Ryan Reynolds Calls Thundercats Movie Rumor “Ridiculous”

Ryan Reynolds has become the latest person to officially deny that Netflix’s upcoming action movie Six Underground is a cover for a live-action Thundercats movie, calling the rumors to that effect “ridiculous.” Reynolds, who is starring in the upcoming film, has joined Six Underground screenwriter Rhett Reese and director Michael Bay in shooting down the rumors on their respective social media accounts. This followed a story published by IGN Middle East, that reported the rumors as legitimate news.

Written by Reese and frequent collaborator Paul Wernick (who previously worked with Reynolds on Deadpool and Deadpool 2), Six Underground will tell the story of six billionaires who fake their deaths so they can form a team of crime-fighters. In addition to Reynolds, the movie will also star Mélanie Laurent, Dave Franco, Ben Hardy, Corey Hawkins, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Adria Arjona. The project has already begun filming and is currently shooting in Florence, Italy.

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Reynolds referred to the “amazing locales” where Six Underground is set, in a reply to Reese’s Tweet regarding the Thundercats film rumors, which is included below. Reese simply denied the rumors with a single, solitary “No.” Reynolds went one step further, with tongue firmly in cheek, and a level of sarcasm worthy of Wade Wilson himself. Reynolds evoked the name of Thundera (the home planet of the Thundercats) along with Florence and Abu Dhabi, where Six Underground is scheduled to shoot scenes in November.

The reasoning behind the rumors of the secret Thundercats movie seems to be based around several random factoids. Chief among these is the fact that Bay has been attached to direct a live-action Thundercats movie since 2012, and has previous experience adapting popular 1980s toy-lines and cartoons into full-length feature films as a director and producer on the Transformers movies. Another point in favor of the theory is that Reese and Wernick had previously worked together on the screenplay for G.I. Joe: Retaliation – another action movie based on a popular animated series and toy set. Finally, the source that confirmed the rumor was apparently the same one who confirmed that Simon Pegg had been cast in a minor role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Unfortunately, all of this seems to be wishful thinking on the part of Thundercats fans. While Reese and Wernick could likely write a fantastic Thundercats movie and Bay would be uniquely suited to direct such a film, there are far too many photos from the set that show Six Underground to be exactly what it was advertised to be – an action movie set on this Earth, rather than Third Earth. However,the clear enthusiasm for the project may spur Warner Bros. (who currently own the film rights to Thundercats) to consider moving forward with such a film, much like how the love for the leaked test footage for Deadpool inspired Fox to move forward with making the movie. For now though, fans of the Thundercats will just have to wait.

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