The Rise Of Skywalker: 5 Star Wars IX Title Predictions That Were Better (& 5 That Were Worse)

Well, after months upon months of speculation, we finally know what Star Wars Episode IX, the long-awaited final chapter of the saga, is going to be called: The Rise of Skywalker. There are dozens of title theories out there that turned out to be wrong because Star Wars fans hate not knowing things. If there’s a thing they don’t know, they’ll guess what it is until they’re told.

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There were some pretty cool predictions. It’s tough to theorize about which titles would’ve been better and which titles would’ve been worse because none of us have seen the movie. The filmmakers gave Episode IX the title The Rise of Skywalker, because they know the plot and they know that that’s what it should be called. Still, let’s give it a go. Here are 5 Star Wars IX Title Predictions That Were Better Than The Rise Of Skywalker (And 5 That Were Worse).

10 Worse: The Spark of Hope

The theorized title The Spark of Hope was taken from The Last Jedi’s opening crawl text when fans realized The Last Jedi’s title was taken from the opening crawl text of The Force Awakens.

The title possibilities in The Last Jedi’s opening crawl were pretty scant, so all they got from it was Spark of Hope. To be fair, it does also reference Poe Dameron’s great quote: “We are the spark that will light the fire that’ll burn the First Order down.” But The Spark of Hope just sounds silly. Is this a Star Wars movie or a wannabe Terrence Malick movie? The Rise of Skywalker is a far better title.

9 Better: The Will of the Force

A Redditor proposed the incredible title The Will of the Force. The only problem with this title is that it’s a little repetitive. The Last Jedi felt repetitive, reusing the word “Jedi” just two movies away (in terms of continuity) from Return of the Jedi, and The Will of the Force, if that had been the title used, would’ve been two movies away from The Force Awakens.

But still, it’s a great title for this movie. It seems as though, thematically, this is going to be a movie about the way the Force pulls people. Palpatine has used the Force to keep his physical body alive for so long, Luke has become one with the Force in death, Rey is questioning the Light Side, Kylo Ren is questioning the Dark Side – this would’ve been an awesome title for that!

8 Worse: The New Order Rises

This is a pretty cool title, and it was Screen Rant’s official prediction for what the title would be. The only issue is that if this was the title, it would spoil the ending. If something called “the New Order” were to rise, that would mean the Resistance won and the First Order crumbled and peace had been restored to the galaxy.

Now, while anyone can see that that’s almost definitely how the movie is going to end, we need to be kept in suspense by the title as we head into the movie, and that’s why The Rise of Skywalker works so effectively as a title. The New Order Rises would be a great title for the first chapter in the next trilogy: Episodes X-XII (if that even happens).

7 Better: Ashes of the Empire

The Last Jedi was taken from The Force Awakens’ opening crawl text, so some fans figured the Episode IX title would be taken from the opening crawl of The Last Jedi. When a lot of them found little in terms of title possibilities in that text, they turned their sights back to The Force Awakens’ opening crawl and found the phrase “ashes of the Empire.”

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Ashes of the Empire would be an awesome title, because it sounds semi-obscure, like the title of an Expanded Universe novel and not a core saga movie. And as we’ve seen from the trailer, the ruins of Death Star II – the literal ashes of the Empire – are heavily involved in the plot, so the title would fit.

6 Worse: Return of the Balance

It was one thing that The Last Jedi repeated the word “Jedi” from a previous Star Wars title, but to copy the whole phrase “Return of the…” from the chronologically previous trilogy’s big finale would be a step too far. Plus, “Balance” doesn’t work as a buzzword in the same way as “Clones” or “Sith.”

It refers to the balance of the Force – and Balance of the Force might not have been a bad title – but that’s not clear to passive moviegoers and it just doesn’t grab the audience in the same way a really great title like The Rise of Skywalker does.

5 Better: Children of the Force

Another suggestion from Reddit, the incredible title Children of the Force gets rid of the pesky “The”s that have marred the sequel trilogy’s titles and brings back the classic “of the” titles that promise action and transition and conflict.

This is the end of the Skywalker saga, and who are the Skywalkers? Children of the Force! Luke and Leia are children of children of the Force. Kylo Ren is a child of a child of a child of the Force. So, this title would tie everything together. It would also follow up on the promise of the next generation of heroes teased by the appearance of “Broom Boy” at the end of The Last Jedi. The only downside is the horror-y shades of Children of the Corn that the title conjures up.

4 Worse: Legacy of the Jedi

This one wouldn’t work. It makes sense as a progression of the story. The Jedi Order was put to rest in The Last Jedi and now, the new generation of heroes will be inspired by the myths of the Jedi, hence the importance of their “legacy.”

