Wonder Woman 1984: Pedro Pascal Tries (and Fails) to Explain His Role

Amid all the secrecy surrounding Warner Bros.’ upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, star Pedro Pascal was put in a position of trying to explain his role in the film. That said, seeing as very few details have been revealed concerning the film – not the least of which refer to new characters – Pascal took physical measures to prevent himself from spilling anything Warner Bros. deems top secret.

Director Patty Jenkin’s sequel to 2017’s highly successful Wonder Woman brings Diana (Gal Gadot) to completely unfamiliar territory, replacing World War I with the Cold War – hence the George Orwell-inspired title. Over the course of the film, she’ll reconnect with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), face off against the film’s main villain Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), and carry out events that ultimately mark the second entry in a planned trilogy. However, there are still plenty of pieces to the Wonder Woman 1984 puzzle that have yet to be answered – notably with Pascal’s character. Aside from a single photo released of his character sporting a high-end, ’80s-style three-piece suit, little else has been revealed. So, naturally, when Pascal was recently asked about his character, he went to great pains to keep quiet.

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During one of Wired’s YouTube series involving celebrities answering “The Web’s Most Searched Questions,” Oscar Isaac, Pascal’s costar in the new Netflix film Triple Frontier, asked him what role he’s playing in Wonder Woman 1984. In response, Pascal became stiff, contorted his face, and fell sideways off his chair and onto the floor, prompting Isaac to say, “You killed him, Google.” When Pascal stood back up and took a seat, he said, “Warner Bros. put a chip in my head and your brain explodes if you…” before trailing off.

Though there is plenty concerning Wonder Woman 1984 that is entirely under wraps, Jenkins has dropped a few hints about what the film holds for avid fans. For example, she revealed the fact that Steve comes back, what Cheetah’s motivation is to become a villain, and how there will be a scene in the film that is expected to rival Wonder Woman’s “No Man Land” sequence. Though Jenkins explained that it will be “totally different” from the original sequence, there are moments that should elicit similar reactions.

As for Pascal’s character, plenty of theories have circulated suggesting who he might be playing, but it’s all a guessing game until the official reveal surfaces – whether in the trailer or the film itself. For now, it’s been heavily speculated that he’s playing Maxwell Lord, but he could also just as easily be playing someone else entirely. On brand with the major gap between Wonder Woman and Woman Woman 1984only time will tell.

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Source: Wired

2019-03-13 09:03:48

Danny Salemme