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Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War wiped out half the population of the universe, and while the odds of being blipped were 50/50, the Mad Titan might have spared three MCU heroes. After a decade of interconnected films leading up to Thanos collecting the Infinity Stones and bringing ultimate chaos to the universe, the MCU reached its highest point (on so many levels) with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Most of the MCU’s superhero roster did their best to stop Thanos from collecting the Infinity Stones and with them finally fulfilling his promise of bringing “balance” to the universe, but they couldn’t avoid the inevitable, and by the end of Avengers: Infinity War, half the population on Earth and its surroundings were gone. However, there were some hints throughout the film showing Thanos could have spared three characters from the snap.

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This MCU theory is based on Thanos’ sense of honor, because even though he is a mass murderer, he is a man of his word. According to it, the first Avenger to be spared was Thor. At the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos gave Loki two options: the Tesseract or his brother’s head. After seeing his brother being tortured, Loki gave the Tesseract (and with it, the Space Stone) to Thanos, thus saving Thor’s life. A deal is a deal, and even if Loki tried to kill him seconds later, the Mad Titan kept his word as he already had what he wanted: the Space Stone.

Next was Nebula. Thanos didn’t spare her because she was his daughter – he did it because his other daughter, Gamora, knew the location of the Soul Stone. Just like he did with Thor, he tortured Nebula in exchange for the Soul Stone. Sadly, this also meant Gamora’s death, as she was Thanos’ sacrifice in Vormir to acquire the stone. Finally, the third character was Iron Man. During the battle on Titan, Thanos attacked Tony, and before he died of these wounds, Doctor Strange – having seen all possible outcomes and knowing Tony was key in defeating Thanos in the future – gave Thanos the Time Stone in Avengers: Infinity War under the promise to let Tony live.

The characters that made the deals to save Thor, Nebula, and Iron Man all had different fates, some sadder than others. Loki died, but thanks to the time-traveling events in Avengers: Endgame, there’s a Loki in an alternate universe that continued with his life of mischief – which fans will get to see in his upcoming series. Gamora also died but, again thanks to time-traveling, the Gamora of the past was brought to the present day. Doctor Strange was blipped, but came back when Hulk undid the snap and helped the rest of the heroes in the final battle.

Thanos was never a man of emotions, and the only way a life could have been spared in this situation was through a deal in which he would get what he wanted, no matter who he had to hurt or sacrifice. In Thor and Nebula’s cases, it could have also been mere luck, depending on each person’s interpretation of the scenes, but with Tony, Strange was very clear in what he wanted, as he knew Iron Man would be delivering the final snap in Avengers: Endgame to restore the MCU

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Adrienne Tyler

Hulk Was Always Going to Be The Avenger Who Undid The Thanos Snap

Hulk was always going to be the one to execute the second snap that would’ve undone Thanos’ Decimation in Avengers: Endgame. Following the Avengers’ successful Time Heist mission (despite the death of Black Widow), the team gathered back at the HQ in 2023 to assemble a brand new gauntlet that would hold all Infinity Stones. Ultimately, Smart Hulk did the honor of snapping his fingers, successfully resurrecting all those who perished five years prior in Avengers: Infinity War.

At that point, it had been established how wielding the power of all six Infinity Stones at once can result to permanent physical injury, evidence by Thanos’ burnt left arm after he clicked his fingers. So, naturally, the heroes needed their strongest ally to enact the snap for them. And while there was a short commotion on who should do it, the film’s directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, revealed that it was always going to be the Hulk.

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Hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything event, the filmmakers were asked if they considered any other hero “to snap people back or was it always the hulk?” Anthony took on the query and replied, “No, it was always going to be the Hulk.” He didn’t get into specifics on this narrative decision, but fans in the thread quickly made sense of their choice since Thor: Ragnarok established that he’s the strongest Avenger.

