What To Expect From The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy season 1 is out now, but what can fans expect from a potential season 2 of this comic book superhero TV show? Netflix may be cancelling all of their Marvel comics series, but the streaming service recently released their non-Marvel superhero TV show, The Umbrella Academy. The series is based on the comics of the same name by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, that were published by Dark Horse Comics starting in 2007. The series followed a group of super-powered individuals who were raised as a dysfunctional family of sorts and trained to save the world.

In The Umbrella Academy season 1, the Netflix show introduces viewers to the seven members of the Academy, who were all born on the same day, at the same time, and each have special powers. They’re taken in by a man named Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), who gives each child a number rather than a name: Number One/Luther (Tom Hopper), Number Two/Diego (David Castañeda), Number Three/Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Number Four/Klaus (Robert Sheehan), Number Five (Aidan Gallagher), Number Six/Ben (Justin H. Min) and Number Seven/Vanya (Ellen Page). When season 1 starts, the Academy is scattered, but must come together to save the world from an impending apocalypse.

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Here’s everything fans of The Umbrella Academy need to know about a potential season 2 of this Netflix superhero TV show.

Netflix Has Renewed Umbrella Academy For Season 2

As is typical for Netflix shows, the streaming service waited until a month after The Umbrella Academy season 1 premiered before announcing that it had been officially renewed for season 2. This news didn’t come as much of a surprise, given the instant popularity of the series. Within a couple of weeks of its debut, Netflix was already scouting locations for The Umbrella Academy season 2.

When Will Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release?

The Umbrella Academy season 2 will begin filming in and around Toronto, Canada, in summer 2019, so season 2 likely won’t release until summer 2020 at the absolute soonest. Because this is a superhero TV show with special effects, it takes a little longer to produce and bring the series to life than lower budgeted projects. In terms of season 1, the show was officially announced in July 2017, started filming in January 2018 and premiered in February 2019, so we can expect a turnaround time of about a year for The Umbrella Academy season 2 as well.

What Will The Umbrella Academy’s Season 2 Story Be About?

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for The Umbrella Academy season 1 finale

The ending of The Umbrella Academy season 1 features a cliffhanger in which all seven of the Hargreeves kids travel back in time using Five’s powers. Just before they jump, though, all seven are depicted as their younger selves (with the exception of Five, who’s still his young self). Most likely, this indicates that wherever in time they jumped to, they’ll be kids again – but with the knowledge of their adult selves. Further, since all seven are reverting back to their childhood selves, it’s possible Ben will return, having never died.

The story of season 2 will likely follow the Umbrella Academy members as they attempt to save their sister Vanya from succumbing to the destructive nature of her powers and, in the process, save the world. The team will also likely still have to contend with the time organization Five worked for, as they’ll be aiming to continue protecting the timeline and ensure the apocalypse happens.

Beyond those two story points, much of what season 2 will entail depends on where in the timeline the team jumped to. Did they jump back to their lives in the academy? The future? Earlier in time? Without that information, we can only speculate. But the mission remains the same for the Umbrella Academy team: Save the world. To do so, they’ll have to be a team again, and include their sister Vanya, which should lead to more unique adventures and more dysfunctional superhero family drama in The Umbrella Academy season 2.

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The Umbrella Academy season 1 is available in its entirety on Netflix.

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THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 2 Announcement Trailer (2019) Netflix Series HD

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 2 Announcement Trailer (2019) Netflix Series HD
© 2019 – Netflix

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10 Things the Cast of Umbrella Academy Shares With Their Characters

The Umbrella Academy is one of the latest comic book TV shows to take the world of pop culture by storm. It tells the story of a dysfunctional family fueled by child prodigies with superpowers. Oh, and they’re all trying to get along amongst an impending apocalypse. So, let’s dive into the behind-the-scenes and take a look at the people who have made the pages of these comic books come to life.

While the cast features some familiar faces, it also showcases a lineup of lesser known, up and coming stars. Some have been seen around before, but some are just finding their edge. Most of us know who Ellen Page and Mary J. Blige are, but who are the rest of these people that play these eccentric individuals? We took a look at some of the common things these cast members share with their characters and broke it down for you.



Klaus, Sheehan’s Umbrella Academy character, is seen to be wearing a variety of outfits. These outfits range from average to very out there. In episode 1, “We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals,” Klaus is wearing his sister Allison’s skirt that he seemingly steals from her closet. To her surprise, she asks, “Is that my skirt?” and he replies by telling her that it’s very airy.


During that same episode, at their father’s funeral, everyone chooses somber black umbrellas. But not Klaus. Instead, he opts for a flashy pink one. Just like Klaus, Sheehan is known for making statement choices in his outfits that don’t always fit into one mold. He has sported a variety of outfits at various appearances, including a mesh shirt and skirt at New York Comic Con and a variety of patterned pants.


