90 Day Fiancé: Deavan’s Traditional Korean Ceremony Wasn’t Her Dream Wedding


On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Deavan, who has made her move to South Korea, had her traditional Korean wedding with Jihoon and says that it’s not what she expected. Though it’s not her dream wedding wearing the traditional garb, the ceremony was a success with Jihoon’s family.

The young couple on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way first met in person after hitting it off on a dating app; Clegg was from Salt Lake City, while Lee lived in South Korea. After speaking for a couple of months, Lee took the leap and went to visit Clegg in Utah. Lee stayed in the US for three months and it was revealed on the last day that he had gotten Deavan pregnant. Lee later proposed to Clegg when he came back and visited her in Las Vegas with his mother and father, who were there to approve of the union. On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Clegg moves with her daughter from a previous relationship, Drassilla, and her baby, Taeyang to Korea to be close to Jihoon and his family.

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While in South Korea for three weeks, Jihoon and Deavan are married on paper but have yet to have a ceremony. In Seoul, the family prepares for their traditional wedding or a “Paebaek.” Though they’re having this simple ceremony for Jihoon’s family, Deavan still plans on having a traditional American wedding for her family to come to. Deavan was surprised that the ceremony came so quickly and expressed that she had wished her family could have been apart of it. There is a small group of Jihoon’s family members watching the ceremony, as Deavan goes to put on her “hanbok” or tradition Korean wedding dress. Jihoon said, “She was born to wear a hanbok.” However, Deavan doesn’t feel the same way at all, saying, “This is not the wedding of my dreams.” She continued, “It doesn’t feel like I’m a bride.” 

When Deavan is left alone with Jihoon’s family, she soon realizes that not speaking Korean is a huge problem. While they gush over how beautiful she looks in Korean, she cannot understand a word. Though she’s trying her best to fit in with her new family, she says that all she can think is, “‘What the hell have I gotten myself into?'” However the struggles of being lost in translation and not understanding when she needs to bow or to sit, Jihoon is very proud of his wife, saying, “I’m glad to see Deavan embracing to Korean culture.” After the bride carrying, the nut and fruit catching, and seed biting parts of the ceremony is over, Deavan reveals that she was starting to have fun and even felt like she was bonding with Jihoon’s family.

When they look back and reflected on all that has happened in their lives since they began video chatting, it was amazing to see that they are now officially married. Jihoon joked that now since it’s there first night as husband and wife they should “make a baby.” Now, it’s confirmed that Deavan is expecting her 2nd baby with Jihoon, with Drassilla, that makes them a family of five. Fans will have to watch more of their storyline to see how it all unfolds.

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Julia Odom