Martin Scorsese Doesn’t Think Marvel Movies Are Cinema

Martin Scorsese says that although he’s tried to watch them, he doesn’t think Marvel movies are cinema. With over a half a century of filmmaking to his credit, Scorsese has undeniably taken his place as one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema. A cinephile in the truest sense, Scorsese has loved movies his entire life, and the influence of the vast cinematic experiences he’s collected over the years is deeply felt in the work he produces.

At age 76, Scorsese is set to release his latest film next month: the highly anticipated The Irishman, which brings together such legendary acting greats as Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and long-time Scorsese collaborator, Joe Pesci.

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While Scorsese’s opinion about cinema has frequently been sought by entertainment journalists and filmmakers alike, it’s more common to hear the famed director speak about the films (old or new) that he likes than those he doesn’t. Most recently during an interview with Empire, however, Scorsese revealed his opinions about one of the biggest moneymakers going in Hollywood today – comic book movies, or more specifically in this case, Marvel movies. When the subject of the Marvel Cinematic Universe came up, Scorsese had the following to say:

“I don’t see them. I tried, you know? But that’s not cinema. Honestly, the closest I can think of them, as well made as they are, with actors doing the best they can under the circumstances, is theme parks. It isn’t the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being.”

It’s clear that Scorsese takes his cinema seriously and while he appears to have given comic book movies a chance, they simply do not measure up to his standard of what cinema is and the effect that it should have on audiences. It will perhaps be easy for some to dismiss Scorsese’s opinions as those from someone whose tastes only venture as far as arthouse films, but this simply isn’t the case, nor has it ever been when it comes to the filmmaker’s eclectic love for cinema.

Of course, criticism of the MCU or comic book movies in general never seems to go over well, so Scorsese’s comments are sure to arouse plenty of ire. That’s understandable to a certain degree, but it’s important to also understand that in terms of pure cinematic content, Scorsese may have a point. Marvel and comic book movies hold their own place as entertainment – there’s no denying they achieve huge feats in terms of the onscreen and box office spectacles that they create. For some, this is everything that a movie should be. But for those who want something more from the films they watch, Scorsese’s words may ring very true.

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Mike Jones

Nightmare Before Christmas: Why You THINK Tim Burton Directed The Movie

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas actually wasn’t directed by Tim Burton, but that hasn’t stopped many people from thinking it was – and there are a few reasons for that. The 1993 animated film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, is undoubtedly one of the classic, go-to Halloween movies every year, and it’s certainly one of the most beloved animated movies that wasn’t made by Disney Animation to come out of the 1990s, despite it still being a Disney movie.

Given its themes as well as the fact that Tim Burton’s name is prominently placed on the poster and in the film’s title, it’s easy to see why people have thought for the past few decades that Burton directed The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, the fact of the matter is that Henry Selick, who’s now known for other films such as James and the Giant Peach and Coraline, directed the movie, with Caroline Thompson having been credited with writing the script. So why do people think Burton directed The Nightmare Before Christmas?

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Firstly, the film is officially called Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and that title is plastered on the poster. That’s one of the biggest giveaways. Secondly, Burton produced the movie and worked on the story throughout development, crafting it with his Beetlejuice collaborator Michael McDowell and then later composer Danny Elfman, who also wrote the movie’s songs. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, The Nightmare Before Christmas is very much Burton’s idea as the entire concept is based on his poem.

Long before Tim Burton began directing his own movies, he worked at Walt Disney Animation Studios. While there, he wrote a three-page poem titled The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it wasn’t until several years later – after Burton had been fired from Disney and subsequently directed Batman and Beetlejuice – that Disney ultimately considered adapting the poem. So it was always his idea from the start. What’s even more interesting is that Burton, when he was about 10 years old, created a prototype Jack Skellington Halloween costume with his mother.

All of this, coupled with the unique art style of the film, is why people think Tim Burton directed The Nightmare Before Christmas, but he didn’t; he was too busy working on Batman Returns at the time. Despite everything that Burton put into the project, Selick, Elfman, and many other people – from the creative team to the animators – put in all of their effort to bring audiences one of the most uniquely stylized animated films of the modern era. It just wasn’t directed by Tim Burton.

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Survivor: 5 Castaways We Think Have A Shot At Winning Season 39 (& 5 We Don’t)

Survivor 39 premieres tonight, and this season is sure to be an interesting one. With past winners Sandra Diaz-Twine and Boston Rob Mariano acting as mentors this season (which could very well be a ploy to get them into the game, à la Big Brother 14), who knows what’s going to happen? Today, we’re going to be looking over the cast list to determine who we think has a chance to win it all, along with those who we think have no shot whatsoever. Let’s get right on into it.

