The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Keanu Reeves Movie Characters

Keanu Reeves has always been one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but 2019 has been an especially big year for him. Not only has he starred in a number of huge acclaimed movies, but the public, in general, seems to have clued into how great of a person he is in real life. Reeves has become a sensation on the internet, making him a beloved figure beyond the movies.

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As charming and kind as Reeves seems in real life, he has also created some classic cinematic characters over the years. Reeves can play the heroic action star just as well as he can play the lovable goofball. If you want to find out which of these characters best fits your own personality, have a look at the Myers Briggs Type Indicator of personality types for Keanu Reeves characters.

10 John Constantine (Constantine): INTP

John Constantine is one of the darker characters Reeves has played. He is a man who is cursed to live among demons and angels while on earth and who knows he must go to Hell when he finally does die. He is also a very determined man who works extremely hard to accomplish his goals.

Like most INTP personalities, Constantine is not an easy person to get along with. He is reserved and doesn’t like getting close to people. He prefers to work alone, but when he is on the job, he’s highly effective. He creates workable theories and investigates until he can find effective solutions to the problems.

9 Duke Caboom (Toy Story 4): INTJ

Duke Caboom is one of the new characters introduced in Toy Story 4 and completely steals the show. Voiced by Reeves, Duke is an action figure who is dubbed as Canada’s greatest stuntman. Sadly he has some trouble following through on his stunts after being rejected by his former owner for not following through on the promise of the commercial.

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Duke’s outrageous personality is a clear INTJ type. Despite his shortcomings, he is a very determined toy that wants nothing more than to give his full effort. He has great vision for his plans and turns them into actions. As we see with his criticism of Woody’s plans, he holds himself and everyone else to high standards.

8 Don John (Much Ado About Nothing): INFJ

Reeves doesn’t often get a chance to play the villain, nor flex his Shakespearan acting muscles, but Much Ado About Nothing gave him the opportunity for both. Reeves plays Don John, the bastard brother of the respected Don Pedro. Don John is bitter about how his bastard status makes him an outcast and devises a plan for revenge.

As an INFJ personality, Don John stays in his own company rather than follow others. He is intuitive about others and is able to exploit that. He is quiet, but driven and will not stop until he sees his plans carried out to the end.

7 Johnny Utah (Point Break): ISTP

Point Break is one of the many classic action films Reeves has starred in and his character of Johnny Utah is one of his best hero roles. Utah is a determined and driven young FBI agent but his ISTP personality really begins to shine through when he gets involved with a group of extreme sport outlaws.

Utah naturally takes to their wild lifestyle as ISTP types are known to be risk-takers. As he becomes closer to the group he’s attempting to shut down, he develops a strong loyalty to them, as well as staying loyal to his job. But despite being a lawman, he’s unconcerned with breaking the rules when needed.

6 Ted Theodore Logan (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure): ESTP

These days, we don’t often get to see the silly side of Keanu Reeves, but that is how he was introduced to many moviegoers with his role as Ted in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures. As a lovable yet dim wannabe rockstar, Ted is one of Reeves’ most entertaining characters and a clear ESTP personality.

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Ted is a doer, not a thinker. Long explanations bore him and he’s more interested in getting the straight answer as quickly and easily as possible. He is a very loyal friend and with great people skills. He is fun-loving and enjoys a fast-paced lifestyle.

5 Keanu Reeves (Always Be My Maybe): ISFP

Always Be My Maybe is a charming Netflix romantic comedy starring Ali Wong and Randall Park as two friends who begin falling for each other. However, it is Reeves who steals the show as an exaggerated version of himself. Reeves is having a lot of fun poking fun at his image and he presents himself as a definite ISFP personality.

Reeves is seen as an incredibly open-minded and thoughtful person, even to an extreme. He is a great admirer of beauty and has a very easy-going approach to anything. He makes a big deal about following his own path and being a free-spirit which feels like it might be close to the real Keanu Reeves.

4 Kevin Lomax (The Devil’s Advocate): INFJ

In The Devil’s Advocate, Kevin Lomax is an extremely successful young lawyer who is hired to work for a big-city law firm. Kevin gradually discovers his new job and new boss are much darker than they first appeared. As we see Kevin’s descent into darkness, we get a sense of his INFJ personality.

Lomax is a noble man who strives to do the right thing. He is continually tested and tempted with sin throughout the film, but ultimately, he resists and does what he thinks is best. He is an extremely hard worker and wants to serve in positions that recognize his talents. He is also intuitive of others which helps make him an excellent lawyer.

3 Neo (The Matrix): INTJ

Neo is a man who goes through some huge changes over the course of the Matrix series. He begins the story as a mild-mannered office worker and gradually becomes the savior of humanity. However, his INTJ personality is quite clear through his entire arc.

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Like other INTJ personalities, Neo looks at the bigger picture and searches for meaning. When he discovers his unique abilities, he strives to become better and pushes himself to extremes. Despite being the person everyone looks to as a leader, he is comfortable following those he trusts.

2 Jack Traven (Speed): INFP

INFP personalities are interested in serving humanity. This fits quite well with the hero-cop character of Jack Traven from Speed. Jack is someone who wants to help people and keep them safe. He is willing to put himself in dangerous situations to ensure he succeeds in his mission of helping the innocent.

Jack is a quick-thinker, able to problem solve in high-stress scenarios. He is also good at adapting. Sometimes his solutions are creative (maybe even dangerous) but he can read a situation and determine the best possible outcome.

1 John Wick (John Wick): ISTJ

John Wick has quickly become one of Reeves’ most iconic characters. Appearing in three movies to date, John Wick is an extremely deadly man who is unstoppable when he sets his mind to something. That certainly sounds like an ISTJ personality.

ISTJ people are very thorough and dependable. If you wrong John Wick, you can depend on him to make sure you’re punished appropriately. He prefers a peaceful life, but when his values and beliefs are targeted, he fights back. He is organized and has clear goals. And he will complete whatever goal he has in mind, no matter how many people he needs to kill.

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The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Saved By The Bell Characters

Every ’90s child has a happy memory of Saved By the Bell. There was something about the theme song, the colorful clothing that the characters wear, and the corny situations. Sure, this might not be a show that we watch regularly (and we might not even be able to find re-runs very often) but we still can think of it while smiling.

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The characters on Saved By the Bell are kind-hearted and it’s cool to think about their Myers-Briggs® Personality Types. What would Kelly, Zack, Slater, and Jessie be, along with the rest of the gang?

Here are the MBTIs of the Saved By the Bell characters.

10 Violet Anne Bickerstaff: ISTJ

Tori Spelling had many high-profile roles back in the ’80s and ’90s: she was Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210 and she was also Violet Anne Bickerstaff on Saved By the Bell. We might remember her as the girl who dates Screech.

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Fans of Saved By the Bell will recall her patterned, grandma-style dresses, along with the two high braids that she always wore. Violet is presented as a dork, just like Screech, and there isn’t a lot more to her. When it comes to her MBTI, it would have to be ISTJ or “Responsible Realist.”

ISTJs are “sensible” people who “focus on tasks.” If Violet had a school assignment to do, we bet that she would do it totally perfectly. She can always be relied on.

9 Stacey Carosi: INTP

Stacey Carosi (Leah Remini) is a Malibu Sands Beach Club employee and fans will recall that the Bayside High gang was all employed there over the summer. Those were some good times.

She’s a fairly minor character, but fans will probably remember that she and Zack have crushes on each other. There’s some drama since her dad isn’t big on her dating him, and she’s not even super sure about him at first. She actually makes fun of him for a little while.

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Since Stacey is a girl who is self-assured and knows what she wants, her MBTI would be INTP or “Objective Analyst.” INTPs “think strategically” and “typically adopt a detached and concise way of analyzing the world.” This is exactly what Stacey does: she thinks that Zack is too much of a chill California guy at first.

