cause enough damage using only his intellect.

Fully knowing his physical limitations prevented him from attacking The Avengers, he chose to attack them strategically. Zemo instigates a “civil war” between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers surrounding the passing of Tony’s parents. Through his strategy, Zemo successfully drives a wedge into the group.

When looking at all the villains, Zemo is one of the few who succeeded in his plan, making him very dangerous.

3 Loki – Thor & The Avengers

Loki’s intelligence and expert lying abilities make him a very dangerous foe. The God of Mischief has no solid allegiances and is very quick to side with whomever benefits him the most. This is what makes him stronger than the average villain – he is impossible to predict.

In both Thor and The Avengers, Loki is the one causing all the trouble and pulling every string. While he appears to eventually join his brother as a protagonist, it is never fully clear where his loyalty lies. One moment he is siding with the good guys and another he is working with the enemy. It is reasons like this why Loki will always be one of The Avengers most formidable villains.

Loki is another villain who has succeeded before, however Infinity War made his future status uncertain.

2 Erik Killmonger – Black Panther

The thing that can make a villain incredibly dangerous is their motivation. If someone has been stewing and planning revenge for a long time, their motivation to succeed is higher than anyone else’s. This is what separates “bad guys” from super villains – motivation is the greatest strength.

Erik has been planning his takeover and revenge on Wakanda since he was young, and now that he has the strength and intellect to execute it, he is at his most dangerous. By harnessing all of his determination, Erik is able to execute his plan with ease and defeats his cousin, T’Challa, to become Black Panther.

It is not just Erik’s strength, fury and intellect which make him able to take over Wakanda. It is that he wants to bad enough to sacrifice everything. That is his true strength.

1 Thanos – Avengers: Infinity War

The jury may still be out on if Thanos truly wins the war against The Avengers, but there is no denying his impact on the MCU. Other villains may be more established across multiple films, but no one has caused as much damage as Thanos.

Prior to Infinity, War only one Avenger had officially lost their life. Now, that count is much higher thanks to Thanos. The rate that Thanos was able to accomplish his goal of retrieving the Infinity Stones was no accident. His brute strength, planning and ferocity were the driving forces behind his success, making him the most dangerous villain in all of the MCU.

With one simple snap, Thanos was able to complete his goal. While it could have ended if Thor had aimed a little higher, there is no downplaying how strong and dangerous he is.

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15 Strongest (And 10 Weakest) Hidden Video Game Bosses

In video games, there are few things more satisfying than defeating a difficult and gargantuan boss at the end of a level or even at the end of the game.

These moments have been a staple of the medium for years, whether it’s that giant Krusty balloon in the Simpsons arcade game or Andross’ brain in Star Fox 64.

These sequences up the ante in terms of intensity, often through difficulty and storyline relevance, and they’re a beloved fixture throughout countless games because of it.

However, not all boss battles are bread and butter affairs. In fact, many of the best boss battles in the history of the medium are so far off the beaten path, that many players would likely never run into them naturally.

These hidden, cataclysmic conflicts are the stuff of legends, usually having the player face a foe that is far beyond the typical difficulty settings of the game, creating a situation that will test even the most seasoned of players.

On the flipside, though, not all hidden bosses equate to extremely difficult trials. A few are actually incredibly disappointing in terms of difficulty, which is majorly disappointing considering the effort needed to uncover them.

With our list, we’re taking entrants from both sides of the spectrum, with the only pre-requisite being that these foes are hidden or otherwise optional.

With that in mind, we’re going to jump right into things with the strongest hidden bosses of all video games, and then follow-up with the pitiful excuses that are mostly likely secret because they’re afraid of getting their butts kicked.

Here are the 15 Strongest (And 10 Weakest) Hidden Video Game Bosses.

25 Strongest: Karstaag – Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls games are famously enormous (with Daggerfall nearly the same size as real-life Great Britain), so it’s no surprise that there are countless secrets tucked away throughout each and every one of its regions.

In Skyrim, the ghostly Frost Giant known as Karstaag is one of these secrets, and is also one of the strongest hidden bosses in history.

If you manage to find out how to summon this beast, you’re in for a fight against a level 90 adversary who will likely make you into his plaything.

The rewards for victory are immense, however, so keep up the good fight.

24 Strongest: Penance – FFX

The first of many Final Fantasy entries on this list, Penance is a great example of Square’s love of sadistic hidden bosses meant to punish the hubris of players.

While Final Fantasy X may be best known for its incredibly awkward laughing scene, Penance is no joke.

