Tesla stocks tumble 12% after Musk tweets price is 'too high'

Tesla chief Elon Musk posted several bizarre tweets on Friday, including one saying the electric carmaker’s stock was overpriced, leading to a nearly 12% sell off on United Sta… .

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This Is Why Twitter Wants You To Report Voter Suppression Tweets

Twitter is making available a new feature that allows users to report election misinformation. Ahead of the 2020 U.S. election, social media services have been under increased pressure to better handle the way information is shared on their platforms, and this appears to be the latest effort from the micro-blogging website.

During the last election in the U.S., as well as the Brexit vote in Britain, there were multiple accusations of misinformation and disinformation shared online. In both the U.S. and the UK, this led to many taking aim at social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, accusing them of helping to influence the results. Since then, both services have been actively looking at ways they can limit the spread of misinformation, and social media sites are not the only ones, either.

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Twitter today announced that users will be able to report tweets they suspect contain misinformation relating to the election or any “other civic event.” For example, users will be able to report a tweet if it falsely describes where or how to vote, intends to intimidate someone into not voting, or is misrepresenting or impersonating a relationship with a party or candidate. However, this does not appear to be a permanent tool with Twitter stating that it will only be turned on for “key moments” during the 2020 U.S. election.

While tech companies are working on advanced algorithms to detect bad posts, Twitter, like many others, appears to be leaving the majority of the hard work to the users. Although it is a positive that the wider Twitter audience will now have a tool to report misinformation when it arises, this is not exactly a fool-proof system. For one thing, there’s not much stopping those who want to spread misinformation from reporting posts that are actually informative simply because they represent a viewpoint they disagree with. Back in 2018, actor James Woods was suspended from Twitter for sharing a meme that was accused of encouraging voting behavior misinformation. The actual tweet didn’t, but it was viewed that way and it is likely this latest tool could increase the chances of similar suspensions taking place through users reporting each other. In this case, the tool itself is likely to be prone to abuse as well.

This is a problem that tech companies need to deal with. Information regarding the voting process is important – voters need to be sure the information they have on how and where to vote is accurate. Due to the importance of information like this, governments are considering legislation that could affect tech companies if they don’t do more to help stem the flow of misinformation. For example, this week Sen. Elizabeth Warren made it clear that if elected President, she will introduce new laws that hold individuals and services accountable for helping to facilitate the spread of election misinformation. This may be yet another reason why Twitter has now announced its latest reporting feature.

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Vanderpump Rules’ Max Boyens Used the N-Word in Old Tweets

Max Boyens of Vanderpump Rules, has been called out for his old tweets that showed the use of the N-word more than once. The rookie of the show has found himself in hot water thanks to his lack of filter online.

Vanderpump Rules is the much-loved spin-off that is based around Lisa Vanderpumps’ many restaurants. Vanderpump Rules followed around employees of SUR, a West Hollywood restaurant owned by the fan-favorite. Bravo fans were brought up to date with the cast as James Kennedy was still fired, Lala Kent had been sober for almost a year, Stassi Schroeder was mourning a death and the rest all brought the exact same houses in the Valley. Lisa Vanderpump has also never been one to allow her servers to get away with murder as fans will recall she fired James Kennedy for fat-shaming. It seems that there is another naughty server going up on the list.

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Boyens was new to the show when season 8 premiered and already he is at the center of the drama. People reported that several of Boyens’ older tweets were smeared with racial comments. The TomTom general manager had shared his in-depth thoughts on the N-word back in 2012 on his social media accounts saying that it upset him that no one could use the N-word unless they were black saying it was unfair because it’s his “favorite word.” Fans have slammed the reality star for his racists and homophobic tweets.

In another upsetting tweet from 2012, Boyens wrote that there was something about the Asian community that made him want to “punch them in the suck hole.” The general manager also went after the singer, Justin Bieber saying that he should use the N-word more in his music and called him a “queer” for not doing so. Since the recovered tweets Boyens has decided to make his Twitter account private.

The new reality star has since released a statement where he apologized for his actions saying he was sickened by his behavior. His statement read that he was sorry for what he had posted in 2012 and that he was wrong in every way. The Bravo personality also said that those tweets do not represent who he is and was shocked that he ever tweeted those words. Boyens was thought of for the show thanks to his past girlfriend, Scheana Shay and was worried he would not have an exciting storyline. Now with the news of his indecent tweets, it would seem to fan’s that he has more than enough for a storyline and possible exiling from the show.

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Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9pm EST on Bravo.