8 Tori Scott: INTJ

Tori Scott (Leanna Creel) is another minor character on Saved By the Bell who was only on the series for a short amount of time. When she was on it, she and Zack dated, and she was always in a leather jacket. This was definitely a stark contrast to the styles of the rest of the Bayside High kids as we can recall their very colorful outfits.

Fans will definitely remember one thing about Tori: she was in ten episodes of the show… and Jessie and Kelly weren’t on it during that time. People call this “The Tori Paradox.”

What would Tori’s MBTI be? We don’t know a lot about her, but we do know that a.) she marches to her own drummer since she wears leather jackets in a sea of colorful patterns and b.) she’s a pretty strong character. That would make her MBTI INTJ or “Conceptual Planner.” INTJs are “decisive” and “original.” They get worried by “mindless rule followers” which is totally Tori.

7 Mr. Richard Belding: ISTP

There are certain fictional teachers or principals who remain in the hearts of fans years after they watch the show. Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World is one of them, and so is Mr. Richard Belding on Saved By the Bell.

Richard Belding (Dennis Haskins) is your typical tough principal. He cares about the rules and is convinced that Zack and the gang are always up to no good. He always says, “Hey, hey, hey, hey! What is going on here?”

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Mr. Belding’s MBTI is ISTP or “Logical Pragmatist.” ISTPs like to fix something that has gone wrong, and more than that, they stay perfectly chill the whole time. They’re also “factual” and “careful observers.” That sounds like Mr. Belding who rules the school and has to make sure everything is running smoothly.

6 Samuel “Screech” Powers: ISFP

Screech (Dustin Diamond) is one of the most memorable characters on Saved By the Bell. His MBTI is ISFP or “Versatile Supporter.” He’s a dork, sure, but he’s also totally there for everyone (Lisa Turtle most of all since he has a big crush on her). This personality type is described as “loyal” which is definitely Screech.

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The most interesting thing about Screech is that while he’s incredibly dorky, he’s not trying to be popular or trying to change his personality. He accepts who he is. That sounds like an ISFP, too, as they have “strong values.”

5 Lisa Turtle: ENTJ

Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies) is an ENTJ or “Decisive Strategist.” She adores several things, from dressing well to being a beloved member of the Bayside High School student population, and she’s not one to change her mind or back down.

ENTJs “think strategically about the future” which is what Lisa is like since she has ambitions to be a designer. We know that she will do that and if there was ever a reboot about the characters a few decades after the show ended, she would be working in fashion.

4 Jessie Spano: INFP

Elizabeth Berkeley’s Saved By the Bell character, Jessie Spano, is definitely an INTP or “Thoughtful Idealist.” She cares about a lot of causes and people, including her pals and her boyfriend A.C. Slater.

INTPs are “complex” and “devoted.” We always got the feeling that Jessie was super intelligent and that she was a fully developed character, and she was the star of many crucial episodes, like when she took caffeine pills.

INTPs don’t like “open disrespect” which sounds like Jessie, too, since she is always on Slater to be more respectful.

3 A.C. Slater: ESTP

A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) has a nickname for his best friend, Zack Morris — “Preppy” — and he seems like a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Anyone who watched Saved By the Bell back in the day will remember the core group: Slater, Zack, Kelly, and Jessie. Slater’s MBTI would be ESTP or “Enterprising Explorer.”

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Slater’s into sports and his girlfriend, Jessie, and seems like a really friendly, extraverted person.  “Outgoing” and “enthusiastic” are two of the ESTP descriptors and that would be Slater, too.

2 Kelly Kapowski: ENTP

Kelly (Tiffani Theissen) and Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) are Mrs. and Mr. Popular at Bayside High School, which makes them a perfect pair. She’s a cheerleader and seems like a sweet person, even though many popular TV and film characters are often total jerks.

Kelly’s MBTI is ENFP or “Imaginative Motivator.” These types have a “zest for life” which sounds a lot like Kelly since we always see her in an amazing mood and ready to take on whatever is going on. It’s cool that Kelly is so much nicer than the typical popular girl in many teen dramas, and she’s easy to like.

1 Zack Morris: ENTP

Zack Morris is an ENTP or “Enterprising Explorer.” He’s often making mistakes and coming up with ideas, like when he wants Lisa to be a kind of Agony Aunt figure and help others out with their problems. Unfortunately Zack is always trying to get more money than anything else, so it doesn’t work out well.

There’s always one kid who is trying his best to have tons of fun at school and he convinces everyone else to join in. That’s definitely Zack. He has many of the traits that an ENTP has: he’s “clever” and “curious.”

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The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Travelers Characters

Travelers is an exciting and interesting Netflix show about, well, travelers – consciousnesses sent back in time to host bodies. These people are also working to save humanity, but they come into these existing worlds, taking over lives filled with spouses, fights, babies, homework, addictions, health issues and more.

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And MBTI is the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, with differing psychological preferences. There are different categories, and based on personalities, behaviors and other traits, people can be sorted into these MBTI groups. Of course, there is more to humans that just these identifiers – but most people will identify with one group over the rest.

How would the characters of Travelers be sorted…?

10 Grant MacLaren – ENFJ

Grant MacLaren is an ENFJ. He is responsive and responsible. He knows what will motivate people. He can find potential in any circumstance and in any person. That is a big part of his job – helping others fulfill their potential and acting as catalysts for growth. As fans watch Grant deal with his Travelers and with Kathryn, they see that he can be a loyal and kind friend and husband (since, like all of these others, his host had a life before all of this) but that his leadership position is the most important thing to him in his life.

9 Carly Shannon – ESTJ

The next Traveler, Carly Shannon, seems most like an ESTJ, since she is practical, realistic and decisive. Her personality helps her move quickly to implement strategies and organize projects, which all quite handy for the team tactician. Whether Carly is working or dealing with issues at home, she is focused on getting results in the most efficient way possible, showing off skills relating to routine details, logical standards and systematic flows. She also does not take anything from anyone, so she can sometimes be forceful in implementing her plans and is a fiesty, smart and bold leader.

8 Trevor Holden – ENFP

It can be hard to place someone inside just one of these categories, but Trevor Holden seems like an ENFP. His host is a popular jock, and his role is the team engineer.

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Therefore, he has these fun and warm traits combined with these practical and efficient ones. Through it all and for the most part, Trevor is enthusiastic, supportive and flexible. He can make connections between events and information very quickly and confidently, which also makes him good at improvising. Trevor is also a caring individual who shows consideration in many different moments and episodes, which is refreshing.

7 Philip Pearson – INTJ

As an INTJ, Philip Pearson has an original minds, with a unique personality and style. As the team historian, he can quickly see patterns in events and develop explanatory perspectives that help the Travelers. He is organized and can get his job done… even with his issues, weaknesses and struggles in life. Philip can also be sort of skeptical, because he is an independent guy with that sort of bad boy, no-nonsense, all-I-need-is-me thing going on (within himself and within his host). When he does trust someone, though, he is there for them and will slowly open up to them, too.

6 Marcy Warton – INTP

An INTP, like Marcy here, is more interested in ideas than in social interaction. These people are quiet and contained, focused, logical and analytical. Since Marcy is a medical professional and since she is dealing with some really abstract things, as a Traveler, these traits seem to be quite helpful. However, as someone who already had a life and then had a love interest, being this skeptical and critical means that Marcy can come across as sort of cold and uncaring. She is in a unique position, but a viewer can’t help but feel sorry for David, which brings about the next point…

5 David Mailer – ISFP

David Mailer is also an introvert, as he is quiet and a little awkward at times but super kind and caring. As an ISFP, he likes to have his own space and time, but when it comes to duties – like his work and his relationships – he is loyal and committed.

