Harry Potter: 10 People Lupin Should Have Been With Other Than Tonks

Of the many Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows deaths that JK Rowling piled onto the hearts of adoring fans in the Battle of Hogwarts, the most devastating duo death award goes to Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. Particularly how their hands were just out of reach of each other. Not to mention the deleted scene that shows their joy in seeing each other just before the battle.

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That said, some would argue that their relationship wasn’t the best, to begin with. Between the age gap and the perceived toxicity, perhaps they’d have been better off with other people. (Perhaps more alive, too.)Here are the ten people Lupin should have been with, other than Tonks.

10 Emmeline Vance

Emmeline Vance doesn’t get much time in the saga, but what is known about her constitutes what might have been a healthy relationship with Lupin. She was an incredibly powerful witch, brave and intelligent. As described in chapter 3 of the Order of the Phoenix, she was stately and well-respected. When it was reported that she was murdered by Death Eaters, the Order was devastated.

In that sense, Vance would have carried even more esteem and wizarding experience than Tonks. Given that Vance also would have been around Lupin’s age, it would have been an excellent opportunity to highlight a different member of the Order while still giving Lupin the love he thought he could never have.

9 Severus Snape

For as much as these two begrudged each other as students, as adults, they are colleagues who, while fraught with tension, trust each other implicitly. It was Snape who supplied the potions that allowed Lupin to survive his year as a professor.

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Both Snape and Lupin have a significant dark side. For Snape, he was a Death Eater. For Lupin, he’s a werewolf. Indulging that dark side in a healthy way, through romance, would have helped each of these two grow. Though Snape would have had significant trouble keeping this secret from Voldemort.

8 Andromeda Black

Yes, also known as Nymphadora’s mother. However, unlike Nymphadora, Andromeda would have been closer to Remus in age while still sharing many of the characteristics of her forward-thinking daughter.

Andromeda already married so poorly by her family’s standards that she was burned off from the Black family tree. Not much would have changed if Remus would have ended up with the mother instead of the daughter.

There also would have been an easy in, as Andromeda and Sirius considered each other to be their only family. Lupin wasn’t far behind, having so little to speak of himself. What this would have meant for Nymphadora’s character, well, that’s uncertain.

7 Charlie Weasley

Remus always had a special connection to the Weasleys. He could always be found at the Burrow, helping out Arthur, befriending Molly, and in all ways getting involved with their family. It only makes sense, therefore, that he should have ended up in their family.

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Charlie, the oldest of the Weasley litter, works with dragons, remained single throughout the saga, and is in that sweet spot of 12-13 years younger than Remus. Same as Tonks. They were also both members of the Order of the Phoenix, building that bond even more. You know what they say, if you can corral a dragon, you can corral a werewolf.

6 Pandora Lovegood

Not much is known about Luna Lovegood’s mother, other than what we hear from Luna herself. Pandora Lovegood was an extraordinary witch, according to her daughter. She also had a knack for creating her own spells, lending more credence to her abilities as a witch.

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As we can see from Xenophilius, she also had a thing for scruffy, unkempt men. It doesn’t get more scruffy or unkempt than a werewolf. But she also had depth for love and compassion, given how Luna and Xenophilius turned out. That depth of character could have melded so well with Remus Lupin, and it would be incredible if Luna had a werewolf father.

5 Sirius Black

Most of the Harry Potter romances are just childhood friends marrying each other. So why not Sirius and Remus too? They have such great chemistry during their time in the Order of the Phoenix as the last two true marauders and they are always looking out for each other, supporting Harry and, in the end, dying for him.

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Lupin and Black would have made an excellent couple because they were essentially already that as the fantastic friends they were. Of course, then Harry would have had to deal with the double death of his two godfathers. Aside from that, though, it’s all a happy, extended family.

4 Chiara Lobosca

An unfamiliar name for most, Chiara Lobosca was the first female werewolf included in Harry Potter canon thanks to her appearance in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

While Lobosca won’t do much for those that argue against the age gap between Tonks and Lupin, as she was 12-13 years his younger as well, it must be acknowledged that Lobosca and Lupin had much more in common, as well as a deeper history. Both being werewolves, they’d have a lot to talk about. No one would have understood Remus’s plight of being unloved better than someone going through that same plight. The werewolf love should have happened.

