Supernatural: 7 Times Castiel Was The Best Character (And 3 Times He Was The Worst)

Sam and Dean Winchester are the main characters of Supernatural, but it was Castiel who first nabbed the People’s Choice Award for Best Sci-Fi character from the show due to his immense popularity. Castiel was originally only supposed to be a recurring character but has now been a staple for the show for over a decade.

There are definite Castiel moments and attributes that make him the best character on Supernatural, and it’s always nice to have a reminder as to why. However, there are also moments he could’ve been counted as a weak character too, and this list will tell you that as well.

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10 Best: Saving Dean From The Future

Castiel’s turn toward the heroes’ side was solidified in this episode, where he first truly displayed his penchant for loyalty by saving Dean from a potential loop into the future. Dean had earlier been forced to visit an alternate future by Zachariah, at the end of which the latter once again planned to send Dean on another adventure, only for Castiel to do the rescue job.

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We were led to believe Castiel’s role was minimal, with him being cast as comic relief earlier on as he was made to wait for hours by the side of the road when Dean told him to wait for the right time to pick him up. However, staying true to his word, Castiel rescued Dean by teleporting him out of Zachariah’s clutches.

9 Best: Being The Only One To Unconditionally Love Jack

Castiel had made a promise to Kelly Kline that he would look out for her son, and he’s so far kept that promise two years on. In fact, Jack is now a son to Castiel, who has always loved the boy unconditionally.

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And by unconditionally, we really do mean that, because Castiel has overlooked any act of maliciousness Jack might have done due to his love for him. Even after Jack accidentally killed Mary, Castiel was the only one of the main characters to see Jack for the inherent goodness that was within him. It was this act that confirmed to us that Castiel was so much purer than Sam or Dean in personality.

8 Worst: Trying To Kill Jesse

Having good intentions doesn’t really justify wanting to kill a child, and Castiel would’ve done just that had he had his way. In Season 5, Castiel arrived to take the life of Jesse, who was supposed to turn into the Anti-Christ. 

Sensing that killing a child would mean saving thousands of others, Castiel prepared himself to kill the boy; he was unsuccessful, as Jesse was too powerful. It was just luck that allowed Jesse to walk free because Castiel was adamant in taking the life of a child. Now that’s not something you want from a good guy character, is it?

7 Best: Retrieving Claire

Even though the main guys are the protagonists of the series, they’ve developed a high sense of apathy when it comes to the vessels of the angels and demons. Castiel totally ignored Claire’s prayers for him to bring her father back, but at least he tried to make amends.

In Season 10, Castiel tracked Claire down in a child services institute after years of suffering the consequences to Castiel possessing Claire’s father. He didn’t need to do it, but Castiel tried his best to be like a father to Claire anyway, resulting in her eventually being placed with Jody Mills, where Claire now has a surrogate family that loves her very much.

6 Best: Watching The Pizza Man

The source of awkward comedy on Supernatural are Sam and Castiel, with the latter being the unquestioned master of this. He’s easily confused by every human societal custom, and his lack of awareness leads to him being adorably ignorant.

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In this instance, Castiel came across some adult-oriented video on TV, while Dean and Sam were sitting right behind him. The only question Castiel had, though, was why the Pizza man kept “punishing” the customer. After Samuel Campbell inquired why he was watching the video, Castiel refused to talk about it because Dean told him dudes don’t do that. Now that’s the kind of innocence we so love and adore about Castiel.

5 Worst: Helping In Removing The Mark Of Cain

The entirety of Season 10 seemed to be built around making us see the main characters as antagonists. In order to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean, these guys would do rather horrendous things, rather than sacrifice Dean for the greater good.

The worst moment was when Castiel assisted in kidnapping Oskar, the only boy Rowena had genuine love for, and then watched as they made Rowena kill Oskar in order to make the spell to remove the Mark of Cain work. This was probably the lowest the main characters could sink to, and Castiel was a willing party to it. He has Oskar’s blood on his hands.

4 Best: Turning On The Angels

In the majority of Season 4, Castiel worked for the other angels and it was a slow turn for him to start to sympathize with Dean. We saw glimpses of Castiel wanting to walk away from the angels’ plans, but he remained loyal until the last episode.

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It was here that Castiel won everyone’s hearts, as he quietly helped Dean by creating an angel banishing sigil and cast Zachariah out long enough to inform Dean that Lilith was the last seal. His epic moment arrived when he told Dean “I’ll hold them off. I’ll hold them all off!” when Raphael was arriving to kill them. It was at this point we knew Castiel would be becoming our favorite angel.

3 Best: Being Loyal To Both Sam And Dean

Even Sam and Dean haven’t been as loyal to one another as Castiel has been to them. We’ve seen the brothers fight and separate several times, but Castiel has never done that. No matter how they treat him, Castiel is always willing to accept them. 

And it’s not just loyalty to solely Dean or just to Sam, as we’ve seen Castiel stick around with the Winchester who is right in that particular situation. In Season 9, Castiel stayed with Sam when the latter was hurt Dean had used him with Gadreel; in Season 5, Castiel was with Dean when Dean was hurting over Sam’s actions in Season 4. This kind of loyalty is what we’d all love to have in our lives.

2 Worst: Being Nerfed

Since Season 7, Castiel has been on the show mainly because the fans love him; other than that, he’s been weakened so hard that his role has been reduced to being a punching bag for new antagonists.

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It’s gotten to the point that it’s infuriating to see Castiel being beaten down so easily, and him matching up against anyone is a cause of exasperation than excitement because we know he’s just going to lose. The showrunners need to make him strong as he used to be, otherwise Castiel’s quality will be even further reduced than it has been.

1 Best: His Introduction

There’s never been a more epic introduction for a character on Supernatural than the one Castiel got. It was built up first, with Castiel’s true visage destroying the station Dean was in, before Pamela had her eyes burned out when she tried to perceive Castiel in his angel form.

His first appearance in the flesh was awesome, too, as Castiel strutted in to greet Bobby and Dean, both of whom were easily incapacitated. Castiel’s monotone style of talking made him a mysterious stranger we wanted to know about and Supernatural was shot up in scale when Castiel proclaimed he was sent to Earth by God.

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Supernatural’s Season 14 Finale Unleashes A Hell Of A Final Villain

Caution: Spoilers ahead for the Supernatural season 14 finale

Supernatural delivered a shocking season 14 finale that not only wrapped up the current run, but unleashed the ultimate villain ahead of the show’s forthcoming final season. Life is never simple for Sam and Dean Winchester, and the brothers’ recent adventures began with them facing down the apocalypse-world version of the archangel Michael, who had nestled himself among the pies and Led Zeppelin riffs of Dean’s mind.

Faced with an impossible villain, the Winchesters’ only hope was Lucifer’s nephilim son, Jack. The boys had taken the devil’s half-human spawn in as one of their own but, ironically, the battle against Michael made Jack himself turn bad and the rogue youngster went on to kill Sam and Dean’s mother – a big no-no in the world of Supernatural.

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Supernatural season 14 was also punctuated by the shocking news that Supernatural is ending after season 15. A message from the central trio of actors – Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins – confirmed the show’s conclusion was imminent, and after the latest episode, viewers now have some idea of what that final chapter will look like.

The Supernatural season 14 finale picked up where last week’s installment left off, with Jack popping out of his box in a rage, knocking back Castiel and the Winchesters and flying off into the unknown. Clearly in a state of angst-fueled confusion, the nephilim takes a cue from Liar Liar and compels the world to only ever tell the truth. Naturally, this causes chaos but as Sam and Dean frantically search for Jack, Castiel’s message to God from earlier this season is finally answered.

God, just like Dean, wants Jack dead and creates a firearm that’s powerful enough for the job, albeit at the expense of the user’s own life. Sam and Castiel, meanwhile, still believe the boy can be saved. This all leads to a dramatic climax where Jack realizes the error of his ways and kneels down ready to be executed, only for Dean to solemnly toss aside the gun. God reacts badly to this turn of events and it quickly transpires that the omnipotent creator of everything has been playing the Winchesters and Jack for his own amusement all along – and could have resolved the situation easily had he chosen to. God’s desire for a good story – from his human life as “Chuck” the writer – led to him engineering a dramatic real-life situation at the Winchesters’ expense.

Never ones to be messed with, Sam and Dean are none too pleased at God’s heartless attitude and Sam even goes so far as to try and shoot the Almighty one. Needless to say, it doesn’t work and God closes out Supernatural season 14 by killing Jack and emptying the contents of Hell onto Earth, as Motorhead’s “God Was Never On Your Side” plays out in the background. Fascinatingly, this isn’t the first time that the song has been used by Supernatural, suggesting this twist was always part of the overall plan.

Obviously, the Winchesters’ immediate problem when Supernatural season 15 begins will be fighting back the various ghosts, ghouls and undead that have seemingly been released – no doubt coming across some old foes in the process. Beyond that, however, it appears that the show’s final villain will be none other than God himself. Logically, it could be argued that this was the only possible ending for Supernatural – a show that has previously featured the Devil, God’s sister and every variety of demon imaginable in the role of villain. The final season is expected to be the most dramatic, high-stakes story yet, so God is perhaps the only logical choice for an antagonist.

