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Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Reportedly Threatened to Kill GF Jen Harley

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Ortiz-Magro reportedly threatened to kill his girlfriend, Jen Harley. Their fights have been escalating over the past year and seem to have come to a head with Ronnie’s arrest.

The MTV nation has had every reason to worry about Ortiz-Magro as he ventured through a dark and often antagonistic relationship with Harley. This unfortunate incident is not the first time things have become physical between the two, as Harley was previously charged for assault after dragging Ronnie with her car and giving him a black eye in New Jersey. The Jersey Shore star had just been released from a rehab stint to help him handle his depression and alcohol intake. Regrettably, his life post-rehab has not been smooth sailing.

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After Ortiz-Magro was arrested on October 4 in Los Angeles for allegedly attacking his girlfriend, the Los Angeles Police Department claimed that the reality star threatened to kill the mother of his child. But, according to TMZ, sources close to the Jersey Shore star are saying that those claims are completely false. In the emergency protective order that was filed by Harley, it read that the Ortiz-Magro had told Harley he was going to kill her, and that was when he pushed Harley out of the rental house. The emergency protective order had prohibited Ortiz-Magro from coming within 100 yards of Harley, but he still was able to see his daughter with the help of a third party.

In the emergency protective order, the document paints a picture from the night in question, detailing how Harley attempted to get help from their neighbors. It is claimed that Harley knocked on several doors and set their child, Ariana Sky, on the ground, which was when Ortiz-Magro grabbed the child and began to drag Harley. The document also stated that Ortiz-Magro punched Harley in the face with a closed fist. But a source who was close to the reality star said that Ortiz-Magro never threatened Harley and that Harley was dangling their daughter over a fence and Ortiz-Magro was worried for his daughter’s safety.

While both parties have been seen with physical bruises, it is hard to say who has been telling the truth. The other roommates have openly said that they are seriously worried for Ortiz-Magro’s wellbeing and have reached out to him numerous times. Ortiz-Magro’s lawyers are conducting their own investigation into the night in question and hopefully will be able to answer some of the hard questions that fans are asking.

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Source: TMZ

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