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However, you can’t follow one movie with “Jedi” in the title with another movie with “Jedi” in the title. And “Legacy of the…” just doesn’t have the same cinematic oomph as “Revenge of the…” or “Attack of the…” It makes it feel like a postscript or an afterthought, not the “all-out war” that John Boyega has promised it’ll be.

3 Better: To Restore Hope

One Redditor theorized that Episode IX would be called To Restore Hope in order to complete the following phrase: “The Force awakens the last Jedi to restore hope.” It reuses the “hope” motif that has driven the whole saga and brings the sequel trilogy full circle as Luke’s journey to save the galaxy by confronting the very real darkness inside him.

To Restore Hope doesn’t follow the usual Star Wars titling formula of “The Something” or “Something of the Something,” but this is a different kind of movie and a very special part of the Star Wars saga (by being its conclusion). An unconventional title would be a great way to sell that.

2 Worse: The Knights of Ren

While a leaked poster revealed the complete bunch of the Knights of Ren, finally together to wreak havoc, The Knights of Ren wouldn’t make a great title for Episode IX. It would be an awesome title for a Star Wars movie, but it can’t be the name of the last one. This is the culmination of the Skywalker saga; a definitive end to the journey that we’ve been on since 1977.

So, the title can’t just be thrown away on something like The Knights of Ren. It needs something grandiose that emphasizes the finality of that journey, like The Rise of Skywalker. This title can still be used for a video game or tie-in novel, but it wouldn’t make a great Episode IX title.

1 Better: The End

This is the one that most fans thought it would be, to the point that a logo for it was widely circulated online, because it is the end. This is the end of the Skywalker saga – the final chapter of the core Star Wars storyline we’ve been following since the beginning.

The End isn’t like the titles other Star Wars movies have – it’s more final and unambiguous than those other Star Wars titles – but isn’t that kind of the point? It marks a departure from theatrical titles, just like the movie itself marks the story’s departure from the Skywalker bloodline.

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Ben Sherlock

Star Wars Fan Guessed Episode 9 Title & Emperor Return In 2012

Star Wars fan correctly guessed the eventual title for Episode IX and Emperor Palpatine’s return in the sequel trilogy way back in 2012. During Celebration Chicago, Lucasfilm finally peeled back the curtain on their highly-anticipated blockbuster, which also serves as the culmination of the entire Skywalker saga. Besides the movie’s official title (The Rise of Skywalker), the biggest reveal in the teaser trailer was the revelation Sheev Palpatine, overarching villain of the first two trilogies, was coming back for one final showdown. Ian McDiarmid, who’s played the character since Return of the Jedi, reprised the role.

Many viewers were genuinely surprised by this creative choice, which in essence makes Palpatine the link that connects all three trilogies of the saga together. It’s only fitting a story that began with Palpatine becoming Supreme Chancellor will end with him attempting to impose his tyrannical will over the galaxy again. For at least one viewer, the direction of the new films was apparent from the start.

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In a tweet that has since gone viral, Gabriel Garcia predicted in November 2012 (shortly after Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm became official) that Episode VII would be called The Rise of Skywalker and feature the Emperor in some capacity. Of course, Garcia was off by a couple of films, but this is still impressive. Check out the post in the space below:

The jokes about time travel and Force premonitions write themselves, but this is simply a shockingly eerie coincidence from a time when fans were having fun trying to guess the Episode VII title. Like so many others, it was shot-in-the-dark speculation, only it’s aged considerably better than most. Still, it was a sound hypothesis, seeing that the Emperor returned in the since-discarded Expanded Universe (and Lucasfilm has happily pulled from Legends). Even just by looking at evidence from the movies, it stood reason to believe Palpatine might have survived his would-be demise, despite “dying” in the physical sense. If the spirits of light side users like Obi-Wan and Yoda could live on, then the same could be possible for powerful masters of the dark side (especially when one considers that Plagueis story).

It will be interesting to see how Palpatine is handled in The Rise of Skywalker and what canonical explanation is given for his return. According to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, this was the plan all along, so it’s something the studio’s been building towards for a long time. Even by their standards, it’s impressive how they were able to keep things secret, so hopefully the finished film delivers satisfying results that live up to the promise hinted at by the reveal. And maybe, after three different wars that spanned three generations, Palpatine will be defeated once and for all.

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Source: Gabriel Garcia

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Chris Agar

10 Crazy Fan Theories About Star Wars Episode IX’s Title: The Rise Of Skywalker

Few films are as highly anticipated as Star Wars Episode IX – which, thanks to Star Wars Celebration, we now know to be titled The Rise of Skywalker. As the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga, expectations are high for what this film will reveal, what answers it will provide, and what new mysteries and twists viewers can expect along the journey. In addition to our new generation of characters in Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn, Rose, and more, the film will also feature returning faces from the original trilogy like Leia, Lando, and Luke; as well as newcomers to the franchise like Naomi Ackie, Keri Russell, and Richard E. Grant.