Dean’s refusal to kill Jack could also offer a hint as to how season 15 will play out. A major running theme throughout Supernatural has been a constant dissent between Sam and Dean, with one brother usually taking an overly-aggressive stance and the other acting as a voice of reason. Dean’s realization that he couldn’t shoot Jack without any input from Sam or Castiel is a strong sign that the whole team will be on the same page in Supernatural‘s final season. There will be no time for brotherly bickering or arguments over whether or not the end justifies the means; this will be a unified battle against the most powerful being in existence.

Luckily, it appears the heroes will have a little help from beyond, as Jack wakes up alongside both the Empty and Death, who God had earlier prophetically accused of meddling where she didn’t belong. Whether this mighty team-up will be enough to topple God himself remains to be seen, but the battle will no doubt make for a thrilling conclusion to the Supernatural story.

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Supernatural season 15 is expected to premiere in late 2019.

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Supernatural: 10 Monsters We Want To See Back In The Final Season

As we plan to say our goodbyes to Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel and the rest of the Supernatural cast this final 15th season on the CW show, most fans have a hefty wish list regarding what they’d love to see on the show. Some want a resolution with Adam, the boys’ brother, and many want to see Castiel and Dean finally seal the deal with a big, fat smooch. Then there are those who want a monster encore.

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Some of the best episodes of Supernatural featured the Creature of the Week format and too many of those creatures were limited to their one day in the spotlight. Others may have had more than a day of recognition but we loved them so much that we just really need to see them again, and see the brothers take them out in a totally new way, before the show is over.

10 Jesse Turner

He’s the Antichrist, the half-demon spawn that Lucifer had planned to use in destroying the host of Heaven during the Apocalypse. He also disappeared and to never be seen again for almost a decade. Where on earth is this half-monster, half-human and what has he been up to all of this time?

We’re dying to know if Jesse has been training to do evil or valiantly struggling against his purpose like Team Free Will. Will we get to see him again in the final season? We hope so, to get a resolution for this loose end if nothing else.

9 Benny

For all we know, our favorite vampire remains in purgatory where he felt most comfortable and most willing to remain in order to allow Sam his escape. Benny represents a lot for Dean Winchester: not only one of his few rare friends that he trusts with his life, but also an actual monster he refused to off in the series. Dean has grown a lot since the days when he insisted that all monsters must be taken care of and we’d like to see him reunited with his vampire buddy at some point.

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If Benny’s still in purgatory, that might not be in the cards, but given that he was such a big influence on Squirrel we think he at least needs a mention sometime this season.

8 Changelings

Having your child stolen and replaced with a monster that looks just like the kid is one of the most frightening situations portrayed on the show, and we think there’s so much more potential for an episode featuring changelings. What if someone we’ve already met before is revealed to be one of these creepy creatures with hollow eyes and round, pointed-teeth-filled mouths?

Since it’s possible for changelings to exist just about anywhere, there are lots of scenarios where this could come up again as the monster of the week. While we expect most episodes to follow an arc toward the resolution of the show, hopefully some of the episodes will still feature a monster of the week format.

7 Gabriel

Gabriel was one of the Winchesters’ funniest opponents in his Loki form, and while we’ve already seen enough characters brought back to life for a lifetime, what if we got a fun flashback episode where the brothers could have one last round with the trickster/archangel? It wouldn’t be the first time they traveled back in time if the show went with that angle, but even seeing the return of Richard Speight Jr. in a “forgotten episode” would be worth it just to see those hilarious pranks, one of the brothers offed a million times or another goofball episode featuring the trickster.

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Speaking of gods, remember the episode, “A Very Supernatural Christmas”? We’d love to see the brothers take on pagan gods like they did in that hilariously dark episode, or to even finally face a Krampus, the monster they originally thought to be the culprit.

6 Scarecrow

Another iconic Supernatural episode from the first season, “Scarecrow,” featured the titular monster as a pagan god to whom the townspeople sacrificed human travelers to in exchange for abundance. It put a whole new meaning to #blessed and gave us a truly scary urban legend that hooked fans for life.

We don’t necessarily need a scarecrow to fulfill this role, although another scarecrow would still be fun. Any pagan idol would do, and after all of these years chances are we could see something even more frightening as an homage to that classic episode. It also doesn’t have to be Vanir, the Norse fertility god of wisdom and future. A new god we haven’t yet met would work here as well.

5 Rugaru

The reason a Rugaru would be such a great monster to have back on the show is that it’s an undetectable monster until it turns 30. Once it ages, it transforms and cannot be cured, but only taken out by fire or a powerful weapon. What more powerful way to feature a monster of the week than to make it someone we met in the past who just turned 30 and now has to be taken out?

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This could make for a heck of a tragic episode, but it could also be interesting: what if the brothers have since discovered a way to cure the condition somehow? Or even a way to send it somewhere like purgatory where it could still exist without harming innocent people?

4 Jacob Pond

In the Supernatural nod toward Doctor Who, a young kitsune mother named Amy Pond was offed by Dean Winchester for murdering criminals to help feed her son. As a kitsune, she didn’t have a whole lot of choice, and it wasn’t like she was offing innocents in cold blood. She very well could have been doing the work Sam and Dean did, and Dean could have given her the option of going with them to take out monsters to feed her son, especially since she was Sam’s childhood friend. We know many innocents perished at the Winchesters’ hands over the years, after all.

Instead, he offed her, and her son Jacob vowed to avenge her someday. We hope to see this kitsune return and try to make good on his promise.

3 The Monsters Of Chicago

Remember back when there was supposed to be a Supernatural spin-off called Bloodlines that was pretty much abandoned? It was supposed to feature a bunch of monster families and the hunters that took them out, and there were even some emails that Sam received from someone named Ross shown in an episode whom many fans believed to be Ennis Ross of Bloodlines.

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While we get it if the CW doesn’t want to mention a failed spin-off, we also think that if Chicago has a massive monster problem the Winchesters need to report for duty and take care of it. We’re curious to see which monsters these are, and besides, who you else you gonna call?

2 Woman In White

Remember back when it all started and we met our first monster face-to-face? The Woman in White was a monster that perfectly combined the horror of the show with the urban legends that served as the backbone of the show long before the angels vs. demons took precedence. As we say our goodbyes it would be awesome to meet another one of these legendary monsters, since just about every Midwestern area has some version of the whole ghostly hitchhiker story.

In the next version, perhaps we’ll see a more kindly woman in white who didn’t harm her kids, more of a traditional version of the ghostly hitchhiker. It would be interesting to see how Sam and Dean might deal after so many more years of experience.

1 Sam

That’s right, Sam Winchester is another monster we’d like to see return! Both brothers have had powers for good and for evil, depending on how they used them over the years, and Sam’s powers were never truly resolved. While he thought he needed to drink demon blood to enhance his abilities, according to Ruby he just has them inside no matter what.

The powers suddenly disappeared after he was cured of his demon blood addiction, but they might still lay in him, dormant and ready for use. Will they be employed for a final battle? It might be cool to see after all these years. An older, wiser Sammy might be able to pull it off.

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Supernatural: 25 Hidden Details About Dean Winchester Only True Supernatural Fans Knew

“My name is Dean Winchester. I’m an Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and women.”

Dean Winchester started out as a stereotypical ‘Han Solo’ character. As seasons go on, the audience gets an in-depth look at the complex character, who usually put up a tough front.

Dean is a movie buff and a complete geek for things like Lord of the Rings, Startrek, and Disney. He’s afraid of snakes, gets squeamish around witchcraft, loves pie, and has never set foot on a beach. Dean, much like his fellow CW characters on The Vampire Diaries, is a cured vampire. He is also the only confirmed character to be able to see into the Fairy Realm.

As the big brother to Sam, he was often a parent. Cooking, cleaning, and managing the finances while John was off on a job. He spent his entire childhood training to be a hunter. His first hunt was before he was nine, he was never a child and had far more responsibility than most. “All he ever did was train you… boss you around. But Sam? Sam he doted on. Sam he loved. Dad knew who you really were… a good soldier and nothing else. Daddy’s blunt little instrument.” His attitude of putting Sam first has influenced every action Dean has made throughout life and is part of his lack of self-worth. “I don’t care what happens to me. I never really have. But I do care about what happens to my brother.”


Dean spends much of his time pretending to be fearless. The truth is, despite going up against monsters and ghosts all his life he has a deep fear of flying. Sam was unaware of this fact until their first demon case and they need to go up on a plane, ready to crash. “It’s never really been an issue till now. Why do you think I drive everywhere Sam?!”

This particular flight only heightened his fear. The next time he went on a flight was to Scotland to bargain with Crowley, during which “he white-knuckled his way through four puke bags.” Only now, he’s also concerned about demonic influence: “Some nut job decided to try something. I was ready. I had a fork.”


He is a huge cowboy fan. In Frontierland he has the opportunity to time travel back to 1861. Whilst this journey had some rude awakenings like the hygiene, law, and drink quality, it was still a wish-fulfillment moment for Dean when he became the sheriff of Sunrise, Wyoming. Sam claims that Dean is “obsessed” and “can recite every Clint Eastwood movie ever made, even the monkey movies.”

The second case was in Dodge City, Kansas. Dean put on his cowboy hat and forced one on Cas, getting Team Free Will set up in the “Wild Bill Suite.” The episode confirming cases of cowboy movie nights, forcing an angel to endure such classics as Tombstone: “the one with guns and tuberculosis.”