At the young age of 15, Aidan Gallagher, who plays Five, has already accomplished more than most youngsters do. Most 15-year-olds are just living life trying to navigate high school, but not this guy. His character, Number Five, spends a lot of his time trying to save the world and get his siblings to believe in the Apocalypse that’s coming. He is often frustrated because they don’t really take it as seriously as he would like them to. In real life, Gallagher spends a lot of his time advocating for saving the world through environmental protection and is a United States Ambassador for the Environment. He’s expressed his own frustrations that others don’t take the cause seriously. So, he decided to do something about it, just like Five.


Vanya Hargreeves is an outcast. She has gone her entire life feeling as though she is isolated and different than all of her siblings because she never thought she had powers. Page, who plays Vanya, has also gone through similar experiences being a closeted lesbian for a large part of her life.


Page has openly spoken about her experiences being afraid to come out as a lesbian and allowed her fear to affect her social relationships and mental state. Vanya also has trouble with her social relationships. She lets her fears and anxieties prevent her from opening herself up to her family and friends.


Castaneda plays Diego, the impeccable knife-throwing, assassin-like member of the group. He was born in October 1989, and so were the rest of the members of the Umbrella Academy. The same goes for the many babies born to non-pregnant women on that day that didn’t make it to the Academy. The only big difference is the birth day itself. All of the Hargreeves children were born on October 1, 1989, while Castaneda was born on October 24, 1989. This puts Castaneda at the exact same age as his character, Diego. It’s just one of those little coincidences that you don’t see very often, especially with actors always playing different ages.


On the Umbrella Academy, Hopper plays the ginormous Luther. The reason he’s so huge is that he shares his genetic makeup with a gorilla thanks to a serum he received to save his life in the past. Luther is often seen doing all of the physical work and strength training to keep up with his huge shape. Obviously, Hopper trains more extensively and wears a muscle suit when he plays Luther. However, in reality, he is just as devoted to his workout regimen as Luther is. His regular gym routine includes lots of weights and something called a manmaker, and even when he’s on the road he doesn’t skip his workouts.


On the show, Allison is a megastar who is now learning to enjoy being away from the spotlight of fame and reuniting with her siblings. Of course, Raver-Lampman is obviously an actress because she is playing her actress character, Allison.


However, her past in acting goes much deeper. She is a highly trained classical stage actress who has been in some major touring stage productions such as Hamilton, Hair, and Wicked. On top of that, she’s been involved in musical theater since she was a young child, attending the Governor’s School for the Arts and traveling the world with her professor parents.


It’s not really a focal point of her character in the show. But Cha-Cha and Hazel are both known to be huge sugar addicts. They thrive on a sugar high. In the show, it’s shown more with Hazel’s character and his love of donuts. However, Mary J. Blige, who plays Cha-Cha knows what addition is like firsthand. Blige has openly spoken about her struggle in the past with addiction to alcohol and drugs. The veteran rapper and unofficial Queen of Hip-Hop Soul is now sober. But she sure knows the experience that Cha-Cha is going through with her sugar addiction. Not to mention her addiction to killing, because that counts, too.


One of the reasons that Leonard Peabody is able to become entangled in Vanya’s life and get in close enough to manipulate her is because he has stayed away from any attention throughout his lifetime. So, no one knows who he is. In that same vein, John Magaro, who plays Leonard, enjoys remaining out of the spotlight despite his up and coming status. A recent interview with him revealed that he doesn’t tell any of his friends about his projects and that he and his fiance prefer to just Netflix and chill instead of going out and attracting attention to themselves.


Despite the fact that the patriarch of the Hargreeves family is not known to have been the best father around, he is known for being a prestigious, prominent man within society. Colm Feore, who plays Sir Reginald, is also a prestigious Canadian actor who has received many honorary awards as well as an honorary doctorate degree. He’s considered a veteran of the Canadian stage, specializing in Shakespeare performances, and is completely bilingual in French and English. He was even made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2013 for his contributions to Canadian theater, both for movies and stage productions.


Cameron Britton plays Hazel, the other half of the assassin duo sent back in time to kill Number Five. Fortunately for Britton, he’s already very familiar with being a killer. On screen, that is. Before being cast in The Umbrella Academy, Britton was known for playing serial killer Ed Kemper on the Netflix series Mindhunter. He was even nominated for an Emmy for that role. While Kemper is a more notorious murderer, Hazel is more of a sympathetic character because he doesn’t really want to be a villain and is ready to escape this life.


