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Warning! Spoilers for Daredevil #19 below!

The iconic red costume of Daredevil will be soon making its return, but before Matt Murdock puts it on once again, he’ll have to face the inferno of Hell’s Kitchen. The road that sees Daredevil back in his red suit is filled with tragedy and the death of a man trying to be a hero.

In Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto, Mattia Iaconos Daredevil #19, Hell’s Kitchen is being overrun by a new squad of villains. In the group causing chaos and destruction are Bullseye, Crossbones, Bullet, Stilt-Man, and Rhino. They flip over cars, set off bombs, and put on a pure display of brute force in an attempt to shake the neighborhood to its core. That’s when Hector, a normal man decides to put on his own Daredevil costume and try to help save his city.

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After Bullseye fires a warning shot at a mother and her baby, Hector lunges at him, knocking him to the ground. Hector tries to hold his own against Bullseye, telling him “get the %#@% out of my neighborhood,” but ends up getting stabbed. As Hector falls to the ground, a large group of Hell’s Kitchen locals approaches Bullseye in Daredevil masks, in an “I am Spartacus” moment. Matt eventually arrives on the scene and finds his home being blown apart. He finds people fighting and helping in red Daredevil masks and sees how the city is uniting around him. Sadly, it’s also when he finds Hector laying on the ground in blood.

Matt does everything he can to keep Hector alive, taking off his black mask and using it to apply pressure against his wound from keeping him from bleeding out. Hector faintly tells Matt “I tried..”, as the Daredevil slowly begins to realize that his costume and heroism were bigger than just him. He realizes Hell’s Kitchen banded together and “carried my burden, my sins. But they shouldn’t have to.” As Bullseye approaches and tells Matt “is there really no #$#@ing end to you fake Daredevils?” Matt catches the knife thrown his way and tells the villain “not fake Lester… just Daredevil…” as he dawns the mask again. Matt struggled with his own inner demons and identity, but seeing Hell’s Kitchen come together and take on the invading villains made him realize his true purpose with the costume. The Daredevil is back. Daredevil #19 is in stores now.

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Star Trek Beyond’s Kalara Is One Of The The Series’ Most Tragic Villains

Here’s how Star Trek Beyond’s Kalara is one of the Kelvin Timeline’s most tragic villains. Following the critical and commercial failure of 2003’s Star Trek: Nemesis, the franchise was looking in weak shape. This was swiftly followed by the cancellation of prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise. It wasn’t until J.J. Abrams rebooted the movie series with 2009’s Star Trek that the brand came back to life, with the movie receiving solid reviews and becoming a sizable hit. That said, longtime fans were unhappy with the movie’s focus on action and setpieces over exploring interesting sci-fi concepts.

These complaints only grew louder with Star Trek Into Darkness, with the 2013 sequel being criticized on several levels, including overt fan service and the decision to hide the fact Benedict Cumberbatch was really playing iconic bad guy Khan. The movie was still a success while Abrams departed the director’s seat to make Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Fast & Furious director Justin Lin took over the driver’s seat for Star Trek Beyond, which was produced in time for the franchise’s 50th anniversary. The movie was arguably the best received of the reboot series and was praised for feeling like a throwback to the original series. That said, it was a box-office disappointment that led initial plans for a fourth entry, which would have featured the return of Chris Hemsworth’s George Kirk, being canned.

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The Kelvin Timeline featured revenge-seeking foes like Eric Bana’s Nero and Cumberbatch’s Khan, with Idris Elba playing the primary antagonist of Star Trek Beyond. The backstories of Krall and his henchwoman Kalara are fairly dark and tie into the Federations past. Kalara was originally Jessica Wolff (Lydia Wilson, Ripper Street), a Starfleet officer abroad exploration vessel the USS Franklin. The Franklin later went through a wormhole that led to it crashlanding on a planet called Altamid, where Wolff survived alongside Captain Balthazar Edison – AKA Krall – and Anderson Le.

