10 Most Relatable Baby Yoda Memes That Throw Us Back To Our Childhood

2019 introduced us to The Mandalorian, a TV series in the Star Wars world exclusively on Disney+. To our absolute delight, along with the Mandalorian character came his adopted son. While Disney are insistent that although this kid is the same species as Yoda, he is not Yoda himself and is called The Child, the fanbase have collectively decided to ignore Disney and name him Baby Yoda.

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From Baby Yoda, many memes have emerged. The character is so cute that fans have been unable to resist, with many of them heavily revolving around childhood memories. Looking at these, you’re sure to get nostalgic for certain moments from your past.

10 Too Sick For School

Has anyone gone through life and never once faked sick to get out of school? It seems impossible — most of us remember coughing, or trying to make ourselves appear hot and sweaty to get out of class. If there are angels out there who’ve never done it, they’re few and far between, because this is a meme most of us can relate to.

9 The Joys Of Childhood

Toy Story was a big part of the lives of anyone who grew up in the classic Disney movie era, with this being one of the biggest Pixar movies during that time. You’re probably familiar with the concept — toys who come to life when their owner isn’t looking, who lead their own lives.

As a kid, it was easy to watch this and wonder if our toys were doing the exact same thing. We were young enough to have a bold, bright, vivid imagination and not old enough to know any better, so most of us definitely attempted to spy on our toys, waiting on the day we could catch them in-motion and know Pixar was trying to tell us something all along.

8 No More Xbox

Whether you were an Xbox or Playstation person, or maybe even Nintendo or Sega, a lot of us had a game console growing up. But it was considered luxury time — something to play on once homework and chores were complete. Many of us didn’t stick to that, ignoring our responsibilities in favor of playing some Sonic or some Pokémon, and that often led to the controller or entire handheld console being taken away until the more pressing tasks were complete. Boo!

7 Teef Fairy

The tooth fairy was a legend told to most of us as children. The concept is simple — when you lose a tooth, place it under your pillow and it’ll be replaced with money in the morning. Yay!

Now that we’re older, we do have to wonder how parents were always so skilled at slipping away the tooth and leaving money in its place without waking their child. What’s the excuse they use if their kid stirs? Is this skill something you naturally learn as a parent, something that just kicks in?

6 Dad’s Christmas Surprise

When you open presents on Christmas, Dad is as surprised as you. Fact.

For those who grew up in a conventional family with a mother and father, you’re used to this. For some reason, Mom picks the presents and Dad sits back and lets her do it. He gets to be surprised by what you open, and it’s not always a good surprise if he wasn’t keeping track of the spending.

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Still — is it a bad thing that Mom wants to spoil her kids? Maybe Dad should have involved himself more if he wanted a say in the Christmas budget.

5 Sorry Mom!

This one seems to be very specific, but apparently has happened to lots of people — being left in the car and accidentally locking a parent out, while they try to explain how to unlock the door again to let them in.

Or maybe some kids are just really mean and deliberately lock the door because they think it’ll be funny to have their parent standing out in the rain. Hopefully they weren’t going anywhere nice as they stand with their hair and outfit being drenched, their child comfortably in the dry warmth of their booster seat in the car…

4 Defend Your Child…

It’s not just the athletic coach this happens with. Moms love to believe the best in their children and sometimes when there are issues at school, they’d rather not listen to reason. Kid being told they aren’t trying hard enough in sports? They are, and the coach is expecting too much! Kid failing exams? Well, clearly the exams are too hard. Kid having problems with the teacher? They need another job. And so it goes on.

Some moms truly take this to the extreme, and many people reading are surely cringing as they think back on having to watch their mother do this exact thing. Don’t worry — you aren’t alone.

3 Some Post-Birthday Shopping

Remember when everyone in your class used to throw a birthday party and you had to show up and also get them a gift? Sometimes, it was hard to know what to buy, and this is when gift cards come in handy. So after throwing your own party, you got to go to Target or wherever the gift card was for and buy useless things that seem like a good idea at the time, but will collect dust.