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David has a sensitive personality, one that doesn’t like disagreements or conflicts, so he would never force his opinions on anyone. However, he could only take so many secrets and mysteries from Marcy and the other Travelers, so he does have limits – yet remains so sweet and patient!

4 Grace Day – ENTP

Grace Day is stimulating, alert, outspoken – an ENTP! Her quick ways make her resourceful in solving challenging problems (whether she is guiding students at school or helping the Travelers), as she is analytical and good at reading other people. Her energy makes her get bored by routine, which is good, we suppose, since on this television series, anything can happen at anytime. Grace definitely adds some zest to things, whether anyone else wants to hear what she has to say or not. She means well, though, as a guidance counselor and as a counselor of sort to those around her as a Traveler.

3 Kathryn Maclaren – ESFJ

As an ESFJ, Kathryn Maclaren is warmhearted and cooperative. She works with determination to have a happy and harmonious life. She enjoys being organized and keep things orderly. She is loyal and considerate, noticing what others need in their day-by-day lives and trying to provide it. Along those same lines, she wants to be appreciated for all of this… yet she is with a Traveler! Grant’s body is a host, so this disconnect caused even more issues for this couple. When she needs to, Kathryn is not afraid to speak up and say what she is needing in life and in her relationship.

2 Jeff Conniker – ESTP

Not everyone will show off every trait when it comes to MBTI, but out of all of them, Jeff Conniker seems like an ESTP. He always wants immediate results. He does not care about theories or long explanations.

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He is always energetically living (whether he is on the job or with Carly), focusing on the here-and-now and acting spontaneously, without really thinking everything through all the time. These types can often be found being active with others and learning through doing, which we suppose Jeff did… He just did some other, bigger, not-so-great things, as well.

1 The Director – ENTJ

And then there is The Director, an ENTJ. People in this category are frank, decisive leaders, which certainly sounds like this unique character. ENTJs can quickly see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies and then can come up with detailed solutions. They enjoy planning, are well-informed and serve as educators of sorts, passing along information and strategies. However, they can also be forceful when presenting their ideas, as they are logical beings who just want efficiency seen in everything, all the time. Although The Director is a complex entity, these traits all sound like a fit here!

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The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Fuller House Characters

People often say that TV has gone pretty wild for reboots in the past few years, and that is definitely true. When it was announced that there would be a Netflix reboot of the popular sitcom Full House, ’90s kids were curious to see what it would be like.

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While Fuller House is ending its run soon and the fifth season will be its last, there are plenty of cute (and, yes, cheesy at times) episodes to watch. The best part about Fuller House is that some of the old characters are back, along with some new faces. Let’s think about the Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of the gang.

Here are the MBTI of Fuller House characters.

9 Danny Tanner: ISTJ

Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) only appears in a few episodes of Fuller House but he’s a solid addition to the Netflix reboot. Fans remember him as the neat freak who looks after his daughters with so much love and compassion. It’s always good to see a familiar character on a reboot since it reminds viewers why they love the series so much.


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Danny’s MBTI would be ISTJ or “Responsible Realist.” The official description says, “They typically enjoy working within clearly defined systems and processes in a traditional, task-oriented, decisive way.” That is exactly how Danny approaches cleaning. He’s also “thorough” and “practical.”

8 Matt Harmon: ISTP

Matt Harmon (John Brotherton) is one of DJ’s love interests, and fans who don’t want her to end up with her former boyfriend Steve definitely root for DJ and Matt. They work together and he’s very kind toward her.

Since Matt is a doctor, he’s an organized guy who seems like a good, loyal person. His MBTI is ISTP or “Logical Pragmatist.” He’s not one to freak out when something goes wrong, which is good since he’s a vet who works with animals and there are some mishaps that happen at the clinic. ISTPs are also “confident” which describes Matt, who knows that he loves DJ and even proposes to her.

Kimmy Gibbler’s husband, Fernando (played by Juan Pablo Di Pace), is sweet and funny. The two make an awesome couple, and it’s refreshing to see a sitcom pair who have their ups and downs. They are both equally quirky but we can tell that they’re figuring out how to make their marriage work, which is fairly realistic.

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Fernando is exactly who he is and not concerned about what others think of him. His MBTI would be ENFJ or “Compassionate Facilitator.” Fernando is a wonderful husband and really wants what is best for Kimmy and their daughter, Ramona. ENFJs “make decisions that respect and take into account the impact on others” which is exactly him. He composes a song “Kimberlina, Mi Amor” so he’s an artistic person as well.

7 Jackson Fuller: ESFJ

DJ’s son Jackson Fuller is a sweet kid who is fairly typical. He wants to go out with Lola, he wants to be popular, and he loves his family (even if they drive him nuts all the time… just like the good old days on Full House).

Jackson is an ESFJ or “Supportive Contributor.” He would do anything for the people that he loves, particularly Lola, and is the kind of person who would definitely change his looks or personality in order to be liked. Jackson is also much more vulnerable than he appears, and he sounds like an ESFJ in that aspect as well: this personality type doesn’t like having a “lack of emotional support.” He may try to look cool but he still needs his mom.

6 Max Fuller: ENTP

Elias Harger plays the adorable Max Fuller, DJ’s other son. Max is totally hilarious. He is especially confident and loves being around his family. He’s even got a crush on a girl named Rose (McKenna Grace).

Max is often dreaming up plans, which makes him an ENTP or “Enterprising Explorer.” He may be young but that won’t stop him. For instance, in the second season, he creates a farm in his backyard.  ENTPs are “questioning” and they can find artistic and different ways to approach a situation, which is the way that Max operates for sure.

5 Ramona Gibbler: ISFP

Soni Bringas plays Kimmy’s daughter Ramona, who is a super talented dancer and performer. She has the quirks of her mom (watching the two of them break into a dance sequence is both cheesy and amazing) and she’s a good kid.

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Ramona is as sensitive as any young girl who is experiencing crushes and the weird stuff that happens in middle and high school, and she fluctuates between being self-assured and being insecure. Her MBTI would be ISFP or “Versatile Supporter.” These are people who assist other people without losing who they are. Ramona is always there for her mom and dad, but she’s her own girl, too.

4 Jimmy Gibbler: ENFP

Jimmy Gibbler is played by and his MBTI would be ENFP or “Imaginative Motivator.” The description of this type — “Their energy is stimulated by new people and experiences” — is exactly Jimmy. He’s fun, friendly, and he falls in love with Stephanie Tanner, which is sweet to watch.

Jimmy could be called “gregarious” which is one of the descriptors for this personality type. Jimmy also dislikes details and he has that in common with ENFPs. Like his sister Kimmy, Jimmy is a bit weird, but it works and he’s fully himself.

3 Stephanie Tanner: ENTJ

The girl who once said “How rude” (along with many other hilarious things) is now an adult who is still living in the Tanner house. These days, she dreams of becoming pregnant, is a DJ, and also writes songs.

Jodie Sweeten plays this character with a certain kind of ditzy charm. Stephanie would be an ENTJ or “Decisive Strategist.” While she often seems like she’s happy-go-lucky and would be fine with anything that happens, she actually sets goals for herself. She wants to start a family and find some success. ENTJs are “take charge” people who are “tough when necessary” and that’s totally Stephanie. She’s a sister that D.J. can count on and a good friend to Kimmy (and probably never imagined she would be Kimmy’s pal).

2 Kimmy Gibbler: ESTP

Kimmy Gibbler definitely has to be an ESTP or “Energetic Problem-Solver.” She’s larger than life, very artistic, and likes being with a large group of people. It makes sense, then, that she would become a party planner.

