Dwayne Johnson Thinks A Black Superman Will Happen Soon

Dwayne Johnson states his belief that one day cinematic comic book adaptations will see a version of Superman played by a black actor. The action star is next to be seen in The Fast and the Furious spin off Hobbs & Shaw, which features a line where Idris Elba’s villainous super soldier Brixton Lore declares himself “black Superman.”

Recent years have seen POC characters from comics begin to receive greater prominence in movie adaptations, with the likes of Black Panther and Miles Morales’ Spider-Man headlining their own movies, while the likes of Falcon, War Machine and Captain Marvel’s Maria Rambeau have played important supporting roles. It’s also worth noting that the film often seen as the first Marvel movie of the modern age, the pre-MCU Blade, has a black protagonist.

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The subject came up when Johnson was interviewed by Variety at the world premiere for Hobbs & Shaw. When asked about how he believes Hollywood is handling inclusion and diversity in its superhero output, he was optimistic, stating that Marvel has done a “tremendous job.” Regarding DC, he has a more personal perspective – Johnson is of mixed race descent, with a black Nova Scotian father and a Samoan mother – from his upcoming starring role in the standalone film of Shazam villain Black Adam. A for the subject of a black Superman specifically, he finally quips, “You’re looking at him!” You can watch the whole statement below.

A precedent for a black Superman already exists in DC Comics canon, in the shape of Kryptonian refugee Val-Zod on the New 52’s version of Earth 2. After spending most of his life inside his escape capsule he developed agoraphobia, and had only started to overcome it with the help of Lois Lane’s Red Tornado when he was called upon to battle Kal-El, who had been revealed as a clone under the control of Darkseid for an invasion of Earth by the forces of Apokolips. Ultimately victorious over the mockery of his planetary brother, he subsequently took on the mantle of Superman and began reclaiming the world from the invaders.

From his inception, Superman has largely been portrayed as white, but such a skin tone is often seen as a ‘default’ with little bearing on who the character is, meaning that should an adaptation see them played by an actor of a different ethnicity, it would not alter the character’s fundamental nature. Such a change was recently seen in the DCEU’s Aquaman, where a character historically depicted as a pale blonde man was portrayed by the Hawaiian Jason Momoa. Having a black actor play Superman would certainly cause a stir and possibly an internet outcry even bigger than any other time a similar announcement has been made, such as recently regarding Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid or Lashana Lynch in the next James Bond movie. The very purpose of Superman as a character is to embody everything that is good and admirable about humanity, something for which a pale skin tone is not specifically required, meaning that anyone with merely the right kind of presence, charisma and physicality would suit the role. Perhaps Idris Elba isn’t so short of the mark after all.

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2019-07-15 01:07:47

Andrew Marshall

Krypton May Have Disproven Superman Grandmother Theory

A game-changing cliffhanger in Wednesday’s episode of Syfy’s Krypton may have disproven a theory about Superman’s heritage. The death of Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell) would mean that a different character will become Superman’s grandmother.

Like FOX’s Gotham, the Superman prequel series dives deep into the mythos behind one of DC’s flagship heroes by exploring the people who play a role in his creation. As Krypton takes place 200 years before the era of the Man of Steel, the circumstances behind Superman’s birth remain ambiguous. Seeing how Seg-El’s journey will lead to the destruction of Krypton and the rise of Superman is one of the show’s biggest draws for DC fans.

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In Krypton season 2, episode 5, “A Better Yesterday”, Jax-Ur (Hannah Waddingham) threatens General Zod (Colin Salmon) with the life of his mother, Lyta, in order to bring an end to the civil war between Zod’s forces and the rebels. Zod agrees to her demands but secretly tries to deceive her. When this deception is discovered by Jax-Ur, she retaliates by slitting Lyta’s throat. The episode ended before her death can be confirmed.

There is ample reason to believe that Lyta will somehow survive. Though her situation is dire to say the least, it should be pointed out that if Lyta were to die, it would stand to reason for Zod to be erased from the timeline. Regardless, cast members have teased on Twitter that the show will never be the same again, which strengthens the case that Lyta-Zod is no more.

