10 Superheroes You Forgot Had Movies Before They Joined The MCU

Over the past decade, Marvel has been the leading company when it comes to superhero flicks. They kick-started the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2008 with Iron Man, but since then have released dozens of movies with different Marvel characters.

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The MCU has made these characters more popular than they already were, but some of them had gotten movies prior to being a part of the MCU. With many of these characters being created in the ‘60s, it wasn’t long before the superheroes were given live-action movies and TV shows. Here are 10 Superheros You Forgot Had Movies Before They Joined The MCU.

10 Captain America

Chris Evans is most known today for his role as Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, but he wasn’t the first actor to wield the shield. Captain America is one of the oldest heroes on this list, with Joe Simon and Jack Kirby creating the character back in 1941.

Three years later, the character was given a serial with Dick Purcell playing Cap, but the character also got TV movies in 1979 (starring Reb Brown) and in 1990 (starring Matt Salinger). Despite the character being a popular superhero, neither of the TV movies were well received.

9 The Punisher

While Jon Bernthal portrayed Frank Castle for two seasons of Netflix’s The Punisher before it was canceled, a handful of other actors played the character before him. The first time the Punisher graced the big screen was back in 1989 with Dolph Lundgren in the role of the infamous vigilante, but the film received mostly negative reviews.

Thomas Jane then took on the role in the 2004 film The Punisher, before being replaced by Ray Stevenson for Punisher: War Zone. None of these three films got very good reviews, but most people agree that Bernthal and the creative team at Netflix did the character justice.

8 Howard The Duck

When most people think of superheroes and comic books, usually they don’t think of an anthropomorphic duck named Howard. Despite being unlike most superheroes, Howard the Duck is a Marvel character that got his own film in 1986. The film was directed by Willard Huyck and starred Ed Gale as Howard, with Lea Thompson and Tim Robbins.

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The film was widely panned by fans and critics, but the character has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Howard first appeared during the end credits scene for Guardians of the Galaxy but also made appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Avengers: Endgame.

7 Daredevil

Daredevil was created back in 1964 by Stan Lee and Bill Everett. The character was first played by Rex Smith in the 1989 TV film The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. That being said, Ben Affleck is more notorious for his role of Daredevil. Upon its release in 2003, Daredevil got negative reviews.

Despite the film being criticized, many people would agree that the darker director’s cut of the film is what really should have been theatrically released. Ben Affleck was given another shot at a superhero role when he was cast as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Daredevil was redeemed when Charlie Cox took on the role for Netflix’s Daredevil.

6 Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he became a character on the fourth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The character was played by Gabriel Luna, who will also be starring in a solo Ghost Rider TV show on Hulu in 2020. Before that, however, Nicolas Cage was the face of Ghost Rider.

Cage appeared in two Ghost Rider films while Sony Pictures still owned the rights to the character. The 2007 film received negative reviews, but the sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, got even poorer reviews. Eventually, Ghost Rider could get his own film in the MCU, but for now, the character is sticking to the small screen.

5 Doctor Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange was first mentioned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Agent Jasper Sitwell mentions him in passing. A few years later, the character got his solo film with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the Sorcerer Supreme.

Strange has been an instrumental part of the battle against Thanos, but before that, he went up against Morgan le Fay in the 1978 TV movie Dr. Strange. The movie was directed and written by Philip DeGuere with Peter Hooten starring as Strange. The film was made in hopes of giving the character a TV series, but the film faced negative reviews and low ratings, meaning a TV show was out of the question.

4 The Hulk

Mark Ruffalo has yet to get a solo movie in the MCU, but Edward Norton brought the character to the MCU in The Incredible Hulk. Before that, though, Eric Bana starred in Ang Lee’s Hulk. The film got mixed reviews, but the live-action TV series that aired from 1978 to 1982 got much better reviews.

The series spawned several TV movies, most notably The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, which starred Bill Bixby as Bruce Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Incredible Hulk. The film not only included Daredevil but also marked Stan Lee’s first appearance in a Marvel movie.

3 Elektra

Despite Ben Affleck’s Daredevil getting negative reviews, the film did well enough at the box office to warrant a spin-off featuring the character Elektra. Elektra Natchios, played by Jennifer Garner, had a big role in Daredevil, making her an obvious choice for a spin-off.

The 2005 film sees Elektra being resurrected by Stick before protecting a family from The Hand. Most people didn’t enjoy the film, which was made clear by its poor box office performance. Thankfully, Elektra was redeemed when Élodie Yung played the character in Netflix’s Daredevil starting in season 2. The actress later reprised the role for The Defenders in 2017.

2 Spider-Man

Comic book fans were ecstatic when they found out that Spider-Man was finally going to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland was cast in the role, first appearing in Captain America: Civil War before getting his own solo films Spider-Man: Homecoming and the recently-released Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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Spider-Man had gotten several films prior to him joining the MCU, including Sam Raimi’s three Spider-Man films starring Tobey Maguire and Marc Webb’s two Amazing Spider-Man films with Andrew Garfield. Long before those, however, Nicholas Hammond played Peter Parker in the 90-minute Spider-Man TV movie. The film acts as a pilot to CBS’ The Amazing Spider-Man TV series, which ran for two seasons from 1977 to 1979.

1 Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson’s character Nick Fury has played a huge part in tying together the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since his appearance in the post-credits scene of Iron Man. Before that, though, another famous actor took on the role. In 1998, David Hasselhoff played Nick Fury for the TV movie Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The film sees Fury come out of retirement to help the government defeat HYDRA, who plans on attacking Manhattan. The movie was meant to be a pilot for a new TV series featuring the Marvel character, but since the film got poor reviews, the series was never picked up.

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Christopher Fiduccia

10 Movies To Look Forward To This Year (That Don’t Feature Superheroes)

Superhero movies are big business. As this is being written, Captain Marvel – the latest film from Marvel Studios – has scored the sixth-highest worldwide box office opening of all time. This isn’t a surprise (except maybe to the vocal minority opposed to a female-led Marvel movie) nor is the news of a superhero movie making box office records particularly new. In fact, the nine top-grossing films of the 2010s are superhero movies. And for the most part, these films are great, especially if they’ve come from Marvel Studios, who have been scoring hit after hit for over 10 years. But what about the other films; the films that don’t feature men and women in capes, the sort of films that came before the superheroes took over the world? Well, they still exist, read on to find out about the ten movies to look forward to this year that don’t feature superheroes.

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10 Doctor Sleep

Based on King’s sequel book to his original 1977 novel The Shining, Doctor Sleep is directed by horror movie veteran and Stephen King adaptor extraordinaire Mike Flanagan (Flanagan directed Gerald’s Game, one of the best Stephen King adaptations in recent years). King’s book saw a grown-up Danny Torrance dealing with his psychic powers as well as the same alcoholism that plagued his father.

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Throw in a creepy cult that feeds on children and you’ve got the makings of a King classic. Whether the film will follow the plot of the book exactly or deviate from the source material as The Shining did, is yet to be seen. But with Flanagan behind the camera and Ewan McGregor playing the adult Danny, this one is not to be missed.

9 Gemini Man

Gemini Man has been in production for a long time now, going back as far as the late ’90s when it was going to be directed by Tony Scott or Curtis Hanson. Now it’s in the hands of Life of Pi director Ang Lee and stars the inimitable Will Smith. The plot is absolutely wild. It sees Smith playing an ageing hitman whose attempts to get out of the game are put on hold by an attack from a younger, clone version of himself. With this and Aladdin, 2019 will be a big year for Smith.

8 Us

The latest from funny-man turned horror movie master, Jordan Peele (following the groundbreaking and record-breaking Get Out) is the ominously titled Us. Described as a psychological horror-thriller, Us sees an ordinary family’s vacation turned upside down when they are confronted with a group of red jumpsuit wearing strangers who look exactly like them. Whether it will have the same impact socially as Get Out did, remains to be seen. But with a 100% RottenTomatoes score and a cast that includes Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke and Tim Heidecker (yes, of Tim & Eric fame) it’s definitely going to one to remember.

