Marvel Confirms Venom is a Hero: EDDIE is The Killer

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom #13

The War of the Realms has just pulled Venom into the fight… by giving Eddie Brock a monstrous new symbiote suit. Given to him by Malekith’s War Witches, the sorcerers hope he would become an agent of evil and fight for the Dark Elf Malekith in the war.

But this new, magical Venom symbiote suit isn’t just an updated look: this is ALL Eddie. That means no symbiote to communicate with, or to alter his emotions or memories into a force for good. The result? A savage and brutal version of Venom hell bent on killing. Proving once and for all which half of Venom is truly the heroic one.

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Eddie recently discovered that his symbiote had been tampering with his memories, falsifying his cancer diagnosis, manufacturing a dead sister and uncle to cripple Eddie with guilt–and even keep him from ever knowing that he had a son, Dylan Brock being raised (and abused) by Eddie’s father. Out of anger after discovering he was being manipulated by the symbiote, Eddie permanently separated from it. The Symbiote survives the separation, and is last seen walking into the crowd in a human form. Eddie, on the other hand, is nearly killed during the separation. Bad timing, considering the world goes to hell in the War of the Realms.

Eddie’s new found parental instincts kick in, while he tries to keep both himself, and his son alive with Malkeith’s army running loose through the city–all without his symbiote. But even without his symbiote enhancing his abilities, Eddie still wants to be a hero, taking on three dark elves while civilians escape the potential slaughter.

Eddie’s attempted heroics catch the attention of Malekith’s war witches, who offer Eddie a dreamstone that gives life to dreams and desires. In Eddie’s case, he wants a weapon: his symbiote. Eddie is granted a dark magic symbiote that is “same… but different” from his old partner. Eddie is alone in his dark suit without the voice of the symbiote, and it appears that his actions are solely his own. The war witch left out a crucial part of the deal when they gave Eddie the suit, telling him after the fact that he must now use his gifts in the name of Malekith’s crusade. An offer Eddie promptly rejects. You could even say he bit the hand that feeds… clean off.

After ensuring his son is locked away for safety, Venom swings off to join the fight. But there is more driving him than his need to protect innocents. Once he leaps into the fight he succumbs to his need to hunt, and to kill. Wielding an axe and a sword, the new Venom quickly and savagely decimates a group of dark elves and trolls. Stabbing and decapitating, Venom kills the normally Asgardian foes tormenting innocent civilians. Eddie quickly discovers that this new suit is full of anger and hate. And the voices in his head, screaming at him to kill soon resolve into just one: his own.

Elsewhere in the issue the wounded war witch seems to confirm that Eddie is out of control, all on his own. So does this prove once and for all that Eddie has been the one wanting to kill during his entire time with the symbiote? Or is there dark magic within the new suit pushing him to the extreme? One thing is for sure: Eddie is back as Venom. But this time the title refers to him alone.

Venom #13 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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Kirk Smith

Marvel’s New Avenger Has Powers of Wolverine AND Venom

Warning: SPOILERS For West Coast Avengers #10.

A powerful new superhero has been born in Marvel’s West Coast Avengers, and she just might be the strongest Avenger yet. Ramone Watts, now known as ‘Alloy,’ has bonded with a vibranium ring which she can now control–just like Venom controlling his alien symbiote.

When her brother Johnny Watts (a.k.a. Fuse) and her girlfriend America Chavez are captured and put in danger, Ramone has no choice but to give in to her seemingly genetic, mutant powers. Her mother, a former member of Black Panther’s Dora Milaje guard left the siblings some vibranium jewelry when she passed away. Johnny discovered his mutant ability to fuse his body into any material he touches years ago. Ramone has only now discovered her own… and it may be one of the best power sets in Marvel’s universe.

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To clarify, Johnny’s power allows him to mimic, or alter his body to the composition of anything he touches–one of the major reasons he wears his mother’s vibranium earrings (you never know when being made of the strongest metal on Earth might be necessary). But when Ramone first touched her mother’s vibranium ring, it bonded with her in a way that was far less gentle. As she explains to Gwenpool, “There was real power coursing through me, but it was excruciating and I wasn’t in control.” But the time has come for her to wear the ring once again.

As she puts it on this time, she is more powerful, more experienced, and more in control. Ramone risks everything in order to save her lover and her brother… and will never be the same after doing so. The vibranium–the Wakandan metal that, when reverse-engineered, produces the adamantium that coats Wolverine’s indestructible bones and claws–encases Ramone’s entire body. The metal effectively IS her new superhero costume. But if fans think an impenetrable suit of vibranium is all Alloy has going for her… think again.

The West Coast Avengers are in a bad situatio, being attacked by a hoard of vampires who believe America Chavez is their ‘chosen one.’ Ramone arrives ready to fight, with a brand new (and very permanent) bodysuit made of vibranium, she helps them take on the hoard. In the heat of battle Ramone learns that she can control this suit almost as if it were a Venom-like alien symbiote, and even forms a blade to take down one of the undead. When things aren’t looking good for the rest of the West Coast Avengers, she unleashes her full power in a moment that would make Venom and Carnage proud.