Lyta’s death would be a huge moment for the show, and not just because it will be followed by massive repercussions in regards to Seg (Cameron Cuffe), Zod, Jayna (Ann Ogbomo), and more. Her potential death could debunk one theory about Superman’s grandparents. For fans, Lyta and Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day) are the two main candidates to be Superman’s paternal grandmother, since they’re both love interests of Seg, his grandfather. It’s already known that Seg and Lyta will have one child, Zod, which would at least make him Jor-El’s half-brother. It’s possible that Jor-El too is Lyta’s son, which would deepen the family ties between Superman and Zod.

It may not necessarily come as a surprise if Lyta isn’t Superman’s grandmother, since many believed that their forbidden romance was doomed to fail in the first place. In the years that follow, Seg could end up with Nyssa — or a completely different Kryptonian woman — and she could become the mother of Superman’s father, Jor-El.

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Nicholas Raymond

Krypton Turns A Superman Villain Into The Greatest Weapon Against Zod

Brainiac (Blake Ritson) just became Seg-El’s greatest weapon in season 2 of Syfy’s Krypton. Due to a surprising twist, the classic Superman villain and “big bad” of season 1 may actually be the key to defeating General Zod (Colin Salmon) and restoring Superman’s legacy.

After Seg (Cameron Cuffe) and Brainiac escaped from the Phantom Zone in the Krypton season 2 premiere, Seg seemingly killed Brainiac by bludgeoning him to death with a stick, but Brainiac somehow found a way to live on inside of Seg’s mind. While being hunted by Lobo (Emmett J. Scanlan), Seg and Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) found a way to get Brainiac out of his head. However, last week’s episode revealed that Brainiac isn’t completely gone: Seg discovered that Brainiac’s continued presence in his mind is what allowed him to withstand Zod’s brainwashing device.

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In Krypton season 2, episode 5, titled “A Better Yesterday”, Seg communicates directly with Brainiac who explains that only an “infinite decimal fragment” of him still exists within Seg. Brainiac tries to help Seg after he is captured by Zod, and Lyta (Georgina Campbell) becomes a hostage of Jax-Ur (Hannah Waddingham). Under Brainiac’s direction, Seg attempts to kill Zod. After this fails, Seg is able to escape. When Zod’s men intercept him, Brainiac warns him of their exact locations, making it possible for him to kill them all before they can attack.

While Brainiac’s advice doesn’t help Seg save Lyta, it is the reason he was able to save himself. If Brainiac continues to help Seg, he can be the rebels’ trump card in the war against Zod, since he plays an unexpected role that Zod never counted on. This was demonstrated earlier in the episode when Zod experiences a rare moment of confusion. Zod couldn’t understand how the “Somatic Reconditioning” program failed to work on Seg. As long as Brainiac being alive in Seg’s mind remains a secret, Zod will remain at a disadvantage.

It remains to be seen how Seg’s allies will respond when they learn the truth about Brainiac as Krypton season 2 progresses. No one will want to trust the alien who threatened their entire civilization. Of course, it’s true that despite Brainiac’s usefulness, he cannot be trusted. Brainiac may be an ally for now, but that will surely change if Brainiac acquires a new host. Until then, it will be interesting to see how Brainiac’s alliance with Seg plays out, now that Seg’s greatest enemy is suddenly the only person who can help him take down Zod.

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Krypton season 2 continues Wednesdays at 10pm on Syfy.

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Nicholas Raymond

Tom Welling Turned Down Superman Return on CW Supergirl

The CW’s Supergirl could have featured the return of Smallville star Tom Welling as Clark Kent aka. Superman as he confirms he turned down the role. Supergirl season 2 saw a number of changes for the small-screen Girl of Steel as the series moved from its original home of CBS to The CW. To kick off the show’s new home in spectacular fashion, Supergirl finally introduced her superheroic cousin, Clark Kent aka. Superman. It was speculated whether Smallville’s own Superman, Tom Welling, would return for the role, but eventually Tyler Hoechlin was cast as Superman.

Hoechlin joining the Arrowverse as Supergirl’s Superman has been largely well-received by fans of The CW’s shared superhero universe, and the actor has returned a few times since the Supergirl season 2 premiere. Most recently, Hoechlin appeared in the 2018 Arrowverse crossover, Elseworlds. But even as Hoechlin has become another beloved small-screen take on the Man of Steel, DC fans have wanted to see Welling return in some capacity, even if it’s not as Superman. After all, the Arrowverse is set in a full multiverse of different worlds. However, it seems Welling may never appear as Superman in the Arrowverse since he’s already turned down a return.

