10 ’60s Horror Movies That Are Still Terrifying Today

Horror films in the ’60s took a dramatic turn for the shocking, morbid, and salacious. Due to the lifting of certain censorship, the decade saw the rise of experimental films like Orgy of the Dead, and the sight of Janet Leigh taking a shower in Psycho. Audiences were exposed to ideas and imagery they’d never seen before as hulking fiends like Frankenstein’s Monster gave way to the creepy Norman Bates or the loner Mark Lewis.

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In the ’60s, stripped of insects filling in for aliens, bizarre lizard men, or attacks by 50-foot women, horror became uncomfortably close, like a stranger stepping from the shadows to breathe across your neck. Its thematic elements drew on the psychological and the supernatural, which parallels much of the current genre. Here are 10 ’60s horror movies that are still terrifying today.


One of Alfred Hitchcock’s most critically acclaimed films, Psycho is widely regarded as one of the most masterful horror films of all time due to its palpable sense of suspense and dread. It relies strongly on lighting, ambiance, and strong performances to communicate its terror.

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A young secretary (Janet Leigh) steals $40,000 from her work and flees across Arizona; eventually, exhaustion overtakes her and she’s forced to check-in at the eerie Bates Motel. The proprietor is Norman Bates, a shifty young man with a deeply rooted obsession with both taxidermy and his mother.


Village of the Damned was one of the first science fiction horror films to produce pint-sized antagonists, showcasing children being the main perpetrators of murder, a concept that would be duplicated many times in later films like Children of the Corn.

When the English town of Midwich becomes the victim of a strange phenomenon that results in all the childbearing women becoming pregnant at the exact same time, the townspeople are horrified to find the offspring are all children that seem to be able to telepathically communicate and force their parents to do things against their will – including kill!


More obscure than other films on this list, Carnival of Souls has since become a classic horror film in the many decades since its release. It has few of the special effects that permeate more modern horror films, but what it does have is an eerie sense of calm that builds into an uneasy sense of foreboding that’s impossible to escape.

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It focuses on a young woman, the lone survivor of a car crash who moves to Utah to forget the tragedy. While working as a church organist, she becomes inexplicably drawn to the carnival at the edge of town, now abandoned, or at least of living souls…


The sunshine state is the setting for Alfred Hitchcock’s horror-thriller The Birds, specifically the coastal areas of Northern California. Like many great films from the genre, The Birds instilled a fear of the everyday and mundane in audiences, to the point where a blue jay out a kitchen window heralded impending doom.

A wealthy San Francisco woman (Tippi Hedren) finds the patron of a local pet shop charming and decides to pursue him to a coastal town near Bodega Bay. As they strike up a romance, strange occurrences with birds begin to happen all over the town, until swarms of them are attacking anyone that ventures into the streets.


As lyrical as Billy Idol’s ’80s ballad of the same name, Eyes Without a Face is a haunting horror film with a premise as beautifully constructed as it is ghastly. While its concepts are unsettling, they also speak to human nature, the familiarity and inevitability of which cannot be ignored.

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When a brilliant but obsessive surgeon finds that his daughter has been disfigured after an accident, he struggles in vain to restore her radiant looks. Keeping her locked up in his mansion, he lures unsuspecting female victims to his home in the hopes of removing their faces and grafting them on to his daughter’s.


The Haunting has received a revival of sorts with the tremendous success of Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House, though the film and the series differ drastically from one another, save the fact that they both take place in a haunted manor.

Psychologist John Markway is curious about psychic phenomena and brings two women to stay at Hill House; Eleanor, whose experiences with the supernatural has left her shy and reserved, and Theodora, who is bold and unafraid. Together with the Hill House heir, Luke, they experience terrifying occurrences that cannot be explained.


Considered by some horror fans to be one of the greatest horror films of all time, Rosemary’s Baby has stood the test of time thanks to its atmospheric cinematography, haunting visuals, and a strong cast, led by a stirring performance by a young Mia Farrow.

When newlyweds Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse move into a New York apartment together, the old building and eccentric neighbors aren’t part of their plans, but they’re excited to start a family. Rosemary’s pregnancy doesn’t go as planned, however, and much of the horror comes from viewers watching how helpless she is when the father might be a demon.


The first of George A. Romero’s renowned zombie films, Night of the Living Dead was the groundbreaking horror film that started his legacy as the grandfather of ghouls. It was made for $115,000 and made 250 times its budget, and was critically despised for its explicit gore but revered by audiences across the United States.

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The terror begins when a couple is suddenly attacked by undead fiends while in a graveyard. The woman flees to a farmhouse where she’s joined by several other victims, and they all brace for a long night of survival against the hordes of cannibals outside.


Considered extremely controversial when it was released in the UK, Peeping Tom has grown in cult status over the decades, even as its director’s film career was forever marred by its creation. Even by today’s standards, it’s uniquely harrowing.

A lonely aspiring filmmaker, Mark Lewis likes to clandestinely film women. Sometimes he’ll invite promising subjects to his apartment, where he films them up close and personal before murdering them with a knife. As Lewis progresses to the completion of his “documentary on fear,” the police close in and he’s forced to orchestrate the gruesome finale earlier than expected.


Based on the thrilling novel The Turn of the Screw, The Innocents is a 1961 ghost story that marketed itself as being based on a screenplay in which the paranormal occurrences were completely legitimate. Acclaimed author Truman Capote worked on the script.

A governess (Deborah Kerr) looking after two young wards begins to question the strange goings-on of the manor where she lives, but their uncle, a drunken bachelor, is not concerned. She soon suspects the manor is haunted and that the children are being possessed by supernatural entities.

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10 Terrifying Horror Movies That Aren’t Paranormal | ScreenRant

Horror movies have all kinds of different plots, villains, and ways to scare their viewers. Some horror movies rely on terrifying monsters and malicious spirits that are haunting and tormenting the main characters. Those movies are a ton of fun to watch, even if you’re not someone that believes in the scary ghosts and monsters that the movie is featuring.

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And then, there are some other movies that don’t have a supernatural or paranormal element to them. Instead of featuring some kind of demon, zombie, or otherworldly creature that just won’t leave the main character alone, these movies show that real people are sometimes the scariest creatures of them all. If you’re tired of watching paranormal horror movies, then watching one of these spooky flicks might be just what you need.

To see 10 horror movies that are terrifying without being paranormal, keep reading!

10 Hush (2016)

Hush is a movie that was released in 2016. It was released on Netflix after premiering at a film festival and has been scaring viewers ever since. This movie stars Kate Siegel who co-wrote the movie alongside Mike Flanagan.

In this slasher film, Siegel plays a woman named Maddie who temporarily lost her ability to speak and hear after contracting bacterial meningitis when she was a teenager. After a surgery left her without these abilities permanently, Maddie became an author and moved to an isolated home in the woods. When a masked killer sets their sights on Maddie, she’s forced to try to survive in any way she can.