Growing giant vibranium spikes out of her body to take down the rest of the hoard, Ramone answers the question of who is actually cooler: Venom or Wolverine? The answer is a hero with both of their strongest abilities, rolled into one. After saving the team, her brother tasks her with choosing a hero name, and she goes with Alloy.

This new Avenger is easily one of the most powerful we have ever seen. Just imagine if Wolverine could use his metal like a symobiote? But with West Coast Avengers ending, this might be the last we see of Alloy. That would certainly feel like a missed opportunity for Marvel though, wouldn’t it? So keep an eye out on future comics to see where these Avengers pop up, and we just might get another glimpse of Alloy – or better yet, a full series featuring her.

West Coast Avengers #10 is on sale now from Marvel online, and at your local comic shop.

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Tessa Smith

The New, Magic VENOM Has Been Revealed By Marvel

Eddie Brock and his Venom symbiote have parted ways in Marvel Comics, but with the War of The Realms event plunging the entire universe into battle, it’s time for a replacement. The question now is… whose side will Venom be on?

It should be a no-brainer, considering Venom left his villain days behind him years ago. But the last time Marvel readers saw Eddie the symbiote had left him for good, deciding it was better for his host to look after his son, Dylan Brock. We knew that the separation wasn’t going to be easy on Eddie… but in our exclusive preview of Venom #13, it becomes clear that he’s willing to do anything to be Venom again. Even if it means accepting a magic symbiote instead of an alien one.

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For those fans who may have missed the opening issues of War of The Realms, it’s no understatement to say Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves has unleashed the nightmares of the realms upon Earth. Fire Goblins, Frost Giants, avenging angels, and so much more. And as the heroes unite to form some kind of defense, it seems Eddie Brock is sought out. Not by the Avengers of Earth–but by Malekith’s own War Witches. A magical sorceress with an offer too good for Eddie to pass up: what weapon would he want more than anything in the world?

Fans can guess, but seeing the new version of Venom born of the Dark Elf magic is a sight to behold. Take a look at the preview pages below:

There’s a bit of poetry and, honestly, sadness to the confirmation that even his biological son can’t break Eddie’s connection to his symbiote “Other.” But it’s a need that Malekith obviously understands, sending his War Witch with an offer Brock can’t refuse. Of course this offer is not going to be made if it means bolstering the heroes’ side of the war, so let’s all hope that the dark magic symbiote isn’t too strong for Brock to master.

The cover images for War of The Realms and its many tie-in comics have used Venom in a starring role, which raised some suspicions once the symbiote and Eddie broke up. Now the presence of a Venom makes sense… but Marvel has yet to reveal where the symbiote itself has gone after leaving Eddie behind. If we were gambling, it seems safe to that bet it will have something to say about being replaced so easily. For everyone concerned, it’s worth hoping Eddie and his original symbiote are reunited sooner rather than later. This War of the Realms may be bad and all, but with Carnage hunting down every symbiote on Earth, and Venom’s new role as a Savage Avenger, the Marvel Universe need him to survive the coming battles (relatively) unscathed.

  • VENOM (2019) #13
  • Published: April 24th, 2019
  • Writer: Cullen Bunn
  • Art: Iban Coello
  • Cover: Ryan Stegman
  • WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! The Marvel Comics event of the year makes landfall in the world of the wicked web-slinger as Venom gets swept up in Malekith’s campaign to take over the Ten Realms! But Malekith has designs for the sinister symbiote…and they may prove fatal!

Venom #13 will be available from your local comic book store on April 24th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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Andrew Dyce

Hellboy 2019 Is The Opposite Of Venom – And That’s Why It Fails

The Hellboy (2019) reboot, starring David Harbour, is the opposite of 2018’s Venom, and that’s why it fails to be an enjoyable comic book superhero movie. Created by Mike Mignola in the 90s, Hellboy is a half-demon half-human character who was the focus of another film adaptation prior to 2019’s iteration. In 2004, Guillermo del Toro released his Hellboy movie, starring Ron Perlman as Big Red, and the pair reteamed for 2008’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Instead of del Toro’s Hellboy 3, though, the studio chose to reboot the property, bringing in Harbour to star and Neil Marshall to direct.

However, reviews of the Hellboy reboot have not been favorable; Hellboy holds a 15 percent Rotten Tomatoes score. Beyond its reviews, it was also reported prior to the film’s release that there was a great deal of drama behind-the-scenes on Hellboy, including clashes between the producers, director and star over various aspects of the movie. While some may attribute Hellboy’s poor reviews and low box office performance on the reportedly difficult process of bringing the film to life, the fact remains that the Hellboy reboot could have been better. In fact, Hellboy could have learned a few things from Venom, the 2018 Marvel movie starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a journalist who bonds with an alien symbiote named Venom.