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During a panel at the Armageddon Expo in New Zealand, Twitter user worldofmera (via CBR) revealed Welling confirmed he turned down being in Supergirl. It’s possible this was a joke or taken out of context by panel attendees, since something similar happened with Welling jokingly confirming he’ll be in Arrow season 8. But Welling confirming he turned down a role in Supergirl falls in line with what he’s previously said on the topic.

In 2017, Welling addressed why he wasn’t Superman on Supergirl, saying, “I would not want to watch me [suit up as Superman] at all.” The actor also said the shows are too different in tone for it to make sense that Supergirl is set in the same universe as Smallville. Certainly, he has a point, since setting Supergirl in the same universe as Smallville creates continuity errors – especially since Smallville introduced its own version of Kara.

That said, fans would no doubt have liked to see Welling return as Superman from another world in the multiverse, much like John Wesley Shipp reprising his own Flash TV role from the 90s for the Elseworlds crossover (following two other roles in the Arrowverse, first as Earth-1’s Henry Allen then Earth-3’s Jay Garrick). The Arrowverse has included a number of former DC TV actors across its many shows, like Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman stars Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher in Supergirl.

Fans and the Arrowverse creatives would no doubt like to see Welling appear in the TV franchise in some manner, but it seems the actor doesn’t have any intention of doing so. Fans may be disappointed, but Welling played Clark Kent on Smallville for 10 seasons – that’s a lot of time in one role and it’s understandable he’d want to continue moving forward with his career instead of looking back.

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Supergirl season 4 airs Sundays at 8pm ET on The CW.

Source: worldofmera/Twitter (via CBR)

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Molly Freeman

DC’s Greatest Hero Isn’t Superman, It’s Green Lantern

Warning: SPOILERS for Doomsday Clock #9

Superman may be the first superhero, but he isn’t the most important. DC has revealed the one hero that their entire universe is built on… and it isn’t who most comic fans will expect.

There will be many who disagree, since the “most important DC superhero” is obviously a subjective title. But DC Comics has given as official an honor as they can, revealing the one costumed hero that was the key to everything that came after. Now that Doctor Manhattan’s changes to reality have been explained, the one hero he prevented from existing may be what brings the entire New 52 Universe crumbling down, erasing the future that it should have had.

But before DC Comic fans get too angry, it’s easy to see how Manhattan made his mistake. After all… we wouldn’t have thought that Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern was the key to the universe, either.

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  • Page 2: Without Green Lantern, The DC Universe is Doomed

While tragic, there’s a good chance that many Alan Scott fans will be pleased to see him get the recognition he deserves. Especially after DC’s Silver Age re-imagined the Green Lanterns as space cops, putting Alan Scott permanently on the back burner. But his magic ring was just as impressive when it appeared in 1940, even if it isn’t actually Lantern’s powers that make him important to the future of the DC Universe, but his life story. Even if some fans have never actually seen Alan’s secret origin, grabbing onto a shiny green train lantern just as a bridge collapse threatened to take him down long with it.

The lantern’s magic saved Scott, and granted him its powers. Now, it seems that the most important part of that origin story isn’t why Alan was chosen, or even where the energy came important… but the hero he became in the years and decades ahead. So important a hero, it turns out, that killing Alan Scott is the only change that Doctor Manhattan seems to have made to bring everything else tumbling down.

After the initial bombshell reveal of Doctor Manhattan’s role in the New 52 reboot, it was promised that the Doomsday Clock series from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank would provide some answers. And even if the “why” has yet to make sense, the question of “how” Manhattan remade reality has been confirmed. Through his internal dialogue spread across all of time and space, Manhattan explains that the first domino to fall… was pushing the aforementioned Lantern an inch or two beyond Alan Scott’s reach.

The lantern remained dormant, Alan died in the train accident, and the world never knew anything had changed. At least up until now, when Manhattan realizes the entire world is about to die.

Page 2 of 2: Without Green Lantern, The Universe is Doomed

Fans are sure to ask: how could that one act have been the key to heroes and origin stories totally unrelated to Alan Scott? Superman still crashed in a rocket ship years later, regardless. And even if Jay Garrick was a friend of Alan’s, Barry Allen became The Flash thanks to science fiction. They would be partly right, since even without Alan Scott the rest of the New 52 has progressed just fine until now. Doubtful fans are in good company, since it’s only now becoming clear to Manhattan that without Alan Scott, the entire universe is about to end.

