Sons Of Anarchy: The 5 Worst Things Tig Trager Ever Did (& 5 That Made Him A Hero)

Tig was an interesting character on FX series Sons of Anarchy. While never the leading man, he was a perfect second-in-command, the guy who would fall on the sword for his Motorcycle Club and bury a body if you asked him to.

Presumably born and raised in the fictional town of Charming, CA, where the show takes place, Tig was prone to violent outbursts. But he also, on occasion, showed a softer side. And he was arguably one of the most fiercely loyal members of SAMCRO.

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So it comes as no surprise that some of the things he did were off the charts terrible while others made him look like a hero.

What were the worst things Tig ever did, and the ones that made him a hero? Here they are.

10 Drowned A Man In Urine: Worst

While Tig was extremely loyal to his club, he was sometimes downright cruel and cold-hearted. Case in point was when he drowned a man in a tub of urine. Yes, urine.

After Persian porn director Kia “Straw” Ghanezi threatened to put Tig’s one remaining daughter, Fawn, in one of his torture porn movies, Tig lost it. He not only killed the man, but then disposed of the body in the bay. But that wasn’t the worst of it. He transported the body in the same cage women who starred in Straw’s videos were forced to stay in. And urinated on the corpse before dumping it in the water.

9 Was Totally Loyal To The Club: Hero

Tig was loyal, almost to a fault, to the Club and whoever was at the helm, including former and new presidents Clay and Jax, and Gemma Teller.

Even though he sometimes butted heads with Jax, disagreed with some of his decisions and ironically, his overly violent ways, Tig would never go against the club and would do anything to protect it. And while he didn’t make great decisions at times when he was in second-in-command or interim power, he always did what was best for the Club.

8 Got Arrested For Indecent Exposure: Worst

While we’d expect Tig to have a rap sheet, it was revealed that he was arrested years prior for not only assault, but also indecent exposure inside a livestock transport.

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As a child, Tig was raped by his father and as a young man, lost the love of his life in a motorcycle accident, only after which he discovered that she was pregnant. This explains the root causes of his sometimes odd, troubling, and violent behaviour. But it doesn’t excuse it.

7 Called Out Jax For Using Violence Unnecessarily: Hero

Sometimes, Jax could be unhinged and used violence in situations when it wasn’t exactly necessary, and the club could have gotten what they wanted without it. Tig was the one to call Jax out in such situations, leading to their love/hate relationship.

Jax flip flopped between wanting to be a better man and making the Club the kind of Club his father wanted it to be and acting downright psychotic when people he loved were hurt or rival gangs attempted to dishonor them. Tig never backed down from making his opinions known when it mattered most.

6 Held Up Two Women In A Warehouse: Worst

While Tig would like to think he was a hero by allowing two Mexican prostitutes to stay in a warehouse because they had nowhere else to go, he was also having intercourse with both of them, presumably as payment for this room and board.

Sadly, both women ended up dead when Clay and Chibs blew up the warehouse after reclaiming stolen weapons from a rival gang there. Tig’s DNA would be on the bodies, he later confessed, which meant should an autopsy discover this, the warehouse could be connected to the club. Uh-oh. At least Tig said a prayer over their bodies before the club managed to steal and burn them beyond recognition to avoid discovery.

5 Acted As A Distraction: Hero

Tig saved the day when he had police chase him across county lines in a Teller-Morrow tow truck so that Gemma could successfully escape police custody and the crew could get to the airport.

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He ended up getting caught and put in prison, after which Tara bailed him out. And while in interim command, he made some really terrible decisions that put the Club in jeopardy. Still, his acts helped the SAMCRO members do what they needed to do at the time, and kept the police off their tail.

4 Accidentally Killed Donna: Worst

In one of the most heartwrenching scenes, Tig accidentally kills Donna, Opie’s wife, when trying to kill Opie, who he believed at the time to be an informant. Tig appeared to feel genuine remorse over accidentally shooting the innocent women in the back of the head, later sharing his own story of woe with Opie about the pregnant girlfriend who was killed when he was riding his motorcycle with her. Still, his shoot-now-and-ask-questions-later attitude got him into real trouble this time that would eat at the depths of his very soul.

This is, in fact, suggested when, in a later episode, Tig gets high on mushrooms and ends up crying and apologizing in a field to a small doll that he presumes in his impaired state is actually Donna.

3 Offered To Sacrifice His Life: Hero

Before the heartbreaking episode when Opie was beaten to death in a prison cell as the SAMCRO members, including his best friend Jax, looked on, the group mulled over Pope’s demand for a dead Son in favor of the cop and Niner that the Club killed. Tig volunteered to be the sacrificial lamb, but Pope wanted someone else.

Nonetheless, even though Opie was the one who was brutally beaten to death with lead pipes, Tig was willing to take the hits and give up his life for SAMCRO.

2 Accidentally Killed Veronica Pope: Worst

While angrily attempting to kill Laroy Wayne by running him down outside of a restaurant because he believed the man killed Clay, Tig accidentally hits and kills his date instead, Veronica Pope. Veronica is the daughter of a very powerful and dangerous gangster, Damon Pope.

This act not only led to the death of one daughter, but also Tig’s own daughter Dawn. In retaliation, Tig is lured to a train yard where he discovers Dawn unconscious in a pit where gasoline is thrown on her and she is burned alive for him to watch.

1 Didn’t Pursue Gemma: Hero

Despite his obvious fascination with, deep respect for, and potential attraction to, Gemma, Tig never went through with taking it further than it should go.

In one instance, during a deep bout of depression, Gemma made a move on Tig and he reciprocated. But he stopped it before things went too far after he noticed a photo of Gemma with Clay and realized that he couldn’t betray the brotherhood.

He even then later went on to remind Clay that he needed to show his wife that he still wants her, urging him ever-so-subtly to pay more attention to his woman. Gemma, while troubled and cruel, was a catch. So his rebuffing her advances and a chance to be with her showed some  semblance of character.

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