With 12,000,000 HP, regenerating arms with half a million HP each, and practically unstoppable, ultra-damaging attacks (including one called “Judgment Day” that does an insane amount of destructive damage to your entire party while also draining an unfathomable amount of MP), a battle against Penance might as well be the literal embodiment of the concept.

23 Weakest: Ghastly Darklord – Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden

Tales of Game’s Studios Presents Chef Boyardee’s Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden: Episode 1 of the Hoopz Barkely SaGa is one of, if not the, funniest game in the entirety of existence.

A completely unofficial “dark” sequel to Space Jam, the game is a JRPG starring Charles Barkley in a world where “B-Ball” is outlawed due to his use of the cataclysmic Chaos Dunk.

This is all canon, by the way.

Regardless, the game has a hidden boss in its world map: a giant, pixelated old man called “Ghastly Darklord.”

While he’s comparably difficult to other bosses in the game, he’s absolutely nothing when compared to the super-strong secret bosses we listed above.

22 Strongest: Giga Bowser – Melee

For many, Super Smash Bros. Melee is the apex of the Smash Bros. series.

While the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Switch looks like it might be a possible contender for the champion of the series, Melee will likely still hold a special place in the hearst of players across the globe.

Melee also happens to be the home of a devastatingly powerful secret boss, and one that could legitimately scare kids with his appearance: Giga Bowser.

This monstrous transformation for Bowser is only accessible when beating Adventure mode on Normal or higher in less then 18 minutes.

Once you beat the regular Koopa, he’ll return as this horrifying beast.

21 Weakest: Red – Pokemon Gold & Silver

Pokemon Gold & Silver are some of the finest sequels ever created. The Johto region was filled with exciting locations and tons of new Pokémon, but after conquering the area, players could actually return to Kanto from Red and Blue, going on a nostalgic quest.

After beating the Elite Four and all the gyms, players could then discover Red, the original protagonist, in Mt. Silver and battle him.

While he’s the hardest duel in the game, he poses little to no threat by the time you get to him if you are a skilled trainer.

20 Strongest: The Nameless King – Dark Souls 3

The infamously difficult Dark Souls franchise is utterly loaded with deeply obscured content, thanks to copious amounts of hidden walls and nearly-unintelligible babblings and “hints” from its NPC denizens.

It’s no surprise that some of the series’ most secret elements are ultra-difficult bosses, and Dark Souls 3’s Nameless King is a prime example.

Upon summoning your likely-executioner, you’re treated to an epic entrance and then thrown immediately into an intense fight against him and the dragon he rides.

When you finally dislodge him, you’ll have to duel the King himself, and, like everything in Dark Souls, it won’t be easy.

19 Weakest: Omega Weapon – FFX

The Final Fantasy franchise is absolutely notorious for insanely difficult secret boss fights.

In fact, Final Fantasy X has one of the more crippling versions of dangerous hidden enemies… but it also has one of the weakest: Omega Weapon.

Upon discovering this foe, most players expected to have their butts handed to them, but were completely shocked to discover how quickly (and effortlessly) they were able to decimate this poor fool.

Strangely enough, this boss is only a pushover in the NTSC version of the original game, while the international, PAL and remastered versions are far more formidable.

18 Strongest: The Forgotten One – Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Castlevania’s debut on the PS2, Lament of Innocence, is a fairly competent third-person action game with a rather cool horror-infused edge and dreary atmosphere.

It’s also pretty difficult, tasking players to wrestle with real-time menus and have perfect timing in combat.

There’s one particular fight that ups the considerable difficulty even higher, and that is the battle with The Forgotten One.

This stories-tall creature is imprisoned within the castle and, after the frustrating hoops that you need to jump through to unlock him, you’ll be treated to a brutal (and often disgusting) battle that you won’t soon forget.

17 Weakest: Ice Titan – Kingdom Hearts

While Kingdom Hearts 2 has one of the most difficult secret boss battles of all time with its inclusion of Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth, the same can’t be said for the original Kingdom Hearts and its Ice Titan.

One needn’t worry about strategy or a drawn-out battle against this titanic chunk of living frozen water, as there’s a easy trick into bringing him down easily.

Simply equip Guard, knock back his icicles until he collapses, wail on him, and then rinse and repeat until victory is yours.

Why didn’t Hercules just do that in the movie?

16 Strongest: Culex – Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG is a remarkable Super Nintendo title because Square, a company most associated with Final Fantasy and Sony, is the developer.

