Fleabag Stars Hand Out Gin & Tonics to Fans in Line for Tickets

Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott, or more properly known as season 2’s “Hot Priest”, treated some lucky fans waiting in line to see the stage play with some cans of gin and tonic. Waller-Bridge wrote and currently performs the one-woman show, which follows the bereaved titular character as she grieves the loss of her best friend all while keeping her new cafe business afloat and navigating a rowdy sex life. The play soon made its way into a televised format for BBC Three in the UK, and later found a home on Amazon Prime in 2016, which further boosted Waller-Bridge’s witty storytelling to success. She became even more of a household name following the premiere of her female-led espionage series, Killing Eve, and recently signed on to help punch up the script for the new Bond film, No Time To Die.

Originally, Waller-Bridge just wanted Fleabag to be one 6-episode season, believing that the most interesting part of her character’s story had already been told. But, fans couldn’t get enough of the clever and hilarious fourth-wall-breaking dramedy, so season 2 was ordered and premiered on Amazon Prime earlier this year. The series garnered mass amounts of critical acclaim for how it continued Fleabag’s story. Though a season 3 isn’t officially underway, Waller-Bridge hasn’t closed the door completely on the idea. However, until any announcement there can officially be made, she’s still reveling in the excitement and success of the stage play.

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Ever since its return in August, the success of the play has skyrocketed. With fans lining up and waiting to see Waller-Bridge in action, she decided to surprise them beforehand, and with an extra special guest. Andrew Scott joined Waller-Bridge in passing out cans of gin and tonic to fans waiting in line, a drink that their two characters shared in season 2 of the series. Instagram user alexei_bez was one of the many fans to receive a can of G&T and captured a video of the two stars passing them out. Check it out here:

Scott’s Hot Priest was one of the highlights of Fleabag season 2, mainly for the complicated relationship that he attempts to navigate with Waller-Bridge’s titular character. The two characters’ personalities bounced perfectly off one another due to infectious chemistry that made for an investing and intriguing watch. Along with incredible performances, the series has also been acknowledged for its writing and directing, all of which were recently nominated for Emmys. Currently, season 2 of the series is nominated for a whopping 11 Emmys.

The kindness that both Waller-Bridge and Scott express towards their fans is a true testament to how much they love and appreciate the support that they’ve received throughout the show’s run. There’s no doubt that Waller-Bridge is an unstoppable force in Hollywood, as she’s proven through the multiple projects that she’s currently attached to, but it’s amazing to see how down-to-earth she’s remained. She’s a hilarious and empowering force to be reckoned with, and it’s true what they say, never underestimate the power of a jumpsuit.

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Source: alexei_bez/Instagram

2019-09-08 02:09:46

Hannah Hoolihan