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Umbrella Academy Theory: The Commission Works For a Future Villain

The Commission, the villains of The Umbrella Academy, could well be working for a mysterious enemy who originates from the post-apocalyptic future. When Five arrived in the present day in The Umbrella Academy season 1, it didn’t take long for him to be pursued by time traveling assassins. The show revealed that these agents worked for “The Commission,” a mysterious group who were attempting to ensure time stayed on a predetermined course. Five had worked for them for a while, acting as an assassin who killed anyone who threatened the timeline.

The idea of the Commission is heavily adapted from Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s original comics, in which Five had gotten caught up in the activities of a group called the Temps Aeternalis. In the comics, Hazel and Cha-Cha only appeared briefly, and they were two-dimensional at best; in fact, they unwittingly destroyed the entire planet when they stole a nuclear device, although that particular timeline was rewritten. In the Netflix series, however, they’re series regulars who are as important to the overall plot as the Umbrella Academy students themselves. Their boss, the Handler, is a recurring threat throughout season 1.

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For all they’re loosely lifted from the comics and appear prominently in The Umbrella Academy season 1, the Commission remain enigmatic. They’re sure to return in season 2, and if so it stands to reason some of their mysteries will finally be explained.

  • This Page: The Commission in Umbrella Academy Season 1
  • Page 2: The Commission Could Be Working For A Post-Apocalyptic Villain

Operating from a base in 1955, the Commission use advanced technology and their knowledge of temporal calculations to ensure that the timeline happens as they believe it’s supposed to. They monitor the entire timeline, and identify key moments in history when an individual’s free will risks pushing history in a different direction. That individual is then assassinated by one of their field operatives. Five was one of their best assassins, even tasked with the murder of US President J.F. Kennedy, and Hazel and Cha-Cha are also numbered among their top field agents.

The Umbrella Academy revealed that the Commission’s ultimate goal is to ensure the end of the world happens. They’ve been guiding human history towards the apocalypse: the moment when Vanya blasts a chunk of the Moon off and causes an extinction level event. The Commission justify this by insisting everything must happened as it is “supposed” to, but they don’t explain why they believe history has to go down this particular course. The apocalypse certainly wasn’t inevitable; after all, if that were the case they wouldn’t have needed to assassinate people at all. So why are they so committed to the end of the human race?

Meanwhile, although the Commission seem to all be human beings – albeit people picked up from different points in the timeline – they’re clearly using tech beyond anything humanity will ever develop. With the exception of Five, all their agents carry briefcases containing time travel technology. They have ways of communicating with their agents across time and space, and the Handler even possessed a means of stopping time. So not only are the Commission’s motives still relatively unexplained, their technology is also impossibly advanced.

Page 2 of 2: The Commission Could Be Working For A Post-Apocalyptic Villain

All this raises the possibility that the Commission is working for a post-apocalyptic race. When Five first jumped forward in time, he found himself in a post-apocalypse wasteland, the sole survivor of the human race. He was unable to return home, and spent years living there until he was finally approached by the Handler. Five briefly assumed the Commission would be dedicated to rewriting history and preventing the end of the world, but the Handler swiftly disabused him of that notion. She was quite relaxed about the apocalypse, and didn’t even accept that it was indeed the end of everything. Instead, she referred to it as “the end of… something.” It was an enigmatic comment that suggested the extinction of the human race was a necessary part of the timeline in order to allow something else to take humanity’s place as the dominant species on Earth.

This may well explain the Commission’s advanced technology. In the world of The Umbrella Academy, humanity never had the opportunity to develop the kind of tech used by the Commission. But perhaps this post-apocalypse race will have a closer affinity with time, and learned how to manipulate it. If that’s the case – if the next dominant life-form on Earth is a race of time-sensitives – then they would have realized that human free will could alter the timeline, preventing their coming into existence in the first place. Thus they’d found the Commission, to ensure the timeline remained stable, the human race was rendered extinct, and the right conditions developed for them to come into existence. It’s even possible that some of the Commission’s senior management are post-humans. Certainly the Handler seemed distinctly odd, and appeared to be able to freeze time without needing any technology at all.

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Naturally, at this stage this is only a theory, but it fits with everything in The Umbrella Academy season 1. What’s more, there would be a certain surreal irony to this idea that works perfectly with the tone and style of The Umbrella Academy. The post-apocalypse villains would essentially be using humans to police the timeline and ensure their own race was wiped out; it’s the kind of crazy idea that works in this series.

Assuming this theory is correct, the reality is that the end of The Umbrella Academy season 2 has seen their plans begin to fall apart. The apocalypse happened, but the Umbrella Academy students are about to try to rewrite history and avert it again. This time round, they’re almost all on the same page and they’re a lot more well-informed. What’s more, they’ve already proved too much for the Commission to handle, and Five knows all the Commission’s tricks. This is the post-human race’s worst nightmare.