10 Can Win: Elizabeth Beisel

Well, this one is kind of a no-brainer. Elizabeth here is an Olympian. What? Is that an unfair advantage? Seems like a bit of an unfair advantage. Either way, an Olympic Medal holder is surely one to watch out for on Survivor. She also believes that she has a strong social game that will help carry her to the end along with her physical strength. This is one you should certainly watch out for.

9 No Shot: Dan Spilo

Dan Spilo says that his best qualities are going to be his helpfulness at camp, making sure that people are tended to, all the while being helpful to their own games. Hmm. Dan seems to want to play a social-heavy game, and that’s not all that it takes if you want to be Sole Survivor. Dan didn’t mention anything about winning competitions, so let’s hope he’s got a good physical game to back his social one up.

8 Can Win: Jack Nichting

Well, Jack here is obviously going to be the winner of Survivor 39. He’s got the hair. You know, the Joe hair that somehow makes sure that you get to the end no matter what. Jack says that he has the ability to put all morals aside and play as a cutthroat competitor while wanting to stay in the background for as long as possible. It’s hard to hide in Survivor, so let’s see if he’ll really be able to keep that energy when he finds himself on the island.

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7 No Shot: Janet Carbin

Rooting for Janet might be a bit of a losing game when it comes to Survivor 39. Unfortunately, the game isn’t always too kind to older players in a few different ways. One of the core pieces of Survivor is the social aspect, and more often than not, younger players tend to gravitate toward each other. This can make it hard for players like Janet to make strong connections that can take her far in the game. However, don’t count anyone out before they’ve even gotten started. Janet believes she’s got the athleticism it takes to compete in Survivor. Let’s hope that she can rough it out with the rest of them. No one auditions for this show if they think they can’t win.

6 Can Win: Tom Laidlaw

While it can certainly be harder for older players to make it to the end, it also isn’t impossible. Tom Laidlaw might be 60 years old, but he has one crucial piece of experience on his side to help him take the win home. He’s a former NHL player. Sure, while he’s certainly not in the prime of his youthful days, you don’t play in the NHL without coming away with something. His athleticism should be handy, and Tom thinks that he has the social side of things on lock, so let’s see if he can make the best use of his skills to come out $1 million richer by the end of the season. Only time will tell.

5 No Shot: Dean Kowalski

Doesn’t poor Dean here totally  give off the vibe of the strong guy who will be useful in team challenges but will be taken out before the merge? Because that’s totally the vibe that we’re getting. The social side of Survivor will be crucial to Dean, as he’ll need people who want to work with him if he’s going to make it to finale night. Dean thinks that he has the social-awareness and leadership to take him far. Let’s just be wary. Self-proclaimed leaders really aren’t the ones who we see in the final three. Maybe a nice jury seat though.

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4 Can Win: Missy Byrd

Missy is a 24-year-old Air Force Veteran from Georgia. Air Force Veteran alone is sure to make her a standout in the competition. However, she also wants to survive the game because Beyoncé wrote a song about surviving and she doesn’t want to let her down. Everyone, a round of applause for Missy, please. You have our support. Best of luck out there.

3 No Shot: Noura Salman

Noura describes herself as being, “a nerd, jock, and model with brains, brawn, and beauty.” She also claims that she has the ability to influence people to do what she wants. Doesn’t that kind of seem like someone who will try to take over camp quickly and then be booted out in response? Well, Noura could surprise us, so let’s not paint her as a loser too quickly. Let’s take a wait and see the approach here.

2 Can Win: Tommy Sheehan

Tommy here knows that he has the athletics to win challenges. However, he also knows that isn’t the key to winning Survivor. Tommy says that his main goal will be forming real connections with people in order to make them want to keep him around longer. Along with that, he plans to be a part of blindsides and finding idols. If Tommy can do all of this, he’s going to do well in this game. Emphasis on the if though.

1 No Shot: Vince Moua

Vince is confident. He is confident in his social game. Cutting people off, convincing people, leading decisions. Maybe a little too confident? High confidence can be the kiss of death on Survivor. He also didn’t mention anything about his athleticism (that could actually keep him low on the radar for a while), which could be worrisome. Let’s see how Vince manages to do once Survivor 39 gets underway.

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Colby Tortorici

Modern Games on CRT Monitors Look Way Better Than You Think

A new report revealed that running modern games on vintage CRT monitors produces incredible visual fidelity, to the point that the CRT monitors are actually upgrades to LCD monitors, apparently all the way up to current OLED display versions of that type. Gaming monitors are notoriously finicky test subjects that can often lead to subjective discrepancies among people who use them – for instance, fighting game players have maintained that CRT televisions are by far the best choice for certain titles, while competitive Fortnite players experienced a period of time when it was important to use stretched screen resolutions to perform their best – before Epic Games banned it.