9 I Saw The Devil (2010)

I Saw the Devil is a South Korean film that was released in 2010 and then saw an international release in 2011 after it premiered at Sundance Film Festival and was released in select theaters after that, exposing the film to a wider American audience than it originally had.

In this thriller, Lee Byung-hun plays a man named Kim Soo-hyun. Kim Soo-hyun is an NIS agent who recently lost his fiancée after she was brutally attacked by a serial killer. Because the attack was so personal and close to Kim Soo-hyun’s life, he decides to take matters into his own hands and track down the person that took the life of his fiance.

8 Scream (1996)

Scream is the first movie in the Scream franchise, a series that spawned a total of four movies and one TV show. This movie was released in 1996 and has become iconic in the world of horror movies, having been parodied and serving as an inspiration for many horror movies since then.

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The movie is a combination of a typical slasher movie and a darkly comedic parody of the genre. It follows a masked killer named Ghostface who is terrorizing the fictional town of Woodsboro, California. Ghostface begins killing one year after the murder of Sidney Prescott’s mother and her connection to this killer becomes clear throughout the course of the film.

7 The Loved Ones (2009)

The Loved Ones is an Australian horror movie that was released in 2009. This movie stars Xavier Samuel as a high school student named Brent who is still grieving the loss of his father when a girl from his school, Lola, asks him to prom. He turns her down in favor of going with his girlfriend, Holly, instead.

But, Lola isn’t going to let Brent turn her down that easily. Along with her father, Lola devises a plan to make sure that she gets the prom night of her dreams – complete with the date that she was hoping to take to the dance.

6 Don’t Breathe (2016)

Don’t Breathe is a horror movie that was released in 2016 and stars Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, and Daniel Zovatto. The three of them play a group of criminal friends who all get together to break into the homes of people in their town so that they can steal their valuable belongings and money.

When they learn that there’s a reclusive veteran with $300,000 in cash in his house, the three of them decide to take a trip to the mostly deserted neighborhood to his house. Unfortunately for the three of them, it turns out to be a lot more complicated than they could have ever expected to get out with the cash.

5 Searching (2018)

Searching was released in 2018 and stars John Cho as a man named David Kim whose daughter recently disappeared. To make things worse for this distraught father, the investigation into where his daughter could have gone turns cold and they have absolutely no leads or information on finding her.

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Instead of letting the police handle the search, David decides to take matters into his own hands. He opens his daughter’s laptop and starts searching through her history, her photos, and her conversations with her friends for any clue as to where she might have gone.

4 Audition (1999)

Audition is a Japanese horror movie that was released in 1999. The movie is based on a novel from 1997 and, despite being in Japanese, has become world famous and renowned by fans of horror movies.

The movie follows a man named Shigeharu Aoyama. After losing his wife, his son suggests that he should try to move on with his life and find love again. Going along with his son’s plan, Aoyama agrees and holds an “audition” for women to come get to know him. One woman, Asami Yamazaki, attracts his attention and he falls for her. But, little does he know, she’s hiding some serious secrets.

3 You’re Next (2011)

You’re Next is a movie that was released in 2011 at a film festival before being widely released in 2013 and proves that horror movie villains definitely don’t have to be paranormal to be scary. This movie is one that combines humor with being totally terrifying, but the funny aspects of the movie definitely don’t take away from how scary it is.

This movie follows a wealthy but dysfunctional family. In order to try to bring their family back together, the parents decide to celebrate their anniversary by inviting their children to spend time with them at their estate. Although things between these family members aren’t great, things take a terrifying turn when a masked assailant descends.

2 The Visit (2015)

The Visit was released in 2015 and was directed and co-produced by M. Night Shyamalan, so you know that it’s going to be eerie and have a serious twist at the end.

The movie follows a pair of siblings named Becca and Tyler who are sent to stay with their mom’s estranged parents for a while while their mom goes on a vacation. She hasn’t seen her parents in quite a while as they had some trouble when she was growing up, but they’re happy to take Becca and Tyler for a visit. Unfortunately for the two of them, this trip is not what it seems.

1 The Strangers (2008)

The Strangers was released in 2008 and is a terrifying movie that is sure to make anyone nervous of being in their house at night. This movie spawned a sequel that was released 10 years later in 2018.

The Strangers stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as Kristen and James, a couple that are spending some time away at James’ childhood home after leaving a friend’s wedding. The trip should be a happy one, but there’s tension between the two of them. Things are only made worse for this couple after a group of masked assailants show up at the house and begin to terrorize them.

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Poltergeist’s Terrifying Clown Doll Almost Really Killed An Actor

Poltergeist‘s sinister clown doll gave many viewers nightmares, but in reality, a malfunctioning effect almost legitimately killed one of the actors. Rated PG – although made in a time slightly before the creation of the PG-13 rating by the MPAA – 1982’s Poltergeist is one of the scariest movies ever made that isn’t rated R. In fact, it may be one of the scariest movies regardless of rating. While Poltergeist‘s spirits initially seem friendly enough, as the film goes on, things get crazier and crazier, as well as more and more frightening.

It’s a bit hard to choose just what moment in Poltergeist is the scariest. There’s the part where Freeling son Robbie is almost eaten by an enormous tree. Then again, there’s also the scene in which one of the paranormal researchers appears to be ripping his own face off, or the scene where Diane Freeling falls into the mud-filled pool, only to encounter corpses (played by real human skeletons). Poltergeist truly has a lot to offer in the scares department.

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For many fans though, the most frightening scene in Poltergeist involves Robbie’s clown doll, which is pretty creepy even in its normal, non-threatening state. It’s giant, immovable grin is deeply unsettling, and Robbie begins the film a bit afraid of it already. Later on though, the doll gets possessed by the attacking spirits, and attempts to kill Robbie. Unfortunately, actor Oliver Robins almost died for real in the process.

Sadly, there’s always been a dearth of behind the scenes details about the making of Poltergeist, most likely due to the longstanding controversy concerning whether Tobe Hooper or Steven Spielberg really directed the film. One bit of info that has made the rounds involves the shooting of that aforementioned scene where the clown doll turns evil and attacks Robbie Freeling. To accomplish the sequence, the crew built a mechanical version of the doll, and it turns out that this piece of machinery wasn’t exactly perfect.

During the part of the scene where the clown doll wraps its long arms around Robbie’s neck and begins choking him, the mechanical doll accomplished its goal way too well. The arms tightened to a dangerous degree, causing child actor Oliver Robins to yell out that he couldn’t breathe. Hooper and Spielberg mistakenly thought Robins was just improvising a reaction to the scene, but when Robins’ face started to change color, Spielberg realized the kid was no longer acting. Spielberg rushed over to Robins and pried off the mechanical clown doll, saving his life. Thank goodness he did, as Poltergeist‘s cast already has a sad amount of death associated with it.

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The Ritual: 10 Most Terrifying Moments | ScreenRant

Netflix has released quite a few terrifying films since they began creating and distributing Netflix Originals, but one of our favorites is still 2017’s underrated horror The Ritual, directed by David Bruckner and based on the novel of the same name by Adam Nevill.

