GTA 6: Is Rockstar Teasing The Next Grand Theft Auto Game?

Two pieces of art recently uploaded to the Rockstar Games website have fans speculating about the possibility of a Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement soon, but it’s unclear if that’s what Rockstar is teasing – or if it’s even teasing anything at all. Fans have also suggested the teases could point to a Bully 2 announcement, but this seems less likely than GTA 6 or something else.

Fans first noticed Rockstar’s new robot artwork, which depicts a feminine, golden robot posed with the Rockstar logo near a bottle of champagne. Several on Twitter and Reddit were quick to point out its similarities to pieces by Hajime Sorayama, well-known for his work on the cover of Aerosmith’s Just Push Play. Another image later caught fans’ attention once again, as Rockstar uploaded arwork of the company’s logo surrounded by numbers, words, and shapes. Among these was the phrase “bullying the weak,” which prompted some to believe Rockstar was teasing a new Bully game, and Bully 2 began trending on Twitter. While the robot art could be hinting at something, the logo image is almost certainly just an interesting piece of art.

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As pointed out by Reddit user MantisMan_Official, every phrase in the logo art has been used on Rockstar’s website before. In 2013, Rockstar’s website included a text box that displayed a random tagline from a selection of at least 30, including all the words seen in the logo image. This likely rules out Bully 2, as speculation was based entirely on the “bullying” phrase. In a thread about the logo art, Reddit user MilroyNerfmods suggested the phrases selected, colors used, and number of logos instead seem to reference to the spread of communism in the Cold War era. This could point to Rockstar’s long-dormant Agent game, originally announced in 2009 and planned to be set in the Cold War.

Given Rockstar has used all these phrases before, however, logo image speculation of all varieties seems too outlandish. Fans’ ideas about the robot art might be a bit more reasonable – it’s entirely new for Rockstar, so the possibilities are more open to interpretation. Still, it seems unlikely to be teasing anything in particular. MilroyNerfmods believed the robot’s pose resembles a “6,” but it’s not close enough to jump to conclusions. And combined with the fact that the art resembles Aerosmith’s 2001 album cover, the 1998 printed on the champagne bottle could be hinting at a GTA 6 set in the early 2000s, but most GTA 6 setting rumors place it further in the past.

All in all, it’s certainly possible Rockstar is teasing a new game, but it doesn’t look promising. As Kotaku pointed out, Rockstar has a history of uploading random, interesting art to its website not tied to any game, so these pieces appear to be the same. Almost seven years after the release of GTA 5, though, it’s no wonder fans are clamoring for any sign of a new entry in the series. Recent rumors of a GTA 6 trailer sprouted up after a few unlisted videos appeared on Rockstar’s YouTube channel. One of these turned out to be the trailer for GTA Online’s new racing mode, but there might still be hope for those looking for a Grand Theft Auto 6 reveal.

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Camden Jones

GTA 6: What Grand Theft Auto’s Writer Leaving Means for the Game

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, and for good reason. The series has helped define open-world games and has been Rockstar’s chief series since their inception.

One of the driving forces behind the studio has always been its co-founders, Dan and Sam Houser, who also functioned as producers and writers on most of Rockstar’s games.

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In February 2020, Rockstar announced that Dan Houser would be stepping down from his role as Vice President and be leaving the company. Of course, the question on many fan’s minds at that point is just what that might mean for the inevitable GTA 6.

Obviously a massive series like GTA has many, many people that work and contribute to it. That said, the storytelling and tone aren’t completely from Dan Houser, but he has been a huge part of the series, in general, since its inception. Dan has been credited as one of the main writers on every single Grand Theft Auto game since the London 1969 pack for the original. He was also one of the writers on the Red Dead Redemption games. Contrast this to Sam Houser who’s been an executive producer on every GTA game, but not a writer.

Dan was one of the core creative forces for the series, and a huge reason Grand Theft Auto sports the tone it does, as well as the amalgamation of pop culture references. The Housers have chosen to mostly stay out of the spotlight, instead letting accolades go to Rockstar in general. The studio hasn’t been without its fair share of problems, however, including long-standing reports of crunch and troubling work culture. Rockstar and Houser haven’t detailed any particular reason for the departure, but it’s sure to have effects.

