Far From Home Turned Happy Hogan Into A Better Uncle Ben Than Tony Stark

Spider-Man: Far From Home turned Happy Hogan into a better Uncle Ben-figure than Tony Stark was for Peter Parker. Since the wall-crawler joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many of his classic comic book tropes (which were hallmarks of Sam Raimi and Marc Webb’s Spider-Man movies) were abandoned in order to create a Spider-Man who was very specific to the MCU. Uncle Ben was left on the wayside; he certainly existed and died in the past but his influence on Peter’s life as Spider-Man has been minimal. Instead, Peter has modeled himself after his mentor Tony Stark, who died to save the world in Avengers: Endgame.

Meanwhile, Happy Hogan has been part of the MCU since the very beginning; he appeared in Iron Man as Tony’s chauffeur and bodyguard, but his duties largely became unnecessary when Tony turned himself into a world-famous superhero who wears a technologically advanced suit of armor. Since Jon Favreau also directed the first two Iron Man movies, it was understandable why he kept Happy as a comic relief background character; while James Rhodes got to become War Machine and join Tony as an Avenger, Happy stayed behind with Pepper Potts as the Head of Security for Stark Industries.

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However, Happy’s depth of character really began to shine in Spider-Man: Homecoming when Tony gave him a crucial assignment: “Watch over the kid”, i.e. be Peter Parker’s liaison to Tony Stark. Happy openly resented being a babysitter to a 15-year-old but he did what he was told to do and escorted the kid to Germany during Captain America: Civil War. in Homecoming, Happy took the job of moving the Avengers’ equipment out of Avengers Tower into the new Compound upstate more seriously than the constant stream of text updates Peter would barrage him with. But after Spider-Man stopped the Vulture from stealing the Avengers’ technology – thereby saving Happy’s job – Hogan came to admire Peter as much as Tony did. This really set the stage for what Happy Hogan would transition into: he essentially became Peter’s new Uncle Ben in Spider-Man: Far From Home and it’s a role Happy is ideally suited for.

Many fans miss Uncle Ben’s presence in Spider-Man’s life since he was the one who instilled the credo “With great power comes great responsibility” into Peter – which is a crucial building block missing from the MCU’s Spidey. Instead, Tony Stark slid into the Uncle Ben role; wanting to “impress Mr. Stark” in Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming was Peter’s primary motivation. In Far From Home, fear of not being able to live up to Tony’s legacy as “the next Iron Man” was partly why Peter insisted on remaining on vacation with his friends in Europe. But while Spider-Man benefits from Tony’s technology, Stark himself was lacking as a mentor on a personal level. Despite his genuine affection for Peter, the only real life wisdom Tony ever shared with the kid was when he scolded him, “If you’re nothing without the [Spider-Man] suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” After all, it was really Tony who was drawing inspiration from Peter because of his core of goodness and his “Bruce Springsteen working man’s vibe I kinda dig”.

But when Peter was at his most desperate in Far From Home, it was Happy he called for help and that felt right. Happy not only came to the rescue with Stark’s plane and tech, but he also took the time to emotionally connect to Peter by shedding light on what “a mess” Tony really was and yet picking Peter to be his protege and successor was the one thing Tony didn’t second-guess. This was the kick in the pants Peter needed to prevail and the crucial point is Happy encouraged Peter to be Spider-Man, not Iron Man. Happy then went the extra mile by personally helping Peter’s friends survive Mysterio’s evil plan. On an even more personal note, Happy is also in love with Aunt May, an affection she may not entirely reciprocate, but May and Happy is an exciting potential relationship for two supporting characters who both lost someone important to them and could benefit from personal happiness in their lives.

Ultimately, by dying, Tony Stark fulfilled the classic Uncle Ben role for Peter. But because the MCU continues to forge a new path for Spider-Man – especially now that his secret identity was made public in Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s end-credits scene – Happy Hogan is the Uncle Ben figure who will be there for Peter day-in-and-day-out.

