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Oil prices hit a 17-year low Monday after extending losses in Asian trade with the coronavirus pandemic and the vicious price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia filling the market… .

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: 10 Times Sabrina’s Arrogance Got Her Into Trouble

The new version of Sabrina in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a determined and confident young woman. Unfortunately, she’s sometimes overconfident, as some fans have noticed. Her aunts are very supportive of her take-charge attitude and desire for power. But even they get annoyed with her and her teenage bravado at times.

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Most of the occasions where she loses her aunts’ support have to do with magic and their church. Considering what some of those decisions were, it’s not surprising that they’d be upset. Here are some of the worst times Sabrina’s arrogance has put her and her loved ones in a bind.

10 Joining Feast of Feasts at the Last Minute

Playing chicken is never a good idea. Playing chicken with your aunt when the consequences are potentially being cannibalized is about the worst game of chicken imaginable. Sabrina doesn’t participate in her coven’s cannibalistic ritual out of personal morals, but to make a point to her aunt.

She doesn’t believe in it at all and just wants to make her aunt Zelda see things her way. While she has a point about ritual cannibalism being barbaric and stupid, this was the worst possible way for her to show it. Instead of calling her aunt’s bluff, she actually has to take her place on the stand because her aunt steps down for her.

9 Performing An Exorcism

This particular occasion falls on an awkward borderline between determination and arrogance. Sabrina wants to help her friend by exorcising the demon from her uncle before it kills him. That’s a noble enough cause. However, Sabrina’s explicitly told why witches don’t do exorcisms, and she decides to do it herself anyway.

She doesn’t consider seeking out a Catholic priest, which would be understandable if she weren’t so determined. That’s where the arrogance comes in; she tries to do it herself. This allows Lilith to manipulate her into completing one of her tasks as the Herald of Hell and freeing Lucifer.

8 Summoning Kings of Hell in Her Top Boy Challenge

Sabrina was supposed to summon a demon for her challenge. But she and Nick were meant to compete with each other, and instead, they openly accused Father Blackwood and others of trying to kill her and summoned the Kings of Hell to prove it.

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Granted, she had a point about needing to find out who sent them after her. Blackwood probably should’ve let them get the truth out about her “ascension.” But she chose a very showy way to do it, only to be proven wrong and lose her challenge.

7 Playing With Her New Powers

Sabrina comes back from the dead after a scene involving angels massacring her coven. But when she comes back, she has newfound powers that seem beyond those of other witches. Instead of taking a pause and waiting to see what the catch is, Sabrina starts playing with the brand new power as if it’s all fine and dandy.

She toys with the weather and resurrects a familiar, and makes flower petals fall from the ceiling while she proselytizes her fellow students. She later learns that the catch is her eventual release of Lucifer from hell.

6 Trying to Trap Satan in an Acheron

Sabrina’s theory about the acheron was sound. It was, in fact, possible to trap Satan in a vessel. Unfortunately for her, the one she picked was too weak. It’s understandable that she was a little desperate at the time for a way out, and didn’t stop to consider whether a stronger acheron could be found or was necessary.

The one her father built was strong enough to hold a demon and was already handy. Still, she seemed a little too confident when she told Satan to remember who defeated him, only to have her boyfriend possessed in the next five minutes.

5 Taking Her Friends to Hell

Sabrina’s friends all want to help her free her boyfriend from hell. He made such a noble sacrifice, after all. That doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to take them all with her on her venture into hell. It would’ve made more sense to take other witches or warlocks and to at least tell her aunts.

She just didn’t want her aunts to find out because they might try to stop her. They almost get trapped in a hell version of Baxter High and only escape because Lilith sends for them. She wasn’t really able to handle it, and they all could’ve been trapped.

4 Locking Her Father in the School’s Dungeon

Wanting to free her boyfriend from hell and possession by Satan was a noble desire. However, Sabrina wasn’t very careful with the last part of the process. Yes, she lit candles and put him in a circle of salt. But she didn’t do her due diligence and tell her aunts or anyone in the school that he was there.

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She was also careless about checking the circle of salt when she left, which allowed Lucifer to start cursing the unsuspecting members of the academy and draining their powers while he was at it.

3 Assuming the Throne of Hell

On the one hand, Sabrina sort of did Lilith a favor at the time. She technically installed Lilith as a regent. But she didn’t really think this through in terms of the responsibilities she’d still have to handle, which becomes obvious when she’s told to bring souls to hell.

She probably thought that the regent would have to handle all those things because she’s surprised when she’s told that there’s job training. It also quickly becomes clear that she’s not really letting Lilith rule; she starts talking about reforms of hell’s practices without regard to how they’ll be received.