Rockstar has said they have multiple major games in development, and considering GTA 5 is the most successful entertainment property of all time, it’s almost confirmed that one of those has to be GTA 6. On GTA 4 and 5, Houser was joined by Rupert Humphries and Michael Unsworth.

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Considering both of these writers are still working with Rockstar, they’ll likely have a large impact on GTA 6. The absence of Dan Houser shouldn’t have a drastic effect, but players could be seeing a shift in the game’s story and style. It’s possible that Rockstar will bring on a brand new writer to help helm the team, or they could simply rely on the skills of Humphries and Unsworth.

Another possibility is that the narrative and much of the writing is already finished for GTA 6. The last game released back in 2013, and while the Houser’s have been working on Red Dead Redemption since then, it’s more than likely that at least the outline is already done.

GTA 6 will undoubtedly still happen, and probably be more ambitious than ever before. However, Houser’s departure could affect the timeline of development, and even the overall tone of the experience.

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Hayes Madsen

AMC’s Grand Theft Auto Trailer Was An April Fool’s Joke

While AMC’s Grand Theft Auto sounds like the best idea ever, the trailer was merely a cruel April Fool’s prank. The original Grant Theft Auto was released in 1997 and was a top-down action game, where players raced across cities to commit various crimes and robberies. It was followed by a mission pack dubbed Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto 2 in 1999, but it was the next entry that would make GTA a powerhouse franchise.

Grand Theft Auto III arrived in 2001 and was the first entry in 3D. The game is considered a landmark in both the series and gaming and allowed players to run around a living, breathing world to do whatever they wished. The game attracted its share of controversy over its use of violence and sex, but it was a huge success. The series has continued to grow bigger and bigger ever since, with each new entry introducing a bigger sandbox to create havoc in, with 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V being one of the best-selling video games of all time.

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The history of live-action video game adaptations isn’t the strongest, though TV shows like Netflix’s Castlevania and The Witcher have shown its possible to make a good series that also feels like the source material. One franchise that’s never made the leap, and likely never will, is Grand Theft Auto. For a brief, glorious moment in April 2017, it seemed like that had changed when a trailer arrived on IGN for AMC’s Grand Theft Auto.

AMC’s Grand Theft Auto trailer featured any number of car chases and Mexican standoffs, alongside a voice-over from Steven Ogg (The Walking Dead), who played Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V. Considering it arrived on April 1st, 2017, it was quickly clear it wasn’t the genuine article, however. The trailer was actually produced by gaming site IGN, who have an annual tradition of elaborate April’s Fools gags, like the trailer for fake Netflix series Star Wars: Fury Of Maul in 2016.

While a live-action Grand Theft Auto movie or TV show may sound like an exciting prospect, it would be pretty tough to recapture the exhilarating freedom the games offer. The appeal of Grand Theft Auto is its openness and options, which wouldn’t translate very well to a structured narrative. That said, if anybody could pull it off it would be AMC, the network behind Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Well that’s always a chance a Grand Theft Auto movie or show could happen, fans shouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon.

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Padraig Cotter

Grand Theft Auto V Vice City Mod | Screen Rant

After four years of hard work, an impressive team of modders have finally completed work on Vice Cry: Remastered, a full port of the Miami inspired city transposed into the engine of Grand Theft Auto V. The world of Vice City from GTA is one of the most revered settings in all of gaming for its unique neon design and lively game world. Now, eighteen years after its original release, Vice City has been given new life in the form of a mod.

Grand Theft Auto V released back in 2013 to rave reviews from critics, with many lauding the game for its nuanced story and innovative game mechanics. In the six years since release, GTA V has only continued to grow in scope, first by offering a full-fledged online mod, then by supporting mods on PC. Despite widespread fanfare for GTA V and its setting of Los Santos, many players still yearned for a chance to return to Vice City. Insider speculation added fuel to the fire in 2018, after rumors spread rampant alleging that GTA VI would go back to Vice City.

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The “Vice Cry” team of modders have released Vice Cry: Remastered 1.0, which is available to download here. The description for the project says “Vice Cry: Remastered is a full port of Vice Cry to Grand Theft Auto V, Running as a DLC, with many new details added for a true VC experience.” It’s worth noting that this doesn’t appear to be a remake of the story of Vice City, but rather a recreation of the world with original art assets.

