Pokemon Let’s Go Rock Tunnel Guide & Walkthrough

In the world of Pokémon: Let’s Go, players must traverse a massive world to hunt high and low searching for Pokémon to catch, including an ominous Rock Tunnel. There is only way to be the best there ever was, after all, and that’s by exploring every single nook and cranny to find every Pokémon one can.

Pokémon: Let’s Go, which released last month, is the first main series installment of the franchise for the Nintendo Switch, but the title also features integration with the hit mobile phone game, Pokémon GO. Pokémon Let’s Go features over 150 creatures to hunt and catch, along with their evolved forms. Players must partner with either Pikachu or Eevee: both Pokémon will help them with their mission. Gameplay revolves around finding creatures, but players can also battle and trade other players, both locally and online.

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Some Pokémon are in areas that are a little harder to get through. This includes the Rock Tunnel, which is just off Route 10. This dungeon is tricky, so here is a guide to get players through the area. For those who make the trip, though, the following Pokémon are available in the Rock Tunnel: Charmander, Cubone, Geodude, Golbat, Graveler, Kangaskhan, Machop, Onix, Ryhorn and Zubat.

After finding the Rock Tunnel, climb down into the dungeon. A foggy area will appear, but a prompt will appear asking if the player wants to use the “Light Up” Secret Technique. Answer “yes” to light the way. Don’t worry, though: if by some accident, the player chooses “no,” they can go to the Secret Techniques screen and activate Light Up from there. Once the light comes on, head East and pick up the Repel. Turn around and go back and then south to meet Poké Maniac Ashton and battle him. After the battle, take the path that leads south that looks like a “U.” At the end of the path is a ladder: go down and then head south and then west to battle Poké Maniac Winston who has a level 23 Kangaskhan.

After the battle, head west and grab a Revive, but then head back and then north to continue following the path. There is an optional battle to catch a level 24 Onix: challenge Black Belt Dudley here to do so. He also has a Dire Hit next to him. Continue northeast, even after the road splits. There are three Great Balls here, as well as another optional challenge: Black Belt Eric who has a level 24 Mankey and a level 24 Poliwhirl.

Go west, which will eventually lead to another ladder, but don’t climb it just yet. Fight the trainer Hiker Allen (who has a level 23 Geodude, a level 23 Onix, and a level 23 Graveler) first, and then go up the ladder. This leads to Camper Lenny who has a level 22 Growlithe. After defeating him, follow the left wall, which leads southwest. Eventually, the path will lead to Hiker Oliver: beat him to get a level 23 Onix and a level 23 Sandslash. Head east: there is an Escape Rope here. Go north to run into Hiker Claus who has a level 23 Machop and a level 23 Rhyhorn. After defeating him, go north-east and then down the next ladder. Poké Maniac Cooper (who has a level 23 Ivysaur) is to the west: defeating him reveals a Full Heal behind him, so grab that and then turn around and head back, eventually going southwest to find Ace Trainer Sofia who has a level 24 Vulpix, and a level 25 Kadabra. Ace Trainer Charlie is southwest of her: he has a a level 24 Diglett and a level 25 Flareon. There is also a Stardust to the west.

Eventually, go back north toward Sofia and then west, which leads to Black Belt Steve who has two level 24 Machops: beat him and head southwest to grab a Super Potion. Then go north to find another ladder: go up and find a man who is handing out Pokeballs, if needed. Picknicker Leah (who has a level 22 Nidorina) is south of him, and even farther south is Camper Leroy (with a level 22 Nidorino): beat him and head east to get a Super Potion, then go northwest to find a Stardust. Head southwest and battle Picknicker Dana who has a level 22 Meowth and a level 22 Vulpix. After, go west and grab a Revive hidden by the sign. Continue west to find a Pearl. Head back east to the sign and then go south. And that’s how to get through the Rock Tunnel in Pokémon: Let’s Go.

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