Dean was born January twenty-fourth, 1979 and became a hunter-in-training by the time he was four, when he lost his mother. His father John found his way to the hunters Missouri and Bobby, discovering the supernatural world. In a flashback with Sam’s Zanna, Sully, it’s confirmed that Dean went on his first hunting trip before he was nine, although he had faced monsters that came after Sam before that (Shtriga). Dean has only ever taken a year off hunting, so less than five years of his life were spent ‘normal.’ Despite his attempts to be normal his warrior upbringing wins out every time.


In Afterschool Special the episode shows flashbacks of the boys’ time at Truman High in 1997. In this episode, Dean is portrayed as quite the ladies man. However, it soon becomes apparent that this story is more from Sam’s perspective, especially in the season nine episode: Bad Boys. Dean got done shoplifting Sam food and ended up in a boys home when he was sixteen. We discover Dean is actually awkward, learned a little guitar, wanted to be a rock star and had his first kiss with a girl called Robin while he was there. As the series goes on it’s easy to see that Dean isn’t quite as smooth as he and Sam think he is.


Dean has the monopoly on time travel in Supernatural, usually, this is thanks to angelic assistance, but in season seven Dean finds himself swallowed up by Cronus, the God of Time. He lands in 1944 Chicago and finds himself seated across the interrogation table with Elliot Ness.

Dean is a huge fan of Ness, and mentioned earning the title ‘Untouchable’ while he was there. “Untouchables is like one of my most favorite movies ever… I must’ve seen it like fifty times.” The movie is an adaptation of the takedown of Al Capone by Ness’ Prohibition enforcement team: The Untouchables. It isn’t until Dean is about to return home that Ness bestows the title, making Dean an honorary ‘Untouchable.’


The Colt is a famous weapon made by tying its properties to a Devil’s Gate on the night of a comet, during The Battle of Alamo, able to vanquish all but five beings. When John explains the history of the Colt he says that Samuel Colt used “half a dozen bullets” out of the original thirteen (thought irreplaceable). Truthfully, Samuel only used five bullets and the sixth was used by Dean who went back in time to the fifth of March 1861 to destroy a Phoenix. Dean used three of the original thirteen.


In Clap Your Hands If You Believe the boys think they’re investigating an actual UFO case. After Dean, the first born, is abducted by the “grabby incandescent [jerks],” they can no longer hide from his sight. After Dean went up against Tinkerbell whilst listening to Space Oddity they had to acknowledge it wasn’t aliens at all, but fairies. Whilst he may not have been there long he did cross over into the “Fairy realm”/Avalon. It isn’t entirely clear what happened to Dean or the other first-born sons when they were beamed away, but it did leave Dean with a handy ability.


When Dean went to the Pit at the end of the third season fans were left reeling, no one believing it would actually happen. For four earth months, he was harmed at the hands of Alistair. What followed was the best change the series has seen in its long run with the introduction of angels and Castiel, who “raised [Dean] from perdition.” Angels almost seldom came to Earth in at least 2000 years; this makes Dean the first person to be raised from the underworld by an angel in that time. This not only left him marked by Heaven and the Pit, but given the time difference downstairs his consciousness is forty years older than his biological age.


Dean, whilst being “raised in the life,” still had moments of doubt. Particularly evident in Bad Boys when we see his younger self admit he dislikes hunting. In Bloodlust, Dean tells the hunter Gordon about the hunt that changed it all. He “picked up this crossbow and hit that ugly sucker.” While Sam waits in the car, he eliminates the body with his dad. He looked into that fire and Dean accepted his fate: “I’m sixteen years old. Kids my age are worried about pimples, prom dates. I’m seeing things that they’ll never even know, never even dream of. So right then, I just sort of… embraced the life.”


Dean’s childhood was hardly normal, and his skill set is centered around hunting. “I was six or seven and he took me shooting for the first time… I bulls-eyed every one of ‘em.” While John kept Sam’s soccer trophy, Dean found his dad kept his weaponry: “It’s my first sawed-off. Made it myself. Sixth grade.”

When Sam was at Stanford, Dean made an EMF Detector out of his Walkman to detect electromagnetic waves given off by spiritual activity. And, in the season one episode Hook Man, the common hunter’s trick of rock salt in the shotgun is revealed to have actually been Dean’s idea.


Vanquishing demons was thought to be impossible by all hunters of John’s generation, the only exception being the mythological Colt. Dean was the first Winchester (and likely the first hunter since Colt) to destroy a demon. He was also the first hunter to take down a demon with Ruby’s knife (ancient demon knife of the Kurds), which he used to take down Ruby’s demon master, Astaroth. He was also the first person to ever eliminate a King/Prince of the Underworld (Azazel) and a Knight of the Underworld, Abbadon (Cain defeated the others, but was a demon at the time).


When Dean collects Sam from Stanford, the younger brother is surprised to find that Dean had been hunting alone. Dean hunted solo for years; he would have started at about twenty-two, starting sometime after Sam left for Stanford. The show mentions several cases Dean and John worked together (such as a poltergeist in Pennsylvania), but Dean was often on his own. A few solo jobs that were mentioned include the New Orleans voodoo case, two vatala, and the unknown monster that controlled Cole’s father. Very few hunters do jobs solo. It speaks to Dean’s ability that he managed on his own at such a young age.


Dean Winchester has met his end more than anyone on the show, and technically Dean has taken his own life five times. He made a demon deal, a doctor stopped his heart so he could negotiate with Demise and he took pills to talk to Billie (reaper). All in order to save the life of his brother.

He also bargained with Billie to take the boys’ lives in order for them to escape a black site with the intention that one of them would permanently ‘retire’ afterward. Lastly, in light of losing his mother and Cas, he gave himself an injection to the heart to go to the veil.


Dean is definitely the only cook in the Winchester clan. Without much money or instruction, or even a proper kitchen he would make sure Sam had dinner.

“My dad was always working so I came up with about 101 ways to make mac and cheese.” “Add ketchup for spice.” “Tuna, hotdogs, fluff marshmallow mix.” While they may not have been delicious his “brother thought it was exotic.” He was willing to make the best out little resources, often making truly bad meals, a trait he inherited from Mary. We soon realize that once Dean has access to an actual kitchen he enjoys cooking and is actually quite the chef.


In season four the difference between demons and angels is made very clear, even Lilith didn’t know how to destroy angels. Uriel claiming, “The only thing that can [end] an angel is another angel.”

However, this changes when Dean meets Zachariah, who he despises instantly. “Angel or not, I will stab you in your face.” Dean is a man of his word, because that is exactly what he did. This makes Dean quite possibly the first human (or demon) to ever vanquish an angel. Since then Dean has managed to take on multiple celestial enemies, including Lucifer himself.


When Dean was younger he wanted no part in the family business. Since he was a kid he has wanted to be a fireman, a mechanic, and even a rock star. During his one year off he also spent time working in construction.

However, after being plunked into normal life and being exposed to a case even without his memories, it becomes clear that Dean is a natural strategist, leader, and warrior. “You’re a hunter. Not because your dad made you. Not because God called you back from hell. But because it is what you are. And you love it. You’ll find your way to it in the dark every single time and you’re miserable without it.”


In season one, Scarecrow, we get a glimpse of how Dean deals with witnesses on his own. After a very awkward attempt to try steer a couple away from danger, he mentions how his “brother, he’d give you this puppy dog look and you’d just buy right into it.” It becomes clearer over time that Dean struggles in social situations. He didn’t interact with other people in his youth very often, he generally spent his time looking after Sam or hunting with his dad. He did not have a real friend in all his young life. Although others were a part of life later on, like Ellen and Jo, his first real friend was Castiel, an angel. Cas is also incredibly awkward, a struggle Dean’s familiar with.


Dean is very well read: he often mocks reading but has read most of the books in the bunker, Bobby’s house and reads in his spare time. He’s a big fan of Vonnegut and has read classics such as Aesop’s fables.

Dean is highly intelligent and well versed on lore. Back before the bunker, as far back as season one, he knew mythology from his father’s journal, such as the Wendigo, off by heart. In Phantom Traveller, he discusses the importance of biblical numerology in relation to a demonic plane crash. This isn’t a side of himself that he openly embraces, often leading Sam to be surprised when his brother knows something he assumes is more up his own ally.


Ironically, despite Dean being raised to hate the supernatural (a failing he begins to recognize in Bloodlust), his closest friend circle includes a fallen angel, a resurrected vampire, a werewolf, the King of Hades, and a centuries-old witch.

Whilst Cas is an angel, he’s made plenty mistakes, usually trying to do the right thing. Benny was a vampire Dean met in Purgatory; he willingly sacrificed himself to save Sam (who did not approve of him). Garth is a loveable hunter turned werewolf. Crowley and Dean been through a lot together and, despite his demonic ways, he will always come around to save Dean. And, of course, villain turned friend, the super witch, Rowena.


Dean is huge movie buff, but he tends to hide his interests from people around him. He loves eighties horror movies: “I like to watch movies where I know the bad guy is gonna’ lose.” His favorite being “Hatchetman.” Dean also loves soap operas, particularly a parody of Grey’s Anatomy, set in “Seattle Mercy Hospital.” He is a secret fan of “chick flicks” and loves anime. He also deeply enjoys LARPING, after being introduced to “Moondoor” by Charlie. He’s also a fan of Scooby-Doo and even got zapped into an episode, becoming a cartoon.


Hunting doesn’t exactly pay… at all. The boys run credit card scams for most of their finances, but to keep police off their tail their spending is limited to essentials. They swindle pool frequently and Dean occasionally plays poker. This is something he frequently did in his youth to try keep money going when John wasn’t back in time. Losing his money to these games then being forced to get food using “sticky fingers” is what got Dean sent to a boys home. Card games are a skill he learned from Bobby.