Modern technology is, naturally, almost always an improvement on its predecessors, at least when it comes to pure technological specs and performance. In context, many old gaming peripherals have withstood the test of time, including controllers like the GameCube, which remains a popular addition to Nintendo console owners even now that the Switch is the current generation device. With monitors, though, there’s always been a place for CRT tech – CRT doesn’t have upscaling blur or native resolution issues, and motion resolution is crisp while display lag basically doesn’t exist. That hasn’t always equated to belief that they simply perform better than LCD monitors, though, especially when it comes to modern gaming.

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A new report from Digital Foundry, however, has conclusively proven that CRT monitors overperform with modern games, doing better than LCD counterparts many years younger. In a video explaining modern games on CRT monitors as part of a recognition of the growing trend to pick up this technology for nostalgic gamers, the analysts found that the CRT monitors were doing suspiciously well – not because they’re renowned to be bad, but more because the common logic here would suggest modern games have moved beyond what the tech is capable of.

That’s not the case, however. Host Rich Leadbetter showcases a Sony CRT monitor – to be fair, one of the best ever made – and it produces wild results. At the very least, it’s worth considering whether or not gamers gave up on CRT technology too soon, given that it was dropped in the early 2000s and has never been picked back up by companies. Given the retro aesthetic and surprising performance, it’s also worth wondering whether or not companies will see this and cash in on the buzz by releasing a cheap modern CRT for fans to try out.

The fact that the CRT monitor can crisply display Remedy’s Control with such a smooth performance is a great example of how out-dated tech can be given new life by those willing to experiment with it. By no means will CRT monitors completely replace the current consumer market – there are still plenty of monitors using more current technology that will outperform the CRT. However, it’s a nice throwback that lends further fuel to the argument that the “golden age” of gaming might have been between the late 90s and early 00s, as PC gamers literally didn’t know how good they had it until now.

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Russo Brothers Think MCU/Spider-Man Split is Tragic Mistake by Sony

The Russo brothers think Sony made a “tragic mistake” in ending their Spider-Man deal with Marvel. In early 2015, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures reached an unprecedented agreement that allowed Spider-Man to be reinvented as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sadly, that deal has now ended, and the two studios have parted ways.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been a part of the deal from the very beginning, when Marvel first approached Sony in the hope of incorporating Spider-Man into Captain America: Civil War. They knew how difficult it was to get two rival studios on the same page; as a result, the Russos have said they weren’t surprised Marvel and Sony parted ways, but avoided airing their opinions on the split.

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Until a recent interview with the Toronto Sun, that is. In it, the Russos reiterate how much of a delight it was to work with Spider-Man, but Joe Russo goes on to add that he feels Sony will suffer because the deal has ended. “Stepping back and trying to be objective as possible,” Joe Russo reflects, “I think it’s a tragic mistake on Sony’s part to think that they can replicate Kevin [Feige]’s penchant for telling incredible stories and the amazing success he has had over the years. I think it’s a big mistake.

The Russos certainly have a point. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is a visionary film-maker who plans things out years in advance; the success of the entire MCU is in large part due to his tremendous skill. Feige was given pretty much sole control of the MCU after a corporate restructure in 2015, and since then the franchise has gone from strength to strength, with a series of high-profile blockbusters. He seems to have an eye for talent, identifying scriptwriters and directors who can turn a film into a success, and he gives his directors a lot of creative freedom. Spider-Man certainly profited from Feige’s leadership, with Spider-Man: Far From Home becoming Sony’s highest-grossing film ever.

Presumably Sony would disagree, pointing to the success of Venom, which grossed over $850 million in the global box office. There have been reports they didn’t find Feige particularly helpful with Venom, and as a result they began to feel they’d learned all they needed from him. Meanwhile, it is possible to overstate the MCU’s importance for the latest Spider-Man reboot; while it was a tremendous box office hit, that may in part be because the superhero genre has never been so big. Six superhero movies have broken $1 billion in the last two years, including the record-breaking Avengers: Endgame.

Ultimately, only time will tell whether or not the Russo brothers are right. Sony believe they can incorporate Spider-Man into their Venomverse, replacing Iron Man and Nick Fury team-ups with alliances with Venom and Morbius. MCU fans find the prospect disappointing, to say the least; #SonyIsOver trended for days after the deal broke down. Still, it remains to be seen whether or not casual moviegoers will keep turning up now the wall-crawler has left the MCU.

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Thomas Bacon

So You Think You Can Dance: 10 Season Winners and Where They Are Now

So You Think You Can Dance just closed off its 16th season, and we’re still loving every second of the brilliant choreographers, numbers, and dancers. This hit reality show is produced by the same masterminds behind American Idol, Nigel Lythgoe (who you’ll know as a judge on this show) and Simon Fuller. There have been many dancers crowned as America’s favorite dancer, but what happens after that?

We thought fans of the show would be interested to see where their favorite winners ended up. Sure, some of them are all-stars on the show, but what else are they doing?

