Schitt’s Creek: 10 Surprisingly Touching Moments We Didn’t Expect

The uproarious Canadian comedy series Schitt’s Creek might have delivered laughs for six seasons, but creators Daniel and Eugene Levy have also ensured it’s full of tearful moments as well. When the Rose family loses its wealth and is forced to move to rural Canada, they think life as they know it is over. But once they befriend the colorful locals of Schitt’s Creek, they realize they may have found their home.

Throughout Johnny’s journey from video store magnate to small-town motel owner, Moira’s progression from soap opera star to community theater bon vivante, Alexis’s segue from ditsy socialite to community organizer, and David’s ascension from art gallery manager to small business owner, the family has had to really get in touch with their feelings. There have been some obviously standout emotional moments in the series, but here are  10 surprisingly touching moments we didn’t expect.


Johnny Rose was once a wealthy video store mogul with chains around the country, so his malaise about having to live in a motel and make minimum wage is palpable. But he tries to remain optimistic and inspire his family to make the best of their circumstances, which eventually results in them all warming up to Schitt’s Creek.

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When they happen to run into some old friends from their past, they begrudgingly agree to have dinner with them. The couple spends the whole time badmouthing Schitt’s Creek until Johnny can stand it no longer. His little speech defending his new home and its inhabitants is meaningful because it’s from the heart.


Alexis may have lead a life of extravagant parties, fashion shows, and world-traveling, but to live in Schitt’s Creek she needs to learn life skills that are more applicable. She ends up going back to high school to finish the degree she abandoned traveling, and then pursuing online college.

The fact that Alexis decides to pursue higher education at almost 30 and stick with it says something about the intrepid nature of her character, which only continues to grow when she begins her own communications firm by Season 4. She is no longer defined by her designer handbag or what famous man she’s dating, but by her inner fortitude.


Out of all the Roses, Stevie bonds with David the most because of their shared introverted misanthropy. However, it’s Moira who becomes an unlikely friend to her when she’s feeling depressed about her life’s direction. Moira generously offers her the lead in her new play.

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Stevie is admittedly nervous about performing in “Cabaret”, but Moira’s surprisingly maternal guidance gives her the confidence she needs. When she absolutely crushes her solo number, you can see the pride beaming in Moira’s eyes as she watches Stevie’s star shine brightly.


None of the Roses are particularly happy about having to settle in Schitt’s Creek, far removed from the hustle and bustle of a big exciting metropolis. Alexis takes it particularly hard, cut off from her influential famous friends and glamorous lifestyle.

When some of them happen to pass through Schitt’s Creek while she’s organizing an event for Single’s Week, they offer her a means to escape. Juxtaposed with the encouraging and friendly locals, however, she’s begun to see them for the vapid and disingenuous people they bare, and decides that Schitt’s Creek is where she belongs.


Ted wanted to be with Alexis since the very first season, but she wasn’t ready. Even when he proposed, she was still in love with Mutt, so Ted moved on to Heather. When Alexis was finally ready, Ted was taken, so she had to throw herself into her new business.

Finally, in Season 4, it was the right time for them to be together, but soon after Ted got an amazing opportunity to study turtles thousands of miles away from Schitt’s Creek. Alexis supporting Ted’s dream is one of the most selfless things she’s done on the show and demonstrates her newfound willingness to put someone else’s desires before her own.


David and Alexis aren’t the most emotionally open of people, especially David. When he drops off a box of dog sweaters at Ted’s clinic, he’s not prepared to be trapped by Ted and roped into a sentimental discussion about heartbreak. But it’s clear Ted is still processing his feelings for Alexis, so David lends him an ear.

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What David says to Ted really demonstrates how much growth he’s done since meeting Patrick. His relationship has showed him the importance of honest communication, because it makes both partners feel comfortable to express themselves. He proclaims when you meet someone who makes you feel that way you should never let them go.


Roland and Jocelyn Schitt have been both a blessing and a curse to the Roses. While Moira has benefited from joining Jocelyn’s Jazzagals group, Johnny rarely benefits from Roland’s attempts to be a handyman around the Rosebud Motel. However in Season 6, when Johnny and Moira need help most, it’s this unlikely pair that comes to the rescue.

Johnny wants to expand the Rosebud Motel but can’t come up with the funds, and when he hears an anonymous buyer beat him to another property, he feels defeated. That is, until he learns the anonymous buyer was the Schitts, who took a second mortgage out on their house to help the Roses realize their plan. The depth of emotion conveyed between Johnny and Roland when the big reveal is made is unexpectedly poignant.


In the fifth season, Patrick decides that he and David should go on a romantic picnic. Except that in order to do it, they need to go on a hike, and David isn’t the most athletically inclined. He nevertheless does it for Patrick, except Patrick gets injured along the route, placing David in the role of expedition leader.

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Patrick wants to turn back but David won’t have it. He scoops Patrick up and carries him the rest of the way, with visions of cheese and crackers and a soft blanket spurring him on. He has no idea the reward he’ll get for his efforts – Patrick proposes to him at the top of the peak.


