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BioWare’s New Anthem Update Promises More Transparency (Again)

Bioware has released a new statement about the future of Anthem, and how the developer will be rolling out DLC in going forward. Anthem launched earlier this year to a resounding thud. Despite that, Bioware has remained committed to the title, and recently released the Cataclysm update that included new loot and drop rates. Those who are still tinkering with Anthem eagerly awaited the update, as it’s the most significant addition to the game since its launch in February.

The game has had a string of rough patches and media blackouts, leaving many fans that stuck around after launch declaring Anthem totally dead. Bioware has been rolling out content for the game at an incredibly slow pace, leading many to wonder if the game will be abandoned altogether. Some of the development team at Bioware still believe in the game, and that’s definitely a good sign for those that have stuck around.

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In a posting to Bioware’s blog, the studio’s head of live service, Chad Robertson, talked a little bit about being more transparent with the Anthem community going forward. First, Robertson reconfirms that Bioware is committed to making the game better. For the time being, it sounds like the game will continue to get updates in the form of challenges and chases. Robertson couldn’t share plans for the long term goals of the studio, but he did say that things are looking very “promising” right now.

Last month, Anthem’s lead producer left Bioware. The development cycle before Anthem’s release was reportedly pretty terrible, with a toxic work culture at Bioware and problems with publisher EA. Bioware specifically had many issues using DICE’s Frostbite Engine, which they were forced to use on Anthem. The engine is used on a number of EA titles, and different developers have commented on the fact that it’s pretty difficult to use when compared to competing engines.

As of right now, the future of Anthem still remains unclear despite Bioware’s transparency with its community. As more games continue to release in 2019 and beyond, it’s hard to imagine that Anthem’s community will continue to stick around as the title changes. The game also has its fair share of competition from titles like Destiny 2, The Division 2, and more. With all of the negativity surrounding the game, many Bioware fans are worried about the fourth entry in the critically acclaimed Dragon Age series. Bioware, however, released a studio update saying that the game’s development was moving along smoothly.

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2019-09-17 09:09:22

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