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ESTPs aren’t ones for “isolation” and they are “fun-loving” and “versatile.” We all remember Kimmy as the next door neighbor who drives Stephanie and Michelle nuts (and, okay, the rest of the family, too). She’s best pals with D.J. so everyone is somewhat okay with her. Kimmy gets her due for sure in Fuller House and we get to watch her come into her own as a smart woman who may be quirky but that is her whole charm.

1 D.J. Tanner-Fuller: INFJ

INFJs or “Insightful Visionaries” are “quietly inspiring” which is definitely D.J. Tanner-Fuller. She’s smart (she runs her household perfectly and also her own vet clinic), she’s sweet (she’s impossible to dislike), and she even has two guys who want to marry her.

D.J. doesn’t like when things are messy (she got that trait from her dad) and she’s also someone who won’t rest until she makes something happen. It’s fun to watch D.J. as an adult running the Tanner house.

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The Myers-Briggs® Types Of One Day At A Time Characters

One Day At A Time may be a reboot, but although it shares the same setting (an apartment) and premise (a single mom living with her kids) as the ’70s and ’80s original, the Netflix series definitely has some magic to it. After three seasons, Netflix announced that they would no longer be making any more episodes, which is sad news since this is an incredibly great show.

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Starring Justina Machado as strong solo mom Penelope and Rita Moreno as her hilarious and sweet mom, the series is big on funny moments and social issues, too. And the characters feel totally legit and real. Here are the Myers-Briggs Personality Types of One Day At A Time characters.

10 Carmen: ISTJ

Played by Ariela Barer, Carmen is Elena’s good friend who moves to Austin after her mom and dad’s deportation to Mexico. Carmen prefers to dress in a goth manner and has black hair with a streak of color in it, bangs, and she also wears dark lipstick.

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Carmen is unfortunately dealing with a very serious issue that no teenager should have to face. Because she knows that she has to move away and leave Elena, she’s a Responsible Realist or ISTJ.  ISTJs are considered “realistic” and “orderly.” They are also considered to be amazing friends who will be loyal, which definitely describes Carmen because she helps Elena realize who she really is and share with her family that she is gay.

9 Max Ferraro: ISTP

Ed Quinn plays Max on One Day At A Time, a major love interest for Penelope. She is really adorable with him and acts like a high school girl with a crush, which is so sweet to watch.

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The best part about Max is that he cares about Penelope and knows that she takes anti-depressants, and he’s compassionate about everything that she has been going through. When it comes to his MBTI, he would be an ISTP or “Logical Pragmatist.” He knows that people face hard times, especially since his job is a paramedic, and the reason why he and Penelope split up is that he dreams of starting a family someday. The official description of ISTPs is that they “can remain calm while managing a crisis” which sounds just like Max. Penelope definitely sees him as a strong person to lean on.

8 Victor: INFP

James Martinez plays Victor, Penelope’s ex-husband and the father of her children. Deadbeat dads are a staple of sitcoms and other TV shows, and Victor could fall into that category, too. Things are a bit more complicated, though, because he has a drug addiction because of everything that he has experienced in Afghanistan.

Victor is portrayed as a stubborn person who insists on staying in Afghanistan, and it seems like he really refused to make things work with Penelope and his family. His MBTI would be INFP or “Thoughtful Idealist.” INFPs are “sensitive” and “complex” and when they are in a tough situation “they may tend to become cynical, aggressive, and prone to acute self-doubt.” That sounds like Victor, who turns to substances when he’s struggling.

7 Lori: ESFP

Lori (Fiona Gubelmann) is the most light-hearted character on the show. She works in Penelope’s office and we don’t know a ton about her. What we do know is that she isn’t super intelligent.

6 Dr. Leslie Berkowitz: INTP

Dr. Leslie Berkowitz (Stephen Tobolowsky) is the doctor at the office where Penelope works, and he’s a staple of the show since he hangs out with the family on a regular basis. He’s a nice person who is a bit awkward (but that’s part of the humor, of course) and he’s in love with Penelope’s mom Lydia which doesn’t work out for him.

His MBTI is INTP or “Objective Analyst.” He’s one of those people who is awesome at his job since he’s a doctor and that’s a big deal, but when it comes to his social and personal life, well, that’s a struggle. INTPs are “cognitive” and “reserved.” They don’t like being the center of attention and “can be tolerant of a wide range of behaviors of those around them.” That describes how he deals with his daughter who walks all over him.

5 Schneider: ESFP

Schneider is played by Todd Grinnell and he’s such a wonderful part of the show. He’s hilarious and kind and is really there for Penelope and the gang. He basically wishes that he could live in Penelope’s apartment and drops by all the time, and he sometimes even acts like he’s part of the fam, too.

Schneider may be the landlord but he’s fairly immature and silly. He is also portrayed as a bit of a ladies’ man (or at least he wants to be).

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His MBTI is, like Lori, ESFP. He really likes socializing and it’s clear that staying in his apartment by himself isn’t his jam. ESFPs don’t like “not being appreciated for the help I give” which is definitely him as well. He wants the family to love and respect him.

4 Alex Alvarez: ISFJ

Penelope’s son Alex (Marcel Ruiz) is so cute and funny, but he is a truly remarkable person. Although he is so young, he seems to be wise beyond his years and he really gets what is important in life. He adores his older sister, Elena, and he really respects her.

Alex’s MBTI is ISFJ or “Practical Helper.” He is “kind” and “patient” and “thoughtful of others” just like the official description says. Sure, he wants to be liked just like any other kid does, but he’s really caring toward his family.

3 Elena Alvarez: INFP

Elena (Isabella Gomez) couldn’t be anything but an INFP or “Thoughtful Idealist.” She is an idealist since has strong ideas about the way that things should look. She wants respect and rights for everyone no matter what and she is portrayed as a really intelligent teenage girl.

She is a real “individual” which is another one of the descriptions, along with being someone who would prefer not to hear any negative comments from other people. She is brave and comes out to her family, and she cares about many social issues, too.

2 Lydia Riera: ENTP

Lydia, played by Rita Moreno, is an amazing character. Funny, strong-willed, and with a massive heart, she takes care of her family with such flair. In one opening scene, she has her morning routine down pat and sings while getting breakfast ready for the family.

Lydia is an ENTP or “Enterprising Explorer.” These are MBTIs who find being alone stressful along with “too many details.” She is “lively” and “independent” and wants to do things her way which is so much fun for viewers to tune into. While she enjoys living with her family and being with them all the time, she wants to make sure that she’s living her own life, too.

1 Penelope Alvarez: ENFJ

Penelope is one of the best TV moms, and her MBTI is ENFJ or “Compassionate Facilitator.” The official description sounds just like her: “As leaders, they tend to be adept at building consensus and inspiring others.” That is exactly what she does with her family.

When ENFJs are having a hard time, they will feel bad about themselves, which Penelope can definitely do. She has many personal struggles, but in the end, she’s an amazing mother and she is doing her best.

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Aya Tsintziras

The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Veronica Mars Characters

These days, Kristen Bell is a hilarious mom to two daughters and #relationshipgoals with hubby Dax Shepard. Back in the mid-2000s, she was known as Veronica Mars, the high schooler who was better than grown-up detectives when it came to cracking cases and figuring out mysteries. The TV series lasted for three seasons and each one featured a different head-scratching storyline… along with some romance, too, of course.

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Since there will be a revival this summer, it’s a great time to think about the original characters and their personalities. Here are the MBTIs of Veronica Mars characters.

10 Lilly Kane: ENFP

Do we remember that Amanda Seyfried was on Veronica Mars? In the first season, she played Lilly Kane, Veronica’s best friend who is killed. Veronica won’t rest until she figures out who killed Lilly (and she does just that in the season one finale).