For Schitt’s Creek’s “Asbestos Fest”, Moira decides to choose a flashy and complicated vocal piece to wow the audience. Despite her merciless practice schedule, she can’t seem to recapture the magic of performing the number like she did in her youth.

Seeing his mother struggle, David decides to help her. He suggests they do their “Christmas in July” duet that they used to perform when he was a kid, and it’s the perfect choice. It’s touching not because the song is performed well, but because David is willing to bomb hard so his mom won’t be embarrassed alone on stage.


In the series Christmas Special, Johnny Rose becomes despondent when he realizes his family doesn’t seem to be in the holiday spirit. He assumes it’s because their situation in Schitt’s Creek means they won’t be throwing an amazing Christmas soiree like they used to.

When the family notices his sudden mood shift, they and their friends gather together to decorate the Rosebud Motel, making it a winter wonderland better than any luxurious party they ever had. Johnny doesn’t care about glitz and glamour, he just wants his family around him, smiling and happy.

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Kayleena Pierce-Bohen

Survivor: Island of the Idols Removes Dan Spilo Over Touching Scandal

This season of CBS’s Survivor: Island of the Idols has made history for being one of the most intense and socially relevant seasons ever just revealed that for the first time in Survivor history a contestant has been removed. In was revealed that Dan Spilo, who was called out for inappropriately touching fellow contestant Kellee Kim, has been removed from the competition and was sent packing.

Spilo, at 48-year-old, the Hollywood talent manager was the oldest contestant on the original Vokai tribe. During the merge, after speaking out about it before, Kellee continued to express concern over Dan for being too touchy as she felt he violated her personal space. She revealed that the unwanted touching continued even after making multiple requests for him to stop and the footage of the occurrences was caught on camera. Then two other female contestants, Missy Byrd and Elizabeth Beisel, agreed with Kellee about Spilo’s wandering hands – and then alleged that he also touched them inappropriately without heeding warnings to stop. That’s when production stepped in and gave a verbal warning to Spilo directly about the touching. Though the two women later revealed that they had played up the drama and fabricating the sexual misconduct allegations in order to sway people to vote for Spilo. In a nasty turn of events, it was the victim, Kim, who was actually blindsided after coming clean with the inappropriate touching and not Spilo.

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After Kim left, that’s when the rest of the players learned the full scope of what actually happened, many were outraged and felt lied to. Survivor fans were quick to call out production for allowing this injustice to happen. The “#MeToo” episode left audiences split wondering if allowing Kim to be voted off was neglect on their part or just as part of protecting the integrity of the game. Many fans believed that production should kick off Spilo after seeing that he didn’t leave on his own accord, while others thought that scandals are just part of the strategic game of Survivor – no matter how ugly it got. According to E! Online, for the first time in Survivor history, a contestant has been removed from the game and that contestant is Spilo.

At the end of this Wednesday’s episode, host Jeff Probst was seen approaching camp right after tribal council in which he announced to the remaining five contestants – Lauren Beck, Janet Carbin, Dean Kowalski, Noura Salman, and Tommy Sheehan – that Spilo has been removed from the game. Probst said, “I just spoke privately with Dan, and I want to update you guys. A decision has been made, and Dan will not be returning to the game.” The host revealed, “He won’t be coming back to camp, he won’t be on the jury, he’s gone.” Then a message appeared on the screen, which read: “Dan was removed from the game after a report of another incident, which happened off-camera and did not involve a player.” Probst revealed that although Spilo “was not happy” when they first informed him that he would be removed from the game, he eventually accepted the news. Probst revealed, “We talked through everything for quite a while and by the time he got on the boat to leave he had calmed down and was actually very respectful as he departed.” 

This Survivor season has been full of surprises, both good and bad. The complex social issues that have been addressed on Survivor: Island of the Idols has created a dialogue about boundaries, protecting victims, and manipulation. For better or for worse, this season has made history.

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Survivor: Island of the Idols airs Wednesdays at 8 pm EST on CBS.

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Survivor’s Touching Incident Will Force Changes in Future Seasons

Still in the aftermath of Survivor: Island of the Idols’ unpleasant post-merge with the focus on Dan Spilo’s inappropriate touching, the other player’s reactions to it, and the mishandling of it from many in Survivor’s current 39th season, host Jeff Probst stated in a recent interview that has ideas for what to change and how to better handle situations like it in later seasons are already being discussed.

Obviously, that is a step forward, but there’s still less being said there than there should be. With clear video evidence of Dan’s misconduct, Kellee Kim feeling extremely uncomfortable with it and discussing it with other women, leading to Missy Byrd and Elizabeth Beisel exaggerating their perspective on the matter largely in the hope to turn the target for the upcoming vote off of either of them; the problem was never at any pointing getting smaller on the island. Survivor producers should’ve been nipped in the bud early.