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8 Disneyland Attractions That Should Be Turned Into Movies

In May, the anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens up at Disneyland. There’s a rumor going around that there will be a series of films titled Star Wars that are based on the rides in Galaxy’s Edge... actually, we’ve just been informed that Galaxy’s Edge is based on a bunch of independent movies titled Star Wars. Who knew?

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Joking aside, Galaxy’s Edge is launching soon and it will be massive. The hype around this new crowd-pleaser makes people wonder about Disneyland’s relationship with movies. In fact, it’s fun to think about which of their attractions should be adapted. Here are some Disney theme park rides that need to be turned into movies!

8 The Matterhorn Bobsleds

It’s quite possible that Matterhorn Bobsleds is the bumpiest and most painful ride of all time. We’re pretty sure the intended effect is for people to come off the ride feeling like they’ve been scared by a Yeti, not tackled by one. 

The Matterhorn is so scary that it can easily be turned into a horror film. The ride’s simple concept revolves around a small band of explorers, who are using bobsleds in order to travel up and down the mountains of Switzerland. Unfortunately, the explorers come face to face with a Yeti.

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A film adaptation of Matterhorn Bobsleds kind of writes itself. Imagine an action-horror movie in the vein of Predator, but, in this case, it would be a Yeti picking off smart Swedish people instead of an alien hunting beefy soldiers. Just imagine the tagline. “The next name in horror: Matterhorn.” That one is for free Disney. The next one will cost you.

7 The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Has anyone ever noticed how many trains there are in Disneyland? Rumor has it that an alternative name for Disneyland was TrainWorld: USA… okay, so that’s not true. The point is that the best train ride at Disneyland is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

It’s safe to say that Disney is due for a successful Western after The Lone Ranger underperformed at the box-office. This would make for an interesting take on the genre, because, believe it or not, Big Thunder Mountain’s story contains some supernatural elements. The official storyline takes place in the 1800s and revolves around a cursed mountain. Miners from a local town attempt to strip the mountain of its resources, but they end up meeting their horrible fate instead.

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Adding some spooky elements to a film adaptation could make for a really unique Western. Also, it’s safe to say that most people didn’t know that this is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’s storyline and they’ll never look at the ride the same way again. 

6 Space Mountain

Actually, we retract our last statement. Has anyone ever noticed how many mountains there are in Disneyland?MountainLand: America was actually Disneyland’s original name.

Joking aside, Space Mountain is undeniably one of the most popular attractions at Disney theme parks.

One could say it’s the most “big kid”-oriented ride at Disneyland. What sets Space Mountain apart from the rest of the rides is that it doesn’t have a pre-existing storyline. All we know is that guests are in a rocket ship that flies through space.

Space Mountain’s blank slate offers a lot of great storytelling possibilities. The movie could either be a light-hearted space adventure or something more thoughtful, like Interstellar. Screenwriter Max Landis had actually written a draft for a potential screen adaptation a few years ago, but it was ultimately scrapped. Either way, people can’t get enough of space movies. A well-made Space Mountain adaptation would be a hit. 

5 It’s A Small World 

It’s A Small World should obviously be a horror film. Imagine being stuck on that ride with all the lights out? Child’s Play has nothing on It’s A Small World. Alternatively, they could take an It’s A Small World adaptation in the opposite direction, opting for a children’s movie instead.

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It might even make for a cool animated movie. The attraction doesn’t have a central narrative, but its theme of peace and unity is timeless. It could be really fun to see a potential story of a child travelling across the world, learning about different cultures. What would be the movie’s central conflict, though? Maybe killer robot dolls that speak different languages! Okay, we’ll drop the horror angle. It’s A Small World has the potential to be an awesome family-friendly movie. 

4 Tower of Terror

Yes, there’s already a classic 1997 Tower of Terror adaptation starring America’s sweetheart Steve Guttenberg. No one’s asking for anybody to remake perfection. We also know that Tower of Terror is now defunct at pretty much every Disney park throughout the world.

