Fast And Furious: 25 Things Fans Ignore About Dom Toretto (That Show He Makes No Sense)

In 2001, The Fast And The Furious began in earnest as just a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it action movie. It was a decent enough update of the Point Break story – steely-eyed lawman goes undercover and falls for the lifestyle of the charismatic rogues he’s been assigned to put away. By the end of the flick, Hollywood had a franchise on its hands. Strangely enough, it became about a lot more than wild-eyed street-racing petty crooks.

For all of the moviegoers who occasionally love turning their brains off and the adrenaline levels to eleven, The Fast And The Furious franchise provides the ultimate thrill ride with every single film. No matter how outlandish the premises are, or the characters. Like the film series’ character, Dominic Toretto, who was merely the leader of a street racing/electronics-boosting crew who became the world’s most premier man and driver. The series went from small to big in about the time it takes to jump off the line.

Eighteen years later and the franchise is still chugging along. Even without co-star, Paul Walker, the series is gearing up for its first spin-off flick, Hobbs And Shaw, and at least one more main story flick. Similar to other popular film franchises, as long as Vin Diesel’s onboard, the crowds will flock to the theaters to see their boy flex some muscles and drive some muscle cars. If you think you know these movies, then check out 25 Things Fans Ignore About Dom Toretto (That Show He Makes No Sense).

25 He’s A Comic Book Character

Every character needs an origin story. Dom’s is ripped right out of a comic book. He’s been driving since he was five years old. His father was slain, Dom was sent to jail and had a redemptive arc throughout each movie where he’s an outlaw but he’s a good guy outlaw. Before Jax and the Sons Of Anarchy, there was Dominic Toretto.

He also has some insane powers that couldn’t exist in the real world. Have you watched this guy in action? He can drive a car with one hand, practically stand up inside of it, extend his other giant arm and save anyone he’s trying to at that moment.

24 The Government Needs Him

Ever since Fast Five, the Government and Dom’s crew have made for strange bedfellows. Even in real life, the US government has used unsavory folks as assets. But it’s highly unlikely and completely ridiculous that the only person who can stop crazed madmen is another crazed madman and his team of lovable outlaws.

Only in this world can Dominic, who is public enemy number one, be called upon to stop global enemies with a ragtag group of guys who can drive fancy cars really, really fast…and furiously.

23 His Charger Is Immortal

Ever driver loves their car. They love it like it’s their kid. They’re constantly tinkering with it and making sure the car is in the best shape possible whenever they take it for a drive. Dom’s vehicular steed is a 1970 Dodge Charger. The 900-horsepower behemoth was totaled at the end of the first film.

But, like The Lone Ranger Or Han Solo, you can’t part the man from the vehicle. The Charger has become a staple of the entire series. The exact one has been retooled for storyline purposes several times. Once by Letty and once by Brian; no matter how many times Dom wrecks it, someone in the franchise rebuilds it.

22 Driving Since He Couldn’t Reach The Pedals

A lot of people have grown up with fond memories of sitting on their dad’s lap behind the wheel of the family car. Dad teaches his kid how to move the steering wheel, never taking his own hands off the wheel. All the while, dad has his feet firmly planted where the kid’s feet can’t reach – the pedals.

In Fast And Furious-land though, Toretto’s been driving since he was five years old. Not just on Papa Toretto’s lap either. Dominic himself has been cruising around Los Angeles since he was kindergarten age. Hopefully, that’s just a myth the character tells people and not something as fans we’re supposed to believe.

21 Wandering Eye

If we treat the first film of the series as a pilot episode for a TV show, then you can explain away a lot of inconsistencies. Besides the entire cast being nowhere near the level of skill they’d be in later movies, Dom’s undying love for Letty might not have always been the case.

In the first movie, Dom’s seems like enjoy the attention he gets from a couple of race groupies. A little too much – Letty had to come break it up.

20 He Got Letty Eliminated

The chemistry between Dom and Letty is palpable, not something you see in a lot of today’s action movies. The pair are devoted to each other no matter the situation. Even when Letty isn’t so sure about some of Dom’s schemes, she tags along.

When the heat was on, instead of standing by his woman and escaping together, Dom thought leaving would be the best way to keep Letty safe. It might not seem very Dom–like, but the move does set off the plot to Fast And Furious, Fast Five, and Fast 6.