But as the Episode IX panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago revealed, there’s far more in store for the film than even the most perceptive of theories could have predicted – including, most notably, the return of the evil Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious. While Palpatine’s involvement in the film remains a mystery, there is another big mystery to the film staring fans everywhere right in the face: what the heck does The Rise of Skywalker mean? As Star Wars fans love to solve mysteries, or at least try to, theories have been popping up all over the internet ever since the title was announced.

So, what does The Rise of Skywalker mean? Here are 10 possible answers.

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10 It’s about the creation of the Skywalker bloodline

With the return of Palpatine in some form to the Skywalker Saga, it’s hard to resist the temptation to find a way for the story to tie together full circle – especially with the teaser trailer using some of the same language as the trailer for 1999’s The Phantom Menace. One possible theory as to what the title means in terms of the storyline, therefore, has been the idea that Palpatine’s role in the overarching saga will be revealed to be far more significant than we already knew.

Namely, some Reddit users are theorizing that The Rise of Skywalker will reveal that Palpatine was directly responsible for the creation of the Skywalker bloodline, beginning with Shmi Skywalker’s mystical birth and Anakin’s Force conception. It would run the risk of getting into the midichlorians of it all, but it’s certainly quite an interesting idea.

9 It’s about Kylo as a supremely powerful dark Skywalker

At the end of The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren assumes the role of Supreme Leader of the First Order, positioning him in what was previously the most powerful role a dark side user could have in this new sequel trilogy. While Palpatine’s return to the series could complicate that matter, it’s certainly possible that a more outlier theory, circulated on Twitter, could be true.

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The trailer finds Kylo Ren possibly killing one of his own Knights of Ren in an incredibly violent manner, as well as the repaired helmet he wore in The Force Awakens, now streaked through with vibrant red. Perhaps The Rise of Skywalker refers to Kylo Ren’s rise as a dark side Force wielder – the most powerful of them all.

8 It means the return of Anakin Skywalker

With the revelation that Emperor Palpatine will be playing some sort of significant role in The Rise of Skywalker, especially passionate prequel trilogy fans have begun to wonder: is he the only character from the prequels who will be making a return appearance? And, more specifically, could The Rise of Skywalker refer, even, to the sudden return of Anakin Skywalker, most likely in Force ghost form?

It may sound like a long shot, but there are many reasons why this one could be true. Hayden Christensen has been engaging with the fan base more in recent years, attending multiple Star Wars Celebrations. Additionally, Anakin has a powerful link to multiple characters still in the canon: his son Luke, his grandson Ben, and now, his former master, Darth Sidious.

7 It means Luke has become “more powerful than you could possibly imagine”

In A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi warns Darth Vader, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” After falling at the hands of his former student, Obi-Wan becomes one with the Force, returning to the franchise time and again as a Force ghost in order to further mentor his student, Luke Skywalker.

At the end of The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker presumably becomes one with the Force, disappearing from the physical plane after overexerting himself in a show of true Force-wielding strength. Perhaps, then, The Rise of Skywalker that the title suggests will involve Luke’s triumphant return in the franchise, whether as a Force ghost, or as something else entirely. We don’t know how much Mark Hamill will really be in the film, however, so this may be one of the biggest outliers.

6 It means Leia has a bigger role than we know

Luke isn’t the only Skywalker who could have a triumphant, heroic narrative in The Rise of Skywalker, however. Leia remains one of our only surviving Skywalkers, and thanks to the remaining footage Lucasfilm had from Carrie Fisher’s performances in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, it’s guaranteed that she will play a key role in the film – and certainly an emotionally charged one, at that.

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So maybe, Leia has a much bigger role than cautious estimates have been speculating all along. We didn’t get to see very much of Leia during the trailer, or during the panel for that matter. But it’s always possible that Leia is our titular Skywalker. Just because she’s never been one by name, doesn’t mean she isn’t a Skywalker, after all.

5 It means Rey becomes a Skywalker, through marriage

The theory that Rey and Kylo Ren could become involved romantically is one that has been circulating ever since The Force Awakens. While initially derided, the relationship known on the internet and in the media as Reylo received one heck of a confidence boost during The Last Jedi, where it became clear that these two are the sequel trilogy’s central relationship, and that their dynamic is far more intimate than most relationships we’ve seen in the saga so far.

If their relationship only progresses further in The Rise of Skywalker, therefore, it’s entirely possible that The Rise of Skywalker could refer to Rey becoming a Skywalker – through marriage to a descendant of the Skywalker bloodline. It would also be another way of bringing the series full circle with the prequels, which prominently featured a very dramatic wedding of their own.