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The film explores a group of grieving friends who are taking a trip in memory of their fallen friend along the Kungsleden hiking trail in northern Sweden. The group decides to take a shortcut through the forest when one of them is injured, leading to a dark confrontation with an ancient evil that featured quite a few terrifying moments that we will explore today.


We are first introduced to an old group of university friends – Rob, Luke, Dom, Hutch, and Phil – who are attempting to plan out their next annual trip during a night out. When Luke (played by Rafe Spall) decides to finish the night with a bottle of vodka, he manages to convince his friend Rob (played by Paul Reid) to join him in the store.

Inside they find themselves in the middle of a robbery, and while Luke manages to hide away, Robert is viciously attacked with a machete and killed. This event showcases the real-world horror that anything can happen to anyone at any time, and Robert’s death is not only the impetus for their trip but also serves as a damaging cloud hanging over Luke and his crew throughout the film.


The group of friends decided to head into the woods to attempt a shortcut after Dom suffers an injury to his knee, and almost as soon as they enter the woods it starts to look like a bad decision. We see that Hutch’s compass might not be working, and there are odd runes carved into the trees that they pass.

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However, the biggest initial scare comes when the friends stumble upon the corpse of a deer in the woods. That in itself is not that unusual, however, the fact that the fresh kill has been eviscerated and hung up from the branches in a tree much higher than any human could accomplish was the first big scare and the first big warning that maybe these friends should turn back.


They don’t turn back, of course, and soon enough the weather turns bad and forces them to seek shelter in a dark abandoned cabin they find during their travels. While the night is full of creepy events like hearing something outside or the discovery of a creepy headless antlered effigy made out of sticks, it’s the morning that proves to be truly terrifying.

Luke wakes up outside after a nightmare featuring the liquor store only to find he has been wounded on his chest in the shape of one of the runes on the trees, while his other friends awake from horrifying and possibly prophetic dreams. Phil (played by Arsher Ali) wakes up in the worst condition, naked and praying on his knees in front of the antlered effigy.


Obviously, the group of friends decides to get away from the cabin as quickly as possible, which unfortunately sets them on a path that takes them deeper into the forest, and without a compass, they are left to rely on navigation from Hutch (played by Rob James-Collier) to keep them heading in the right direction.

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Fed up with yet another break due to Dom’s injury, Luke rushes to the top of the ridge to see if Hutch is correct about their path, only to find a never-ending path of trees. A sound catches his attention, and he soon focuses on something strange in the woods. A dark hand wrapped around a tree slowly moves out of sight, and we get our first small glimpse of the monster stalking them.


This initial glimpse of the monster was followed with a few more quick sightings through the trees as it followed them, blending in with the surroundings until drawing attention briefly before disappearing in the woods again. With the group forced to camp for another night on the spot of a previously abandoned campsite, the mood is tense and the group is fracturing.

Luke has yet another nightmare set in the liquor store before waking to find his group in terror, and the first attack from the monster occurs, hauling Hutch away quickly and leaving the group lost and scared in the woods as they try to search for their missing friend. They find him in the morning, hanging in the trees just like the carcass they first encountered.


With the remaining trio of friends attempting to escape from the woods and now also the monster hunting them, they are given the briefest moment of hope when Luke again goes to check for the ridge and sees an end to the treeline. He lets them know he “can see the end” shortly before they hear a sound and Phil is violently ripped away from the group.

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This quick flash of the monster gives us another shot of its oddly human hands and we begin to see the influences of the monster within Luke’s own nightmare visions of the liquor store.


Luke and Dom (played by Sam Troughton) soon found themselves imprisoned within the cabin while their “hosts” are revealed to be worshippers of the monster who had been hunting them. The monster is explained as being a god, a Jötunn, a “bastard offspring of Loki,” and while it goes unnamed in the film the book identified the creature as Moder.

Luke soon learns that the Rune marking on his chest is shared by the people holding them captive, and as Dom doesn’t wear the same mark he is chosen as the sacrifice, which he reveals he saw in his earlier nightmare in the cabin. Dom is offered to the Jötunn, who appears as a vision of his wife before revealing itself to Dom, who is taken to the trees and hung like his friends before him.


One of the reasons the cultists stay in the woods to worship the Jötunn (besides the fact that it forces them to) is that it offers them lasting life, a form of living beyond their natural life. One of the followers reveals that Luke will be undergoing a ritual to join them in following the creature. When Luke is eventually able to escape from his bindings, he discovers the real gift of immortality.

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Hidden upstairs in that cabin were rows of what appeared to be mummified remains, all worshipping a central figure. Luke discovers that these remains are actually still alive and that the Jötunn’s promise of immortality is as terrifying as the creature itself, prompting him to set fire to the followers.


As the cabin and its followers begin to burn, the Jötunn turns on those who worshipped him, revealing the monster’s strength and deadliness. The historically shape-shifting creature is a little hard to explain but features a bulky, bony four-legged body with a head resembling a human torso that has giant antlers and hanging human-like arms.

The immense size of the Jötunn as it stands with a dead follower in front of the burning cabin is frightening but what terrifies is the bright eyes shining from the darkness in between its human arms. Those eyes can be seen in Luke’s earlier liquor store nightmares and contribute to the overall horror of the creature, which was one of the most creative horror movie monsters.


While the Jötunn made short work of its congregation, Luke wasted his opportunity to escape by shooting off a round at the monster and calling it’s attention. this led to a horrifying chase through the woods as the monster played with Luke and his inner demons, with the chase culminating in a run through the liquor store as Luke was forced to replay his worst night.

The real terror of the monster is finally revealed as it attempts to force Luke to become its new follower and bow down in worship, manhandling Luke around and displaying its power when he remained defiant.

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MCU: The 10 Most Terrifying Moments, Ranked | ScreenRant

The MCU is well-known for providing some very uplifting movies throughout its history. Unlike DC, Marvel has attempted to make its films light and funny, with a real family-friendly environment that suits the superhero worlds perfectly. But even the MCU has a few terrifying moments when the stakes rise to the extreme or the villain wants to make a point.

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This has created some terrifying moments, even during some of the funniest Marvel movies. Even though it is the laughs that most people think of first, many of these scenes have hit home hard and helped really make the MCU so successful. So, within this list, we will be ranking the 10 most terrifying moments from the MCU.

10 Loki’s Death

It is crazy to think that Loki’s death would end up being a terrifying and heartbreaking moment after his initial appearances in the MCU sees him as one of the most despicable villains. However, by the time Avengers: Infinity War begins, he truly was one of the most beloved characters.

That is why the opening scenes of the movie are so terrifying to watch. Thanos is introduced with a bang as he battles Hulk and then turns his attention to Loki. However, he doesn’t spare the God of Mischief, as he murders him in a very brutal manner.

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9 Peter Parker’s Warning

Spider-Man: Homecoming is an amazing movie that has one of Marvel’s greatest villains in the Vulture, but the most terrifying scene of this movie comes in a seemingly very normal moment. As Peter Parker arrives at Liz’s house for their school homecoming, he quickly realizes just who her father is.