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As far as what was illustrated in the edited episode, the most producers directly did was have some sort of discussion with all the players together about personal boundaries, and gave Dan an “official warning.” The more the situation escalated in that episode and the following ones, with Kellee being voted out instead of Dan, and heated discussions on the situation occurring at tribal, where Kellee was present, but unable to speak due to being a juror. It was clear how production handled this was, at best, not enough. That much is certainly realized as Probst stated in his interview with EW with Dalton Ross that “We will definitely be using the lessons learned from the Dan situation as a guide in how to handle similar situations in future seasons. We have already started discussing ideas for how to change things in the future.”

It progresses further as interviews with other freshly eliminated players are coming out and they are able to speak more openly about the matter. Most of them have been quick to apologize, but also a few have pointed out that the discussions producers had with them weren’t as clear about their point as they could’ve been. 11th placer Aaron Meredith claimed the producers’ talks had with the players were particularly vague and didn’t get across that there was a real issue on the season that the players needed to be concerned about. Missy similarly seemed to feel in the game that if Dan’s actions were a real issue, then the producers would’ve done something about it.

These other perspectives coming out is not at all putting Survivor production in a good light and is creating more questions than giving answers. Audiences are still not sure how clear Dan’s “warning” was or how much really was pulling him from the game considered. Also if it was fair not allowing Kellee to speak for herself at the tribal council after her exit, due to wanting to keep the “integrity of the game” intact. This is coming from a show that has already had people who were voted out before, then return to the game in the same season, and sometimes even win. That’s a similar issue, but by the game’s own design. Here many feel that the problem is bigger than the game, and Kellee being silenced to that extent despite that is not acceptable. It’s difficult to say if these exactly are the exact lessons that Probst is implying have been learned and are what the future changes would revolve around. They’ve been vague and generally quiet in the past few weeks, but even if they aren’t willing to say everything; others are and hopefully won’t stop.

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Survivor: Island of the Idols airs Wednesdays at 8 pm EST on CBS.

Source: EW

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Survivor’s Jeff Probst Responds to Unwanted Touching Incident

The host of Survivor: Island of the Idols, Jeff Probst responds to the unwanted touching incident that has plagued the show. The controversy has brought #MeToo gender politics to reality television.

It started when season 39 contestant Kellee Kim raised concerns about inappropriate touching at the hands of fellow competitor Dan Spilo. Two of the other contestants, Missy Byrd and Elizabeth Beisel, had similar complaints about Dan’s handsy behavior. Though it was revealed that those two women admitted that they exaggerated the claims in order to get Dan voted off. However, Footage of the questionable touching was caught on camera and was replayed. Although Kellee voiced sincere concern about Dan’s lack of boundaries, he wasn’t voted off immediatly. Meanwhile, after a blindside, she was sent packing after a vote to remove her from the island, as was her advocate Jamal Shipman. In light of the allegations, Survivor’s producers spoke with each cast member separately, as well as with the group to ensure everyone felt safe enough to continue on the program. The cast felt that further interference from the producers was unneeded. The producers also served Dan with a warning about his behavior. Although he had initially disputed the claims that his behavior was anything less than honorable, he accepted the reprimand and told the producers he understood.

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Probst recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the incident, as well as the fallout from the disclosure going public. He began his statement, “Survivor is a microcosm for our real world.” The host continued, “Situations just like this one are playing out in offices and bars and colleges across the country and the world.” He followed up his initials comments with additional commentary, delivered to the outlet via email. “What Survivor offers that is different from the workplace is the opportunity to vote someone out. This is an important point. Tribal Council has always been the place where players are held accountable for their actions. In this situation, it can’t be ignored that despite a lot of story, controversy and upset feelings swirling around him, Dan has yet to be voted out. That remains one of the most fascinating elements of this season.”

Probst noted that he was surprised that there wasn’t more of a consensus among the women on the island about Dan’s behavior. Just like real life, Survivor’s allegations of sexual harassment have been debated just as much as they’ve been believed. To see this type of he said/she said evolve into a game-play tool for a reality show has been tough for a lot of viewers. Probst revealed that the fact that the Survivor format is so relevant is because it’s as much a social experiment as it is a game. He said, “So their actions and opinions always reflect the current state of our culture. We are obviously in the middle of a powerful and much-needed cultural shift relating to how men and women interact with each other, and we’re seeing a manifestation of that play out on this season of Survivor.”

Reality television, like any other job or industry, has a responsibility to keep its participants safe. These shows claim to go through extensive vetting of participants. They claim to force potential cast members to undergo psychiatric evaluations as well as criminal background checks. Much to Survivor’s credit, Probst has been protective of the remaining participants on the show. Fans have wondered if the producers should have addressed the alleged sexual misconduct sooner. Fortunately, the guilty parties (those who did the touching, those who turned a blind eye to it, and those who exploited the touching to stay in the competition) will have to leave the island eventually. When they do, it’ll be karma making the final judgments.

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Survivor: Island of the Idols airs Wednesdays at 8 pm EST on CBS.

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