5 Reasons Why Transformers Needs A Reboot (5 Reasons It Doesn’t)

In 2007, Transformers made their leap from TV to the big screen and it’s been something of a cultural behemoth ever since. Despite lasting this long, there have been a few hiccups along the way. Transformers: The Last Knight severely underperformed previous expectations.

With this blockbuster failure, Paramount took a different approach to the spinoff/prequel Bumblebee. Slashing the budget and pushing release to Christmas of 2018, Bumblebee shifted gears from a major tentpole film to something vastly different. Instead, we have a character-driven story rooted in friendship and mutual healing.

Paramount has since announced that Bumblebee would set a soft reboot in motion. But what would really be better: going full-throttle on a reboot or keeping the old timeline?

Here’s 5 reasons why the Transformers movies should be rebooted and 5 reasons why they shouldn’t.

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10 NO REBOOT – Superhero Alternative

Transformers is focused way less on the concept of heroes and villains than many big action films. Intentional or not, Bay’s Optimus comes off as angry and violence-prone. Granted, he’s been through a lot given the fact he died, was forced to destroy Cybertron in order to save some very ungrateful humans, then those ungrateful humans started hunting down all Transformers, and then got brainwashed by Quintessa.

So in some roundabout way, we could make the argument that Transformers, as it is now, has blurred morality lines and makes us question the integrity of the Autobots to a degree. The main struggle starts shifting to Cybertronians vs Humans with Autobots vs Decepticons as an underlying theme.

9 REBOOT – Streamlined Designs

The Bayhem extends beyond the nonstop explosions and incoherent fight scenes. The Transformers’ designs suffered as well. The Bay designs can be really hard to look at and are difficult for the eye to track. More moving parts isn’t necessarily a good thing and as a result, the bots end up looking really muddled. Bumblebee’s designs take a step back, embrace the ’80s boxy-ness, and give us that visual coherency we were lacking.

For the most part, the bots really didn’t look out of place in the live action bits. They’re just complicated enough in design for our brains to understand that Bee’s chest is the hood of the VW Beetle. It was also just a treat to see Bee’s model change with his four vehicle modes: Cybertronian, the Jeep, the VW Beetle, and the Camaro.

8 NO REBOOT – The 2015 Writers’ Room

During pre-production for The Last Knight, Paramount announced a massive writers’ room effort to better coordinate later installments of the series. Led by Akiva Goldsman, Paramount established a room of 12 writers to help shape the future of the franchise. It gave a lot of us hope about The Last Knight actually being about Transformers.

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We still didn’t get that… but the work of that writers’ room hasn’t been erased. While Transformers 6 is being tossed around (don’t trust Lorenzo), what about the rest of that work? How tied is it to the current movie canon? We have questions we want possible answers to! The effort was already put in, so don’t toss it.

7 REBOOT – Transformers IN A Transformers Movie

Bay movies are notorious for having such little screen time devoted to Transformers. In The Last Knight, Bumblebee got a collective 10 minutes out of 148 minutes. Bumblebee. What even? And that’s not even considering that Optimus Freaking Prime maybe had about 5 minutes.

No, we came here to watch Transformers. Let us have Transformers.

We also get very clear fight scenes that have an overall purpose. Bumblebee definitely saves itself for that final battle of Bee and Charlie vs Shatter and Dropkick. But the way Bumblebee fights is perfect. As a smaller opponent, he constantly goes low, tries to get underfoot, did not skip leg day, and uses his environment to his advantage. Staging makes sense, characters are easy to track, and it doesn’t feel bloated with action. By the time we hit the marina fight, we’re super hype to see it.

6 NO REBOOT – Too Much Lore To Explore

Is it too much to ask for some sensible retconning? Why yes, yes it is.

All things considered, The Last Knight shouldn’t have shocked us that much. Since at least Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers have influenced Earth’s development for at least a few thousand years. Later movies play around with this to the point of retconning themselves, but at least it’s a concept being well-explored.