When they arrive, the Vulture simply claims he is having the classic ‘dad talk’ with Peter, but that is not the case. He then turns around to give a chilling speech, warning Peter exactly what he will do if he’s not careful in what is a truly terrifying and very surprising scene.

8 Hawkeye & Black Widow Battle

This is a terrifying and emotional moment, mainly because you are watching two close friends both essentially attempt to kill themselves. Someone has to die in order to recover the soul stone, but each one wants to sacrifice their life in order for the other to live.

It is a gripping scene with a fantastic score to back it up as fans are left wondering who will plummet to their death. In the end, it is Black Widow who takes the leap of faith and allows The Avengers to carry out their mission, but that doesn’t stop this scene from being a difficult one to watch.

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7 Killmonger Takes Over

There aren’t often many moments when a villain actually gets the best of a superhero, but in Black Panther that is exactly what happened. When Killmonger finally proved his true identity, he was able to challenge for the crown, and unfortunately for T’Challa, that meant bad news.

Audiences were gripped as the two men brawled and battled over who would become the Black Panther, but nobody actually thought Killmonger would be victorious. He isn’t just victorious either, he is brutal, and in the end, he launches T’Challa off a cliff, which left fans stunned about his status.

6 Hela Reigns Supreme

Asgard is a location that everyone is aware of if they have enjoyed a Thor movie, but in Thor Ragnarok that was destroyed thanks to the powers of Hela and her army. Despite the best efforts of Thor and his people, it just wasn’t quite enough to get the job done.

In the end, they are happy in the thought that Asgard is just a place and that wherever the people are is where it will be. But that doesn’t stop this destruction from being a terrifying scene to watch as it isn’t something anybody sees coming.

5 Not Quick Enough

In Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the death of Quicksilver provides another terrifying moment of pure tension and sadness. With Hawkeye doing his best to save a little boy, it seems like he is going to be shot down by the plane, until Quicksilver bursts out of nowhere.

The film then seems to move so slow as fans are left to wonder who, if anyone has survived. However, when it goes back and Quicksilver is shown full of bullet holes it becomes clear exactly what has happened, and the latest character won’t be making another film.

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4 We Are Groot

While we now know that Groot doesn’t actually die here, instead, becoming Baby Groot, at the moment that wasn’t clear. Rocket even says to him, “Groot, you’ll die,” and it is at that moment that this becomes a terrifying and emotional moment.

With Groot protecting the rest of the group in Guardians of the Galaxy, nobody actually wanted to see him die. An incredibly popular character right from the start, this was a moment where fans had sweaty hands as they thought it was the end of another top character.

3 Winter Soldier’s Secret

This is a moment many people can relate to. When someone has made a mistake and it is eventually revealed, leading to a fallout between friends. When the CCTV footage rolls of how Tony Stark’s parents are killed, everyone, including Captain America, knows it is going to be Bucky who is responsible.

But seeing all their faces as this moment sinks in creates a terrifying moment for the fans. Everyone knows they’re about to brawl, and that it could be a brawl to the death. With Tony outnumbered the entire thing is awesome, yet terrifying as people become scared that a hero is about to fall.

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2 Tony’s Dream

The opening scene of Avengers: Age Of Ultron created a truly terrifying moment as Wanda uses Loki’s scepter to create an incredibly disturbing vision of Tony Stark. He walks around to see all of his friends and fellow Avengers defeated and dead.

It is something that causes sheer panic in his life from then on as he constantly thinks that this is going to be in his future. It is a scary scene as seeing them all defeated in this manner is something that nobody ever expects to see in reality.

1 The Snap

For the first time in the history of the MCU, the superheroes didn’t win. Every MCU movie sees the heroes overcome the odds, no matter how bad they seem, yet in Avengers: Infinity War, that doesn’t happen as Thanos does exactly what he promises to do, which is snap half the planet away.

While the actual visual isn’t anything to be scared of, it is still a terrifying moment as people realise what he has done. As the main characters start to disappear, the reality sinks in that Thanos has destroyed half the Earth, which is a truly terrifying situation.

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Matthew Wilkinson

10 Most Terrifying Ghosts in Horror TV History | ScreenRant

Ghosts have often been the stuff of nightmares, appearing when you least expect and tormenting to the very core. Whether its possessions, haunting, or simply the creepy appearance of the undead, ghosts are among the most popular entities in scary movies.

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Whether you believe in ghosts or not, sometimes ghosts in shows and movies can be all you need for a nightmare infused night. With all the special effects and realistic makeup jobs, the ghosts look more real than ever, terrorizing us just as much as the people on the show. Here are some of the most terrifying ghost in tv history.

10 Haunting of Hill House

The scariest thing about the Haunting of Hill House is not the ghost but the fact the story was based on real events and the author of the original novel nearly died shortly after writing the book. The show deals mostly with the ghost in the mysterious house and drives the tenants crazy and scared out of their minds. It’s not just one ghost, it’s hundreds of different ones, seemingly covering every inch of the house and terrifying the guests in so many different ways. This is not a show you’d want to watch at night as most of the ghosts appear in a gory or creepy way, instantly guaranteeing a few sleepless nights.

9 Paranormal Witnesses

This show doesn’t have terrifying ghost special effects or makeup but the real and raw emotion of people who have actually experienced paranormal activity. Paranormal Witness captures the retelling of witness stories through videos and reenactments.

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As the people tell their stories, you can often hear the fear they had at the moment and how real ghost encounters look and feel. With normal, everyday people dealing with these encounters, its easy to get lost in the story and wonder if you would ever encounter a ghost.

8 Supernatural

Supernatural, as the name, suggests tackles a lot of supernatural and crypto’s beings. With the show revolving around two paranormal hunters, we’ve seen our fair share of creepy and with ghosts, there’s no shortage of spine-tingling creepiness. Most ghosts we’ve seen on the show are destructive, dangerous and very terrifying, often reappearing just as they did they say they died. Imagine going about your day and then seeing a pale white figure with a huge gunshot hole on his head. That would indeed be terrifying. Although the ghost isn’t the scariest things we’ve seen on the show, they do the job in creating nightmares.

7 Channel Zero

Channel Zero puts a new twist to hauntings and paranormal urban legends, in ways of bringing creepypastas to life. With every season based on different legends such as Slenderman, Candyman, and several others that give you goosebumps days after watching the show.

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It’s not about jump scaring or gore, it’s about the disturbing and creepy nature of each urban entity. What you read or heard from the disturbing stories on Reddit are brought to life, so it’s not recommended you watch this show alone.

6 Angel

Angel is a spinoff of the well-known series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and follows a vampire Angel, cursed to walk the earth. Like Buffy, Angel deals with a lot of paranormal entities, including a ghost. The difference between Buffy and Angel is that the show takes a darker and less humorous approach to their plots which in turn deals with creepier and more intimidating creatures, including the ghost. The pale white skin tone, the dead and empty eyes, definitely not something you’d want to watch if you’re easily scared.