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Lilly seems like one of the popular teen girls who are often on these types of shows. We don’t know her super well, especially not compared to the other characters, but that’s to be expected since we’re only seeing her after she has passed away. Her MBTI would be ENFP or “Imaginative Motivator.” The description says “Their energy is stimulated by new people and experiences.” This was Lilly: she dates two other people while she’s with Logan (and Logan’s father is one of her other love interests). She seems like she finds a lot of things boring and like she wants to have a lot of adventures.

9 Stosh “Piz” Piznarski: ESFJ

Piz was played by Chris Lowell and he’s one of the most well-known characters on Veronica Mars. He appears in season three and is a big staple of the college episodes.

His main storyline is his big crush on Veronica, which she eventually returns and they start a relationship for a little while. He’s nice and has a radio show, but he doesn’t really stand out like Veronica’s other boyfriends do. His MBTI would be ESFJ or “Supportive Contributor.” He’s cool with being around other people and he also fits the description of “outgoing” and “loyal.”

8 Dick Casablancas: ESFP

Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen) comes onto the show as one of Logan’s pals. He’s basically the opposite of everything that Veronica likes and stands for. He’s not the nicest person and is prone to playing pranks on people.

Since he’s in a fraternity during the college year of the show, that would make his MBTI an ESFP or “Enthusiastic Improviser.” This is among the most social of the personality types which is why he loves being in a fraternity. ESFPs don’t like routine and “detailed plans” and those things don’t exactly seem up his alley, either.

7 Vinnie Van Lowe: ENTP

We know Ken Marino from shows such as Dawson’s Creek and his short-lived sitcom Marry Me, and before all that, he was Vinnie Van Lowe on Veronica Mars. Vinnie is a P.I. who is the bad guy to Veronica’s dad Keith’s good guy persona.

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Because he is pretty single-minded when it comes to his business, his MBTI is ENTP or “Enterprising Explorer.” As the official website describes, “People with ENTP preferences solve problems creatively and are often innovative in their way of thinking, seeing connections and patterns within a system.” For Vinnie, pretty much any case is totally game.

ENTPs are also said to “enjoy a good debate” which sounds like Vinnie as well.

6 Kendall Casablancas: ISTP

Kendall (Charisma Carpenter of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) is the stepmom of Dick. It turns out that she’s totally lying about who she is and she has some really bad intentions: she would make money from the season two bus crash thanks to the life insurance.

While someone who is lying to everyone doesn’t easily fit into the MBTI framework, she’s most closely related to the ISTP personality type or “Logical Pragmatist.” Since she’s really a bad person, she’s not going to stop until she gets what she wants, and she’s “detached” and “self-determined.”

5 Eli “Weevil” Navarro: INFP

Weevil is a friend of Veronica’s who doesn’t seem like he would be part of her typical group since he’s in a gang. Francis Capra played this character, and we could say that Veronica was able to see past his exterior to the real him.

Since he is a good guy in the end, it would be logical to say that he just got caught up in the wrong crowd. His MBTI would be INFP or “Thoughtful Idealist.” He knows the way that things should be, he just goes down the wrong path. By the end of the show, he goes to college, which is great to see.

4 Keith Mars: ISFJ

Enrico Colantoni played the incredibly decent Keith Mars, Veronica’s father who is a P.I. The focus is often on TV moms, but he deserves praise as he’s a father figure who is a complete sweetheart. He cares so much about Veronica, even if he has moments of helplessness with all of the mysteries that are always going on. (And, of course, normal teen girl stuff.)

Keith’s MBTI is ISFJ or “Practical Helper.” He definitely helps people in his job, and he is “devoted” (to his daughter and his cases) and also someone who “follows rules.”

3 Duncan Kane: INTP

Teddy Dunn played Duncan Kane, Lilly’s brother and also Veronica’s former boyfriend. Things get as messy as we would expect from a teen drama when we learn that Duncan is good pals with Logan and, oh yeah, Duncan and Veronica get back together in the second season…. and Logan and Veronica date later on as well. It’s quite the love triangle.

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Duncan’s MBTI would be an INTP or “Objective Analyst.” This description explains why: “They typically adopt a detached and concise way of analyzing the world.” This is exactly how Duncan treats Veronica: when the series begins, we discover that Duncan dumped Veronica, and then later find out that’s because he thought she could be related to him. (There’s a moment where she could be his half-sister.)

2 Logan Echolls: INFJ

Jason Dohring played Logan Echolls, one of Veronica’s love interests (and often the person who fans want her to be with). Logan is an INFJ or “Insightful Visionary.” These personality types are described as “quietly inspiring” and that is totally Logan. He’s the guy in the background or corner of the room who amazes and surprises everyone because he is so smart and kind.

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INFJs have a “quiet warmth” which sounds a lot like Logan. He and Veronica have a super long list of obstacles toward a happy ending (which is definitely typical of a teen drama) and they also have quite the history. He was Lilly’s boyfriend, after all. But fans always have a strong feeling that he’s a good guy.

1 Veronica Mars: ESTJ

The star of the show (literally), Veronica Mars is an ESTJ or “Efficient Organizer.” Since she’s a high school girl working as a detective she will find out anything and everything that she wants to. She is “direct” and “logical” and “straightforward.”

These personality types don’t like a “lack of control” which really couldn’t describe Veronica any more perfectly. She even gets stressed out just like these MBTI types: “Especially during initial stress, they may come across as bossy.”

We wonder what Veronica will be like in the revival?

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Aya Tsintziras

The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Lord Of The Rings Characters

In Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy we’re introduced to Middle Earth. A fantastic land populated by numerous creatures, species and interesting characters. From humans to hobbits, elves to dwarves, there’s no shortage of personalities. When evil threatens to destroy Middle Earth, in the form of Sauron, the all seeing fiery eye, people must come together from all over to help in the quest. Race relations are fraught in Middle Earth and not everyone is going to get along. Personalities clash and old grievances are brought to the forefront. Still, this myriad of personalities must unite, forming a Fellowship, to save their existence.

These intricate relationships and the many various personality traits give the characters from LotR incredible potential for analysis using the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator® system. A means of categorising different personalty. Tolkien layers so much depth and reality into his world, it’s no wonder these characters are so fascinating. Below is a look at some of your favourite Middle Earth inhabitants and their corresponding Myers-Briggs® personality type.

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Gandalf the Grey is a wizened old wizard, but he’s not without his charm. As powerful and mysterious as he is Gandalf has a playful, cheeky side to his personality as well. He is incredibly smart, bordering on brilliant and along with being incredibly knowledgeable, he is in touch with the land around him. He’s particularly close with giant moths. All of this isn’t to say he’s not fierce when the time comes. Facing off against the Balrog, Gandalf very nearly sacrificed himself to allow for the Fellowship to continue in its quest.

For these reasons Gandalf is an INFJ type. These types are brilliant and creative with a profound, yet left-of-centre outlook on life and the world around them. They look for substance beneath the surface, much like Gandalf did when giving the ring to a Hobbit, perceiving greater strength of character then others might have seen.


Our unlikely hero, Frodo was a Hobbit who looked beyond the picket fences of Hobbiton and the Shire and saw adventure beyond. While diminutive in size, Frodo has a strong heart and a good sense of right and wrong. He is determined yet introverted, which served him well when keeping the ring a secret became essential for his survival.

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A classic INFP type, Frodo has an enormous imagination and inner world. He day dreams and fantasises about life’s possibilities, without making a spectacle of himself. Sensitive and analytical, these personality types, while meaning well, can be neglectful of others in pursuit of their own goals.


Sam is constantly put-upon by Frodo, and indeed has saved his life countless times. Yet, he does it all willingly. Sam is a constant giver. He is sensitive and empathetic, putting other’s needs before his own at every turn. Generous and never self effacing, Sam is braver than he seems especially when he’s coming to someone else’s rescue.