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10 Nick Lazzarini (Season 1)

You’ll remember Nick aaaaall the way back from season 1. Sure, he was America’s first favorite dancer, but what is he doing now? Well, Nick moved on to become a founding member of a dance company, Evolution Dance Co., where he works with other alumni from SYTYCD.

If you follow Travis Wall (which we know you all do), you’ll know that he has a dance company in LA called Shaping Sound. Well, Nick is also one of the founders of this company, and that’s what he’s up to today!

9 Joshua Allen (Season 4)

After taking home the crown from the fourth season, Joshua moved on to be a featured dancer in many television shows and films. He actually danced alongside tWitch (the runner-up of his season) in Step Up 3D. He later went on to be a featured dancer in the remake of Footloose, and appeared in Community and American Horror Story. He even does some commercials! So you might find him on TV when you’re looking at Honda vehicles or McDonald’s burgers.

8 Jeanine Mason (Season 5)

Jeanine actually went on to become a famous actress, shockingly enough. Clearly, she’s good at dance, but it was her true passion to pursue acting. She appeared in many shows, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Big Time Rush, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and even had a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Sam Bello. It’s safe to say she’s doing pretty well for herself.

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7 Lauren Froderman (Season 7)

Lauren took home the crown for season 7 in 2010, and, since then, she’s gone on to do some minor acting roles. She was in an episode of Glee, appeared in a couple of shorts, and was most recently apart of TV mini-series How to Get the Girl (2019). She is also a current all-star on SYTYCD! And, for some extra trivia, apparently, she dated current judge and alum, Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval for four years? We guess it’s a small dance world out there.

6 Melanie Moore (Season 8)

Moore actually also appeared on the TV show All the Right Moves! So, she was also involved with Shaping Sound Dance Company. What’s even cooler, is that Melanie was actually (like Lauren) in the fourth season of Glee as a background character.

Today, Melanie is doing Broadway, which is no shock at all. She was Peter Pan in “Finding Neverland”, and even received a prestigious Broadway award for the role. Most recently, she’s done “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Hello Dolly!”. You can catch her as an all-star on SYTYCD, too.

5 Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (Season 9)

Chehon has moved on to become a creative director for many shows and celebrities. He’s worked on the set of American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Dance Moms, and even Bones. As for celebrities, he’s worked with John Legend and Jennifer Lopez. What’s really neat is that he is even credited with being the director for many of T-Swift’s videos! It’s safe to say he’s doing really well and is even the mastermind behind some of your favorite artists and shows.

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4 Amy Yakima (Season 10)

Amy actually also appeared on Broadway and replaced Melanie Moore in “Finding Neverland” in 2015 as Peter Pan! Since then, she’s been touring with more SYTYCD alumni with Shaping Sound. Clearly, Travis Wall is utilizing the excellent pool of dancers that this awesome reality show has to offer. Why wouldn’t he, right?

3 Ricky Ubeda (Season 11)

We all know and remember Ricky, the sweetest (and most flexible!) dude around. In 2015, Ricky joined Broadway for “On the Town.” Since then, he has been in the Broadway show “Cats the Musical,” and we can’t imagine anything better for this bubbly and talented man. Ricky is also set to be in the 2020 film, West Side Story, which is directed by the infamous Steven Spielberg.

2 Gaby Diaz (Season 12)

Gaby is also one of the SYTYCD alumni to have toured with Shaping Sound, and she’s also been a prominent all-star back on the set of So You Think You Can Dance. Now, Gaby is a part of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, which is essentially a dance program and school. So, unfortunately for us, Gaby has moved away from the whole “commercial” dance thing. However, with that said, Gaby is also set to appear in the 2020 film West Side Story alongside Ricky, so you better look out for her.

1 Hannahlei Cabanilla (Season 15)

Hannhalei won the most recent season of SYTYCD (save this newest season which is just closing up!). She actually scored a role with Rent: Live (2019), which is a TV movie that included a whole plethora of famous stars. She worked alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Jordan Fisher, just to name a couple. Since she literally just won her season last year, she’s pretty new to the professional world. So, her dancing career is most likely far from over, since it’s really only just begun, and we’re excited to see what she has to offer next.

As this current season of 2019 is wrapping up, we expect to have a new ambitious and talented winner to add to this list. Are you team Sophie, Bailey, Gino, or Mariah? Well, you’ll have to tune it to find out who the next addition to this list will be.

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Meah Peers

Jane Foster Can’t Become THOR The Way Marvel Fans Think

The secret is out for Thor: Love & Thunder, with Natalie Portman becoming the MCU’s next cosmic superhero–or she will be, once Jane Foster becomes the new Thor. But even if Jane is worthy of godhood… how she will actually get that power is a serious problem for any Marvel fan who’s been paying attention.