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On their surface, Hellboy and Venom have very little in common aside from the fact that both movies are based on less mainstream comic book properties than major superhero blockbusters like The Avengers and Justice League. However, Hellboy and Venom are also much weirder premises than typical superhero fare. Hellboy is a half-human, half-demon with giant horns and the last living heir of King Arthur; Venom is a symbiote who bonds with Eddie as a host and a friend – and is an alien that likes to eat people. But whereas Venom plays into the ridiculous aspects of its premise and has some fun with it, Hellboy attempts to take a serious approach to its weirdness and the results are, frankly, boring.

Both Hellboy and Venom have to establish the worlds in which they’re set. For Hellboy, that means diving into the magical side of the world and the legend of King Arthur as it connects to the Blood Queen and Hellboy himself. In Venom, it’s the symbiotes and Carlton Drake’s experiments with them. But while Venom uses the science to get to the core of the story – the relationship between Eddie and Venom – Hellboy seems to never move beyond the magical world-building exposition. Instead, Hellboy keeps introducing new aspects of the world in an attempt to develop Hellboy as a character, but he gets lost in all the explaining – that is, until a relatively quick third act showdown with the Blood Queen. So while Venom’s weird world-building works to set up the most important part of the film, Hellboy’s detracts from the titular character.

Further, whether on purpose or not, Venom establishes the relationship between Eddie and Venom as a friendship bordering on romantic – and the movie plays into that romantic element on more than one occasion (from Eddie and Venom’s kiss to the “You are mine” line). The response to Eddie and Venom, called Symbrock by fans, was massive, inspiring fan art and memes all over the internet. Plenty has already been said on the Eddie and Venom dynamic in the movie and why viewers latched on to it so tightly, but what it boils down to is that their relationship is interesting to viewers. Fans of Venom range from those who describe Eddie and the symbiote’s relationship as a buddy cop dynamic to those who would argue it’s an outright romance – but they’d all agree it’s the most important aspect of the movie, and that it’s compelling.

In contrast, Hellboy doesn’t have anything like Symbrock. Not even the character of Hellboy himself is as developed as the dynamic between Eddie and Venom and none of his relationships come close to being as compelling as the friendship between Eddie Brock and his symbiote parasite. Further, Hellboy takes its titular character in a baffling direction where the movie actively resists the idea that viewers may find Hellboy attractive. This is in direct contrast to the early images and posters of Hellboy that depict the character with his shirt off, abs and arms on full display seemingly playing into the idea that Hellboy is hot. With Venom, it wasn’t entirely clear whether the movie intended the romantic subtext in Eddie and Venom’s relationship, whereas Hellboy makes a conscious effort to depict its hero as actively unattractive as possible. It reveals a strange disconnect between the film and its marketing, which had some fun with the idea that fans could find Hellboy attractive. But the lack of subtext makes Hellboy that much more one-dimensional, contributing to the overall underdeveloped character.

Ultimately, while neither Venom nor Hellboy are “good” movies, both had the potential to be enjoyable popcorn flicks offering audiences a fun time where they can simply turn their brain off and enjoy. But, though Venom provides just that, Hellboy doesn’t. Venom manages to appeal to audiences through the relationship between Eddie and the symbiote, helping to ground the film. Hellboy doesn’t have a relationship or even a single character as well developed or as fun as the dynamic between Eddie and Venom, and it suffers for it. So while neither film was well received in terms of overall critical reviews, Venom managed to find an audience, whereas Hellboy didn’t – at least, not to the tune of an $80 million opening weekend (though Venom is arguably a more well well known character than Hellboy). Hellboy could have learned a few things from Venom, but it fails to embrace its weirdness enough and provide an entertaining experience at the cinema – and that’s why it fails.

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Molly Freeman

Who Is Carnage? Woody Harrelson’s Venom 2 Villain Explained

Here is everything you need to know about Carnage – the villain of Venom 2 played by Woody Harrelson. When the character of Venom was first created in 1988, he was intended to be Spider-Man’s most dangerous enemy ever. His popularity with fans, however, killed the original plans to see Venom destroyed in a climactic battle. This left Spider-Man’s writers with the question of what to do to keep Venom around while also giving him another purpose beyond destroying Spider-Man.

Eventually they hit upon the idea of creating a new villain who would be so dangerous that Venom and Spider-Man would have no choice but to work together to deal with the greater evil. Enter Carnage – an insane serial killer with the same powers as Venom and Spider-Man, plus other abilities that made him into one of Marvel Comics’ most dangerous villains. The introduction of Carnage also helped further cement Venom in his newfound role as an anti-hero – the lethal protector who helped the homeless and fought to protect the innocent but still hated Spider-Man and saw him as a threat to decent people everywhere.

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With Venom 2 on the way – and potentially eyeing a late 2020 release – moviegoers will eventually see Carnage for themselves on the big screen played by Woody Harrelson. But who is Carnage, really? What makes the Spider-Man character an ideal villain for Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock/Venom?

  • This Page: Carnage’s Comic Origin & Powers Explained
  • Page 2: Woody Harrelson Is Carnage In Venom & Will Be Venom 2’s Villain

Carnage’s Comic Origin Explained

First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #360, Peter Parker was first alerted to Carnage’s existence after he tied news reports of a new serial killer to sightings of a monster whose description matched that of Venom. Fearing that Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote were on the rampage again (having previously been pacified after being tricked into believing they had successfully killed Spider-Man), Parker investigated only to be confronted by an entirely new symbiotic menace – one so dangerous that Spider-Man was forced to turn to Venom for help in stopping the far more dangerous Carnage.