5 True Blood

True Blood is mostly based on another paranormal creature and that is the vampire. As terrifying as they may be, nothing compares to the ghost that has been seen on the show, terrifying even the vampires. These ghosts are scary not for their appearance but for what they can do and how they do it. Imagine a powerful and intimidating creature like the vampire being possessed by a ghost who’s up to no good. Definitely not something wed want to picture. Add in that most of the ghost we see is out for vengeance after being stuck on earth for hundreds of years, it’s hard to these type of ghost.

4 Paranormal Survivor

Another show that relies on the real and intriguing stories of real people who live to tell the tale. With a little dramatization of storytelling, we are brought in to the retelling of each story increasing with production value and effects with each season. Each story has you at the edge of your seat and builds suspense at every turn. We are often left to wonder how the person made it through each encounter and how they were able to find the bravery to tell the world of a bone-chilling moment in their lives.

3 American Horror Story

The name makes it pretty obvious there’s going to be disturbing creatures in the show. In this case, its the often creepy and gory portrayal of ghosts.  Like other entries on this list, the ghost takes human form and often looks the way they died. They often don’t know they’re dead and wander the world as should.

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Other times they do know and use their newfound condition to their advantage and haunt those who are still living. With a great cast and amazing production value and budget, every episode is not only addicting but a must-watch for horror fans that aren’t easily spooked.

2 Ghost Whisperer

A show that relied on ghosts every episode, Ghost Whisperer deals is about a medium who deals with an unwanted gift of being able to talk to ghosts. Every ghost looks exactly as the day they died and is often disturbed and desperate to go the afterlife. Many times the ghost is hard to understand and send Melinda, the show’s protagonist, on special missions to deliver the message to the ghost’s loved ones. She is often met with skepticism and often has a hard time getting her message across. Melinda is unfortunately cursed with seeing some very disturbing souls.

1 Ghoul

This Indian horror show deals with a young interrogator who gets in way over her head when she gets assigned to interrogate a mysterious and intimidating prisoner. Little did she know that she’d be talking to a demon or “The Ghoul” and she’s been seeing the true form of an entity straight from Hell.  Apart from the suspense and horror showed throughout, the scariest part has to be the prisoner’s transformation into the Ghoul, showing dark, soul-piercing eyes and unnatural dis formed mouth. With the creators of the Insidious and Get Out, the Ghoul is taken straight from Arab folklore and placed on the small screen to terrorize the viewers.

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Sebastian Orellana

Harry Potter: The 10 Most Terrifying Moments | ScreenRant

The Harry Potter franchise might be seen as a family adventure, for the most part, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some scary moments thrown into the series. It might have some uplifting and fun magical moments, but the movies also have a dark side. The later in the series you get, the darker the films become as it is clear that the dark side is beginning to take over the wizarding world. With various beasts, dementors, and Lord Voldemort himself, there is plenty to be scared of in these films.

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With various beasts, dementors, and Lord Voldemort himself, there is plenty to be scared of in these films. While it never gets too scary for long periods of time, there’s no doubt that there are some terrifying moments throughout, and within this list, we will rank the 10 scariest.

10 Quirrell Removes His Turban

For the most part, Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone is a fairly upbeat movie and the scary moments that take place feel suitable for younger audiences. Fluffy, the three-headed dog, for instance, is scary, but nothing too far for children.

However, the moment that Professor Quirrell decides to unveil his secret by taking off his turban, things take a turn. Nobody expects what is underneath him, as Quirrell reveals that Voldermort himself is living in the back of his head, with an extra face appearing. It provides a very strange visual that is incredibly creepy, giving fans just a little glimpse at just how scary the films would go on to become.

9 Corn Maze Chase

The main reason this particular scene is terrifying is because of how excellently it is shot. With the death eaters arriving at the Weasley household, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley immediately give chase through a huge cornfield.

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With the majority of it being spent in pure darkness, we are just given glimpses of different characters sprinting through. Nobody knows where everyone actually is and the intensity continues to rise with the fear that Harry or Ginny could be killed at any moment. It is the true fear of the unknown that makes this a terrifying moment, with random sparks of spells taking place being the only thing that gives a glimpse of what is happening.

8 Quidditch World Cup

The start of Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire is so upbeat and exciting, taking place at the Quidditch World Cup there is a real party atmosphere amongst all the wizards. However, the switch is promptly flicked to an outright terrifying moment. This is the first time that the death eaters are introduced and it quickly becomes clear that they are not good news.

Turning up and causing complete and utter devastation on a scale that is hard to comprehend, fire takes over everything and utter joy turns to despair in moments. This is the start of the turn to darker moments in the franchise, with the audience left just feeling the wake of their actions. Sheer terror and death is caused by them and it is horrendous to see.

7 A Full Moon Rises

Even though the werewolf in Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Askaban is really Remus Lupin, who is a good character, that doesn’t make it not scary. Seeing a werewolf in any setting is scary, it is just one of those stereotypical scary monsters and in Harry Potter, it creates some terrifying moments.

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The first time Lupin makes the transformation, the cinematic filming is a true masterpiece, but it is scary to see happen. A werewolf is a dominant beast and there’s no doubt that it provides a ton of fear throughout the third movie in the franchise.

6 Inferi

While there are lots of magical beasts and creatures throughout the Harry Potter world, one thing you don’t expect is zombies. However, in the Half-Blood Prince, that is what we see as Dumbledore explains to Harry exactly what the Inferi are.

Dead bodies that end up bewitched to do a wizard’s dark biddings and Voldermort seemingly had plenty of them. With Dumbledore drained after drinking too much poison, Harry ends up surrounded by the Inferi who slowly and creepily climb out of the water. It is a truly terrifying moment and real horror scene that few fans will forget.

5 Voldemort Returns

Harry Potter is forced to go through some serious trials and tribulations during the Triwizard Cup in what is a fairly scary tournament, but the most terrifying moment comes at the end. As Harry and Cedric Diggory end up being transported to a graveyard, fans are quickly treated to a scary moment.

After tons of build and lots of talk, Lord Voldemort finally makes his true presence known. His ‘birth’ was certainly very creepy, appearing as a baby and then transforming. He quickly shows his abilities as well, killing Cedric and getting face to face with Harry as it becomes crystal clear that the franchise is set to take a turn.

4 Bellatrix Tortures Hermione

The sounds of Hermione crying and pleading for help clearly indicate a terrifying moment. Despite always having an answer for everything, when she is trapped and tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange, it is clear she no longer has one. Providing a truly uncomfortable and uneasy moment, Bellatrix displays just how vile she really is.

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What makes this whole scene even harder to watch is how beloved Hermione is. Throughout all the movies she is the nicest character who tries her best to make everything better, but here she is put through hell and it is horrible to see how much pain she is in.

3 Aragog

For anyone who has a fear of spiders, this is likely *the* scariest scene in Harry Potter history and even those who don’t mind spiders found this terrifying. After all, it is a GIANT spider, underground that is trying to eat Harry and Ron to feed what seems like a thousand baby spiders.

