Toy Story 4 CinemaCon Footage Introduces New Homemade Trash Toy Forky

Toy Story 4 CinemaCon footage introduces new homemade trash toy, Forky. With the much anticipated release of the forth installment in Pixar’s ridiculously successful Toy Story franchise growing closer every day, fans are understandably eager to see and hear more about what’s in store for Woody, Buzz and the gang.

For those who’ve been closely following the upcoming Toy Story 4, it’s been made clear that some new characters will be joining the familiar, adventurous pack. And as it’s previously been revealed how emotional it was for some cast members to make this film, exactly what role new characters can play this late in the game remains a continuous mystery. Among the newest recruits this time around are Jordan Peele as Bunny, Keanu Reeves as Duke Caboom, Keegan-Michael Key as Ducky, Christina Hendricks as Gabby Gabby, and Tony Hale as Forky. It’s, in fact, Forky who appears to be getting a fair amount of attention in the new film, though why remains a secret.

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At this year’s CinemaCon, however, 17-minutes of footage was screened from Toy Story 4, shedding a little more light on how Forky came to be. For the uninitiated, Forky is a plastic spork with pipe cleaners for arms and a crudely designed face that consists of a single eyebrow, an “O” for a mouth, and mismatched goggle eyes. Many would not consider him a toy at all, including Forky himself.

In the screened footage, Bonnie, who is now the new owner of all the familiar Toy Story toys, is preparing for her first day at kindergarten orientation. She does not want to go, and the fact that she can’t bring any toys with her only makes matters worse. In an effort to find a way to help Bonnie through kindergarten as he once did with his past owner Andy, Woody sneaks into Bonnie’s school bag. At kindergarten, a reluctant Bonnie joins the class, but just barely, sitting alone at the very back. The class build pencil holders, and as Bonnie begins work on hers, Woody sneaks out of the bag to a nearby garbage bin, where a student has just dumped some crafting supplies.

When Bonnie’s attention is momentarily diverted, Woody drops the supplies – which consist of red pipe cleaners, goggle eyes, some putty and a spork – on the table in front of her. She’s slightly puzzled when she notices the supplies, but sets to work nonetheless, constructing the character we know as Forky, and writing “Bonnie” across the bottoms of his feet. Back at home, Woody gets out of Bonnie’s bag and introduces Forky to all the other toys. Forky just keeps saying “Trash” over and over again because, as we already know, he doesn’t consider himself a toy. Judging from the footage, however, Forky is one-hundred percent correct: he’s not a toy, though it’s starting to look as though the character might be one of Toy Story 4’s genuine highlights.

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2019-04-03 08:04:58

Mike Jones