7 Midsommar

Last year, writer and director Ari Aster showed even the most jaded and desensitized horror fan can still be scared senseless with the right movie – Hereditary. Now Aster is back with his follow up, the Swedish-set nightmare Midsommar. The teaser trailer is the only glimpse we have of the film so far but from that alone, it’s clear Aster is filling Midsommar with the same creepy characters and nightmarish imagery as his previous film.

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Unusually, the film seems to be set completely in the brightly-lit Scandinavian daytime, unlike most horror films which instead opt for dark and gloomy settings. Although if the trailer is any indication, this won’t make the film any less frightening. The cast this time includes up-and-comers such as Jack Reynor and Florence Pugh, as well as the always fantastic Will Poulter.

6 Ip Man 4

Biopics don’t always have to be completely accurate retellings of their subject’s lives, and this is no more evident than with the Ip Man trilogy (soon to be quadrilogy). After starting by telling the story of how the titular wing chun grandmaster (the superb Donnie Yen) survived during the Japanese invasion of WWII, the films have slowly progressed to greater and wackier heights. This culminated with a fight between Yen and Mike Tyson; something nobody asked for yet everyone cheered for. The fourth film is set to go further still, having Ip Man travel to the US in search of his pupil, Bruce Lee, who has set up his own school. Along the way, Yen will undoubtedly punch and kick his way through numerous bad guys, including Scott Adkins and Jackie Chan.

5 IT: Chapter 2

Nobody expected 2017’s IT to be as big a hit as it turned out to be. Stephen King adaptations can be a mixed bag; for every Misery or Gerald’s Game, we have The Dark Tower or Dreamcatcher. But It was a revelation, a funny and scary romp through ’80s nostalgia that unlike a lot of films, genuinely warranted a sequel.

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The sequel sees ‘The Losers Club’ all return to Derry to fight Pennywise once more after he returns to haunt the town. Director Andy Muschietti returns, meaning we should get some of the refreshing humor and original scares that made the first film so successful. The young versions of The Losers Club are still in this one too, but for the modern scenes that make up the majority of the movie, A-listers like James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain have been cast. But perhaps most importantly, Bill Skarsgård returns as Pennywise; everyone’s favorite killer clown.

4 Rocketman

Music biopics are on the up after the controversial Queen flick Bohemian Rhapsody did big business at both the box office and the Oscars. However, the upcoming Elton John biopic Rocketman (whose director Dexter Fletcher stepped in to oversee Bohemian Rhapsody after the Bryan Singer scandal) seems a lot less cookie cutter. Perhaps due in part to the fact that Rocketman’s lead subject is still alive and contributing to the film, it looks to tell the warts and all story of one of Britain’s biggest musical stars. As well as this, the film includes dreamlike fantasy elements in its retelling of John’s life, promising to stand out from the overcrowded biopic genre. And just as Rami Malek turned in a career-best performance as Freddie Mercury, Rocketman looks to do the same for Taron Egerton as Elton John.

3 Ad Astra

Now, not much is known about this one. Despite its impending release date of May 24th, a trailer still hasn’t been released. But what we do know is that it stars Brad Pitt as a man determined to find his father (Tommy Lee Jones) after he left on a one-way mission to Neptune 20 years earlier. We also know it’s directed by one of the most underrated directors working today, James Gray. His previous film was the painfully underrated The Lost City of Z, so if he can bring a similar mix of psychological terror and intelligence to the sci-fi genre then audiences will be in for a real treat.

2 2: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The release of a new Quentin Tarantino movie is more than your standard film release; it’s an entire event. The man is a movie genre all to himself. His new movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywoodset in the weeks surrounding the Manson murders, has one of his best plots yet. It follows television actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his longtime stunt double and best friend Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) as they set out to make a name for themselves in the New Hollywood film industry. Whatever your opinion on Tarantino’s output over the years it can’t be argued that his films aren’t a hell of a lot of fun. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood doesn’t seem any different.

1 1: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

The 16th of May cannot come soon enough. Because, on that date, we get the third installment in what has quickly become the best action franchise of the decade. The success of the John Wick franchise rests squarely upon the shoulders of it’s leading man Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahleski. The third in the series sees them reunite and picks up not long after the end of John Wick 2, which saw John get a bounty on his head and kicked out of the only safe space he knew (the assassin haven; the Continental hotel). From trailers and photos, John somehow finds himself fighting assailants from the back of a horse, in the desert and with his new partner, Halle Berry. We know the action will be fantastic and we know Reeves will be once again the most badass man in cinema.

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THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Official Trailer Teaser (2019) Ellen Page, Superheroes Series HD

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Official Trailer Teaser (2019) Ellen Page, Superheroes Series HD
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11 Superheroes (And 11 Supervillains) Coming To The Big Screen In 2019

The age-old battle between good and evil manifests itself in different forms. In the world of film, it usually takes the form of the next big superhero, horror, or action film. And, in the world of reboots and remakes, there are seemingly no limits for the resurrection, recasting, or relaunch of superheroes and supervillains. The superhero and horror genre are, of course, two of the greatest examples, as filmmakers have successfully kept certain characters alive for years through multiple iterations. Even though Dracula, Frankenstein, and the rest of Universal’s classic monster lineup died down after the ’50s, they have continued to pop up in multiple films (with each featuring new actors and versions of said characters) ever since. Meanwhile, iconic superheroes Batman and Spider-Man are both currently in their third film series and have both seen multiple actors put on their costumes.

As for characters that are new to film audiences, one needs only to look back at 2008’s Iron Man, which not only brought Marvel’s Iron Man to the forefront of the superhero genre, but also kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which has since brought several other lesser-known heroes and villains into the spotlight). Even though 2018 has had a stellar lineup of superheroes and villains to enjoy, 2019 looks to be just as good, if not better, with plenty of sequels, remakes, reboots, and first-time adaptations to keep fans happily buying movie tickets (with maybe some popcorn and a soda on the side).

So, let’s get ready to have a super-great next year (whether we’re rooting for the good or bad guys) with 11 Superheroes (And 11 Supervillains) Coming To The Big Screen In 2019.

22 Supervillain: Phoenix – Dark Phoenix

As X-Men fans are all aware, 2006’s The Last Stand got a lot wrong. One of its greatest mistakes was its handling of the Phoenix, an entity resulting from mutant Jean Grey being taken over by the Phoenix Force. In the comics, the Phoenix is one of the most powerful adversaries the X-Men have ever faced, which made it all the more laughable when she was offed by Wolverine’s claws in The Last Stand.

Thankfully, Dark Phoenix is looking to offer fans the Phoenix story they’ve been wanting, with Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner bringing Jean Grey’s frightening matter-and-energy-bending alter-ego to life. While we already got a glimpse of Phoenix’s power in Apocalypse, that seems to only be a taste of what we’re in store for when Dark Phoenix‘s is unleashed June 7th.

21 Superhero: Captain Marvel – Captain Marvel

The current surge in female-led superhero films brought audiences the spectacular Wonder Woman, but Marvel looks to also have huge success with Captain Marvel, starring Oscar winner Brie Larson. Even though Carol Danvers’ Avengers involvement was teased at the end of Infinity War, fans will get to see her in action even earlier with her own solo film, which explores the half-human, half-Kree ex-pilot’s struggle with her Earthly past while also defending the planet during an intergalactic war.

Joined by the return of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson (both looking young thanks to de-aging effects), Captain Marvel could make for not only the start of Marvel’s next successful series, but also another leap for female representation in superhero movies when the film premieres March 8.

20 Supervillain: Chucky – Child’s Play

Beginning in 1988, the Child’s Play series has become one of horror fans’ favorite franchises, scaring kids and adults alike with everyone’s favorite killer doll, Chucky. While cult actor Brad Dourif’s Chucky is still the definitive version (and will continue to be in an upcoming TV series), MGM plans to give the doll a frightening new upgrade in an upcoming reboot.

Rather than being possessed by a criminal through the use of voodoo, the new doll is rumored to be programmed for violence by a Chinese factory worker. Even if this upsets some diehard fans of the series, it will still be interesting to see the film’s success in scaring today’s tech age with the doll’s technological upgrades when it slashes into theaters June 21.