While they hoped for rescue, it soon became clear there wasn’t any coming. Star Trek Beyond reveals they survived by finding and using energy transference tech left by a previous civilization, which they used to suck the lifeforce out of crews they captured. Over time, Kalara and her crew’s hatred for the Federation grew and they vowed to destroy it. The process of absorbing the lifeforce of others gradually eroded their humanity too, in addition to mutating them beyond recognition. She encounters the Enterprise after posing as a crewmate whose ship was trapped on Altamid.

In reality, Kalara was sent to lure the Enterprise and its crew to the planet so they could be captured, with the ship being attacked by drone ships. Kalara would serve as a major villain for the first half of Star Trek Beyond before being crushed by the wreckage of the Enterprise during an action scene. In addition to the character’s distinct look, there’s a tangible sense of tragedy to Kalara and her team, since they started as idealistic Starfleet crew until isolation and insanity literally morphed them into villains. They also proved that seeking out new life in the far reaches of space isn’t always a glamorous gig.

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Padraig Cotter

Batman’s Dogs Help Him Deal With Alfred’s Tragic Death

Bruce Wayne has the habit of making being Batman a lonely job. Despite an extended Bat-Family with plenty of people who would be there for him in a second if he needed it, Bruce often works independently and doesn’t reach out to those close to them when he needs help. This holiday season Batman is missing one of his dearest friends and receives needed support from his two dogs.

Batman’s had a tragic winter so far. In Batman #83 by Tom King and Mikel Janin, Alfred Pennyworth is killed after Bane breaks his neck. The moment was simultaneously shocking and heartbreaking. Batman held Alfred’s lifeless body in his arms and shed tears to his fallen confidant and father figure. It was a rare moment where Batman allowed himself to grieve.

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In Detective Comics #1018 by Peter J. Tomasi, Scott Godlewski, David Baron, and Rob Leigh, the aftermath of King’s “City of Bane” arc is explored. As he deals with a group of mysterious deaths around Gotham, Batman struggles with Alfred’s passing and continuing on without him. After beating the snot out of some troublemakers, Batman speeds home in the Batmobile for something urgent – to play catch with two dogs, Ace and Titus.

While Ace was the original Bat-Hound, Titus was introduced in the Post-Flashpoint era of Batman. In Detective Comics, they’ve avoided the confusion and brought both dogs into the fold. It’s a good thing they’re around because when Bruce plays catch with them in the snow, he falls to his knees and laments about Alfred being gone. The dogs console their owner. Later, Batman falls asleep in his chair and Titus and Ace wake him up by barking and handing him his ringing cellphone so he can connect with Lucius and get to the annual Wayne Foundation Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration.

Batman is obviously emotionally exhausted from being Batman and is suppressing his feelings about losing Alfred. Like a good pet does, Ace and Titus are there to give him support – whether that’s taking his mind off things by playing fetch or giving him an assist by waking him up and handing him a cellphone. Dealing with trauma isn’t easy, but having a couple of loyal dogs by his side is exactly what he needs right now. Titus and Ace will help Bruce get through the holidays. The two very good boys will always be there for Batman.

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The 10 Most Tragic Animated Movie Deaths Of The Decade, Ranked

There has rarely been a better time for animated films. There has never been a wider audience who want to see them, and there have never been as many platforms to get the films made. With the release of Netflix’s Klaus and the abundance of animated features on Disney+, streaming is now able to support this medium as well.

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With so much content, these films have made a huge impact culturally and emotionally. They have given us tons of characters to fall in love with, following their stories from start to finish. Nothing then is more powerful than having to say goodbye. Here are ten of the most tragic deaths to appear in animated films over the past decade.

10 Peter Parker – Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is one of the most groundbreaking and popular animated films of the past decade. Its unique style and design broke ground away from traditional 3D animated films and offered some of the wackiest and best portrayal of Spider-Man characters ever.