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It won’t be easy for them to resolve the crisis. First they’ll need to locate the Umbrella Academy, which won’t be easy; Five conducted a blind jump through time, meaning they could be anywhere or anywhen. Then they’ll probably need to intervene directly in order to beat them; they won’t be able to operate through third parties anymore. No doubt they possess a lot of tools and technology that they never passed on to the Commission; still, it remains to be seen whether or not that will be enough to beat the Umbrella Academy students. Especially if they can successfully stabilize Vanya; her power levels are off the charts, enough to pose a threat to anyone who wants to destroy them.

The interesting question, though, is whether the Commission is the only way these time-sensitives have attempted to manipulate the timeline. It’s entirely possible they’ve taken other strategies as well, and that the Commission is simply the most extreme. If the Handler was indeed a post-human, then it’s even possible they have sleeper agents planted throughout history, working hard to ensure the apocalypse happens exactly when it’s supposed to. It wouldn’t even be a surprise to find that these beings were somehow involved in the mysterious births of superhumans in the world of The Umbrella Academy in the first place.

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Umbrella Academy’s Dance Scene Teased Season 1’s Ending

The Umbrella Academy‘s dance scene from episode 1, which was first teased in the TV show’s trailers, perfectly sums up each character’s hidden personalities while also hinting at season 1’s ending. In The Umbrella Academy episode 1, “We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals”, the five remaining members of the Umbrella Academy gather for the first time in years, in their old home, after their father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, had died – though it was later revealed there was a good reason.

Once all of the students had gathered at the Umbrella Academy – barring Number Five (who had disappeared) and Number Six (who’s dead) – they each separated into different rooms in the house. Luther had gone to his old bedroom and put on the song “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany. At first, some of the characters resisted the urge to dance, but ultimately, they all started dancing in their own ways – all of them alone in different rooms. After seeing The Umbrella Academy‘s ending, that dance scene becomes more important (and quite telling).

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As pointed out by a Reddit user, each character’s dance reveals a part of their personality that they’ve kept secret. Luther’s dance is almost childlike, because he never had the opportunity to be a kid in his childhood since he was always leading the team as Number One. Allison dances with a feather boa and lets her inner-self shine, after having been forced to become reserved in the spotlight as a celebrity. Klaus dances with Sir Reginald’s urn, and he holds the urn close to him, because he’s always longed for a real relationship with his father.

Diego, on the other hand, strives to maintain a strict persona throughout season 1, but when the music comes on, he closes the door and starts dancing in a wildlike fashion. It’s one of the few times he can be himself. As for Vanya, she’s hesitant at first but then slowly gets into the groove. She does this, and then dances reservedly, due to being cast aside by the rest of the team throughout her life and has learned to sever herself from others – perhaps as a form of survival.

What’s interesting, all of their characters end up expressing these hidden personalities towards the end of The Umbrella Academy season 1, with Klaus, specifically, realizing (a part of) his full potential after speaking with Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Vanya also discovers her true self and unlocks the abilities that her father tried to suppress for years. Furthermore, Diego becomes part of the core of the family after setting aside his mask and allowing himself to care, outwardly, about other people. It was all there, from the very beginning. Even the song in the background highlights the Umbrella Academy students being alone.

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THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY “Dance Scene” (2019) Netflix TV Series

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY “Dance Scene” (Clip 2019) Netflix TV Series
© 2019 – Netflix

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THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Netflix, Superhero TV Show HD

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Netflix, Superhero TV Show HD
© 2019 – Netflix

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THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Official Trailer Teaser (2019) Ellen Page, Superheroes Series HD

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Official Trailer Teaser (2019) Ellen Page, Superheroes Series HD
© 2018 – Netflix

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The Umbrella Academy First Look Trailer: A Super Dysfunctional Family

Netflix has revealed its first look at the upcoming series The Umbrella Academy. The limited graphic novel adaptation promises a darkly comedic take on the superhero genre, with plenty of pathos and attitude to keep things interesting.

Based on the graphic novel series from My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy is an upcoming Netflix series that centers around an unorthodox crew of superheroes in an alternate US history. These superhuman characters, who were are all adopted as children by Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) for special training to save the world, are reunited as adults through tragedy. However, despite the fact that they all share similar agendas, their individual abilities and strong personalities tend to make things particularly difficult for them. The series also stars Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan, Mary J. Blige, Tom Hopper, Emmy Raver-Lampman, and Aidan Gallagher.