It’s no secret that Smart Hulk was supposed to debut during Avengers: Infinity War‘s Wakanda battle, but Marvel Studios scrapped the idea after it didn’t fit well with the pacing and tone of the movie. After his brutal one-on-one fight with Thanos at the beginning, the green-rage monster was a no-show until Avengers: Endgame‘s five-year time-jump. By then, Bruce Banner had found a way to integrate both of his personas together, resulting in a being with the consciousness of the brilliant physicist and his alter-ego – “best of both worlds,b” as he called his current state.

Then again, despite having the strength of the Hulk, the film has yet to see him use it before he enacted the second snap. The character was mostly utilized for his brains, helping to figure out the Time Heist and explaining how time travel doesn’t really work the way it did in Back to the Future. And since they already rid him of his prowess in Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame highlighted his physical capabilities; and what better way to do that than to wield the power of all six Infinity Stones and bring back half of the population to life?

On top of that, it was also a subtle character arc loop. Having always wondered what the purpose of his gamma radiation mishap that brought out the Hulk was, the line, “I was made for this,” as he assumed the responsibility of putting on the glove, was monumental to his personal journey. No word yet on when he’ll pop out in the MCU again after Avengers: Endgame has been revealed, but fans can expect Smart Hulk to still be involved in the universe moving forward.

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Source: Joe and Anthony Russo

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10 Hilarious Thanos Memes Only Titans Would Love | ScreenRant

We honestly feel sad letting Thanos go; the Titan really made an impression upon us these last couple of years as the villain of the Avengers series. Since he’s done and dusted both in-universe and from the franchise, the interest in this character will wane over time for some people—but not us. 

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Those who have been impacted by Thanos the most will forever keep the Titan’s influence close to our chests, and it’s only fitting we celebrate the life he lived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by sharing these 10 hilarious Thanos memes that only people with the sense of humor of a Titan will understand.

10 The Second Choice Wins

Before Thanos’ full role in Avengers: Infinity War, he had only been seen in one-shot appearances over the last six years. This had led to the fans terming him as a loser even before he arrived, as all his plans in The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers: Age of Ultron had resulted in failure.

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When the trailer for Infinity War arrived, fans were even scoffing at the very idea of a grape-y looking character having powers to beat Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. We didn’t get to see the reaction of whoever made this meme, but we’re certain they must have felt really silly after Thanos walked away as the winner.

9 Thanos Likes To Pirate

A majority of the movies that release on DVDs aren’t actually purchased by the viewers. It’s mainly people who have a lot of money around who can afford to buy these expensive DVDs, while most of the people watch them for free through torrent-based websites.

In the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos spoke to the child soul of Gamora, where he confessed the cost of being victorious cost him “everything.” In regards to watching the HD version of the film, though, the Titan couldn’t bother forking his money out for a DVD and settled to download it for free instead.

8 Doesn’t Count

If Thanos were to be the one to narrate the events of Avengers: Infinity War, then he would make himself out to be the protagonist rather than the villain. In his point of view, he was doing the right thing by killing trillions of people around the universe, and couldn’t fathom that people wouldn’t be grateful.

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But as the main character from Brooklyn Nine-Nine points out, even though Thanos’ ultimate motivations might have been well-intentioned, he did still commit murder. There’s no getting out of jail when you’ve managed to wipe out half of everything that’s lived, you know.

7 Even A Titan Needs His Veggies

The climax of the movie with Thor and Thanos has become one of the moments with the most memes. Here, Thor would throw Stormbreaker in Thanos’ chest, followed by Thor driving it deeper inside, causing Thanos to scream in agony.

Unfortunately for him, this image has caused him to become a big joke, as the people on the internet were quick to manipulate his picture. In this one, Thor isn’t looking to kill Thanos; rather, the God of Thunder is making sure the Titan remains healthy by eating his vegetables. We know that vegetables aren’t very tasty, but even a Titan needs good nutrition once in a while.

6 Busted!

Much interest went Deadpool 2’s way when it was announced that Josh Brolin would be playing Cable in that movie. Since that was also a Marvel character, there was obvious conflict with Thanos, the role Josh also portrayed. 