19 Superhero: Shazam – Shazam!

DC hasn’t had the best of luck connecting with audiences through its cinematic universe (especially when compared to the MCU), with common complaints being its uneven tones, gritty atmosphere, and overuse of CGI. However, when the trailer for DC’s upcoming endeavor, Shazam!, dropped, fans were surprised to find a simpler and funnier story than most superhero origin films that seems to not only stand on its own, but may also provide a breath of fresh air for the franchise.

Having funny-man Zachary Levi in the lead role as DC’s Captain Marvel (now known as Shazam due to obvious reasons) may have seemed like a bad choice at first, but his likeable personality (and those huge muscles) help him fit the part of a kid-turned-adult-superhero. Shazam makes his superhero debut April 5th.

18 Supervillain: Doctor Sivana – Shazam!

Since it’s basically a rule for every superhero movie to have some sort of villain, Shazam! will pit Billy Batson/Shazam against iconic foe Dr. Thaddeus Sivana.

In the film, Sivana is rejected by The Wizard Shazam in acquiring the ancient sorcerer’s powers and spends the rest of his life trying to unlock his own forms of magic. Played by Kingsman actor Mark Strong (who is getting a second chance at playing a DC villain after his time in the vastly-hated Green Lantern movie), Sivana may not seem like much at first, but he definitely fits the bill of “more than meets the eye” (since his right eye gives him the ability to see magic). Things certainly won’t be pretty for Batson once Sivana finds out a 14-year-old boy was chosen over him.

17 Superhero: Sonic – Sonic the Hedgehog

Dubbed “the fastest thing alive,” the hedgehog has earned a place in video game history since his 1991 debut. While the series’ dip in quality with recent games has concerned some fans, the film could be just what the franchise needs to get back on top.

The announcement that Ben Schwartz would be voicing Sonic instead of current game actor Roger Craig Smith may seem like a questionable choice, but Schwartz is no stranger to voice acting (currently voicing Dewey on Ducktales and Leonardo on Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Regardless, fans best be on the lookout, as Sonic will make his way to the big screen quicker than they think.

16 Supervillain: Doctor Eggman – Sonic the Hedgehog

Video game film adaptations have never gone well, but next year looks to be a promising opportunity for two of the industry’s biggest franchises. However, the hype train seems focused on Detective Pikachu, as not much is being said about Sonic the Hedgehog. Combining live-action and CGI, the film will see a sheriff (played by X-Men star James Marsden) join forces with the titular hedgehog.

What would a Sonic movie be without his archenemy, Dr. Ivo “‘Eggman” Robotnik? With a talent for creating evil robots and a mustache that puts many to shame, this mad scientist has tried many times to conquer the world but is always foiled by the anthropomorphic hedgehog. Jim Carrey is no stranger to playing crazy characters, so he will surely turn in a memorable performance come November 8th.

15 Superhero: Hellboy – Hellboy

For many, Golden Globe winner Ron Perlman will always be the one, true Hellboy. Portraying the stone-handed demon in two live-action films, two direct-to-DVD animated films, and a video game, his iconic voice and tough demeanor made him a perfect fit for the BRPD’s (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense’s) top agent.

However, after Hellboy 3 was cancelled, a reboot was announced without the involvement of Perlman or series director Guillermo del Toro. While this may not be what fans wanted, from what we’ve seen so far from lead actor David Harbour (known for Police Chief Jim Hopper on Stranger Things), he looks perfect in the role (if not a little better than Perlman). Supposedly holding an R-rating and co-starring Milla Jovovich and Ian McShane, Hellboy could prove itself as one of the best superhero reboots ever when it debuts April 12th.

14 Supervillain: Mysterio – Spider-Man: Far From Home

Continuing the trend started by Spider-Man: Homecoming of bringing new Spider-Man foes to the big screen, Far From Home will adapt another one of the web-head’s oldest and greatest rivals: Mysterio.

Before becoming a supervillain, Quentin Beck was a special effects wizard. However, when he failed to make it big in the movie industry, he decided to use his talents for evil and became the bowl-headed illusionist we know today (even if it’s unclear how much the bowl-head will be featured in the film, if at all). Even more exciting is the fact that Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal is reportedly playing Beck. A multi-talented actor playing a multi-talented villain? July 5 can’t get here soon enough.

13 Superhero(es): The New Mutants – The New Mutants

Having a film introduce one new superhero is one thing, but introducing five could be asking for trouble. Thankfully, The New Mutants looks to be a lot more than just another origin story. Designed as the X-Men franchise’s first horror film, The New Mutants will see five mutants trying to escape a secret facility and its horrific experiments.

The team is made up of Magik (a Russian with sorcery-like powers), Wolfsbane (a Scot who transforms into a wolf), Cannonball (a Kentuckian who can launch himself into the air while remaining invulnerable to attack), Sunspot (a Brazilian with control over solar energy), and Mirage (a Native American who creates illusions based on others’ desires and fears). With such a diverse cast of characters and an intriguing new franchise direction, this film will hopefully please fans old and new come August 2n.

12 Supervillain: Scar – The Lion King

Disney has had its share of memorable villains, but many adults remember one in particular for “scarring” their childhood. Known for ending the life of King Mufasa (and sending hyenas after his young son, Simba), Scar the lion was truly despicable. However, he also deserves a bit of thanks, as, without him, we wouldn’t have got the 1994 animated classic The Lion King.

Today’s children (and their parents, who more than likely grew up with the film) will soon have the chance to experience the villain for themselves, as Scar, along with the rest of the film’s iconic characters, is returning for Disney’s CGI remake. While Oscar winner Jeremy Irons won’t be reprising the role, 12 Years a Slave nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor is certainly a strong choice and will pick up the villainous mantle July 19th.

11 Superhero: Mar-Vell – Captain Marvel

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel may not be the only superhero making their debut in Captain Marvel, as Oscar nominee Jude Law is reported to be playing Carol Danvers’ colleague and predecessor, Mar-Vell (and the original hero to use the “Captain Marvel” moniker). While this hasn’t been officially confirmed by Marvel, we’re going to assume it’s true due to Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige’s Uproxx interview, as well as Law’s refusal to give a straight answer.

Mar-Vell (AKA Walter Lawson) may not be quite as popular as Danvers, but the Kree hero’s decision to aid the Avengers in protecting humanity more than earned him his “Protector of the Universe” title. Nevertheless, whether Law is a hero or villain, his acting talent will certainly benefit the film.

10 Supervillain: Mr. Glass – Glass

Samuel L. Jackson’s Elijah Price (AKA Mr. Glass) may have already been the main villain of M. Night Shyamalan’s 2000 cult classic Unbreakable, but this wasn’t known until the ending’s surprise reveal. Therefore, since every good villain deserves their own movie, we consider Glass the official debut of Mr. Glass. Bringing the worlds of Unbreakable and Split together in the conclusion to Shyamalan’s “Eastrail 177 Trilogy,” Glass will also feature the return of Bruce Willis’ David Dunn (known as “The Overseer”) and James McAvoy’s Kevin Crumb (known by 24 different names due to his identity disorder, but, as a whole, “The Horde”).

However, Glass won’t be using his intellect alone, as Crumb’s 24th personality, “The Beast,” will provide the muscle to help enact his new plans. In an age of blockbuster superhero movies, here’s hoping Glass provides a unique (but still epic) showdown January 18.

9 Superhero: Ronin – Avengers 4

After skipping Infinity War, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is set to return in Avengers 4. However, he may not be the same as when we last saw him at the end of Captain America: Civil War. Stemming from set photos showing Renner concealing a black outfit with gold lining, rumors have arisen that Clint Barton will become Ronin, a katana-wielding samurai alter-ego (possibly due to the loss of his family from Thanos’ snap).

While this would certainly make for a tragic turn for Barton, it could also fulfill several comic fans’ desire to see him go beyond his typical arrow-shooting supporting role (especially since we may not be getting a Hawkeye solo film). This is just another one of the many reasons we’re counting the days until Avengers 4‘s May 3 release date.

