Arrowverse Boss Has No Plans For When Wonder Twins Will Appear

Crisis on Infinite Earths ended with a surprise tease of the Wonder Twins, but whether Arrowverse fans will see them any time soon has yet to be determined. The CW finished off their massive five-hour crossover event with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, and Black Lightning. The event, adapting Marv Wolfman and George Pérez’s iconic 12-issue series, became a new beginning for Greg Berlanti’s ever-growing franchise of DC characters. Not only did it honor what The CW has been doing for the last eight years, but what had come before. With special appearances from Smallville, Birds of Prey, Superman Returns, the DCEU and more, it honored the majority of DC’s live-action adventures.

One of the consistent things that the Arrowverse does with their shows and crossovers is including fun Easter eggs and nods for DC fans. Sometimes it comes in the form of a name-drop, while other times it’s an actual visual reveal of a character or famous storyline. Crisis on Infinite Earths was no exception, particularly in the final seconds as the heroes discovered that something had escaped the Hall of Justice. With the sound of a monkey in the distance, the famous Wonder Twins character Gleek became the final surprise of the crossover. While he is never seen, Gleek’s name is shown on his cage door, hinting at an appearance in the future. But with Gleek comes the famous super-powered twins and the question if they will ever join the Arrowverse.

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In an interview with Variety, executive producer Marc Guggenheim shared how Gleek made it into the five-hour crossover. Gleek was always meant to be the final little DC surprise of the crossover. But while Zan and Jayna were never seen, the Wonder Twins were almost in the crossover during the early writings of Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, with budget and time limitations, the plans had to be changed in the end.

“TBD. That was something where we knew we wanted to end with that fun bit. There were early versions of the draft that had the Wonder Twins actually in it. I consider the Wonder Twins kind of a jump ball: We’ll see what show wants to grab it.”

While Guggenheim doesn’t share when the Twins might be seen, the crossover has now at least allowed for any of the shows to use them, should they want to. Whenever the time comes for the Arrowverse to introduce the Wonder Twins, it won’t be the first time they have appeared on The CW. In Smallville season 9, Zan and Jayna made their live-action debut in the Tom Welling-led drama, played by David Gallagher and Allison Scagliotti respectively.

If the time ever comes for them to join any of the Arrowverse shows, The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow would most likely be the best fit for them. With the youthful energy they bring to stories, either two of those shows would work well with them. While Smallville only gave Gleek a visual nod on Jayna’s phone case, the Arrowverse is no stranger in bringing famous DC animals to life such as Gorilla Grodd and King Shark. Hopefully, Arrowverse fans will see the Wonder Twins and Gleek sooner rather than later, following Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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How Smallville Weirdly Adapted DC’s Wonder Twins | Screen Rant

In season 9 of Smallville, the Superman prequel series introduced live-action versions of DC’s Wonder Twins for the first time. Similar to Harley Quinn, the Wonder Twins are DC characters that didn’t originate in the comics. They debuted in ABC’s The All-New Super Friends Hour, an animated series based on characters from DC Comics. The team included Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and two original heroes, the Wonder Twins, who were accompanied by their pet space monkey and sidekick, Gleek, who was often a source of comic relief.

In Super Friends, the Wonder Twins are Zan and Jayna, a brother-and-sister superhero duo garbed in matching purple costumes. The two have shapeshifting abilities that have aided the Super Friends in many of their adventures. Dan can transform into water, while Jayna can take on the form of any animal, whether it be real or mythological.  The catch to their powers is that they have to touch and say the words, “Wonder Twin powers, activate!”

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In Smallville season 9, episode 8, titled “Idol”, Clark (Tom Welling) finds trouble when he meets Zan (David Gallagher) and Jayna (Allison Scagliotti), two amateur vigilantes who take it upon themselves to imitate the heroics of Clark’s superhero persona, the Blur. The problem is that they make too many mistakes, and risk ruining Clark’s image. Clark ends up stopping them, and eventually teaming up with them. After encounters with Clark and Chloe (Allison Mack), Zan and Jayna understand more about what it means to be superheroes. At the end of the episode, the two leave Metropolis to forge their own legacies. They never return in the show, but they do appear in the Smallville Season 11 comic.

There’s a reason why Smallville treated the Wonder Twins as incompetent heroes. For decades, fans have mocked the Wonder Twins for the nature of their powers, among other things, so it makes sense that Smallville doesn’t try to take them too seriously. Instead, Smallville has fun with the characters and doesn’t hold back on the silliness.

Smallville‘s take on the Wonder Twins doesn’t include their costumes, but does find a way to incorporate their purple color scheme, and several other nods to the Super Friends characters. Zan and Jayna share the same power set as their Super Friends and comic book counterparts, and they even say  the famous phrase, “powers activate” while doing a fist-bump. Gleek gets a fun reference as well, as his picture is seen on their phones, and his laugh from Super Friends is used as their ringtone.

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Nicholas Raymond

What The Shining Twins Look Like Now | Screen Rant

One of The Shining‘s most memorable scares involves the Grady twins, and here’s what the actresses that played them look like now. In spite of Stephen King’s abject hatred for the movie, director Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining is unquestionably one of the most iconic horror films in history. This is evidenced by the dozens and dozens of Shining parodies in pop culture, with the most popular target of course being Jack Nicholson’s “Here’s Johnny!” line. Close behind on The Shining‘s iconic moments list though is the scene featuring the Grady twins.

As explained in The Shining – the film, the book’s explanation is a bit different – a man named Charles Grady served as the caretaker of the remote Overlook Hotel prior to Jack Torrance (Nicholson) applying for and getting the job. Grady developed cabin fever and went mad, hacking up his family with an axe, then killing himself. The twins are not named in the film, but later appear to Danny Torrance (Danny Lloyd) several times.

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The Shining scene that made the Grady twins so (in)famous of course happens when Danny is riding his tricycle through the long corridors of the Overlook. The duo appears at the end of a hallway, beckoning to Danny and inviting him to come play with them, forever and ever. As they do this, Danny sees images of their murdered bodies covered in blood. The Grady twins were played by Lisa and Louise Burns, and here’s what they look like today.

Much like their scene partner Danny Lloyd, Lisa and Louise Burns never acted again following The Shining. As adults, the two pursued fulfilling careers of a different kind. Louise became a microbiologist, while Lisa is a lawyer. The pair have no regrets about their part in The Shining though, appearing at horror conventions to meet fans, and operating the joint “Shining Grady Twins” Twitter account seen above. While the Burns sisters are no longer creepy, their place in Hollywood history is secure.

Despite Stanley Kubrick’s reputation for being mean to his actors – particularly Wendy Torrance actress Shelley Duvall – that happily didn’t extend to the Burns sisters, who have nothing but fond memories of working with the masterful director. They also fondly recall working with co-star Jack Nicholson, a famously intense method actor that nevertheless took the time to become friendly with the girls. If anything, they say he could sometimes be sad on set because his missed his own daughter, who was back in the U.S. while the film was shooting in the U.K. One would never associate The Shining with heartwarming stories, but maybe that should change.

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