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In the first official footage for the Umbrella Academy, the titular crew comes together in the face of tragedy and shows off their individual, super-powered skills. Not quite as refined as certain heroes in other live-action comic book adaptations, like The Avengers or Justice League, the characters in The Umbrella Academy wear their hearts, frustrations, and dysfunction on their sleeves, which is more than present in the trailer.

The cast of The Umbrella Academy originally revealed footage for the upcoming series at New York Comic Con 2018 during the Netflix & Chills panel. It was released alongside other sci-fi and horror-related shows on Netflix like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Haunting of Hill House, and the upcoming prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance from The Jim Henson Company. The graphic novel series on which the new series is based has garnered a cult following over the years, so the fact that it’s being developed into a live-action series – as well as the fact that it includes a cast of A-list actors – has prompted significant anticipation from fans. However, before the show ever went into development, there had been talks of a film adaptation in the early 2010s.

With the superhero genre taking over so much of mainstream media, it’s refreshing to see a unique spin on the genre. The super-powered characters in The Umbrella Academy are not without their flaws, but that’s the appeal. Way created a band of heroes for outsiders, and from the brief look at what’s to come in the show’s first season, The Umbrella Academy looks to be a satisfying dive outside the norm, while still somehow managing to be relatable for its target audience.

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The Umbrella Academy will debut on February 15, 2019 on Netflix.

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New York Comic-Con: 26 Biggest Announcements (And 4 Weirdest Possibilities)

It might not be as big as San Diego Comic-Con, but New York’s pop culture celebration is just as eventful. This year’s New York Comic-Con was littered with scoops. Whether it’s juicy rumors or brand new trailers, there was plenty to see and talk about. Of course, the convention weekend can get a bit overwhelming — the onslaught of news, panels, and footage seems endless. Thankfully, we’ve collected all of this biggest topics for those of you who are lost amidst all of the comic book news.

For this list, we’re going to cover the most important stories of this year’s New York Comic-Con, including some big ones that just happened to drop during the week rather than at the convention itself. The list will even feature a few big rumors that have come out of the con for some good measure — or for those of you who just like some gossip. Even those who attended the convention might have missed some of the major stories, so use this as your post-NYCC guide to recap the weekend as things begin to wind down.

We know it’s difficult to keep track of all this news, especially after the convention weekend. This list should make things a bit easier. Even if you didn’t attend, the bombardment of news is probably still filling your news feed. So after you’re finished watching trailers all day and unpacking your NYCC hauls, settle in and we’ll break everything down for you.

Here are the 26 Biggest Announcements From NYCC (And 4 Weirdest Possibilities).

30 Aquaman’s New/Old Armor

The new Aquaman trailer was the highlight of the weekend for many. It revealed a surprising amount of footage — some would say too much. The extended look — roughly five minutes long — featured a plenty of unseen footage.

Audiences were treated to a sequence involving Arthur and Mera in desert ruins, another look at Atlantis, and even an extended action sequence between the two leads as they are chased by Black Manta. Perhaps the biggest spoiler in the trailer was the reveal of Aquaman’s iconic orange and green outfit.

29 Hellboy First Look

While no footage from the Hellboy panel has been released to the public, convention-goers were treated to a poster reveal and an exclusive first look at the upcoming film.

The panel footage wooed many fans in attendance and featured a tone that balanced the movie’s violence and gore with humor. It saw Hellboy receive his iconic handgun and show off the Hand of Doom, and it highlighted his especially shaky relationship with his ally Ben Daimio.

The trailer’s money shot had Hellboy in all-out demon mode, rising out of a pit sporting a flaming sword and crown.

Hopefully it won’t be long before this footage is released to the public.

28 Bullseye in Daredevil Season 3

Daredevil’s new trailers suggest a return to the grounded crime-noir tones of the first season with some big new developments. The first trailer reveals that not only is Kingpin out of prison, but he appears to design a smear campaign to turn New York against Daredevil.

One of the ways this may be happening is through a Daredevil impostor, who is none other than the hero’s most famous villain, Bullseye. Bullseye is the subject of the second new trailer, exploring his life as a government agent-turned-assassin under the employ of Kingpin.

27 Titans Is Grittier Than The DCEU

Titans has already received flak for the marketing’s seriously dark tone. Now, after the first two episodes were screened for viewers at NYCC, it is getting the same criticism.

Not only does Titans sport the DCEU’s same dark tone, but apparently the show is even more violent than the films.

The footage featuring Robin displayed some extremely violent and lethal combat, complete with the same amount of gore and disrespect for human life one might find in — well, anything but a comic book show. With that said, the show did receive a warm reception from the audience, so maybe Titans has potential after all.