Some of the features in Vice Cry: Remastered 1.0 include: new models and textures, car generators, working traffic lights, and much more. The project currently has a 4.56/5 star rating on the GTA V mods website, with many saying that it does a great job of recreating Vice City. As expected with most mods, some players have had difficulty getting Vice Cry: Remastered to run properly. But fear not, there’s even a discord chat linked on the download page where you can ask questions and report bugs to the developers.

Perhaps it’s true that hind sight is 20/20, so going into the new year with misty eyed nostalgia for Vice City is as good a time as any. It’s no doubt that GTA is one of the most profitable game series in the world, but it’s also one of the most admired. And of the fifteen games in the series, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City may be the most celebrated of all.

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Source: “Vice Cry”/GTA V mods

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Chris Heckmann

Grand Theft Auto 5 Added to Xbox Game Pass | Screen Rant

Xbox Game Pass is adding a major title to its lineup of games in the form of Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar Games has been financially rolling with the latest GTA through constant updates and revenue generated via the game’s various online expansions. Because of the constant updates, the game has managed to remain a top seller ever since its release in 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Since then it has released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, which brought with it a number of visual enhancements that made it well worth the upgrade for existing players.

Conversely, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has steadily been building a lineup of games that makes the subscription service a no-brainer for gamers looking to get the most out of their Xbox console. A recent wave of support added The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Untitled Goose Game, much to the delight of gamers subbed to the service. Every first-party title from Xbox Game Studios also gets added to the service at launch, making it a highly desirable option for any Xbox owner. Of course, it was inevitable that more beloved games would be added to the growing archive of Game Pass titles.

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Keeping that in mind, Microsoft opted to surprise everyone by confirming that one of the biggest games of the past generation, Grand Theft Auto 5, is coming to Xbox Game Pass beginning today. The news came via a tweet from the official Xbox Game Pass account, which showcased a cute little video that was put together to have some fun with the news. Although, the ability for Microsoft to simply shadowdrop GTA5 on Xbox Game Pass has to make gamers wonder just what else is currently being negotiated for or is planned to arrive on the service in the near future.

Microsoft has aggressively been pushing Game Pass lately and its plans for the service appear to be crystal clear as it is rolled into the company’s ongoing games streaming service testing, dubbed xCloud. Game Pass has even come over to PC in the past few months, with rumors emerging that Xbox Game Pass may even be making its way to Nintendo Switch at some point in the near future. All of this is exciting, as Microsoft begins to push its games into a more accessible format across a medley of platforms.

All of this, of course, is unlikely to interfere with plans surrounding Xbox Series X for 2020. The console will be running games catered to the hardware, as well as PC ports of those same titles that further extend to new audiences. All in all, Microsoft appears to have a sound strategy with Xbox Game Pass, support on rival hardware (i.e. Banjo and Kazooie appearing in Smash Bros Ultimate), PC support, and plans for its next-gen console. Now time will tell how quickly consumers jump aboard.

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Riley Little

Grand Theft Auto V: 20 Items That Are Impossible To Get (And Where To Get Them)

There’s no telling what’s in the water over at Rockstar North, but science definitely needs to put some money into researching it. It could probably be distilled into a magical elixir, one that instantly makes even the laziest of us perform at 1000% in our jobs.

What other explanation could there be for Grand Theft Auto V? At the time of its original release in 2013, the Hype Train had been barrelling along for some time (it was a new Grand Theft Auto game, after all), and it arrived on shelves with Earth-shattering force. Sales records were crushed into sad, defeated hunks of Spam.

In fact, they still are being crushed into sad, defeated hunks of Spam. Did you know that it was the 11th best-selling game of 2018, despite being over five years old?

What’s the secret to the game’s success, then? Really, it all boils down to one thing: there’s an absurd amount of things to do. Rockstar has been fantastic with rolling out regular free content for Grand Theft Auto Online, and it’s a far cry from the mess it was when it first launched (because the whole galaxy tried to log in at once as soon as possible and the system buckled under the pressure).

Even if you’re playing, solo, though, Los Santos is one humongous playground to explore. But how meticulously have you searched it since 2013? Do you own prized pieces like the Space Docker and Dunce Hat? Have you tracked down the elusive Kanye West? Let’s take a look at some of the rarest items in the game, and how you can get your hands on them.

