Timeless Two-Hour Series Finale Movie Airs This December

NBC reveals the Timeless two-hour finale will air in December. The twice-canceled time-traveling drama left its loyal fans with a surprising twist at the end of season 2. However, NBC gave the go-ahead to startup the Lifeboat one more time to resolve the cliffhanger at the end of the second season with a 2-hour movie finale.

The ending of season 2 saw future versions of Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Wyatt (Matt Lanter) dramatically appear in another version of the Lifeboat. That caused some excitement and confusion for fans of the show, especially since one of the main time travel rules in Timeless was that the characters could never travel back to a time and place they had already been. It seemed the future versions of the show’s heroes found a loophole and can now travel back in time (again). This means that the group can now go back and rescue their time-traveling engineer Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) and figure out a way to stop Rittenhouse from controlling the world through their nefarious exploits. Fans may also find out if Lucy and Wyatt will ever rekindle their romance.

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Although Timeless was originally canceled after the end of the second season, NBC decided to move forward with a 2-hour finale. Now it’s been revealed that NBC has approved the final two stories for the series finale. The official Twitter account for the Timeless writers revealed the series finale will air in December. They also mentioned who will be writing the last two episodes.

The account mentioned that the first hour will be written by Lauren Greer, who co-wrote the episode “The Day Reagan Was Shot”, and executive producer Arika Lisanne Mittmann will write the second episode. Both episodes will be directed by John Showalter, who has previously worked on the series.

Timeless was one of those shows that found a group of powerful followers and proved just how passionate they were to keep their favorite show from ending. Now the faithful followers, known online as the Clockblockers, will finally have the ending they deserve. Most devoted fans have their shows canceled before they ever get the closure they expect. In a time where faithful fans can rally behind their favorite shows on social media, networks are taking notice of their passions. In several cases, some other shows were un-canceled due to being picked up by other networks, such as  The Expanse and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But there will be no need to travel back in time to save the show. Timeless fans will have to settle for a 2-hour movie finale instead of a third season.

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The two-part Timeless series finale event will air during the holiday season on NBC. 

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