2 Resurrecting Tommy Kinkle

It’s not hard to see where Sabrina would get the terrible idea to resurrect Tommy. It’s not just that he was killed by witchcraft; it’s that Zelda has repeatedly killed Hilda and brought her back in the Cain Pit. That’s exactly what gives Sabrina the idea to kill another witch (Agatha) and bring her back using the Cain Pit.

Problem is, she didn’t just put Tommy in the Cain Pit, so she’s really cheating death. That goes about as well as cheating death always does. It’s disturbing to watch when she actually feels entitled to kill someone and resurrect two people.

1 Creating a Time Loop

Undoubtedly one of her stupidest moves yet, Sabrina decided in season 3 that she could solve her teenager-Queen of Hell problem by simply not fixing the time loop she created by going back in time and freeing herself. So a younger Sabrina who didn’t witness the consequences of her loss of her throne and being tricked by Caliban becomes Queen of Hell— and will have to rule without any further guidance from Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, or her human friends.

But the older Sabrina who experienced the alternate timeline and learned to value her people more responded to the time loop with “Cool!” It doesn’t take a genius to see that it was a terrible plan. It’s just yet to be seen how terrible.

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Sarah Brode

Kate Gosselin’s in Legal Trouble for Filming with Kids

Kate Gosselin is in legal trouble for filming with her kids without work permits. The TV mother disregarded direct orders from a judge that involved the well-being of her children.

Jon and Kate rose to fame on their TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which aired back in 2004 after the birth of their sextuplets: Hannah, Collin, Leah, Aaden, Alexis, Joel, and Leah. The six children joined their older twin sisters, Madelyn and Cara, in their small Pennsylvania home. The reality couple divorced in 2010 after ten years of marriage and a rocky relationship with reality TV. Recently, Jon has accused his ex-wife of being emotionally abusive toward his children and forcing the eight kids to appear on the show, saying that his children have shown signs of trauma and that his ex-wife has changed due to the fame.

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Now, Kate is in trouble for allowing her children to film when she was not supposed to. According to Us Weekly, Kate was found in contempt of court after a judge saw that an October episode was aired without the proper work permits for her eight children. According to court documents, the mother of eight was ordered to give her ex-husband, Jon, a filming schedule after we went to court to try to stop Kate and the TLC network from filming with his children.

Jon also alleged in the court documents that he never received that schedule plans, and it was confirmed with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry that the Gosselin children never had work permits in their name. Previously, a Pennsylvania judge ruled that it was not in the best interest of the children to continue to film the popular TV series. Kate was then given very strict guidelines for any future filming with her and her children. According to Jon, the court had agreed with him that he should have his parental right returned to him. Kate now has to do everything by the book when it comes to filming; otherwise, she’d have to answer to the law. The good news for Jon is that she now has to gain written consent from him before allowing his children to be on TV.

Fans are no doubt split on this whole scenario. As nice as it would be to have the kids back on TV, as TLC viewers have learned to love the popular show, it’s also probably in their best interest to experience the rest of their childhood without cameras following them around. Jon is hopeful that he can put an end to the show once and for all, as he would like for his children to live a more normal life out of the spotlight.

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Jennifer O'Brien

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Trouble With Wyoming Officials for Harassing Wildlife

Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in trouble with Wyoming officials for harassing the wildlife in the area. The Wests are understanding that living in the wilderness means there are rules to follow that the reality couple may not have been informed of or just ignored.

Kim became known after their family started having cameras follow around their every move on Keeping up with the Kardashians, which has been on the air since 2007. With 16 seasons under their belt, and season 17 currently on the air, the family – consisting of fashion icons and entrepreneurs – is continually growing. Kim married rapper Kanye West back in 2014, and the pair have four children together: Psalm, Chicago, Saint, and North. The Wests recently bought a 9,000-acre piece of land called Monster Lake Ranch for a mere $14 million. The West’s only own half of their land and rent the other half from the federal government. Kanye hopes that the family will be moving out to the Wyoming ranch full time, but Kim says it’s likely to only be a place they spend family vacations at during the summers.

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Kim, Kanye, and the kids are obviously enjoying their new Wyoming family ranch and have posted a picture of themselves enjoying the cowboy state, see the post below. The transition from living in Los Angeles to living Wyoming hasn’t been as smooth as they hoped, however. According to Fox News, the West family recently got in some trouble by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department over a video they posted of the new ranch that they bought. The video in question featured the couple driving very close to pronghorns which are also known as an American antelope. The video showed Kanye cruising at a high speed toward the heard, in the background, Kim is heard asking that her husband slow down a bit because she thought he could be scaring the animals. The video showed that the pronghorns were agitated by their presence, as they kept running away from the vehicle which insisted on getting closer to the herd.