20 The Jetpack

That’s right, friends. If you’ve been out of the loop for quite a while, you might think that the jetpack is nothing more than an urban legend. Largely because, for such a long time, it was. Back when the game was still new and canny players were busting the whole thing wide open, there were all kinds of theories as to how to unlock the jetpack. The mystery of Mt. Chiliad was thought to be the key to finding it, and so it was… in the online segment of the game.

As of the Doomsday Heist update, you can travel inside that secret bunker and actually get yourself that impractical flying device you’ve always wanted. It’s called the Thruster.

19 The Dunce Hat

Now, if you’ve spent more than about an eighth of a nanosecond playing the average online game, you’ll have noticed one thing: random players online can be super, super objectionable. There are the trolls, the griefers, the spammers, the rapping-along-with-Eminem-down-their-mic-ers… it can be an all-around bad time, that’s for sure.

This being Grand Theft Auto, of course, you’ve got to expect the average player to be an extra dose of unpleasant on top of that. This is why, early in the game’s lifespan, Rockstar implemented the bad sports system, which saw repeat offenders lumped into a pool with others of their ilk. They were also – hilariously – equipped with a dunce hat.

18 The Giant Taco Truck

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Yes, it’s fun to engage in precisely-planned and tactical heists with skilled players, but do you know what’s even more fun? Forgetting all of that and just messing around on the highways of Los Santos with ridiculous vehicles.

High-speed chases in tractors, buses, and fire trucks are what life is all about, right? If you really want to go for it, though, you’re going to want that huge taco truck that’s hidden away in the game.

It’ll spawn in a secretive location north of Sandy Shores, between the hours of 1 pm and 2 pm.

17 The Spaceship Parts

For as long as Grand Theft Auto V has existed, it’s been plagued by odd rumors about aliens. Those wacky funsters at Rockstar have hidden all manner of extra-terrestrial easter eggs throughout the game (more on that later), and the whole thing culminates in a little sidequest for the most dedicated players to solve: finding the Spaceship Parts.

You can start your search after completing the Fame or Shame mission in the main story, which unlocks the Far Outmission and sets you off on your journey. There are 50 parts to find in all, scattered across the map in the most unlikely places. How to find them? For one thing, you follow the glow and rhythmic humming they emit, and for another, you check out this handy-dandy guide (complete with map) from IGN.

16 The Space Docker

As you can imagine, if you’re not following a detailed guide, it sure can be tough to hunt down all 50 of those Spaceship Parts. Even if you are, it’s a bit of a slog. Do you remember the hunt for all of those hidden photo ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man? It definitely was not a good time.

What’s your reward for getting all of those Spaceship Parts? That’s the real question. The answer, if you didn’t know, is the Space Docker. This super-unconventional vehicle looks like a regular dune buggy, albeit one that Doc Brown has added all manner of enhancements and doohickeys to. It has the unique ability to briefly ‘glide’ if driven over a jump or ramp.

15 The P-996 LAZER

Now, there are two things we all know about top-secret government bases. For one thing, they’re sure to be home to a whole array of neat toys and forbidden knowledge that we’re never, ever supposed to know about (they’ve probably got the answer to why our partners leave stuff next to the dishwasher rather than inside it in there). For another, they’re going to enthusiastically defend those secrets.

So, you want that sweet-looking military jet? Good luck with that. The guards of Fort Zancudo take their job very seriously. As seriously as Arnold Schwarzenegger took his job of rescuing his daughter at the end of Commando, and with just as many explosions.

Prior to the P-996 LAZER Week (after which, they were available to buy), it was one heck of a dangerous ordeal to try and steal one of these.

14 Kanye West

That’s right. Never mind dunce hats, super-fancy military jets, or any of those sorts of things. As it turns out, one of the rarest secrets to find in Grand Theft Auto V is… Kanye West himself.

That’s right. The rapper, man-scarf seller, and social media wiseman has never been officially confirmed to be in the game, but many players have encountered an NPC that looks shockingly like him. A random spawn, he could appear anywhere in your game at any time. Possibly singing Stronger or Gold Digger or something, though that’s not been confirmed.

Keep an eye out for him on the streets of Los Santos.

13 UFOs

As we’ve already seen, the game is rife with alien references and sci-fi influences. You’d almost expect to see a boy riding a bicycle right up there in the darn sky, with an odd little lumpen creature in the basket.