However, that doesn’t mean the ride wouldn’t make a great movie. The best part of Tower of Terror is that it already has a compelling storyline. It essentially plays out like a long-lost Twilight Zone episode: A few guests unknowingly check into a haunted hotel and end up getting transported into the Twilight Zone.

The ride’s 1930s aesthetic would look gorgeously spooky on the big screen. Considering the fact that Jordon Peele recently rebooted The Twilight Zone, whose to say he won’t use Tower of Terror as the basis for a new episode?

3 Journey To The Center Of The Earth 

Remember the Journey to the Center of the Earth films with Brendan Fraser and The Rock? It’s incredible that Tokyo Disney had the audacity not to include animatronics of Brendan Fraser or The Rock in their Journey to the Center of the Earth ride. Still, that’s probably because those movies had been made by a different studio. Also, the novel is registered in the public domain.

Tokyo Disney’s ride is a wondrous thing to behold. The structure is massive, and it does a great job convincing guests that they really are travelling inside the earth’s core. There are beautiful neon caves and giant monsters lurking around the corners. Journey to the Center of the Earth has been adapted into countless films, but it would be really fun to see an adaptation that captures the high octane adventure of Tokyo Disney’s attraction. 

2 Autopia 

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Autopia was made into a super-realistic driving simulation? Imagine going too fast and a cop pulling someone over. Ultimately, it would cause stress-inducing traffic that gave everyone road rage. The ride’s line should be like the DMV and make all the guests wait for six hours in misery.

We think our joke has gone on long enough, so let’s move on: there’s endless potential for an Autopia movie. It can be animated or live action. The most important aspect to retain in a potential adaptation is the ride’s sense of childlike wonder. After all, a child views driving as something exhilarating. When adults think of driving, they think of a ten-hour commute on the 605 freeway (that’s a California joke).  

1 The Haunted Mansion 

Even though 2003’s Haunted Mansion is the scariest movie this side of The Exorcist, it’s safe to say that another adaptation is in order. The Haunted Mansion is one of Disneyland’s most classic attractions and it deserves a movie as successful as the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. 

The ride’s set design is practically movie quality already. Rumor has it that director Guillermo Del Toro has been trying to get a Haunted Mansion film off of the ground for years. This needs to happen. Like, now. 

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Tom Welling Turned Down Superman Return on CW Supergirl

The CW’s Supergirl could have featured the return of Smallville star Tom Welling as Clark Kent aka. Superman as he confirms he turned down the role. Supergirl season 2 saw a number of changes for the small-screen Girl of Steel as the series moved from its original home of CBS to The CW. To kick off the show’s new home in spectacular fashion, Supergirl finally introduced her superheroic cousin, Clark Kent aka. Superman. It was speculated whether Smallville’s own Superman, Tom Welling, would return for the role, but eventually Tyler Hoechlin was cast as Superman.

Hoechlin joining the Arrowverse as Supergirl’s Superman has been largely well-received by fans of The CW’s shared superhero universe, and the actor has returned a few times since the Supergirl season 2 premiere. Most recently, Hoechlin appeared in the 2018 Arrowverse crossover, Elseworlds. But even as Hoechlin has become another beloved small-screen take on the Man of Steel, DC fans have wanted to see Welling return in some capacity, even if it’s not as Superman. After all, the Arrowverse is set in a full multiverse of different worlds. However, it seems Welling may never appear as Superman in the Arrowverse since he’s already turned down a return.

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During a panel at the Armageddon Expo in New Zealand, Twitter user worldofmera (via CBR) revealed Welling confirmed he turned down being in Supergirl. It’s possible this was a joke or taken out of context by panel attendees, since something similar happened with Welling jokingly confirming he’ll be in Arrow season 8. But Welling confirming he turned down a role in Supergirl falls in line with what he’s previously said on the topic.

In 2017, Welling addressed why he wasn’t Superman on Supergirl, saying, “I would not want to watch me [suit up as Superman] at all.” The actor also said the shows are too different in tone for it to make sense that Supergirl is set in the same universe as Smallville. Certainly, he has a point, since setting Supergirl in the same universe as Smallville creates continuity errors – especially since Smallville introduced its own version of Kara.