Carnage was eventually revealed to be Cletus Kasady – a sociopath and serial killer, whom had previously appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #344. A born bad seed if ever there was one, Kasady killed his grandmother by pushing her down the stairs as a child and tortured his mother’s dog to death. Much like the similarly violent Joker from The Dark Knight, Kasady developed an nihilistic personal philosophy and an obsession with spreading chaos through bloodshed. This let to his conviction on 11 counts of murder, though he claimed to have committed many more.

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Kasady became the cell-mate of Eddie Brock in the high-security prison known as The Vault. Brock eventually escaped with the help of the Venom symbiote, which, unbeknownst to Brock, was about to produce a child, which it left in Brock’s cell. The symbiote species didn’t have any emotional attachment to their offspring, so it felt no need to inform Eddie that it was about to have a child or that it had just given birth once they rebonded. The symbiotic child then attached itself to the first host it could find, which turned out to be Cletus Kasady, giving birth to Carnage.

Carnage’s Comic Powers Explained

As dangerous as Eddie Brock was as Venom, Carnage was even more threatening, having developed new powers that his parent never had. According to the Venom symbiote, this was due to the Carnage symbiote having gestated in an alien atmosphere, which altered its development. Because of this, Carnage is physically stronger than both Spider-Man and Venom put together. Carnage also has the unique ability to reshape parts of his symbiotic form into weapons and can even turn fragments of itself into projectiles, which can maintain their form for up to ten seconds once disconnected from his body. He also has the power to alter people’s minds and memories, assuming he can make contact with their brain through a tendril.

Beyond that, Carnage has all of the other standard symbiotic powers, including shape-shifting and rapid-healing. He can change his appearance to mimic any form of clothing, though Carnage rarely does this as blending in and going unnoticed is usually the last thing he wants to do. More frequently Kasady uses this power to grow wings or extra limbs – another unique power that only the Carnage symbiote seems to possess. The Carnage symbiote is also notable in that his bond to Cletus Kasady is the strongest and most complete of any symbiote in Marvel Comics history. The symbiote lives in Kasady’s bloodstream when it’s not acting as his armored costume and can be regenerated from a single drop of Kasady’s blood.

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Carnage also has all of the powers which the Venom Symbiote copied from Peter Parker, allowing it to cling to any surface and rapidly crawl across walls and ceilings. Carnage has also developed a form of Spider-Sense, being able to sense direct physical attacks coming thanks to a form of omni-directional vision. Like Venom, Carnage is also invisible to Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense, due to it being too closely connected to Peter Parker for him to perceive it as a threat. Despite all this power, Carnage is far from invincible. He still possess the standard symbiote weakness to extreme heat and his connection to his host is disrupted by certain sonic frequencies. It’s worth noting, however, that Carnage is far more vulnerable to heat and fire than Venom, yet far more resistant to sonic-based attacks than his parent, due to the stronger bond he has forged with Cletus Kasady.

Page 2 of 2: Woody Harrelson Is Carnage In Venom & Will Be Venom 2’s Villain

Woody Harrelson Is Carnage In Venom 2

Woody Harrelson’s involvement in Venom was a closely guarded secret early on. There were rumors before Venom‘s release that Harrelson would be playing Cletus Kasady in anticipation of setting Carnage up for the sequel. However, it wasn’t confirmed until very close to the film’s release that Harrelson was in Venom. One of Venom‘s post-credits scenes showed Eddie Brock traveling to San Quentin Prison, having been personally requested by one of the inmates to interview him. The inmate is revealed to be a serial killer named Cletus Kasady, who is portrayed by Woody Harrelson. Though the scene is barely a minute long, Harrelson casts a menacing shadow as Kassady, who tells Brock “When I get out of here, and I will, there’s gonna be Carnage.”

Carnage’s Villain Role In Venom 2

As of right now, it’s uncertain just what role Carnage might play in Venom 2 beyond being the chief antagonist. This is largely because there’s very little that has been confirmed about the Venom sequel aside from the fact that a Venom 2 screenplay is being written by the original writer, Kelly Marcel. Venom director Ruben Fleischer has freely admitted that he’s unsure how to bring Carnage into Venom 2 given that his version of Eddie Brock is markedly different from the one in the comics and the traditional origin story for Carnage won’t work in his universe.

Despite this, it seems obvious that there are plans to make use of Carnage at some point. Ignoring that Harrelson was confirmed for Venom 2, it  seems highly unlikely that Sony would hire an actor of Woody Harrelson’s caliber just to drop an Easter egg in a post-credit sequence if there wasn’t an intention of eventually bringing him in to play the part of Carnage. Logistically, it’s too much work for too little yield, though it seems unlikely they will do something as simple as retroactively revealing the symbiote just happened to give birth and dropped off its offspring during the visit to Kasady’s cell.

