eUnited Beats 100 Thieves to Win The CoD World Championship 2019

Earlier today, this year’s Call of Duty World Championship came to a dramatic finish with eUnited being crowned the overall winners after a hard-fought victory against 100 Thieves. While both teams were picked as favorites coming into this home stretch of the tournament, it was eUnited who managed to bring the CoD World Championship 2019 trophy home in what is now their second trophy win of this competitive season.

This North American team has come up against some pretty tough competition in this year’s gauntlet run-up to the finals of the World Championship. Taking out Team WaR with a definitive victory in the Round 1 bracket, they then proceeded to narrowly beat Evil Geniuses in Round 2, Units, and bookie’s favorite OpTic Gaming. 100 Thieves had a significantly harder slog through the competition, fighting their way through the Losers bracket past the likes of FaZe Clan, Enigma6, and Team Reciprocity to challenge eUnited as they sat pretty on the top of the Winners’ throne. Unfortunately, grit just wasn’t enough for 100 Thieves and eUnited dealt them a decisive finishing blow in the end.

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eUnited clinching the CoD World Championship 2019 crown was announced on the official Call of Duty Twitter account. eUnited definitely earned their title after a grueling series against their opponents, 100 Thieves, which had a number of nail-biting close calls as the teams traded matches back and forth in the final match series. With last year’s championships being played on Call of Duty: WWII maps, this year’s focus was on Black Ops 4, which nailed it from the critics’ perspective when early reviews rolled in late last year, though recent pay to win elements being introduced have soured that reception a little.

eUnited was the first to pull ahead after taking Seaside right out of the hands of 100 Thieves, but the latter soon equalized when Support player Enable put in some serious work and the team went on the offensive on Frequency Control. After another dominant performance on the subsequent Arsenal Hardpoint map from eUnited, the series went to its fifth game and eUnited’s MVP, Simp, came out on top when he took on 100 Thieves’ Priestahh. From then on, it was just a matter of the former playing clean-up crew as the team ultimately took it to a convincing victory over their opponents to earn the CoD World Championship 2019 trophy.

This isn’t the first time that eUnited has tasted success this season; they won big last month at the Pro League Playoffs in the Call of Duty World League Finals. Their opponents, 100 Thieves, have also managed to net multiple accolades this competitive season, which makes their victory here at the CoD World Championship 2019 even sweeter against a team of such a high caliber. Now that eUnited has taken home a sweet $800,000 as a reward for their hard work, the sky’s the limit for this team, especially MVP player Simp who was instrumental in many a victory across evenly-matched maps this grand final.

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Source: Call of Duty/Twitter

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