Into The Badlands Reveal Sunny’s (& His Sister’s) Backstory At Last

With only a few episodes left in Into the Badlands‘ third and final season, the AMC series has finally revealed the main protagonist’s backstory. After reuniting with his long-lost sister, Kannin (Eugenia Yuan), Sunny (Daniel Wu) has at last learned the truth about his past.

Throughout the first two seasons of the post-apocalyptic martial arts series, not much was known about Sunny’s early life. As a child and with no memory of his past, Sunny was found near a river by Waldo, who trained him to become a Clipper and the loyal regent of Quinn. Since then, Sunny has picked up a few more details on his childhood, such as his connection to the lost city of Azra and the Gift, his history with Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay), and the existence of an older sister who saved him from the Black Lotus.

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In Monday’s episode of Into the Badlands, “Black Lotus, White Rose”, Sunny is captured by the Black Lotus. While a prisoner, Sunny discovers that one of their members is actually his sister, Kannin. She reveals that after they were attacked by the Black Lotus in the aftermath of Azra’s fall, she was taken in by Magnus (Francis Magee). Magnus taught her that the Gift was an evil and destructive power. Under his tutelage, she learned its history, and how the Gift was responsible for the apocalypse. In the years that she was separated from Sunny, Kannin has been helping Magnus and the Black Lotus eradicate the Dark Ones.

Kannin uses the Gift to unlock Sunny’s memories. Sunny finds out that he and Pilgrim were selected by Sunny’s father to be the guardians of Azra’s future, which explains what Pilgrim meant when he said that the two of them were “chosen sons” of Azra. On that day, a group of Black Lotus warriors led by Magnus were captured after a failed attempt to infiltrate the city. Sunny was told by his father to kill Magnus, but Magnus convinced Sunny that his father was simply using him. Sunny freed Magnus, thus making it possible for Black Lotus to return and destroy the city. This startling revelation sheds new light on the fall of Azra by revealing that Sunny himself is responsible for the destruction of his home.

Despite Kannin’s loyalty to the Black Lotus and their ideals, she ends up siding with Sunny and helping them to defeat Magnus. While it seemed possible that Into the Badlands was setting up Magnus to be the real villain of the series, this may no longer be the case. Instead, the series may have just eliminated two key villains in back-to-back episodes – the other being Eleanor Matsuura’s Baron Chau – in an effort to further streamline Into the Badlands for its final episodes. Also, the reveal of Sunny’s backstory provides closure for one of the show’s biggest mysteries, allowing the series to focus its attention on Pilgrim and the fate of the Badlands.

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Game of Thrones: Did You Spot The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Cameo?

There was a surprising cameo in the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney appeared in a scene. After a 20-month hiatus, the HBO series returned for what will be the final six chapters intended to close out the epic fantasy drama. The premiere was packed with significant moments, many of which have been anticipated for years.

The episode, titled “Winterfell,” featured the arrival of Daenerys and her armies to Winterfell and the long-awaited reunion between Jon Snow and his siblings. Back in the South, Euron Greyjoy returned to King’s Landing with the Golden Company, just as promised. While Euron tried to charm his way into Cersei’s private chambers, Theon went on a rescue mission to save Yara, sneaking aboard Euron’s ship, the Silence, and successfully retrieve his sister. Before freeing Yara, Theon killed a few unsuspecting men left on the ship. The first kill was a very familiar face to It’s Always Sunny fans.

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The man that was killed on the deck of the Silence was Rob McElhenney, as confirmed by the actor’s Instagram. McElhenney’s character took a quick arrow in the back of the head through the left eye. The blink and you’ll miss it cameo caught many fans off guard, and some missed the appearance altogether.

The creator and star of It’s Always Sunny is reportedly friends with Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The showrunners even wrote an episode of It’s Always Sunny in 2013. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a “The Gang Goes to Westeros” situation featuring the entire cast but there was also another surprise cameo in the rescue sequence. Silicon Valley actor Martin Starr was also one of Euron’s men killed aboard the ship.

McElhenney and Starr joined Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody, Coldplay’s Will Champion, Sigur Rós, and Ed Sheeran as celebrities who have cameo appearances on the hit HBO series. In fact, one of the Game of Thrones‘ premiere’s callbacks was to the latter: one of Bronn’s female companions brought up a “ginger” named Eddie who got caught up in the attack by Daenerys’ army, revealing Eddie’s fate along with his now missing eyelids.

With only five episodes left, it will be interesting to see if the showrunners have any more surprising cameos planned. It’s no question why celebrities would want to jump at the chance of appearing in a series as popular as Game of Thrones. Even though the celebs tend to meet a very dark fate, it would be something to brag about. With Game of Thrones nearing the end of its run, keep those eyes peeled for any more familiar faces.

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Game of Thrones season 8 airs Sundays at 9pm ET on HBO.

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Into the Badlands Casts Daughter of Martial Arts Legend as Sunny’s Sister

Sunny’s sister, Kannin, made her first appearance on Into the Badlands in the latest episode, played by Chinese-American actress and former Olympic gymnast Eugenia Yuan. Interestingly, Yuan has deep connections to the martial arts genre, and not just through her own work in movies. Yuan is the daughter of Cheng Pei-pei, a martial arts legend known to many as the “Queen of Swords”, and the first major female martial arts star.

Sunny’s sister is one of the season’s most important mysteries. Earlier in Into the Badlands season 3, Sunny was told that he had a sister named Kannin who helped him escape from Azra several years ago. Despite his efforts to learn more about her, Sunny has been unable to find out what happened to her after Azra was destroyed by the Black Lotus. After being captured by the Black Lotus in “Black Lotus, White Rose”, Sunny finally reunites with his sister, who has been a member of the secret cult since she was recruited as a child.

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The actress who plays Kannin is no stranger to the martial arts genre. Eugenia Yuan has appeared in a handful of martial arts films, including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny and The Man with the Iron Fists 2. Her mother, on the other hand, is a kung fu icon who starred in dozens of martial arts movies in the 1960s and ’70s.

Chinese actress Cheng Pei-pei rose to stardom in 1966 with her role as Golden Swallow in King Hu’s Come Drink with Me. In Come Drink with Me, Cheng Pei-pei’s Golden Swallow is a one-woman army who effortlessly wipes out a large number of swordsmen in an effort to rescue her brother. The film is widely regarded as one of the best and most influential kung fu films of all-time. Come Drink With Me served as the inspiration for Ang Lee’s Academy Award-winning classic, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which featured Cheng Pei-pei as the villain, Jade Fox. At 72, the actress is still active in the industry, and will next appear in Disney’s Mulan in 2020.

Her work is credited with revolutionizing the martial arts genre. Before Come Drink with Me, kung fu films typically featured male actors in the lead roles. Cheng went on to play the main character in several films in the years that followed, including The Lady Hermit, The Jade Raksha, The Lady of Steel, and several more. Over the years, her warrior woman image earned her the title of “Queen of Swords”. Her work in the industry has also set the standard for other female martial arts stars, such as Michelle Yeoh. The link between Into the Badlands’ Eugenia Yuan and this martial arts legend is easy to miss, but it provides a fun connection between the AMC series and a legendary pioneer of kung fu cinema.

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Exclusive Into the Badlands Clip: Sunny Versus the Black Lotus

An exclusive clip for next week’s episode of Into the Badlands previews an epic battle between Sunny (Daniel Wu) and the Black Lotus. The clip may also be our first look at Sunny’s sister, a character whose identity is one of the season’s biggest mysteries.

In February, AMC announced that Into the Badlands would end after season 3. Following a long hiatus, the post-apocalyptic martial arts series finally returned at the end of March, and will conclude in May. The remaining episodes of Into the Badlands will tie up Sunny’s battle with Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay). Recent episodes have introduced a new threat in the form of a group called the Black Lotus, who share deep ties to Sunny’s mysterious and troubled past.

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AMC has shared an exclusive clip of next Monday’s episode, “Black Lotus, White Rose,” with Screen Rant. The clip reveals that Sunny was captured by the Black Lotus following the fight at the end of this week’s episode. During the clip, a female Black Lotus warrior who possesses the Gift frees Sunny, and a bloody battle ensues in classic Into the Badlands fashion. Together, Sunny, Bajie (Nick Frost), and the woman fight off the Black Lotus and their leader, Magnus (Francis Magee).