That said, fans would no doubt have liked to see Welling return as Superman from another world in the multiverse, much like John Wesley Shipp reprising his own Flash TV role from the 90s for the Elseworlds crossover (following two other roles in the Arrowverse, first as Earth-1’s Henry Allen then Earth-3’s Jay Garrick). The Arrowverse has included a number of former DC TV actors across its many shows, like Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman stars Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher in Supergirl.

Fans and the Arrowverse creatives would no doubt like to see Welling appear in the TV franchise in some manner, but it seems the actor doesn’t have any intention of doing so. Fans may be disappointed, but Welling played Clark Kent on Smallville for 10 seasons – that’s a lot of time in one role and it’s understandable he’d want to continue moving forward with his career instead of looking back.

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Supergirl season 4 airs Sundays at 8pm ET on The CW.

Source: worldofmera/Twitter (via CBR)

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This Is Us Season 3 Turned Into A Soap Opera – But It’s Still Good

This Is Us season 3 almost felt like it was a soap opera, but that’s okay because the show is still good. Debuting in 2016, the NBC family drama took the public by storm with its heartfelt narratives and unexpected reveals. Three seasons later, fans remain invested with the Pearsons as we watch them go through life decade by decade.

This Is Us centers on Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) family of five. With three kids – twins Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) and adopted son Randall (Sterling K. Brown) – the couple have been the main force behind their children’s lives even up until the present day. It resonated with a lot of people because of its unique ability to walk the thin line between fantasy and reality. The situations were grounded and the characters were relatable, and although it felt manipulative at times for evoking certain kinds of emotions for viewers, it worked because it was cathartic watching the Pearsons simply navigating through their separate and collective journeys.

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While Rebecca is the backbone of the family, Jack is the heart. The Pearson patriarch has been so popular that it devastated fans when it was revealed that he’s dead. For the most part of season 1 and season 2, This Is Us revolved around the mystery of Jack’s death, with hints peppered throughout the show giving fans an idea when and how he passed away. By the time it was revealed at the back half of season 2, This Is Us had reached peaked popularity, posting its highest-rated episode ever with almost 27 million viewers tuning in to learn how the Pearson patriarch died. But now that the major catch of This Is Us is resolved, it seems like it’s struggling to find another narrative point to fully hook its viewers.

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How This Is Us Transformed Into A Soap Opera

The first two seasons of This Is Us revolved around Jack and the mystery of his death. While we knew that he’s no longer around all the way back from the show’s second episode, the succeeding outing hyped up the mystery of how he died by peppering plot clues throughout the remainder of season 1. This kept fans involved, watching the show week-after-week, waiting for another hint at what may have happened to the Jack. The fact that Rebecca re-married her dead husband’s best friend, Miguel, also added intrigue.

With this, the show had a specific story milestone to work towards to. Once that was resolved at the back half of season 2, it seems like This Is Us lost its narrative direction. The novelty of seeing Rebecca and the kids go through life without Jack slowly wore off. And now, it almost feels like they’re trying to find another emotional crux in the story by introducing several supposedly huge storylines, only to be quickly resolved or have little significant follow through.

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This Is Us Season 3 Chased Emotional Reveals – But Rarely Delivered

This Is Us season 3 began with Rebecca and Jack’s early days of courtship which transitioned to the exploration of the Vietnam war – a part of the latter’s life that he refused to discussed with anyone. The whole arc which was spread out in several weeks culminated with the reveal that his youngest brother is alive and that Jack knew about it but never mentioned it to his family. Apparently, Jack ruthlessly cut Nicky (Griffin Dune) out of his life after mistakenly judging him for killing an innocent boy in Vietnam when it reality everything was a terrible accident. However, Nicky isn’t ready yet to mingle with his brother’s family, leading to their eventual separation.