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10 Savage Tweets About The New CGI Cats Movie | ScreenRant

There is a new CGI movie being released called Cats, and it has recently undergone a subtle change. The original trailer caused a huge backlash from fans, which prompted the animators to say how the final look of the characters will be changed. They listened to their potential fans and made some adjustments, but we are still left with the aftermath that hit Twitter.

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We have compiled a list of some of the most savage tweets about the movie that we all know the cast and crew behind the movie saw. They rip them to shreds with a few simple words and images which we hope doesn’t foreshadow the turnout of the movie. Keep reading to learn about the ten most savage tweets about the new CGI Cats movie!

10 Fans Prefer The Original Cat Costumes

The original Broadway musical didn’t have fancy CGI to render their actors and actresses as cats. Instead, they used costumes and makeup to turn them into these furry creatures. This Twitter user is ripping the movie to shreds in a single sentence by saying that all of the money they spent on these cool animations was a waste. It says something about the state of the movie’s animations when people would rather see a low budget rendering, then this multimillion-dollar fiasco.

9 This Wasn’t A Bad Dream

Some wish the idea of the movie was all a bad dream and that it was not a real thing coming to life on Christmas morning. It is supposed to be fun, a little weird, and full of life. Instead, people view it as a horror film.

We have no doubts that the cats in the trailer already haunt some of the dreams of the living and we can only imagine what the new CGI will look like once it is released. Patrons of the arts were hoping for the cute and cuddly, not whatever this has become.

8 It’s Borderline Disrespectful

The reason why the musical was so successful was that people loved how the actor’s used their costumes and makeup to bring their characters to life. They are confused by the CGI characters who leave little room for emotion and true acting.

Fans also feel it is disrespectful to perform it this way as it is not how the original creator had intended for it to look. It almost makes a mockery of the entire thing and this savage tweet points these key things out to us.

7 They Don’t Want To Make Money

People are starting to wonder if this film wants to make money at all. First, they create a film that people feel might be too scary for their children, and then they decide to release it on Christmas day. It might not be so bad, except the Rise of Skywalker will definitely be the fan-favorite for families.

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No one predicts it to do well in the box office for this reason and we hope they enjoy their lack of profits. It is obvious a lot of effort went into making this movie, but we hope they reconsider their release date.

6 Some Have Mixed Feelings

The cast list is phenomenal with people like Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, and Idris Elba. Those alone have people raving about the movie, but the second they saw the animation they were out.

Fans want to love this movie and it is really hard for them to get on board after seeing the graphics that make up the film. This Twitter user lays it out perfectly as a first glance makes you fall in love, while the CGI has everyone running for the hills.

5 Hermoine Was A Better CGI Cat

Harry Potter fans will never forget when Hermoine plucked a cat hair from the robe of Millicent Bulstrode which turned her into her cat after she drank the Polyjuice Potion. This Twitter user compared the CGI back then, to the CGI included in this new Cats movie.

They are saying that Hermoine wore it better back in 2002 when her cat-like features appeared on-screen. It is hard to disagree as both are frightening, but Hermoine’s still looks more cuddly than those included in the movie.

4 Call The Producer

If the number of the producer was released to the public, there is no doubt in our minds that several fans would be calling to complain. This image fits our feelings perfectly as we demand an explanation for the atrocities that made it onto our screens at home.

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We want to know what exactly went wrong or what was going through creators’ heads when they created these animated cats. A hotline would be a great way for fans to put in their suggestions as people could share where they think the creators went wrong.

3 It Was A Hot Thanksgiving Topic

Thanksgiving is usually a time for discussing sensitive matters like politics, when you plan on having children, or asking what someone plans to do for the rest of their life. It came up on Twitter that the CGI in this movie was a hot topic around the table this Thanksgiving.

This is the one thing that truly determines just how bad the animations were as families put aside their differences to agree on how horrible the movie looks based on the trailer. They demand a change, and we hope to see one by the time this movie comes out.

2 Dog People Hate It

Dog people are already on the fence about cats in general, but this movie puts them over the edge. They have no desire to see horrifying cats dance and sing around a screen in this movie. It is their worst nightmare as they await the time when cats do finally take over the world.

This user even states how she would rather “sit in a haunted house” than watch the nightmare unfold on the big screen. We want to disagree, but it is hard too after seeing just how awful these cats look in a short clip.

1 Release It And Pray

We know there are some movies that receive bad reviews, but they release them anyway to recoup some of their profits. This seems like one of those movies as we already know they have put well over $100 million into this movie.

We can already see investors sweating as they think about how poorly the movie will perform in theaters, as they pray for a miracle so people will pay to watch it. We are doubtful of its success, but this savage tweet points out what we already know in our hearts to be true.