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One possibility is that Cletus Kasady may be the villain of Venom 2 but he won’t become Carnage until later in the film. His empowerment may even be saved for Venom 3. While it may seem absurd to have a non-powered serial killer set up as the main enemy for a character as powerful as Venom, Kasady was far from an ordinary murderer and Venom in the comics frequently concerned himself with going after anyone who was a threat to the lives of innocents, powers or no. This could lead to a movie that is more thriller than superhero story, with Eddie Brock trying to investigate Kasady’s killings while holding back the rage of his other half and dodging the police.

Another possibility that seems like something of a long-shot now with the fate of Sony’s superhero universe up in the air beyond their plans for Venom 2 and the on-going work on Morbius is that Carnage might be saved for an adaptation of the classic Maximum Carnage storyline. This miniseries saw Spider-Man, Venom, and a host of other superheroes and anti-heroes (including Morbius) join forces to take on Carnage and a group of supervillains who flocked under his banner and joined his mission to sow as much chaos as possible. Such a film could act as an Avengers piece for Sony, though that seems unlikely with their current production line-up.

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Matt Morrison

Aquaman Passes Venom, Thor: Ragnarok, & Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at Global Box Office

Aquaman has officially passed VenomThor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at the global box office, continuing its hot streak since its release late last year. This adds to the film’s long list of milestones after it recently helped Warner Bros. achieve its highest box office numbers ever in 2018.

Aquaman, the first standalone effort featuring the character and starring Jason Momoa in the title role, has made tidal waves at the box office thus far, recently passing 2017’s Wonder Woman to become the second highest DC Extended Universe film released to date. DCEU films aside, Aquaman has also passed other notable box office hits, beating surprise success stories like Venom at the domestic box office. The film has definitely resonated with audiences despite a lukewarm critical reception and it should at least hit $900 million worldwide before the end of its run, with some even speculating that a billion dollar overall is not outside the realm of possibilities.

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Regardless of where Aquaman finishes its run, the film has hit yet another series of milestones at the worldwide box office. According to Comic BookAquaman recently crossed $866 million worldwide on Thursday, officially passing Venom ($856 million), Thor: Ragnarok ($854 million) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($863 million) at the box office.

Guardians of the Galaxy Hallway

While Aquaman has been on the lower side of DCEU films domestically (it will pass Justice League‘s unimpressive $229 million domestic total this weekend) its international performance is simply astounding. The fact that it has now overtaken three highly popular films, two of which are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is enough cause for celebration. Assuming the film doesn’t completely crash and burn this upcoming weekend (which is unlikely, considering the lack of competition domestically) it should also pass Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($872 million) to become the highest grossing DCEU film released to date, when not accounting for inflation.

Considering the doom and gloom early projections before Aquaman‘s release, the James Wan-helmed film has performed beyond anyone’s expectations and served to reinvigorate the DCEU for Warner Bros. and everyone involved. A billion dollar worldwide gross seems more and more likely, though it’s again not a guarantee and anything can happen in the unpredictable world of entertainment. Either way, an Aquaman sequel, which Momoa reportedly has a lot of ideas for, seems like a foregone conclusion at this point and the character, along with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, could help carry the DCEU into the next phase of its rocky and inconsistent life cycle.

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Source: Comic Book

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Venom Blu-ray Featurette Focuses on She-Venom

The Blu-ray release of Venom isn’t for a couple more weeks, but a new featurette has been released online which focuses on She-Venom. While Venom had been adapted in Spider-Man 3 prior to this most recent film, Michelle Williams’ portrayal of Anne Weying (aka She-Venom) was the first time the character has ever been adapted for a live-action film.

Venom was met with mixed reviews from critics, but the film still managed to be a huge box office success. The movie has managed to pass $800 million worldwide, which surpasses Wonder Woman, as well as every film in the X-Men franchise. While Venom continues its box office run, which is getting an extended run in China, the release of the Venom Blu-ray is nearing. Just in time for the holiday season, the Blu-ray will have a number of bonus materials including deleted scenes and featurettes, one of which will partly focus on She-Venom.

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In a new video released by IGN, fans are given a behind-the-scenes look at She-Venom. The featurette includes interviews with director Ruben Fleischer, Williams, and Kevin Smith, who all talk about Anne Weying’s importance in the Venom comic books, as well as the inspirations behind the character for the movie. Smith also talks about how lucky the filmmakers were to get Williams in the role, and that it was a treat to see the character become She-Venom on the big screen. The full video can be seen below.

Since Venom was a huge success for Sony, the door has seemingly been opened for them to adapt several other popular Spider-Man characters. While Tom Holland is currently playing Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony is expected to continue their Spider-Man universe by giving characters like Kraven the Hunter, Morbius, Nightwatch, Silk, Silver Sable, Black Cat, and Jackpot their own movies. Sony will also be releasing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soon, which is also expected to get its own spin-offs and sequels.