This meme imagines Cable being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe rather than the X-Men film series, and Thanos isn’t feeling too comfy when he’s busted for having been Cable all along. For those who might be wondering where the still is from, it’s from the sketch series called Key & Peele, a show we’re suspicious might also have Thanos in disguise.

5 Avada Kedavra, As All Things Should Be

If you didn’t go much on YouTube after Avengers: Infinity War was released, then you missed out on a bevy of funny videos that inferred that Thanos was the one who killed the people dying in those videos.

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There was no other movie more perfectly placed to make it seem that Thanos was responsible than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, where Voldemort met his end. You’ll remember Voldy went up and evaporated upon his death, and putting it next to Thanos’ snap gives off a very accurate impression of the Snap affecting the Harry Potter world.

4 A Worthy Foe

There’s nowhere on the face of the Earth where you could go and not have a fly approach and bite you; a place like that just doesn’t exist. You could have the highest apartment in all of the city and still have a mosquito sink itself into your skin with no problems.

If Thanos was the one living the high life, then he might not have treated the mosquitoes with the disdain we give them. Thanos is a man who respects tenacity, and he just might have applauded the mosquito for approaching him. Even so, Thanos is still amused that the fly used all that effort just for a drop of blood.

3 Live Free Or Titan Hard

As Thanos became mainstream popular, there were bound to be memes poking fun at his appearance. Eventually, people always get around to comparing the subjects of memes to famous stars they resemble.

While we think Thanos more resembles Jeff Bridges from Iron Man, the creator of the meme feels otherwise, as we feast our eyes onto a Thanos and Bruce Willis crossover. It’s pretty funny to think about Bruce in that role, although it wouldn’t have been the worst thing, considering how iconic Bruce is for the action genre.

2 Illusion Shattered

Another more recent meme that has picked up momentum is the one where Thanos utters “impossible” with complete disbelief. In Avengers: Endgame, this took place when Thanos found out there were two Nebulas in 2014, deeming it as an impossible scenario.

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Since then, his reaction has been used to convey a lot of shattered beliefs we had in our lives. One of the many ones people have in common is when they found out the moon is also visible in the daylight, as schools had convinced us that the moon could only be seen at night. We bet you can still recall how impossible that felt; now you understand how Thanos was feeling in this scene.

1 Bully Thanos

The shot of Thanos and Captain America struggling against one another as Captain America holds the Titan’s hand in resistance is an iconic part of Avengers: Infinity War, so it was natural that people on the Internet would want to completely ruin the moment for everyone involved. 

Bringing new context to the moment is this narration, where it now looks as if Thanos can’t wait to make Captain America smell his stinky hands, and the Captain tries his hardest to keep himself away from the stench. Poor Cap is fighting a futile battle here, though.

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Avengers: Endgame Star Dave Bautista Wishes Drax Killed Thanos

The entire universe was gunning for Thanos in Avengers: Endgame and Dave Bautista reveals that Drax will be left unsatisfied by the fact that he did not finish off Thanos himself. Drax the Destroyer was introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy as someone who sought revenge on Ronan the Accuser for the death of his family. It’s revealed at the end of the movie that Drax’s real target is Thanos.

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Drax fought Thanos (and was originally going to have a one-on-one fight with him) but he was snapped away along with half of all living beings in the universe by the Infinity Gauntlet. The present-day version of Thanos was beheaded by Thor at the start of Avengers: Endgame and the time-traveling version of Thanos was destroyed by Tony Stark, who used the Infinity Gauntlet to erase him from reality.

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Thanos might be gone, but Drax is due to return in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The question of Drax’s future in the MCU was brought up in an interview with Bautista in GQ. The actor believes Drax will need a new foe to focus on in the next movie, as he will have been left unsatisfied by the fact that he wasn’t personally responsible for the demise of Thanos. Bautista said:

“I don’t know. I think he’s going to be a little unsatisfied he didn’t kill Thanos himself. I thought about that a long time ago. James [Gunn] is super creative, and he’s also a fan so he will dig through and come up with a new villain and something for Drax that I’m sure people will appreciate. He’s a genius.”