The identity of Sunny’s new ally could serve as a major turn of events for the series. Sunny recently learned that he has an older sister, but has no idea who or where she is. All he knows is that she helped save him from the Black Lotus when he was a child, and aided in Sunny and Pilgrim’s escape from the city of Azra. Since only four episodes remain in season 3, it would make sense for her to make an appearance soon.

The clip also drops an important reveal regarding the fate of a key character. Monday’s episode ended on a cliffhanger with Magnus stabbing Bajie in the chest. Bajie’s fate was left uncertain, but the clip confirms that the character somehow survives, which is interesting because Bajie doesn’t appear to be injured at all.

Sunny will of course need all the allies he can get for the battles to come. After attacking the Monastery and waking up dozens of Dark Ones, Pilgrim has secured a powerful army, making him even more dangerous than before. However, Pilgrim may not even be Sunny’s greatest threat. Instead, the Black Lotus may be the real villains of season 3.

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Into the Badlands season 3 continues Monday, April 15th on AMC.

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Into The Badlands Reminds Us That Sunny’s Sister Is Still Important

Monday’s episode of Into the Badlands reminds viewers that Sunny’s sister is still important to the show. It was revealed earlier in the season that Sunny (Daniel Wu) has a sister somewhere in the Badlands, but no one, including Sunny himself, has any knowledge of her whereabouts.

The latest episode of the AMC series, “Cobra Fang, Panther Claw,” sees the main characters become sidetracked from their mission to defeat Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay). The Widow (Emily Beecham) and Nix (Ella-Rae Smith) team up to rescue the Widow’s friends and finally put an end to the war with Baron Chau (Eleanor Matsuura). Meanwhile, the Black Lotus, led by Magnus (Francis Magee), finally catch up to Ankara (Clara Higgins). Despite being protected by both Sunny and Bajie (Nick Frost), Ankara was viciously murdered by Magnus, who also stabbed Bajie in the chest.

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Before her death, Ankara tells Sunny and Bajie the truth about the fall of Azra. Ankara confesses that it was her fault that the Black Lotus found the city. She also mentions that there were only a few survivors: Sunny, his sister, and Pilgrim. The mystery of Sunny’s sister hasn’t received much attention in recent episodes, but the brief reference to her in “Cobra, Fang, Panther Claw” serves as a reminder to viewers that answers are still coming. With only four episodes remaining in Into the Badlands‘ third and final season, fans won’t have to wait much longer for this storyline to reach a resolution. Synopses for upcoming episodes confirm that Sunny’s sister, Kannin, will arrive soon, played by Eugenia Yuan.

Earlier in the season, Sunny learned more details about his childhood from an encounter with the River King. He was on a boat that was attacked by the Black Lotus. Nearly everyone on board was massacred. One survivor, the boat captain, revealed to Sunny that he had a sister. He described her as Sunny’s “guardian angel,” who protected him from the Black Lotus.

Later, when Pilgrim was trying to convince Sunny to join forces with him, he explained that in their youth, they were both “chosen sons” of Azra. According to Pilgrim, it was Sunny and his sister, Kannin, who helped him escape Azra when the Black Lotus sacked the city and burned it to the ground. Pilgrim told Sunny that he didn’t know what became of her after Azra’s fall.

If the fight with the Black Lotus was the last time anyone saw Kannin, it could mean that the cult had something to do with her disappearance. Sunny’s best chance of finding out what happened to Kannin will come when he faces off against Magnus.

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It’s Always Sunny: 10 Best Charlie Kelly Quotes

There’s no single character in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia who could stake a claim for the funniest on the show. That’s the beauty of it – every single character in the cast is hilarious; there’s no dead weight. Dennis’ sinister psychopathy, Mac’s combination of homosexuality and devout Catholicism, Dee’s disregard for anyone but herself, Frank’s all-out depravity, and Charlie’s childlike innocence masking a serious dark side all make them hysterically funny characters. But it’s arguably the latter whose characterization makes him the most lovable.

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So, for fans of It’s Always Sunny, here are the 10 Best Charlie Kelly Quotes, ya jabronis!

10 On Pirates Who Live In Break Rooms

“Look at that door, dude. See that door right there? The one marked ‘pirate’? Do you think a pirate lives in there?”

Charlie’s illiteracy is the subject of a lot of jokes in It’s Always Sunny, because he’s in complete denial about the fact that he can’t read or write. He insists, “I can read and write, I just don’t like to read and write.” But there’s a lot of evidence to the contrary – the lyrics he writes are illegible and nonsensical and only make sense to him, and he turns on the “Closed” sign at the front of the bar because he thinks it says “Coors.”

9 On Unemployment

“Just get a job? Why don’t I strap on my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into Jobland, where jobs grow on jobbies!”

It’s Always Sunny isn’t satire in the way that something like Veep or Arrested Development would be considered satire, but it does have a satirical take – in its own specific brand of humor – on most topics. This rant by Charlie is a satirical take on the state of the economy and unemployment rates. In Jobland, jobs don’t even grow on trees. They grow on something called “jobbies,” which is a different kind of plant that specifically grows jobs for unemployed people to just pick off.

8 On Going To A Spa

“What is this word, ‘spa’? I feel like you’re starting to say a word and you’re not finishing it. Are you trying to say ‘spaghetti’? Are you taking me for a spaghetti day?”

In the episode “Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats,” the Gang decide to give Charlie the best day of his life. While Dennis, Mac, and Frank make all the arrangements, they send Dee to take him for a spa day to get him out of the way. She ends up taking him to the movies, because he doesn’t know what a spa is, and by then, he’s gotten himself in the mood for spaghetti.

7 On The High School Experience

“I’ll get high. I’ll get sad. People can laugh at me. I hate high school, man!”

In the two-parter “The High School Reunion” that rounds out the seventh season (the one where Mac got fat), the Gang all regress into their teenage selves as they attend their high school reunion. A vicious wedgie puts Dee back in her back brace, Mac and Charlie are the target of all the jocks’ bullying, and Dennis surveys the room, looking down on all his “minions.”

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In this line, spoken by Charlie in the men’s bathroom as he searches for toxic chemicals to huff, sadly and frankly describes the high school experience perfectly.

6 On Directing Theater

“I am going to smack everyone into tiny little pieces.”

In the season 4 finale “The Nightman Cometh,” Charlie writes a musical and puts it on, starring the Gang, in an attempt to woo the Waitress with its muddled message about his growth as a man. As he struggles to keep his cast on the script without ripping their costumes or singing their own songs, he gets angrier and angrier. He starts threatening to smack people who wrong him, saying he’ll take their whole face off with his slaps. He’s not a fantastic director of theater, due to his impatience with actors – although, for an illiterate guy, he’s not a bad playwright.

5 On Religion

“You’re telling me that you believe that Christ comes back to life every Sunday in the form of a bowl of crackers and you proceed to just eat the man?”

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After previously singing, “The Good Lord is going down on me,” when the Gang decided to exploit the image of the Virgin Mary that miraculously appeared in the damp on the walls of the back office, Charlie backtracked his faith in “Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer.” He’s happy to exploit the followers of Christianity, but the second he finds himself in one of their services, he points out everything he finds weird about it.

4 On America

“I’m gonna rise up, gonna kick a little ass. Gonna kick some ass in the USA. Gonna climb a mountain, gonna sew a flag, gonna fly on an eagle. I’m gonna kick some butt, gonna drive a big truck. I’m gonna rule this world. I’m gonna kick some ass. I’m gonna rise up, gonna kick a little ass. Rock, flag, and eagle!”

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When he decides to “go all America on everybody’s ass,” Charlie erupts with patriotic language taken from truck commercials. What makes this weirdly Springsteen-y musical patriotic rant so great is the fact that Charlie Day improvised the whole thing. He forgot the original line during one take and just came out with this.

3 On Eating Stickers

“I eat stickers all the time, dude!”

In the season 5 episode “The Gang Hits the Road,” the Gang sets out to drive to the Grand Canyon and don’t actually end up leaving Philly. Their first stop is at the Italian Market to “” for some good deals.

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Mac is determined to get Charlie a pear after finding out he’s never eaten one, only to be “burned” on a 45-cent pear that isn’t ripe. But before Mac can get his money back, Charlie has eaten the whole thing – stickers and all. Apparently, it’s something he’s made a habit of.