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And now we have Unicron. For anyone who doesn’t know, Unicron is the Biggest of Bads in the Transformers universe. Cybertron and any being’s continued existence are constantly threatened by Unicron’s ability to consume anything and everything in his path. More recently, he’s been designated as the “Chaos Bringer,” generally being associated with mass destruction and planet-wide panic.

So that sounds cool, but we haven’t even touched Quintessa yet. There’s a lot here and while we don’t have time to unpack all of that, we hope the movies have time to do it for us.

5 REBOOT – Losing Hypermasculinity

There’s no question that Transformers movies are teeming with testosterone. Look, there’s no shame in wanting to watch giant robots punch giant dinosaur robots. But yikes, there are some super cringe-worthy moments in the movies. Probably the most infamous examples are Bumblebee peeing on John Turturro (we’re sorry) and the five-minute explanation of incorrect Texas consent laws in Age of Extinction (we’re really, REALLY sorry).

Bumblebee turns it all upside-down. In no way is Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) shown or written the same way as really any other woman in the movie franchise. She’s just a person getting through a tough time, finding solace and comfort through someone else. And the whole relationship with Memo doesn’t get pushed at all and becomes a friendship you want to see grow. Charlie isn’t shamed for brushing off Memo’s interest and Memo’s totally cool with taking things slow.

4 NO REBOOT – The Overseas Market

Given Marvel’s success with more progressive storytelling and representation with the success of Black Panther and Captain Marvel, overseas marketing is becoming a bit muddled. But for the most part, the Transformers franchise relies heavily on success in China.

Maybe it’s not as much of a concern given how well Bumblebee did overseas, but there’s a big difference between $1.3 billion worldwide and $465 million. The Last Knight also managed to rake in more than Bumblebee and wasn’t really a loss to the studio, so if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

3 REBOOT – Give Us Cybertron

Enough said.

In all seriousness, even fans who didn’t enjoy Bumblebee got some joy out of seeing five minutes on Cybertron. The only real exploration of Cybertron, of its architecture and culture that we get, is through the IDW comic line, and that just rebooted. Transformers Cyberverse makes a huge effort to show us a pre-war Cybertron through the use of flashbacks, but no other television series has really done this.

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But even with how bleak the planet looked in Bumblebee, what we did see was beautiful and exactly what you’d expect out of an all-metal planet. So much of the audience responded well to that one scene and now, a film fully set on Cybertron is in the works. Yes, please!

2 NO REBOOT – Mass Appeal Factor

There’s no denying that there’s some sort of viscerally satisfying about watching a giant robot fight without thinking too hard about it. Let’s be real, these movies are fun for fans to switch off their brain and suspend that disbelief. Really, if you’re questioning the logistics of gravity but are totally cool with the whole vehicle mode scanning thing, then it’s not the right movie for you to begin with.

The mass appeal helped turn Transformers into the multi-billion franchise it is today. The 2007 movie made it a mainstream thing rather than that nerdy show from the ’80s. And because of the first live action movie, it spawned not only a renewed interest in a stagnant toyline, but gave rise to Transformers Prime and High Moon Studio’s War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron video games. Like, Fall of Cybertron was the Most Anticipated Game of 2012. That’s a big deal.

1 REBOOT – Made By Fans

During the lead up to the film’s release, Knight wrote a letter to the fans about his approach to Bumblebee. This letter was first included in the promotional Bumblebee Boom Box, containing different classes and quality of the movie toys. It was later made public. He explained how he’d grown up with the ’80s show, played with the toys and continued the never-ending battle of good vs. evil. More importantly, he showed that he understood that the robots are characters, that they feel and have motives, that they have heart. So he put that heart into the movie.

Now, we’re at a point where Hasbro is employing these longtime fans to create official works and we hope the trend continues. With the acclaim of the first IDW comics universe and continued success of the show holding the foundation, getting the right fans in the right projects seems like a good way to go.