Another huge moment from This Is Us season 3 was Tess coming out and Eris Baker did a fantastic job at portraying a terrified kid who’s getting overwhelmed by learning about her emerging sexuality. Many were convinced that this will be a central plot in the upcoming episodes, but it was barely acknowledged in thereafter. The focus was on Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall’s struggle to find adapt to the many changes in their personal and professional lives. This Is Us danced around the subject matter for  quite a while, but once they finally confronted each other with their grievances, things quickly did a 180 degree turn with a simple resolution in the next episode. Zoe’s (Melanie Liburd) reveal of abusive childhood reveal went on a similar prolonged route but barely had any impact on her and Kevin’s eventual break-up.

Page 2 of 2: Why This Is Us Is Still Good & What It Needs To Do In Season 4

Why This Is Us Is Still Good

Despite all the prolonged subplots and emotional, This Is Us season 3 is still a great season overall. It propelled the story forward, particularly the gut-wrenching flash-forward sequence in the finale, setting up the final three seasons of the show. From the looks of it, some of the narrative points introduced in its latest year that barely went anywhere will play a factor down the road with the involvement of Nicky and Tess opening up with her struggles of finding her sexual identity.

While fans weren’t particularly interested in narratives centering out of the core Pearson family and with have very little to no link to Jack, This Is Us produced a decent story that continues to resonate with its audience. For instance, the Beth-centric episode, “Our Little Island Girl” effectively explained why she was so adamant about pursuing her dreams of being a dancer having been thrust in a life direction that she didn’t really want to tackle. Deja (Lyric Ross) tracking her own father for closure was a short but it was impactful, and the way the show executed it without any frills and unnecessary drama made it much more memorable.

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Another highlight story of the season is Kate and Toby’s pregnancy arc. From the commotion caused by their decision to push forward with trying alternative options, to Kate having to deliver the baby prematurely, every single step throughout this whole journey was emotional and touching. It also strengthened the couple’s relationship, making their bleak future as insinuated in the flash-forward scene intriguing.

Finally, one aspect of This Is Us that they nail week-after-week is the performance from every single cast member. Moore and Ventimiglia’s chemistry on screen is, as always electric and seeing how Rebecca and Jack in the early stages of dating provided fans the romantic element of the show from the Pearsons. Brown’s and Kelechi Watson’s portrayal of Randall and Beth’s passive-aggressive treatment of each other that culminated in a shouting match that almost led to an almost separation was a great juxtaposition with how happy and in love they were for the most part of This Is Us. Even Jon Huertas’ Miguel got some shining moments, making fans love him a little more despite the initial dislike of his character.

What This Is Us Needs To Do In Season 4

This Is Us season 3 had the right mindset to shift the focus to other show characters outside the Pearson core family with episodes devoted to the backstories of Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Beth. This way, the show will be sustainable for the remainder of its course, and it appears like they’ll continue to expand in season 4, as teased by creator Dan Fogelman. However, they need to find a way to balance people’s clamor for more Jack and exploring other pockets of the show in order to keep its massive fan base happy. Viewership ratings indicate that people are less likely to tune in if the upcoming narrative had very little to do with Jack.

The show’s latest season jumped from one plot line to another causing the season to feel slow and dragging. It lacked the natural story flow that the series had in its first two seasons, and is something that fans would love to have back for This Is Us season 4. Finally, the show need not to focus on massive plot twists. This Is Us season 1 had some organic character moments in the simplest scenarios (the pool trip and best washing machine sequences are some that quickly com to mind). Each member of the Pearson family is relatable which is why fans are invested in them. The show doesn’t really need to put them in over-the-top arcs for them to shine.

With This Is Us already at the midpoint of its overall arc, the last few seasons will be devoted in tackling the mysteries left in the season 3 finale’s flash-forward sequence. Similar to Jack’s death being the narrative compass for its first two seasons, Rebecca’s inevitable demise will be what the show’s remaining three years will build toward toward.

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Activision Turned Down A New IP From One Of Its Most Profitable Devs

Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space, left Activision Blizzard recently during its massive corporate shake-up. As Activision’s business decisions run the risk of being aired in public as part of the aftermath of all these lawsuits, it’s now emerged that Activision rejected original IP from Schofield – potentially one of their most profitable devs – prior to his departure.