2 On Meeting Santa

“Did you f**k my mom, Santa Claus? Did you f**k my mom? Did you f**k her? DID YOU F**K MY F**KING MOM? DID YOU F**K MY MOM, SANTA?”

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In “A Very Sunny Christmas,” Mac and Charlie discover their childhood Christmas traditions were actually super dark and sad. Mac spent every Christmas breaking into people’s homes and stealing presents from them, while Charlie got all his Christmas presents from men dressed as Santa and his elves who went upstairs to sleep with his mom. So, when he meets a mall Santa, he flips out, bites Santa’s neck, and beats the snot out of him in front of dozens of screaming, traumatized children.

1 On Fight Milk

“I drink it every morning, so I can fight like a crow!”

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The Fight Milk commercial is one of the many things the Gang have recorded onto the one tape they own. It’s their attempt at an alcoholic protein drink. In the season 12 episode “Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare,” Mac and Charlie find out that Fight Milk has actually taken off on the UFC scene and all the fighters are drinking it. As it turns out, they’re not drinking it so they can fight like a crow – they’re drinking it because it gives them such violent bouts of vomiting and diarrhea that they’re able to drop body weight in time for the championship weigh-in.

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The 10 Best Episodes Of Always Sunny In Philadelphia Of All Time

After many years, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is finally beginning to be recognized for the brilliant show that it is. From its humble beginnings as a low-budget comedy trying to find its audience, the show is now considered one of the great modern television comedies.

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It’s Always Sunny has managed to stay consistently hilarious over the course of thirteen season creating countless hilarious episodes. As good as the entire run has been, there are those handful of episodes that rise above the rest as proof of how good this show can be. Here are the very best episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

10 The Gang Goes To A Water Park

The Paddy’s Pub gang are so outrageous and generally terrible people, that putting them in just about any situation is going to be entertaining. This episode is a perfect example of that as a simple trip to the water park turns into one hilarious mishap after another.

Being surrounded by people in a family-friendly environment is a recipe for disaster with this group and the episode takes full advantage of the setting. From Mac and Dee getting stuck in the waterslide, to Frank going to extremes to cut the line, it’s a perfect adventure for the gang.

9 The Gang Hits The Road

Though we’ve seen the gang travel more in the later seasons, this episode was their first attempt to actually leave their beloved Philadelphia. It goes about as well as you would expect.

The episode is a perfect highlight of how the gang can’t help but get in their own way. They become so preoccupied with creating the perfect road trip that they prevent themselves from actually leaving town. The episode has some laugh-out-loud moments, such as the constant attempts to ditch Dee. And it all ends with a hilarious anti-climax.

8 Hero Or Hate Crime

The show has always pushed the envelope and, so far, has done so without going too far. To have a full episode surrounding the use of a homophobic slur was risky, but it managed to be both thoughtful and hilarious.

The show can achieve so much by just having these characters argue with each other. That’s pretty much all that this episode is about, as they try to determine to ownership of a lottery card. The episode is also noteworthy for concluding the long-running question of Mac’s sexuality, which continues to be an important part of the show going forward.

7 Mac & Dennis Move To The Suburbs

These characters are, thankfully, not normal people and they are not able to live like normal people. Whenever confronted with how the rest of society works, these characters usually begin to fall apart. This episode features maybe the most revealing proof of how messed up these people are.

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Taking on a bet from Frank, Mac and Dennis move out to the suburbs to start a new life. Quite quickly, the change in environment begins to get to them and they both lose their minds in very dark ways. Who knew a nervous breakdown could be so fun?

6 The Gang Dines Out

The Paddy’s Pub gang is one of the most unique groups on television. Like most sitcom friends, they seem to spend all their time together and do everything together. However, unlike other groups, they also seem to have a lot of animosity for each other.

This episode finds the gang split in teams as they try to enjoy a special meal while at the same restaurant. What follows is a lot of tension, resentment, and mistreatment of waiters. It’s further proof that these people probably only hang out with each other because no one else will.

5 The Gang Buys a Boat

One of the smartest moves the show ever made was bringing in Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds. Not only is DeVito a welcome addition to the cast who seems game for anything, but Frank’s enormous wealth allows the gang can do anything that pops into their minds.

This episode is another one of the simple premises out of which the show squeezes every potential for comedy. While Charlie’s ocean garbage collection and Dee’s new dance moves are hilarious, the episode’s highlight is Dennis’ very disturbing description of “the implication,” further cementing him as a true psychopath.

4 The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis

Part of what makes this show special is how it actively tries to be different from other shows. The brains behind It’s Always Sunny are very aware what other comedy shows are doing and always try to pervert those old tropes.

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This episode explores the standard personalities that make up a regular pop culture group – the brains, the looks, the muscle, etc. The problem is none of these people really have any of these could qualities and thus they can’t accomplish anything. Extra points though for introducing Charlie as the “wild card.”

3 Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack

Some of the greatest episodes of the show present a typical, relatable issue and then show how badly the gang can screw it up in their own ways. In this episode, the gang seek a healthier lifestyle and, obviously, fail.

Dennis and Dee try to achieve perfection in the easiest way possible. Frank is put in a mental institute, in an homage to DeVito’s role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. But the highlight is Mac and Charlie seeking health insurance by getting a mailroom job. This leads to the meme-worthy moment where Charlie tries to unwrap a vast conspiracy that is all in his simple mind.

2 Charlie Work

Charlie Kelly is one of television’s strangest characters. He is an anger-prone, illiterate adult who should be dead from all the glue-huffing and paint-drinking. And yet, this episode shows that there might be a little more going on inside Charlie’s mind.

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As they prepare for a visit from the health inspector, Charlie tries desperately to get the pub and the gang ready. Shot like a single take, the episode is filled with energy and fun as Charlie does what he does best. And the slow-burn gag with the barstool is just icing on the cake.

1 The Nightman Cometh

It’s Always Sunny is one of those great shows that reward loyal viewership. For the Season 4 finale, the show took a small but memorable gag from Season 3 and created a musical episode around it, and it was wonderful.

In an attempt to finally woo his crush, Charlie puts on this elaborate, nonsensical and accidentally obscene stage production. The episode is funny enough just watching the gang try to wrap their heads around the absurdity of Charlie’s musical. Add to that the fact that the songs are actually pretty entertaining. It further proved that this show could do anything.

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15 Sitcoms That Became Massive Hits (And 15 That Completely Flopped)

There are many forms of entertainment, but television is one of the most popular. Watching TV has been a popular pastime ever since the television was created in 1927. Programs can often bring families together or can even give people an escape from reality while they binge-watch their new favorite show. People used to have to pay for cable to watch their favorite shows, but now, watching TV is easier than ever with the mass amount of streaming services that have become available, such as Hulu and Netflix.

Some of the best shows are even exclusive to streaming services such as these. Even YouTube has expanded to include TV shows that come in a variety of genres. Needless to say, there is now a seemingly endless amount of programming that will entertain anybody and everybody.

Much like movies, there are a wide variety of TV shows and genres to pick from. TV networks seem to come out with a variety of different shows each year including sitcoms. While a network might release a few different sitcoms each year, a lot of them seem to flop and be forever forgotten by viewers. Other sitcoms stick around for several years resulting in many seasons worth of laughs.

Some of these shows have stuck around longer than they probably should have, but others were so terrible that they were canceled after only one season.

 Here are the 15 Sitcoms That Became Massive Hits (And 15 That Completely Flopped). 

30 Massive Hit: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory may have not launched any of the main actors acting careers, but the show certainly boosted them into the spotlight. The Big Bang Theory came on the air in 2007 thanks to creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The show centers around a group of geeky and socially awkward friends who hang out with a waitress named Penny.

The show has become incredibly popular during its twelve seasons on the air, with many celebrities making cameos on the show.

The Big Bang Theory became so popular that it even received a spinoff about a young Sheldon Cooper.

29 Flopped: Caveman

The Cavemen were a popular marketing image used by the auto insurance company GEICO starting in 2004. While people don’t see a lot of the Cavemen anymore, they used to be incredibly popular. ABC thought they were so popular that they should launch a sitcom featuring the GEICO Cavemen.