Peter Parker was brought to life twice in the film alone, once as a failure schlub who we soon fall for, and again at the beginning of the film as the hero we all know and love. Although we had little screentime with him, having to watch Peter Parker kick the bucket is something that many fans aren’t used to with a character who seemed so full of life.

9 Klaus – Klaus

Netflix’s first feature-length animated film, Klaus revitalized the 2D medium of animation, both harkening back to the classic feel yet modernizing it to create something new. But for all its beauty, the film’s true strength is the relationships and characters.

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Klaus and Jesper have a classic odd-couple dynamic. Eventually, the two become the best of friends. Sadly, no one lives forever, including Klaus who eventually moves on from this life to be with the one he loves. Though he is able to come back each Christmas, it is still tragic thinking of this character, both in the concept of the film and as Santa Claus himself, passed away.

8 Grama Tala – Moana

Moana was one of the best Disney animated films of the decade, both embracing the classic storytelling formula while innovating in terms of representation and animation technology. One of the key hallmarks of the Disney hero story is the death of a parental figure, and sadly, Moana contained this exact trope.

Moana’s grandmother, Gramma Tala, passed away and urged Moana to go on her quest. Although it was to be expected as a trope in this story, that didn’t stop it from feeling just as emotional. What assuages the pain is the idea of reincarnation, with Tala taking the form of an large manta ray.

7 Uncle Aaron – Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

While Peter Parker’s death was a blow, it still was at least remedied by the fact that there are thousands of Peter Parkers in the multi-verse. Sadly, with that many Spider-Verses, there are just as many deaths of loved ones, specifically uncles.

Directly mirroring the death of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, Miles tragically loses his favorite Uncle Aaron, otherwise known as the Prowler. Not only did he lose a loved one, but the realization that this beloved mentor figure turned out to be a villain is just as tragic, as is the fact that Aaron’s body is then discovered by his estranged older brother.

6 Tadashi Hamada – Big Hero Six

Big Hero 6 brought the superhero genre to the world of Disney Animation, bringing Marvel’s comic-book team to life. Like Moana and many animated films before it, this film needed the tragic death of a friend or family member to inspire the heroes to achieve their destiny.

Tadashi, the older brother to protagonist Hiro, tragically dies trying to save his teacher in a fire. The loss hurts even more later in the film when videos of Baymax’s prototype trials are discovered by Hiro. The spirit of Tadashi lives on through Baymax.

5 Agatha Prenderghast – Paranorman

Laika has made animated films like no other. The Portland-based animation studio has utilized the classic animation medium of stop-motion puppetry and combined it with innovative CGI effects. Their films like Kubo and the Two Strings and Coraline have been among the best animated films ever made.

Paranorman, the studio’s second film, contains one of the most tragic deaths in any animated feature. The reveal that the villainous witch is actually the spirit of a little girl accused of witchcraft is so heartbreaking. Just because she was different, Agatha was condemned.

4 Chicharrón – Coco

When it comes to addressing death, no animated film really tackled the subject in a better and healthier way than Pixar’s Coco. The beautiful film weaved a story of loss and legacy by bringing the Mexican holiday of Día de Los Muertos to the big screen.

One of the elements of the film is especially tragic. After people die, they are only able to keep living in the afterlife if they are remembered by those in the real world. The final death of Chicharrón, as played by the iconic Edward James Olmos, is so tragic yet beautiful. He fades with Hector singing to him, and the light-filled dissolution of his skeleton form is haunting.

3 Bing Bong – Inside Out

Pixar’s Inside Out took audiences into the mind of humans, bringing the subconscious world of our brains into animated forms. Through this film, we saw emotions, dreams, and memories personified as cartoon characters, all of which fans fell in love with.

