Michael Gross Confirms He’ll Return for Tremors 7

Tremors franchise star Michael Gross announces he’s signed the contract to return for a seventh film in the long-running monster series. The horror genre is full of franchises that manage to run longer than anyone ever expected. For example, an eighth film in the Leprechaun franchise just came out, there are 10 Children of the Corn movies, and more horror flicks with Amityville in the name than should ever probably be allowed to exist. Tremors is fast gaining on the aforementioned franchises in length, despite at one point taking a decade-plus hiatus.

The first Tremors film – and the only entry to get a theatrical release – came out in January 1990, and while far from a box office hit, the creature feature starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as two handymen in the town of Perfection, Nevada earned good reviews and developed a loyal cult following. Ward returned for Tremors 2 in 1996, but didn’t come back for 2001’s Tremors 3, opening the door for fan-favorite Graboid hunter Burt Gummer (Gross) to step out of the supporting role he played in the first two films and become the star of the franchise.

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Gross went on to star in a short-lived Tremors TV series in 2003, then 2004 prequel Tremors 4: The Legend Begins. Tremors went dormant for 11 years, returning with 2015’s Tremors 5: Bloodlines, in which Gross starred alongside Jamie Kennedy, playing Burt’s long-lost son. Gross and Kennedy returned for 2018’s Tremors 6: A Cold Day in Hell, and back in May, Gross revealed that discussions about a possible seventh entry had begun. Now, Gross has taken to his personal Facebook page to announce that he’s officially signed on the dotted line to star in Tremors 7. Check out his post below.

It’s no surprise that Gross would be up for returning for another go-around as Burt Gummer, as he clearly enjoys playing the character, and is thankful for the sort of  second life the franchise has given his career. While Gross has been acting steadily for multiple decades, until Burt took over the starring role in the Tremors movies, the actor was seemingly forever destined to be known primarily for his work on the 1980s sitcom Family Ties. With Burt, Gross added another signature role to his legacy as an actor, and one completely different from Steven Keaton.

In Gross’ post above, the remark he makes about Burt Gummer beginning his next Graboid hunt in the fall of 2019 could theoretically refer to either the time period filming on Tremors 7 will begin or its DVD/Blu-Ray release date. Considering the brief shooting schedules these films tend to have though, a fall 2019 release date sounds more likely. One wonders if Kennedy will also return to his role, or if Don Michael Paul – director of Tremors 5 and 6 – will return to helm this new installment.

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