The show was a massive failure with viewers and critics and was therefore canceled after one season. Thirteen episodes were created for the first season; however, only six of them aired in the U.S. Caveman was such a flop that it didn’t even get a DVD release to try and make some money back. 

28 Massive Hit: Friends

Friends was a massive win for NBC and ran for ten years from 1994 to 2004. The show just follows the lives of six friends living in Manhattan, but many people loved the idea of the show.

Friends was, and still is, adored by fans and critics. The show even landed the #24 spot on the Writers Guild of America West’s 101 Best Written TV Series. The sitcom did a lot for all of the actors involved in the series, but is often considered a turning point for Jennifer Aniston’s career. 

27 Flopped: Ferris Bueller

John Hughes’ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off starring Matthew Broderick was a hit back in 1986. Fans still love the movie to this day and even launched a “Ferris Fest” in Chicago to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie. While the film was successful, the TV series was not.

The show titled Ferris Bueller followed Ferris and his friends’ everyday life at high school. What made the first movie fun was that Ferris wasn’t in school, but NBC apparently didn’t get that since they picked up the series in the ‘90s. The show didn’t bring back any of the original cast members and ended after one season. 

26 Massive Hit: That ‘70s Show

When That ‘70s Show first came on the air, there was no guarantee that the show would succeed. The show starred primarily new young actors, with little to no acting experience. That ‘70s Show was even the very first acting job for Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, and Laura Prepon. Thankfully, the risk paid off for Fox and became a massive hit.

The series lasted for eight seasons from 1998 to 2006. Besides, Kutcher, Grace, and Prepon, the show also starred Mila Kunis, Danny Masterson, and Wilmer Valderrama. The cast did a phenomenal job for a total of 200 episodes, and then went on to have even more enriching careers in Hollywood. 

25 Flopped: That ‘80s Show

While That ‘70s Show was a massive hit, the success could not be repeated for That ‘80s Show. Even when Fox was still broadcasting new episodes of That ‘70s Show, they created a show about the ‘80s in 2002.

The show isn’t a direct sequel to the first show and the only way it connects to That ‘70s Show is that the main character, Corey Howard, is supposed to be Eric Forman’s cousin.

The show was created because of the popularity of That ‘70s Show, but people just weren’t interested in another show about a different decade. 

24 Massive Hit: The Office

The original The Office debuted on the BBC in 2001 and only stuck around for two seasons and a Christmas special. The concept for the show, however, was adapted eight different times for countries across the world.

One of the more popular versions of The Office came in 2005. The show starred Steve Carell as Michael Scott and John Krasinski as Jim Halpert. These two men have probably had the biggest career after the show ended, but the entire cast made a memorable group of characters that kept fans laughing for nine seasons. 

23 Flopped: George

George Foreman may be known for his impressive boxing career or even the famous George Foreman Grill, but he also got his own TV show in the ‘90s. The show ran for ten episodes, only nine of which actually ended up on the air. The show starred Foreman as a retired boxer who took care of troubled kids after school.

While Foreman’s show may have flopped, there is no doubt denying he was an impressive boxer especially since he won a gold medal in the 1968 Mexico City Summer Olympics. 

22 Massive Hit: How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother was a romantic comedy that aired on CBS from 2005 to 2014. The show centered around Ted Mosby, who would narrate the adventures that led up to him meeting his wife.

Apart from Ted, played by Josh Radnor, the series had several other memorable characters played by Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, and Alyson Hannigan. While the majority of the series was met with critical acclaim, the final two seasons are often criticized for the way it wrapped up the show. A spinoff titled How I Met Your Dad or How I Met Your Father have been in development before, but the spinoff has had some trouble taking off. 

21 Flopped: 1600 Penn

NBC has had some hits over the years, but 1600 Penn was not one of them. The series was about a dysfunctional family who lived in the White House with their father.

Bill Pullman played the President of the United States starring alongside with Josh Gad, Jenna Elfman, and Martha MacIsaac. The show ultimately didn’t do well with critics who slammed the show for having too many sitcom stereotypes and being a failed parody attempt of The West Wing. The show was canceled after one season and people aren’t really begging NBC to bring it back. 

20 Massive Hit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

There has always been an abundance of cop dramas on TV, but not as many cop sitcoms. Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars the singer of the comedy band The Lonely Island Andy Samberg, as well as Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, and Stephanie Beatriz.

In May, Fox decided to cancel the show, but the very next day, NBC picked it up and renewed it for a sixth season.

So far, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has won two Golden Globes, two Primetime Emmy Awards, and has been nominated for several other awards.

19 Flopped: Dads

The show Dads was created by Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild and premiered on Fox in 2013. Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi starred as two video game developers whose fathers move in with them. Not only was the show canceled after only one season, but it also got ripped apart by critics.

The series became known for depending on offensive gags to get laughs and having an array of unlikable characters. Along with Green and Ribisi, Brenda Song and Vanessa Lachey had recurring roles on the show.

18 Massive Hit: Modern Family

Modern Family is about three different families living in Los Angeles. Much like The Office, Modern Family was created as a mockumentary type sitcom. The series was created in 2009 and is still running on ABC. The show has won an impressive 21 Primetime Emmy Awards, which is partly because of the incredible cast.

Actors such as Ed O’Neil, Sofía Vergara, Ty Burrell, and Eric Stonestreet are some of the many talented people in the cast. While the series has been a massive hit so far, there are rumors that the show could be ending after season 10. 

17 Flopped: My Big Fat Greek Life

It isn’t every day that a romantic comedy will spawn its own TV show, but it certainly happens. My Big Fat Greek Wedding came out in 2002 and starred Nia Vardalos and John Corbett.

The movie revolved around the struggles that Vardalos’ character Toula had by marrying someone who wasn’t Greek. The TV series took place after the first film and starred Vardalos, but Corbett did not return. At first, the series had incredible ratings, but by the second episode, people had started to tune out, which led to CBS canceling the show. 

16 Massive Hit: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was created by Rob McElhenney in 2005 and is currently still running on FXX. The comedy is about five friends who run an Irish Bar in Philadelphia. McElhenney stars in the show alongside fellow comedians Charlie Day, Danny Devito, Kaitlin Olson, and Glenn Howerton. The show began with low ratings, which is why FX forced the show to add a big name actor.

Devito was added to the cast and they haven’t looked back since. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has received critical acclaim since the beginning, and now thirteen seasons later, it has become one of the longest-running live action comedies ever. 

15 Flopped: Joey

Many fans were disappointed to see Friends go off the air in 2004. While most of the cast moved on to other acting roles, one friend stuck around to try and get more laughs for NBC.

After Friends ended, Matt LeBlanc played Joey Tribbiani in the spinoff show titled Joey.

The show saw Joey move on with his life and try to make it big in Hollywood as an actor. The show couldn’t live up to the success that NBC saw with the first series and it was ultimately canceled after two seasons. 

14 Massive Hit: Arrested Development 

Arrested Development has been bringing on the laughs ever since the first episode aired in 2003. The show originally ran for three seasons on Fox but was then later picked up by Netflix. Netflix released season four in 2013 and the first half of season five this year.

The show truly has an ensemble cast, including actors Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Portia de Rossi, and Will Arnett. Tony Hale and David Cross also have the fan-favorite roles of Buster Bluth and Tobias Fünke. The entire series can be found on Netflix. 

13 Flopped: Bad Judge

While shows like Judge Judy or The People’s Court may be hilarious already, NBC set out to make an actual sitcom about a judge in 2014.

Kate Walsh stars as Judge Rebecca Wright, who works at the Los Angeles County Circuit Court by day, but is a party animal by night. NBC canceled the show before the season had even gotten halfway through, although the rest of the series came on the air as planned. Most people gave the show negative reviews, mainly criticizing Walsh’s performance and the fact that the show just wasn’t funny. 

12 Massive Hit: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation, or simply Parks and Rec., was a massive hit for a couple different reasons. Not only was the show a sitcom, but it doubled as political satire and a mockumentary.

The show ran for a total of seven seasons, but for many people, that wasn’t enough. Parks and Rec. had an incredible cast and memorable characters that only got more hilarious as the series continued. This show most notably included Chris Pratt who has recently blown up in Hollywood, starring in many massive summer blockbusters. 