Dean spent a lovely night with a beautiful woman (Lydia) in season seven. It wasn’t until afterward that he realized she was an amazon, a ‘monster’/demi-god from Greek mythology. He also noticed the appearance of a surprisingly well-spoken baby who grew like Benjamin Button. “This morning, Emma was a baby. By sunset she’s Hannah Montana… early years.” Emma turned out to be Dean’s child, sent to dispatch of her father. Although her physical age was sixteen, she was only three days old. Whilst Dean was willing to help her and give her a chance, she ended up being put down by her uncle, Sam.


In the first thirteen seasons, Sam has been possessed multiple times. However, with the exception of a parasitic monster, only one being has ever possessed Dean: the Archangel Michael.

“You’re my true vessel but not my only one… It’s a bloodline… Stretching back to Cain and Abel. It’s in your blood, you father’s blood, your family’s blood.”

In season five Dean was revealed to be the true vessel, every angel and demon assured he was “going to say yes.” It isn’t until the alternate Michael becomes the only option to stop a nephilium-charged Lucifer from destroying the universe, starting with Sam and Jack, that Dean fulfilled the prophecy.


It’s no secret Dean is a lover of music. He inherited his love of rock from his parents. When he’s stressed he hums Smoke On The Water to calm himself down. He also loves Led Zeppelin, an artist both his parents bonded over. Dean made a mix tape for Cas of his favourite Zeppelin hits when Cas lost his wings. He has been caught listening to music outside his typical ‘character’ rock multiple times. He often hides this, being a secret Taylor Swift fan, blasting Shake It Off in the impala.


The last thing Mary said to him before she perished was “Angels are watching over you.” Ever since, he has only ever believed that evil beings, like demons exist. He only believed in angels after he met Cas, ironically revealing that Dean was Heaven’s greatest weapon: The Holy Sword of Michael. She turned out to be right, although it ended up not being entirely positive. This is also something Kelly says to Jack (“You have angel watching over you.”) in her video to him.

2019-04-17 07:04:42

Annabelle Eirth

Supernatural: 10 Best Sam Quotes

Sam Winchester of Supernatural is known for his book smarts, his sensitivity, and his proneness to tragedy (his girlfriend Jessica’s death, his addiction to demon blood…). Over the years, Sam’s grown up (and grown out his hair) a lot from the young Stanford student with dreams of becoming a lawyer and living a normal life to the hardened hunter that still sees the good in the world.

Really, it’s amazing that Sam still has a soft spot after all the evil he’s seen and the tragedy he’s endured. In any case, Sam has left us with heartfelt, hilarious and other such moments thanks to his comments. Here are Sam’s 10 best quotes that we’ve secretly memorized.

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10 “It’s spectacu-lacu-lar.”

Remember that time Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) got themselves checked into a mental institution just by telling the doctor about their lives (of course, it was to find a monster inside)? Sam mistakenly believes the doctor to be the wraith and attacks and winds up back in his room doped up beyond measure.

Dean checks on him, but turns out, Sam’s doing “spectacu-lacu-lar.” Well, Sam’s always been happily loopy under the influence. You can’t resist the urge to declare everything “spectacu-lacu-lar.” When you do, your fellow Supernatural fans will love you for it.

9 “If it bleeds, you can kill it.”

Sam has never liked clowns. In “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magic Menagerie”, Sam has his worst run-in with clowns yet. For one, they’re everywhere. Two, they try to kill him until they explode in glittery eruption. Sam develops a soothing mantra to help himself deal with the clowns (unfortunately the clowns don’t bleed in this case), taken from what Dean said to him.

Sam declares at the episode’s end that after everything that went down in the episode, clowns don’t seem so scary to him anymore. Maybe in some way that’s true, but Sam still has issues as it’s plainly clear he’s still not comfortable around them. Keep up the mantra, Sam.

8 “Yesterday was Tuesday…”

For most, the dreaded day of the week is Monday. For Sam, it’s Tuesday. Sam lived many, many of the exact same Tuesdays in a row. All of which ended in Dean’s death. “Mystery Spot” is something of a morbid Groundhog Day episode, but it’s also a fan favorite.

Sam feverishly works to change the ending of his dreaded Tuesday by keeping his brother alive. After witnessing several of Dean’s deaths, he manages to finally make it to Wednesday. We wouldn’t blame Sam if he dreaded every Tuesday for the rest of his life. Our Mondays are looking pretty good in comparison.

7 “I think the fourth kind is a butt thing.”

Soulless Sam was brutal and cold, but he definitely had his funny moments. While Dean is being chased by what he believes is a UFO, Sam nonchalantly talks with him on the phone. It was an interesting time to see a completely different version of Sam where he lacked any kind of feeling at all and instead was direct, driven, and calculating. In “Clap Your Hands if You Believe”, Dean’s emphasizing empathy to Sam the entire episode, and Sam struggles to grasp the concept.

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The detached manner in which he reacts after Dean is abducted is brutal but strangely amusing (mostly because of Dean’s reaction to Sam’s state when he returns). While this was an interesting insight, we’re definitely glad Sam got his soul back.

6 “Why do you keep talking about my shoulders?”

One of the most popular Supernatural episodes is without a doubt the animated crossover with Scooby-Doo. In that episode, Velma frequently talks about Sam’s shoulders, clearly portraying that she has a thing for Sam. When the two end up looking for clues together alone, Sam asks her why she keeps mentioning his shoulders, much to Velma’s embarrassment.

This may not be his most memorable quote but its association with the episode and Velma’s infatuation with him is definitely memorable. Sam’s height and hair are frequent topics in the SPN community, why not his shoulders too?

5 “‘Insane’ is kind of what we do.”

Sam’s not kidding; this is an accurate summation of how the Winchesters spend their days. For Sam, he’s been doing ‘insane’ practically since day one. For a while, Sam escaped the insanity while at Stanford, and again while Dean was in Purgatory.

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Yet, somehow Sam is always drawn back into it and accepts it with a sad, yet it-is-what-it-is attitude. It’s ironic, really, how Sam has seen and fought practically everything under the sun and still has a fear of clowns despite it all. Clowns must rank higher on the insanity scale than vampires or demons.

4 “I lost my shoe.”

You just have to feel sorry for Sam when he says that, and the look on his face is perfect. Accidentally cursed with bad luck, Sam endures one mishap after the other–including losing his shoe, which goes down a drain while he’s trying to scrape the gum off the bottom.

Now, the Winchesters, especially Sam, have plenty of bad days but when you’re cursed with bad luck, it’s a whole other kind of bad day. Before the bad luck runs out, Sam catches on fire and knocks himself out, too. It’s just not his day. Fun fact: Jared Padalecki actually lost his shoe in real life, too. That’s one seriously dedicated actor.

3 “You’re too precious for this world.”

While Sam and Dean are searching for the monster of the week in a Season 2 episode, they wind up at one another’s throats and on their last nerve until Bobby (Jim Beaver) sorts them out. However, while they are recounting events, Dean mentions Sam acting all sappy and sensitive during one of their interviews with a witness by declaring him too precious for the world and embracing him emotionally.

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While Sam didn’t actually act in the manner Dean claims he did, this wouldn’t be an unusual quote in Sam’s world. Sam is sensitive to others and their emotions, much more so than his brother. If you need a hug and some compassion, Sam’s your guy.

2 “You want to know what I confessed in there…?”

This was one of the most emotional moments Supernatural has had thus far. Sam’s about to complete the trials when Dean stops him, and it leads to a serious and heartfelt discussion between the two brothers.

Sam lays down all his vulnerabilities for Dean to see, and Dean reassures him that nothing and no one matters more to him than Sam.  The two have had their problems and differences over the last fourteen seasons, but at the end of the day, family comes first and Dean will always look out for Sam regardless of their issues.

1 “Jerk.”

Sam’s comeback to Dean’s “b***h” is one of the best-known dialogue exchanges in Supernatural. The exchange is often used to lighten a serious moment or to show one another brotherly affection, but it’s also an inside look to Sam and Dean’s bond as brothers. Their childhood was unpredictable, dysfunctional and oftentimes gory thanks to hunting. Addressing one another with these terms developed in their childhood, possibly as a coping mechanism to help out the other and possess something normal in their family. One of the driving forces of the show is the bond between the two brothers, making this one of Sam’s most memorable quotes.

Sam, like anyone, has had his ups-and-downs over the years. Just not your normal run-of-the-mill kind. Narrowing down just a few things out of everything Sam’s ever said over the last fourteen seasons was no easy task, but these are among some of the most notable–or at least, the most relevant. It’s going to be tough to say goodbye to Sam next year but we’ll cope with reruns and binge marathons of Supernatural. Sigh.

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Kacie Lillejord

Supernatural: 10 Things That Need To Happen to Sam Before It Ends

As fans wonder just how we’re going to bid adieu to the lovable Moose who’s too precious for this world, we also know that Sam Winchester needs to have some resolution during the 15th and final season of Supernatural. It’s been a long and winding Road So Far, from Sam’s supernatural demon-given powers to his many loves lost to the time he went without a soul and broke all of our hearts running on pure id.

And as much as the brothers have been through, there’s still plenty of highway left to travel for Sammy and Dean. There are a few loose ends to wrap up as well as some closure that Sam deserves before he’s gone.