Early reactions to Venom compared the movie to an early millennium superhero flick, but many comic book fans seemed to enjoy the movie. With the mass amount of money Venom has made at the box office, a sequel is inevitable. It’s also a safe assumption that Sony will make even more money when the film gets its home release, especially since the holidays are right around the corner.

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Venom will be available for digital download on December 11, 2018, and on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4k UHD on December 18.

Source: IGN

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Venom Movie Granted Extended Box Office Run in China

Blockbuster smash Venom has been granted an extended theatrical run in China following its tremendous success in that market. Sony rolled the dice when they opted to give Eddie Brock a solo film, but nobody is arguing with the results. Despite being widely panned by critics, Venom became an unlikely audience favorite over the fall, breaking October box office records and launching a new franchise for the studio. There’s no denying the film left a sizable pop culture footprint, seeing that fans were quick to ‘ship Eddie and Venom – to the point where Sony embraced that angle for home media marketing.

Domestically, Venom posted a respectable, but hardly substantial, $212.3 million. The worldwide box office made the film the hit it is, as the global total currently stands at a whopping $845.5 million. That figure is higher than Justice League, every X-Men film ever, and even the juggernaut that was Wonder Woman. Things are going so well for Venom that Chinese audiences don’t want to see it go, and luckily for them, it’ll be sticking around for a little longer.

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According to DeadlineVenom will have extended play in China. The film has actually made more money there than anywhere else in the world. To date, $260.5 million of the worldwide haul comes from Chinese ticket sales. Venom is about to pass Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ($261.2) on the Middle Kingdom’s 2018 charts and be the country’s seventh highest-grossing movie of the year.

This development is not surprising at all. Venom broke Chinese records when it opened there back in November and has demonstrated incredibly strong legs over the course of its lucrative run. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was no match for it, earning a paltry $37.5 million to Venom’s $51 million during their showdown. Since the comic book film continues to generate strong business, it makes perfect sense for China to keep it around. What will be interesting to see, however, is how Venom coexists with newcomer Aquaman, which opens in China on December 7. There must be some confidence Venom will remain a sizable draw to give it this extension, but its stranglehold on the box office should loosen up a bit.

Regardless of how much more Venom makes, it’s safe to say it’s exceeded even the rosiest expectations and Sony has to be thrilled with how everything turned out. The studio has yet to officially date the inevitable sequel, but Venom 2 is actively in development and may prove to be an even bigger hit than its predecessor. As teased in the post-credits scene, the followup will pit Venom against his nemesis Carnage, which is a battle fans have wanted to see on the big screen for a long time. It took Sony quite a long time to get to this point, but they finally struck Marvel gold with Venom.

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Venom’s Biggest Plot Hole Addressed By The Movie’s Director

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Venom.

Venom director Ruben Fleischer admits that one of the movie’s biggest plots holes is just that – a plot hole, one that’s not necessarily explainable. It’s no secret that comic book movies tend to have their fair share of plot holes and generally unanswered questions. Sometimes those issues tend to arise because the vast majority of these blockbuster films have to adhere to continuities established by past films, even ones that exist in corners of shared universes. But then there are times when a plot hole is just an old fashioned mistake.

In Venom, one of those mistakes happens very early on in the movie. When the symbiotes arrive on Earth and one of them, Riot, gets loose, it binds with one of the first responders, who later transfers the symbiote to an elderly lady. Since the symbiote has to continually transfer from one host to another to survive, it doesn’t make sense that Riot apparently stays bound to the elderly lady for six months. Sure, it could be explained away with some illogical comic book reason, but as it turns out, the director agrees: it’s simply a plot hole.

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In an interview with Gamespot, Fleischer was asked why it seemed like no time had passed for Riot and why he was still bonded with the same host for six months. Instead of trying to come up with some sort of reason, Fleischer instead justifies it by saying it was necessary to show that six-month time jump for Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and, unfortunately, the plot hole was a by-product.

“Our idea was that Riot was using up the life force of whoever he took, and then he jumped ship when he’d consumed them and then find a new host to carry him further on his journey. …Yeah, that’s a good question. That’s one of our few – hopefully – few logic bumps. But we had to have a passage of time in order to show Eddie’s downfall, and that was the one thing that doesn’t entirely track.”

Fleischer understands that it’s a plot hole, but he added to his response, joking that he likes to think the elderly lady simply went around Malaysia for six months murdering people with the spikes in her back until she was ready to head to San Francisco and confront Venom.

“But I like to think that old lady was going around murdering all throughout Malaysia, and she was just having a good old time just shooting shards through different people in Malaysia.”

Of course, this isn’t the only plot hole or unanswered question in the movie, and perhaps more will come to light as the movie continues to run in theaters. For now, comic book fans and general moviegoers can get their first taste of Sony’s new Spider-Villain universe they’re building – which continues with Jared Leto’s Morbius – by checking out Venom in theaters. After all, if the movie proceeds to make substantial money at the box office, it’s entirely possible that the studio would move forward with Venom 2. If they do, then, hopefully, these jumps in logic aren’t as prevalent.