The role of Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies is similar to that of his comic book counterpart, with the exception of the comic version of Drax originally hailing from Earth. The comic version of Drax has actually succeeded in his goal of killing Thanos in the past, as he tore Thanos’ heart out of his chest during the Annihilation crossover. Drax’s entire story arc has revolved around his mission to avenge his family, but the sacrifice of Tony Stark was too important to the story of the MCU going forward to allow Drax to finish off Thanos himself.

The question now is where the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie will take the character. Bautista believes that writer-director James Gunn might come up with a new villain for Drax to face in the future, but the drive for vengeance won’t be the same as it was when Thanos was the villain. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is still in the early stages of development and isn’t expected to be released until 2021, but it’s possible that more information about the film will be revealed during the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. 

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Source: GQ

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Scott Baird

Rick and Morty Throw Shade at Marvel’s ‘Thanos Snap’

Fans are still waiting for the arrival of Rick and Morty season 4, but their absence isn’t keeping the show’s stars from poking fun at the plot of Avengers: Infinity War and its snap-happy villain, Thanos.

After releasing a shorter than expected third season, fans were faced with good news and bad. Rick and Morty signed on for 70 more episodes, but when those will actually begin to roll out on Adult Swim… is anyone’s guess. Thankfully the comic book version of Morty Smith and his out con control grandfather is helping to tide fans over. And in the case of Rick and Morty #48 calling out Marvel’s most recent blockbuster for an “anticlimactic,” possibly even “idiotic” finale.

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While fans obviously know how often Rick and Morty steals from plenty of shows and movies, as that’s basically the premise of the series, they haven’t set their sights on superhero cinema too often (instead favoring more iconic, classic works of science fiction or fantasy). But in Issue #48, the duo put Infinity War in their crosshairs.

The short story “Hit Me, Space Baby, One More Time” by Kyle Starks, Marc Ellerby, and Sarah Stern begins like many episodes of Rick and Morty: with Morty existing in a seemingly perfect fantasy land completely unrecognizable to his real life. His father is a successful businessman, his mother is a classic adoring housewife–Jessica is even his steady girlfriend. When Morty realizes that Rick is confined to a wheelchair because he sacrificed himself to save his grandson, he knows something is wrong. It’s then that Rick snaps Morty awake, and explains the truth: Morty has become a cosmic god.

Apparently grabbing onto a mystical flower that grants cosmic powers over reality, Morty has evolved into a ‘space baby’ form, right out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. With their enemies fast approaching, Morty vanquishes their entire army by turning one of his “Aw Gee”s into literal, giant letters, crushing them into oblivion. When Rick points out that Morty’s mastery of reality means he could have wiped them out of existence with a simple snap of his fingers, Morty points out that actually would have been worse, because… how anticlimactic it would be to use his powers in so mundane a fashion. Thanos snaps his fingers, but Rick and Morty fans demand a bit more.

And they aren’t done throwing shade at Thanos yet. When everything returns to normal, and Morty–like Thanos–decides to hand over the powers of a god once his mission is finished, his family can’t help but point out all the missed opportunities.

The family raises some valid points that have also been leveled at Infinity War, and the arguable stupidity of Thanos’ plan to halve the universe. When Thanos only had an army of Chitauri to re-balance overcrowded worlds, sure, murdering half the population randomly made some sense. But with the powers of a god, able to rewrite reality throughout all Creation… Thanos just did the exact same thing. Rather than creating a “paradise” by doubling resources and food, doubling the number of habitable worlds throughout the universe, or curing equine influenza, Thanos pulled something that Morty would accidentally manage. Bolstering the case that both may qualify as “real stupid idiots” in Rick’s eyes.

But hey, Morty did remember to give himself a new robot girlfriend before relinquishing his godlike powers. Which is more than Thanos got for his trouble.

Rick and Morty #48 is available now at your local comic book store, or direct online from ONI Press.