Schofield announced his departure from Activision Blizzard on Twitter in December last year to take some time off from the industry and to try something new. Notably, he worked on a number of Activision Blizzard’s most popular Call of Duty titles (including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Call of Duty: WWII) during his time there, and the company appeared to recognize that by extending a corporate role to Schofield earlier in 2018.

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Despite Schofield being offered that corporate role, he revealed in an interview with GameInformer on YouTube that Activision rejected original IP from him. Schofield noted that the company “didn’t go for it, but they should have,” on account of a worthwhile IP being difficult to chance upon and maintain. There was a prototype created by Sledgehammer at the time, but it looks like Activision Blizzard didn’t want to bite, even though Schofield and his team had been involved in some of the company’s most lucrative titles since inception, like Call of Duty: WWII. 

On top of the decisions already made by Activision Blizzard since late last year, turning down a new property from one of their most prolific creators seems like it would have been a mistake. Schofield’s departure shortly after to go his own way despite Activision Blizzard’s sweetener of a corporate position along with the raft of other executives who have departed since last year seems to suggest a fundamental problem at the company with treating existing profitable talent.

This can’t be a good look for Activision Blizzard, especially with the collection of class action lawsuits headed the company’s way from investors. Considering that the basis of these upcoming lawsuits seems to be that the company was misleading investors and shareholders about information material to the value of the company and its projects, it may well be that the reason why Activision Blizzard rejected original IP from the likes of Schofield and some of its other questionable decisions become public knowledge soon enough.

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Source: GameInformer

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Ginny Woo

Doug Jones Turned Down Cameo In Hellboy Reboot

Actor Doug Jones was offered a cameo appearance in Neil Marshall’s new Hellboy reboot movie, but turned it down. The actor previously played the Abe Sapien in Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Additionally, he provided the voice for the character in two straight-to-video animated films set between the live-action films from 2005 to 2008.

The fictional character played by Doug Jones, Abe Sapien was first introduced in 1994’s Hellboy: Seed of Destruction by series creator Mike Mignola. Born Langdon Everett Caul, his name became a combination of the species “Ichthyo sapien” and Abraham Lincoln. Sapien has been the subject of his own comics, but is best known as a core member of Hellboy and B.R.R.D. He is sometimes referred to as an “amphibious man,” which amusingly draws a connection to another del Toro film in which Jones starred, The Shape of Water. When it came to whether or not Jones would appear in the forthcoming reboot of the film, it looks like there were talks, but little more.

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In an interview with THR, Jones confirmed he was just too busy with other projects to take on a smaller role or cameo in Lionsgate’s relaunch of the Hellboy franchise. He didn’t specify whether he was offered a cameo as Abe Sapien or another character, but he did explain his reason to pass on the film. He said:

“Reboot means recasting, and I’m told this first reboot does not have anybody in it from the original film. I received an offer to do a cameo, but I was deeply immersed in Star Trek: Discovery when that offer came in, so I couldn’t do it.”

In an interview with Screen Rant, Jones even offered a few words of advice to any actor who might take on the mantle of the amphibious man in future Hellboy sequels – though it was already confirmed that Abe Sapien would not officially appear in the reboot. He said, “Patience with the make-up, but otherwise make the character your own.” Turns out that those sound words might have to be reserved for some other Hellboy movie down the line. Although he may not be appearing in Neil Marshall’s Hellboy reboot, fans can still check out Doug Jones in Star Trek: Discovery, which is currently airing Thursday nights on CBS All Access.

Jones has brought his unique physique to animate some wonderful and strange creatures in film and TV, representing a gold standard for creating characters that could easily have come across inhuman without his unique touch. Whether it be his noble Starfleet officer Saru in Star Trek: Discovery or the Amphibian Man in The Shape of Water, Jones will continue to bring his incredible physical presence (and acting chops) to a myriad of other, more satisfying roles for years to come – just not Hellboy for the time being.

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