Taking concepts from their beloved RPGs and putting them into the world of Mario, Peach, Bowser and the rest seems crazy, but it ends up working out surprisingly well, with a memorable story, interactive battle system, and fan-favorite characters.

There’s also Culex, a “Dark Knight of Vanda,” who is apparently both matter and antimatter, who literally consumes time itself… and who will possibly consume Mario and company as well.

A reference to the FF series, Culex’s encounter is hard as nails and should only be fought by the most battle-hardened of players.

15 Weakest: Moonlight Butterfly – Dark Souls

Probably one of the least “hidden” boss on this list, you can spot the Moonlight Butterfly from miles away as it gently hovers above a crumbling tower.

Should you find your way to this optional boss, you’ll be plunged into one of the easiest encounters in the entirety of the Dark Souls franchise, which is really saying something.

While the atmosphere is eerie, and the Butterfly itself is beautiful, it’s a rather disappointing battle for masochistic Souls players… but it also acts as a confidence boost for those having some serious trouble.

14 Strongest: Yama – Spelunky

Spelunky, an awesome indie side-scrolling rogue-like is already ridiculously difficult, so the fact that there’s a hidden boss that is even harder than the rest of the game seems to be proof that there’s a sadist amongst the programmers.

You’ll need to go through difficult and wildly obscure steps in order to unlock the encounter with this demonic foe.

After defeating the game’s normal boss, Olmec, you’ll be faced with Hell itself, and then the man of the hour.

If you manage to overcome this tyrant, you’ll get yourself an achievement and a new character, but after the hours spent through the torment of getting to this point, is it even worth it?

13 Weakest: Diablos – FFVIII

Final Fantasy VIII is an underrated entry of the venerable series, likely because it’s bookeneded by the beloved VII and the incredible IX.

VIII also has a unique difficulty in which most enemies and monsters are constantly scaled to match your party, meaning there’s almost always a challenge in every battle.

Sometimes this works out great, while sometimes it really doesn’t. Diablos is one of those times… or is it?

Found inside a magic lamp, this devil-like creature is staggeringly difficult if you confront him late in the game, but if you do battle as early as possible, he’s an utter cake walk.

12 Strongest: Cow King – Diablo II

Blizzard famously states that there is no cow level throughout many of their games in a long-running joke, but they’re not telling the whole truth.

There is, indeed, a cow level, and the boss that awaits you there will break the back of your carefully crafted dungeon crawling character.

When combining Wirt’s Peg Leg and a Town Portal Scroll, you’ll be able to warp to this cow-infested dimension, where you will face off against an army of the bovine beasts.

Then, their all-powerful leader will appear, and it’s up to you to stop him… if you can.

11 Weakest: The True Final Boss – Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Sonic 3 & Knuckles is likely the greatest 2D platformer of all time (yeah, we said it).

Its moment-to-moment gameplay is second to none, and its incredible score and level designs will stick with you for years.

Beating the game without the Chaos Emeralds will have you up against a giant Robotnik mech that can be challenging for newcomers, but if you acquire every Chaos and Super Emerald in the game, you get a secret boss battle as Hyper Sonic.

While this stage is extremely cool, the actual battle is supremely easy, which stands in stark contrast to the rigors of actually obtaining the Emeralds.

10 Strongest: Naglfar – FFXV

Against all odds, Final Fantasy XV, after its ridiculously lengthy development, managed to deliver what is the best Final Fantasy of the modern era, truly revolutionizing the series while remaining faithful to what made it legendary in the first place.

One of those areas being, of course, the inclusion of secret super bosses that will destroy you entirely.

While everyone knows about the “72 hour boss fight” with Adamantoise, that behemoth is nothing when compared to Naglfar, a devastatingly powerful foe.

With the ability to resist all weapons types and deliver damage to fully-powered party, Naglfar is a lengthy and violent encounter that only the strongest will survive.

9 Strongest: The Ancient Wyvern – Dark Souls 3

Earlier in this list, we mentioned the Nameless King from Dark Souls 3.

While he and his draconic mount posed a serious threat in the ever-dangerous world of Dark Souls boss fights, the Ancient Wyvern is even worse.

Boasting incredible might and longevity, the player is in for a grueling duel… unless they can figure out the secret to end things smoothly.

While he can be beaten the hard way, the trick is to avoid the thrashing beast at first, run off, and then perform a difficult lunge into its head, which will eliminate the threat in a single hit.