Funnily enough, this is exactly the same as going to Target as an adult.

2 Notice Me!

This is especially true for only children. Playing in the soft-play area of a place or the playpen is only fun if your parents notice and are actually impressed by what you’re doing. What was the point of climbing all the way to the top if your parents don’t audibly gasp and applaud when they see you?

1 Still Hungry…

Not everything you’re given as a kid to eat, you’re going to like. Some parents were strict about not switching the food out, and said that their child had to eat what they were given, or not eat at all.

And those kids come back minutes later, complaining about hunger and hoping to be given dessert. After all, who wants to eat their greens when you know there are cookies in the cupboard?

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Staci Miller

Rick and Morty Throw Shade at Marvel’s ‘Thanos Snap’

Fans are still waiting for the arrival of Rick and Morty season 4, but their absence isn’t keeping the show’s stars from poking fun at the plot of Avengers: Infinity War and its snap-happy villain, Thanos.

After releasing a shorter than expected third season, fans were faced with good news and bad. Rick and Morty signed on for 70 more episodes, but when those will actually begin to roll out on Adult Swim… is anyone’s guess. Thankfully the comic book version of Morty Smith and his out con control grandfather is helping to tide fans over. And in the case of Rick and Morty #48 calling out Marvel’s most recent blockbuster for an “anticlimactic,” possibly even “idiotic” finale.

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While fans obviously know how often Rick and Morty steals from plenty of shows and movies, as that’s basically the premise of the series, they haven’t set their sights on superhero cinema too often (instead favoring more iconic, classic works of science fiction or fantasy). But in Issue #48, the duo put Infinity War in their crosshairs.

The short story “Hit Me, Space Baby, One More Time” by Kyle Starks, Marc Ellerby, and Sarah Stern begins like many episodes of Rick and Morty: with Morty existing in a seemingly perfect fantasy land completely unrecognizable to his real life. His father is a successful businessman, his mother is a classic adoring housewife–Jessica is even his steady girlfriend. When Morty realizes that Rick is confined to a wheelchair because he sacrificed himself to save his grandson, he knows something is wrong. It’s then that Rick snaps Morty awake, and explains the truth: Morty has become a cosmic god.

Apparently grabbing onto a mystical flower that grants cosmic powers over reality, Morty has evolved into a ‘space baby’ form, right out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. With their enemies fast approaching, Morty vanquishes their entire army by turning one of his “Aw Gee”s into literal, giant letters, crushing them into oblivion. When Rick points out that Morty’s mastery of reality means he could have wiped them out of existence with a simple snap of his fingers, Morty points out that actually would have been worse, because… how anticlimactic it would be to use his powers in so mundane a fashion. Thanos snaps his fingers, but Rick and Morty fans demand a bit more.

And they aren’t done throwing shade at Thanos yet. When everything returns to normal, and Morty–like Thanos–decides to hand over the powers of a god once his mission is finished, his family can’t help but point out all the missed opportunities.

The family raises some valid points that have also been leveled at Infinity War, and the arguable stupidity of Thanos’ plan to halve the universe. When Thanos only had an army of Chitauri to re-balance overcrowded worlds, sure, murdering half the population randomly made some sense. But with the powers of a god, able to rewrite reality throughout all Creation… Thanos just did the exact same thing. Rather than creating a “paradise” by doubling resources and food, doubling the number of habitable worlds throughout the universe, or curing equine influenza, Thanos pulled something that Morty would accidentally manage. Bolstering the case that both may qualify as “real stupid idiots” in Rick’s eyes.

But hey, Morty did remember to give himself a new robot girlfriend before relinquishing his godlike powers. Which is more than Thanos got for his trouble.

Rick and Morty #48 is available now at your local comic book store, or direct online from ONI Press.

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