His musings about walking through the world and witnessing some of DC’s most iconic moments locations provided the explanation. Move the green lantern away from Alan, and Manhattan can later run his fingers across the large, round, dusty table–almost certainly the iconic meeting table of the Justice Society of America, but now without its heroes to gather around it. As a founding member of the first superhero super-team, it’s believable that without Scott, the Society never successfully formed.

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Without the Justice Society to play its iconic role in uniting the superhero community, and passing on their heroism, their wisdom, and their example to the younger generation, Doctor Manhattan has weakened every hero that comes after. But it’s only when Doctor Manhattan finally looks into the future beyond the present day that he reveals the true damage he has caused.

It’s only in the most recent Doomsday Clock #9 that the true extent of Manhattan’s meddling becomes clear. In the first panels of the issue, Doctor Manhattan continues his habit of blurring past, present, and future together in one endless line of causes and effects. This time looking forward one thousand years into the future, when the heroic Ferro Lad of the Legion of Super Heroes gives his life to save the Earth’s sun (a memorable moment for any Legion fan). An explosion so powerful, it propels Ferro Lad’s ring backwards through time–to rest in Doctor Manhattan’s hand, still speckled with blood.

But that seems to be only a poignant moment in Manhattan’s own past, before he sought to improve the universe. As he muses about shifting the lantern out of Alan Scott’s reach, thus preventing him from becoming the Green Lantern, Ferro Lad’s ring disappears. The ring never existed, in fact. And as he begins to look back a year, a century, a millennium at a time, the future that once existed has also gone dark. Manhattan concludes that he can’t see a future because there is none to see. Even when he considers that it might only be him who dies, that doesn’t change the lack of the ring.

All things considered, this pivotal role as keystone of the DCU is all the tribute to Alan Scott fans need. Like so many before, Manhattan estimated the original Green Lantern to be expendable, or less important. In the end, he proved to be the exact kind of hero the DC Universe needed to live up to its full potential.

Doomsday Clock #9 is available now at your local comic book shop, or directly from DC Comics.

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Andrew Dyce

CW Superman Won’t Return to Supergirl During Season 4

Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman won’t be returning in Supergirl season 4. Introduced in Supergirl season 2, Hoechlin’s version of the Man of Steel has become a firm fan-favorite. This latest season has seen The CW expand his world significantly, introducing Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane and Jon Cryer as Superman’s arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor.

The “Elseworlds” crossover saw Superman and Lois Lane announced their engagement – and revealed that Lois is pregnant. They headed offworld to visit Argo City, the last surviving Kryptonian city, so that Lois could give birth under a red sun. Superman asked Supergirl to take over and protect the Earth in his absence. Fans remained convinced that he’d be returning sooner rather than later, though, especially with the news that Cryer would be playing The CW’s Lex Luthor.

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According to ComicBook, during a screening of this weekend’s episode of Supergirl, producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller were asked whether Superman would be returning. Both Queller and Rovner answered, “not this season.” The precise wording presumably indicates that – unsurprisingly – they are planning for Hoechlin to appear in Supergirl season 5.

While this news will disappoint viewers who were hoping to see Superman face off against Lex Luthor, it does make sense; Supergirl has always been wary of using Kara’s cousin as a plot device to resolve overarching story arcs. The introduction of Lex Luthor is sure to be a major part of Supergirl season 4, and there’s even been speculation that Luthor is the true mastermind behind the problems that have plagued Supergirl. If that’s the case, it’s a far more effective plot for Kara to face Luthor without Superman’s help.

Meanwhile, assuming Superman will return to Earth in Supergirl season 5, it’s reasonable to assume enough time will have passed for Lois to have given birth. That will propel the Man of Steel into a fascinating new place as a character, one that’s never been explored in a DCTV series before. More concerning, though, is the fact that Superman will presumably be arriving in time to participate in the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event. This promises to be the biggest event in the history of the Arrowverse; it’s been foreshadowed since the pilot episode of The Flash. In the comics, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” led to the death of Supergirl; it’s possible that the Arrowverse version of that story will see Superman pay the ultimate price in order to save the Multiverse, leaving Lois to bring up her baby without a father.

