WWE Extreme Rules: AJ Styles Beats Ricochet for U.S. Championship

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles defeats Ricochet for the United States Championship at WWE Extreme Rules, with help from Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Well, help probably isn’t a strong enough word, as Styles’ reunited teammates in The Club faction interfered in the match multiple times. As Jesse “The Body” Ventura used to say though, the record books don’t care how one wins, only that they do. Now, Styles becomes the fourth competitor to walk out of Extreme Rules with a title they didn’t have walking in.

The match at Extreme Rules between Styles and Ricochet was the culmination of a rivalry that’s materialized over the last few weeks. Three weeks ago on Raw, Styles went one on one with Ricochet, who defeated Samoa Joe for the United States Championship at June’s Stomping Grounds event, in a non-title match. Ricochet seemed to have stars in his eyes over taking on the veteran Styles, and ended up losing to him. Then, Ricochet won a rematch with his title on the line on the following Raw.

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Unfortunately, Styles then joined old friends Gallows and Anderson in a beatdown on Ricochet in retaliation, turning heel and reforming The Club faction. Another title match was booked for Extreme Rules, but the encounter quickly went sideways, with Gallows and Anderson attacking Ricochet before the bell. The two bald brawlers would also end up costing Ricochet the match late in the game, sending him crashing down onto the top turnbuckle. Style then hit Ricochet with a second-rope Styles Clash for the win, and the title.

And just like that, Ricochet’s first title reign since being called up to WWE’s main roster ends after only a handful of weeks. Of course, losing at Extreme Rules to a top star like Styles won’t hurt his standing one bit, and it seems likely the two men will have a rematch sooner or later. This is Styles’ third reign with the United States Championship, and his fifth overall title in WWE to date, having also held the WWE Championship twice. While that number isn’t as high as some, Styles’ reigns tend to be long, with one lasting for over a year.

As good as Styles is as being either an underdog babyface or a cocky heel, he’ll hopefully have at least one clean match against Ricochet at some point, as all three they’ve had so far have been marred by some type of shenanigans. Then again, one can’t fault a bad guy for cheating to win. As the late, great legend Eddie Guerrero used to say “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”

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AJ Styles & Everyone Else That Moved to Raw in WWE’s Superstar Shakeup

WWE began its annual Superstar Shakeup event tonight, and here’s a list of all the wrestlers newly headed to Monday nights every week for Raw. WWE first enacted a “brand extension” back in 2002, the year after WWE bought both WCW and ECW, greatly expanding its talent roster. The Raw and SmackDown rosters were reunified in 2011, and stayed that way until 2016, when WWE once again split the brands. Of course, WWE has always played a bit fast and loose with the brand extension, sometimes having people from one brand make surprise appearances on the other show for no real reason other than to pop a rating or increase buzz around WWE.

AJ Styles memorably debuted in WWE at Royal Rumble 2016, entering to an enormous ovation. While he didn’t win the Rumble match, he would be WWE Champion before the end of the year. Styles has been on the SmackDown roster since the revival of the brand split in 2016, and has been WWE Champion for quite a bit of that time. SmackDown has come to be known as the house that AJ Styles built, and as far as the current version of the show goes, it’s hard to disagree with that claim.

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As of Monday’s episode of WWE Raw though, Styles is officially no longer a member of the SmackDown roster, and has been moved over to Raw. He served as the mystery tag team partner in Raw’s main event six-man tag team match, competing alongside Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins against the team of Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, and Bobby Lashley. Styles won the match by pinning Lashley after hitting him with The Phenomenal Forearm.

AJ Styles wasn’t the only big name to make the jump from SmackDown to Raw. Also arriving on Monday nights was Rey Mysterio, who attacked Elias, before being decimated by Lars Sullivan, also now part of Raw. The Miz also jumped brands, attacking rival Shane McMahon with a chair in the process. Another big move was The Usos, who just last week lost the SmackDown Tag Team Championships to Matt and Jeff Hardy. Probably not coincidentally, Jimmy Uso’s wife and former SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi appeared later in the show.

In a move that’s riled up many fans, NXT Tag Team Champions The War Raiders surprisingly moved to Raw as part of the shakeup, and are now billed as the rather silly sounding The Viking Experience. After floating between brands for months, Aleister Black and Ricochet are also now officially on Raw, thankfully not as The Acrobatic Experience. Another duo added to Raw is Andrade and his manager Zelina Vega, while Cedric Alexander heads over from 205 Live, and EC3 settled into Raw just long enough to get destroyed by Braun Strowman. Eric Young seems to have been stripped of his Sanity teammates during the move to Raw for some reason. Last but not least, Lacey Evans continued her pursuit of Becky Lynch, now specifically for the Raw Women’s Championship.

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AJ Styles vs Randy Orton Match Confirmed For WrestleMania

The WWE has confirmed AJ Styles and Randy Orton will have a singles match at WrestleMania XXXV. The two former world champions have been teasing the match for several weeks now, with the most recent tease taking place this week. After the two went back and forth in an explosive promo on Tuesday’s edition of SmackDown, Styles issued a challenge to Orton. Orton didn’t agree to Styles’ offer, but now the match is set.

Teases for the match first began at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view when the two participated in the titular match for Daniel Bryan’s WWE championship. The issues between Orton and Styles stem from Styles claiming that he is the man solely responsible for making SmackDown what it is today. In response, Orton came to the ring during this week’s SmackDown to remind “The Phenomenal One” of his accomplishments in the WWE since arriving on the scene in 2002. Styles would have none of it, as he reminded Orton that most of his accomplishments came from him using others to get ahead in the business and because of his family ties to the industry. Now the two are set to go one on one in a few weeks at WrestleMania XXXV.

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WWE has confirmed that AJ Styles and Randy Orton will face each other at this year’s WrestleMania pay-per-view; their match will take place on April 7 at MetLife Stadium. An official preview was listed on the promotion’s site detailing the bad blood that has been building between the two former world champions. After reminding Styles of his successes, Orton claimed it was time for the former “indy darling” to pay up because Orton believes he made it possible for Styles to step into a WWE ring.

Since his surprise arrival at the 2016 Royal Rumble event, Styles has been thriving on WWE’s main roster and quickly captured the WWE championship in a few short months. Considering the WWE tends to waste talent not originally established in the company, Styles’ success was a welcomed surprise since the feeling was that he would be used to build up the company’s current poster boy, Roman Reigns. Orton’s career began back in 2002, and he quickly became one of WWE’s biggest stars. As of now, he is a 13-time world champion and will likely add another title to his resume before he retires. With the two set to settle their differences in a few weeks, fans will get to see who is the superior athlete.

WrestleMania XXXV already has several major matches taking place, and the addition of a singles competition between two of the WWE’s greatest athletes in Orton and Styles makes the card look even better. Personal differences aside, these two decorated stars will certainly put on an interesting match, as both have very unique wrestling styles. With the match made official, the WWE must now continue to build interest for the match between the two as WrestleMania approaches.

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