11 Flopped: Mulaney

John Mulaney is no doubt a funny guy. He is a stand-up comedian and even wrote on Saturday Night Live; however, the sitcom he created in 2014 couldn’t grab people’s attention. The show starred Mulaney himself as a comedian in New York. However, people were concerned about the show before it even came on the air.

The show had an obvious resemblance to Seinfeld and concerns were solidified when the show premiered. With Mulaney doing poorly with critics and with not a lot of people tuning in, the show was canceled after only one season.

10 Massive Hit: Community

Community’s premise centers on Jeff Winger, who is a lawyer who lied about having a bachelor’s degree and is forced to attend a community college. Community lasted for six seasons, five of which aired on NBC and the last on Yahoo! Screen.

The show became a massive hit not just because of the impressive writing team, but because of its cast.

Veteran comedian Chevy Chase stars in the show alongside actors like Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, and Donald Glover. The show also succeeded by parodying several television and movie clichés. 

9 Flopped: Rob

Some actors have a certain time in the spotlight before they fall out of it completely. Fans have seen this happen with Adam Sandler, despite his attempt to stay relevant, and also with his friend and co-worker Rob Schneider.

Schneider attempted to make a sitcom back in 2012 simply titled Rob and CBS actually picked it up. The show focused on Rob, a former bachelor who works as a landscape architect with OCD and who recently got married. Rob was canceled after eight episodes once the show was flooded with horrible reviews pointing out the show’s use of Mexican stereotypes and the weak supporting cast. 

8 Massive Hit: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Before Will Smith was a massive Hollywood star, he starred in a show on NBC called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The show was a huge hit and spawned a total of six seasons and 148 episodes. Will Smith starred as a fictionalized version of himself who goes to live with his Aunt and Uncle in Bel-Air after he gets into one little fight and his mom gets scared. We all know how the rest of the story goes.

Besides Smith, the show is known for the talented cast members, the unique story, and the wide range of celebrity cameos.

7 Flopped: AfterMASH

After the show M*A*S*H ended, CBS came out with AfterMASH. Adequately titled, AfterMASH centered around Colonel Potter, Sergeant Klinger, and Father Mulch who end up in a veteran’s hospital after the Korean War ended.

While M*A*S*H did quite well for the eleven seasons it was on the air, AfterMASH only lasted two seasons before getting canceled. AfterMASH just couldn’t capture what made the first show great, but that didn’t stop CBS from trying again. The TV network would try again in 1984 with WALTER, but thankfully that show didn’t even get picked up. 

6 Massive Hit: The Middle

The Middle was just an average show about a lower middle-class family, yet it still became a massive hit. The series was created by Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline, who previously worked on shows like Roseanne and Murphy Brown.

The show was praised for accurately capturing the lives of a middle-class family while still delivering a hilarious story and unique characters. The Middle lasted for nine seasons before going off the air this year. While the show might be over, a spinoff revolving around Eden Sher’s character Sue Heck is currently in the works. 

5 Flopped: Angel From Hell

Those who don’t remember the sitcom Angel From Hell will be forgiven since the show wasn’t really anything to write home about. In the show Angel From Hell, Jane Lynch stars as a guardian angel for a girl named Allison, who was played by Maggie Lawson.

The show came after Lynch starred in the massively popular Glee, yet Angel From Hell didn’t get as big of a fan base.

The show was canceled by CBS after only five episodes at the beginning of 2016. While CBS didn’t initially air the remaining eight episodes, the rest of the season was released starting in July 2016. 

4 Massive Hit: Two and a Half Men

Even though Two and a Half Men often got mixed reviews, it was still a massive hit for CBS. The show ran for twelve seasons before going off the air, but the show started with Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen, and a young Angus T. Jones.

There was a lot of drama surrounding the show, especially after Sheen’s crazed antics, but the show continued never the less. After a feud with show co-creator Chuck Lorre, Sheen was replaced on the show with Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher stayed on for the rest of the series until the show ended in 2015. 

3 Flopped: I Hate My Teenage Daughter

Another one of Fox’s TV shows that flopped was called I Hate My Teenage Daughter. The show was about a pair of moms, played by Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran, who began to notice that their daughters were turning into the kind of teenagers who had bullied them in high school.

The show began its thirteen episode run in November 2011 and ended it in May 2012. After Fox decided to cancel the show, the remaining six episodes were never released in the U.S., but based on viewership, nobody was really watching anyway.

2 Massive Hit: Seinfeld

Created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the show Seinfeld began in 1989 and lasted for nine seasons. The show was about a fictionalized version of Jerry Seinfeld who lived in New York and spent time with his friends. The show is often called one of the greatest sitcoms ever made and even landed the #2 spot on the Writers Guild of America West’s 101 Best Written TV Series.

Many shows have since tried to copy Seinfeld’s success, but none have been as original as this NBC hit. 

1 Flopped: My Mother the Car

As strange as it sounds, My Mother the Car was an actual sitcom back in the ‘60s. The show follows David Crabtree, who purchases a car that happens to be a reincarnation of his mother who passed away.

The show aired on NBC and starred Dick Van Dyke’s little brother Jerry, but even the Van Dyke gene couldn’t save the show. My Mother the Car was as strange as it was horrible, and not very many people cared for the show. NBC decided to cancel the program after just one season. 

Are there any other sitcoms that should have made the list? Sound off in the comments!

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6 Casting Decisions That Hurt It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (And 14 That Saved It)

There are sitcoms that everyone loves, and then there’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — a series which has managed to turn off many with its despicable characters and depraved sense of humor. From faking cancer to trying to eat a homeless person, there are no depths that are too low for the owners of Paddy’s Pub. But you don’t get to thirteen seasons without making a few fans in the process.

While It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia might not pull in the biggest numbers, the show has maintained such a rabid following over the years that one has to wonder if they’ve accidentally gotten there hands on some raccoon meat. But the more likely scenario is that many people have just as twisted of a sense of humor as the makers of this FX series.

The sitcom was created by Rob McElhenney with the help of Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day, who would go on to portray Mac, Dennis, and Charlie on the series. Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito fill out the rest of the main cast as Dee and Frank Reynolds, and for over the last decade, fans have been happily following the bizarre misadventures of the Gang. Of course, it’s impossible to imagine anyone else in these leading roles. With over 130 episodes, there has been no shortage of supporting characters and celebrity cameo, some of which have been a lot better than others.

Here are 6 Casting Decisions That Hurt It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (And 14 That Saved It).

20 Saved: Glenn Howerton as Dennis Reynolds

In a sea of despicable characters, Dennis Reynolds has slowly revealed himself to be the most reprehensible of them all. Dennis may have begun the series as one of the more sensible members of the Gang — albeit one with an extremely short fuse, but he’s slowly revealed himself to be a cool and calculated sociopath. One who also happens to have a heavy side of narcissistic personality disorder.

While Glenn Howerton didn’t want to name the character after himself for fear of people drawing an unwelcome comparison, that hasn’t stopped Howerton from taking the character to some extremely dark places. He’s more than a little convincing when he lays out one of his manipulative plans. While his temper tantrums may be over-the-top, you never doubt the authenticity of the rage and frustration Howerton has embedded into his performance.

19 Saved: Mary Elizabeth Ellis as The Waitress

One of the most prominent recurring characters on It’s Always Sunny, the Waitress has been a part of the series since the very beginning. She is the unrequited love interest of Charlie throughout the majority of the show — though it seems like the tables have turned in recent episodes.

The Waitress is portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who had previously worked with Charlie Day on an episode of Reno 911! The two were married shortly after It’s Always Sunny began, adding another layer of hilarity to the dysfunctional relationship between the two characters on screen.

Ellis fully commits to her performance as the down-on-her-luck waitress.

She’s an example of the tight-knit community working behind-the-scenes that has made the series such a success.

18 Hurt: Jason Sudeikis as Schmitty

While sitcoms usually lend themselves well to celebrity cameos, It’s Always Sunny has created such a distinct world that more often than not these cameos end up feeling out of place. There have been a few instances where they’ve managed to pull them off. Josh Groban popping up in one of Dee’s fantasies seemed fitting, and Dax Shepard manages to blend in fairly well into the episodes where Mac and Charlie join a cult.

In the case of Jason Sudeikis and a number of other celebrities, the cameos just end up coming across as distracting. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Jason Sudeikis playing Schmitty — an ex-member of the Gang who makes an unexpected return. The whole time, you never forget that you’re watching Sudeikis, which just doesn’t work for the tone of the series.