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Source: ComicBook

2019-03-17 06:03:25

Thomas Bacon

Superman Just Became a Grandpa, Thanks to Superboy

Superboy fans have waited years for Conner Kent to return to the main DC Universe, and the wait is finally over. But we weren’t expecting him to be a husband and father when he made his comeback.

Hard as it may be to believe, that’s exactly the plot twist that has taken place in Young Justice. After years of wondering if Superboy had been erased in Flashpoint, it was Bart Allen a.k.a. Impulse who learned the truth by running smack into the chest of Conner Kent. While Jonathan Kent was becoming his own Superboy in DC’s Rebirth, the clone of Superman and Lex Luthor was living his own life in another dimension. And he definitely wasn’t alone.

It was Superman, his genetic ‘father’ who named him Kon-El and welcomed him into the Kent family. Will Superman extend that same honor to his new daughter-in-law and grandchild once they return to the main DC Universe?

  • This Page: Superboy is Alive, He Just Wasn’t on Earth
  • Page 2: Superboy Conner Kent’s Wife & Child Revealed

Fans are going to need this reveal in some context, so we’ll do our best to keep the updated story simple (something the comic series itself has struggled with in early issues, dropping readers into half a dozen confusing scenarios already). The short version? Wally West broke Bart Allen out of the Speed Force a few months back, which was just in time to meet up with Tim Drake, Cassie Sandsmark, Ginny Hex, and Teen Lantern – the roster of the new Young Justice. And just in time to help them defend the world from a squad of knights originating from ‘Gemworld,’ a fantasy realm in DC’s reality, determined to find and defeat Earth’s famous Superman in combat.

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They met the heroes of Young Justice instead, before their wormhole flipped into reverse, and sucked all the DC heroes back to their Gemworld home. Bart expected to find plenty of things when he started his superspeed scouting, but Conner Kent in his signature leather jacket was definitely not one of them. Needless to say, Bart is ecstatic to be reunited with one of his best friends. Unfortunately, their meeting is cut short by the arrival of Gemworld’s authorities. And Impulse being Impulse, he can’t help but make the situation worse, challenging the guards until they deliver a blast of electricity strong enough to take him out of the fight.

But before Bart is knocked down, Conner does offer something of an explanation for his presence in Gemworld. As he explains to Bart, and as the issue itself explains in flashbacks to Conner’s adolescent days, the early Superboy smashes his way through a S.T.A.R. Labs facility in search of answers regarding the alien beast he has just helped them defeat. When one punch reveals a room filled with gems and workers in hazmat suits, Superboy can barely react before he, too, is sent warping through space and into Gemworld. There he has stayed ever since.

Conner informs Bart that the world isn’t so bad: he’s apparently found life as a gem farmer, in keeping with his half-Kent roots. But the real reason Conner avoids any fight, and drops to his knees when the guards come calling is only revealed after Bart is shocked (for the first time). It isn’t just himself he has to worry about, but his wife and child, too.

Needless to say, there will be MAJOR SPOILERS coming next…

Page 2 of 2: Superboy’s Secret Wife & Baby Revealed

The appearance of a young, dark haired woman cradling an infant (wrapped in the standard red blanket for exiled Kryptonian infants) and looking to Conner for reassurance may seem like a solid tease upon which to end the issue. But Conner soon confirms what readers will hope, but not dare believe: the unknown woman really is his wife on Gemworld, which makes the child’s parentage almost certain.

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Conner Kent’s family is going to warm the hearts of Superboy fans, whether it’s the comic book or Young Justice animated version of the Young hero they know best. And even Superman would be delighted to see that Conner may be only half Kryptonian, but that’s more than enough to pass on the El Family spitcurl. All things considered, the strongest indication that the child truly is Conner’s.

The bad news for the mystery wife and enigmatic infant is that Superboy seems destined to end this peaceful existence as a gem farmer – although the choice may not be his. With the knights denied their chance to do battle with Superman of Earth, they can’t help but notice that Conner wears the same symbol on his chest. When one of the Dark Lord’s warriors claims he is also from Earth, and recognizes Conner’s clothing originating from there (and him along with it), the hero’s hand is forced.