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AVENGERS ENDGAME “Thanos is ready to Fight” Trailer (2019) Marvel Movie HD

AVENGERS ENDGAME “Thanos is ready to Fight” Trailer (2019) Marvel Movie HD
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MCU Theory: Thanos Sent Hulk To Ragnarok on Purpose

The Avengers: Endgame is giving Marvel’s heroes another shot at taking Thanos down for good, but nobody is aching for a rematch like Hulk. If their second fight goes the way we expect, it might confirm once and for all that Bruce Banner’s trip across space was no accident–it was Thanos attempting to remove the most formidable Avenger from the game.

Some might scoff at our speculation, since Hulk wasn’t even a factor in the Infinity War battles. But just because Bruce Banner and Hulk failed to work together in time to prevent the Thanos Snap, that doesn’t mean there was never a chance to pull it off. And if Thanos is as smart as he claims to be, the events of the MCU leading to Infinity War would be all the evidence he needed to decide on his biggest threat. Starting with the fact that when it comes to the gamma-powered Avenger, it isn’t the Hulk half that Thanos actually needed to worry about at all.

When fans stop and think about it, it’s painfully obvious that Hulk never stood a chance against Thanos when they fought in Infinity War, and that the Mad Titan already knew that going into it. Hulk may even be physically stronger than Thanos on a given day, but throw the Power Stone into his Gauntlet and the “strongest Avenger” poses no threat whatsoever. But Dr. Bruce Banner? Now that is a threat a tactician like Thanos would recognize as a problem to be dealt with.

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Tony Stark may also be a genius level intellect, but if Thanos was watching the Avengers from their first team-up on through the Age of Ultron, Tony displayed every insecurity, every willingness to risk everything, and collapse beneath guilt and paranoia that would ultimately defeat him. Bruce Banner on the other hand exercised caution at every step, all the while questioning his other half on a path towards better understanding the green beast residing inside of him. By Ultron, the Avengers almost had Hulk figured out, thanks to Nat’s lullaby.

Either way you cut it, leaving Hulk on Earth was bad news for Thanos. If Banner and Hulk ever found a way to merge their abilities, forming the MCU’s version of Professor Hulk, with Banner’s mind and Hulk’s muscle? That’s an enemy closer to Thanos, and far smarter than Thanos, that the villain couldn’t allow to be born. Which meant he needed to act.

This solution, if it really is the one that will eventually be confirmed, is actually fairly brilliant. It’s hard to believe Hulk would “randomly” access a wormhole sending him straight to Sakaar, a planet upon which Bruce Banner would have no chance of ever surviving. Drop him into Grandmaster’s yard, and Hulk would be forced to take control, and find no reason to ever relinquish it. Perhaps Thanos shared more than just strength with Hulk, and knew thousands of years in Thor: Ragnarok‘s gladiator arena would be the perfect distraction for a titan with a warrior’s heart.

The plan would have worked too, if Thor hadn’t been knocked out of Bifrost and onto Sakaar, as well. Should fans see it as coincidence that once Hulk boarded a ship with Thor, presumably to someday return to Earth, that Thanos chose that very time to strike? Or did he realize that Banner had returned to the original path that could end in Earth’s strongest defender being its smartest, as well?

Our theory will gain some credibility if Avengers: Endgame sets the stage for a true synthesis of Banner and Hulk, which has been hinted at over the past several films. And if such a Professor Hulk ends up playing a pivotal role in defeating Thanos–either through his strength, smarts, or both–don’t be surprised if Marvel’s architects later confirm that very outcome was the one Thanos hoped to avoid.

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2019-04-24 01:04:27

Andrew Dyce

Scientist Explains What Would Happen to Earth After Thanos’ Infinity War Snap

A scientist at UCLA has explained what would happen in real life if Thanos’ snap were to actually take place. Following the 2018 premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, many fan theories have developed about a post-snap world. Some have questioned whether the Mad Titan’s snap would resemble the biblical rapture, while others have speculated about the remaining population’s ability to survive. Now, scientists and the writers of Infinity War and Endgame, have gotten involved in the discussion, and it doesn’t look good for Earthlings.