26 Possibility — Will Rick Grimes Survive?

The Walking Dead is losing its lead character this season, with the confirmed departure of Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln. His impending exit has been talked about for months now, but fans still don’t know how his character will be written out of the show. In a new rumor, it seems that Rick Grimes might meet a brutal end.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Andrew Lincoln joked that he might not “make it through the credits sequence” teasing Rick’s potential demise. Fans don’t want to say goodbye to Rick, but it will be even harder to do so if he is torn apart by walkers. Can’t somebody get a happy ending on this show?

25 Spock On Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek fans weren’t left out of the fun this year, with a new trailer for season two of Star Trek: Discovery. The trailer promises a ride that might be just as intense as the first season, with plenty of action, character beats, and visuals so gorgeous that one would think the show had the budget of a feature-length film.

Amidst the sizzle of the trailer is a big reveal — the inclusion of a young, bearded Spock.

The character is supposedly connected to the “Red Angel” visions that Burnham is experiencing, though details on his appearance in the season are still under wraps.

24 First 35 minutes of new Spider-Man movie

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is still a few months out but panel attendees were treated to the first 35 minutes — and apparently what they saw was incredible. Reactions to the NYCC footage is overwhelmingly positive, citing the stylish animation and and lighthearted tone as some of the film’s standout elements. These early reactions come off the back of a new trailer for the film, which shows off several more of the alternate universe versions of Spider-Man.

Of course, this was only the first 35 minutes. Much of the movie is still under wraps and it has a long road ahead of it, being only one of many tentpole releases hitting theaters this December.

23 Deadly Class is coming in 2019

SYFY’s adaptation of the critically acclaimed Deadly Class comic series made a big showing this year. Between the close collaboration with series writer Rick Remender, the promise of intense action, and the Russo brothers at the helm (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers Infinity War), this long-awaited series has the potential to be a household name.

Not only does the show seem like a contender for the “next big thing” in comic book television, but it finally has a release date.

This was revealed to be January 16 in a new trailer that focuses on the coming-of-age aspect of the anarchic action series.

22 Star Wars’ The Mandalorian

The first image of Jon Favreau’s live-action Star Wars series was released on Thursday, getting fans hyped for the first real TV show in a galaxy far far away. The photo was released alongside new details about the show, namely its title: The Mandalorian.

Set between Return of the Jedi and The Force AwakensThe Mandalorian centers on a warrior from Mandalore travelling across the galaxy. The title character wears the iconic armor that the planet is known for — a costume shared by fan-favorite character Boba Fett. Plenty remains unknown about the series, though it is set to premiere on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

21 Possibility — Kingpin and Spider-Man Crossover

Marvel fans will rejoice if this rumor comes true — during all of the Daredevil buzz over the convention weekend, Vincent D’Onofrio made a very reassuring tweet.

When a fan tweeted that the world will never see the him as Kingpin in an MCU film, D’Onofrio responded with “Who says?”

Marvel’s Netflix shows have been especially vague in their references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but having Kingpin show up in a Tom Holland Spider-Man film would be the perfect connection. The chances are slim, but at least there’s hope.

20 Bane On Gotham

Gotham‘s fifth and final season was revealed in a trailer this weekend, promising quite the grand finale. The trailer hints that Gotham will be adapting the classic No Man’s Land comic book story this season, and also teased another big bad.

Actor Shane West has been cast as Bane, one of Batman’s greatest adversaries and one of the only major rogues that the show hasn’t yet adapted. Bane’s appearance so early in Bruce Wayne’s life has been met with mixed reactions among fans, but at least that suggests a bombastic end to the pre-Batman series.

19 The X-Men Go To Space

New York Comic-Con got an extended look at X-Men: Dark Phoenix, despite being subject to what seems like endless delays. The exclusive footage, which still has not been revealed to the public, gave fans a look at the fully-formed X-Men team and their upcoming cosmic adventure.

Highlights of the footage included an argument between Mystique and Professor X, Jean Grey absorbing a solar flare, and the team going on a rescue mission in space.

While most of the movie likely takes place on Earth, it’s nice to know that the movies aren’t above digging into the spacebound shenanigans that the comics do.

18 Penny from The Big Bang Theory is Harley Quinn

Among the many DC Universe announcements this weekend was the trailer for the Harley Quinn animated series, which has taken many fans by surprise. The show looks like a quirky adult comedy with Harley breaking the fourth wall and using foul language.

The show is already being compared to the likes of Deadpool, with positive reactions coming out of NYCC. It also features a great cast, with Kaley Cuoco, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, JB Smoove, and Wanda Sykes among the voice talent. It is set to release late in 2019 on the DC Universe streaming service.