While Aragog might be friendly with Hagrid, that’s where this beast draws the line. There is nothing that isn’t terrifying about this, looming over Harry high up from his perch, he makes your skin crawl to look at in what is a horribly scary moment from the movies.

2 London Tunnels

The Dementors are incredibly scary every time they pop up in the series. They are obviously very visually frightening, but the way that they attack their victims is equally unsettling as they suck the face off their victims, trying to take away their soul.

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It is rare that you get to see the magic take place in the muggle world, but when it happens it does feel even scarier. Mainly because it is more identifiable and relatable, which is why this moment was very terrifying. Taking place in a tunnel near the Dursely residence, Harry and Dudley are victims of a brutal attack.

1 Bathilda Bagshot

The scariest moment of the entire Harry Potter franchise takes place with a seemingly innocent elderly lady, who ends up providing a real jump scare that is straight out of a horror playbook. When Harry Potter meets Bathilda Bagshot, everything starts off normal.

Despite Godric’s Hollow being worn down and clearly looking abandoned, Harry sees Bathilda and speaks with her, only to be given the fright of his life. We learn Bathilda is actually dead and her corpse has been possessed as Voldemort’s snake, Nagini is waiting and pops out to terrify audiences.

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Matthew Wilkinson

Harry Potter: 10 Characters Who Would Have Made Terrifying Death Eaters (But Weren’t)

Lord Voldemort is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and dangerous dark wizards in the history of magic, but he is still only one man, and one man can only achieve so much alone. And Voldemort must have realized this, because he recruited plenty of dark wizards and witches to fight wizarding wars on his behalf. This horror squad was more commonly known as the Death Eaters.

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Although Lord Voldemort was ultimately defeated, he almost conquered the wizarding world, and the Death Eaters were clearly a key part of his success. Most of the evil characters in the Harry Potter saga were or eventually became Death Eaters, but there were plenty of scary folks who weren’t. So here are 10 Harry Potter characters who would have made terrifying Death Eaters, but never actually joined up with Voldemort.

10 Corvus Lestrange

We all only got a little glimpse of the kind of man that Corvus Lestrange was in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, but it seems pretty fair to assume that he is just the kind of guy who would have loved to become a Death Eater. Aside from being the ancestor of some of Voldemort’s most enthusiastic followers, Corvus seems to be an absolutely terrible person who would have reveled in the opportunity to embrace his basest impulses as one of Voldemort’s acolytes. The story of this loveless and cruel monster mirrors a lot of the history behind Voldemort’s life too, so they would really be a match made in hell.

9 Vinda Rosier

If Gellert Grindelwald is the previous generation’s version of Lord Voldemort, then Vinda Rosier is the previous generation’s version of Bellatrix Lestrange. Vinda appeared to be one of Gellert’s most loyal followers, and she seemed to be one of the few people that Grindelwald truly trusted.

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She also seemed to be a completely immoral, downright evil woman who had no qualms about crossing ethical lines and who casually murdered children, among other things. She absolutely loathed non-magical folks, and unsurprisingly other members of the pure-blood Rosier family wound up becoming Death Eaters as well. If she had just been born a few decades later, she undoubtedly would have been a prominent Death Eater.

8 Marvolo Gaunt

It’s actually quite interesting that Lord Voldemort never got to know his grandfather, and yet his life philosophy seems to match up almost perfectly with Marvolo Gaunt’s. Gaunt was the patriarch of one of the few pure-blood wizarding families left in the world, and he was violent, cruel, and prejudiced. He often lamented the fact that the Gaunt family had seen such a fall from grace, but he was also extremely prideful and saw himself above almost everyone in the wizarding world. He undoubtedly would have been thrilled to see his grandson rise up and attempt to conquer the entire wizarding world, and would have been right beside him in that fight.

7 Morfin Gaunt

Just like his father, Morfin Gaunt was a violent, cruel, and extremely bigoted man who was obsessed with wizard blood purity and who despised all muggles. Tom Riddle seemed to take after his grandfather and uncle very much, and although Tom was more than happy to discard his uncle and frame him for the murders of the entire Riddle family (of course Voldemort himself was the one who killed them), if he had actually given Morfin a chance to join his squad of Death Eaters, Morfin undoubtedly would have relished in the opportunity to kill Muggles with impunity and advance the status of his family.

6 Petunia Dursley

Aunt Petunia was a Muggle, so Lord Voldemort clearly would never have given her the chance to become one of his Death Eaters. But she and Voldemort had quite a lot in common, namely an absolute and intense hatred of Harry Potter.

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Maybe Petunia didn’t hate Harry quite enough to actually kill him, but she was more than happy to treat him like a stray dog that was trying to steal the leftover scraps of her food, and she undoubtedly would have betrayed Harry if she knew there was something to gain from it.

5 Cornelius Fudge

Cornelius Fudge was ostensibly supposed to be one of the major leaders in the entire magical world, but frankly, he did more to advance Voldemort’s cause than nearly every one of his beloved Death Eaters. Fudge wasn’t a dark wizard per se, but he was a coward, and Voldemort really could have used Fudge’s fear, as well as his immense power, to his advantage. Cornelius is just the kind of politician who valued order over justice, and if he thought that becoming a Death Eater might lead to order in the magical community, he just might have joined them.

4 Credence Barebone

Credence Barebone is really one of the most tragic characters in the entire Harry Potter universe, because at his heart he is just a very confused boy who has been horrifically abused and will follow pretty much anyone who offers him some positive reinforcement. But he is a boy who could be very easily manipulated by someone like Lord Voldemort, and as an Obscurus, he is a wizard with a destructive power unlike anything that the world has ever seen. Voldemort would have loved to have that kind of power under his direction and control, so he undoubtedly would have tried to recruit Credence into the Death Eaters.

3 Dolores Umbridge

Although Dolores Umbridge was one of the higher ranking members of the Ministry of Magic and so in theory, should do whatever it takes to protect the wizarding world, it seems unlikely that it would have taken a lot of convincing to get her to join Voldemort’s Death Eaters.

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Umbridge is a character who loved to use the rule of law in a malignant and malicious way, and it seems that nothing in this world gave her greater pleasure than abusing and hurting people that were stuck under her thumb. She also wanted to attain the highest rank that she could, no matter the cost, so if Voldemort had offered her glory and the chance to torture people, then she undoubtedly would have joined him.

2 Gellert Grindelwald

The entire wizarding world is incredibly lucky that Lord Voldemort and Gellert Grindelwald were never at large at the same time, because if they had joined forces then they undoubtedly would have conquered the magical realm. It seems unlikely that someone as powerful and arrogant as Gellert Grindelwald would be comfortable falling in line behind Lord Voldemort, but if they formed some kind of tag team in order to take over the wizarding world, then even the likes of Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter would have had a very hard time beating them back and stopping them from achieving their goal.