Infinity War ends with Thanos finally locating all six Infinity Stones, and loading them into his Infinity Gauntlet. In a literal snap, 3.8 billion people are erased from the Earth, reduced to ash, including some Avengers. Without the full Avengers team to protect the world, the remaining population is left vulnerable and defenseless. Despite big MCU consequences, much more would be at stake if this sort of thing were to really happen. True, there would be more food to go around, shelter and resources left for survivors, but an Earthly utopia like Thanos anticipates at the end of Infinity War is likely just the stuff of fantasy.

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Justin Christensen of the UCLA Physics Department recently explained to Fandom the likely aftermath that would ensue following a mass population reduction, like in Infinity War, and it isn’t pretty. If 50% of the world’s population were wiped out in an instant, this would take the population back down to where it was in the year 1970, which as it turns out, would not be as huge a cut as needed to make a big positive impact. People would likely repopulate the Earth back to its 2019 population rather quickly, and we would be back to where we started. Christensen also mentions that if pilots, bus drivers, air traffic controllers and the like were all instantly snapped away, the number of non-snap related fatalities to follow would be significant. Clean water and electricity would be luxuries of the past, as would other vital things needed for human survival, such as medical supplies.

But what if more than the human population were effected? Fans have speculated about whether or not all living organisms are included in the snap or not, and the answer would drastically alter the world as we know it. Writers of Infinity War and Endgame Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have somewhat answered this question. They have both claimed that the snap would only impact “sentient life“, or only intelligent and conscious life forms like humans and animals. Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige has given conflicting statements about this topic, but his remark that the snap wiped out “All life!” is largely responsible for the confusion. Many have interpreted this utterance to mean that microbes, plants, and other lifeforms are included in the snap, and the internet has been buzzing with theories ever since. If this were to happen in reality, Christensen explains that the “complex and fragile relationships between many different species” would be effected, and “many ecosystems [would] change completely, and there could be species that never recover.

There would undoubtedly be a handful of unforeseen consequences, should a real life Infinity War-style snap ever happen. If 50% of all the Earth’s lifeforms were to disappear, there would not only be fatalities as a result of people vanishing out of thin air, but there would be notable changes to the Earth’s environment. If the ecosystem is changed, then the food chain is changed, and perhaps the entire landscape of the planet as well. The livability of the Earth for those left standing in the literal dust would decline significantly. Even if sentient life is the only life affected by the snap, the consequences far outweigh the potential good that would come out of it. So, although Thanos may have had an arguably somewhat noble idea in trying to save the Earth from the same fate as his home planet, the likelihood of things turning out as planned would be slim in the real world.

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Source: Fandom

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Taylor Charendoff

Did Captain Marvel Reveal How Thanos Got The Mind Stone?

Long before Marvel’s epic Infinity War, the Mind Stone was the very first Infinity Stone Thanos ever found. The movie confirmed that he gave it to Loki in the form of his Scepter, but how Thanos got it in the first place was never explained… Until now.

The Captain Marvel movie doesn’t care about explaining Ronan the Accuser’s path to Thanos and his Infinity Stones, despite featuring his character at a key moment in Earth’s history. But now that Thanos and his master plan has been explained, laying out Ronan’s own timeline in the MCU helps solve the riddle of his betrayal of the Kree, his alliance with Thanos, and the strange “intelligence” guiding the entire empire.

Ronan was lied to just as much as Carol Danvers, serving an empire built around a lie… and the Mind Stone Thanos used to begin his war.

  • This Page: Why Did Ronan Betray His People?
  • Page 2: Ronan Stole The Mind Stone From The Kree

The first time fans realized Ronan the Accuser would be in Captain Marvel, playing a direct role in Captain Marvel and Starforce serving the will of the Kree Empire, their imaginations ran wild. It seemed at the time that Captain Marvel would actually function as a prequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, and set up Ronan’s eventual betrayal of his people. Unfortunately the return of Ronan–like the role played by his future lieutenant Korath–amounted to little more than a Guardians cameo. But we know that wasn’t always the case.