After completing the main game 100% (no easy feat, as we’ll also see later), those references become much more implicit. Less obscure easter eggs, more huge UFOs right there in your darn face.

After getting that elusive 100%, flying saucers will start to spawn in select areas of the map, under particular conditions.

12 The Kraken

With the predominantly concrete jungle feel of Los Santos, you’ll probably spend much of your time up there on land. The city is huge, after all, and the opportunities for water exploration are pretty darn limited in comparison.

This isn’t to say that there’s not a lot to see down there, though. Underwater exploration is an intriguing distraction, and there are two vehicles you can use to do so: the submersible and the Kraken.

Both are pains to acquire, but the Kraken makes the list because (if you’re not a returning player) it requires you to complete Franklin’s Wildlife Photography Challenge to unlock. This is one of the more obscure sidequests, unlocked after completing the first Strangers and Freaks mission.

It’s quite the challenge, requiring you to get Snapmatic shots of everything from a seagull to a mountain lion.

11 The Halloween Livestream T-Shirts

If there’s one thing that dedicated fans both love (when they manage to get them) and hate (when they don’t), it’s time-limited event content.

Holidays are a big cause of this. Even Super Mario Odyssey got in on the Halloween fun last year, alongside so many other games. As we reported over on The Richest, Rockstar once released some very exclusive Halloween-themed shirts, which have left fans feeling all kinds of ways.

They were available only through one method: the Rockstar Broadcast Stream GTA Online T-shirt Cannon. As a result, they’re among the very rarest items available in the game. They aren’t available any more full stop, in fact. If you weren’t a lucky winner, you’re out of… luck.

10 The Yeti

The yeti, that most elusive of hairy beasts, has become a real pop culture phenomenon. Homer Simpson was mistaken for the creature in the episode “The Call of The Simpsons,” it’s appeared in all kinds of movies, TV shows and video games… it’s a star, there’s no doubt about that.

Did you also know, though, that Rockstar has hidden the legendary creature away in Grand Theft Auto V? In the mission, Predator, the player is sniping targets in the Rato Canyon area. Somewhere among the trees, visible only for a brief moment, is Bigfoot itself. Use your infra-red scope, and you’ll clearly see it. In the mission The Last One, meanwhile, the sasquatch that features is believed to simply be a man in a costume (according to Franklin, at least).

9 The Racing Blonde Tattoo

There’s something a little shonky about Grand Theft Auto V’s character creator. You’re kind of doomed to look spooky, whatever you do. Some of us feel forced to keep sunglasses on their characters at all times, because their eyes look like they haven’t slept for 65 million years.

Not to worry, though, because there’s such an absurd array of clothing and accessories to buy in the game’s stores. If you want to customize your avatar with some of the rarest tattoos, though, you’re going to have to be really darn good.

For the less able GTA V racers, the ultimate lost cause would probably be the Racing Blonde tattoo. To unlock this, you’ll need to set a racing world record.

8 The ‘Los Santos Legend’ Achievement/Trophy

Generally speaking, we gamers tend to be quite a goal-oriented bunch. We see that list of collectibles, we want them all. We see that platinum trophy, we darn well want it.

Achievements and trophies have been a part of gaming for a long time, and some of us go to extremes in order to earn them. We buy games we have no real interest in, simply because they’ve got a quick and easy platinum trophy to unlock.

Do you know which game sure as heck doesn’t have a quick and easy platinum trophy to unlock? That’s right, Grand Theft Auto V. In order to earn the title of Los Santos Legend, you’ll need to 100% the campaign itself, spend a total of $200,000 across all three characters, reach rank 100 in Grand Theft Auto Online… and those are just for starters.

7 The ‘Criminal Mastermind’ Heist Completion Bonus

As I say, then, Grand Theft Auto V has been available for quite some time now. So too have the long-awaited Heists (yes, they took their sweet time coming, but they eventually did). The veterans among you have surely mastered each of these unique missions by now, making the best possible profit you could in the process. But have you gotten yourself the ultimate reward?

As Rockstar themselves report, the Criminal Mastermind IV special challenge award is the holy grail. It requires you to complete every Doomsday Heist mission in order, with the same team of four players, on the hard difficulty without losing a single life.

Your reward? An impressive GTA$3,750,000.