After all, the entire mythology of Thor and his role as the God of Thunder centers on being ‘worthy’ of lifting Mjolnir–and gaining the ‘Power of Thor’ that the act bestows. That’s how it’s always been in Marvel’s comic book universe, and it’s the way the first Thor movie understood the magic. But with Mjolnir destroyed, and the power it grants now a logical mess in the current MCU, the way Jane Foster becomes Thor in the actual comics can’t be adapted.Which leaves fans with the same question the filmmakers must now answer: how is Jane Foster supposed to become worthy of Thor’s powers… if Mjolnir doesn’t exist to give them to her?

For anyone who missed out on the actual story of Jane Foster lifting Mjolnir to become ‘The Mighty Thor’ in Marvel Comics, the changing of the hero’s identity took everyone by surprise–Thor Odinson and Jane included. After Thor found himself unworthy of Mjolnir in the Original Sin event, he was forced to abandon his hammer on the surface of the Moon. But on the final page of the relaunched Thor #1, a mysterious woman approached the hammer speaking the words, “There must always be a Thor.” With that she raised Mjolnir, and transformed into the new Goddess of Thunder. And we do mean ‘transformed.’

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It’s a detail largely lost in Thor’s adaptation to the MCU, but the idea that lifting Mjolnir physically transforms the wielder into Thor goes back to the hero’s beginnings. Over time, Thor’s alter ego was erased, leaving Thor of Asgard looking the part whether holding Mjolnir or not. But the literal interpretation inscribed on Mjolnir returned with Jane Foster: when lifting the hammer, she is blessed with superhuman strength, endurance, knowledge, durability, and flight–and her physical form changes to match. Which poses a problem for the movies, because…

If fans remember back to the very first Thor movie, they can recall a more or less accurate depiction of this magic at work. Deemed unworthy by his father, Thor Odinson becomes a mortal without any of his powers (but still retaining the same appearance, since Marvel cast Chris Hemsworth for a reason). The film’s final battle sticks to this mythology as well, returning to Thor’s hand and transforming him into his God of Thunder form. Unfortunately, that’s about the last time Marvel stuck to the lore behind Mjolnir at all.

As we’ve explored in the past, the MCU basically ignored Thor’s entire mythology for the sake of a more comedic reboot in Thor: Ragnarok. When Mjolnir was destroyed in the comics, Jane lost her powers completely and returned to normal human physiology. But in the movies, the destruction of Mjolnir renders Thor as weak and depowered as an everyday Asgardian… for a while. Right up until his father Odin informs him that Thor was always the God of Thunder himself, and never needed Mjolnir–making it a hunk of metal, and nothing more.

That change to comic canon is backed up when Captain America lifts Mjolnir in Avengers: Endgame, and doesn’t transform into Thor form–he simply wields it as a cosmic hammer, with a blast of lightning here and there for added effect. The directors of Endgame can’t be blamed for not really knowing how to handle Mjolnir’s magic, because Thor’s own movies have erased its ability to bestow the ‘God of Thunder’ power upon its wielder. Which poses a MAJOR problem, now that Jane Foster needs to become The Mighty Thor in Love & Thunder.

The benefit to the Thor/Mjolnir confusion in the MCU is that the rules have been so thoroughly broken, and fans have taken so little issue along the way, the filmmakers are free to come up with a new, even semi-workable solution. After all, the idea of the Asgardians being literal ‘Gods of…’ anything has been cast aside as well (Loki’s magic and trickery were taught to him by his mother, not innate). Since Odin presumably bestowed Thor’s power, too, then it may be an authority granted to the King of Asgard–or Queen, now that Thor has appointed Valkyrie the new ruler.

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If the idea that “there must always be a Thor” is maintained on film, but Mjolnir can’t seek out or choose Jane as it did in the comics, it must be something else. Will Valkyrie sense Jane Foster being chosen as the new Goddess of Thunder? Will she choose Jane due to her knowledge of Bifrost, or the ‘magic’ of Asgard she can actually understand and practice? Or will she choose Jane knowing it will catch Thor’s attention like nothing else could? Whatever the answer, there’s still no Mjolnir. Which may be the biggest problem for Thor 4 to fix going forward.

Again, the fact that Marvel reduced Mjolnir to a hammer, enchanted so only a few worthy (whatever that means) people could lift it means its destruction isn’t too important. Even Thor has judged his Infinity War axe Stormbreaker to be a better weapon since it’s bigger. So there’s nothing keeping Valkyrie from forging another hammer, enchanting it to seek out someone worthy of becoming the new God of Thunder, and it ending up in Jane’s hand. Again, that’s more due to the lack of lore than what’s been established, but a fix is a fix. However, it’s possible that the rebirth of Mjolnir and its selection of Jane could mean much, much more.