4 It means Rey becomes a Skywalker, through a new world order

If Rey doesn’t become a Skywalker by marriage, that doesn’t mean she still can’t become a Skywalker after all. One possibility for how Rey could be the titular Skywalker of The Rise of Skywalker would find Rey embodying a new world order. Symbolically adopted into the lineage of the Skywalkers, whether by Luke’s Force ghost or perhaps even by the Force itself, Rey could be the Skywalker for a new generation.

It could also be a name she takes up for herself. Having no family name of her own, given the revelation that her parents were nobodies who abandoned her, Rey could continue trying to craft her own identity – and what better way to do so, than by taking on the legacy of those who instructed her best?

3 It means the Skywalker is a new leader

If Skywalker comes to mean something more symbolic than literal, it’s entirely possible that it could be the sequel trilogy’s answer to previous titles such as Darth on the dark side of the Force. Perhaps Skywalker, then, will be the new equivalent of Jedi Master, or Jedi Knight. Or maybe it could represent a new, neutral entity – a Supreme Leader who represents the balance that might be struck within the final entry in the saga.

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If this is the case, it’s still entirely likely that Rey will be the leader that is mentioned, as she is clearly telegraphed as this trilogy’s hero, and The Last Jedi‘s ending perfectly sets up a future in which there are plenty of students of the Force awaiting instruction from the right leader: a Skywalker.

2 It means Kylo Ren will be redeemed, becoming Ben Skywalker

The possibility of Kylo Ren’s redemption is one of the most hotly debated topics in all of Star Wars fandom. Some feel that, once he killed the beloved Han Solo, there was no hope for him in the future. Others point out that, in the grand scheme of things, he really hasn’t done that much bad to begin with – and certainly not as much as Darth Vader, who was granted redemption in the end, albeit with a hefty price.

But now that it’s been revealed that Emperor Palpatine is returning, thereby taking on the role of the sequel trilogy’s true Big Bad, it’s virtually impossible to imagine a film in which Kylo Ren isn’t redeemed. It’s entirely possible that Rey and Kylo Ren will be teaming up – light and dark taking on an even more fearsome evil, once and for all. So perhaps The Rise of Skywalker means the redemption of Kylo Ren – and his eventual rebirth as Ben Solo, Ben Organa, or, indeed, Ben Skywalker.

1 It means Skywalker is the new name for all Force users

But arguably the most intriguing of all the potential theories as to what The Rise of Skywalker really means is the one that takes the biggest picture look at the Skywalker Saga as a whole – as well as looking to the future of Star Wars, after the Skywalker journey ends. The prequel trilogy ended with Revenge of the Sith. The original trilogy ended with Return of the Jedi. And now, the sequel trilogy is ending with The Rise of Skywalker.

It’s entirely possible, based on this pattern, that Skywalker will come to be the new name for the new order of Force users. In the absence of the Jedi and the Sith, there will need to be a new name for the individuals gifted with the Force in the way that Rey and Kylo Ren have been. And the recent novel Thrawn: Alliances by Timothy Zahn even includes the reveal that the Chiss word Ozyly-esehembo, used to refer to Force-sensitive individuals, translates directly to Skywalkers. It doesn’t get more convincing than that.

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Katerina Daley

The Star Wars 9 Title Doesn’t Mean Rey Is A Skywalker

UPDATE: Read our full Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker trailer breakdown.

Star Wars 9 is officially titled The Rise Of Skywalker – does this mean that Kylo Ren was lying and that Rey actually is a Skywalker? The title of Episode IX has been a major mystery over the past few months, and now it’s been revealed, the questions just keep coming.

Rey’s parentage has been one of the most hotly debated aspects of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Introduced as a mysterious orphan with an intriguing connection to the Force in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, speculation was that she could be related to anybody, from Luke Skywalker to Han Solo to Obi-Wan Kenobi. But then, in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it was stated in no uncertain terms by Kylo Ren that she was, in fact, no one: her parents were junkers who sold her for drinking money.

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Of course, that proved divisive, and many wondered if J.J. Abrams would change course with Star Wars 9. Now the title is revealed as The Rise Of Skywalker, hinting a member of the family will, well, rise, many will surely be wondering if this implies Rey Skywalker is the truth after all.

While we don’t know any more than the title at this time – the Star Wars 9 Celebration panel was a highly secretive affair – we’re inclined to say no, the Star Wars 9: The Rise Of Skywalker title doesn’t mean Rey is a Skywalker. While it certainly means the family – or their name – will be important in the concluding chapter, there’s nothing to say it retcons the previous twist.