17 Umbrella Academy’s Big Debut

Netflix’s adaptation of Gerard Way’s superhero darling The Umbrella Academy came to play during NYCC, with a handful of new images and even a trailer exclusive to the folks at Comic-Con. An Umbrella Academy movie has been in the works for many years, but after the switch to television and some time in development freefall, it finally seems right around the corner.

The series — which consists of a dysfunctional family of superheroes — seems to be maintaining its gothic comic book aesthetic.

The show looks like surreal than its counterpart on the pages, but it already has people excited. Umbrella Academy hits Netflix on February 15, 2019.

16 Doctor Who First Reactions

Those who attended the Doctor Who panel were in for quite the event. The attendees got to see the premiere of the new season as well as have an in-depth talk with the season’s Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. The audience’s response to the episode was ecstatic to say the least, and that sentiment seems to be shared by viewers around the world.

Not only was the show a critical hit, but its viewer ratings were record-breaking. The premiere episode “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” peaked at 9 million viewers, which the highest the show has ever had! Sounds like the new season of Doctor Who is off to a fantastic start.

15 Odin’s true form in American Gods season 2

Last year’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods was a massive hit and the trailer for the new season looks just as enticing.  Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday are back on their surreal fantasy roadtrip, accompanied by even more colorful characters and bizarre, unsettling visuals.

The footage teases a war between Mr. Wednesday and Mr. World, with an especially striking shot of Wednesday in his true form: Odin. 

American Gods is a trippy, gorgeous series that many may have missed last year, and with such a great-looking sequel on the way, now might be the time to go back and binge. The second seasons drops in 2019.

14 Possibility — Sabrina/Riverdale Crossover

A full trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hit the web early last week, revealing a spooky-yet-fun adaptation of the comics, as well as a revival of the late ’90s sitcom. Sadly, Archie fans will be disappointed to hear that Sabrina is not currently attached to the hit CW series, Riverdale.

While the Sabrina was originally set to appear on the CW as Riverdale’s companion show (much like CW’s Arrowverse), the move to Netflix seems to have stifled the idea. Still, Sabrina showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is holding out hope for a potential crossovers so that the original plan can come to fruition.

13 George R. R. Martin’s new show

Those of you eagerly awaiting Game of Thrones… well, we don’t have any good news for you. But, if you want more content from the mind of George R.R. Martin, an adaptation of his book Nightflyers has received a new trailer and a first-episode premiere at New York Comic-Con.

The sci-fi thriller follows a crew they struggle to survive on their space mission.

Not everything is as it seems on the vessel, as the show promises some solid horror scares as well as a character-driven story. The show doesn’t officially premiere until December 2nd, but at least sci-fi horror fans have something to look forward to.

12 She-Ra And The Princesses’ LGBT rep

Dreamworks Animation has been launching hit after hit lately — between shows like Trollhunters and Voltron: Legendary Defender, their work has earned them much success on Netflix. The newest series from the studio, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, dropped a poster and teaser trailer at New York Comic-Con that looks like promising fun for young viewers.

The reboot of the ’80s television show sports new cartoony visuals, witty humor, and a diverse cast of characters — even including a same gender couple. While the show’s initial reveal was met with some backlash, the trailer seems infectiously pleasant and fun.

11 Matt Bomer stars in DC’s Doom Patrol

While Titans got plenty of attention at NYCC, the next DC Universe original series got a brief first look. Doom Patrol is set to release next spring, but panel attendees were show some exclusive photos of Brendan Fraser’s character, Robotman. Fraser appeared at the panel and talked through the first look.

Seeing as Doom Patrol is currently filming, it shouldn’t be long before official footage hits the web.

The Robotman design look remarkably accurate to the comics, which has gotten many fans even more excited for the obscure property’s TV adaptation. Supplementing this news was the casting of Matt Bomer as Negative Man — another big name

10 The Spawn Trilogy

Fans hoping for a Spawn trailer at NYCC were out of luck this weekend, but series creator Todd McFarlane spoke at length about his plans for the newly rebooted movie. McFarlane explained that he envisions an ambitious trilogy of Spawn movies, with each one visually and tonally distinct from the last.

The first film might be described as a kind of existential horror-superhero film, with characters wondering if what they see is even real. While the project is still a ways off, the Jamie Foxx-led vehicle is going to emphasize the dark tones of the book with a hard R-rating, as well as cater to the now-older readers of the comic series.

9 DC Universe Streaming Plans

DC Comics and Warner Bros wanted to spotlight their DC Universe streaming service at this year’s NYCC, several small news breaks on he various related properties. Not only did they show footage of Titans, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn, but they also revealed the service’s content release schedule over the coming year.

While no specific dates were given, the timeline depicts various release windows for the service’s different original series.