So, will he be forced to exercise his true superpowers and shatter this quiet, peaceful existence into dust? Or will the arrival of his wife and child remind him why he left Earth, Superman, and every other young superhero behind? Obviously even more questions remain to be asked: are Superboy’s wife and child exactly as they seem? Will Conner bring them with him and escape from Gemworld back to Earth? Will Superman be a different man, now that he’s been made a grandfather? And most importantly, is this version of Superboy even aware of the life he lived before DC’s reboot, and subsequent Rebirth? The exact continuity that writer Brian Michael Bendis is keeping to or completely ignoring for Young Justice has been difficult to decipher.

Hopefully Bendis has a plan, but either way, we won’t let that spoil any of the fun for now. And if fans of the newly resurrected Young Justice cartoon needed another reason to experience the teams comic book rebirth, well, you don’t usually get a better reason than Superboy’s new wife and child. No matter how this shocking reveal ultimately plays out.

Young Justice #3 is available now from your local comic shop, and directly from DC Comics.

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Andrew Dyce

James Gunn Could Have Directed A Superman Movie Instead Of Suicide Squad 2

James Gunn almost directed a new Superman movie before joining The Suicide Squad. The former creative lead of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise hasn’t been officially confirmed to helm The Suicide Squad just yet - which is more a reboot than a sequel – but Gunn is penning the script, and it’s possible he might ultimately end up in the director’s chair.

DC and Warner Bros. have done quite a bit to court Gunn after Marvel let him go from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after his controversial past tweets surfaced. Gunn’s script is reportedly still being used for the third Guardians of the Galaxy film, but the movie has no director and production been put on hold until at least 2021. DC meanwhile seem to be catering to Gunn’s every need and reportedly offered him the pick of the litter with their cinematic heroes.

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According to THR, The Suicide Squad was not the first project that DC had in mind for Gunn. Sources suggest that Warner Bros. gave Gunn his pick of properties, and among these was a Superman movie. Gunn evidently never got too close to taking over the Man of Steel, but he did show some interest in Superman’s super-powered dog Krypto. This interest spurred DC and Warner Bros. to develop their newly announced DC Super Pets, though Gunn currently has no formal connection to the film.

While Gunn’s vision of Superman may not see the light of day, this news is revealing for several reasons. The most obvious factor is that it makes clear that Warner Bros. wants to move as far away as possible from Zack Snyder’s vision of Superman for the character’s next cinematic outing. Gunn has always been focused more on humor and (literally) colorful characters, whereas Snyder has a much darker visual style and tone. More importantly, though, it reveals that DC and Warner Bros. are still interested in making a Superman movie, even though the current state of the cinematic Man of Steel has been a bit of a mess.

It’s important to remember that Gunn was announced to be on board with The Suicide Squad in October 2018. This was a month after reports that Henry Cavill was leaving the role of Superman, only for the actor to later vaguely refute those claims. Currently, it’s not clear if Cavill is still Clark Kent or not; unlike Ben Affleck who is confirmed to be out as Batman. If this report is true, it means DC isn’t retiring Superman and they’ve just put the character on hold until an interested, available, and worthy creative team comes along. This isn’t exactly surprising news as Superman is a massively popular character, but it should serve as a ray of hope for fans who want to see Superman back on the big screen with the rest of the Justice League.

Of course, it’s possible that Gunn’s Superman movie would have been completely disconnected from the DCEU. Unlike their main competition, Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. has had no problem putting effort into standalone superhero projects. For example, The Joker has no connection to the Clown Prince of Crime in the DCEU and it’s likely to stay that way. If Gunn had chosen to direct a Superman movie, it could have been a completely different version than the one who was last played by Henry Cavill in Justice League.

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Source: THR

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Titans Finally Confirms Superman Exists

DC Universe Titans Superman

MAJOR SPOILERS for the Titans season 1 finale ahead

DC Universe’s Titans season 1 finale finally confirms what was previously only hinted at – that Superman exists and interacts with the heroes of this world. The series is the first live-action TV show as part of DC Universe’s slate of originals, and it’s successful enough that the streaming service renewed Titans for season 2 before it even premiered. Titans isn’t connected to the DCEU or Arrowverse, establishing its own world based on DC Comics superheroes – but the show never shies away from referencing the wider universe of characters. In fact, though the series largely revolves around Dick Grayson/Robin, Rachel Roth/Raven, Gar Logan/Beast Boy and Kory Anders/Starfire, Titans has introduced or referenced a whole host of other DC characters.

