Exclusive Westworld Video Explains The Truth Behind Delos & The Show’s Theme

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the creators of HBO’s Westworld, explain the idea behind the show’s theme in an exclusive video from the season 2 Blu-ray and 4K UHD release. The reimagining of Michael Crichton’s pre-Jurassic Park theme-park-run-amok story has taken on a distinct life of its own on the premium cabler, one that, for some, makes watching the show a much less passive experience. That is, of course, in reference to the many fan theories that pop up online from week to week while the show airs. It’s an interesting corollary, one that is a direct result of the show’s intentional obfuscation of certain plot details and use of multiple timelines to tell its story. 

But while the show’s efforts to make a mystery out of its season’s respective story line turns each episode into weekly events, a meeting of the “minds” (mostly on Reddit) if you will, that particular storytelling formula raises a certain question of its own — namely: What is Westworld ultimately about? The show’s creators have been open about discussing the ideas behind the series’ structure and plotting, and they’ve even offered up numerous postmortems to clarify or confirm certain goings-on in the series itself, and here Nolan and Joy offer up a fairly succinct idea as to what the show is ultimately trying to say. 

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In an exclusive clip from the special features for the Westworld season 2 home video release, the show’s creators offer up their take on what Delos’s grand plan is for the company’s tech ( i.e., the Hosts) and how that can be filtered down into an understanding of what the series is trying to say about how humankind as a whole. Check out the video below:

Nolan’s explanation as to what Westworld is getting at makes for an interesting talking point, especially with regard to the major revelations from season 2. Those revelations, that Delos was trying to turn humanity (or the ultra-wealthy, anyway) into Hosts, not the other way around, and that the Man in Black, aka William (Ed Harris or Jimmi Simpson, take your pick) came very close to realizing that potential by recreating James Delos (Peter Mullan) again and again for decades, helped bring some clarity to the show’s otherwise labyrinthine plot line. 

Where the show will go from there is anyone’s guess, but Nolan asking the question “Do we last? Or do our creations eventually leave us behind?” offers some idea of what the bigger picture of the series will be. How that will impact season 3 remains to be seen, but for fans of the show’s mystery box appeal, it should offer plenty of opportunities for weekly online theorizing. 

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Westworld season 2 will release on Blu-ray and 4K UHD on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.

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