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2019-04-19 09:04:30

Maddy Cohen

Transformers 6 Will Not Be a Direct Sequel to Last Knight

The next film in the Transformers franchise will not be a followup to Transformers: The Last Knight, and director Michael Bay has no plans to return to the franchise. The robots in disguise hit a financial speed bump when The Last Knight was released in the summer of 2017. The film was also greeted with the franchise’s usual negative reviews, and the box office disappointment indicated it was time for a new direction for the Autobots and Decepticons.

That new direction came in the guise of Bumblebee, director Travis Knight’s soft reboot of the franchise. While Bumblebee was only a modest box office performer, it garnered rave reviews from critics and audiences alike and seemed a natural starting point for a new iteration of the story. But producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura seemingly threw some uncertainty on the franchise’s future, recently commenting that the studio had several different ideas for the next entry in series, possibly even one that follows the events of Transformers: The Last Knight.

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Things have apparently changed. In a new interview with Slash Film, di Bonaventura clarifies that the next Transformers film will not be connected to Bay’s quintet of movies, and further stresses that Bay has left the franchise behind.

This shouldn’t be surprising news. Paramount and Hasbro are on the record as being satisfied with Bumblebee’s performance, and going back to Bay’s style would seem counterintuitive, to say the least. The reason this even needed to be clarified is really down to di Bonaventura himself, who seems to give conflicting information on the franchise’s direction virtually every time he gives an interview.

Even if we know what the next film won’t be, we still have very little sense of what it will be. Most reports have suggested the next live-action film will serve as a direct sequel to Bumblebee, possibly framed as a sort of buddy cop film between the titular Autobot and Optimus Prime. There’s been no official confirmation that Hailee Steinfeld will return as Charlie Watson, but it would seem a safe bet the studio will be eager to bring her back into the fold. Similarly, Travis Knight has made no concrete announcements about returning, though he has suggested he has ideas for further stories. There’s also an animated film set on Cybertron in development, and even the idea of a Beast Wars film has been discussed. There are plenty of possibilities on the horizon for the Transformers, but it seems the days of robot Bayhem are officially behind us.

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Source: Slash Film

2019-04-06 06:04:42

Dusty Stowe

8 Things Bumblebee Did Better Than Other Transformers Movies (& 2 The Others Did Better)

The Transformers film series has been divisive at best, maligned and reviled at worst. While the first one was mostly liked if not praised, the sequels have devolved into over-complicated, under-developed, explosion-vehicles. Some still love going to the cinema and just seeing explosions and metal twisting robots duke it out, but there was always a subset of fans who wanted more. Luckily for them, Director Travis Knight appears to be one of them and he got to helm the first spin-off prequel to the series, Bumblebee. And he knocked it out of the park!

No-one is going to confuse this movie with high art, but it is a fun, family-friendly action movie that pays much more faithful homage to the titular toys than ever seen before. We’re going to go through the ways that this movie stepped up the series expectations and quality. We’re also going to give the main series its due in a couple of ways because it wasn’t 100% all bad. Roll out!

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10 Better – Charlie & Bumblebee

When it comes to main characters in these movies we’d prefer it to be the actual Transformers and this is the closest we’ve gotten to that yet, but Hailee Seinfeld’s Charlie is leagues ahead of her predecessors. Charlie is earnest, likable, funny, and relatable. She’s almost got a Disney princess ‘I want more’ song ready to burst out of her. Her relationship with Bumblebee carries the entire movie with their adorable interactions. Bumblebee’s struggles without his voice mean he communicates exclusively with physicality and it is ultra-endearing throughout. Back to Charlie, she not only brings plenty to the table but leaves off so much of what didn’t work about Sam and Cade. She’s not stammering, frantic, whisper-yelling, or oddly shiny. All in all, the glue that carries this whole prequel with their personality, story, and chemistry.

9 Better – Classic Transformer Designs

It’s a major visual element that’s finally been addressed. The Transformers looked like jumbled messes in the main entries. They were hard to distinguish between unless they were standing in a line taking turns to spout bad dialogue. The twin-terrors in Revenge of the Fallen were a particular low-point. But now we finally get to see the glory of the G1 designs on the big screen. Anyone who grew up with those versions was bombarded with joy upon joy just seeing those awesome, distinctive, dare I say iconic, versions of the Transformers. They may not all have gotten lines. They may have been wiped out in numbers that put The Transformers Movie to shame. But they looked awesome, unique, and unforgettably badass.