19 Tolerance For Betrayal

For someone who is supposed to be this steely-eyed, no-nonsense, ride-or-perish, every hyphenated adjective in the book kind of guy, Dom has a really soft spot in his heart for knuckleheads who betray him.

Brian takes down the whole operation and instead of disliking him, Dom respects him and doesn’t seem to mind him dating his sister. Shaw ends the crew’s best friend, Han, and Dom is wheeling and dealing with the whole family. In this world, you cross Dom in one movie, he’s your bestie the next.

18 Pain And Gains

One of these Fast movies is going to drive right off the deep end and reveal that Toretto is part alien or something. How else do you explain how strong and invulnerable he is?! One movie has him hoisting up a 3000-pound car like it was a 20-pound dumbbell.

In just about every movie, the man takes pounding his fists or twisted steel in a fiery crash. In every movie, Dom comes out with a ripped shirt, fairly to completely unscathed.

17 Couldn’t Care Less About Elena

After thinking Letty was gone, Dom ended up with Elena, the cop that was chasing him. He finally found the will to love someone else again. But then Toretto got word that his one and only MIGHT still be alive.

Without any actual proof that Letty was still alive, he took off in search of her, leaving Elena behind. To her credit, she knew the deal and didn’t protest at all, even after their son was born. Even after Cipher took them both captive.

16 Ridiculous Driving Skills

The movies are called The Fast And The Furious and all of the characters love cars and love to drive cars. Of course, their fearless leader would be able to handle himself behind the wheel. Dom’s main superpower would be his ability behind the wheel of anything with at least four wheels.

With each movie though, Toretto’s ability to drive is wildly creative – most notably during Fast 7, when he careens through a skyscraper, crashing through into another. The move doesn’t even necessarily defy the laws of physics, it’s just completely ludicrous (and not Tej).

15 Always Working With The Enemy

Besides the fact that he is far too trusting, Dominic always works with the enemy and that’s been a staple since the very first film. Not only does he work with them, they all gain mutual respect and friendship. Brian was undercover and Dom’s enemy. They, of course, become brothers.

Hobbs and the whole crew have mutual respect and love for one another, the Shaw family are against Dom for two movies before partnering up with him. By Fast 9, Cipher will probably be helping Dom and the crew out before being invited to the BBQ.

14 Never Avenged Han

It’s one thing to work with your enemies towards a common goal. It’s certainly another to gain their respect and admiration. But when one of your biggest threats in the entire series ended your boy in cold blood, not to mention blew up your house – you probably want to exact vengeance.

That’s a big nope – instead of ending Shaw with his bare hands, Dom plays nice so that Deckard could save his young son, which might make eliminating your bestie forgivable.

13 Where’s Leon?

In the world of criminals that Dom lives in, you have to want to be a part of his family. The stakes are too big to risk not having your heart into a big heist. But to not even be mentioned or make cameo appearances during the grand finale celebration scenes? Clearly, you’re only part of Dom’s family if you’re willing to be a thief.

Leon was part of the crew in the first movie. We haven’t seen him or heard about him since, minus one little picture of him shown.

12 Double-Clutching Doesn’t Work

Dom’s been driving since he was five years old and can drive anything, anywhere, on all terrains. He’s just a master behind the wheel. He should probably know that Double-Clutching is not a thing that race cars would do. He tries to tell Brian that not double-clutching is what did him in during their first race.

In theory, most racers consider it a huge waste of time in a synchronized manual transmission car. The line was more likely than not something the writers made Dom say to make him know what he was talking about.

11 Is He Ghost Rider?

While hanging out in Cuba on their honeymoon, Dom’s cousin needs some help out of jam. In Fast And The Furious-land, all jams can be driven into and out of. So, Dom challenges Raldo to a race to leave Fernando alone.

Clearly, we know Dom is going to win after some harrowing spins and turns, showcasing Havana. But the car Fernando gives him to drive pretty much catches fire and stays that way for the entire race. One more of Dom’s superpowers is revealed – he’s practically Ghost Rider.

10 His Moment With Cipher

In Fate Of The Furious, Dom is coerced into working for the bad guys by Cipher when she takes Elena and their baby as captives. The crazy cyber-baddie even has Elena eliminated right in front of Dom. Yes, there’s the life of the baby to think about, so kudos to Dom for showing tremendous restraint.

But he didn’t necessarily have to end up with her, did he? He was doing everything she asked for, no need to seal the deal with a kiss.