6 The Letter Scraps

Like any open-world game, Grand Theft Auto V sure does have its share of collectibles. As with something like Marvel’s Spider-Man, they’re divided into categories, and there’s a certain amount of each.

So, you’ve managed to nab all fifty of the Spaceship Parts? Excellent work! Next, you’ve got fifty Letter Scraps to find. As before, they’re spread all across Los Santos (IGN’s handy-dandy guide is here to help with that), and there’s an intriguing little mystery at the bottom of it all.

Collecting them all will reward you with the full, sad story of Leonora Johnson’s demise, and a confession from the guilty party.

5 The Minigun

Now, we know what you’re thinking. How in heck can a minigun be tough to find? They’re huge, after all; named ironically, like calling an enormous wrestler Tiny.

Locating the minigun isn’t exactly the problem. It’s getting to it. Like the P-996 LAZER jet, before there was an easier method of acquiring it, it spawned right at the top of the Fort Zancudo control tower.

This is not a place you just pop into whenever you fancy for a slice of cake and a catch-up. This is not your mama’s house. Unless your mama’s house is full of angry armed guards and Rhino tanks.

4 Nuclear Waste

So, maybe you’ve collected all fifty of the Spaceship Parts AND all fifty of the Letter Scraps. That’s some pretty darn good going if you have, but there’s so much more to find in Los Santos.

Your next collectible? Nuclear Waste. You have the happy task of collecting barrels of it from the waters around Los Santos, and they sell for a pretty penny (which is probably a metaphor for something). This side mission is a pain for several reasons. Firstly, you need to have completed The Merryweather Heist, then buy the Sonar Docks at Paleto Cove. Completing these steps nets you the Minisub, which you’ll need to use to go and hunt down those barrels.

The convenient Trackify app will help you locate them.

3 For Real Collectors Only

Over the course of this rundown, we’ve taken a look at a lot of the secrets hidden away in Grand Theft Auto V’s vast world. Little hunks of spaceship, drums of nuclear waste, fragments of a letter… there’s an intense

But what about an actual physical item relating to the game? As we know, publishers just love to drop special editions of their releases, just to squeeze a few extra drops of cash out of us all. In this particular game’s case, the Collector’s Edition saw a very special physical map of Los Santos thrown in. It pinpoints the location of a lot of these hidden treasures, but, brilliantly, needs to be viewed under a blacklight for that.

2 The Vulkan

Oftentimes in video game development, things don’t end up the way you thought they would. Revisions are made, things are rewritten, content changed or cut entirely. The files from something long removed will often remain buried in the game somewhere, waiting for enterprising modders to come along and find.

Take the Vulkan, for instance, a fighter jet (an earlier take on the Hydra, in fact) that was cut out of the game. As we reported previously over on The Gamer, it was a neat-looking ride capable of dual-firing missiles, and a sad loss to the game.

How can you restore the Vulkan to playable glory? Only through the use of mods.

1 The Enus Super Diamond

Now, granted, this might not be the most difficult vehicle to acquire. It’s most certainly not, in fact. The thing is, though, the side mission to unlock it is so hilarious, and the element of chance involved is such a pain, that it definitely warrants inclusion here.

To get your hands on the Enus Super Diamond, you’re going to need one to spawn. In the game’s main story mode, it will occasionally appear in traffic (at Vespucci Beach or Rockford Hills), but that’s not interesting. What you really want is the random Groom In Trouble event to spawn.

This NPC will randomly appear tied to a lamppost. When you talk to him, he’ll explain that his bachelor party took a turn for the worst, and he needs you to help him run a couple of errands (in a very strict timeframe) before dropping him off at the wedding. He owns a Super Diamond (a gift from his new father-in-law), and, as a reward for delivering the groom to the church on time, the best man tells the player that they can keep the vehicle.

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Chris Littlechild

Grand Theft Auto V – Trailer 2

The action ramps up as the ragtag buddies of GTA V take their business to new heights in San Andreas in the second trailer to the highly anticipated fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series from Rockstar!

Grand Theft Auto V on GameTrailers:

Official Website:

Grand Theft Auto V
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Rockstar North
Release Date: Spring 2013
Genre: Action, Third Person
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

ESRB Content Rating: RP
Rating Pending
May Contain Content Inappropriate for Children

2012-11-14 16:59:46