Syrian baby receives medical treatment in southern Turkey's Hatay

A Syrian baby suffering from an eye illness was brought to Turkey for medical treatment on Sunday.

Baby Yusuf was born with a blood gland on his eye at one of the refugee camps wh… .

2020-05-03 17:30:00

FDA authorizes remdesivir drug as emergency treatment for coronavirus, Trump announces

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted authorization to Gilead Sciences Inc for emergency use of its experimental antiviral drug remdesivir to treat patients with… .

2020-05-01 21:14:00

US FDA authorizes remdesivir drug as emergency treatment for coronavirus, Trump announces

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted authorization to Gilead Sciences Inc for emergency use of its experimental antiviral drug remdesivir to treat patients with… .

2020-05-01 21:14:00

Turkey brings COVID-19 patient home from Sweden for treatment

Turkey on Sunday brought home one of its citizens from Sweden who contracted coronavirus but was not given treatment.

A Turkish air ambulance left Malmo Airport at 9 a.m. local ti… .

2020-04-26 06:11:00

COVID-19 treatment free for Turkish citizens even without social security

A new regulation implemented on Tuesday allows Turkish citizens to receive free COVID-19 treatment even if they do not have social security. The regulation published in the Officia… .

2020-04-14 07:55:00

Good response for COVID-19 plasma treatment in Turkey

Several COVID-19 patients in Turkey have responded positively to the convalescent plasma therapy, according to a top Red Crescent official.

“We are receiving positive signals… .

2020-04-12 12:27:00

Is a coronavirus treatment on the horizon? Turkey to start testing plasma therapy with survivors' blood

Pandemic hospitals and Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay) health centers across Turkey are gearing up to test if a 100-year-old treatment used to fight off flu and measles outbreaks in… .

2020-04-03 11:55:00

G-20 agrees on joint stance against coronavirus, uniting forces to find a treatment

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Thursday attended the Extraordinary Virtual G-20 Summit on the global coronavirus pandemic via videoconference call.

Erdoğan is joining the meeti… .

2020-03-26 11:40:00

Avengers: Endgame Gets Simpsons Treatment In Poster For New Episode

Avengers: Endgame gets The Simpsons treatment in poster for upcoming episode. Now in its 31st season, the longest-running sitcom in television history shows no signs of letting up any time soon, and fans couldn’t be happier as a result.

Much has changed in the world since the first official episode of The Simpsons launched back in 1989. Yet somehow, without missing a beat, the series has effortlessly managed to remain relevant and incorporate so many of the changes that pop culture brings to our day to day lives. This ability to remain up to date and relevant is likely one of the major reasons why The Simpsons has continued to find success over the years. This paired with an uncanny ability to produce laughs from its audiences ensures that time and time again, people will continue to watch whenever The Simpsons is on. Even a recent move to Disney’s notoriously family-friendly subscription streaming service hasn’t dulled The Simpsons’ edge, though there were indeed numerous complaints early on from fans regarding the Mouse House’s handling of the series. Nonetheless, it does seem that there isn’t much that The Simpsons haven’t satirized and this key quality is unlikely to change any time soon.

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As the 31st season of The Simpsons continues its current run, anticipation for each new episode is such that teasers and/or promotional material still gets fans excited. The latest bit of promo material comes to us courtesy of The Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman and his Twitter account. Having recreated the Avengers: Endgame poster with The Simpsons in place of Marvel’s world-renowned characters, the poster makes for a hilarious tease of the upcoming episode, “Bart the Bad Guy.” You can click on the poster below to check it out in all its Avengers/Simpsons glory:

The new episode is set to air on Fox, Sunday, March 1. After accidentally seeing a much-anticipated superhero movie a full month before it hits theaters, Bart yields the power to spoil it for millions of people. As super-villain Spoiler Boy, Bart basks in his newfound upper hand, while movie executives dissolve into full-blown panic trying to ensure that the young Springfield resident keeps his mouth shut. It’s a scenario that isn’t all that far-fetched in today’s spoiler obsessive world, reflecting the ongoing battle that studios often have when faced with the power of the internet and the potential for leaks of films in advance of their actual official release dates. The Simpsons will be sure to add their own brand of hilarity to the concept – likely while making plenty of references to real-life comic book blockbusters like The Avengers.

With such a lengthy history, it is of course inevitable that The Simpsons will also have their share of detractors who argue that the series is past its prime. That remains solely a matter of personal opinion, but for die-hard fans, the new season of the series has been filled with great moments. What’s more, recent talk of another Simpsons Movie continues to entice fans, ensuring that while nothing lasts forever, The Simpsons appears to still have plenty of life left in it for the time being.

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Source: Matt Selman

2020-02-26 02:02:00

Mike Jones

Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction Deserves The Reboot Treatment

While dripping with late ’90s and early ’00s nostalgia in every frame, Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction deserves to get a modern reboot for many reasons. Though, as fans might argue, little about the show needs improvement.

Regarded as a cult classic, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction was a simpler time of television that promoted a notion of gathering around to watch a weekly television show with family and friends. It leaned on the instincts of viewers to act as armchair detectives, sussing out what could be factual evidence presented or a complete fabrication, which was often some sort of urban legend that had been cleverly re-written or changed in a slight way to make it seem believable. Running on the Fox network from 1997 to 2002, James Brolin was the show’s original host, but it was under Star Trek alum Jonathan Frakes that the series reached its full potential.

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Jonathan Frakes is possibly the most well-known aspect of Beyond Belief because of his witty one-liners, easy charm, and warm demeanor that kept the show feeling fresh and inviting, even down the road when episodes started to wane in frequency. Frakes and the show have been subject to various videos and memes regarding the series, but no matter how many years pass by, fans still get excited about the mere prospect of the show’s return. Therefore, someone should consider bringing it back.

Built around the prospect of stories that could fall into the category of either ‘fact’ or ‘fiction’, the narrated re-enactments of each tale left audiences scratching their head as they tried to suss out aspects of the strange, unusual, and borderline paranormal. While modern audiences are more intrigued by and convinced by ghosts and other supernatural occurrences, as is shown by the popularity of shows like Ghost Adventures, back in the late ’90s and early ’00s, there was more skepticism and a larger draw to dark, gritty, true crime tales like Unsolved Mysteries. While parallels can be drawn between shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Beyond Belief, the latter had a charm that no other show has been able to replicate since, while means it might be more than due time for a comeback.

With the rise of original series on streaming and an ever-present nostalgia from ’90s kids, who have proven bringing back their beloved series will be profitable for studios, Beyond Belief could be primed for a reboot. Other niche shows, such as Supermarket Sweep, have been picked up by networks and Netflix caters to other forms of nostalgia with original shows like Stranger Things, which has proven to be a tremendous hit. While in some ways, Beyond Belief could be a risk because it walks a fine line between scripted, fictional television and reality TV, there’s certainly a market for it, especially amongst horror fans. Netflix also announced a revival of Unsolved Mysteries as well, so perhaps there’s still hope for those fans longing for even one more season of Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction and a throwback to simpler times.

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2020-02-22 02:02:57

Jack Wilhelmi