17 Saved: Mary Lynn Rajskub as Gail the Snail

Though she’s only appeared in three episodes of the series to date, Gail the Snail is definitely one of those side characters that we’d like to see more of. She first appeared back in the season five episode “The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention”, where she is the clingy cousin of Dennis and Dee who talks with a lisp and has the disgusting habit of slurping her saliva. Dennis and Dee have found that the only way to get rid of her is to dust her with salt, hence her nickname of Gail the Snail.

The character is portrayed by the talented Mary Lynn Rajskub, who is best known for playing Chloe O’Brian on 24.

This is undeniably a very different character, and it’s impressive just how committed Rajskub is to playing someone so hilariously obnoxious.

16 Saved: David Hornsby as Cricket

The Gang has dragged their fair share of individuals down into the dirt with them, but none are more apparent than Rickety Cricket. Portrayed by David Hornsby, Cricket is a former classmate of the Gang who was once infatuated with Dee. He debuted in season two as a clean-cut priest who has slowly transformed into the addicted hobo that we have today.

Hornsby has been such a prominent member of the show that last season he was given his own episode with “A Cricket’s Tale”, which cleverly intertwined the character’s other brief appearances throughout the season into the story. Hornsby has also been a big part of the show behind-the-scenes as well, serving as an executive producer and a writer of nearly 30 episodes.

15 Hurt: Brian Unger as The Attorney

It’s Always Sunny has a number of supporting characters who re-emerge every few seasons, only to be dragged down by the shenanigans of the Gang once again. Brian Unger plays one such character with the Attorney, who the Gang often visits for legal advice only to contradict everything the lawyer has to say.

As a former correspondent of The Daily Show, Unger is really good at playing the straight man.

In fact, he’s too good, which makes it hard to believe that he would put up with these self-centered, narcissistic characters for more than a few episodes. Often, these supporting characters are revealed to be a little bit off in their own right, but Unger is just too normal to make his character mesh with the series.

14 Saved: Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds

Danny DeVito first popped up in season two of It’s Always Sunny, and his casting as Frank Reynolds quite literally saved the series. While the higher-ups at FX reportedly loved the first season, not enough people were watching to warrant a second outing. McElhenney, Howerton, and Day were given the ultimatum to add a bigger name or face cancellation. While they worried how DeVito would fit into the series, the veteran actor has more than proven himself as a worthy member of the Gang.

The insane things that DeVito will do for the character are a testament to the actor’s commitment. Even more impressive is how you never feel like you’re watching a performance. DeVito becomes Frank Reynolds. Even when he’s not delivering lines, just watching him futz about in the background is already hilarious enough.

13 Saved: Charlie Day as Charlie Kelly

It’s Always Sunny has turned all of its leading actors into stars, but Charlie Day is the biggest breakout of them all. Since appearing on the show, Day has worked on a number of hit films, including Horrible Bosses, Pacific Rim, and The Lego Movie.

His star power has no doubt helped the show remain on the air for so long.

Thanks to Day’s performance and musical talents, the character of Charlie has no shortage of memorable moments. Bird law aside, Charlie may be the least intelligent member of the Gang. In a lot of ways, he’s the heart of the show. Charlie certainly has his share of questionable moments, but they often stem from ignorance rather than malice, which set him apart from the other employees of Paddy’s Pub.

12 Hurt: Sean “Diddy” Combs as Dr. Jinx

Whenever Sean “Diddy” Combs pops up in a movie or TV show, he often plays a fictionalized version of himself. In It’s Always Sunny, he plays the unorthodox Dr. Jinx who utilizes alternative methods to treat his patients.

Not only is the cameo distracting, but Combs’ performance is pretty flat. It almost seems like the actor is reading off cue cards, and when Dr. Jinx is seen playing the bass guitar during a musical performance at Paddy’s Pub, it’s pretty obvious that Combs isn’t actually playing. The rapper may have stolen the show as Sergio in Get Him to the Greek, but whatever worked for him on that movie isn’t back on display in the sitcom.

11 Saved: Artemis Pebdani as Artemis

Artemis is one of the few supporting characters who can actually hang with the Gang without her life coming apart at the seams. She first appeared up in season one, where she befriends Dee after the two meet in an acting class. She’s also had a relationship without Frank throughout her time in the series.

The character is portrayed by Artemis Pebdani, who landed the role right at the start of her professional acting career.

While she’s continued to reprise her part as the fun-loving and wild Artemis, the actress has enjoyed success in a number of other shows, including Scandal and Masters of Sex. Though a number of supporting characters seem to have fallen off in recent years, Artemis has already popped up this season with “The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot”.

10 Saved: Lynne Marie Stewart and Sandy Martin as Charlie and Mac’s Moms

Every since Danny DeVito debuted as Frank Reynolds, it was abundantly clear why Dennis and Dee are they way that they are. After all, Frank is just as self-absorbed and conniving as the twins. In that respect, we’ve also gotten to see how Mac and Charlie are a result of their childhoods by getting to know their moms over the course of the series.

Lynne Marie Stewart does a perfect job of playing Charlie’s mom, a kind-hearted woman who was far too overprotective of her son — which explains Charlie’s numerous irrational fears. Meanwhile, Sandy Martin is the total opposite, as Mac’s mom doesn’t seem emotionally invested in her son at all — which explains Mac’s constant desire for approval. Together, the two are a perfect comedy duo, which is on full display in “Old Lady House: A Comedy Situation”.

9 Hurt: Seann William Scott as Country Mac

In season nine, Seann William Scott made a one episode appearance as Mac’s cousin — who the Gang deems far cooler than Mac. Just like Jason Sudeikis as Schmitty, this is another star cameo that can’t help but feel distracting. Scott has made a career playing characters who are too cool for school thanks to movies like American Pie and Role Models. That might seem like he’s the ideal fit for Country Mac.

Wouldn’t it have been even funnier if the Gang idolized a character for no other reason than to get under Mac’s skin?

With the success of It’s Always Sunny, we’re sure that they could have a star cameo every few episodes. Since they’re kept to a bare minimum, it seems that even they know these roles can be a bit ostentatious.

8 Saved: Jimmi Simpson and Nate Mooney as Liam and Ryan McPoyle

The McPoyles are the perfect example of just how dark and twisted the humor on It’s Always Sunny can actually get. They are a large inbred family with the two most prominent members, Liam and Ryan, being former classmates of the Gang. They popped up in a number of episodes between seasons one and nine, where they’re often at odds with the owners of Paddy’s Pub.

Liam and Ryan are played by Jimmi Simpson and Nate Mooney throughout their time on the show. Both fully commit to the unsettling nature of these characters. They might be creepy, but that doesn’t stop them from being a hilarious comedy duo. Our only complaint is that they’ve been absent from the series for the last few seasons.

7 Saved: Catherine Reitman as Maureen Ponderosa

One of the weirdest characters in all of It’s Always Sunny, Maureen Ponderosa is the ex-wife of Dennis Reynolds who slowly makes her transition into becoming a cat in the later episodes of the show. Much like Rickety Cricket, her transition from seemingly normal to totally unhinged takes place over the course of a few seasons — better-allowing audiences to buy into the ridiculousness of it all.

Catherine Reitman seems totally devoted to this outlandish and often unsettling performance.

Since appearing on the show, Reitman’s notoriety has only continued to grow. She currently plays the lead on Workin’ Moms — a show which she also created — along with popping up as another recurring character in Black-ish.

6 Hurt: Guillermo del Toro as Pappy McPoyle

Writer/ director Guillermo del Toro was apparently such a big fan of It’s Always Sunny, that it was one of the reasons he cast Charlie Day in Pacific Rim. In return, del Toro was given this cameo appearance as Pappy McPoyle — who is most likely the grandfather of Liam and Ryan.

One problem right off the bat is that del Toro was cast to play someone who is most likely from Ireland— a fact which the director himself made fun of in a behind-the-scenes interview. This may have been the reason that Pappy McPoyle was given such an over-the-top appearance, which is really the worst part of the character. The McPoyle’s are indeed odd and unsettling, but they’re still somewhat believable.Pappy McPoyle, on the other hand, looks like some deranged wizard who has no place in the series.