8 Better – John Cena – Agent Burns

Exactly what this series needed, the fake marine to bring some humor to the overbearing military characters of the main series. John Cena’s character is hilarious. Every cliche out of his mouth is delivered with just the right amount of cheese to keep it fun. He moves and acts like an 80’s cartoon which is what this series badly needed. John Turturro may be an acting legend but whatever he was getting told to do in the other movies was beyond insane and rarely funny. Somehow, John Cena is the superior John in this case.

7 Better – You’ve Got The Touch – 80’s Setting & Music

Whether for nostalgia purposes or because the main series was so far off the tracks they had no other option, returning to the ’80s helped in a bunch of ways. The music in this latest installment is easily the biggest beneficiary, giving the best music in the series so far.

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Bumblebee’s now trademark radio-voice lets the movie drop great 80’s tracks one after the other, but they don’t rely on that avenue. ‘The Touch’, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’, ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’, ‘Higher Love’, ‘Take On Me’, the parade of hits goes on and on. Even Hailee Steinfeld’s contribution ‘Back To Life’ fits in really well.

6 Worse Bad Guys – Dropkick & Shatter

The main series does have a big metal leg-up when it comes to their antagonists. The best Bumblebee does is tease us with mere glimpses of Starscream, Soundwave, Shockwave, Thundercracker, and Skywarp (Decepticons have the coolest names). What we actually get are two new, not-named-onscreen Decepticons the credits tell us were Dropkick and Shatter. Meanwhile, the main series got Megatron, Devastator, Sentinal Prime (Leonard Nimoy-bot), and the ridiculously awesomely named Nitro Zeus. It’s pretty much a no-contest in this category. Point to the main series.

5 Better – References Galore

Where the main series’ movies punish your eyes for trying to make out details, Bumblebee rewards you. There are a bunch of Easter eggs, references, and little nods that enrich the entire experience. At the beginning on Cybertron, you see familiar Autobots and Decepticons in all their G1 glory, but there’s more. Blink and you’ll miss Teletraan 1 from the original cartoon. Charlie wears a BFG labeled jumpsuit, referencing the Roald Dahl story with a similar premise. Bumblebee’s raised fist in response to Agent Burns’ salute, clearly from his watching of The Breakfast Club, is also an homage to Judd Nelson, who played Rodimus Prime on The Transformers Movie. There’s a bunch of little nods to series executive producer and directing legend Steven Spielberg. It goes on and on and makes the film very re-watchable.

4 Better – Waaaay Better Comic Relief

Considering how viscerally annoying the Witwicky and Yeager families were it’s downright amazing how pleasantly surprising Charlie’s family and friends are. Pamala Adlon is a comic savant and plays her mother Sally with alternately frazzled and then easy warmth. Steven Schneider as her step-dad isn’t an unlikable cliche but a well-meaning goof. Her little brother Otis, her budding boyfriend Memo, and her uncle Hank all get genuine, multiple laughs throughout. Not just that, but they’ve lost the mean-spirited edge seen in the Bay movies and it injects a whole other level of enjoyment to the entire film. An unsung, heroic element.

3 Better – Under 2 Hours

Is that your rear and legs thanking you for the return of blood flow? It is! This installment clocks in at a very watchable 114 minutes. That’s way down on the series average.

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It also means that if you shave off the credits it is much closer to a regular length family-action movie and that limits the bloat and filler the other movies have become mired by. There’s something to be said for brevity and in this case, any longer would’ve been too long. This might be the first Transformers movie to leave us wanting more rather than exhausted with the whole deal.