3 Sybill Trelawney

While Professor Trelawney and Professor Lupin had no direct interactions, there was an instance in the Prisoner of Azkaban, chapter 11, when Trelawney notes a hasty retreat from Lupin when she offered to crystal gaze him.

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Perhaps Lupin just doesn’t buy into Divination. He wouldn’t be the only one. Or maybe he was just too nervous to speak to the woman he had hidden feelings for. Workplace romances always work out well, right? And unlikely couples make it all the better. This would have been a fun relationship to build around.

2 Narcissa Black

Safe to say that Narcissa Black had her fair share of character flaws, but in the moments when it mattered most, she showed what mattered most to her—her family. She helped Harry Potter, essentially saving his life, and fled the Death Eater cause as it was falling apart. Lupin is nothing if not a caring man, sticking his neck out for those he deems family, even if he has very little family of his own.

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Lupin could have been that last push of good that kept Narcissa from going down the path that she did. It would have created excellent family dynamics between her and Bellatrix, not to mention factoring in Sirius as well. But in the end, it would have allowed both Narcissa and Remus to shine as loving, sympathetic characters, neither of whom come from a place that would lend itself to that end. A werewolf and a Black? Talk about forbidden love.

1 Lily Evans

Speaking of questionable romances, Lily and James Potter have one of the more dubious of them all. Seen particularly in Snape’s flashbacks, James, and Sirius, for that matter—come off as arrogant, self-righteous bullies that read as rather detestable characters.

As such, Lily was not fond of them in the least and often stood up for Snape when the bullying commenced. Connecting how she ended up marrying James is, yet again, dubious. Lupin though? Not so much. Always much more mature and kind than his fellow marauders, a romance between Lily and Remus would have made much more sense for both.

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Harry Potter: 10 Things You Never Knew About Andromeda Tonks

Even for bona fide Harry Potter fans, Andromeda Tonks is a character who they might be familiar with but one they probably know almost nothing about. And that comes as no surprise, because even in the books the information and character development for Andromeda Tonks is pretty brief and light. Andromeda Tonks is the wife of Ted Tonks and the mother to the incomparable Nymphadora Tonks, and although she was born into the insane wizard family that is house Black she ultimately forged her own path and became a genuinely decent person.

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Andromeda Tonks may be a minor character within the Harry Potter world, but her choices in life actually changed the direction of the story and the course of the entire Wizarding War in a lot of ways. Andromeda Tonks never really got her chance to shine in the Harry Potter series, but here are 10 things about her character that you undoubtedly never knew.

10 She Would Choose Love Over Duty

Although most people aren’t fully familiar with Andromeda Tonks as a character, any average Harry Potter reader or viewer will at least know that the Black wizarding family is a bunch of purity obsessed lunatics. Pure blood is really the foundation of the entire Black family, and any member of the family that doesn’t prioritize blood purity over all else will be disowned from the family forever.

But that didn’t stop Andromeda Black from falling in love with and marrying muggle born wizard Ted Tonks. Andromeda had to lose her entire family to follow her heart, but she didn’t hesitate to choose love over duty.

9 She Was Tortured By The Ministry Of Magic…

Although Andromeda Tonks wasn’t a full fledged member of the Order of the Phoenix, she didn’t hesitate to help them when the need arose. And because of that she caught the attention of the Ministry of Magic, and once the Ministry was under the full control of Voldemort and the Death Eaters they used that power to torture and interrogate Andromeda for information about Harry Potter.

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Andromeda didn’t have very much information to offer them, but with so little information out there the Ministry didn’t hesitate to use one of the unforgivable curses on Mrs. Tonks in the hopes of squeezing any bit of information they could out of her.

8 And She Withstood The Torture

A lot of wizards and witches would have folded under the torment that the cruciatus curse offfered, or they may have just collapsed under the very intimidating threat that Voldemort and the rest of the Death Eaters posed.