While it’s popularly accepted that Rian Johnson went against J.J. Abrams plans for Rey (as well as Luke and Snoke) with The Last JediThe Force Awakens is absolutely full of allusions to the fact Rey isn’t related to any of the Skywalkers. Han clearly doesn’t recognize her, so she can’t be related to Leia, while Luke’s exile attests to traditional Jedi values and thus celibacy. Maz Kanata even states that her parents are in the past, while Luke is in the future: it’s not important where she came from, but where she’s going.

Nevertheless, the Rey parentage reveal proved divisive so it’s only understandable a leaning on the Skywalker name for the end of a trilogy that only has one Skywalker who’s the villain would bring up the questions that have plagued the character pretty much since Daisy Ridley was cast way back in 2014. But, for now, she remains “Rey from nowhere” in Star Wars 9 and beyond.

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Alex Leadbeater

Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins Teases Ryan Murphy Over AHS: 1984 Title

After Ryan Murphy officially announced that the next season of American Horror Story would be subtitled “1984,” Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins couldn’t help but call him out. Though the franchises clearly have no connective threads whatsoever, Jenkins found American Horror Story’s title announcement amusing.

The follow-up to 2016’s debut for the Princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman 1984 follows the titular DC hero to the mid ’80s, where she’ll do battle against the villainous Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), while also confronting other characters, including Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). As for American Horror Story: 1984, the new season is a follow-up to American Horror Story: Apocalypse, and it appears to pivot around the slasher genre – namely slasher movies from the 1980s. Now, the two projects share the same subtitle, and even though neither has anything to do with the other, Patty Jenkins still found reason to point out the similarities to American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy.

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Jenkins jokingly tweeted at Murphy, admiring the title for American Horror Story’s upcoming season. However, while the tweet begins with admiration, Jenkins catches herself mid-sentence, noting the fact that they’re both using the same subtitle for their respective projects. Murphy then replied to Jenkins, suggesting that Wonder Woman 1984’s title isn’t original either, citing George Orwell’s novel, 1984. Check out their exchange below:

As for the 1984 reference, Orwell’s 1984 is a 1949 novel that imagines a dystopian future in which war and government surveillance is the new norm. There have been a handful of adaptations – including one that was actually released in 1984 – and Paul Greengrass was originally attached to direct his own adaptation until it fell through. Now, it’s evident that both Wonder Woman: 1984 and American Horror Story: 1984 may draw inspiration from Orwell’s novel in one form or another.

Both the Wonder Woman sequel and ninth season of American Horror Story will be airing within months of each other, so it’ll be interesting to see how the two fictional worlds will depict the ’80s. In terms of possible inspiration, the superhero genre in 1984 included films like The Toxic Avenger and Supergirl – so it wasn’t exactly a golden age for the genre – while the horror genre in 1984 had films like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Firestarter, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, and C.H.U.D. (the latter of which was more than just a throwaway reference in Jordan Peele’s Us). Aside from Orwell’s source material, it won’t be long till fans see how these two franchises put the ’80s to good creative use.

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Source: Patty Jenkins, Ryan Murphy

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Danny Salemme

Mark Hamill Toys With Fans on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Title

Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill toys with fans on Twitter about the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie title and what it could possibly mean. Since portraying one of the central characters in George Lucas’ Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977, Hamill has become a beloved pop culture icon. He reprised his New Hope role for the other two films in the original trilogy – 1980’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and 1983’s Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. It seemed Hamill had wrapped up Luke’s story in Return of the Jedi, but then Disney acquired Lucasfilm and announced new movies in the original Skywalker Saga series.

As a result, Hamill returned as Luke Skywalker in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens when it released in 2015. He reprised his role as Luke Skywalker alongside fellow original trilogy actors Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa. Though his role in The Force Awakens was little more than a glorified cameo, he played a major role in Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Hamill is set to return for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker despite dying at the end of The Last Jedi, but he wasn’t in attendance at the film’s Star Wars Celebration 2019 panel where its title and trailer were unveiled. Instead, Hamill took to social media to comment on the movie.

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On Twitter, Hamill quote-tweeted the official Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer and challenged fans to speculate about whom the title could be referring. Hamill mentions Luke himself and Leia, Luke’s twin sister in the series though she was adopted by the Organas. But Hamill also drops some other interesting options, including Anakin, Luke and Leia’s biological father, as well as Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), Leia’s son with Han and Luke’s nephew. Last, Hamill stirs the pot with a mention of Rey (Daisy Ridley) being a secret Skywalker. See Hamill’s tweet below.

Hamill’s mention of Rey is an allusion to fan theories she’s a Skywalker that arose after The Force Awakens. The Last Jedi seemingly put those theories to bed when Kylo told Rey that her parents were “filthy junk traders,” indicating they have no connection to the Skywalker lineage. However, many fans who wanted there to be a connection between Rey and the Skywalkers were angered and/or disappointed by this revelation. They’ve since begun hoping Abrams will retcon The Last Jedi reveal about Rey’s parents in order to connect her more to the Skywalkers. Whether that happens, of course, remains to be seen.