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Harry Potter: 20 Crazy Details Only True Potterheads Knew About Wormtail

For a lot of reasons, Peter Pettigrew, AKA “Wormtail”, may be one of the creepiest characters in all of the Harry Potter series. First and foremost, is the rather strange decision on the part of author J.K. Rowlings, to make Pettigrew’s animagus form hang around so closely with a preteen Ronald Weasley. With that particularly large elephant out of the room, we can get into some of the more unnerving, crazy, and interesting facts about this Voldemort supporter.

Everyone knows Wormtail to be the man who betrayed Lily and James Potter’s location to Voldemort, who sought to destroy them and their newborn son after finding out that Harry may one day defeat him. Although Voldemort’s attempt on Harry’s life backfired (quite literally), this moment it did cement Wormtail as one of Tom Riddle’s most famous supporters. In addition to this, Wormtail also got away with it all by blaming Sirius Black for that horrible night.

In many ways, Wormtail was the most unlikely member of Voldemort’s inner circle. He didn’t have the dedication to Voldemort’s evil agenda that Lucius Malfoy did. Nor did he have the obsessive nature of the deranged Bellatrix Lestrange. At the end of the day, Wormtail was a coward, and that why he let betrayed his friends to become part of one of the darkest cults of all time. Despite all he has done, Wormtail was still a far more engaging character than most fans may recall.

Without further ado, here are 20 Crazy Facts About Wormtail.

20 He Was Almost Not Sorted Into Gryffindor

When Peter Pettigrew arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he lined up with the rest of the First Years to await The Sorting Hat’s decision on which House he would join. While in line, he met both Sirius Black, who uttered his contempt for Slytherin House, and James Potter. Immediately, Pettigrew took a liking to these boys and longed to be Sorted with them.

When he finally was placed under The Sorting Hat, Pettigrew waited a whole five minutes to be placed in Gryffindor.

This is what was called a “Hatstall.” The Sorting Hat clearly saw that this character was suitable for more than one house. Although Slytherin would be the obvious alternative choice, Hufflepuff was one as well.

19 He Was A Member Of The Order Of The Phoenix

Due to Peter Pettigrew’s friendship with James, Remus, and Sirius, he joined The Order of the Phoenix after his time at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Order of the Phoenix was a secret society founded by Albus Dumbledore to combat Voldemort and his sycophantic followers during the First Wizarding War. This was the time when Voldemort returned from traveling abroad and sought to overthrow the Ministry of Magic and persecute Muggles and Muggle-born magical folk. Although Pettigrew wasn’t a fan of Voldemort’s ideology, he was part of the Order purely because his friends were. It was a community for him. He did not have the same passion for the cause as the other members did.

18 He Wasn’t A True Believer In Voldemort

Much like Peter Pettigrew wasn’t a true believer in the Order of the Phoenix, he wasn’t one of Voldemort’s dedicated followers either. He did not share the same lust for dominance over the Wizarding World, nor the same level of intolerance.

When Pettigrew became a spy for Voldemort, it was purely out of fear.

Wormtail, at the end of the day, is an opportunist. He is someone who will do just about anything to survive, and that included betraying his best friends in order to remain on the powerful dark wizard’s good side. In many instances, especially in the books, Wormtail even couldn’t bear Voldemort’s violence and occasionally attempted to suggest alternative measures to achieve his dark desire.

17 McGonagall Didn’t Like Him, even as a kid

If there’s one thing that Minerva McGonagall has never done, it’s mince words. First and foremost, this Transfiguration professor and Gryffindor Head of House is brutally honest. In the books, she was honest about how she felt about Peter Pettigrew during his time at Hogwarts.

Of course, McGonagall taught him Transfiguration as well as watched over him as the H.O.H. She claimed that Pettigrew “hero-worshipped” both James Potter and Sirius Black. In fact, she even described him as a “lump of a boy” who constantly followed Sirius around like his lap-dog. She even claimed that Peter was “stupid” as well as “foolish.” However, Minerva clearly grew to have some respect for him once he joined the Order. She even spoke sadly about him before she learned that he was the one responsible for the betrayal and not Sirius.

16 He Lived As A Rat For 12 Years

As most fans know, Peter Pettigrew was one of the Mauraders, the small group of friends that consisted of James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin. Peter even decided to become an animagus in order to make Remus feel more comfortable with the fact that he was tragically turned into a werewolf. The fact that Pettigrew could turn into a rat at will was something that came in handy after he was forced to fake his own demise in order to properly frame Sirius Black.

Due to his fear of being caught, Pettigrew lived as a rat for a solid 12 years.

He was eventually discovered by Sirius and Remus in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

15 He Chose The Weasleys As Owners To Avoid The Death Eaters

After Pettigrew faked his demise, he chose to live as a rat in order to both keep up his lie as well as to avoid the Death Eaters. At this stage, many of Voldemort’s followers were unknown to the authorities and lived amongst the common-folk. Due to the fact that Voldemort’s apparent demise happened due to Pettigrew’s information, the Death Eaters believed that Pettigrew was a traitor and therefore sought to destroy him.

