Hobbs & Shaw Teaser Confirms New Trailer Arrives Thursday

A new Hobbs & Shaw teaser video confirms an April 18 release date for the new trailer. Directed by David Leitch, the action comedy is a spinoff of the Fast and the Furious series with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham reprising their franchise roles.

In Hobbs & Shaw, Johnson stars as Luke Hobbs, a character who first emerged as a villain in Fast Five. Since then, Hobbs has been part of four subsequent films, in which he serves as a United States Diplomatic Security Service agent, a bounty hunter, and a comrade to Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto. Meanwhile, Luke Shaw first appeared during the Fast & Furious 6 credits sequence, in which he’s narratively connected to the third series installment, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Like Hobbs, Shaw manages to form a bond with Toretto. Based on the talkative personalities of both Hobbs and Shaw, along with the A-list star power of both Johnson and Statham, the new spinoff represents a logical next step until the next proper film releases. Earlier this year, the aforementioned Diesel stated that three Fast and the Furious spin-offs are in the works.

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On Twitter, the official Hobbs & Shaw account posted a new teaser video that confirms the impending release of trailer #2.  The clip begins with a graphic that reads “IN 3 DAYS,” and the flip of a switch takes the viewer inside an engine for a brief few seconds, until an explosion transitions to the final graphic reveal. As a whole, the Hobbs & Shaw trailer teaser is only seven seconds long, but it fully aligns with the franchise’s basic premise: fast AND furious. Check out the Hobbs & Shaw teaser video below.

Last February, Universal Pictures premiered Hobbs & Shaw’s first trailer, which introduces the villain Brixton, a “cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist,” portrayed by Idris Elba. Earlier this month, Johnson and Statham introduced the new Hobbes & Shaw trailer at CinemaCon, in which Elba’s Brixton describes himself as the “Black Superman.” In addition, the trailer unsurprisingly highlights the unique lead dynamics, as both characters are known for talking trash, and also for getting the job done. Last month, Hobbs & Shaw producer Hiram Garcia posted a black and white image of the baddie Brixton brandishing a flamethrower, suggesting that the new film will be a lot of fun for long-time franchise fans.

In Hobbs & Shaw, English actress Vanessa Kirby co-stars as MI6 agent Hattie Shaw, the sister of Statham’s title character. In addition, acclaimed English actress Helen Mirren stars as the family matriarch. These female roles are significant, as the next franchise installment will reportedly be a female-centric film, with MCU scribe Nicole Perlman scheduled to write with Captain Marvel screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Lindsey Beer (Sierra Burgess Is a Loser). 

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the new Hobbs & Shaw trailer will be explosive yet light-hearted. Both Johnson and Statham are legit international stars, and the spinoff allows them to flex their comedic chops while staying true to the series’ premise. But just as Kirby stole many scenes in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, don’t be surprised if she does the same in Hobbs & Shaw, and the same applies for Eiza González as Madam M. For now, enjoy the Hobbs & Shaw teaser, along with the upcoming trailer. 

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Captain Marvel Scores Second-Biggest March Thursday Night Box Office

Marvel Studios’ latest film Captain Marvel is starting strong at the box office after posting the second-highest Thursday opening night in the history of March. The Brie Larson-led solo film for Carol Danvers is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film with a female lead character, and there’s been plenty of excitement over the film’s launch – despite some trolling that has taken place.

Interest has been known to be high ever since early projections for Captain Marvel‘s box office were made. When Marvel finally put tickets on sale earlier this year, the film became one of the best pre-selling MCU films in history. Official box office estimates for the film began with a conservative $100 million opening weekend, but the early reviews helped Captain Marvel find even more positivity and support. The last projections before the film launched pointed to an opening upwards of $150M domestically.

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After the Thursday night previews, Captain Marvel is indeed off to a great, near record-setting start. THR shares that the movie earned $20.7M in its opening night domestically, which is the second best ever for a March launch. The only movie Captain Marvel failed to beat is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which received mixed reviews but starred DC’s Trinity. BvS earned $27.7M in previews and made $166M in its opening weekend, so Captain Marvel should fall slightly behind this at its current pace.

The impressive start for Captain Marvel also places it among the highest openings for any MCU film. The solo film’s preview numbers only trail Avengers: Infinity War ($39 million), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($27.6 million), Black Panther ($25.2 million), and Captain America: Civil War ($25 million). Each of these films opened to over $175M domestically. Of these titles though, Captain Marvel is the only one to be the first installment of a franchise and the character’s MCU debut, which truly puts the film in a league of its own.

With $20.7M already earned domestically, Captain Marvel‘s worldwide haul is already near $100M. The film earned $44M worldwide over the prior two days. China responded with a $34M total all on its own, which is the second best MCU first day in this region, and is expected to bring in nearly $100M on its own. Prior projections called for a $350M opening weekend for Captain Marvel worldwide, so it is well on its way to making that possible. As long as the movie can maintain its current trajectory, it will help spark 2019’s box office, which has been historically low to this point.

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SALT’s Thursday Cinema to focus on ‘renewal’ in November

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