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The video raised alarm among the Wyoming Game and Fish Department which reached out via a spokesperson announcing that they had decided to send someone to the couple’s new ranch and have a chat with them. The state wanted to inform the couple of the laws prohibiting the harassment of animals in their state. The Wests defended their actions saying that after the recording stopped, they actually slowed down the car, but there was no proof of that since it was after the recording stopped. A source says that Kanye slowed down to allow the animals to cross over the path safely. The couple still claims that they were taking a Sunday drive around their new property not aware they had a heard of wildlife living on their land. According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department announced that there was no formal complaint issued against the family as of now, which means there will be no further investigation into the incident. If the state were to investigate, the West’s could have been hit with a fine averaging around $435.

The department told Fox that since there is no formal complaint issued against the Wests, there’s no cause for further investigation into the incident. They did, however, say that there could be a possibility of them getting a fine next time. Hopefully, the Wests have learned their lesson and in the future will respect the wildlife that shares the same land as they do.

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays at 9 pm EST on E!.

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Jennifer O'Brien

Kim Kardashian ‘Got in Trouble’ From Kanye for Putting Makeup on Daughter

Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s Kim Kardashian West says she “got in trouble” from her husband, Kanye West, for letting their young daughter, North West, wear makeup. Kanye lays down the law and doesn’t like to see her little girl look too grown up.

Since their show first aired in 2007, the Kardashian family has been entertaining the reality TV audiences, with Kim at the center of it all. The beauty mogul married rapper Kanye West in 2014, which was featured on season 9 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Currently, the couple has four children –  North, 6, Saint, 3, followed by daughter Chicago, 20-months, and four-month-old Psalm. It seems like Kanye has some differing parenting ideas than his wife, Kim.

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Kim, the owner of KKW cosmetics, is no stranger to makeup. She has passed on her love of makeup to her eldest daughter, North, as she is often seen wearing a bright pop of color on her lips as special occasions. Last year, North was seen with a red lip at her family’s Christmas Eve party. It seems everything has changed for the 6-year-old fashionista. Just like most dads, Kanye isn’t ready to see his little girl grow up so quickly, as Kim recently revealed that her husband laid the law down and it’s no more makeup for North until she’s older. At her launch party for her and supermodel Winnie Harlow’s makeup collab, KKW x WINNIE, in New York City on Thursday, Kim explained to E! News how she got in a bit of trouble for allowing North to wear makeup.

Kim explained why she didn’t find it a big deal to let her 6-year-old wear a little bit of makeup, once in a while. She said, “I’d let her wear, you know, she has a little red for Christmas, I’d let her wear a red lip, or I’d let her do one pop of something.” The makeup mogul explained that it didn’t have to always be a special occasion, saying, “I’d let her, if she’s wearing a black dress, a black lip.” It was even revealed that she would get auntie Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits sometimes. However, that’s before her dad, Kanye, laid down the rules. Kim said, “I think he had it, he changed all the rules.” She said, “So, I kind of got in trouble for that.” And since then, Kim explained that the rules have since changed, “So, it’s now no more makeup.” She did note that her eldest daughter is still allowed to “weigh-in” on fashion, but cosmetics are out of the question for now.

Even though North won’t be seen wearing mom’s makeup any time soon, she’s definitely going to be styling herself. With such fashion icon parents, it’s no wonder she’s so naturally into fashion. Even though Kanye, like most dads, isn’t comfortable with her wearing makeup, there are still plenty of ways that the 6-year-old will be able to express herself.

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays at 9 pm EST on E!.

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Julia Odom

Renzo Racer Review: Early Engine Trouble | Screen Rant

Renzo Racer leaves a lot to be desired, with a multitude of issues covering everything from physics glitches through to the core racing gameplay.

Making a good kart racer is harder than it looks. Mario Kart has had what is effectively a monopoly on truly top tier cartoonish racing since the 1990s, even though there have been occasional challengers that have come close. The latest game trying to get in on the action is Renzo Racer.

Renzo Racer is a new kart racer from developer EnsenaSoft. After spending some time in early access, the title is now heading out into the open, looking to cover off kart racing for the PC masses. Unfortunately, Renzo Racer has its fair share of problems.

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Kart racers can fail for many reasons. Since such games rely heavily on charm and character, it might be that a lack of strong characters holds back a title from really grabbing the player. Equally, there may be some serious issues from a gameplay perspective, as seen with Nickelodeon Kart Racers. When it comes to Renzo Racer, its flaws are down in the sheer bones of the game.

Quite simply, Renzo Racer is not very much fun to play. Whereas Crash Team Racing had bundles of thrills and an innocent glee to its bubbly racing before the inevitable addition of insidious microtransactions, Renzo Racer never grabs the player in that way. Instead, Renzo Racer struggles out of the gate quite literally with sluggish speed and stilted, awkward handling.