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Bing Bong though, Riley’s imaginary friend, holds a special place in the hearts of many viewers. His sacrifice to save Joy in the finale of the film is one that choked up even the most hardened viewers. It was like watching out own childhoods slip away into nothing.

2 Hector Rivera – Coco

The death of Hector is one that is the most tragic. This loving father and musician only wanted what was best for his daughter and his art, and the villainous Ernesto de la Cruz stole all of that away when he poisoned his friend.

Watching Hector sing “Remember Me” to young Coco just pours salt in the wounds. Luckily, by the end of the film, the pain is at least addressed, bringing the memory of Hector’s music back to Mama Coco.

1 Stoick – How To Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon was a revolutionary film from Dreamworks animation, so the sequel had to be even more world-changing. This darker, more mature take on this universe meant that the stakes needed to be raised, and with the death of Stoik, they definitely were.

Although it falls under a similar category as the Disney parental deaths, the execution (pardon the pun) of the death sequence and the events leading up to it heighten the impact of everything that follows. Stoik finally accepted his son, was reunited with his wife, only to have it all stripped away from him.

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Russo Brothers Think MCU/Spider-Man Split is Tragic Mistake by Sony

The Russo brothers think Sony made a “tragic mistake” in ending their Spider-Man deal with Marvel. In early 2015, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures reached an unprecedented agreement that allowed Spider-Man to be reinvented as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sadly, that deal has now ended, and the two studios have parted ways.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been a part of the deal from the very beginning, when Marvel first approached Sony in the hope of incorporating Spider-Man into Captain America: Civil War. They knew how difficult it was to get two rival studios on the same page; as a result, the Russos have said they weren’t surprised Marvel and Sony parted ways, but avoided airing their opinions on the split.

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Until a recent interview with the Toronto Sun, that is. In it, the Russos reiterate how much of a delight it was to work with Spider-Man, but Joe Russo goes on to add that he feels Sony will suffer because the deal has ended. “Stepping back and trying to be objective as possible,” Joe Russo reflects, “I think it’s a tragic mistake on Sony’s part to think that they can replicate Kevin [Feige]’s penchant for telling incredible stories and the amazing success he has had over the years. I think it’s a big mistake.

The Russos certainly have a point. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is a visionary film-maker who plans things out years in advance; the success of the entire MCU is in large part due to his tremendous skill. Feige was given pretty much sole control of the MCU after a corporate restructure in 2015, and since then the franchise has gone from strength to strength, with a series of high-profile blockbusters. He seems to have an eye for talent, identifying scriptwriters and directors who can turn a film into a success, and he gives his directors a lot of creative freedom. Spider-Man certainly profited from Feige’s leadership, with Spider-Man: Far From Home becoming Sony’s highest-grossing film ever.

Presumably Sony would disagree, pointing to the success of Venom, which grossed over $850 million in the global box office. There have been reports they didn’t find Feige particularly helpful with Venom, and as a result they began to feel they’d learned all they needed from him. Meanwhile, it is possible to overstate the MCU’s importance for the latest Spider-Man reboot; while it was a tremendous box office hit, that may in part be because the superhero genre has never been so big. Six superhero movies have broken $1 billion in the last two years, including the record-breaking Avengers: Endgame.

Ultimately, only time will tell whether or not the Russo brothers are right. Sony believe they can incorporate Spider-Man into their Venomverse, replacing Iron Man and Nick Fury team-ups with alliances with Venom and Morbius. MCU fans find the prospect disappointing, to say the least; #SonyIsOver trended for days after the deal broke down. Still, it remains to be seen whether or not casual moviegoers will keep turning up now the wall-crawler has left the MCU.

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Thomas Bacon

Mythbusters Co-Host Jessi Combs’ Boyfriend Opens Up About Her Tragic Death

MythBusters’ co-host Jessi Combs’ boyfriend, Terry Madden, opened up about her tragic death and his sudden loss of the love of his life.