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In the finished film, Ronan appears as one of multiple “Accusers,” a branch of the military apparently responsible for bombing enemy planets. For all intents and purposes, Ronan appears to be a loyal servant of his Kree authorities, the uppermost being the Supreme Intelligence itself. But judging by the photos of Yon-Rogg and Ronan planning their mission, the original plan was to make him a larger part of the Kree’s actions. Presumably, to offer some kind of explanation (or at the very least a hint) of why he finally betrays the Kree completely.

The movie offers a slight explanation by implying a Kree peace treaty with the Nova Empire, based on Xandar, is the only factor. But in hindsight–at least for fans who enjoy spinning theories that might work better than Marvel’s actual writing–that doesn’t feel like the whole story. By the time Guardians begins, Ronan has abandoned his people, been ruled an outcast and pariah, and now seeks vengeance… by serving Thanos. Fans expected Captain Marvel to shed some light, but the introduction of Ronan as a calm, loyal Kree Accuser works almost completely against it. Unless fans focus on one moment in particular. Whatever his conversations with Yon-Rogg or Starforce, the final showdown with Captain Marvel in Earth’s orbit confirms that even he hasn’t been given the whole story. Like Carol Danvers, he was only ever given the information needed to serve the will of the Kree Supreme Intelligence.

The audience knows just how deeply the deception from Yon-Rogg and the Supreme Intelligence runs… but what if Ronan didn’t? What if one lie being exposed led Ronan to question everything, starting at the top? We strongly suspect that if he learned the truth about the “Supreme Intelligence,” his path to Thanos, collector of Infinity Stones, makes perfect sense.

Page 2: Ronan Stole The Mind Stone From The Kree ‘Intelligence’

One detail that helps shed some light on our theory is given in the only scene directly involving the larger Kree of the MCU, or at least, the Kree as they exist in the year 2014. Back in 1995 during the events of Captain Marvel, the Kree appear mostly accurate to their comic book counterparts. And that includes their devotion and subservience to the Supreme Intelligence, a synthesized mind incorporating the wisdom and history of the Kree people. In the film, the Supreme Intelligence is brutal in its domination: taking on the form its subjects most admire to manipulate their loyalty further, or violently harming and controlling their mind if the subject rebels.

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Fortunately, movie fans don’t need to worry about the Supreme Intelligence any more. Because by the time Ronan is branded an outsider and “fanatic” by the Kree in Guardians of the Galaxy, the Supreme Intelligence no longer commands the empire. As the movie reveals…

“Scattered riots broke out across the Kree Empire today, protesting the recent peace treaty signed by the Kree Emperor and Xandar’s Nova Prime.”

No explanation is ever given for why the Kree are now ruled by an emperor, instead of the Supreme intelligence. But putting the pieces together, Ronan’s own path helps offer an explanation. Ronan witnesses Carol’s power, and realizes the Supreme Intelligence is keeping secrets. Ronan presumably investigates. The Supreme Intelligence vanishes. Ronan leaves the Empire. He is branded a “fanatic” and traitor. Ronan begins to serve Thanos. Thanos acquires the Mind Stone. By now, readers should know what conclusion to arrive at.

Of all the many theories explaining Marvel’s movie connections, this one may actually solve the most lingering questions while making the fewest waves. Assuming everything known about the Mind Stone and the “intelligence” alive inside of it, and how Captain Marvel does or doesn’t fit with the future landscape of the MCU, the answer seems simple: the Kree Supreme Intelligence was the Mind Stone at work. From its intentions, its hunger for power, and the way it interacts with and manipulates its subjects, the math all adds up. If Captain Marvel fans assume that the device inhibiting Carol’s full power is a sign of the Supreme Intelligence’s power, then it even fits the comic book description of allowing its user to enhance their mental and psychic abilities perfectly.

Not to mention how it finally explains what plot thread connected Ronan the Accuser to Thanos the Infinity Stone collector. Also, how Ronan wound up appointed as the lieutenant of Thanos, with a ship, an army, and an opportunity for his own chance at revenge. The Mind Stone isn’t something Ronan would ever wish to use, given its role in bringing the mighty Kree to their knees in subservience. But if he could trade it for a much more… powerful Infinity Stone, delivered to him by Thanos? That sounds more than believable.