Until Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters in December, fans can speculate about who exactly the title is referring to – and it could be more than one person. Further, while Abrams may dive deeper into Rey’s parents than The Last Jedi did, the upcoming Skywalker Saga ending may not reveal her to be related to the galaxy’s most famous family. Given the secrecy surrounding all Star Wars franchise installments, fans may have to wait until December to learn what exactly the title Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker really means.

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Source: Mark Hamill/Twitter

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Molly Freeman

Avengers: Endgame Directors Lied About The Title To Protect The Movie

Avengers: Endgame directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, have explained their reasons for lying about the movie’s title. The franchise’s previous installment, Avengers: Infinity War, wrapped up with Thanos’s reality-altering finger snap, leaving fans to speculate about what would happen next. Unlike the MCU entries preceding it, the title for the fourth Avengers movie wasn’t revealed well before its release. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige made it clear that he felt the name of the film would spoil the ending of Infinity War. This only caused the excitement to reach fever pitch, especially following that movie’s release.

Fan theories for Avengers 4 abounded, with endless deliberation about everything from the movie’s title to all the ways in which our heroes could triumph. These ideas range from possible to completely ridiculous, but the Russo Brothers have previously stated how much they appreciate the enthusiasm that fans have for putting the pieces together. “Endgame” refers to an important line uttered by Doctor Strange in Infinity War and some viewers correctly guessed that it would be the name of the film. When questioned about this possibility, the directors simply lied during press interviews, even when asked point blank, denying that Avengers 4 would indeed be Avengers: Endgame. When the title was finally unveiled, fans and journalists alike were a bit frustrated by the duo’s former denials of what turned out to be the truth.

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Speaking to Slash Film, Joe Russo elucidated the directors’ reasoning behind keeping the title a secret, even if it meant lying. He stated:

“That was a year before the movie gets released, and we are constantly changing things and these are iterative and creative processes. It is impossible to commit to anything with any kind of clarity a year before you’re about to release some content. ‘Cause who knows your DP could accidentally put the title on his resume and then we throw it out. You know, like there are a million reasons why that may or may not be a title for the movie. And until we sit in a room and we watch a trailer with the title on it, then we all look at each other and say, we running with this title. That’s usually when the title sticks to a movie. So when people are asking us questions a year before release… And look, they have the right and that’s their job but we also have the right and it’s our job to protect the creative integrity of our choices. And you don’t want to be trapped into, and pressured into choices in the same way that a writer wants to feel like they’re getting accurate answers out of us – There are no accurate answers a year out!”

Russo is referring to their cinematographer adding Avengers: End Game to his resume last summer – after the Russos had already claimed that fan speculation about the title was incorrect. The DP quickly removed the project from his website after the news coverage.

Joe and Anthony Russo’s avoidance of the truth fits right in with the advertising campaign for Avengers: Endgame. Trailers for Avengers: Endgame were manipulated and multiple endings have been shot. This is partially to keep fans guessing, but also probably because some Marvel stars are notoriously loose-lipped and have previously leaked information not meant for the public. While fans may have felt betrayed, the directors were just doing everything they could to protect their movie.

This film will be the culmination of something that Marvel Studios has spent over a decade building toward. Tensions are running high, both among fans and those behind-the-scenes. Fielding countless questions about all the secrets that one should be keeping is certainly not an enviable task. Perhaps the title of Avengers: Endgame wouldn’t have been such a spoiler after all, but can we really blame the Russo Brothers for trying to keep the circumstances of the plot as mysterious as possible? At least fans won’t have to wait too much longer to find out how this epic story will conclude, as well as what’s in store for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Jamie Gerber

Game of Thrones Oreo Reveal Recreates Show’s Epic Title Sequence

The opening title sequence from Game of Thrones has been recreated using nothing but Oreo cookies. The sequence was crafted to promote the new limited edition Game of Thrones-inspired Oreo cookies releasing along with the show’s final season.

Following its debut in 2011, Game of Thrones has become a staple HBO series alongside other classic shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, and Deadwood. Based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, Game of Thrones hasn’t just proven itself as a successful series, but fully ingrained in pop culture. With board games, collectibles, and even a prequel spinoff series in the works, the series has never been more popular – especially considering it’s about to release its eighth and final season. So, to join the fun, Oreo cookies are now officially teaming up with Game of Thrones, releasing four cookie designs inspired by the show. Only, Oreo didn’t waste the opportunity when unveiling their new (temporary) look.