MythBusters aims to use the scientific method to debunk rumors, myths, and movie scenes, often testing their validity. Combs starred on the show for 12 episodes back in 2009 before its cancellation in 2016.  On August 27, the Harney County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene of a jet car crash in the Alvord Desert located in southeastern Oregon. Sadly, Combs was pronounced dead at the scene and the cause of the car crash is still unknown. The MythBusters co-host broke 398 mph in the same North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger in 2013, which gave her the title of the fastest woman on four wheels.

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Comb’s boyfriend, Terry Madden, who was the one to find Comb’s after the fatal crash had started to open up and share his loss with the shows fans by posting some of his favorite memories of them together on social media. People reported that on Instagram he dived into her death by saying he was not sure how to cope with the loss because he missed her so much already. He then shared a black and white photo of the two dressed up as mimes in Las Vegas for Halloween last year. He captioned the cute photo saying the two had more fun together than he knew was possible. He explained to followers that the two had made a bet before leaving their hotel on who would speak first, the couple held out for five hours, even acting out their hotel destination to a confused cabby.

On Madden’s Instagram story, he admitted that he was trying his best to stay positive, but at times found himself struggling. He continued to say that he couldn’t say it was a good morning, but he had gotten himself out of bed and watched the sunrise, just like Combs used to enjoy doing. Fans of MythBusters have been helping Madden cope by sharing positive comments on his account to urge him to live his life to the fullest.

Combs was known for her mile-wide smile and her constant endeavor to fulfill her dreams. Comb’s family is working on starting a foundation in her name that will continue to empower the young girls and women who saw her as a role model, teaching them that they too can follow their dreams. In the end, Combs died doing what she loved, trying to break a land speed record in Oregon and becoming the fastest woman on Earth – a dream she held since 2012.

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Jennifer O'Brien

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness’ Cat Dies Suddenly in Tragic Fall

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness’ cat, Bug, has died suddenly after falling out of an open window in the middle of the night, according to the Netflix star. Van Ness recently shared a heartwarming post about his late pet on Instagram.

Van Ness became America’s mustachioed sweetheart after appearing on Queer Eye, Netflix’s reboot of Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, in 2018. On the show, “The Fab Five” – Van Ness is joined by Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, and Bobby Berk – help somebody in need of a life makeover. They update everything from their wardrobe to their home decor, with Van Ness, an accomplished hairstylist, overseeing grooming and personal care. He’s generally the most upbeat and enthusiastic one on the show, known for his over-the-top reactions and sky-high heels. Sadly, Van Ness recently told his fans that he won’t be himself for a while following the sudden and tragic death of his cat, Bug.

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While Van Ness’ Instagram feed is usually a stream of positivity and figure skating, on Wednesday morning the reality star posted a heartbreaking message about the sudden death of his cat, Bug. According to Van Ness, Bug fell from an open window and passed away in the middle of the night while he was sleeping. He then shared his sympathy for anyone else who’s currently experiencing “grief [and] loss,” and added that he wouldn’t be his usual sunny self the next few days while he’s going through this difficult time. While Van Ness warned he wouldn’t be his “typical happy self,” he reminded his followers that that’s “okay.” 

He ended the emotional post by admitting that he’s been struggling to make this sudden loss “mean something,” and asked his fans to donate to an animal shelter in the meantime. Fortunately, in addition to the love and support of his friends and fanbase – who shared their condolences in the comments – Van Ness has another cat, Harry Larry, to keep him company during this painful time. His followers can still expect regular weather updates from Harry, who is an aspiring meteorologist, according to Van Ness.

Following Bug’s death, the Queer Eye star has been keeping busy in an attempt to take his mind off the loss. He’s already been back in the gym, posting videos of himself doing gymnastics with his co-star France, and on the ice, skating to Solange. While he’s still in the throes of grief, Van Ness said he’s feeling a little better each day thanks to the support of his friends and Queer Eye family.

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Sarah Beauchamp