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10 Gone But Not Forgotten

Of course, we don’t WISH for the end of the brothers, but we all know it really needs to happen if we’re going to honor all of their sacrifices and history. What makes the most sense in terms of the world that’s been created is that the two would meet their end in a meaningful way, rejoining their parents together in Heaven as heroes.

Having them rid the world of monsters completely would make zero sense, so it would only be natural for the show to end by leading into a new spin-off series with fresh monster hunters taking over where they left off, or even a whole new spin on the series. The brothers also deserve a true hunter send-off with a proper burial.

9 Closure With Bobby

Just where is our original Bobby Singer? We have no idea what happened to him, and we haven’t seen REAL Bobby since season 10. All we know is that he broke the rules of Heaven so he may be rotting away in Heaven’s prison for all we know. This is a huge unresolved story for Sam and Dean! Bobby is the boys’ surrogate father and there’s no way we can end the season without some kind of closure regarding not only his whereabouts but Bobby’s end, too.

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Many fans believe Bobby got a beautiful send-off the first time he was offed and deserves something no less than that before he’s truly gone.

8 Reunion With Jess

Jessica Lee Moore might have been the love of Sam’s life, but she met her untimely end just by being that in the first episode of the show. Not only does Jess deserve the happiness that was stolen from her all because of Yellow Eyes’ scheme, but Sam deserves to go back in time and live the life he dreamed with his fiancee before their missing father, his big brother and an evil demon changed everything.

In a perfect world, Sam would reunite with Jess in a peaceful afterlife. That might be too perfect for Supernatural standards, but it’s what they both deserve.

7 Closure With Adam

Remember Sam and Dean’s half-brother Adam who was basically told, “Bye, boi!” and left to endure the worst that Hell has to offer for eternity when it was his older brothers who were supposed to be doomed to his fate? It’s been nearly a decade since Adam was unjustly left to suffer in the cage and we owe it to him to get him out.

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Fans have speculated for years that this will be resolved in the final season of the show, and wonder if Adam will be involved in the final demise of the brothers somehow. Sammy needs to help atone for Adam’s terrible fate and gain closure with his younger brother.

6 Laptop Love

We all know how much Moose loves his laptop, so there should be one last hurrah this final season regarding his computer. Maybe they’ll be a joke about it, but, even better, maybe we’ll get the story on his love for Deep Cove Bike Shop. He’s got to love something to put its sticker on his beloved laptop, right? Or maybe we’ll get an answer regarding all of the many emails Sam gets, like the one from a person called “Ross,” whose subject lines include “Important” and “WTF.”

Perhaps it was Ennis Ross from the Supernatural: Bloodlines spin-off? After all, Ennis was training for a different career when his fiancee was slain, much like Sam’s own backstory. Of course, it’s more likely that it refers to Eugenie Ross-Leming, a writer and executive producer on the show.

5 Face Off With Amy’s Son

When Dean took out Jacob Pond’s monster mother in the heart-wrenching episode “The Girl Next Door,” Jacob vowed to return the favor someday. Amy had been under Sam’s protection at the time, and it really didn’t seem like a fair episode, especially since the brothers have let other monsters, like vegetarian vampires, survive before. Why not use Amy to take out other monsters if she needs to survive that way?

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Some kind of resolution with Jacob is needed, and some fans have even speculated that he’ll be the doom of the brothers during the final season of the show.

4 Demon Powers

Many fans weren’t satisfied to learn that Sam’s demon powers just vanished unceremoniously, especially since, according to Ruby, the demon blood he drank to maintain them was “just a crutch,” and like a demonic Care Bear, he’d had the power within him all along. What if those powers remained latent in him all this time?

Going back to the same powers that started this whole adventure would make the story come full circle, and it could lead to interesting plot twists. What if Sam is destined to become the new ruler of Hell? It would be a wild twist but it could also do some good, with him saving people in the process.

3 Resolution With Jesse Turner

Remember the half-demon, half-human Jesse Turner? We met him in season 5’s “I Believe the Children Are Our Future,” but he sent himself away when he discovered Lucifer’s big plan for him for the Apocalypse… and we never heard from him again.

It’s one of the most frustrating dropped plots of the show since Turner has the potential for both good and evil. Who knows what a half-demon is capable of? When last we saw Jesse, he wanted to remain on the side of good, so it would be interesting to see him interact with Sam, a character who has also always wanted to side against evil yet had to battle his own dark side many times.

2 An Epic Prank

Remember when the brothers used to prank each other? Granted, there hasn’t been a lot of time for pranks between saving the world and attempting to remain alive, but we haven’t really seen many pranks on the show since season five, and those were really Gabriel’s pranks. Fans who’ve followed the cast outside of the show have seen loads of pranks, from Misha Collins’ GISH shenanigans to Ellen’s world domination bid to all the amazing gag reels we’ve seen over the years, but the brothers themselves haven’t really done much since Dean pranked Sam with itching powder.

It’s a little too lighthearted for many episodes, but it would be fantastic to see some of this goofy brother camaraderie one last time.

1 A Family Reunion

After everything Sam has endured with Dean over the years, the man deserves a long, peaceful rest with the people he loves most. Ending up in Heaven with his brother, mother and father–not to mention his fiancee and other friends he’s lost along the way–would give him that. It might be too saccharine of an ending after all the darkness we’ve witnessed over the years, but it’s what the hunter deserves after giving up everything he ever wanted to chase the family business to make people safe.

Sure, he messed up quite a bit along the way, as did his brother, but they’re only two human brothers facing all of the monsters who lurk in the shadows and the scale should tip in their favor before the season ends.

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Sara Schmidt

Supernatural: 10 Storylines That Are Still Not Resolved

From classic monster of the week episodes to the apocalypse and an epic battle between good and evil, Supernatural has been churning out exciting, frightening, and endlessly enjoyable stories for almost fourteen seasons, but even the best shows have their fair share of boring storylines.

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Mostly thanks to the shows fan base, which is more than willing to express its disappointment with the characters and specific stories, there have been many storylines that writers have simply abandoned over the years. With the shocking news that Supernatural will come to an end after its fifteenth season, we’ve collected 10 storylines that the show seems to have forgotten.

10 Adam Is Still In Hell

You might remember that in the season five finale, which saw Sam and Dean fight to save the world from Michael and Lucifer, Adam (possessed by Michael) was banished to the cage alongside Lucifer. As far as anyone knows, the youngest Winchester brother is still being tormented in hell, without any sign of help from his heroic siblings.

While Sam and Dean have sacrificed themselves for one another on more than one occasion, they don’t seem to care that their younger brother has been trapped in hell since season five. For siblings that care a great deal about family and honor, it’s shocking that Sam and Dean haven’t tried to save Adam from the pit.

9 Jesse Turner Is The Antichrist

Introduced after Lucifer’s arrival in season five, Jesse Turner aka. the Antichrist was the child of a demon and according to Castiel, the young boy was destined to side with Lucifer and use his immense power to destroy the host of heaven.

When Sam and Dean came across Jesse and his incredible powers, fans rightfully expected the character to play a major role in the war against Lucifer and the overall narrative, but it’s been almost nine seasons and Jesse Turner has made no other appearances in the series. You would think a being as powerful as Jesse would be something for the Winchester brothers to worry about, but they don’t seem overly worried that the Antichrist is still out there.

8 Sam’s Demon Powers

You’ll undoubtedly remember that in the earlier seasons of Supernatural, the show focused most of its attention on Sam and his frightening visions of the future. As the show progressed into more apocalyptic territory, Sam learned (with a little help from Ruby) that drinking Demon blood would intensify his strength and even give him the power exorcise demons with his mind.

While Sam’s addiction to demon blood was eventually cured, it’s safe to assume that his demon powers are still intact, but the show hasn’t mentioned or referenced Sam’s connection to the dark side in years. It’s somewhat unusual that one of the shows most intriguing and entertaining narrative threads was just left behind and never looked at again.

7 Dean And Lisa’s Relationship

Following Sam’s sacrifice at the end of season five, Dean attempted to live a normal life with Lisa and her son Ben, but things didn’t last long when a soulless Sam returned from the pit.

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While Sam and Dean have had their fair share of flings over the years, Supernatural has never been a show about romantic relationships. Dean’s time with Lisa and Ben, however, was one of the shows most enjoyable storylines, which made it even more heartbreaking when Dean asked Castiel to erase their memories of him. As the love of Dean’s life and his one connection to a normal existence, it’s disappointing that we’ve never returned to his relationship with Lisa and Ben.

6 Where Is Chuck/God?

Supernatural fans were somewhat surprised when writers confirmed in season eleven that Chuck was, in fact, God the entire time. After years of speculation and hype, God was finally a major character in the series, but fans were ultimately left disappointed when the great almighty abandoned earth to spend some quality time with his sister aka. The Darkness.

Since his departure at the end of season eleven, God hasn’t returned or had much of a presence in the series. It’s both surprising and disappointing that a character as important as God didn’t play a much larger role in the overall series. With one more season to go, could Supernatural bring Chuck back one last time?

5 Is Benny Alive?

Fans of Supernatural will likely remember Dean’s vampire best friend Benny Lafitte, who was introduced as a close ally to the older Winchester brother during his time trapped in purgatory. The character was last seen when he decided to stay in purgatory and give Sam enough time to escape.