Some fans might point to the novel Thanos: Titan Consumed as contradicting this explanation of how Thanos got the Mind Stone in the first place. However, Marvel’s decision to retroactively clarify that the Thanos origin novel is non-canon may actually make our explanation more likely. Despite all involved understanding it to be the canonical origin of Thanos, many assumed at the time that movie development had brought contradictions, or possible contradictions into play. Since the novel has Thanos learn of the Infinity Stones from a character dubbed ‘Lorespeaker,’ then simply take the Mind Stone from him… well, an explanation that ties into the existing MCU would likely be preferable.

If Captain Marvel could find a way to make Carol Danvers the beginning of the Avengers, and then also reveal that her story was relevant to Thanos and his Infinity War, why pass up the opportunity? After all, Captain Marvel anchors Carol’s origins and powers in the Space Stone, so the Kree Empire worshiping the Mind Stone would actually change little about the story.

We’ll assume this as head-canon until Marvel explicitly denies, if for no other reason than the character work it adds for Ronan the Accuser. As it stands, his flip from Kree commander to fanatical villain is entirely unexplained (he was serving Thanos long before the Kree/Xandar peace treaty was signed). Not only would this theory answer half a dozen MCU questions, but it would make his iconic face paint one of the best connective details in the entire MCU: black oozing from his eyes and mouth as a reminder to the Kree of the lies he saw and spewed while serving an Infinity Stone, instead of his people.

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Thanos Taunts the Avengers in New Endgame TV Spot

A brand new Avengers: Endgame TV spot features Thanos taunting the remaining heroes. In less than a week, Marvel Studios’ much-anticipated blockbuster will hit theaters and The Infinity Saga will finally come to a close. A direct sequel to last year’s Avengers: Infinity War, the film is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo with the story written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

Infinity War saw Thanos accomplish his life-long goal of balancing the universe by wiping out half of its life, enacting The Decimation with the use of the Infinity Gauntlet, complete with all six Infinity Stones despite a galant effort by the MCU heroes to stop him. His success didn’t come without any losses, however, as he needed to sacrifice his beloved adopted daughter, Gamora in order to acquire the Soul Stone. By the end Infinity War, the Mad Titan mulls on his journey as he retires on a new planet called Titan 2, and marketing for Endgame confirms that he is still there living a peaceful life. But his new quiet life as a farmer will soon get disrupted when the remaining Avengers come to avenge the fallen in Avengers 4 as teased by this latest promo clip.

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This newly-released Endgame TV spot is composed of previously-released footage, but it includes never-before-heard dialogue of Thanos defending his decision to decimate half of life in the universe. He ends his narration by calling to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, saying “let’s finish this.” While there’s no visual context for his speech, there’s a good chance that this takes place during his big battle with the heroes, something that was already teased in several other clips. Watch the video (via The Marvel Wave) below:

Thanos has been mostly absent in the Endgame marketing, particularly in their earlier releases. In the posters, he’s only a figure at the back, with the focus on the heroes – especially the core six Avengers. This goes with the idea that Avengers 4 will be from the perspective of the heroes, unlike Infinity War which was primarily told from the Mad Titan’s point-of-view. Narrative-wise, it also means that the Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the rest of the team will take it upon themselves to go after the Mad Titan – as revealed in earlier spots. Whether or not that original plan will do the trick of restoring peace and order in the galaxy remains to be seen. Considering the fact that Thanos has a new armor and weapon in the upcoming film, he might actually be expecting the Avengers coming after him following The Decimation.

With what’s currently known about Spider-Man: Far From Home, it’s safe to assume that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes accomplish their goal of restoring the universe’s status quo. How exactly they do it and what ramifications it has for them and Thanos, however, remains to be seen. While it’s largely believed that Thanos will no longer be a key figure in the MCU after Avengers: Endgame, thanks to his strong ties with The Eternals (not to mention his immense popularity), many are hoping this won’t be the last time fans will see him in the franchise.

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