1 Delphini Diggory

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Delphini Diggory, she is actually the secret daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord Voldemort himself. And despite the fact that Delphini never even met her father, she appears to be one of his most faithful and loyal followers. She even tried to use a Time-Turner to go back in time and help Voldemort become the ultimate victor in his war. Although Voldemort clearly never seemed like the fatherly type, he undoubtedly would have appreciated a servant who was as loyal, powerful, and resourceful as Delphini. And clearly her greatest dream in life was to follow her father.

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Hilary Elizabeth

10 Terrifying Hellboy Legends Based On Real Folklore | ScreenRant

Mike Mignola’s Hellboy comics are rich with Lovecraftian monsters, creepy legends, and bone-chilling folklore. As many movies and cartoons have been made about the various legends in the Dark Horse comic series, more could still be made every year without running out of source material. Between all of the mythical pantheons, fairy lore, and cool monsters, it’s hard to see why the Hellboy TV and movie catalog isn’t as thick as Marvel’s.

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Covering all of the folklore from the Hellboy universe would require a series of books, but these are some of his most interesting opponents inspired by fairy tales, folklore, and mythology.

10 Baba Yaga

Those who’ve seen Ant-man and The Wasp may chuckle over the comparisons made between Ghost and Baba Yaga, but Kurt’s fear in the Marvel movie is well deserved. The Russian witch comes from actual folklore, and the terrifying supernatural being is either a bloodthirsty villain who might eat someone who fails to meet her demands, or a more grandmotherly (yet still stern) donor, or tester, of the hero, depending on the tale and the region in which its told.

Either way, she’s a formidable figure who deserves more layers and a lot more time in the Hellboy movie spotlight, especially since she got more in the comics.

9 The Crooked Man

In the Hellboy comics, the Crooked Man is literally a crooked man sent back to Earth to collect souls by the devil. He’s drawn rather gruesomely, a crooked being in every way who is testament to artist Richard Corben’s scary talents. The legend of the Crooked Man varies from the nursery rhyme of the same name to the urban legend of a demonic presence who is summoned by his name said three times, which renders the person who summoned him, as well as the entire dwelling itself, cursed and doomed.

The being starred in a three-part Hellboy miniseries that took place in the 1950s. The whole thing is a creepy affair complete with sacks of skin and witches.

8 Ogdru Jahad

In the Hellboy comics, Red’s main antagonist is the Ogdru Jahad, which are mostly inspired by the H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos “Great Old Ones.” However, they are also based on Babylonian and Egyptian mythology and folklore. Many of the names of the Ogdru Jahad match up to ancient Babylonian gods, and the fact that there are seven gods of chaos is parallel to the seven gods of fate in Babylon.

The influence of ancient myths doesn’t end with the Ogdru Jahad. Hellboy has met other entities and gods from these mythos in the comic series, including the god Anubis himself.

7 Gruagach

Fans who’ve seen the Hellboy reboot are already familiar with Gruagach, the violent yet somehow still annoying Irish fairy bent on revenge in the film. Gruagach of Lough Leane does unleash the Queen of Blood during “The Wild Hunt” in the comics, but “gruagach” is just a general Scottish Gaelic term for a brownie in folklore.

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While brownies are easily offended, they usually clean houses and do chores in exchange for offerings left for them on the hearth. Even so, they can get mischievous and even violent when insulted. They aren’t changelings who impersonate children, but they can turn into boggarts.

6 Hecate

In Greek mythology, Hecate is a goddess with three faces who represents the crossroads and witchcraft. Given her association with monsters, ghosts and hellhounds, it’s no wonder Mignola chose her as a prominent character in the comics, mixing her with a gorgon and a Nazi. He first encounters her as an ancient evil being, but then he goes up against her resurrected form.

In the Hellboy comics, Ilsa Haupstein, who was portrayed as Rasputin’s lover in Guillermo del Toro’s original film, entombs herself into an iron maiden in order to become Hecate, and this time the being is half-snake. This is also the actual monster who predicts Hellboy’s doom.

5 The Blood Countess

Fans who’ve watched the animated Hellboy: Blood and Iron know that he faced the Blood Countess, who was based on the real Countess Elizabeth Báthory of Hungary. Báthory is known as the most prolific female serial killer, as she, according to her own trial, offed 650 victims, most of whom were young women. Some historians believe this was mostly a conspiracy, and the tale has grown into legends of vampirism and blood lust attributed to the countess’s quest for eternal youth.

The film, which names the villain as vampire Erzebet Ondrushko, follows the comic’s arc from Hellboy: Wake the Devil, which involves the above story featuring Hecate rather than  Ondrushko.

4 Rasputin

Both viewers of the del Toro films and longtime readers of Mignola’s comics are well-acquainted with Rasputin as one of Hellboy’s foes, and history buffs already know the story of the Russian mystic Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. There’s also a lot of myth woven into Rasputin’s actual history, including the fact that he had magical powers.

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Historians think that Rasputin asked that the tsar’s hemophiliac son not be given aspirin, which stopped his bleeding, rather than any special abilities the man had. Another legend states that he was impossible to assassinate, although autopsies have revealed that he likely easily perished from a single bullet wound.

3 Kelpie

The Scottish legend of the kelpie, or water horse that drags people down into the depths of the nearest body of water to drown them, is featured in the Hellboy short, “The Kelpie.” Professor Bruttenholm recounts the story of how an old friend was taken out by one of these legends to his adopted son.

In the actual legend, the kelpie is a shape-shifter who can assume the form of a horse or human, and often appears as an attractive latter form to entice unsuspecting humans to their watery demise. Many waters in Scotland have the legend associated with them in some form, but they seem much friendlier in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

2 Nimue

Long before anyone heard of Nimue as the Blood Queen of the Hellboy reboot, she had many other identities in legends and folklore, from the Arthurian enchantress, the Lady of the Lake, to Merlin’s own love interest as portrayed in the 1998 Merlin miniseries starring Sam Neil and Isabella Rossellini.

None of the legends render her a Blood Queen, however. In Mignola’s comics, she goes mad with the powers bestowed upon her by Merlin, alerting her to the Ogdru Jahad, which would mess with anyone’s mental state. She’s resurrected as the Morrigan of Irish mythology, which would’ve made much more sense in the reboot.

1 The Wild Hunt

The supernatural Wild Hunt has appeared in everything from the Dresden Files books to the MTV series Teen Wolf, and most of them are much more exciting than the version seen in the Hellboy reboot. In the comics, it’s an arc that definitely resembles its big screen adaptation, but in historical lore, it often involves ghosts, Odin or Herne the Hunter, and it’s such a terrifying occasion that people hide indoors while it’s happening.

Folklorist Jacob Grimm mixed history with legend when recounting the Wild Hunt, but the story exists in Germany, England and many other European areas. In some versions, anyone who aids the hunt will be rewarded–or cursed.

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Sara Schmidt

M. Night Shyamalan: 10 Most Terrifying Scares, Ranked

It’s hard to believe that M. Night Shyamalan started out with two dramedies, with direct conversations about faith. Despite some lesser films over the years, Shyamalan has always had an eye for inventive camerawork. Even with problematic screenplays, he’s found at least an interesting scare or two.

