YPG/PKK terrorists treated at regime hospitals in Damascus

The YPG/PKK terror group is having its wounded and sick members treated in Damascus, Syria, local sources said Thursday.

The terror group had been sending members to Sulaymaniyah,… .

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5 Times Yennefer Treated Geralt Right (& 5 Times She Absolutely Did Not)

In The Witcher video games, it’s up to the player who Geralt falls in love with, or if he just lives his life an endless ladies man. However, in book canon, the one woman for him is Yennefer of Vengerberg. Over time, she and Geralt have had quite the complicated, roller-coaster of a relationship. Some of their problems are totally his fault or based on weird things that happened to him, like his amnesia.

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Some of their other problems, though? Those are definitely Yen’s fault, and Geralt deserves better. But sometimes Yen gets things really right, and that’s why he can’t stop loving her. Here are 5 Times Yennefer Treated Geralt Right (And 5 Times She Absolutely Did Not).

10 Raising Ciri (Did)

Arguably, whether someone ships Geralt and Yen or not, the best the two did together was raise Ciri. Between her magical powers and Witcher training, she definitely needed guidance on a lot of fronts. Geralt and Yen do that for her, and in raising Ciri, they bond more than they ever did before. They become a little family.

Geralt needed help with Ciri’s capabilities, and to round out a lot of things he didn’t know. Yen stepped up and helped him make his adopted daughter a much more well-rounded person. That is a great example of treating someone you love the right way.

9 Triss Tryst (Did Not)

When Geralt lost his memory, he ended up in bed with Yen’s good friend, Triss Merigold. Now, if anyone’s in the wrong, it’s Triss. She knew about Geralt and Yen, but happily ignored it to shoot her shot with the Witcher that got her all hot and bothered. She just told Geralt that Yen was a friend. Lo and behold, Yen was much more than a friend.

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However, even in The Witcher 3 where Geralt can move on from his amnesia mistakes, Yen can blame him for what happened. It makes sense that she’s upset, but it’s not all that fair to put all the fault on him and to make him suffer for it.

8 Ensuring Their Love Was Real (Did)

All of their relationship, Yen wasn’t quite sure if what she and Geralt had was real. After all, when they met he saved her life by tying their fates together (as far as fans understand). So, she didn’t know if she actually felt so strongly about him or if it was just the magic talking.

Yen eventually encouraged Geralt to find the djinn that he wished on and reverse its hold on them. When they did, she finally was able to be sure if she loved him or not. In a complicated magic world, that’s very sweet, risking your life to love someone for real.

7 Pushing Geralt Away (Did Not)

Because of Geralt’s wish, though, Yen had a terrible habit of pushing him away. Many of their encounters were littered with her leaving in the middle of the night, accusing him of forcing her to care because of the wish, and even using her magic to transport him into a lake.

People don’t call her an ice queen for no reason. She struggles to get truly close to people. After all they’ve been through, it can be really unfair at times how she keeps him at bay. Geralt deserves someone who wants to love him, and sometimes Yen is simply not that person.

6 Couldn’t Stay Away (Did)

No matter how far away Yen pushes Geralt, they always seem to crash back into each other. Either by chance or because (against her better wishes) she needs him for something. And once they’re together? Well, they’ve never been very good at keeping their relationship professional.

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While Yennefer may act distant, there’s something about Geralt that attracts her and makes her open up. Considering she doesn’t give anyone else that courtesy, and definitely not with as much respect she gives him, that’s a pretty impressive feat. She treats Geralt better than most anyone else in her life.

5 Ran To Istredd (Did Not)

Especially early on in their relationship, Yennefer would often boomerang between Geralt and Istredd, using the men to share her bed and give her company, but never committing. In the books, this caused tension between Geralt and Istredd. They almost fought, but then Geralt realized there was no point, because she wasn’t picking either of them. Not yet, at least.

Yen openly getting it on with Istredd isn’t the nicest thing to do to Geralt. Sure, they weren’t exclusive, but c’mon. Even ignoring Geralt, Istredd was always painfully in love with her and it was cruel to string him along. Both men deserved to be treated better.

4 Doing Anything To Save Ciri (Did)

During the hunt for Ciri, Geralt still stuck to his neutral morality. Yen, on the other hand, did not. She put Ciri and their family over everything else, dooming a whole town and destroying historical gardens to get any and all information on their adopted daughter.

While her actions seemed dark, it’s a serious sign of love for her. Yen normally does anything and everything for her own gain. Here, she was sacrificing so much for Ciri, the young woman they both loved. That’s a loving, albeit all-consuming, way to treat your loved ones. She is the kind of parent that will do anything for her child and Geralt respects and appreciates that.

3 Lied To Geralt And Used Him Multiple Times (Did Not)

From the moment they met, Yen has used Geralt for her own selfish gains multiple times. When she healed Jaskier, she made Geralt humiliate the local men who were obsessed with her as payment. He promised to spend the night by her side and answer any question she wanted about himself and Witchers, but instead she did that.

It really set the tone for their relationship. While Yen always was attracted and interested in Geralt, those feelings never got in the ways of her goals. Ambition always won over their romance. That’s not the best way to treat a man you love.