These are the traits of an ISFJ type, for sure. They are often known as nurturers and will continually put others needs before their own. They’re only angered when others are noticeably more selfish than they are themselves. Po-tay-toes!


The elf Legolas is a nimble and precise warrior. Elves are known for their archery skills and their connection to the natural world around them. Legolas is calm and perceptive, feeding off the world around him, he is able to perceive messages and visions from the future. He’s also a badass on the battlefield. Leaping into a battle or sliding down the back of an Oliphaunt without a moments hesitation.

Legolas shares many traits with ESTP types. They’re risk takers and will jump without looking but they’re also incredibly in touch with their feelings and extremely perceptive about the people and the world around them. Myers-Briggs doesn’t mention anything about their skills with a bow and arrow, however.


The dwarves are a proud and noble people with centuries of history and tradition behind them and, quite literally, below them. The dwarves being great and industrial miners, with miles and miles and mines dug out beneath the ground. Gimli is a great example of not only his people but also the ESTJ types.

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These types are very traditional, they believe in standing behind a cause and are usually considered excellent citizens. Gimli the Dwarf is all of these things. He’s proud of his people and their accomplishments. His personal type is often in conflict with that of Legolas, which explains the rivalry between the two.


Aragorn is a bit of a mystery when we first meet him. The dark Ranger from the North, a lone wolf, turns out to be a King and a great leader. He is stoic and deadly, keeps his thoughts to himself, but is able to communicate with great swathes of troops and eventually rule as a benevolent King. This fun mix of traits make Aragorn an ENTJ type.

They have great internal lives but are also very external people and they are natural born leaders. Long live the King!


It’s unfortunate that Middle Earth isn’t as diverse when it comes to gender representation as it is when representing mythical creatures. Arwen, who’s role in the films in greatly expanded from the novels, is a strong and graceful elfin warrior, who also happens to be in love with Aragorn. While she is proud of her people and devoted to her father, the Elven King, she is rebellious, and trailblazing in her own way.

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Relationships with humans are unheard of in the elfin Kingdom and Arwen is willing to sacrifice a great deal for her love of Aragorn. These individualistic traits are common amongst ENFP types.


Continuing to represent the women, Eowyn is another King’s daughter and also a rebellious one. Desperate to fight to help save Mordor, Eowyn dresses as a man in order to join the battle. Although, like Arwen she is rebellious, her rebellion is more secretive and discreet. Her impulse are spontaneous and unpredictable.

These are all traits of an ISTP type. They make rash decisions and keep their cards close their chests. But they are not without their own sort of bravery.


Unlike Gandalf, Saruman is a powerful and wise old wizard without a sense of moral direction. He is strong and smart but also nefarious and underhanded. He sticks to his own and has a dislike for things repenting the ‘other.’ He is sensible where Gandalf is mischievous and malevolent where Gandalf is well meaning. Much like ENTP types, this bad wizard has a logical mind, even if his logic errs on the side of evil, and resents small talk.


Unsurprisingly, Gollum is also an INFP, the same type as Frodo. Yes, these two character seem worlds apart but Gollum is an example of what could become of Frodo is he kept hold of the ring. Much like Frodo, Gollum enjoys his quiet spaces and alone time, he is introverted and can sometimes lash out when not given enough space. He lives in something of a fantasy world, while Frodo is looking off to the horizon, Gollum stares longingly at his ‘precious’ dreaming of having her back and the joy that will bring. They both look for joy outside of themselves, are quiet, introverted types, but who will go to great lengths for their goals. Gollum should serve as a warning to Hobbits everywhere, especially if they’ve got the ring.

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Joshua Dean Perry

MBTI® Personality Types of Schitt’s Creek Characters

Schitt’s Creek is one of the breakout stars of CBC original programming within the last few years. It’s highly underrated, especially when it comes to the positively diverse representations of equality within the show. However, it seems to be gathering some increased attention ahead of its final season next year.

This show is the brainchild of Eugene Levy (yes, that Eugene Levy) and his son, Dan Levy, and features a primarily Canadian cast. Schitt’s Creek explores the lives of the Rose family, Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), his wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara), and their children David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy). The Rose family has fallen from grace, losing all of their mega-rich fortune thanks to a corrupted business partnership. They are now forced to live in the small town Schitt’s Creek, which Johnny had originally bought David as a joke for his birthday. Over time, they become closely entangled in the lives of the townspeople and soon learn that maybe money isn’t the greatest value in life.

Here’s the thing about Schitt’s Creek. It’s one of those shows that has the most loveable characters, even if they drive you nuts at times. You can’t really hate a lot of these people. So, let’s give them the good old Myers-Briggs® treatment. We’re going to dive in and examine these complex personalities.

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Johnny Rose wears a lot of titles and often sees himself as the one who is holding his family together. In a way, he also feels responsible for the family’s situation, but he does everything he can to make sure that they are taken care of on a regular basis. He’s sometimes a little out of touch with what the kids are doing these days, but he’s always willing to try to make things better for everyone.

ENTJ personality types are often the strategic leaders who like to plan for the future effectively. Johnny is definitely just that. He’s always making decisions for the better of the town and his family. And he’s always doing things that he thinks will set his family up for a better future, like earning income and taking out a line of credit so Moira can have her luxurious outfits.


Played by the legend Catherine O’Hara, Moira Rose is the constant center of attention and the star of the Rose family (and the town). She is always reminding everyone about her days as an actress and is always trying to one-up her competition. She’s also constantly wearing extravagant and eccentric outfits topped off with her wig of the day.

However, she does have a soft side and sometimes she does show that she cares about others, even if she does so in a very dramatic way. Moira is an ESFP personality type. She’s enthusiastic, loves to be around others (even if that means bossing them around), and just generally loves attention. And we love her for that.


While she’s starting to learn how to be a more thoughtful person, for the most part, Alexis is pretty selfish. She is always moving on from one opportunity to the next in an effort to get herself back on top. Her relationship with Ted has really helped her see the value in making sacrifices for others, so she’s definitely finding that balance.

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ENTP personality types often seize those types of opportunities and try to be innovative in their thought process. Alexis does this often, especially when starting her own PR business and trying to impose herself in others’ lives. She has good intentions, but sometimes this just comes across in the wrong way.


Sometimes David seems to be living in a world that only half exists. He wears sweaters in the summertime, opened up a gourmet, artisan boutique shop in a small rural town, and often misinterprets things in the way he wants to hear them.

While he seems to sometimes be consumed in his own reality, he is fiercely loyal and always there for his friends. Even if they inconvenience him. INFP personality types are thoughtful, creative, and stick to what they believe in, even if it means they are idealists. David embodies an INFP because he does have a good heart and always wants the best situations to happen for those he loves.


Despite her quiet nature, Stevie is a loyal and dedicated friend. She has a good heart and often has to serve as a conscience for the Rose family. When the Rose family first arrived in Schitt’s Creek, it was her guidance that helped them learn how the town works and how to fit in.

ISFP personality types are loyal supporters who often enjoy helping others solve their problems. While Stevie doesn’t like being in the spotlight or having a lot of control over things, she is always there as a source of support when anyone needs it.


You kind of have to be a level headed guy when your other half is a dreamer like David. Patrick is constantly putting up with David’s dramatic flair and constant complaining. He is the more business-minded half of their partnership at Rose Apothecary, and without him, it’s unlikely David would be able to run the business.

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Patrick is an ISTJ personality type. ISTJs are responsible, realistic, and practical. He definitely embodies those qualities as he effectively runs the business and teaches David how to follow the rules.


He’s the guy that gets on everyone’s nerves, but you kind of have to love him at the same time. Roland’s always there to help, even if it means he pulls up in a truck and tells you what you’re doing wrong. As the town mayor, he’s expected to make decisions that affect everyone.