8 Weakest: Slot Machine – Star Fox

The original Star Fox hasn’t aged incredibly wall. Its polygonal graphics were incredible at the time, but they’re hard on the eyes now, as is the game’s miniscule framerate.

Luckily, there’s enough charm with the characters and gameplay to make up for it, along with some awesome secrets.

Should you discover how to get “Out of This Dimension,” you’ll find yourself in a trippy environment battling paper planes and, eventually, a giant Slot Machine while “The Saints Go Marching In” blasts in chip tune glory.

It’s eerie and it’s surreal, but it’s far from difficult.

7 Strongest: Noob Saibot – Mortal Kombat II

In the world of fighting games, there two things that are undeniable: first, you will fight an impossibly unfair boss and, secondly, Mortal Kombat has some of the craziest secrets in the history of the entire medium.

Both of those absolute truths come into play with Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat II.

To test your might against the shadowy ninja, you must win 50 two-player matches in a row and then pray that he’ll appear in Goro’s Lair.

If Noob does appear, don’t get too excited, because there’s a walloping in your immediate future at the hands of this mysterious ninja.

6 Strongest: Emerald/Ruby Weapons – FFVII

In yet another Final Fantasy entry, the fan-favorite FFVII is home to two extremely difficult adversaries: the Emerald and Ruby Weapons.

Though the battle is optional after beating the game, this duo is responsible for countless cracked controllers and broken TV screens.

Extreme amounts of HP, absurdly devastating attacks, nearly-impenetrable defenses and the added challenge of finding these enemies is a recipe for frustration and rage on a level that not even Sephiroth possessed.

To those who have conquered the Weapon duo, we salute you, and for these that haven’t, we absolutely understand.

5 Weakest: The Green Orb – Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is one of the Playstation’s supreme classics, and its merging of the Castlevania universe with the gameplay of Super Metroid is something truly magnificent to behold.

While the game’s gargantuan castle served as a great environment, players were surprised to discover that it was only half of the experience.

In order to access the inverted castle, players needed to uncover a secret boss by wearing Holy Glasses while fighting Richter.

This green orb can be a pain to locate, and it doesn’t pose much of a threat, but that’s okay, since you’ve now got a whole new castle to explore!

4 Strongest: Lv. 99 Emil – NieR: Automata

The first NieR is an odd game, but its strange atmosphere and excellent writing and voice acting crafted an enthused cult fanbase who eagerly awaited a follow-up after the multiple dreary endings of the original games.

Their prayers were answered with the equally dreary NieR: Automata, which evolved many of the concepts and has proven a critical and financial success across the board.

The game’s hardest boss, Lv. 99 Emil, is completely secret, and creates an epic battle to go along with the character’s direct connection to the original NieR.

3 Strongest: Sephiroth – Kingdom Hearts II

The Kingdom Hearts series is best known for two things: its incomprehensible plot, and the fact that it is a crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy, so it seems only fitting that one of the second game’s hidden bosses would be the most recognizable adversary from all of Final Fantasy: Sephiroth.

Hailing from the most beloved entry in the long-running series, Sephiroth is an incredibly difficult secret boss that can be fought in the arena.

He’ll bring all of his old tricks to battle, along with a boatload of health, so you better be adequately prepared when taking on this one-winged angel.

2 Weakest: John Romero – Doom II

Doom is a staple of FPS games, essentially in giving birth to the entire genre, and John Romero was one of the major factors in its development.

In Doom II, the last boss is a gigantic goat skull called the Icon of Sin, and it can only be damaged by firing rockets into its brain. This is all a façade, though.

Using a “no clip” cheat, you can move behind the Icon of Sin to discover the TRUE last boss of the game: John Romero’s head.

This ultra-secret “boss” is the core of the Icon, and it’s also completely defenseless, meaning that destroying him leads to total victory

1 Strongest: Reptile – Mortal Kombat

Noob Saibot from MKII is certainly a powerful and incredibly secretive enemy, but he’s nothing compared to the series’ original hidden fighter.

Reptile was the subject of seemingly never-ending rumors, thanks to how mysterious the means of even seeing this character were.

First, you need to have a double flawless victory without blocking once, but your victory has to be on the Pit stage, and has to end in a Fatality.

Of course, that’s too easy, so you need to hope that Santa Claus is flying across the moon when you do it.

Should you somehow accomplish this, Reptile will unleash all of his fury on you, so get ready for a major beatdown.

Can you think of any other extremely powerful or weak hidden video game bosses? Sound off in the comments!

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