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10 #HowStarWarsShouldEnd Tweets Disney Should Seriously Consider

The end of the franchise, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, draws near with the recent announcement by J. J. Abrams. It is a sad time as we reminisce on the power of the movies which sparked a fandom like no other. Fans have become so invested in this film series they have created a hashtag to provide the world with their idea of how the narrative should come to a close.


#HowStarWarsShouldEnd is the trending platform fans are using to share these suggestions which Disney should seriously contemplate. They are filled with a creative and unusual nature only Star Wars lovers would be able to think of. Keep reading to find out which ten #HowStarWarShouldEnd tweets Disney should consider using to end the series!


People have always been baffled by Darth Vader’s breathing machine and why it was the only option provided to him. One would assume after appearing in five movies someone would have come up with a better life-support system. Science advances every day and this Twitter user makes a good point when he recommends using a CPAP machine to stabilize the breathing sounds.

It is a wonder why no one in the Star Wars universe had thought of it before, but it would settle the long-standing issues we have faced throughout the years if the series was ended this way.


Dancing is a Disney specialty and what better way to end the series than with a giant dance number. It will be a fantastic way to close by bringing everyone in to dance it out on a single stage.

Jedis and the Sith will swing their hips together for a final number, which will leave fans with a feeling of nostalgia. We could have them kill each other off, but the brutality has to stop eventually, and it should, at the end of the series.


Scooby has been coming to the rescue for decades, providing us with plentiful amounts of suspenseful excitement. The best way to end the entire compilation of Star Wars films would be to bring in this classic character and have him demask Darth Vader.


Fans would be expecting Anakin’s face to appear, but instead, Old Man Jenkins would be revealed as the true perpetrator. It would be the twist to end all twists and it is something Disney would be foolish to pass up.


This would be the greatest ending of all time as the band creates a new song for us to appreciate. This ending could even be combined with the dance number from a previous tweet, creating a masterful and heartfelt ending to the series.

Their special tunes and unique instruments would come together for a new number that would knock the rolls right off of Jabba the Hutt. We would be swaying right along with him as we listen and attempt to sing along with the nonsensical word combinations.


Who doesn’t love Wookiees? Chewbacca stole our hearts time and time again, so the only plausible way to end the franchise would be to bring in a baby Wookiee. It would be cute and adorable, with a cry which would bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

People will be naming their children after the baby Wookiee because they hope their child will grow to be as awesome as it is in this final scene. There may not be a rhyme or reason behind the appearance of this creature, but rest assured, no one will be complaining.


There are other fans who desire the entire Star Wars entity to end for good, by killing every major and minor character involved. The creative mastermind behind this tweet recommends recruiting Jason to finish them off.

Jason’s methods are creative and contain a finality the series ender needs to be successful. He could rip them apart with his bare hands or use their own lightsabers against them. It may be a bit gorier than most fans are used to, but it would be another added bonus as to why Disney should use this as the ultimate ending.


The Star Trek versus Star Wars debate has been going on for years and the ending to the Star Wars franchise could settle it once and for all. They could involve the fandoms and invite them to put their skills to the test on the big screen.


The fans could wield their weapon of choice and don the appropriate costume to join the fight to the death. Disney could increase the revenue of their movie by creating an official betting pool on who will win the final showdown, as they pit these two groups against one another in the series ending scene.


A new twist to Darth Vader could be to prove he is not actually Luke’s father. It would create mayhem as fans fret over who Luke’s father actually was, even though they will never have the chance to find out.

It would create the greatest mystery in any franchise history as the secret remains buried within the Star War’s vaults of hidden knowledge. Fans would be begging for a new movie to explain the madness of the ending scene, and it would drive people to the theaters to witness this game changer for themselves.


Disney could take a different route and actually take notes from the Game of Thrones by interrelating everyone in the movie series. We thought there was only one family incest drama happening, but in reality, everyone was a part of this interconnected genetic world.

It could explain why some of the characters looked funkier than others, as the mixed genes failed to form correctly due to incorrect mixing of the gene pool. It would be the disturbing ending fans never forget and give Disney the ratings they were hoping for.


The final tweet, and possibly the most realistic ending Disney should use, is to offer Princess Leia a tribute after Carrie Fischer’s unfortunate passing. No one can ever replace her as Leia, but they should create a memorial for her in the ending of the franchise, as she was a key part of the success of the series.

Everyone loved her presence within the films and not including her in the final film would do her character a disservice. They should not recreate her image, but rather, create a reel of her shining moments throughout the Star Wars movie series.


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