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While Benny was trapped in purgatory, where he felt more comfortable, the show never officially killed the character and he’s even been mentioned since his departure. The writers clearly haven’t forgotten about Denny and his return would certainly be an interesting narrative decision, which forces us to wonder why Supernatural hasn’t tied this thread and resolved this story.

4 Amy Pond’s Son Wants Revenge

One of the shows most baffling unresolved storylines comes in the form of Jacob Pond, a young kitsune who vowed to kill Dean back in season nine.

You might remember that in one of his darkest moments, Dean killed Sam’s childhood friend Amy Pond, a kitsune who murdered criminals to feed her unwell son. Years have passed since Jacob vowed to get his revenge, but the character hasn’t been seen or heard from since. It’s unlikely that Jacob will make a return in the final season, forcing us to question what happened to the young boy and his hunger for vengeance.

3 What’s Going On With The Colt?

While Sam and Dean have an impressive arsenal of weapons at their disposal, including the incredibly powerful angel blades, there’s no denying that a gun that kills almost every creature on earth would come in handy every once in a while.

The colt, which was introduced as a game-changing weapon in season one, was badly damaged when Castiel failed to kill Dagon in season twelve. Despite the fact that Sam said he would try and repair the colt, the weapon hasn’t been seen or mentioned since. Even with the many weapons in the boot of Dean’s car, you’d think a gun as useful as the colt would rank relatively high on the Winchesters’ priorities, but it seems they have more urgent matters to attend to.

2 Bloodlines

While there have been a few attempted Supernatural spin-offs, Bloodlines left the biggest unresolved storyline for the show. For those that might not remember, the back-door pilot for the spin-off took place in season nine, introducing Sam and Dean to a number of different monster families in Chicago.

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The CW eventually decided to kill the series before it even started, and the characters haven’t been seen or mentioned on Supernatural since. While it makes sense that the writers/creators don’t want to revisit a previous failure, it seems slightly out of character for Sam and Dean to completely ignore the fact that Chicago is infested with monsters.

1 The Banes Twins

Supernatural has introduced many recurring characters over the years, but Max and Alicia Banes are easily two of the most intriguing. The last time we saw the Banes twins, Max had made the risky decision to resurrect his sister as a twig and twine doll, leaving fans excited to see what happens next.

Unfortunately, the Supernatural writers don’t seem interested in revisiting this particular storyline and the Banes twins are yet to appear in another episode. While the writers have moved on to different characters and storylines, it feels strange that the show hasn’t addressed or referenced the Banes twins since their last appearance.

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Kieran McLean

Supernatural Is Setting Up God’s Return In Time For The Final Season

Supernatural appears to be setting up a return for the Lord Almighty himself ahead of the show’s forthcoming conclusion. The long-running fantasy series is currently nearing the end of its fourteenth season and recently enjoyed a 300th episode special which saw the highly-anticipated return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester. All good things must come to an end however, and it was announced last month that Supernatural‘s next hunt would be its last, bringing the story of Sam and Dean to a close with season 15.

One character who didn’t make a surprise appearance in the 300th special was Chuck Shurley, better known to viewers as God. The omnipotent creator of all things was originally only ever mentioned in hushed enigmatic tones during Supernatural‘s earlier seasons, but was eventually revealed to be an author that Sam and Dean had encountered previously on several occasions. God was last seen at the end of season 11 walking into the unknown after an emotional reunion with his sister, Amara.

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“Game Night” provided the biggest hint yet that God’s return to the series could be imminent, and with Supernatural‘s end now in sight, this is unlikely to be a coincidence. The episode was split into two stories, with Dean and the gang battling against the Devil and Castiel on a separate mission, teaming up with Sister Jo in an attempt to make contact with God. This angelic duo managed to track down a former acquaintance of Joshua – the only angel known to speak directly with God. This man, a down-on-his-luck trinket store owner, seemed of little help to Castiel at first, but did confirm that Joshua used some kind of device to send God a message, and that the item was somewhere within the cavernous shop. He also revealed that God never got back to Joshua, rudely leaving him hanging on “message read.”

Eventually, Castiel finds the item he’s been looking for and sends a heartfelt plea to God to help Sam and Dean with their adopted nephilim and Lucifer’s very own spawn, Jack. Once again, God doesn’t pick up but Castiel isn’t too disappointed – admitting that, deep down, he only sought God’s help to avoid facing the reality of Jack’s soulless situation. On the surface, this short arc could be seen as nothing more than a relatively meaningless filler segment to balance out the satanic action elsewhere. However, with Castiel making a direct call to the big man himself, this episode perhaps feels more like a prelude to God’s Supernatural comeback.

Such a scenario is made even more likely due to the fact that God’s arc is one of the few unresolved stories left in Supernatural. With the show’s end in sight, there aren’t too many dangling plot threads to tie up, but God still has plenty to answer for after becoming disillusioned with both Heaven and Earth and disappearing into the aether, leaving both sides to their own devices. This has caused untold trouble, particularly for the Winchesters, who have been forced to defend Earth from a number of God’s disgruntled children and would-be successors. Although God’s return in season 11 did somewhat deal with the circumstances surrounding his disappearance, Chuck is still acting like a firmly hands-off Dad and hoping mankind will learn to stand on its own two feet (despite clear evidence to the contrary). This is surely something that will be addressed before Supernatural runs its final end credits.

Castiel’s plea may just provide a clue as to how God will find that resolution. Many of the deity’s dilemmas revolve around the disparity between angel and human, the jealousy the guardians of Heaven feel over their inferior Earth-dwellers, and God’s sadness that neither race could be what he envisioned. Since Jack is part human and part angel, he is perfectly positioned to find the balance that God sought before his disappearance and Castiel’s request to help the nephilim may prove too tempting to turn down.

Furthermore, the key question isn’t whether God received Castiel’s message (of course he did, he’s God), the issue is whether or not God feels the need to respond. The Winchesters could’ve used some divine help on literally hundreds of occasions is Supernatural‘s history and only in rare and dire situations has God actually intervened – even then usually at the very last minute. As such, it’s not at all surprising that Castiel’s message wasn’t answered immediately, but that isn’t to say that God won’t take action further down the line.

With Supernatural‘s conclusion approaching fast, it’s also highly likely that the final season will raise the paranormal stakes more than ever before. With such an ambitious finale in the offing, it’s only natural that God himself should show up. Whether to help the Winchesters in their final battle or to personally thank them for all the hard work and sacrifice they’ve been through in the name of protecting the world, a Supernatural ending without God would feel somewhat incomplete.

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Supernatural continues with “Absence” April 11th on The CW.

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Craig Elvy

10 Things We’ll Miss About Supernatural After It Ends

Supernatural has been a constant in fans’ lives for the past 14 years. It’s hard to imagine life without the show. Yet that’s just what fans have to do now that it’s been announced that the series will end with season 15.


Long-time fans are still processing the sad news, while also celebrating the show’s longevity and continued quality. Still, looking ahead to the day after the season finale, we know there are going to be many things we’ll miss about the show. Here are some of them.


Many fans had gotten so comfortable with Supernatural’s weekly presence on their screens that they began to believe it’d go on forever. Even after 14 years, the cast and crew seemed like they were still having fun. Plus, after so many seasons, the news of the series’ annual renewal started to feel like a formality.


Supernatural’s longevity is impressive by pretty much any standard. It was a rarity when the show made it to the 10-season mark. To go on for five more after that is a real feat. But the consistency also gave the fans a comfort-level with the show that’s almost impossible to achieve. Even with all the monsters and drama, watching Supernatural each week became like visiting with good friends. After so many years, we know Sam and Dean. We’ve seen them at their best and their worst and it’s made us feel close to them. We’ll miss catching up with them on a regular basis.


Monsters are a constant source of fascination, yet few stories have delved into so many of them. The Winchesters live in a world plagued by things that go bump in the night. Although a lot of them are pure evil, every once in a while they can be conflicted and sympathetic.

Over its 14 seasons, Supernatural has incorporated a whole universe of monsters. And it’s used those monsters to examine moral grey areas and what it really means to be monstrous. This let the show ask big questions about the nature of good and evil and if it’s possible to always do the right thing. Even when the Winchesters are trying to do good, they don’t always get it right. That they just keep trying is what’s made us root for them no matter what.


Supernatural is a cult hit that’s amassed a huge fan base. Fans meet up at conventions, hang out online, and follow every detail of the show. The Supernatural cast has even leveraged the power of the fandom for numerous charitable causes over the years.


Even with the show ending, the fandom will go on. However, without new episodes to engage it, it’s hard to imagine it having the same fervor and involvement that it does right now. It’s also hard to imagine the actors being quite as engaged with the fandom as they have been while the show’s been on the air. So the fandom may not be quite as devoted as it is at the moment. On the plus side, with streaming services making it easier than ever to watch the show, Supernatural has the potential to continue to attract new fans long into the future. And if nothing else, we’ll always have Supernatural fan fiction to keep us busy.


Supernatural has built up an amazingly complex mythology over its run. It was surprising enough when the show introduced angels. Since then, Lucifer became a major character, we met both God and his sister, and Sam and Dean became surrogate fathers to the devil’s son. Also, the Winchesters have visited heaven, hell, purgatory, and even an alternate dimension.

By remixing and reimagining religion, legend, and folklore, Supernatural has created a puzzle of a mythology with many moving parts. Yet, it all unfolded organically, letting fans keep pace with the ins and outs of the show’s unique world.