2 Coming To His Aid Whenever He Needed Her (Did)

Geralt and Yennefer aren’t always on the same page in their relationship or their stances on life, but when he’s in need? Well, Yen is always there to help if she can. He’s still an important part of her life, no matter the circumstances. He saved her life, she saved his friend, they were in love, they raised a daughter together. Their stories will always be tied together, considering Ciri alone.

So, it’s good of Yen to always want to help him. That’s how someone should treat the father of their child and (depending on the player) the love of her life. She may not be the best at showing her feelings, but this is one way she doesn’t act too cold.

1 The “Dear Friend” Letter (Did Not)

Okay, this one is more for the meme of it, but the “Dear Friend” letter is the most iconic, savage thing Yen has ever done to Geralt. When he lost his memory, all he was told was that Yen was a friend. And even when some of it started coming back to him, it all felt too awkward to be too romantic or intimate with her. So, when asking for Yen’s help, he signed it “dear friend”.

And Yen had a field day with that. In her response, she agreed to help him, but she littered the entire message with how dear a friend he was, and how dear their relationship had become, over and over. It was a roast like no other. While it was hilarious, though, a memory-missing Geralt didn’t quite deserve it.

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The Office: 10 Times Pam Was Treated Way Worse Than She Deserves

Pam Beesly on The Office is one of the characters who weren’t always completely over the top. She provided some stability and normalcy to Dunder Mifflin. While she might not have always gotten her due, she was an important anchor that helped her co-workers in a lot of ways. Despite the fact that Pam was overall a decent person, she was often treated rather poorly by many of the people around her, especially while at work. There were definitely moments where it was uncomfortable to see how people interacted with her.

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Here are ten times that Pam Beesly was treated way worse than she deserves.


Now, Dwight wasn’t ever exactly that kind of complementary to anyone around him. So, it’s not as if he was singling Pam out as he was judgemental and harsh towards pretty much everyone. However, considering the fact that Dwight and Pam grew somewhat of a friendship over the years, his insults seem a little more personal. He would often say things about her appearance such as that she was frumpy or make comments on things like her not finishing art school.


Angela is another Dunder Mifflin employee who isn’t known for her kindness. She was very judgemental of others and rarely had a positive thing to say to anyone. However, there were many times when Pam was kind to her and tried to be her friend. So, the fact that Angela often alluded to the fact that she thought Pam was a slut was quite mean. This is an outdated way of thinking anyway, and Pam was not even close to being promiscuous.


Working for Michael Scott would not be an easy task. Most of the employees had to find ways to get their work done while dealing with Micahel’s antics. However, often it was the most difficult for Pam. Since she was the secretary, Micahel seemed to have in his mind that Pam was his personal assistant.

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She was also often a bit of a pushover, so Michael would use this to his advantage. He would try to make her do things like bring him coffee and even wash his hair when he got gum stuck in it.


While this isn’t completely accurate as Michael did come to her art show and show support, none of her coworkers did. During beach day she tells everyone that she was disappointed and hurt when not one of them showed up. Clearly, Pam does try to be friends or at least kind to some of her coworkers, so the fact that none of them could even stop by was definitely a rude thing. It’s no wonder she felt a bit let down.


Pam is a character who definitely struggled with a lot of self-doubts. She didn’t seem to believe that she could do much more than being a secretary at Dunder Mifflin. Throughout the seasons of The Office, however, she did become more confident and self-assured. So, when people would assume she was dumb or not capable of doing anything, it was hard to watch. While her skills might not have been in sales or being a famous artist, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t good at other things such as office managing.


This point is probably one of the most uncomfortable on the list. Michael Scott was often extremely inappropriate with his employees. His comments could range from being racially insensitive to being sexist to borderline sexual harassment.

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He often made comments about Pam’s appearance when he thought she was looking hot or when he thought she wasn’t looking hot enough. These kinds of comments are definitely not acceptable for a boss to make.


Beach day is probably one of the most iconic episodes from The Office. This is a big moment for Pam as she finds some of her own inner power and uses that to call people out for treating her poorly. However, before she gets to this moment, she’s treated unfairly. Michale makes her spend the whole day taking notes, and no one seems to take her seriously at all.


Jim and Pam might be a television couple that many people love and think of as being romantic goals. However, they definitely weren’t a perfect couple. There were many times where Jim made decisions for them as a couple without talking to Pam first. While these features might have been meant to be romantic or for the best, it does seem a bit like he didn’t really respect Pam’s insight and agency.


Her relationship with Roy is extremely hard to watch. Roy didn’t treat her well at all. He was always dismissive of her feelings and what she wanted to do. It was always all about Roy and what he wanted.

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Then, when they get back together after Pam calls off their wedding, Roy reveals even more of his true colors. He shows that he has a violent streak which he directs at Jim and also at trashing a bar in front of Pam. Thankfully, Pam breaks up with him for good.


While there might have been a lot of cute moments between Jim and Pam where he treated her well, the final season was rough between them. Jim basically decides to start a new business without telling Pam. Then, when the business takes off, he makes plans for their family’s future that include moving to Philadelphia. He doesn’t ever ask Pam what she wants, and then he gets mad when she just doesn’t go along with his dreams happily.

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