5 Saved: Wade Boggs as Himself

The best episodes of It’s Always Sunny usually finds the Gang confined to a single area, where their personalities can do nothing but bounce off the walls and wreak havoc on themselves and anyone in their vicinity. This is what makes “The Gang Beats Boggs” one of the best episodes in the series.

The episode finds the five Philadelphia natives trying to beat Wade Boggs’ record of consuming 70 drinks during a cross-country flight.

While the Gang’s antics are usually based on nothing but nonsense, this true story only adds another level of hilarity to the episodes. The cherry on top is a brief appearance by Wade Boggs himself. In an interview, Charlie Day said that not only was Boggs happy to participate in the episode, but that his real-life record was a lot more impressive than previously thought.

4 Saved: Michael Naughton as the Waiter

Michael Naughton first appeared up in “The Gang Dines Out,” where he is a server at one of the finest restaurants in Philadelphia. He’s crossed paths with the Gang a number of times since, and every time the Waiter emerges worse for wear.

Just this season, Naughton appeared in “The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot,” where he is now working as a flight attendant. Once again, the Waiter tries to get the Gang to acknowledge how they’ve sabotaged him in the past. But once again, the Gang can’t remember who he is.

Naughton plays the Waiter with a kind of obsessive desperation beneath his everyman facade; he seems like someone who really would let the Gang get the better of him. He’s also the kind of supporting character that rewards loyal fans every time he pops back up.

3 Hurt: Stephen Collins as Bruce Mathis

Stephen Collins popped up in season two and three of It’s Always Sunny, where he played Bruce Mathis, the biological father of Dennis and Dee. Bruce invests most of his time and money helping out various charities around the world, making him a polar opposite of his children. This also made Collins — who was best known for playing Reverend Eric Camden on 7th Heaven — seem like an ideal fit for the part.

In the years since, Collins has both been accused and admitted to being an abuser. The actor has obviously not appeared on the show since, but going back and watching these episodes with Collins can be more than a little discomfiting.

2 Saved: Kaitlin Olson as Dee Reynolds

With Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton working on the show right from the very beginning, the actors were afforded the opportunity to mold their characters as they saw fit. However, the character of Dee Reynolds was developed before an actress was cast, and she was originally meant to be the Gang’s voice of reason.

Thankfully, Kaitlin Olson nabbed the role, and over time Dee became just as hilariously pathetic as the other members of the Gang.

Being a former member of The Groundlings, Olson clearly had talent as a comedic performer — which might also explain why Dee fancies herself as a bit of an improv comic. The actress isn’t afraid to make Dee as embarrassing as possible, which adds an element of cringe-comedy to the show that’s not found in the other characters.

1 Saved: Rob McElhenney as Mac

Without Rob McElhenney, there would be no It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The struggling actor/writer decided to put plans for the series into motion after a number of other projects fell through. With the help of Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day, McElhenney made a short episode of the series, which he used to pitch the sitcom. Over a decade later, McElhenney still serves as an executive produces while continuing to write a number of episodes.

As far as his role of Mac is concerned, McElhenney isn’t afraid to take the character in different directions.

He put on a whopping 50 pounds for season seven and Mac finally came out of the closet for good last year — just a few of the many ways McElhenney has kept the show feeling fresh after thirteen seasons.


Who’s your favorite actor on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Let us know!

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20 Things That Make No Sense About It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is obviously not meant to be taken 100% seriously. Some of the crazy antics that the group gets into are more nefarious than any the viewers would ever experience. With some of their activities being beyond both illegal and dangerous, they get into some very crazy situations. The entire group is certifiably insane. Charlie enjoys dancing as “The Green Man” and Dennis is a sociopath. Dee cannot keep a car in good shape to save her life, and Mac is incredibly self-obsessed. Not to mention that no one is entirely certain how Frank makes his money. However, together they create one of the most hilarious group of friends to watch get in to trouble.

While this is all well and good when it comes to entertainment value, It’s Always Sunny‘s episodes are not without their inconsistencies. Through all of the crazy situations that the group goes through, there are times when things just do not add up or make any sense. Sometimes the group forgets to keep their facts straight, and other times the showrunners do not seem to remember their own character’s idiosyncrasies.

Sometimes things may fall off the track, but one thing is for sure – It’s Always Sunny has earned its place in television Hall of Fame. Due to some of the self-obsessed things that they do, the show has also made it in to the Hall of Shame at some points.

Here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

20 Charlie’s Disappearing Sister

The Kelly family tree seems to have a few missing branches to it. While there are numerous mentions to Charlie’s potential relation to Dee, Denis, and Frank, and his mother Bonnie is featured several times, not much else is known about Charlie’s family life. While he is cryptic about many things, Charlie has never revealed much about his family. He may have even lied about it in the past.

During an episode in season one, Charlie mentions that he has a sister who was involved in an “unfortunate incident” while they were younger.

However, this sister has never been mentioned again. Did she ever exist? Or has Charlie just forgotten to mention her ever again? Both are possible, but it is a question that may never be fully answered.

19 Mac Gaining And Losing 60 Pounds

Fat Mac may have disappeared, but he will always live on in fans’ hearts. Mac’s sudden weight gain during season seven was surprising to fans. Episode after episode, fans watched as Mac slowly ballooned in size until he was sporting a sizeable gut. While he claimed that he was “cultivating mass,” The Gang saw that he was finally paying for his over-indulging in food.

However just as quickly as it arrived, Mac lost this weight in time for the season eight premiere. In fact, he was down to a weight that appeared less than his original size. All of this occurred without any real explanation. Rob McElhenney has said that this was on purpose to prove a point about appearances in Hollywood, but there’s no explanation given within the show.

18 Why Hasn’t Dee Left The Group?

Out of all the crazy things that The Gang does, the things they do to Sweet Dee are certainly the worst. She has been left behind in dangerous situations, sent to be hurt, and treated very poorly by the rest of the group. Despite all of this, Dee continues to associate herself with Charlie, Mac and Dennis. The real question is – why does she continue to put up with such a negative situation?

While much can be said about the psychology of Dee’s self-confidence, there is nothing that is making her stay with the group.

Yet, she has never considered leaving them behind. After all is said and done, fans would not be surprised if she left everyone behind. However, it does not look very likely.

17 What Happened To Poppins?

A family dog is a wonderful addition to a loving family. When a dog is treated with respect and love, it can be a formidable companion. However, when that dog disappears for months at a time and continues to return without anything wrong, that dog needs to be checked out.

Mac’s family dog, Poppins, may be one of the strangest animals on television.

Though he has not made many appearances on the show, many fans are always wondering where he is. Mac describes Poppins as constantly disappearing but then returning without anything wrong with him. He is also seen consuming things that are normally dangerous for canines.

16 No One Cares Mac Got Very Buff

When a good friend changes their body in a positive way, it is a good practice to congratulate them. Gaining muscle and definition is not an easy feat, so hard work should be congratulated. However, when “Fat Mac” becomes incredibly muscular, not a single person seems to care.

Mac’s weight gain and loss eventually transitioned in to him becoming the most muscular person in the group. While this certainly turned a lot of fans’ heads, it has never been addressed by the rest of The Gang. In fact, the group seems entirely indifferent to Mac’s sudden muscles. Mac has always emphasized how proud he is of his body, but this change surely would be noticed more since he changed from “Fat Mac”? Perhaps the group really are the most self-absorbed people on Earth.

15 When Did They Buy Paddy’s Pub?

Paddy’s Pub is the home base for many of The Gang’s crazy schemes and ideas. However, it is entirely unclear when they actually became bar owners in the first place.

Upon opening up a time capsule in “The Gang Gets a New Member”, it is revealed Mac and Dennis purchased the bar ten years before in 2000.

While this would be a great feat for the young men, it does not hold up to other things that they have said about their pasts. In the episode “The Gang Reignites the Rivalry”, it is revealed that Paddy’s has a rival in the bar Molly’s, which transpired from an incident over ten years ago. This places their rivalry before Mac and Dennis purchased the bar. When exactly did they start using the bar as a front for casinos and homeless shelters? It seems that even The Gang forgets sometimes.

14 Why Doesn’t Charlie Get His Tattoo Fixed?

Charlie’s disheveled appearance is one of his most signature looks. Usually clad in pyjama pants and a torn t-shirt, Charlie will not be winning any “best dressed” awards any time soon. Even if he did clean up his attire, other aspects of his appearance would continue to hinder him.