Supernatural has winked at the absurdity of its premise on more than one occasion by going meta in the most delightful way. The show’s willingness to break the fourth wall has led to some hilarious episodes that have endeared the show to fans.


Two of the best are season 6’s “The French Mistake” and season 10’s “Fan Fiction.” In “The French Mistake,” Sam and Dean are zapped into a world in which they are… Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the stars of a TV show called Supernatural. From Sam and Dean’s perspective, Supernatural and the actors’ real lives are bizarre. After all, Sam married the demon Ruby (his real-life wife, Genevieve Cortese)! “Fan Fiction,” the show’s 200th episode, saw the Winchesters stumble onto an girls high school’s production of “Supernatural: The Musical.” Not only did the episode let the show revisit its rich history, it acknowledged some of the fandom’s more popular takes on the series.


As Supernatural has gone on, it’s become increasingly willing to take risks and experiment with its format and storytelling. That’s led to stand-out episodes like season 11’s “Baby,” which is told entirely from the point of view of Dean’s Chevy Impala, and season 13’s “ScoobyNatural,” which saw Sam, Dean, and Cas get animated and team up with the characters of Scooby Doo.

On any other show, these episodes would be too ridiculous to work, but on Supernatural they fit right in. And given its lengthy track record, fans are willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt no matter how absurd the premise of the next episode seems. We’ll miss having that faith rewarded again and again.


After so many seasons on the air, Supernatural has collected quite a roster of secondary characters. And many of them have become a beloved part of the show. Fortunately, between the show’s long memory and its mystical premise, characters fans already know pop up to help the Winchesters all the time, even if they’ve technically perished.


There have been several examples in season 14 alone. Demon hunter/werewolf Garth showed up to help the brothers with an archangel problem. They teamed up with the witch Rowena to figure out what was wrong with half-angel, half-human Jack. And to celebrate the show’s 300th episode, John Winchester was brought forward in time to visit his sons long after his untimely passing.


Supernatural hasn’t always had the best track record with female characters. This is a show that featured the refrigeration of two different women in its first episode: the Winchester’s mother, Mary, and Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica. Despite those inauspicious beginnings and some other mistakes along the way, Supernatural has included many nuanced and compelling female characters. Several of them continue to recur on the series.

Between Jody Mills, Donna Hascum, Charlie Bradbury, the resurrected Mary Winchester, and others, the show’s female characters have become fan favorites. So much so that the series even attempted to spin-off some of the women into the series Wayward Sisters. Sadly, that didn’t work out. We’ll miss these ladies when the show is done.


Angel Castiel didn’t appear on Supernatural until the first episode of season 4. At first, Cas was almost completely devoid of humanity. He couldn’t relate to Sam and Dean and only helped them begrudgingly.


Over time, though, the boys won him over. And after going through his own trials and tribulations — and watching a lot of movies and TV shows — Cas finally started to understand what makes humans tick. In the process, he became more human too. It’s been a lot of fun to watch his evolution, and his attachment to Sam, Dean, and Jack grow.


The heart of Supernatural has always been the partnership between Sam and Dean. While they don’t always see eye-to-eye and sometimes fight passionately, their bond is also unshakable.

The pair’s loyalty to one another rests on a long shared history. Yet, their relationship goes deeper than that. Sam and Dean would do anything for each other. Their belief in each other is absolute and that belief has enabled them to defy the odds countless times. Their relationship has been inspiring and touching. It will be sorely missed when Supernatural comes to an end.


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Supernatural: 15 Character Departures That Hurt The Show (and 15 That Saved It)

Supernatural is a story built around two brothers and is constantly on the move so it can be hard to build up other characters who mean something to the show. However, this is something that Supernatural excels at. Characters who only make a handful of appearances are still cared about enough that their departure is still something fans mourn a decade later. It speaks volumes about the writing and the show that even though characters like Rufus, Ellen, and Jo, who were only in a handful of episodes, evoke such emotion with their passings and any returns they make.

A show that features demise in a very literal way means each departure, whether the character is alive, brought back, or gone for good, always means something. One example is Castiel who has come and gone, but each time it brings his relationship with the boys closer and furthers his own story.

In a show this big, with this much tragedy, the list could go into the hundreds, but it’s been reduced down to the top thirty. A few honorable mentions include Lady Toni Bevelle, Eve, Alistair, Pamela Barns, Bela Talbot, Chuck and Amara, Amelia, Hannah, Uriel, Mick Davis, and Gadreel.

Some of these characters deserved more screen time, some didn’t have an on-screen demise and others needed to go to get the story moving, whether they were beloved or disliked. Of course, in Supernatural, “demise isn’t always goodbye.”

Let’s take a look at 15 Character Departure That Hurt The Show (and 15 That Saved It).

30 HURT: ‘ASH’

Ash was a character we only saw for one season, reappearing once since, but he was a fantastic addition and deserved an on-screen demise. A stereotype-subverting mullet-having roadie expelled from M.I.T. for fighting. He’s “business up front, party in the back.” This genius used string theory to move around in Heaven, something no human has done without help. He is powerful in a very human way, enough to defy the laws of the afterlife. Although his real name is Miles, his nickname gives him an ironic ending as he went to his grave in demon-lit flames.


Azazel or “Yellow Eyes” was the first Prince of the Underworld and the King of the Underworld, keeping the throne warm for Lucifer. He was religiously fanatical in his love for his ‘father’ and dedicated his time to bringing him back. He burned Mary and drove John into hunting, dragging his children with him. The Winchesters knew none of his backstory and went in almost blind to the gravity of the enemy. But after twenty-four years it was time for him to go, moving up the story and removing the object of vengeance that fueled hunting for both John and Sam.


Ellen and Jo Harvelle were the first recurring female characters. Their downfall moved the story along but hurt like heck. They were only in a handful of episodes before their demise yet the audience still cared deeply when they passed.

Their demise moved up the plot and was necessary at the end of the original five-season arc. The end of the world scenario without any significant eliminations would not have made sense and so the mother-daughter combo met their end with a literal bang. They have come back on occasion since their saddening end and will always be welcome back.


In the first season both Sam and Dean fit into certain stereotypes, created as a reflection of their father. One brother naturally like him, trying to be someone else, the other, trying to copy him, but inside was more like his mother. His death accelerated the plot and meant the boys had to step out of their father’s shadow. Sam began to accept the parts of himself that were like John, and Dean stepped out from his persona, becoming a more well-rounded version of himself. It would still be fantastic to have him back for a while and fans got a little closure in the 300th episode.

26 HURT: Horseman Of Demise

One of the most powerful characters ever to grace Supernatural is the Horseman of Demise. As a neutral party, he often assisted the brothers and had a sort of friendship with Dean, even showing up to personally reap Sam at the beginning of season nine. He was essential to stopping the Apocalypse and putting the souls back in Purgatory, let alone saving Sam’s soul from the cage. His demise was necessary to pave the way for the Darkness verses God showdown in season eleven, and has been replaced with the beautiful Billie, but this fast-food loving cosmic entity will be sorely missed.


Lucifer is one of the longest-standing villains in Supernatural and has gone through various incarnations. After being trapped in the cage, he returned as hallucinations, then possessing Cas, then a rock star, the President, and finally back to his first vessel, Nick. After five seasons it was time for the demon to go or make a change. After seasons eleven and thirteen teased a redemption arc, it never came to pass. In the end, Dean, powered by the alternate version of Michael, managed to destroy Lucifer: an act that cost him dearly. Although, with Nick still around, Lucifer may make a return, his end was still fitting with Dean ending his brother’s enemy, just as Sam ended Alistair.


One of the hunters who actually got the drop on the Winchesters and a Men of Letters legacy, Eileen is an Irish-American who was taken in and trained by a hunter after her parents were eliminated and her hearing stolen by a banshee. She was taken out by the British Men of Letters after accidentally ending one of their members. Eileen was a romantic interest for Sam and just goes to show that you don’t need to hear to be an amazing hunter and have an attitude to match.


One of the most beloved characters of Supernatural and one of the few characters of the main cast, his demise was a tragedy. Whilst it is a sad truth that the audience will never hear Crowley’s wit ever again, his end was a necessary one. With Crowley as King of the Underworld and his strange friendship with Team Free Will, he had no choice but to side, for a last time, with the Winchesters. He gave his life to trap Lucifer in the Apocalypse World, perishing a hero. Whilst it was time to move on and give the show a fresh start, his and his mother’s origin story, is one of the most interesting stories that remain untold.


Although Cain featured in only two episodes he made a huge impression on the characters and fandom. He gave Dean the Mark of Cain, which began his downward spiral in demondom. A man, much like Dean, who sacrificed himself for his brother’s soul. The showdown with Dean was the last time we see the First Blade and was one of the tipping points in season ten. He was possibly the most powerful demon in history and his powers were never displayed in full, especially now it is known that the power comes from the Darkness, who is “mightier than God.”


No one, in all of Supernatural, has perished has much as Dean. His first demise had John sell his soul, and his second (selling his soul to the Underworld), in particular, moved up the level of the story and caused the introduction of Castiel and angels. Every time Dean has effectively ‘passed’, such as Purgatory and his transformation into a demon, it has lead to a huge storyline and tends to be a game-changer in the series. Dean has also developed a personal relationship with both incarnations of Demise as a result.