One of the best qualities of a kart racer is to offer up short and sweet bursts of fun through a mixture of bubblegum joy and the sharpness of an adrenaline shot. Even at the start of a race Renzo Racer has its problems, with racers slowly getting up to top speed and then falling in line behind one another. There’s chaos to be found, but often this comes from unexpected and unintentional places.

In part this is down to the AI drivers themselves, who can be seen to make some bizarre decisions. Often the player will lap another driver who has become stuck against the wall of the track, and is struggling to make it back on course. At the very least, though, this balances out some of the surprisingly unfair power-ups that Renzo Racer includes, such as one that simply and unceremoniously dumps the driver further down the pack through sheer luck of the draw.

Players will suffer from the curse of getting stuck on walls, too. Occasionally a bump might send the player onto their side, rammed against the edge of the track and unable to move forward. Equally, there are moments where a tiny piece of debris from a bit of destructible environment will send the racer flying out of control and up in the air, only to return to the ground in a position where a reset to the center of the track is needed.

This issue with the wider physics of Renzo Racer is perhaps the thing that makes it the most strange to play. Its environments feel like they are floating in place, missing that sturdy feeling that a high quality racer needs to immerse the player in their experience. Meanwhile, Renzo Racer’s objects appear to come in two categories: immovable or able to fly away at a moment’s notice.

Most of the time, getting stuck while driving will result in eventually being teleported back and being able to continue going. However, there are moments where this functionality fails outright, with the player seemingly permanently rooted in place or (even worse) sent on an ambling journey backwards, having lost any agency over the direction of their vehicle altogether. Luckily, the player does have the option to manually reset themselves, but it’s awkward that the option is required at all.

These gameplay issues are really what undermines the experience of Renzo Racer, although the title doesn’t really shine anywhere. Its characters are a cast of animals who are extreme fans of alliteration, such as Pepe Porcupine and Lenny Lizard, and there’s nothing truly interesting about any of their designs. That said, it’s still competent enough, even if it’s nothing to write home about.

The circuits, too, are fine, and there’s a good variety here. The best kart racers manage to tap into the feeling of a theme park, with the circuits acting as different rides, and Renzo Racer does provide this through tracks that take players from a candy land through to pirate islands. Some do look extremely close to the designs of other kart racers, though, such as a track that shares more than a glancing resemblance to Mario Kart’s iconic Rainbow Road.

Neither its characters nor its circuits are enough to save Renzo Racer. There are some fundamental flaws in the way the game plays, and these are impossible to overcome for even the most endearing of casts. As such, it’s unlikely that Renzo Racer is going to be much of a home for anyone.

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Renzo Racer is available now. Screen Rant was provided with a PC download code for the purposes of this review.

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Rob Gordon

Space Jam 2: LeBron Reportedly Having Trouble Recruiting NBA Players

LeBron James is reportedly having difficulty recruiting fellow NBA players to co-star with him in Space Jam 2. While the original film was a vehicle for Michael Jordan, he was hardly the only basketball great that appeared. A handful of Jordan’s contemporaries, including Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, and Larry Johnson, had roles as the players who had their talents stolen by the villainous Monstars. While it hasn’t been confirmed, many expect this new film to follow a similar premise, meaning director Terence Nance will need to find the next generation of Monstars.

The NBA is arguably more popular than it’s ever been and several current players have extremely large profiles that would only give Space Jam 2 more selling points. Fans are likely dreaming about seeing the likes of Stephen Curry, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Joel Embiid on the big screen, but they may have to temper those expectations somewhat. With the film gearing up to start production soon, James hasn’t been able to round out a supporting cast.

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According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (via Chris Montano), James hasn’t been able to lock down deals with some of the “top guys” he wants for Space Jam 2. No player names were given and Windhorst didn’t elaborate much beyond what he said, but he insinuated some people don’t want to get dunked on by LeBron and look bad – even if it’s just for a movie.

This adds further insult to what’s already been a hard year for James. Since his Los Angeles Lakers are eliminated from postseason contention, this is the first time since 2005 James won’t be in the NBA playoffs. One of his ulterior motives for signing in LA last summer was to advance his career in the entertainment industry, so it doesn’t bode well that he’s having trouble getting a cast in place for his biggest project yet. As for the reasons why, Space Jam 2 is filming over the summer, a time of year where some players work on developing their games to improve for the next season. It’s possible the NBA’s premier talent would rather do that instead of taking a bit part in a movie. It could also be a case of schedules not lining up or other circumstances.

Surely, Nance, James, and company will eventually get more players to come onboard, but they may not be the team’s first choices. Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see who eventually signs on. This summer is going to be a particularly crazy one in the NBA landscape, as there will be several superstar players making life and career altering decisions in free agency and getting acclimated to new situations. Space Jam 2 may be a big thing for James, but clearly several of his fellow players don’t feel the same way.

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Chris Agar