9 Where’s Sean?

Tokyo Drift is the odd-one-out of the entire franchise. It’s not as bad as 2 Fast 2 Furious but considering the fact that no one wanted to come back for the third film, it was an impressive feat that there were more movies.

But despite introducing Han and having a cameo from Toretto, the rest of the films have so far not featured any appearances from Sean Boswell, except for a quick cameo in Furious 7. Not all street racers can turn into world-class criminals.

8 He Doesn’t Really Care About Family

Dom claims that he doesn’t have friends, he has family. He’s tight with all of his boys and will rush headlong into danger to save them, whether it makes sense or not, but for all the family talk, he’s done some questionable stuff over the years.

Allowing the Shaws to live after what they did to Han and Letty, not arguing tooth and nail with Mia over Brian; most importantly, ending up with Elena. Yes, he thought Letty was gone. But with the love they purported having for one another, Dom found Elena pretty quick after Letty’s supposed demise.

7 Is Ok With Never Seeing Mia Or Brian Again

With the fourth film, Fast And Furious, the franchise shifted gears from Brian and Dom to Brian to Sean and all the way back to the original four stars. Obviously, the writers had to think of a fitting exit for Brian and Mia; it’s just out of character for Dom to be ok with the possibility of never seeing his sister, brother-in-law, or nephew again.

Who knows what the series had in store for Brian, but for all the outlandish stunts the movies have, recasting the role has so far, thankfully, not been one of those stunts.

6 From Street Criminal To World’s Most Wanted

It’s certainly happened in the real world. Probably. Everyone has to start somewhere, even though world-class criminals must have been petty little crooks at one point. But to go from boosting PlayStations from cargo trucks to become one of the world’s most feared outlaws is a pretty big stretch.

But it happened, pretty much overnight. Toretto’s the star of the show, he’s got to be the biggest dog in the yard, at least compared to all of his friends and lawman after him. As the villains get crazier, Dom gets more and more indestructible.

5 Uncontrollable Rage

For a big bad hero that’s supposed to be cool, calm, and collected, Dom can get tossed into a wild rage. The dude’s got major anger issues. It works wonders when there are bad guys that need a beating, not so much when he lashes out at his own friends.

Dom’s penchants for knocking people senseless with his own two hands not only showcases his descent into anger but also Vin Diesel’s strength. What more could you ask for in an outlaw superhero?

4 Superman Moves To Save Letty

The completely out of control stunt shows that The Fast And The Furious have become part of the series’ bombastic charm. There is literally nothing that Dom and his crew aren’t capable of pulling off. Even if that means completely ignoring logic in favor of pulse-pounding, adrenaline-fueled moments.

In Fast 6, Dom watches Letty get launched from her car towards certain doom. With no option left to save his love Dom launches himself from his own car to perform a mid-air catch, literally no harm comes to either of them

3 Offscreen Drama With The Rock

Fast Five introduced Luke Hobbs, an agent hunting Dom and his crew down. Since he was against Dom at first, that meant it was only a matter of time before he started to work with them. Played by the Rock, the series had another testosterone-fueled bald man to put forth as part of the franchise.

Everyone loves Dwayne Johnson, there has never been a single negative price of publicity or gossip surrounding him and he’s easily one of the industry’s most charming stars. Leave it Vin Diesel to get into a feud with the guy. No ones quite sure what the beef was about, to being with, but for the good of the franchise, they supposedly patched up their differences and agreed to be a part of the ninth movie.

2 Dom and Co. Live In The Love Bug Universe

Hollywood is full of great cars, no matter the genre. Every Fast movie has a slew of iconic rides; past, present, and future. But the iconic symbol of the series is Dom’s souped-up 1970 Dodge Charger. It’s been part of the show since the beginning. Some fans have been eagle-eyed enough to put the car into another universe, linking The Fast And The Furious to Herbie.

The same Charger that was used in the first film appears in the scrap yard scene in Herbie: Fully Loaded.

1 Vin Had No Interest In The Sequel

When Diesel returned for the fourth film in 2009, it was at a pivotal point in his career. Aside from the first film and Pitch Black, a lot of what he was doing wasn’t on par with the star Hollywood had thought him to be. His film seemed destined to heading for the dreaded “direct-to-video” bin sooner than later.

That’s if he didn’t do something to pick up steam. So he came back. After he once stated that he wasn’t going to come back for the sequel. But he eventually recanted, returned, and rebranded himself as one of the premier action stars of this era.

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