First, he’s a college janitor, revealed to be the trickster God Loki. It isn’t until season five that we discover Loki was actually Gabriel, one of the four archangels. A fan-favorite, he passed at his brother’s hands in season five, leaving the boys the solution to stopping the Apocalypse. Through the fandom’s sheer force of will, he was brought back in season thirteen, revealed to have been a prisoner of the last Prince of the Underworld, Asmodeus. Weakened and finally ready to step-up as an arch-angel again he travels to the alternate universe and sacrifices himself, deceased, once again, at the hands of a version of his brother… or is he?


You’re not a Winchester until you’ve perished at least once. Sam wasn’t the first Winchester to pass, or the last, but his demise was pivotal. He perished in his brother’s arms by another one of Azazel’s psychic kids and was then brought back when Dean sold his soul, forcing himself to the Underworld. This led to Sam’s darker nature coming out and was the first domino in the events that led to the angels and the first Apocalypse. He’s ‘perished’ a few times since then and this usually means Dean is going to do something self-sacrificing to bring him back.


Few angels are loved on Supernatural. Castiel and Gabriel will always be adored, Lucifer even has a strange following for his misunderstood storyline and hope for redemption. And there’s Balthazar. He was only part of Supernatural for a season, but boy, did he make an impression: an old member of Cas’ garrison, thief of Heaven’s weaponry, lover of drink and hater of the Titanic. He was tragically dispatched by Castiel when he was caught spying for the Winchesters. Not many an angel had the swagger of this feathered friend. Unfortunately, this heart will not go on.


The third child of John Winchester, he grew up without knowing his brothers and only met his father a handful of times. He was eaten by ghouls, resurrected, ended up being possessed by Michael as a substitute for Dean, and was pulled into the Cage with Michael, Lucifer and Sam. Whilst Sam was saved and even Lucifer sprung free, Adam still remains locked in the cage, forgotten. The core of the show is the two brothers, and though this has extended to include several other characters, Adam likely would not have had a place in the plot. Still, it would be fantastic to have him re-visit for an episode when the boys finally save him.


Abbadon was one of Supernatural’s most delicious villains to date. This immortal demonic redhead was Hell’s first Queen and it doesn’t make sense that her demise happened so quickly, given how experienced and powerful she was. This Knight was more indestructible than a Prince of the Underworld, fearlessly went up against her maker, Cain, and single-handedly wiped out the American Men of Letters. Keeping her around would have given time for Dean to grow into his powers, as Cain was a lot more powerful than Dean. She was far more formidable than she was portayed to be in her final battle. Long live the Queen.


What happens when you stop the prizefight and remove the kings who were meant to end the world? Well, Dean went to live a normal life and Cas was forced to fend off Apocalypse Take Two. Raphael, an arch-angel and traditionalist, wanted to re-start the Grand Plan, forcing Castiel to begin a Civil War in Dean’s name. His demise opened up the Faction War and other heavenly conflicts that followed and meant that the Apocalypse could only be started again if the other archangels broke loose.


Kelly was just an innocent woman in a relationship with the President of the United States until he was possessed by the Lord of Darkness himself. Lucifer ended up with her and together they made a son, Jack. Kelly may not have the combat skills of a hunter but she bravely went up against The Dark Lord, dodged angels, demons, and hunters, and gave birth to the child she loved knowing it would mean her demise. Whilst it may have been necessary to develop the relationship with his three dads, it probably could still have happened with Kelly, who could have been a great addition to the team.


First seen in a Dean’s first-time travel, Samuel Campbell was the maternal Grandfather of the Winchesters. He was brought back by Crowley and worked for him with the promise of Mary being resurrected. The final straw was when he turned on his grandsons, leaving them to perish. After this, it was time for Samuel to get his just deserts. He was possessed by a sub-species of Kahn worm, a type of parasitic monster cooked up by Eve (the mother of all monsters) and he was shot by Sam who was named after him.


Rufus Turner first appeared in season three, revealed to be the retired ex-hunting partner to Bobby. He didn’t feature in many episodes but was beloved for his unapologetic attitude and charm. He and Bobby are a reflection of an older Sam and Dean, only his grudge against Bobby continued to his grave. It is hinted at that Bobby made the wrong call on a hunt that cost the life of a woman that Rufus loved, ending their partnership. He was not seen enough and had a truly tragic demise, slain by a monster-possessed Bobby.


The demon on Sam’s shoulder after Azazel and Meg, Ruby had the biggest influence on Sam’s dark side. It would have been interesting to see if her loyalties could be tested in season five, but it was time for her to go once her true nature was revealed. There are so many questions still left unanswered: Why she sold her soul to a demon for power? How she fell in with Lilith and when? And how did she get her hands on a demon-slaying blade from the crusades? All these still remain a mystery so, whilst it was time for her go at the end of season four, in Supernatural, there’s always the chance to bring her back.


Next to Crowley, Meg Masters was the longest standing demon in Supernatural. A ‘daughter’ to Azazel, she was on Lucifer’s side in the Apocalypse. When it was averted and Crowley took the throne, her allegiances changed. Much like Crowley, despite slaying many people that were family friends of the Winchesters, you end up loving her and her wit. She developed romantic feelings for Castiel and has always helped Sam, even when an enemy, and has respected Dean since their first encounter. She redeemed her actions by sacrificing herself for the boys and Cas. Unfortunately, the actor had to leave for medical reasons, but this demoness will always be missed.


Lisa and Ben were an idealized life for Dean: a little family unit and an apple-pie life. It was nice to see the other side of Dean and to give him a strong female presence in his life, but in the end, it wasn’t something that was going to work. Dean wasn’t completely himself in that life and they would never be safe as long as he was with them and not hunters themselves. It says a lot about the relationship that Lisa was willing to let him be a hunter and be with him, but in the end, she did what she thought was best for her son, saving him from having Dean’s fate by turning away from the man she loved.


Benny was a vampire (and ex-“vampirate”) Dean met in Purgatory who saved his life and helped Dean fight his way out of the underworld-adjacent battleground. Dean was raised by John to be black and white in his monster dealings, but Benny provided another perspective for him, proving not all monsters are evil at heart. He never betrayed Dean and could have been a serious asset. Ironically, it was Sam would put the wedge between the two friends and Benny gave his life to save the blood brother of his brother-in-arms.


Gordon was introduced in season two, a decent hunter with intense tendencies. This was the first time in the series that the monster of the week was the good guy and the hunter was the villain. He ended his own sister when she turned into a vampire and spent most of his time on the show hunting Sam, believing he was the Antichrist. Oddly enough he wasn’t exactly wrong about Sam who was revealed to be Lucifer’s vessel. He met a fitting end, being turned into a vampire and then having his head removed from his shoulders.


“We need to talk about Kevin.” He was a member of the honorary Winchester family, like a younger brother to the boys. Kevin sacrificed everything, including his mother, as a prophet to help the boys close the Gates of The Underworld. Instead, he perished in Sam’s place, slain by Gadreel, who was possessing Sam to save his life. This was the demise of an innocent that Dean loved and was damaging enough to begin the events that lead to Dean gaining the Mark of Cain.

We meet version two of Kevin in an alternate universe who, without the Winchesters, has gone mad under Michael’s tyranny. He also perishes, ending his own life in a planned strike.


Aside from the first two seasons Supernatural rarely has a single clear ‘big bad,’ it tends to be more complicated than that. One of the few cases this occurred was in season seven with the introduction of the Leviathan and their leader Richard ‘Dick’ Roman. The season was famous for its innuendo and the hard-to-hate villain who wanted to turn humanity into his personal food farm. His demise led to the portal that dragged Dean and Cas into Purgatory. This completely brought Dean back into hunting with renewed vigor, introduced his vampire friend Benny and solidified the friendship of Dean and Cas.


Bobby Singer was one of the homes that the boys frequented in their youth when John was hunting, especially Sam who remained in the dark about hunting until he was eight, after Dean had already been in the field. When John passed, he stepped up to be a second father for the boys and was essential to stopping the Apocalypse. He was a beloved cornerstone for dozens of hunters. Just like John’s demise, Bobby’s end forced the boys to grow up once again and stand on their own. Although we see him again and have met another version of him, his gruff nature and sage advice will never be replaced.


There is no villain Supernatural fans love to dislike more than Metatron. He started as a pencil pusher and then was invited to be the Scribe of God, taking down the story of creation. After “God left the building” Metatron was forced into hiding to protect his father’s knowledge. It wasn’t until Dean and Sam came crashing in that he realized all threats to his life were gone. Channeling the power of the angel tablet he performed a spell that cast all angels but him from Heaven. He also ended Dean, causing his demonification. A great villain, but after four seasons it was time for him to make an exit and make way for new characters.


Charlie Bradbury, originally Celeste Middleton, is a hacker turned hunter and a little sister to the Winchesters. She was also one of the few recurring gay characters on Supernatural and even fought the final battle in the land of Oz with Dorothy. She was a huge nerd, idolized Hermione, and was Dean’s favorite wingman. She was someone the boys wanted to protect and she understood Dean’s geeky references. It only makes sense that the cycle of the Mark of Cain began with Kevin and ended with Charlie. We meet the second version of Charlie who is a new friend with her own story, but will never replace the first.


Zachariah was a powerful angel that worked for Michael and was Castiel’s superior in the earlier seasons, before Cas rebelled and became a seraph. To move the plot he had to go and it was extremely satisfying to have Dean end his life with an angel blade. This was Dean’s true defiance to the script laid out before him and was a game changer for the Supernatural world. Dean became the first human on the show (likely in all history) to defeat an angel.

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