New TimeSplitters Game Being Planned By THQ Nordic & Co-Creator

THQ Nordic and one of the original creators of TimeSplitters are teaming up to work on a new entry in the fan-favorite series. THQ Nordic acquired the TimeSplitters IP a year ago, saying it had plans for the future of the series. However, nothing about those plans has come to light until now.

TimeSplitters was one of the most beloved console FPS series of its time. Developed by former Rare employees who went on to found Free Radical, the games followed in the footsteps of GoldenEye and Perfect Dark while taking full advantage of the next generation of consoles. Featuring better controls, more robust campaigns and an all-new take on local multiplayer, TimeSplitters spawned a trilogy of acclaimed console shooters throughout the early 2000s before Free Radical moved on. Even after the developer was later saved from bankruptcy by Crytek, the TimeSplitters intellectual property was never utilized, and has been kept dormant for almost 15 years. But that’s about to change, according to its new owner.

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In a new press release from THQ Nordic, founder and CEO Lars Wingefors announced that TimeSplitters co-creator Steve Ellis has joined the company. Ellis is a Rare alumni and was one of the founding members of Free Radical, serving as one of two directors on the TimeSplitters series. He will be helping the THQ Nordic-owned Deep Silver to “plot the future course for this franchise.” He and TimeSplitters are only mentioned briefly in the report, so it’s unclear what his official position will be or what the future of the game will be.

The press release makes a number of other significant statements, including that Volition has been “deep in development” on a new Saints Row game. THQ Nordic has also handed over development of Dead Island 2 to Dambuster Studios, which is one of its internal teams. Dead Island 2 has changed hands between multiple outside developers for years, making very little progress towards completion.

With TimeSplitters, it remains to be seen what a new game in the series would look like. We can be fairly confident that it’s indeed a game for modern platforms, but whether that would be a remake, a reboot or a sequel is unclear. Any of them could work, especially considering TimeSplitters‘ multi-dimensional story and its affinity for absurd humor. With Ellis onboard, we’ll hopefully see something to get excited about in the near future.

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Source: THQ Nordic

2019-08-14 04:08:38

Connor Trinske