They clearly wanted information about Harry Potter more than pretty much everything else, but despite all of that Andromeda Tonks reportedly held up under the questioning and torture that the Ministry of Magic doled out in the hopes that it would lead to some information about Harry. She may not have been a member of the Order, but she was certainly tough enough to be one.

7 She Was A Dead Ringer For Bellatrix Lestrange

Most siblings wind up resembling each other in one way or another, after all, they do share half of their DNA with each other. However, Andromeda Tonks bore a very striking resemblance to her older sister, Bellatrix Lestrange. Her similarity to Bellatrix was so great that when Harry Potter first met her he nearly attacked her because he believed that he had come face to face with Bellatrix herself.

After a second look Harry realized that there were some obvious differences between Andromeda and Bellatrix, but it was really only her lighter hair and wider, sweeter eyes that showed the difference between the two Black sisters.

6 Her Home Was A Safe House For The Order Of The Phoenix

It comes as no surprise that Andromeda Tonks would offer safe harbor for the Order of the Phoenix in her own home, because her daughter and her son in law were two of the most prominent members of the Order.

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When the Order of the Phoenix undertook the unusually difficult task of transporting Harry from Privet Drive to the Burrow, the Tonks home offered Hagrid and Harry a place to hide and get their bearings after the polyjuice-fueled Battle of the Seven Potters went tragically wrong. Despite their concern about the mission, the elder Tonks family was more than happy to provide Harry with a safe place to land.

5 She Was A Slytherin…

Andromeda Tonks very plainly didn’t fit in with the rest of the Black family, but she wasn’t different enough from the rest of them to buck the Black tradition of being sorted into Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Sirius Black appears to be the only exception to the Black/Slytherin rule, but the fact that Andromeda was still sorted into Slytherin despite her being a very good and egalitarian person just proves that the reputation House Slytherin has as the haven  of elitist, racist witches and wizards is an unfair stigma.

4 And She Embodied The Best Parts Of Slytherin

As any Harry Potter viewer or reader already knows, Slytherin house has a reputation for being the fostering ground for nearly any dark wizard who ever attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But that reputation is almost entirely unfair, and Andromeda Tonks is really a perfect example of how good and kind many Slytherin students can wind up being.

Andromeda’s status as a member of the Black family undoubtedly contributed towards her being sorted into Slytherin, but she eschewed all of the darkest beliefs of her family and seemed to be an amalgamation of all of the best traits that Slytherin house has to offer.

3 She Was Sirius Black’s Favorite Cousin

This could probably go without saying simply because Andromeda and Sirius seem to be the only members of the Black family who aren’t pure blood racists, but Sirius has openly stated that Andromeda Tonks was his favorite cousin and the only member of his family that he actually enjoyed being around.

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The pressure to conform to the standards of house Black are very strong, so strong that almost no one ever bucks their traditions and branches out on their own, but Sirius and Andromeda were two notable exceptions to that. And it’s nice to know that they at least had each other when the rest of their family banished them.

2 Andromeda Was Sandwiched Between Bellatrix And Narcissa

The middle child of any family always has their particular issues to deal with, but the thought of being the middle child stuck between Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy sounds like a horror show unlike any other.

Obviously once the entire Black family disowned Andromeda being the middle sister in this trio ceased to be an issue, but it must have been impossibly tough to be a remotely normal, kind person when your older sister is a certifiably insane demon child and your younger sister is an arrogant and cruel elitist. That only goes to show what an inherently extraordinary person Andromeda was, though.

1 Andromeda Raised Teddy Lupin

As anyone who is familiar with Harry Potter knows, one of the most tragic losses in the Second Wizarding War and the Battle of Hogwarts was the death of married couple Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin. And what only served to make their deaths more tragic was the son that they left behind, Teddy Lupin.

Despite the fact that Harry Potter was Teddy’s godfather (and godparents are traditionally the ones who care for a child if that child loses their parents) it was actually Andromeda and Ted Tonks who raised Teddy after his parents died (Harry did offer some assistance though).

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