The modern comics revealed the truth of Mjolnir, not even known to Thor himself: that the hammer contained Tempest, also known as ‘The Mother of Storms,’ basically a cosmic force which Thor wielded through Mjolnir. After its destruction, and after Thor proved himself truly worthy, the Mother of Storms collected the shards of the shattered hammer to forge a new, more powerful Mjolnir. The same could take place in Thor: Love & Thunder, since a cosmically-reforged Mjolnir slamming into the ground in front of Valkyrie could have only one meaning.

Jane Foster would have several reasons to be called to the site, but if handled properly this new origin for ‘The Mighty Thor’ could adapt one of the best modern changes to the mythology of Mjolnir. One that would make both Jane Foster and her hammer more powerful than Thor has ever been. When Thor Odinson first sought out the ‘pretender Thor’ in the comics, he yielded after witnessing Jane’s mastery of Mjolnir. Controlling it even outside of her hand, changing its speed and direction at will, Thor acknowledged it served her as it had never served him.

When Mjolnir was recently reforged to end the War of The Realms, it brought a tear to Thor’s eye… since it meant The Mother of Storms now accepted his command willingly, and not through force as Odin had done the first time. Combining the two stories, it seems fated that in Thor: Love & Thunder, the Mother of Storms should forge a new, stronger Mjolnir to send forth to the Queen of Asgard, calling out to a new Goddess of Thunder to accept the duties Odin’s son has left behind. Now, we just have to hope Marvel Studios agrees.

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Andrew Dyce

Bachelor In Paradise: Some Fans Think Demi & Kristian Should Leave

Some fans feel Demi Burnett and her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty should have left Bachelor in Paradise since they were dating prior to filming. The two are choosing to remain in Mexico, however, despite already finding love, and despite the fact that Haggerty is not a contestant.

Bachelor in Paradise is a dating competition show that brings former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants together in a Mexican resort to see if they can find love. One major talking point of the latest season is that it features its first same-sex relationship, Burnett and Haggerty. While Burnett came on the show alone – she was a contestant from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor – and hit it off with fellow cast member Derek Peth, her girlfriend, who she was seeing prior to the show, joined the cast. Haggerty has been invited to stay in Mexico and pursue Burnett, even though she isn’t a member of Bachelor Nation. Now, some viewers are saying they think the couple should’ve left instead.

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In the latest episode Bachelor in Paradise, Haggerty surprised Burnett in Mexico. When Burnett saw her, she immediately broke down into tears, realizing she still had very strong feelings for Haggerty. Then she ended things with Peth, and she and Haggerty went on their first one-on-one date. Only it wasn’t their actual first date, since they’d been dating prior to appearing on the series. They also exchanged “I love yous” on the date, for what didn’t seem like the first time. A lot of fans think it’s rude that Bachelor in Paradise producers would keep Burnett and Haggerty around, forcing Peth to watch their love unfold.

Some people suggested they send the two women home, since they’d clearly already found love outside the show, and instead give Peth a date card and a chance to find love. Others have compared Burnett to Jed Wyatt, who was a in a serious relationship before going on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Burnett has struck back at this criticism, saying it’s not at all the same because she’s been open and honest throughout the process. Her supporters are defending her, saying that it’s about time the show had a same-sex couple and that that alone is reason enough to keep the two women around. For fans in the LGBTQ community, it’s been great to watch the emotional and tender moments between Haggerty and Burnett, including when Burnett talked about coming out to her parents.

But while these are important and powerful moments to show audiences, some people believe the show could have just as easily cast more LGBTQ people in The Bachelorette and The Bachelor; that way, the series would have more queer representation without showrunners needing to change the rules. In the meantime, it’s been refreshing to watch a same-sex couple on the show. And, despite critics, it looks like Burnett and Haggerty are here to stay. There are even rumors the two get engaged at the end of the season. Regardless of it being against the rules and not really making any sense per the show, it’s really nice to see a queer couple in paradise, and hopefully this will have a ripple effect throughout the rest of the franchise.

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Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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Sarah Beauchamp

Star Wars: 6 Rise of Skywalker Rumours That Could Be Legit (& 4 We Think Aren’t)

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker releases in December and, as is often the case regarding any blockbuster of this sheer size and magnitude, the internet is currently awash with rumours about what will happen. The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi have so far presented to audiences the tales of Rey, Kylo Ren and co doing battle for the Resistance and the First Order but, with Emperor Palpatine poised to return in some way, things could be about to get a much-needed shake-up.

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We now look through the rumour mill and judge what we think we may be true, and what’s a load of Bantha Fodder, ahead of the final chapter of the Skywalker saga.

10 Legit: Rey’s Parentage Will Change

To say that The Last Jedi was a divisive movie is putting it mildly, with fans still disgruntled at the way Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of Disney and Lucasfilm handed the blockbuster when it hit screens back in December 2017. One of the reasons for that was the revelation that, despite Rey being extremely powerful with the force despite never having much training, she wasn’t related to anybody gifted. Instead, the Jakku scavenger was told by Kylo Ren that she’s a ‘nobody’.