They aren’t always the best decisions, but he makes them. ENFP personality types are often taking on the roles of problem-solving and being an energetic source for productivity. Roland is that guy and more.


Even outside of the classroom, Jocelyn is always helping people be the best they can be. She’s an ENFJ because this personality type is compassionate, team-oriented, and dedicated to inspiring and helping others.

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Jocelyn is everyone’s biggest supporter in this way, even when Moira butts in and drives her crazy. She’s always keeping a level head and will do anything for the sake of building up those around her.


Like Jocelyn, Twyla is always about helping everyone else, even if it means at her own sacrifice. She’s usually Alexis’ go-to moral compass who tries to guide her to be a better person. That is not an easy task sometimes.

However, Twyla isn’t much of a leader because she is always letting others influence her decisions. She’s an idealist, like the INFP personality type, and wants to see the best in every situation. Even if it means that she has to give something up.


Poor Ted has had his heart dragged through the mud by Alexis but has actively chosen to stand by her side and put the past behind him. He is compassionate, more than he needs to be, and is constantly helping others.

He’s an INFJ, which are generally humanitarian-oriented, compassionate people who are dedicated to integrity and live by an ethical code. As a vet, Ted spends every day at work helping people and their pets. He dedicates a lot of his time to others and embodies the spirit of what an INFJ is like.

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Lesley Cornelius

The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Broad City Characters

Broad City is a series that is known for its eccentric characters. It’s hard not to fall in love with each of their individual personalities, whether it’s the insanely energetic Ilana Wexler or the uncomfortably relatable Abbi Abrams. The characters on Broad City are so rich in personality that we sometimes feel as though we know them personally.

We used to try to decipher who was the “Carrie” of our friend group and who was the “Samantha”. Now the question has changed to who is the “Abbi” and who is the “Ilana”. These characters stand out from the crowd and they deserve all the attention they can possibly get.

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So in order to honor these unique personalities, let’s take a look at some of the most iconic Broad City characters while doing a bit of digging into their MBTI. Shall we?

10 Nicole – ISTJ

Nicole is a total ISTJ. When it comes to working at Deals, Deals, Deals, Nicole is extremely focused and detail oriented in contrast to Ilana’s scattered and free-spirited nature. She always follows the rules and is wildly uncomfortable with anyone who tries to break the conventional mold of the workplace.

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Ilana’s eccentric behavior is so stressful to Nicole that literal chunks of her hair fall out. When Ilana finally gets fired, Nicole breaks out into song because she is so ecstatic.

9 Mrs.Wexler – ESTJ

Mrs. Wexler: I don’t trust google maps. It’s the cops following us.

Mrs. Wexler is an ESTJ. She is strict and authoritative while at the same time open-minded. In the episode “Knockoffs”, Mrs. Wexler’s mother dies and she doesn’t cry once. She is loud, hard-edged and intelligent, able to speak fluently in Chinese. Whenever Ilana acts inappropriately while in the presence of her mother, Mrs. Wexler will snap back in response in an effort to get her to simmer her down.

She is extremely protective of her daughter as well as Abbi, who she considers a part of the family.

8 Lincoln – ISFP

Lincoln: I was so worried I baked a whole cake. And then I ate a whole cake!

Lincoln is the most “go with the flow” person on planet earth. He is always willing to participate in whatever wild adventure Ilana and Abbi are about to go on regardless of whether or not it interferes with his work schedule. Lincoln is extremely supportive of his friends and loved ones, often dropping everything to help out the people he cares most about. He is deeply sensitive towards the world around him, which can be seen when he randomly goes into depth about the tragedy of Amy Winehouse.

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Lincoln: You know, I’m not over Amy Winehouse. It’s like…we knew it would happen, but we didn’t do anything about it. I didn’t know-her-know-her, but…I still miss her.

Oh, Lincoln. We miss her too, buddy. We miss her too…

7 Eliot Wexler – INTJ

Elliot: I have some big news to share. I got a promotion and I am moving to London.

Mrs. Wexler: No you’re not, sit down and eat your dinner.

Eliot Wexler is pretty much the normal dude in a world of crazies. He feels extremely uncomfortable when it comes to Ilana’s wild behavior and one of the running gags on the show is his irrational fear of incest. In season 2 episode 6 “The Matrix”, Eliot is a perfectionist when it comes to the little details of his dog wedding and becomes super anal when people keep confusing the dog quiche with the human quiche.

Hey, at least the dog wedding was a total success! Mazel Tov.

6 Jaime – ESFP

Jaime has a warm, loving, and outgoing personality. He is always willing to help out his friends, whether it’s popping Ilana’s back pimples or struggling to select the perfect froyo flavor for Abbi after she gets her wisdom teeth removed. Jaime is extremely afraid of conflict as we can see in “Hurricane Wanda” when he makes a bunch of guilt-ridden statements over extremely minor situations. His fear of conflict and friendly personality lead us to believe he is a true ESFP.

Jaime: Guys, there’s something I want to get off my chest in case we all die today… I once ate a corn on the cob.

5 Matt Bevers – ENFP

Bevers: Sorry Abbi, I broke your Starbucks gift card.

Abbi: Bevers, I still have 17 dollars on there!

Bevers: Well, maybe now you can start supporting local businesses.

Despite the fact that Bevers is the definition of intrusive, we can’t help but love the dude. He’s extremely friendly and thoroughly wants to be involved in all the shenanigans that Abbi gets into. Although Abbi can’t stand Bevers and she often scorns his behavior, he still manages to keep a positive attitude around her regardless. If only he’d get off her freakin’ couch and quit throwing away her bed bath and beyond coupons…

4 Abbi Abrams – ISFJ

“I just wanna go home and watch my shows…”

Abbi is lovably awkward, artistic, and organized. She is always down to go on an adventure with Ilana, yet if it wasn’t for her best friend’s need for constant stimulation that involves socialization, Abbi would be perfectly fine staying at home alone while catching up on all her TV shows.

In season 2 episode 10 “St.Mark’s”, Abbi and Ilana both reveal what they have done over the past year that they are most proud of. Abbi says she’s most proud that she finally finished watching “Damages”, proving she is perfectly happy with having some downtime while alone. She is also extremely detail oriented, as we can see when she obsesses over office supplies and Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. Her organization skills and caring personality are necessary in order to contrast Ilana’s scattered nature.

3 Garol – ISTJ

Garol is a straight up ISTJ. This woman always follows the rules and lives life by the books regardless of what the situation at hand may be. When Abbi travels all the way to “North Brother Island” to receive a package for Jeremy, Garol refuses to let Abbi claim the package even though she tells Garol that she is Jeremy’s wife.

Although Garol leans on the strict side, she still knows how to get down and have fun. We can see this in “Hashtag Fomo” when she’s spotted at the underground jazz bar where Abbi a.k.a “Val” comes to perform, as well as in season 4 when Garol is spotted at the same sex shop that Ilana attends.

You live it up, Garol!

2 Ilana Wexler – ENFP

“In Da Clerb, We All Fam!”

Ilana is a classic ENFP.

She is extremely energetic, wildly enthusiastic, and filled with creative ideas. Examples of her creativity include coming up with the most outrageous “would you rather” questions, always finding imaginative ways to make some extra mula, creating a whole scavenger hunt for Abbi on their friendaversary, and coming up with her own phrases such as “Reduce, reuse, recycle, Rihanna!” “Frond to the ond” and of course, “Yas queen!” just to name a few.

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Ilana gets bored very easily and needs constant stimulation, something that is very common in ENFP’s. In the season 2 episode 5 titled “Hashtag Fomo”, Ilana wants to hop from party to party rather than stay in one place because she wants to test out all possibilities. In season 2 episode 6 “The Matrix”, Abbi gets stuck inside a giant pit. Ilana goes off to find help, yet as she searches, she completely forgets what she’s doing and why she’s doing it because of how easily distracted she gets. On the whole, she’s incredibly free-spirited and open-minded, making her the best kind of ENFP.