2 Better – Action Not Disguised

Being able to see the action is surprisingly beneficial for an action movie series. It’s been said in many places but the main series can be hard to watch at the best of times. Between every robot becoming a churning mess of cogs and the color gray and the camera being too close to get a good scope of the action, they weren’t exactly cinematographic masterpieces. Director Travis Night clearly took lessons on what worked and didn’t and presents the action here in far better scale and framing. You can actually follow and describe an entire sequence if you want to. It’s not as frantic if that’s your thing, but it is better composed by any reasonable measure.

1 Worse – Lessplosions

Maybe the movie is better for it, but there still felt like a missing quota of explosions in this entry. The main series is nothing if not explosive, literally and figuratively, with barely any time passing between blasts after the first act. This is the lowest budgeted entry in the entire franchise and it shows with the restraint insofar as fiery balls of destruction go. That doesn’t mean there are no huge eruptions to enjoy, but if that’s the only thing you liked in the original series, coming here looking for more might leave you in the cold.

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2019-03-28 07:03:10

Mik Rona

Bumblebee Sequel Will Have More of Michael Bay’s Transformers Action

The sequel to last year’s Bumblebee will apparently have more of Michael Bay’s Transformers action. Ever since the toy line and animated TV show’s creation in the 1980s, the Transformers brand has proven to be a very popular, and often lucrative, franchise. There has been an abundance of movies and TV shows revolving around the Autobots and Decepticons, but in the last decade, the live-action Transformers movies have been at the center of attention.

In 2007, Paramount released Transformers, which was directed by Bay and starred Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. For the next four sequels, the stars of the movies came and went, but Bay was always a constant in the series. All that changed last year when the first Transformers spin-off focusing on the character Bumblebee was directed by Travis Knight. Bay still acted as a producer for the film, but Bumblebee was said to focus more on bringing heart and humor to Transformers, instead of simply relying on action sequences and big explosions. That certainly turned out to be the case with Bumblebee, however, the formula for future Transformers movies could slightly change.

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When Collider spoke with longtime Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, he mentioned that the Bumblebee sequel will have a bit more of the Bay-esque action. Taking into consideration the critiques the film got from some audiences, Bonaventura explained that going forward, Paramount will try to incorporate more big action sequences while also creating an emotional story between the different characters. Bonaventura specifically said that, “I know the next Transformer, our attempt anyway, is to sort of do a fusion of Bumblebee and the Bay movies…a little more Bayhem. And a little bit more of the character falling in love within the emotional dynamic of the movie”. 

While Bumblebee received mostly positive reviews, the film didn’t make as much money as some of the previous Transformers films. Bumblebee was still a box office success, but Paramount previously passed the $1 billion mark with some of their Transformers movies. Bumblebee passed $400 million at the worldwide box office, which seems like a lot, but that is still the lowest grossing addition to the franchise. Even though the film didn’t make as much money as other Transformers films, Bumblebee still did well enough to warrant a sequel.

The Transformers movies have always been a very profitable franchise for Paramount, but many of the sequels didn’t do well with critics. Many people critiqued Bay’s films for relying on explosions and over the top action to wow audiences, which most of the time took away from the character development and overall story. Including a bit more “Bayhem” in Bumblebee 2 isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as Paramount doesn’t forget what made Bumblebee popular with fans and critics alike. Details surrounding the Bumblebee sequel are slim right now, but this at least gives fans an idea of what could be in store for the Transformers series in the next few years.

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Source: Collider

2019-03-18 01:03:31

Christopher Fiduccia

Transformers Producer Says The Last Knight Sequel is Being Developed

Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura says a followup to Transformers: The Last Knight is being developed, along with the Bumblebee sequel. You may recall that Paramount had originally intended for The Last Knight – the fifth live-action Transformers movie overall – to kick off a shared universe of prequels and sequels featuring the robots in disguise. However, that was before the Michael Bay-helmed tentpole bombed with critics and disappointed at the box office in 2017, leaving the future of the franchise in doubt. It also put more pressure on last year’s ’80s-set prequel Bumblebee to reverse the series’ downward trend and earn the property some much-need goodwill.

