Star Trek: 10 Things Every Trekkie Fan Needs

After a bit of a raktajino break, the Star Trek franchise is now booming once again, with a bunch of new series in development. Resistance appears to be futile when it comes to the widespread reach of these space adventures. Trekkies can celebrate the resurgence of Star Trek content with these essential items to have tucked safely into a Starfleet uniform at all times.

While waiting for your next convention or planning your own mission to boldly go where no man has gone before, these books, toys, and games are sure to help you get your Klingon fix. You’ll be beaming up from ear to Spock ear faster than you can say, “Set phasers to stun”.

10 The Star Trek Book: Strange New Worlds Boldly Explained


This book covers everything Star Trek from 1966-2016, spanning 50 years of living long and prospering. The book covers The Next GenerationDeep Space NineVoyager, and Enterprise. It also explores how Star Trek‘s fictitious technology has influenced real-world tech inventions, such as flip phones.

Plenty of photos appear from the various series and details about the worlds, science and characters are heavily delved into. This makes a great coffee table book to flip through and be reminded of favorite moments or details – or maybe to pick up a few particles of Starfleet knowledge you missed in your travels.

9 The Encyclopedia of Starfleet Ships: 2294 to the Future


This is the second volume after the first book (which covered Star Trek starships from 2152-2293). This volume encompasses ships from 2294 and beyond, with highly detailed images and extensive information on the USS Enterprise, the NCC-1701-D, the USS Voyager and the USS Defiant.

Time-traveling ships from the distant future are also included at the end of the book. Original models that were created for the filming are inside, with CG images and a chronological presentation of the ships. This encyclopedia and its predecessor are collections from the Eaglemoss Official Starships Collection magazines, published in Great Britain.

8 Electronic Black Handle Phaser


This replica functions as an ornament, or a toy for all ages. It features lights and sounds accurate to the original phasers in Star Trek, with sculpted plastic in an identical shape to those that appeared on the show.  This replica has multiple settings and it can be displayed on a shelf or desk, showing your Starfleet loyalty to all who pass by.

Unlike higher-priced replicas, this phaser comes at an affordable price while maintaining its likeness to one that could have been snugly gripped onscreen, in Shatner’s trusty hand. Have this in your arsenal and set it to stun whenever the mood strikes.

7 Star Trek: Five Year Mission Board Game


This is a cooperative strategy game, based on Kirk’s deep space exploration mission from 2265-2270. This is for 3-7 players and gameplay lasts about 30-40 minutes. Players choose from 6 difficulty levels, solving alerts that come categorized as blue (easy), yellow (medium) and red (hard). Urgent events must be dealt within 3 minutes or less, and characters can incur injuries which impede gameplay by reducing the number of dice available.

Players take on the roles of characters from either the USS Enterprise or the USS Enterprise-D, and each crew member has their own skills and capabilities. Cooperative games are lower stress (though this game is still highly pressurized, you can’t let the Enterprise be destroyed!) and allow for group bonding and sharing.

6 Star Trek: The Complete Original Series -Seasons 1-3


This is where it all began. Fans who’ve recently hopped on board the Discovery and haven’t dipped into the original series will devour these three seasons. Set in the 23rd century, our planet has survived World War III and humanity is now devoted to space exploration.

This is a newly remastered edition, with unaired alternate versions of some episodes included, as well as commentary over some episodes. In this box, you also get the original episodes without the remastering, for nostalgia and a little bit of interesting history for fans. The newer versions are improved with CGI, but the originals are a lot of fun to watch and key viewing for any diehard Trekkies.

5 Star Trek: Discovery – Season One


This series takes place about 10 years prior to Captain Kirk’s 5-year mission that he took in the original 1960’s Star Trek series. The first series after a long break since Star Trek: Enterprise ended in 2005, this show had fans eagerly anticipating their chance to hop onboard the USS Discovery.

The DVD set includes over 2 hours of special features, as well as exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, plus deleted scenes. This is a great way to get up to warp speed on the series – the show was only broadcast on CBS All Access, so since it was exclusive to the streaming service, buying the DVD is the way to go for a lot of fans.

4 Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter


If Kirk and Gillian’s restaurant scene in The Voyage Home is any indication, Star Trek and pizza are meant to mix. This laser-etched, stainless steel pizza cutter is in the shape of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, which first appeared in the original Star Trek series.

This is an officially licensed Star Trek collectible, functional for use and very cool on display. The metal construction on the handle is chrome-plated and it is hard to resist flying this ship into your cheesy pie for a crash-landing, complete with your own personal narration. The design isn’t the perfect cut for handling a pizza cutter, but of course, the magic of slicing through crust with the Enterprise in your fist makes it all worthwhile.

3 Original Series Uniform Crew Socks


These socks are an officially licensed Star Trek product, with the pack including 3 pairs of unisex Star Trek uniform socks sporting the Command, Science, and Engineering symbols.

They’re 98% polyester and 2% spandex, making them durable and high performance to fight wear and tear. These are a great small gift, available in adult sizing, and are also a great way to wear your loyal fandom in a discreet way. For those who live in Star Trek shirts, hats, and other apparel, but need a low-key version to wear under a suit, these socks get the job done while you’re on the job.

2 Monopoly Klingon Collector’s Edition


This version of everyone’s favorite capitalist game is bilingual – the board is in both English and Klingon, to please fans who’ve taken the time to learn the fictitious language. The game includes 6 collectible tokens: Bat’leth, Bird-of-Prey, Captain’s Chair, D’k Tahg, Disruptor, and High Court Gavel.

The classic Chance and Community Chest cards are replaced by Combat and Honor cards. Planets and territories from the Star Trek universe appear in place of the original property squares. This game also comes with a 60-minute speed play option, for those who don’t have all night to dedicate to Monopoly (though those can be pretty good nights).

1 Star Trek Cats


Illustrator Jenny Parks created this book, an homage to the Star Trek universe, with cats cast in all of the roles. Pages feature iconic scenes from the show, with cats replacing Kirk, Spock and other favorite characters. Parks is an illustrator of science and wildlife, who also spends a lot of time illustrating pop culture icons, in their cat versions.

This is a small book and makes a great little gift for a Star Trek fan, a cat fan, or both. A lot of merch can take itself pretty seriously, so this is a must-own for a funny, light-hearted fan who wants to have a laugh.

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