During season two, Charlie decides to give himself a tattoo with a paperclip, in an effort to seem tough. However, instead of finishing his “BAD NEWS” tattoo, he stops and ends up with ink that reads “BAD NEW”. After over ten years of having disheveled ink on his body, wouldn’t he take the time to finish off the tattoo? Charlie is certainly the least-intelligent member of the group, but surely even he understands that he can get this fixed rather easily.

13 Dee wrecks all the cars

One of Dee’s finest qualities is her driving ability. Considering that she has destroyed more vehicles than any other member of the group, that’s not saying much. Over the years, Dee has certainly owned her poor driving skills, and recognizes that she will likely continue to wreck vehicles. However, the most surprising thing of all is that she is the only one who wrecks vehicles on a regular basis.

Considering how much alcohol that The Gang consumes, the group’s overall car wreckage statistics should be higher.

However, it seems that Dee is the only one who is filling the junkyard. While characters like Charlie are shown in car accidents, Dee certainly still wins the award for Worst Driver.

12 How Do They Make Money At Paddy’s?

It is inconceivable to think that Mac and Dennis are formidable business owners. Considering their proclivity for hair-brained schemes, no one is pretending they have any business-savvy. However, they have owned Paddy’s Pub for a number of years, and despite not possessing a business-minded bone in their bodies, they remain afloat due to Frank’s questionable income.

If Frank’s mysterious income were to be taken out of the equation, how much money would The Gang be making? Zippia took on the task of figuring out how much money they are making, and as assumed, it is very little. After removing all costs of running a bar, Mac and Dennis are making less than $32,000 a year off of the pub. How are they expected to live off of that?

11 No One Gets Sick From Rum Ham

Frank’s creation of combining a maple-glazed ham with 80% proof rum was designed to assist him with “eating his liquor.” While he certainly achieved his goal, it does not change how disgusting it is. While many of the characters enjoy his “boozy treat” often as a celebration, it is unfathomable to think that none of The Gang has gotten sick off of the meat before.

Rum Ham was first invented as a snack to eat during a hot day at the beach, which is a prime state to begin growing bacteria on food.

It is almost a certainty that anyone who consumed it would get ill. Furthermore, the sheer amount of alcohol in the ham is enough to make any experienced drinker sick.

10 The Exploding Police Car

Sometimes Charlie’s stupidity can even make basic scientific laws bend– or at least it seems that way in certain episodes. In “Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City”, The Gang gets control over a police car and takes on their own form of vigilante justice. Essentially, they look to rid their neighbourhood of things that they find annoying, even if it leads to harming others. In order to cover up their involvement, Charlie drops a Molotov Cocktail into the gasoline-soaked police car.

The car does not catch fire for several seconds, despite all the flammable substances.

If that amount of gasoline had been added to the vehicle, it would have caught fire instantly. While it may have been done for comedic effect, it does not make sense to any science-lovers.

9 Gary Didn’t Take Out Any Blondes

The Gang has run in to a variety of situations that most people would never find themselves in. One of the strangest has to be when they found themselves face-to-face with a serial criminal.

With an unidentified monster loose in Philadelphia, the one thing they know for sure is that blonde women are being targeted.

While this sounds like it puts Sweet Dee in danger, it appears that a mistake has been made. While the press made a big deal about placing blonde women in danger, the killer himself has a different story to tell. Upon getting a glimpse inside of where he keeps his victims, not a single blonde woman is present.

8 The Waitress And Dee Went To High School Together

One of the longest running jokes is the relationship between The Gang and The Waitress. Despite seeing each other incredibly often and her introducing herself, the entire Gang still only refers to her as The Waitress. While this can be chalked up to the fact that they are all entirely self-absorbed, things are later revealed that do not make sense.

While attending their high school reunion, it is revealed that Dee actually went to high school with The Waitress, and even had classes with her.

Dee won’t be accused of being the smartest person in the world, but it stands to reason that she would recognize someone she grew up with.

Especially once she introduces herself by name. However, Dee still claims that they have never met before.

7 Charlie Forgets How To Drive

The only thing that makes less sense than Dee’s memory about The Waitress is Charlie’s memory in general. He is without a doubt the most forgetful member of The Gang, and he often forgets basic skills that most adults have mastered– including his ability to drive a car.

Charlie is often shown not knowing how to drive a car, and frequently relies on others to take him places. However, he does successfully drive a movie critic home during an earlier season of the show, despite already claiming that he cannot drive. Following this, he gets in to a car accident with Dee’s car once he “forgets again.

The real question is – would anyone really be trusting enough to get in a car with Charlie behind the wheel?

6 What Happened To Gail The Snail?

The minor characters from It’s Always Sunny are some of the greatest parts of the show. However, most fans wish that these characters appeared much more often than they do.

Many seasons go by without hearing from characters like Gail the Snail.

Dennis and Dee’s obnoxious cousin has only made two appearances on the show, but has certainly left an impression. However, there is one question when it comes to Gail – where has she gone?

Gail’s story is never fully resolved and, apart from living with Aunt Donna, very little is known about her whereabouts. With her being a close family relative of Dennis and Dee, it doesn’t make sense that they do not hear from her often.

5 Is Margaret McPoyle Deaf Or Not?

The McPoyle family is another one of the hilarious minor characters that get featured on the show. The incredibly odd family is known for their “extreme closeness” and abnormal behavior, and are often the butt of The Gang’s jokes. One of the strangest McPoyles is the only daughter of the family, Margaret.

Margaret is a deaf-mute who mimics the actions of anyone near her. However, there have been numerous times where her disability is put in to question. She is seen reacting, responding and listening to conversations around her, despite her allegedly not being able to hear.

Is it possible that the McPoyles are pulling one over on everyone? It wouldn’t be anything new.

4 When they graduated high school

It is hard to think of a time when some members of The Gang graduated (or even attended) high school. However it seems that each of them did graduate. Upon revisiting their time capsule in “The Gang Gets a New Member”, it reveals some memories of when they graduated high school “ten years ago.” While this does provide them with some nice memories, some other exploration of their high school days does not add up.

Dennis and Dee also attend their high school reunion, which is their fifteenth anniversary. However they had only opened the time capsule a year before that. While it is not above any member of the group to be forgetful, when it comes to numbers, these time periods do not add up.

3 Grocery Store Laws In Philadelphia

The Gang is certainly loose about their alcohol consumption, which is incredibly dangerous given that they own a bar. While regularly consuming alcohol and narcotics is a common pass-time, they are all incredibly excited when their local grocery store begins selling liquor. After all, more access to beer and rum (for the ham) is great for them.

However, it appears that they are missing one little detail – grocery stores are not allowed to sell liquor in Philadelphia. While many other states include this legislation, Philadelphia has never included it.

While The Gang may not have a problem with breaking the law, the rest of the state likely would.

It looks like they are just going to have to continue to drink their own liquor from Paddy’s.

2 How Were They Deemed Competent Enough To Own A Bar?

The process of getting a liquor license to sell alcohol to the public is rather laborious. It requires sign-off from fire and police departments, as well as government intervention. Generally, if a bar owner is in good-standing than it should not be too difficult to receive a license.

The Gang is certainly not in good-standing following all of their schemes.

Thirteen seasons have gone by watching The Gang do some of the most depraved things imaginable. It’s farfetched to think that they would actually be approved to own and operate a licensed bar. Given their track records of felonies and financial issues, Paddy’s Pub would not be able to open their doors to the public. Would they be able to work there as bartenders? Potentially. But they would likely not be allowed to call themselves owners.

1 The Show’s Never Won An Emmy

Despite being on its way to the longest-running live-action television show in American history, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has never received the recognition they deserve.

While the comedy domain of television award season is usually dominated by shows like Modern Family, it is still surprising that this show has not love from the awards circuits. Perhaps some of the obscene subject matter does not appeal to some press associations, but there is no arguing with longevity. Surely if a show has been running for thirteen seasons, it must be doing something correctly.

The showrunners even addressed this lack of attention through their episode “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award”. This episode showed the group trying to win an award for Paddy’s, but it was also a way for the showrunners to vent frustration at the nonsense of being overlooked.

What else doesn’t make sense about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Let us know in the comments!

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