Fortunately, Bee’s solo movie was up to the task. Although Bumblebee made less at the box office than Bay’s five Transformers films before it, the Travis Knight-helmed adventure was a hit with critics and ultimately made its way to profitability, buoyed by the good word of mouth. It was thereafter reported that Bumblebee would serve as a reboot for the Transformers movies at large – an idea that seems to somewhat conflict with today’s news.

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Speaking to Cinema, Bonaventura (who has produced all the Transformers movies to date) confirmed that a sequel to Bumblebee is in the works, as previously reported. However, he then revealed that a film set in “the main family series following the events of Transformers: The Last Knight” is also in active development right now.

To be fair, there’s room for interpretation in Bonaventura’s comment. The Last Knight “sequel” that’s being developed might be more of a soft reboot than a strict continuation of the fifth Transformers movie. That wouldn’t be anything new for the franchise either; after all, 2014’s Transformers; Age of Extinction was also a partial relaunch that focused on a different group of humans than Bay’s original Transformers trilogy. That said, The Last Knight included some major plot threads that were left dangling for the sequel to pick up – namely, that earth contains Unicron, Cybertron’s ancient enemy. It’s possible, then, that the followup that Bonaventura mentioned will aim to build on that foundation and, at the same time, introduce yet another group of human heroes to share the screen with Optimus Prime and his fellow Cybertronians.

At this point, though, the larger Transformers continuity is so confusing that fans might prefer it if Paramount simply focused its efforts on the Bumblebee sequel and gave up on trying to continue The Last Knight‘s narrative in any way at all. They might end up doing just that, if they decide that reviving their initial plans for a shared universe is more trouble than it’s worth. On the other hand, there are no doubt those who want to see the payoff to Transformers: The Last Knight‘s Unicron tease, especially since Bay is no longer working on the franchise. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Source: Cinema [via CBR]

2019-03-16 01:03:46

Sandy Schaefer

What Happened To Sam Witwicky In The Transformers Films?

What happened to Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) in the Transformers franchise, and is he likely to return in a future entry? Michael Bay was drawn to the original Transformers on the simple, relatable hook of the movie being about a boy and his first car; the fact the car was a transforming alien robot was simply a bonus. Shia LaBeouf was later cast as Sam Witwicky, the somewhat nerdy kid who gets unwittingly drawn into an intergalactic battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Witwicky was the lead character of the first three movies, exiting after Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. This was due to LaBeouf’s desire to move on from blockbuster movies, and the series received a soft reboot with 2014’s Transformers: Age Of Extinction. Mark Wahlberg was introduced as the awesomely named Cade Yaeger, a struggling inventor who – like Sam – is unwittingly drawn into the Autobot struggle. Cade later returned for Transformers: The Last Knight, but like LaBeouf, both Bay and Wahlberg decided to call time on their involvement with the franchise after that entry. While the answer may not please fans, the movie also somewhat explains what happened to Sam Witwicky.

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Bay’s Transformers movies introduced increasingly convoluted mythology into the franchise, with The Last Knight really going for broke. The movie reveals King Arthur and Merlin teamed up with Transformers in the distant past to win a battle, with the Transformer’s gifting Merlin with an alien staff. In the present day, professor Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins) explains the Transformers have been helping humanity for centuries, and that Vivian Wembley is the last “Witwiccan,” a line descended from Merlin himself. This means only Wembley can weld Merlin’s staff and stop an impending Cybertron attack.

Burton also explains the Witwiccan Order are a secret society of adventurers tasked with protecting this alternate history, and he shows photos of members of this society, including Witwicky himself. Burton proclaims himself the last surviving member of this order, implying Sam died at some point between Dark Of The Moon and The Last Knight. This would be a pretty abrupt ending for the character, who previously survived death in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

That said, LaBeouf has been somewhat outspoken about the quality of the series since his departure, making it unlikely he would ever return to the role. The Last Knight at least provides some closure for the character, while leaving enough wiggle room for fans to argue he could still be alive. The movie doesn’t even attempt to explain what happened to Sam Witwicky or how he died, but with Bumblebee officially rebooting the Transformers series, his presumed death is likely canon.

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