8 Supervillain: Jafar – Aladdin

Another one of Disney’s top baddies was the evil sorcerer Jafar from 1992’s Aladdin. Plotting to steal the title of Sultan by marrying Princess Jasmine, he clashes with local peasant Aladdin before meeting his demise at the genie’s lamp he desperately sought to control. Disney’s live-action remakes are not always looked upon fondly, but next year’s Aladdin looks to not only adapt the tale for a new generation, but also bring some interesting new twists on the classic film (including casting Will Smith as the successor to Robin William’s iconic Genie).

Jafar will be played by Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari, who’s making a name in Hollywood with recent roles in The Mummy and Murder on the Orient Express and will bring his own form of “magic” to the role come May 24th.

7 Superhero(es): Agents H and M – MIB

One of the most beloved trilogies many don’t know is based on a comic book, the Men in Black series made audiences laugh for 15 years with standout lead performances from Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. While the rumored fourth film seems unlikely, fans will be happy to know that the secret alien-centered organization is making a comeback.

Sony must have noticed Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson’s chemistry in Thor: Ragnarok, as they will star as the MIB’s newest agents, H and M, in the upcoming spinoff/reboot MIB. Taking place in the UK, the film also stars Liam Neeson as the head of the MIB’s London branch and sees Emma Thompson reprise her role as Agent O. Sounds like the world will be in good hands once the MIB June 14th.

6 Supervillain: LEGO Harley Quinn – The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Yes, we know. Last year’s The LEGO Batman Movie gave fans LEGO versions of practically every Batman character they could imagine, including Harley Quinn. However, while that version of Joker’s psychotic girlfriend was a good interpretation, the new HQ debuting in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part could be better. How? Because this version will be voiced by none other than Margot Robbie, who dazzled with her performance in 2016’s Suicide Squad (and is expected to do the same in 2020’s Birds of Prey movie).

While no footage of the new HQ has been included in the recent trailers, she did make an appearance in footage shown at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (reportedly dressed more like her Suicide Squad appearance). Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to see her in action, as the film opens February 8.

5 Superhero: John Shaft III – Son of Shaft

The Shaft franchise may not be that familiar to this generation, but many have surely heard Isaac Hayes’ iconic Oscar-winning theme song, which should tell fans all they need to know about John Shaft. Based on a 1970 detective novel, the original Shaft TV series and trilogy starred Richard Roundtree as Shaft, a private detective who helped popularize the blaxploitation genre. The 2000 film Shaft saw Samuel L. Jackson as the character’s nephew, John Shaft II, and featured a cameo from Roundtree.

Now, the third time will most definitely have charm, as not only will Roundtree and Jackson reprise their roles, but we will also be introduced to John Shaft III (played by Jessie T. Usher). Everyone better shut their mouths, because we’re talking about Son of Shaft, and it’s headed to theaters June 14th.

4 Supervillain: Talos – Captain Marvel

While not the most well-known Marvel villain, Talos is no pushover in terms of power. Known in the comics as “Talos the Untamed,” the Skrull warrior made up for his inability to shapeshift (a common trait among Skrulls) with his powerful fighting skills and strength. Though Captain Marvel changes his story by giving him shapeshifting powers (which he uses to work undercover in S.H.I.E.L.D. as Nick Fury’s boss), he should still have plenty of chances to trade blows with Carol Danvers, since he will be leading the Skrulls in their invasion of Earth.

Played by Rogue One star Ben Mendelsohn, Talos is sure to be more than a worthy adversary for Marvel’s current leading lady.

3 Superhero(es): The Angels – Charlie’s Angels

It is doubtful the creators of the 1976-81 crime drama Charlie’s Angels predicted the franchise would still be relevant nearly 40 years later, but its cult following and subsequent films (there was another show, but we don’t talk about that) have ensured it is and will continue to be in the foreseeable future, especially since a reboot film is on its way.

Directed by Emmy-nominated actress Elizabeth Banks (who previously helmed Pitch Perfect 2), the film stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska as the crime-fighting Angels trio, while Banks, Sir Patrick Stewart, and Djimon Hounsou will portray different versions of Bosley, an agent who aids the Angels in their missions. So, mark a calendar and prepare for the Angels’ long-awaited return from Heaven (man, that was lame) on November 1st.

2 Superhero: Alita – Alita: Battle Angel

Live-action anime and manga film adaptations haven’t always worked, though this doesn’t stop film studios from trying. Thus, here we are, with Hollywood’s next attempt at a “faithful” adaptation, this time being cyberpunk series Battle Angel Alita. While the film is being produced by James Cameron and directed by Robert Rodriguez, it has received criticism due to Alita’s oversized “manga eyes,” which some say could distract from other parts of the film.

However, the effects look great, the film’s other stars include Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, and Michelle Rodriguez, and the story of an amnesiac cyborg with hidden fighting skills in a dystopian future just sounds awesome. Let’s hope Alita: Battle Angel proves the critics wrong come February 14th (though, they have to give it at least a little love, since it’s Valentine’s Day).

1 Supervillain: The Joker – Joker

Arguably the greatest comic book supervillain of all time, The Joker needs no introduction. Though, while he has been portrayed by various actors in film, he has surprisingly never got his own film. Thanks to The Hangover director Todd Phillips, however, that’s all about to change.

Joker will put Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix in the Clown Prince of Crime’s shoes, telling an ’80s origin story for Batman’s arch-enemy (then known as “Arthur Fleck”). While it’s not yet known how Fleck will become The Joker, fans are already excited due to set photos showing Phoenix letting loose his inner madness in full costume and makeup (which gives off some Heath Ledger vibes while still staying original). Given Phoenix’s track record for great performances, could we see The Joker win his second Oscar? We’ll have to wait until October 4th to find out.

Who are you most excited to see in 2019? Let us know in the comments!!

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Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Reunites With Zack Snyder In New Photo

Justice League star Ray Fisher reunited with his former director, Zack Snyder, today at the filmmaker’s old office, and they both posted a photo together on social media, but it’s unclear why Fisher decided to stop by Snyder’s office. Years ago, before WB’s unofficially titled DC Extended Universe had gotten underway, Snyder – as well as his producing team and the casting department at Warner Bros. – ultimately decided to cast the actor as the DC superhero Cyborg.

While Fisher made his real debut in 2017’s Justice League movie, he first had a cameo in Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice alongside some of the rest of the world’s finest heroes, namely Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Ezra Miller (The Flash). Even though his fellow co-stars were all thrilled to portray their superheroes, Fisher was especially excited, and he hasn’t refrained from continuing to express that enthusiasm despite everything that happened with Snyder and Justice League.

Related: Justice League’s Ray Fisher Thinks Cyborg Would Be Costly To Make

It seems that Ray Fisher visited Zack Snyder’s office today, and they both posted the photo on social media; Fisher made his post on Twitter, saying, “Me and the Cap’n making it happen… #BORGLIFE,” while Snyder, of course, posted on Vero, saying, “Look who’s hanging out at the office today.” Take a look:

A specific reason for why Fisher visited Snyder today hasn’t been determined, but it presumably had nothing to do with the DC movie universe, despite the fact that Snyder is technically still on board as producer for some of the future movies, like Aquaman and Wonder Woman 1984. In all likelihood, it’s possible that Fisher was merely on the WB lot for something else (perhaps for something in relation to HBO’s True Detective season 3, which he stars in), or maybe he just happened to be in the general area and wanted to stop by to visit Snyder, who is currently working on developing The Fountainhead (not The Last Photograph, as previously assumed), an adaptation of Ayn Rand’s 1943 novel of the same name.

Regardless of the reason Fisher and Snyder met up today, the photo could ignite some speculation that Fisher could potentially appear in Snyder’s new project or that they were discussing WB’s Cyborg movie, which doesn’t seem to have moved forward in development since its initial announcement. It was originally slated to release in 2020, but that no longer seems to be the case. Furthermore, if it ever does happen, it’s certainly possible that Snyder would be on board as a producer, just like he’s producing the other Justice League character spinoff movies.

Next: DC’s Cyborg Movie Still Happening, May Use Scrapped Justice League Story

Source: Ray Fisher, Zack Snyder

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2018-10-10 05:10:11 – Mansoor Mithaiwala

18 Best Sequels, According To Rotten Tomatoes (And 8 Stuck With 0%)

We live in an age where sequels are all the rage. Every major studio is chasing those franchises that can keep their cash flow healthy for years to come. Sometimes, they’re exhausting. Other times, they can be our most anticipated movies. Maybe we could do without more Transformers movies, but Marvel and Mission: Impossible sequels are event movies that drive us to the theater in droves.