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Oreo released a video recreating Game of Thrones’ opening title sequence on Twitter to promote their new limited edition cookies. And, to stay on brand, the sequence only uses Oreo cookies. A stop-motion animation effect recreates Westeros with the cookies from the ground up until finally ending with the new limited edition cookies – the designs of which include House Stark, House Targaryen, House Lannister, and the Night King. Check out the video below:

Oreo is hardly the only brand celebrating Game of Thrones’ final season. Johnnie Walker teamed up with HBO to release a special edition White Walker-inspired scotch whiskey – aptly named “White Walker.” But HBO went one step further, releasing an entire set of single malt scotch whiskies. The sigils of eight different houses from the show decorate eight different types of whiskey with varying price tags. That said, exciting though it may be for fans to get their hands on Game of Thrones-inspired snacks and drinks, mixing the two probably isn’t the best (or most appetizing) idea.

Though there have been plenty of shows throughout history that have garnered significant attention from the masses, Game of Thrones is in a league of its own. Not just a TV series, but a cultural phenomenon, Game of Thrones earned its time in the spotlight. Sadly, all good things must end, and HBO’s epic series is about to take its final bow. Thankfully, though, if there was one way to soften the blow, it’s drowning one’s sorrow in a glass of cold milk and a stack of Oreo cookies.

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Game of Thrones’ eighth season premieres on April 14, 2019 on HBO.

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New Doom Movie Gets Official Title, Synopsis, Releases Fall 2019

The new Doom movie now has an official title, synopsis, and a fall 2019 release date. It’s been almost fifteen years since the last feature length Doom film arrived. Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 2005’s Doom was not quite what most Doom fans had been hoping for, and the sci-fi action/horror film was a huge box office flop, bringing in only $15 million globally on a $60 million budget.

Such a poor performance was odd for the franchise, which had grown considerably since its introduction as a first person shooter game for IBM-compatible computers in 1993. The game spawned a variety of books, comic books, spinoffs, and sequels in its quest to tell the tale of a space marine at war with demons and the undead. Given its beginnings and its somewhat iconic status as one of the first first person shooters to really make a mark on gamers, it’s not hard to believe that its greatest success as a franchise has come from game sales, which have seen Doom sell 10 million copies to date.

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Though the 2005 film failed to connect with audiences, Dread Central has reported that Universal is giving the IP another chance, with Doom: Annihilation set for a fall 2019 release. The new film is not a sequel to its 2005 counterpart, and will instead be a straight-to-home video release. In addition to the title and release date information, there are also three new images to tide fans over until a trailer arrives at some point in the coming months. Check out the images below:

In terms of plot, Doom: Annihilation’s story doesn’t sound much different at all from its 2005 predecessor. Namely, a group of space marines respond to a distress call on a distant Martian moon, only to find themselves in a fight for their lives as they face hordes of demonic creatures. This familiar formula could spell relief for many Doom fans who wanted to see a second attempt at a live-action adaption of their beloved FPS. That being said, video games have had a notoriously difficult time making the switch to film adaptations, and Doom’s path feels as though it has even more hurdles to surpass this time around, given its past failures as a film.

In a time where streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu rule the way in which films are distributed, being released direct to home video feels a bit out of touch. It’s understandable why Universal would be nervous trying to get another Doom adaptation off the ground, but this film already feels like it isn’t being given a fair chance for success. Doom’s concept has kept gamers fascinated for decades, which is evidence in itself that there is something entertaining there – it just needs to be handled correctly. Unfortunately for Doom fans, if Doom: Annihilation doesn’t find success, it could be a very long time before the franchise gets another chance at showing off what it has to offer.

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Avengers: Endgame’s Title Explained – This Is Doctor Strange’s Plan

The first trailer for Avengers 4 has finally arrived and – as we speculated back in April – the movie’s title is Avengers: Endgame. The title isn’t exactly a spoiler, but it is a reference to a very important line in Avengers: Infinity War, when Doctor Strange tells Iron Man, “We’re in the endgame now.” Yes, while all might seem lost (half of all living creatures in the universe being wiped out is a bit of a downer), there’s every reason to believe that Doctor Strange had a plan for the Avengers to ultimately win.

Unfortunately, Doctor Strange himself is no longer around to explain what the plan was, since he was turned to dust at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. In fact, the roster of superheroes is currently looking a little thin, with only the original Avengers (and Rocket Raccoon) left to try and undo the devastation.

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The Avengers: Endgame trailer makes it clear that the Avengers do have some kind of plan, with Black Widow telling Captain America, “This is going to work, Steve,” and Cap replying, “I know it is. Because I don’t know what I’m going to do if it doesn’t.” But whatever they have in mind, it’s part of a larger plan that was set in motion by Doctor Strange – a plan that started with letting Thanos win.