While Young Justice: Outsiders seems to have been split into two parts, Doom Patrol will drop next spring followed by Swamp Thing in the summer, with both Stargirl and Harley Quinn dropping next fall.

8 Pet Sematary First Look

Horror fans might not have had much to talk about at Comic-Con, but during the convention some promo images dropped for the reboot of a Stephen King classic. The first images of the Pet Sematary remake were released, featuring Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, and Amy Seimetz.

The best image of the bunch comes in the form of the Creed family cat, Church, looking meaner and mangier than ever.

While an evil cat may not be the scariest thing you’ll find in Pet Sematary, it’s a nice preview of the Stephen King spookiness to come, especially after the success of 2017’s It. Pet Sematary is set for release on April 5, 2019.

7 Runaways Season 2 Footage

A new trailer for the second season of Runaways shows that the series has moved way past high school drama, and further into superhero action territory. The trailer features the Runaways’ comic book hideout, huge action set-pieces, and plenty of superpowers to go around.

Highlights of the trailer include a kiss between Nico and Karolina, a battle on an airport runway, and a glimpse at Gert’s pet dinosaur Old Lace. The first season of the show was a quiet hit among the newer Marvel properties, but this season promises a much deeper dive into the superhero genre that fans of the series are have been waiting for.

6 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

One reveal snuck in towards the end of Comic-Con — a very short trailer for How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Although very brief, the trailer is made up of all-new footage.

The trailer consists of baby Hiccup in his father’s arms as he is told about the legendary world of dragons.

During his father’s narration, the titular Hidden World is given a brief tease as hundreds of dragons flutter across a cavernous landscape. It ends with a shot of Hiccup and Toothless overlooking a town covered in dragons. It’s not as extensive as the film’s last trailer, but it might hold fans over until the film’s release on February 22, 2019.

5 Good Omens Trailer

It’s a great year for Neil Gaiman lovers as they got not one, but two different Gaiman projects revealed at NYCC. First was the second season of American Gods, and now Amazon’s adaptation of Good Omens. 

The trailer for the new series pits Michael Sheen and David Tennant against each other as an angel and a demon who must join forces in order to prevent the apocalypse. The dark subject matter is contrasted by the show’s whimsical tone and David Tennant’s devilish charisma. It sets up what looks to be a very fun buddy comedy about he end of the world.

4 First 25 Minutes Of Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines

Fans of director Peter Jackson were treated to the first 25 minutes of his next project, Mortal Engines, at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Mortal Engines is another expansive world, like the Tolkien material that Jackson has worked with before, but with a post-apocalyptic twist.

The most talked about elements of the footage were the massive scale of the world and the jaw-dropping visuals.

The Mortal Engines footage introduces viewers to Hester, a girl who lives in a world that was ravaged by the “60 Minute War” that destroyed civilization. Now the world consists of giant cities on wheels that fight each other. Audiences won’t see it for themselves until December 14.

3 The Boys Teaser Trailer

Amazon’s adaptation of Garth Ennis’s hyper-violent superhero comic The Boys has finally been revealed with a brief teaser trailer . The teaser features a public service announcement from Vought International, a company that facilitates the operation of the Seven, this world’s league of superheroes. At the end of the PSA, the titular Boys can be seen sitting on a couch, rudely gesturing to their televisions.

The Boys is already setting itself apart from the traditonal superhero fare, and with good reason — the series is about a team of people who keep out-of-control superheroes in check– by blackmailing them, stealing from them, and beating them up. It’s extremely adult-oriented and it already looks like fun.

2 Voltron Ends in December

The release date and synopsis for the eighth and final season of Voltron was revealed at New York Comic-Con, finally bringing the critically acclaimed Netflix series to a close.

The last season will feature the final battle between the Paladins and Witch Haggar.

A few promo images were released as well — one featuring the villain Honerva and another depicting the Voltron Paladins in a control room with Shiro commanding the gang in a background role. While no footage was shown at NYCC, the release date was confirmed to be December 14. The show’s final season will premiere on Netflix.

1 Possibility — Avengers 4 Titled “Avengers: Annihilation”

This rumor went viral during the weekend of NYCC — “Avengers: Annihilation” may or may not be the name of the still untitled Avengers 4. Speculation over the film’s name has driven fans mad in recent months, with “Annihilation” being yet another choice amidstthe rumored titles titles like “Avengers: Forever”, “Avengers: Endgame”, and “The Last Avenger”.

Annihilation comes from the name comic storyline of the same name, though it bears few similarities to the Infinity Gauntlet story that the films are adapting. Seriously, Marvel, just call it “Avengers: Assemble” and get it over with already. Don’t keep us waiting!

What announcements from New York Comic-Con excite you the most? Make sure to leave a comment before you go to share your thoughts!

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