Sequels are tricky and unpredictable, though. On one hand, they’re often necessary for expanding stories and the good ones continue sagas we want to see progress. On the other, some are soulless cash grabs that shouldn’t exist. In the worst cases, some of them completely derail promising franchises by failing to deliver the goods. Then again, in some instances, sequels can get a series back up and running after they’ve experienced setbacks.

This list will look at those rare sequels that are considered worthy — and even superior — follow-ups. Those rare beasts that make us grateful for multiple movies in a series. Furthermore, we’ll also be discussing the most maligned sequels that brought no critical good will to their respective franchises whatsoever. It’s more fun this way. In order to fully appreciate the best of the best, we also must acknowledge the worst of the worst. Without evil, we wouldn’t be able to understand all that’s good and pure. Without terrible movies, we wouldn’t be grateful for the good ones.

With this in mind, here are 18 Best Sequels According To Rotten Tomatoes (And 8 Stuck With 0%).

26 Best: Captain America: Civil War (91%)

The decision to keep the same team of writers for all three Captain America films paid off in the end. The trilogy just went from strength to strength with each passing entry, though some would argue that The Winter Soldier is equally as good — if not better — than Civil War. Either way, they’re both prime examples of how to do sequels right.

Civil War tackles the same themes you’d expect from a movie about a do-gooder like Cap, but where the film truly soars is during its wild third act. The airport showdown is the best action showdown in the MCU, and that’s saying something.

25 Worst: The Bad News Bears Go To Japan (0%)

If you didn’t know that sequels to The Bad News Bears exist then no one would think any less of you. While the first movie is a cult classic about an underdog baseball team, the sequels have faded from the collective memory with the passing of time, lost like tears in the rain. That’s for good reason.

None of the sequels are good, but The Bad News Bears Go To Japan is especially bad.

While the idea to relocate to Japan for a big game is good on paper, the sequel is just bland, forgettable, and was made to cash in on the brand name.

24 Best: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (93%)

Some fans argue that The Force Awakens is essentially a retread of A New Hope in many ways. However, clearly the critics and audiences didn’t necessarily agree, given its stellar Rotten Tomatoes score and its audience score of 87%, not to mention its impressive box office haul.

As far as Star Wars movies go, it hits the spot. The new characters are great, the return of some old faces is a trip down memory lane, and the story still made significant effort to push the franchise forward. In those regards, the film definitely succeeded.

23 Best: War for the Planet of the Apes (93%)

Anyone who has a problem with classics being rebooted needs to watch the most recent Planet of the Apes trilogy.  The finale pits the apes in a brutal battle against the humans, which leads to an epic confrontation between the Caesar the Ape and humanity’s ruthless colonel (played by an utterly wicked Woody Harrelson). As far as concluding trilogies goes, War for the Planet of the Apes has everything.

By no means is this a pleasant movie, but it is rewarding. And not only does it wrap up an epic story, but the film boasts some of the great CGI wizardry out there. The action is also ridiculously impressive and compelling, which is crazy considering it’s a movie about people versus monkeys.

22 Best: Logan (93%)

James Mangold’s Logan, the gloriously violent and heartbreaking farewell to Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, is an all-timer. Taking cues from the Old Man Logan comics, the movie has just as much in common with neo-westerns as it does with superhero yarns, which makes for a gritty, character-driven elegy to characters many of us grew up with.

Logan deserves praise for going R-rated and taking some stylistic risks.

The movie is proof that audiences will still flock to see superhero movies with some edge. If you’re going to send off some icons, this is the way to do it.

21 Worst: Return to the Blue Lagoon (0%)

Considering that no one liked The Blue Lagoon (it currently holds a 9% rating on RT), why anyone would want to return to the franchise is beyond comprehension. Of course, every sequel is a perfect opportunity to right some old wrongs if handled with care. Unfortunately, this was not. The story follows two children who are marooned on a tropical island as the grow up and fall in love, etc. The characters don’t wear enough clothes either, which makes for some weird, uncomfortable viewing.

There are some unintentional laughs to be had at the poor script and performances.

Otherwise the Blue Lagoon isn’t a scenic cinematic paradise worth spending time in unless you want to punish yourself for some reason.

20 Best: The Dark Knight (94%)

Few superhero movies are ever regarded as anything more than popcorn fare. However, if there were ever a superhero movie that proved the genre could be prestige cinema, it would be The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman is an exploration of chaos and just how far people are willing to go to achieve their goal.

The Dark Knight — for better or worse when you consider how devoid of fun some DC movies have been since — also brought a gritty, realistic touch to the genre. The movie feels more like a Michael Mann crime saga than it does a story about superheroes versus their outlandishly evil counterparts.

19 Best: Finding Dory (94%)

In recent times, Pixar has been criticized for relying too heavily on sequels, but if it ain’t broke… Finding Dory was released 13 years after Finding Nemo, and it was a smash with critics and audiences alike.

Its 94% on Rotten Tomatoes is complemented by an 84% audience score.

Upon release Finding Dory was praised for being as funny and thought-provoking as the first movie, while also adding a new dimension to the story. As with any Pixar movie, Finding Dory can be appreciated by audiences of all ages. 

18 Worst: Staying Alive (0%)

No other actor on the planet has experienced a career of ups and downs like John Travolta has. When he broke out he had the world at his dancing feet. After that, his career experienced a downturn until it was resurrected briefly following Pulp Fiction until it ultimately plummeted when he started starring in movies like Battlefield Earth. Staying Alive was released in 1983 when Travolta was experiencing his first fall from grace. Following up a classic like Saturday Night Fever was never going to be easy, but it shouldn’t have been this difficult, either.

The sequel lacks the gritty realism of its predecessor, and instead tries to get by on dance sequences. What’s the point in dancing when we don’t care about who’s doing it?

17 Best: Creed (95%)

No franchise tends to remain compelling seven sequels in, but Creed is proof that the Rocky franchise is the rare exception. Granted, some Rocky movies aren’t exactly knockouts, but Creed got things back on track and showed that it’s game for a few more rounds.

By serving as both a sequel and a spin-off/soft reboot, Creed gave the franchise a breath of new life.

It passed the gloves on to Michael B. Jordan as the eponymous character.  Creed 2 is right around the corner. Let’s see if it can do what the original saga failed to do and deliver a second outing that’s as good as the inaugural entry.

16 Worst: Leprechaun 2 (0%)

The first Leprechaun movie doesn’t come close to being certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so it should come as no surprise that the sequels didn’t receive any critical acclaim. Especially not the second movie, which no critic seemed to enjoy at all.

Here, the infamous critter resurfaces in Los Angeles to find a bride, which leads to him abducting a young woman and trying to claim her as his own. This isn’t high art by any means, nor does it try to be.

15 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (96%)

The Harry Potter books were an emotional roller coaster that affected millions of readers worldwide. Reliving those adventures on the big screen was also a great time to be alive, and the grand finale lived up to expectations. In the final installment of the saga about the Boy Who Lived and his fight against the forces of darkness, the ultimate showdown finally happens as our hero and his pals face off against Voldemort in Hogwarts castle.

It’s a true epic in every sense of the word.

As far as wrapping up the story goes, Death Hallows: Part 2 delivered the goods and gave us cinematic closure in style.

14 Worst: Looking Who’s Talking Now (0%)

Look Who’s Talking is a perfectly serviceable comedy that should never have received any sequels. In a bid to end to the trilogy on a high following the disappointing previous sequel, Look Who’s Talking Too, someone thought it would be a good idea to introduce talking dogs to the mix for the series’ swan song. 

Needless to say, Look Who’s Talking Now wasn’t the glorious goodbye the series was looking for, but at least the film did cast some cute dogs.

13 Best: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (97%)

The third installment of Sergio Leone’s influential Dollars trilogy, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is the creme de la creme of spaghetti westerns. 

The story centers around two men who form an uneasy alliance following a scam.