  • This page: What Avengers: Endgame’s Title Means
  • Page 2: Previous Teases Of Endgame in the MCU

Endgame Is Doctor Strange’s Infinity War Plan

When Doctor Strange decided to hand over the Time Stone to Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, many fans guessed that he probably had a good reason for doing so. While he was stuck on Titan with Iron Man, Spider-Man, Nebula, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Strange went into a trance and looked into more than 14 million possible outcomes of the battle ahead, searching for one in which they would beat Thanos. It turned out that there was, in fact, only when possible future that didn’t end in total defeat – and judging by Doctor Strange’s tone, it sounds like that one possible outcome would require a considerable sacrifice.

The general assumption right now – based on the clues proffered in set photos – is that the Avengers will find a way to undo Thanos’ actions through time travel, going back as far as the Battle of New York (or perhaps even further) in order to change the course of history. The big question that remains, however, is whether Doctor Strange somehow managed to put together a plan and leave a message explaining it all (maybe as a recording on the Guardians’ ship, the Benatar), or whether he simply foresaw the Avengers coming up with a plan of their own in the wake of the Decimation. Either way, Strange telling Tony that “we’re in the endgame now” was a clear indication that they were on the path to victory – however painful and difficult that path might be.

Is This The Only Way To Defeat Thanos?

Another obvious question that arises is why the only way for the Avengers to win was to let Thanos win first. When we last saw the Mad Titan, he had finally settled down for retirement, content in the fact that he had achieved his goals. The trailer for Avengers: Endgame even shows that he has turned his armor into a scarecrow – a fun nod to the comics upon which these two movies are based. Thanos has clearly let his guard down, which actually creates an opening for the Avengers to undo “the snap” while he’s not paying attention. Moreover, the Infinity Gauntlet itself was permanently damaged by the devastating force of the snap, so Thanos may not be able to repeat his actions even if he wanted to. Perhaps Doctor Strange handed over the Time Stone precisely because he knew the only way to cripple the Gauntlet was to unleash its full, horrifying potential.

Page 2: Previous Teases Of Endgame in the MCU

The Endgame Title Was Teased In Avengers: Age of Ultron

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo played a coy game in the seven months between Avengers: Infinity War‘s release and the arrival of the trailer for Avengers: Endgame. When fans theorized that the fourth Avengers movie would be titled Endgame, the Russos insisted that the title wasn’t spoken aloud at any point in Infinity War, and further insisted that no one had correctly guessed it yet. Whether they changed their minds about the title or whether they were just, well, lying, the Marvel Cinematic Universe actually planted a reference to an “endgame” scenario well before Doctor Strange brought it up in Infinity War.

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In Avengers: Age of Ultron, after Ultron’s initial escape from Avengers Tower, the other Avengers confront Tony about the fact that he (as Bruce Banner puts it) created a murderbot. Tony stands defiant, saying that he was trying to develop a real system of planetary defense that could stand up against something like the Chitauri invasion. “We’re the Avengers,” Tony says. “We can bust arms dealers all the live long day, but that up there… that’s the endgame.” Whether intentional or otherwise (Age of Ultron was directed by Joss Whedon, not the Russos), this scene is actually perfect foreshadowing for Infinity War and Endgame. When Tony asks the others how they were planning on stopping another alien invasion, Cap replies simply, “Together.” Tony tells him that they’ll lose, and Cap retorts, “Then we’ll do that together too.”

The Russo Brothers Revealed The Title In A Behind-the-Scenes Photo

As the months ticked on with still no title reveal, many fans wondered what the purpose was behind all the secrecy. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige admitted as early as April 2018 that the decision not to reveal the title had “backfired,” and that the original intention had simply been to keep all the focus on Infinity War in the lead-up to its release. So, why continue to keep it a secret for the rest of the year?

One possibility is that the studio and directors genuinely hadn’t settled on a title at the time of Infinity War‘s release (for a while Avengers 4 was strongly rumored to be called Annihilation, not Endgame), and didn’t want to commit until they were certain. The other possibility is simply that it served as a free source of hype, with fans feverishly trying to work out the title based on the hints and clues offered.

In a behind-the-scenes photo that came pretty close to driving the entire Marvel fandom insane, the Russo brothers showed an oddly specific positioning of lighting and equipment that, they hinted, contained some kind of clue to Avengers 4. Fans quickly dove into a deep investigation of this photo, trying to find hidden clues and mapping out possible words in the composition, but the most compelling theories were those that picked out the word “ENDGAME” from the arrangement of items in the photo. If this really was intentional, and not just some kind of mass Rorschach test, then it indicates that the rumors of Marvel and the Russos struggling to settle on a title are misleading, and that Avengers 4 was really called Endgame all along.

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