This was a slap in the face. People had spent the previous two years devising theories galore, suggesting she could be a Skywalker, a Solo, a Kenobi or even a Palpatine. And with fans eager to see that change we expect JJ Abrams will give a far more satisfying conclusion to what, so far, has been the biggest mystery of the sequel trilogy. After all, why else would she be so strong?

9 Legit: Jannah Will Be Lando’s Daughter

The Rise of Skywalker is going to introduce us to several new characters and among them is Jannah, who will be played by Naomi Ackie. Disney’s sequel trilogy has learnt first-hand that you can’t introduce a new character without fans expecting them to be related to somebody we’ve seen before and we think the theory that she may be related to loveable rogue Lando Calrissian may just end up ringing true.

There’s several things that suggest this. Lando is Lando, he’s a charmer and scoundrel, meaning he was certainly popular with the ladies (and apparently droids) around the galaxy. Janna is seen sporting a cape and quirky attire the former Cloud City kingpin would be proud of and Ackie allowed herself a big smile when the question was put to her at Star Wars celebration in April. If Han Solo ended up becoming a parent, maybe his old partner in crime did too.

8 Not Legit: Darth Vader Will Return

The Rise of Skywalker is actually the final movie in the Skywalker saga, despite it’s misnomer of a title. And with Darth Vader being the most prominent member of the galaxy’s biggest family, talk has been rife that the former Sith Lord will make a stunning on-screen return. If Palpatine’s back in some way or another, why can’t Vader return?

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And while we like the idea, it makes no sense. Vader’s death in Return of the Jedi came at the perfect moment and in the most ideal of circumstances: the villain of the franchise turned hero at great personal cost, murdering Palpatine (or so we thought) and then dying shortly afterwards. To bring him back in the flesh would take away from his sacrifice and also remove the emotional element of his passing all those years ago.

7 Legit: There Will Be A Darth Vader Ghost Scene

While we’ve ruled out Vader returning physically, we’re definitely onboard with the prospect of Darth Vader returning as a force ghost in The Rise of Skywalker. There were plans for the character to return as a force ghost in The Force Awakens as a hydrid Vader-Anakin being but they were scrapped, with JJ Abrams choosing to overlook the character completely.

However, what with this being the final chapter of the Skywalker saga, it would make perfect sense for him to return. Luke Skywalker may need guidance, what with living among the land of the dead, and Rey is surely in need of assistance as she helps about bringing down both Darth Vader and Palpatine. Throw in the fact that Kylo Ren is obsessed with his grandfather and we can’t see any way Star Wars’ biggest villain won’t return for the final outing of the franchise.

6 Legit: Kylo Ren Will Change Sides And Fight Alongside Rey

Star Wars has always focused on the need for the poetic. And with Darth Vader changing sides back in Return of the Jedi, a similar fate may await the character of Kylo Ren who, despite last being seen consolidating his control of the First Order, has shown himself particularly vulnerable to both sides of the force so far.

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There have been various hints about Kylo’s allegiance throughout both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Young Ben Solo is conflicted, stopping short of murdering his mother but also ensuring father Han Solo bite the dust. He looked set to side with Rey after murdering Supreme Leader Snoke but, once again, he chose to stay in the darkness. With Palpatine returning, however, he may need some assistance if he is to take down the biggest bad guy in Star Wars history. And that may mean him following in Vader’s footsteps by changing allegiances and fighting alongside Rey.

5 Not Legit: Luke Skywalker Returning From The Dead

In many fans’ opinions, the portrayal of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker was off in The Last Jedi. His character had none of the warmth or charm of the original trilogy and he made some questionable decisions, such as trying to kill a young Ben Solo, refusing to help his friends in their hour of need and even fighting Rey on the planet of Ac’To.

Luke died at the end of The Last Jedi and there have been rumours that he will return in order to have one final showdown with Palpatine. But we can’t see this happening for two reasons: one is that it would take away from Luke’s magical sacrifice at the end of Return of the Jedi, where his death allowed the remaining members of the Resistance to get away to safety and continue the fight. And secondly, with Palpatine himself returning, that will be too much retconning in one movie. We expect Hamill’s character to return – but only as a force ghost.

4 Legit: Emperor Palpatine Will Try and Take Over A Host

We know that Palpatine is coming back. His distinctive laugh heard in The Rise of Skywalker trailer – coupled with Ian McDiramid’s appearance at Star Wars Celebration – is proof of that alone. However, while some people have suggested he found a way to survive his throw down the Death Star via Darth Vader, it’s far more likely he will find a way to return via a different way.