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The trick to his stories is that any supernatural elements are only a framing device for a larger conversation. When those roles are reversed, as in big-budget flop After Earth, the intimacy is lost. Telling grounded tales of the fantastic has offered up some pretty creepy scenes, among Shyamalan’s many thrillers. Here’s ten of his most successful scares, spoilers included!

10 Split: Drugged Doctor

Split was a terrific showcase for James McAvoy’s range, but Dr. Fletcher holds her own in this scene. The Beast was a previously unknown personality among The Horde and promised menacing supernatural abilities. The physicality that McAvoy adds to the sudden appearance is terrifyingly convincing.

Rather than leaving and calling the police, Fletcher foolishly attempts to help the captured girls before The Beast’s sacrifice. Ultimately, The Beast crushes her to death, an agonizingly slow sequence that emphasizes every cracked rib. The desperation of Fletcher’s drugged state, and her hopelessness as the knife breaks against his skin are equally horrifying as any jump scare.

9 The Village: The Creatures Invade

This often maligned movie receives a lot of undue hate and has been considered more reasonably in retrospect. Like many of Shyamalan’s horror scenes, this initial appearance of the supernatural threat coincides with emotional framing. Protagonist Ivy’s trust in Lucius is put to the test as strange, ferocious creatures swarm the village.

Their practical design is very effective with its simplicity, but the audio design is even more intimidating. The camera carefully pulls in tight to keep the monsters mostly in the shadows. It’s their growls that are truly unnerving as Lucius makes it to Ivy’s extended hand in the darkness. The mystery, urgency for silence, and continued terrifying grunts successfully generate suspense.

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8 The Village: Attack In The Woods

It’s a strange decision that Shyamalan chose to reveal the truth behind the creature before this scene. Still, there’s no question that someone is certainly trying to kill Ivy. And despite the illusion being broken, those signature growls reappear. The woods have always been an eerie setting, used for countless horror films like The Blair Witch Project.

Here, Shyamalan uses the camera to capture Ivy’s isolation and blindness. Her resourcefulness and desperation really radiate combined with Bryce Dallas Howard’s superb breakout performance. She brings a lot of nuance, making her stand apart from much of the supporting characters.

7 The Visit: Hide And Seek

This nifty little found-footage movie was a fun return to small-scale horror for Shyamalan. His stabs at humor can be hit or miss, sometimes even intentionally corny. But this one delivers some great laughs, and unlike some previous work, it’s all deliberate. The film wrenches both a lot of humor and horror out of old people, which isn’t presented as callously as it sounds.

After all, everything is told from two kids’ point of view, and the lead actors are terrific. In this scene, Shyamalan makes the most of the creepy house, by forcing the kids into a claustrophobic crawl space. The playful scurrying of the grandmother looks totally unnatural, akin to an animal. Also, it always remains partly out of view, and her whispered taunts are equally unsettling.

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6 Signs: Home Invasion

Once again, Shyamalan relies primarily on audio to craft suspense, as aliens slowly infiltrate the house. It’s generally a bad idea to kill off the dog in any movie, and this one kills both. But it’s always difficult to hear those whining sounds of pain, which is the first indicator that aliens have arrived. Next, the wind chimes go off, and then some violent pounding erupts as the enemy tries to find a way in.

The camera meticulously follows each of the sounds and the family’s fearful reactions. The “blocking”—meaning character movement—gives a good sense of escalation. Also, the music kicks in just as three alien claws slowly curl underneath the front door. It’s a great blend of every classic cinematic tool for suspense.

5 Split: The Beast Feeds

The music for this scene alone is deeply unsettling. Not just conceptually, but because the music sounds so different from the usual James Newton Howard collaboration. That would be saved for the Unbreakable theme to sneak in and signal the twist ending. But the scene moves slower than expected, as protagonist Casey wanders through her prison. She discovers The Beast eating one of the other girls alive.

Raw cannibalism is innately disturbing, but the sound effects add a lot. The desperation as Casey flees actually feels more oppressive because of the slow pacing. It’s immersive and greatly emphasizes the urgency. The scene closes with The Beast literally climbing the walls, a great payoff for the promised supernatural elements.

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4 Sixth Sense: Suicide Woman

This terrifying scene actually starts off with some great, relatable humor. Protagonist Cole wakes in the middle of the night to use the bathroom but hesitates to enter the darkness. He yields of course, and ends up in that vulnerable position, so far from his bedroom. The thermostat warns viewers an angry presence is near, and Howard’s score is superbly ominous.

The camera borrows Cole’s point of view, until he finds someone in the kitchen, which he mistakes for his mother. Instead, it’s a woman who committed suicide, and she angrily scares Cole back into his tent of religious figurines. Cole’s emotional breakdown is deeply moving and emphasizes how terrifying and inappropriate these events are for a little kid.

3 Signs: Unhappy Birthday

This claustrophobic scene somehow creates an extraordinary scare without placing a single main character in jeopardy. It’s simply a shocking jump scare, but it’s certainly well-earned. It’s an abrupt answer to the great mystery of the aliens’ design, after dropping so many mere hints. Their terrifying look is both unique and familiar enough to preconceived notions.

This cleverly draws fear from our expectations in both directions, beating the odds of potential silliness. Aliens can, after all, look like anything. But the body language, too, is utterly threatening as it emerges from the bushes. Further, everything is set at a children’s birthday party. The rowdy kids’ panic and everyone’s subsequent screams work with the sharp musical cue to make an absolutely gut-punching reveal.

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2 Signs: The Cornfield

If there’s anything more terrifying than seeing an alien, it’s merely catching a glimpse of its blue, scaly leg. At this point, the protagonist Graham is still skeptical about the alien threat. The crop circle in his own backyard is a terribly invasive omen, to begin with. But when he smartly tries to trick any human intruders, he discovers an alien culprit instead.

Cornfields are creepy places to begin with, because they obscure everything from view, and crunch loudly. Graham’s flashlight dies out, and there’s a terrifying shot of alien clicking noises rapidly approaching his ear. As he fumbles for his dead flashlight, the slight turn of the alien’s leg, so unexpectedly nearby, is a great shock.

1 Sixth Sense: The Poisoned Girl

Out of Shyamalan’s entire career, this film easily generates the most investment. And Haley Joel Osment’s profound acting is iconic for a reason. In this memorable scene, Cole hides in his tent, only to be tormented by a young ghost. The clips keeping the tent together slowly come undone, and the camera follows this activity straight to the spirit. That technique is frequently used in successful franchises like The Conjuring.

It’s a slow reveal to the inevitable. And the knee-jerk response to a child vomiting is inherent repulsion. The puke itself is very convincing, and the little girl’s sorrow is clear. But Shyamalan transforms this scare into a moment of strength for Cole, as he finally confronts his fears. The tone completely changes into one of sympathy, with his newfound understanding.

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Anthony Fertino