This leads them on a quest as it turns out there’s money buried in the desert and they want to find it. However, they have to compete against another who won’t hesitate to put a bullet in them to claim the prize. On top of being one of the most acclaimed movies out there, the film has been hailed as a major influence on directors like Quentin Tarantino.

12 Best: The Godfather: Part II (97%)

The continuation of Francis Ford Coppola’s Best Picture-winning 1972 crime saga, The Godfather: Part II chronicles Michael Corleone’s further ascendency in organized crime while simultaneously taking us back to the past to explore his dad’s humble beginnings.

Like its predecessor, the sequel also won Best Picture and is hailed by many a critic and film buff as one of the best movies ever made. Whether it’s better than the original is up for debate, but they’re like two sides of the same coin. These movies set the bar for mob pictures, and to this day, other directors are still trying to recreate the formula.

11 Mad Max: Fury Road (97%)

Director George Miller was in his seventies when he unleashed Mad Max: Fury Road, but the energy and madness imbued in every frame of this extravaganza suggest a man half his age.

Maybe we’ll never see another Mad Max movie, but the world needs a Furiosa spin-off eventually.

Fury Road is essentially one non-stop chase that barely lets up from the get-go all the way to the climactic ending. Furthermore, it’s a movie that defied expectation by taking the focus away from the titular character and making Charlize Theron’s Furiosa the real hero of the adventure. 

10 Worst: Jaws: The Revenge (0%)

Is Jaws: the Revenge a good movie? Definitely not. Is it an entertaining movie, though? Definitely yes.

How many other movies have sharks that make a conscious decision to get revenge on the humans that wronged them? Not only that, but the shark here followed its target to the Bahamas from Massachusetts. And why would someone who wants to avoid sharks go to an island surrounded by ocean? The movie is illogical, silly, nonsense, but it does offer sheer entertainment value for bad movie buffs.

9 Best: Aliens (98%)

Alien and Aliens are quite different in some regards, but they complement each other perfectly. The first is an exercise in pure suspense and terror. The sequel, on the other hand, retains the horror elements but adds a lot more action to proceedings.

Aliens shows how to make a successful sequel: acknowledge what came before but don’t be afraid to bring some fresh ideas to the table.

James Cameron was on fire in the ’80s and he wasn’t afraid to make Ridley Scott’s baby his own.

8 Best: Mad Max 2: Road Warrior (98%)

While George Miller’s inaugural Mad Max caper is a cult classic, most film buffs would agree that a couple of the sequels are slightly superior. Taking nothing away from the first movie, Road Warrior is a vast improvement when it comes to world building and sheer action spectacle. The story follows the eponymous character as he helps a group of people steal oil from a tyrannical madman and his band of goons.

As far as cinematic thrill rides go, few movies are on par with Road Warrior. Here, Miller turned up the volume significantly by making the post-apocalyptic terrains feel more dangerous and the action sequences more gung-ho and grander in scale.

7 Best: Evil Dead 2 (98%)

Sam Raimi’s first Evil Dead movie was a huge achievement for independent filmmaking when it was released back in 1981. The movie still holds up to this day with its innovative camera work, effective scares, and excellent cast as well.

The sequel is a triumph in its own right.

While the first movie contained moments of dark comedy, the sequel amps up the zaniness to become what is essentially the splatter flick equivalent of a Laurel and Hardy flick. For 90 minutes, Bruce Campbell is tormented by laughing ornaments and his own severed hand. As silly as that sounds, Evil Dead 2 still manages to pack more punch than your average MMA fighter.

6 Worst: Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (0%)

In the third installment of the Police Academy franchise, the cops are understaffed and in need of some help. Naturally, the force turns to America’s civilians to help aid in their mission. Things don’t go smoothly, for the characters in the film and the movie itself.

Rotten Tomatoes describes Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol as “Utterly, completely, thoroughly and astonishingly unfunny” and  a movie which sent “a once-innocuous franchise plummeting to agonizing new depths.” That sounds about right.

5 Toy Story 3 (99%)

Few franchises manage to strike three home runs in a row. Even The Godfather stuttered when it came to the third outing. Toy Story, on the other hand, never ceases to replicate the magic time and time again.

This emotional installment sees Andy get ready to leave for college and neglect his old toys.

He’s all grown up and has no use for them anymore, and what ensues is what is by far the most heartfelt movie in the series.

4 Worst: Highlander II: The Quickening (0%)

As far as pure entertaining action-fantasy goes, the first Highlander movie is a fun slice of popcorn entertainment that aficionados of cult cinema lose their head over. The sequel, meanwhile, is an incomprehensible mess.

Highlander II is too overplotted to explain, but the cusp of the story revolves around the hero from the first movie taking on a corporation after being led to believe that they don’t have the world’s best interests in mind. In this one, our hero is a defender of the ozone as well. What makes Highlander II so awful is that it completely retcons everything good about the original film and the mythology it introduced.

3 Best: The Bride of Frankenstein (100%)

We all desire to be loved by someone special– even bolt-head monsters made up of the remains of other people. But to find them a mate, one must dig up some more corpses and create a suitable partner that’s similar in genetic make-up. This is also the storyline behind James Whale’s 1935 masterpiece, Bride of Frankenstein.

There are too many Frankenstein movies to keep track of at this point, but this sequel remains the pinnacle of the original series.

The movie is a masterpiece that successfully blends campy fun with Gothic beauty and genuine chills that’s stood the test of time as a result.

2 Paddington 2 (100%)

No one expected the the first Paddington to be as good as it is. That movie is a bona fide classic in the making in its own right, but the sequel is some next-next level brilliance.

Paddington 2 sees the lovable bear go to prison and, unsurprisingly, all the mean criminals fall in love with him as well. Critics, like the fictional convicts, were also full of praise for the titular bear and his second big onscreen adventure as well. At one point, Paddington 2 was even the best reviewed movie in history.

1 Best: Toy Story 2 (100%)

Following up a movie like Toy Story was never going to be easy, but that didn’t stop Pixar from trying and succeeding. In this one, we find out that Woody is a collectible when he’s discovered and stolen by a greedy museum owner. Naturally this prompts Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato, and the rest of the gang into action and they set out to save their friend.

General consensus on Rotten Tomatoes states that Toy Story 2 is that rare sequel that improves upon its predecessor.

The sequel raises the stakes and ups the element of adventure while retaining the humor and heart that made audiences fall in love with the franchise in the first place.

What’s your favorite sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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2018-10-10 04:10:39 – Kieran Fisher

Daredevil Faces Kingpin & Bullseye In Stunning Season 3 Fan Poster

Matt Murdock finds himself in the crosshairs of Bullseye and Kingpin, thanks to a new fan poster for season 3 of Daredevil. The wait for new episodes has been a long one. The first series dropped on Netflix in early 2015 to critical acclaim. A second season rapidly followed, premiering less than a year later. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen was last seen, however, forming The Defenders with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand. The series was met with a lukewarm reaction, with even star Charlie Cox criticizing the pace. Regardless, the team-up show ended on a huge cliffhanger, setting up promising things for Daredevil season 3.

Daredevil will pick up with the world still believing Matt and Daredevil to be dead. Secretly, however, he will still be recovering from his injuries at a nunnery. Wilson Fisk’s release from prison – despite still being in FBI custody – however, will draw him back from the shadows and into conflict with a nemesis that fans have been eager to see since the show was first announced. Bullseye was teased via an Easter egg in season 1 but has officially been confirmed as a season 3 villain. A recent teaser even offered a first look at Bullseye in action.

Related: Daredevil Season 3 Villain Bullseye’s Comic Book Origins

A new fan poster created and uploaded on Twitter by artist Rico Jr plays out this dual threat in stunning fashion. The image finds Daredevil, in his full red outfit, staring down the literal bullseye of the iconic villain’s trademark symbol. The shadowy silhouette of Wilson Fisk looms large behind him, no doubt referencing his being the architect of Matt Murdock’s upcoming suffering. Check out the full image below:

The image is a striking one that fans will surely want hanging on their walls. As well as perfectly summing up the dynamics that will be on display in season 3, it looks like something itself straight from a comic.