1 Trey – ESFJ

Trey (AKA Kirk Steele): When I grow up, I either want to be a stunt choreographer or work with kids with MS.

Trey is loving while at the same time he is slightly oblivious. Although Abbi sees him as a bit of the joke throughout the majority for the series, Trey considers Abbi to be his best friend. Those around him tend to take advantage of his naivety, like when Abbi fakes having a tapeworm in her butt just so she can leave Trey’s party early. He is obsessed with Zach Braff and the movie “Garden State”, even going so far as to donate 14,000 dollars to Zach Braff’s Kickstarter. Plus, he does an insanely good impression of Ross from Friends.

Trey is social, work-oriented, and extremely friendly to those around him.

That’s it for this list! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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Game of Thrones: Myers-Briggs® Types Of The Starks

“Winter is coming,” has long been the slogan of House Stark, and fans will finally see these words come to full fruition after Game of Thrones final season later this year. The Starks have been the family to root for since the very beginning; with their noble sense of honor and proud history, they have quite a bit going for them, and fans have become invested in the family’s survival. Given their positions as Warden/King of the North though, one might be mistaken in thinking that they’re all the same.

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While it’s true many of them are similar, each Stark has a unique personality that can be mapped using the Myers-Briggs test. As such, let’s use our Tyrion-esque minds to see what each of the Starks MBTI test results would be.

8 Eddard Stark – ISTJ

We all remember the Stark patriarch, who unfortunately lost his life to the political machinations of the Iron Throne in season one. Ned Stark was a man of honor, duty, and loyalty above all. He was a determined leader who would never ask anyone to do something that he himself was not willing to do. Never one to mince words, Ned perfectly fits the profile for the ISTJ personality type.

ISTJ’s are all about practicality, and make the most informed decisions they can given all the information available to them. They value traditions and loyalty above all else, traits that have come to define the Stark family. They are thorough and occasionally stubborn in their line of thinking, but always know how to get their point across.

7 Catelyn Stark – INFP

Lady Catelyn Stark may not have been born a Stark, but she was instrumental in shaping the members of the House into the people they are today. Caring and fiercely loyal about her children (with the exception of Jon), there is nothing Cat wouldn’t do to protect her family. She is quick to council and quick to sense the true motives of those around her. As such, Catelyn Stark makes for a perfect INFP personality type.

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If you’re an INFP like Catelyn Stark, you’re known for your idealistic hope and your ability to inspire the best in others. Those with an INFP personality are adaptable to most situations, and can overlook most shortcomings. But when those shortcomings threaten the people or things they care about, then you would be hard pressed to find someone who would fight harder for them than an INFP like Lady Catelyn Stark.

6 Robb Stark – ENTP

The first King of the North in hundreds of years, the Young Wolf Robb Stark proved himself on and off the battlefield. From his decisive victories over the Lannister’s to foregoing his vows in order to marry for love, Robb was a man of principle and action. Were it not for the betrayal of the Frey’s, Robb could have easily taken the Iron Throne from the Lannisters. Charming, resourceful, clever, and quick to action, Robb is quite clearly the ENTP (or “Visionary”) personality type.

Because he is an ENTP, Robb is considered by many to be a born leader. With the help of his upbringing, Robb displays all the best of an ENTP with his quick wit, resourcefulness, and ability to rally the people behind him. He also displays many of the negative traits, such as impulsiveness and an inability to sometimes see the bigger picture. Still, one can’t have the good without the bad, and Robb displayed many good qualities before his death. Long live the King of the North!

5 Jon Snow – ISFJ

While recent revelations about Jon’s parentage have blown fans away, the fact remains that he is still a member of the Stark family. A bit outside the norm from the rest of his siblings, Jon still displays the trademark Stark stoicism, loyalty, and bravery. He has shown himself capable of taking command, and listening when the time calls for it. He is quiet, an excellent judge of character, and can always be counted on to do what’s right. In other words, Jon Snow may not know much, but he knows enough to be an ISFJ personality type.

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ISFJ’s like Jon are referred to as “Nurturers”, which may seem like an odd personality type for Jon. But looking how far characters like Sam and the rest of the Night’s Watch have come under his command shows that the title fits. He is perceptive to the feelings of others, and is interested in serving a cause greater than himself. While he may be limited to what he does (and doesn’t) know about the world, a personality like Jon’s would make for a fitting ruler of the Iron Throne.

4 Sansa Stark – ISFP

Sansa Stark is a character whose growth over the course of the series is truly remarkable to look at. From a selfish and self-indulgent child to a confident and cool-headed young woman, Sansa was forced to do a lot of growing up in a very short amount of time. This abrupt change forced her to adapt quickly to new environments, as well as wait for the right moment to strike instead of lashing out. Given her interest in maintaining the status quo of Winterfell and bringing order back to her life, Sansa makes for a fascinating ISFP personality type.

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ISFP’s are quiet, serious, and appreciate the beauty in the world around them. This very much echoes the Sansa we see in the beginning of the series. While she has certainly grown more aggressive than most ISFP’s are comfortable being, she’s still very much dedicated to the beautiful things in her life. In this case, maintaining and protecting the family she has left.

3 Brandon Stark – INFJ

Bran Stark has been having his own individual adventure for quite some time now. As the new Three Eyed Raven, Bran’s journey has forced him to learn more about himself and the world around him. This determined nature to see his journey through to the end and to do the right thing makes Bran a clear-cut INFJ (or “Protector”) personality type.

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While Bran may be forced to rely on others to help him out, at his core Bran is an individualistic person. Like other INFJ’s, he would much rather go down this path alone. Still, INFJ’s like Bran will see a job through until it’s done, and care about the feelings of others. They always care about ultimately doing the right thing, something Bran cares deeply about. While his journey may have had its bumps in the road, it made him the man he is today, and cemented his INFJ personality type.

2 Arya Stark – ESTP

A fan favorite, Arya Stark’s journey has been a roller coaster ride from beginning to (nearly) the end. She has managed to outwit and outlast nearly all of her enemies, with only a few left on her infamous list. From going out on her own and learning the skills necessary to be an assassin, Arya hasn’t shied away from much. Her impulsive and action-driven personality makes her the easiest to categorize for a personality type as an ESTP.

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ESTP’s are more commonly known as “Doer’s”, which sums up Arya rather perfectly. ESTP’s sometimes show a blatant disregard for rules or authority figures that get in the way of what they want. They live in the moment, and don’t think too far ahead beyond what’s directly in front of them. Risk takers and ne’er do wells like Arya may have trouble settling down for long, but when they do it’s for an important reason. In Arya’s case, seeing the rest of her family protected in safe has become her life’s mission, and she’ll be damned if anything else tries to get in her way.

1 Rickon Stark – ESFP

Rickon Stark may be the hardest to categorize. The youngest of the Starks was most certainly the runt of the litter, earning little screen time and even fewer lines of dialogue. But from what we saw, he enjoyed simple pleasures like food, his direwolf Shaggydog, and playing with his siblings. He enjoyed making others happy, and was adaptable to the horrific situations he frequently found himself in. As such, with a small degree of certainty, it can be determined that Rickon was an ESFP personality type.

ESFP’s are known for their sense of play and optimism. Performers and people pleasers, they love new experiences and thrive off of meeting new people. Rickon may have been too young to show more of the traits like common sense (zig-zag Rickon, zig-zag), but these things would have undoubtedly come in time. In the meantime, the youngest of the Stark clan will be remembered fondly by those who survived him as a source of joy and happiness.

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