Hank Hall/Hawk and Dawn Granger/Dove were introduced in episode 2, then the Doom Patrol in episode 4. The second Robin after Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, appeared in episode 6, and Batman himself has been a shadow hanging over the entire first season, though he’s mainly only shown from behind or in silhouette. Later in the season, Dick teams up with Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, the sidekick of Wonder Woman. But through it all, the status of Superman in the Titans universe has been a bit unclear. Dawn wore a Superman T-shirt early on, but the Man of Steel himself wasn’t referenced until the Titans season 1 finale, in which he was finally confirmed to exist in this universe.

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Much of the Titans season finale sees Dick trapped in an alternate reality within his mind created and manipulated by Trigon. The goal seems to be manipulating Dick until he gives into his inner darkness so that Trigon can control him, but this is achieved by showing Dick a different version of reality. In this reality, he’s married to Dawn, with a son and another child on the way. But he’s approached by Jason Todd and asked to help Batman. In this conversation, Jason says, “The truth is, he was never the same after you left. Alfred said it, Barbara said it, I even heard Superman say it once.” Then, when Dick is discussing with Dawn whether he should go to Gotham, she says, “[Batman] fell out with Superman years ago.”

Both references to the Man of Steel confirm Superman exists in the Titans world. Of course, some viewers may wonder if the superhero is only part of the reality created by Trigon, but as evidenced by everything else within the dream sequence, it seems to simply be an alternate version of reality. Meaning, all the same people exist, Trigon has simply tweaked everything to fit his needs and manipulate Dick. So Superman certainly exists, but his relationship with Batman may be different in actuality than in this dream reality.

Even if viewers aren’t convinced a character mentioned in a dream reality is confirmation they exist in the real world, the Titans season 1 post-credits scene offers further proof. The post-credits scene introduces Conner Kent/Kon-El aka. Superboy breaking out of the organization called Cadmus. In the comics, this version of Superboy is a clone of Superman created by Cadmus. (Initially, this Superboy was engineered as a duplicate of Superman, though an origin introduced later in the comics made him a hybrid of human and Kryptonian DNA.) Since this version of Superboy is derived from Superman, it’s further confirmation Superman must exist in Titans.

All that being said, though, it remains to be seen if Superman will ever appear in this TV universe, or if he’ll simply be name-dropped. Or, with the introduction of Superboy, perhaps the Man of Steel will hang over season 2 much like Batman in season 1. While fans may be hoping to see Superman at some point down the line, it’s unclear if he’ll ever appear. But for now, we know Superman does exist and Superboy will be a major addition to Titans season 2.

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Titans season 1 is available in its entirety on DC Universe; the series will return for season 2.

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2018-12-21 01:12:01

Henry Cavill ‘Absolutely’ Isn’t Leaving Superman Role, Says Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa claims his DCEU co-star Henry Cavill is sticking around as Superman. Cavill has played Superman/Clark Kent in 3 movies so far; Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League. While fans have criticized certain elements of the how the character was portrayed – ranging from the destruction he caused during Man Of Steel’s finale to the fact he seems to hate being a superhero – Cavill himself has received generally good reviews for his work.

Many felt his turn in Justice League was his best work as Superman to date, but sadly his performance was famously marred by distracting CGI work on his face to remove a mustache he grew for Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Justice League, in general, proved to be a big disappointment to fans and critics, and it was reported in September Cavill had exited the franchise. His agent would later state he still had the role, but Cavill’s future with the DCEU is still uncertain.

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Cavill is currently gearing up to star in the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher, so he’s not hurting for work right now. In a new interview with ET Live to promote Aquaman, Jason Momoa stated Cavill loves the part and he wasn’t going anywhere.

Nor Cavill or Warner Bros have made an official comment on the topic, and with DC busy focusing on other projects like Birds Of Prey and the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie, it seems Superman is taking an extended break. The critical reception to the DC universe movies has been decidedly mixed thus far, so it’s possible the studio wants to focus on developing other characters and franchises before deciding on the futures of Superman and Batman.

It’s hard to know how much stock to put in Momoa’s comments, but considering he and Cavill have a friendship, he’d at least have some kind of insight into what’s happening behind the scenes. Ben Affleck’s future with Batman and the DCEU has also been in question for some time, with reports suggesting Matt Reeves’ forthcoming The Batman will be an origin story. Reeves’ is said to be looking for a younger actor for the movie, but it will still tie into Affleck’s take on the character. Reports suggest production on the movie will begin in summer 2019.

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