In terms of the comic, season 3 will apparently put the more mythological elements such as The Hand on the backburner. Instead, Daredevil will serve as more of a crime thriller. This feels like as wise a choice as the brushstrokes that went into crafting the above image. The Netflix/Marvel shows were, after all, originally billed as a gritty, street-level interpretation of superheroes. While such mystical elements are, to a degree, able to work on Iron Fist, it only served to complicate the tone in past seasons of Daredevil.

Although the Netflix heroes technically exist in the world of The Avengers and alien invasions, the shows are best when exploring more character-driven stories. Rather than tackling immortal ninjas, Daredevil is better served using the concept of superheroes to explore relatable themes and issues, much like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones before it.

More: Screen Rant’s Daredevil Season 3 Set Visit Report

Daredevil season 3 releases October 19 on Netflix.

Source: Rico Jr/Twitter

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2018-10-10 01:10:09 – John Atkinson

Simon Pegg Interview: The Boys

Amazon’s upcoming comic book adaptation, The Boys, dropped some big news at New York Comic Con this week; not only did was the first clip from the show revealed, but so was the news that Simon Pegg would be appearing in it. The Boys is an adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic series of the same name, which satirizes the superhero world and imagines life in a universe where those with powers become corrupted by them – but maintain their public image.

The ‘Boys’ of the comic title are a group of vigilantes, mostly without superpowers, who take it upon themselves to keep tabs on the various ‘supes’ in this world – and occasionally, to take them down. The series follows Butcher (Karl Urban), his new protege Hughie (Jack Quaid), and the rest of their gang as they wreak havoc on the twisted supes that the world sees as heroes, and it promises to be violent, foul-mouthed, and hilariously dark. After the reveal that Pegg would be appearing in the show as Hughie’s father, we sat down to talk about what fans can expect from his new character on the show.

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SR: So, obviously this was a big reveal for The Boys today. Can we ask now how big your part in the show is?

Simon Pegg: I’m a guest role. I think I’m in a few episodes, and it was something that we really wanted to do from the off. When the show became a reality, they were very kind to get in contact when Jack was cast and say ‘maybe you can be in the show’. And I think I suggested that maybe I could play Hughie’s father or something.

SR: So it was your idea?

Simon Pegg: Well, I can’t remember, but I feel like I did say that! Whether or not they had already had the character in mind I’m not sure, because he certainly… he serves a real purpose in the show. He’s not in the comic book, but I think in the show he represents the possibility of Hughie not taking action. And the show begins with this terrible tragedy that happens to Hugie and he has two choices; he can stay on the sofa with Dad like every Campbell man has in the past, or he can actually change his life.

And so, as a sort of visual representation of Hughie’s possible destiny, the Dad works really well as a character.

SR: And do we see any of Hughie’s Mom?

Simon Pegg: No, she passed away, so it’s just Hughie and Dad, and they have a very sweet relationship. That picture that you saw of us, the family shot, is very much prior to A-Train doing what he does. They have a very sweet little… you know they are just father and son, and he’s still got his toys in his bedroom, and they live together, and Dad dotes on him. He’s a nice guy, he’s just very ineffectual.

SR: How do you feel about the fact that in the comics, obviously Hughie is Scottish and now we’re coming over to the US for this series? Are you going to be an English Dad or are you going to do the American accent?

Simon Pegg: Well, we talked about this, and I think what happened was initially I was going to play Hughie’s Dad as Scottish in reference to the comic book, but then we decided in a way that if Hughie was used to a British accent of any kind, it would make Butcher less alien to him, in a way. Because Butcher’s got to feel like he’s from a completely different world, you know, and so he has this rough Cockney accent, and so we thought ok, let’s make them American. So I play Hughie’s father as American.

SR: Which other character are you most excited about? Which one is your favorite, either in the comics or the show… is it the same one?

Simon Pegg: I was just really happy to see the Supes, you know! When I did my first scene it was quite early on in the shoot and not all of the Boys had actually arrived. I hadn’t met Karen [Fukahara] or anybody and I was kind of like, really wanting to see some superheroes. And then when I came back to shoot some more scenes later on I got to see A-Train, and pictures of the other ones, and it was just really great to see them in 3D! But the one that I saw that was a full on ‘there he is, right in front of me’ superhero was a real treat.

SR: Do you think that this show is going to be particularly appealing to people who are maybe getting a little of that so-called ‘superhero fatigue’?

Simon Pegg: Yeah, I think that in a weird way, as a satire on superheroism, that’s kind of the least of what this show is, in a way. It’s a broader satire about the notion of power and celebrity, and it just so happens that the subjects of that particular analysis are superheroes in this show. We do, obviously, satirize superhero culture a little bit, and people might enjoy the parallels to other known superheroes that The Boys delights in. But at the same time, you know, it’s still a superhero show, I think it’s just a welcome change of tone, for sure. But it’s not like, I don’t think it’s sneering at its roots in any way. In the great tradition of comics like The Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns, it’s kind of a slightly skewed version of that world, no less reverent.

SR: And other than yourself, because obviously your character doesn’t exist in the comics, were there any other major changes that surprised you, going in as a fan? At least, I am assuming you are a fan!

Simon Pegg: I am, yes! Everything that I saw, I really really liked, and I appreciate the importance, when making an adaptation, of not being too slavish. You can tie yourself in knots by being desperate to please, and I think that the best thing you can do with a story that first appeared in 2008 sis to make sure that it feels relevant in 2018. So they’ve done everything they can to do that. So the changes that I saw felt completely in keeping with the spirit of the comic book, and I know that’s what Garth Ennis really wanted as well, and Darick Robertson (the artist). And so as long as they maintain the kind of mission statement of it I’m happy to see it change. It must change, in the same way that The Walking Dead as a comic book is very different to the series, but it still has its own personality. TV is a different medium, you know, and it should have its own identity.

SR: And finally, I think we have time for one more, so given that you know the works of Garth Ennis, would you think that The Pro would be an interesting thing to be adapted next? And would you like to appear in that one, if it did?

Simon Pegg: [LAUGHS] I think anything he does is always… I think Garth kind of writes specifically to try and challenge people not to adapt… as if to say ‘alright, adapt that then!’. You know, things that just seem completely unadaptable. So, yes, I would always be happy to be involved in anything that Garth does, I’ve been a fan a long time, so yeah.

And, now they’ve done Preacher and now this, I think it’s paved the way for pretty much anything he does to appear in some form, you know, however mental. I shouldn’t say that, it’s the wrong word to say.

SR: Well, it’s a very British word.

Simon Pegg: [CHUCKLES] Yeah. So – who knows, you might have started a rumor – this is how these things start!

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The Boys is expected to premiere on Amazon in early 2019.

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Charlie Cox Thinks The Defenders Was Too Slow, Still Wants Season 2

Marvel’s The Defenders miniseries had its issues, but Charlie Cox thinks there’s potential for a second season. The Daredevil star, who’s currently doing promotion for the third season of the Netflix Marvel universe’s flagship show, discussed the possibility of bringing all the New York heroes back together, and what needs to be different this time around to ensure it doesn’t continue to be the least-viewed Marvel series on the streaming service.

Cox isn’t the first actor to speak out about season 2. In March, prior to the release of Jessica Jones season 2, Krysten Ritter shared that if the opportunity came about, she would do another season, but that she didn’t think there were any plans to go down that path. However, more recently, at Baltimore Comic-Con, Mike Colter (who stars in Luke Cage) joked that the crowd didn’t cheer enough in response to a mention of The Defenders season 2, but then replied to the increased applause, “Alright, alright, maybe we can do something.”

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Now, Cox is adding his two cents, and he’s even more positive. Speaking with Metro, Cox revealed how much he enjoyed working on The Defenders. He said he got “a little kick out of” seeing how the four unique heroes came together, and worked side-by-side. The issue, Cox believes, was the format, agreeing with many fans that the season “felt too slow,” but that he thinks this is because there was an emphasis on setting things up naturally, and then they ran out of time to put a focus on the actual team-up.