And whispers have suggested that Palpatine may have found a way to cling to life via the spiritual world. It seems feasible that he will take over the body of a younger force user, who may or not be portrayed by Matt Smith. There’s no chance Palpatine would have found a way to survive his fall down the Death Star chute and inhabiting another host seems the only logical explanation for his return. There’s even talk he may try and take over Kylo Ren which, given he’s the final member of the Skywalker family that Palpatine has torn apart for years, makes sense.

3 Not Legit: Palpatine Was Snoke

It was just two years ago when Star Wars fans were besotted by the idea of Supreme Leader Snoke being a version, or perhaps transformation, of a character we’d seen before. He seemed strong with the dark side, even managing to confront both Kylo Ren and Rey with relative ease, before being mercilessly slaughtered by his apprentice during The Last Jedi.

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Since then, it’s been suggested that Snoke was perhaps Palpatine, a host the Sith icon inhabited. But we can’t see this happening. While we expect The Rise of Skywalker to fill out certain parts of the mysterious character’s backstory, it seems unfeasible that he was the former Emperor all along. Namely because no chance would Palpatine allow himself to be so easily tricked by an apprentice, not when he was able to keep Darth Vader in line for so many years…

2 Legit: Sith Troopers Serve Palpatine Himself

Star Wars fans were certainly excited when, in July, the Sith Troopers were showed off for the first-ever time. With their red armour and distinctive look, they immediately set online tongues wagging and many speculated them to potentially be Kylo Ren’s own private guard. However, since then, a new rumour has emerged.

The said rumour claims that they answer to Palpatine, and Palpatine only. They will be big players behind his return and have ships that have super-powerful weapons akin to a Death Star. Given their name, this just might be true. Kylo showed during The Last Jedi that he wanted everything to end, including the Sith, which means it’s unlikely he’ll be embracing them. They serve as another obstacle to him rising to power and an alliance just doesn’t look to be on the cards.

1 Not Legit: Time Travel

Time travel is back in fashion, with the MCU successfully using it to give fans a sublime blockbuster in the form of Avengers: Endgame. And there’s talk Star Wars will go down a similar route, with theorists suggesting Rey will find a way to undo the past and bring the likes of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and even Anakin Skywalker back to the land of the living.

But this…seems far-fetched. While Disney are under pressure to get the latest Star Wars movie right, what with The Last Jedi being so divisive and Solo: A Star Wars story failing to scale any heights at the box office, we can’t see them resorting to something that worked for another blockbuster they own. It would also be an incredibly controversial move and, given how split fans are, taking risks is the last thing the franchise needs…

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Jack Otway

Endgame Directors Think Keanu Reeves Would Make A Good Moon Knight

Avengers: Endgame directorsJoe and Anthony Russo think Moon Knight would be the perfect character for Keanu Reeves to play in the MCU. The franchise is in a transitional phase after wrapping up The Infinity Saga. This means that new heroes are set to be introduced in the next coming years, with projects like Chloe Zhao’s Eternals and Daniel Destin Cretton’s Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. But one of the most anticipated heroes to eventually debut is Marc Sceptor aka Moon Knight.

It’s no secret that Marvel Studios has been wanting John Wick star Reeves to appear in their interconnected franchise. He was supposed to play Yon Rogg in Captain Marvel (a role that went to Jude Law), but had to back out due to a scheduling conflict. He was once again rumored for Eternals, but with a confirmed cast set that doesn’t include him, the actor continues to be open to play another MCU character. And when asked, the Russos say they want to see Reeves as Sceptor.

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Speaking with Kevin Smith for IMDb at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the Russos were asked to cast a fan-favorite actor in the MCU. The duo was baffled, with Joe saying that “it’s limitless.” But when the host floated the idea of Reeves as Moon Knight, the filmmakers were quickly on board calling that casting choice “a good call.”

Wrapping up their long-running gig with the MCU via Endgame, Joe and Anthony are now back to being fans of the franchise. They do admit, however, that they have an inkling on what the future holds for the franchise after the universe-shaking events of Avengers: Infinity War and its predecessor. “We have an idea of what like the next one or two are, just from tangentially hearing about it while we were there, I don’t know. We don’t want to know, in a way,” Joe said.

At this point, the filmmaking duo doesn’t have any Marvel-related projects, but since Marvel Studios likes to keep in touch with their favorite filmmakers, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that fans will see the Russos involved in the MCU again in some capacity. Perhaps, their thoughts on Moon Knight can have an effect on Marvel Studios’ casting process, especially with Feige already confirming that they have plans for the character, with James Gunn even pitching a film story.

All that being said, given the official Marvel Studios slate, any hopes of seeing Reeves as Moon Knight could take a while. Between their big screen and small screen projects, Feige and his team’s hands are currently full. In addition to that, the MCU architect did say that it could take at least a decade before they even get to their plans for the Earth-bound character mostly known for his detective skills. All that being said, if they’re able to finally lock Reeves in for the role, it’s possible for them to fast track the project.

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Source: IMDb

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