Cox went on to praise showrunner Marco Ramirez for his ability to meld the very different heroes into one show, calling it a “mammoth undertaking” that “he did fantastically.” But moving forward, he sees the benefit in keeping things on a smaller scale. “I would like to see a story that is more in keeping with the show’s that we make, which is a little bit more grounded, a little more boots on the ground. I don’t want to see us try and compete with the Avengers in terms of the scope.” However, though he clearly has hopes for a season 2, Cox isn’t aware of any progress made toward making more of The Defenders.

Frankly, despite how cool it is to see worlds merge and superheroes team up, it’s hard to see the benefit of another season. The various loose ends from the final episode will (hopefully) be all tied up by Daredevil season 3, and it’s undeniable that the show was fraught with mistakes and plot holes. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in some capacity. Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel TV, made some intriguing comments last month, hinting that perhaps another season could involve a different group of heroes as the Defenders. Considering the wealth of captivating supporting characters the connected series have offered, this could be an idea worth exploring for Netflix.

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Source: Metro

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James Gunn Is A Better Fit For Suicide Squad Than Guardians of the Galaxy

Controversial writer and director James Gunn is perfectly suited for Suicide Squad 2; in fact, it’s a far better fit for him than Guardians of the Galaxy ever was. Gunn certainly has form transforming a band of misfits into a superhero family/team, and Suicide Squad 2 should give him the ideal opportunity to demonstrate his skills yet again, although the story goes a little deeper than that.

Gunn’s career with Disney came to a shocking end back in July, when some of his old social media posts went viral. Gunn had fancied himself as something of a provocateur prior to working for Disney, and these posts included off-key jokes on everything from rape to pedophilia. Disney responded by swiftly firing him from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Within a month, there were reports that Gunn had been approached by Disney’s rival Warner Bros. potentially with the option of producing a DC superhero movie.

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DC Films has expressed interest in Gunn before. Back in 2016, he admitted that he’d “had opportunities to make DC films,” but had turned them down; he reeled off a list of heroes he’d quite enjoy tackling, ranging from Swamp Thing to Jonah Hex, from the Metal Men to Shazam. Now, though, there have been reports that Gunn is on board to write, and possibly even direct, Suicide Squad 2.

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Why James Gunn Is Perfect For Suicide Squad 2

It’s not hard to see what Warner Bros. want James Gunn on board. He’s a writer and director with a proven history of turning even the most unlikely franchises into box office hits. Back when Marvel Studios announced the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, everybody assumed this would be their first misstep; the Guardians had a low profile even among comic book fans, and their members including a walking tree and a talking raccoon. A series of tremendously effective trailers immediately changed that, and the movie grossed $773 million worldwide. Not bad for a bunch of “a**-holes.

Ironically, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad suffered as a result of Guardians of the Galaxy‘s success. Warner Bros. attempted to make their dark movie fit Gunn’s tone, with the trailers showing a strong Guardians of the Galaxy vibe. Viewers responded well to the trailers, and as a result there are reports Warner Bros. lost faith in Ayer’s approach, attempting to make the franchise as Guardians-like as possible. The result was a strange hybrid of a finished production, critically panned, which nevertheless managed to gross $747 million worldwide off the back of its strong marketing campaign. A sequel was always on the cards, but nobody was quite sure who could make it work. So why not bring in the man who made Guardians of the Galaxy work in the first place?

Suicide Squad 2 Matches James Gunn’s Earlier Movies

It’s important not to assume Suicide Squad 2 would just be a rehash of Guardians of the Galaxy, though. In truth, the comic book franchise is tonally similar to some of Gunn’s earlier works, most notably Super. This was a black comedy-drama centered around the character of Frank Darbo, a cook who took up the identity of the “Crimson Bolt” in order to rescue his wife from a drug dealer. Although critics weren’t impressed by the movie, it built a strong fanbase and put Gunn on Disney’s radar. Super rejoices in its confusing characters, who are filled to the brim with flaws and conflicting character traits – and gore ready to be spilled. Frank, for example, was a religious pacifist who made the world a better place through merciless violence. It was only after he began hearing warped messages “from God” that he began to understand the real world at all.

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This is just the kind of crazy, conflicted approach that would work so well for Suicide Squad 2. After all, this is a team who are defined by their contradiction. They’re a group of super-villains who are forced to save the world; they deeply resent the fact they’re being forced to work together, and yet somehow consider one another a family. The best Suicide Squad stories are a blend of light and dark, tinged with anger and joy, betrayal and redemption.

And the characters in Suicide Squad are so very three-dimensional. Take Harley Quinn; although it didn’t quite make it through to David Ayer’s film, at heart she’s an abuse victim who’s struggling to find herself, and the relationship between Harley and the Joker is most definitely not intended to be some sort of “relationship goal“. Killer Croc is a brutal murderer who eats his foes, and yet develops such a fondness for his team-mates that he becomes dangerously protective of them. Boomerang wants to live a life of crime, and yet vaguely enjoys the idea he’s achieving something when he saves the world. These “villains” are three-dimensional in a way few superheroes are, with aspects of their own natures in direct conflict, pulling them this way and that. They’re every bit as mercurial and inconsistent as real people. And they’re just the kind of characters James Gunn has a form for developing, back in his pre-Guardians of the Galaxy days.

Page 2 of 2: Why This Is A Better Fit Than Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn Made Great Guardians of the Galaxy Movies – But He Changed Them To Do So

The truth is that, although James Gunn made tremendous Guardians of the Galaxy movies, he did so by taking major liberties with the comic canon. Gunn took the most basic concept underlying the franchise, and then made his own version of it. Gunn’s genius was that he saw the potential, he realized why it wouldn’t connect with audiences, and then he made it work. Even the tone and style of the Guardians movies was nothing like the original comics, which had typically gone for cosmic melodrama rather than ’80s nostalgia.

Characters, too, were completely rewritten in order to become the versions Gunn needed. Take Peter Quill as the classic example. Steve Englehart created the character back in 1976, and he described the original Star-Lord as “an unpleasant, introverted jerk.” Englehart planned to develop him into the most cosmic hero ever, but left Marvel before he’d even begun that character arc. As a result, the comic book version remained in that pattern, although he gradually transformed into a leader. James Gunn looked at the comic character, and decided to completely rework him. Star-Lord remained something of a jerk, but he was much more charismatic and extroverted; a revised origin explained that he was a child who’d run away from home after his mother’s death, and had never really grown up as a result. It made Quill a deeply empathetic character, viewed with affection in spite of his many flaws.

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Comic book readers traditionally complain when movies diverge from the comic book canon they grew up reading. In the case of Guardians of the Galaxy, though, James Gunn made his changes work so well that precious few objected. Marvel Comics, inspired by the surprise box office success of a previously-third-tier superhero franchise, quickly redesigned their own characters to align with Gunn’s versions. In the case of Peter Quill, they even retconned some of his previous appearances to say they’d taken place in another reality. Gunn won’t need to go the same lengths to make Suicide Squad 2 his own. As we’ve already pointed out, the characters are tailor-made for Gunn’s kind of character-work, and the themes and concepts that run through the comics fit perfectly with the kind of ideas he likes to work with.

Meanwhile, Gunn’s looser approach to canon and continuity will flourish in the DCEU. Although most viewers hadn’t picked up on it, Gunn’s maverick attitude towards continuity was never perfectly suited to the tighter, more intensely-scrutinized MCU; occasionally there were signs Gunn felt the pressure of it, and indeed rebelled against it. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 rendered a tie-in comic non-canon, for example, and Gunn admitted he contemplated breaking his own personal canon for the third film. “Marvel Canon – MCU – is crazy,” Gunn admitted. “I have a really good storytelling reason for breaking the canon, and I stayed up last night figuring out if I’m gonna do it or not. I still don’t know.” Given the complexity of the MCU and the degree to which fans take note of every detail, sooner or later that would have caused problems. Warner Bros., however, won’t particularly care; their view of continuity is very much that it should serve the director. That will give Gunn all the flexibility he needs to tell the best stories he can.

The latest reports confirm that James Gunn is on board as the writer of Suicide Squad 2, and he should breathe new life into the project. It remains to be seen whether or not Gunn will go on to become director as well; if he does, then he’d definitely be an effective choice, and the film would surely be guaranteed a success.

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