Wormtail knew that he stood a better chance at staying alive if he picked a “good” family to stay with. Eventually, he came to be Percy Weasley’s possession and was handed down to Ron. Presumably, Wormtail (as “Scabbers”) stayed with the Weasleys because he knew that the family would treat him right as well as shield him from Voldemort’s secret followers.

14 He Almost Ruined Ron And Hermione’s Relationship

Although Wormtail didn’t mean to, he almost completely ruined Hermione and Ron’s friendship in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Throughout the book and the film (to a lesser extent), Ron was constantly trying to save Scabbers (AKA Wormtail) from Hermione’s carnivorous new cat, Crookshanks. When Wormtail heard that Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban and was poking around the Hogwarts grounds, he decided to flee, faking his demise a second time.

In the book, he bit himself in order to leave blood that suggested that Crookshanks had finally taken him out.

It completely convinced Ron, and the pair’s relationship nearly ended until the truth was revealed. This is just another instance of Peter Pettigrew doing anything necessary to remain alive.

13 Rats helped him find Voldemort

A lot of fans of Harry Potter who haven’t paid close enough detail to the books wonder how Wormtail and Voldemort were reunited before the events of The Goblet of Fire. Well, the truth is Wormtail learned from fellow rats that a dark force was living in a forest in Albania. This force ended up being Voldemort himself, who was living off the animals in the forest. However, Voldemort was just clinging to life in his shriveled-up form.

Wormtail lured a prominent ministry witch, who was on vacation in Albania, into the forest and then proceeded to force information out of her that helped persuade Voldemort to take him back into his good graces.

12 He Fed Voldemort Nagini’s Milk to Save Him

Aside from finding Lord Voldemort in a forest in Albania and giving him some vital information about the upcoming Triwizard Tournament from the ministry official he lured into the forest, Wormtail also stayed in Voldemort’s good graces due to the fact that he kept him alive. At this point, Voldemort was simply a shriveled up humanoid creature who barely had any power at all.

With Wormtail’s help, he managed to stay strong enough to last until the end of The Goblet of Fire when he was “reborn.”

Wormtail was able to do this because he milked the venom out of Nagini, Voldemort’s giant snake who will appear in human form in Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald. This venom provided Voldemort with the rudimentary body we see in Goblet of Fire.

11 He Helped Capture Mad-Eye

When Wormtail traveled to Albania to seek Voldemort, he ran into a ministry official who he forced into telling him legitimate information about the goings on at Hogwarts. This included the upcoming Triwizard Tournament that they would get Harry Potter to take part in, as well as the fact that Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody would be the next Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Another piece of information this ministry official gave was that there was a Voldemort supporter hiding out in England. This ended up being Barty Crouch Jr., who, with the help of Wormtail, tracked down Mad-Eye Moody and captured him. Crouch then famously continued to take locks of Mad-Eye’s hair in order to brew a Polyjuice Potion that turned him into Mad-Eye.

10 Snape Got His Revenge On Pettigrew

As we found out through various flashbacks during Harry’s time learning legilimency from Severus Snape, Severus was teased and pushed around by Harry’s father, Lupin, Sirius, and Peter Pettigrew as a child. Pettigrew probably wouldn’t have been the one to instigate this, but he was happy to play along with what the “cool kids” were doing. That, after all, was sort of his M.O. However, in their later years, Snape got his revenge on Wormtail after Voldemort ordered Wormtail to live with Snape at Spinner’s End in order to help him with various things.

Wormtail ended up being Snape’s punching bag and personal servant.

In fact, Snape treated him quite poorly, which, without a doubt had more to do with Wormtail betraying Lily Potter than anything else.

9 Voldemort Loathed Him

Lord Voldemort may not have had the ability to love anything except for himself, and even that is arguable, but he certainly had some appreciation and respect for certain members of his cult. At one time, he had immense respect for Lucius Malfoy, but that went away after Lucius continued to fail him. Bellatrix and Snape seem to be in his good graces constantly as they appeared to be his most ardent supporters. Snape, specifically, was the one he thought was infiltrating Dumbledore and the Order.

Wormtail is a different story entirely. Voldemort never liked Wormtail at all. He put up with him because Wormtail helped to keep him alive. But even before Voldemort’s first downfall, the villain knew that Wormtail was only around out of fear, not out of duty or respect.

8 He Wasn’t Skilled At Magic

Throughout the course of the Harry Potter series, two very different powerful magical folk made comments on Wormtail’s lack of power. The first was Wormtail’s old Transfiguration teacher, Minerva McGonagall, who claimed that he was far less talented than his friends when it came to magic. Then there’s Voldemort, who always regarded his servant as particularly weak. The truth is, they were mostly right about him.

He was a hopeless dueler, only besting opponents when catching them off-guard.

However, there are a couple of instances where he’s shown more potential than even he believed. One of these moments was when he caused an explosion that ended the lives of twelve Muggles and allowed him to get away from Sirius Black.

7 He Was Surprisingly Intelligent And An Opportunist

You can say a lot about Peter Pettigrew, including his cowardly demeanor, but one thing you can’t say is that he was dumb. On the contrary, Wormtail was actually pretty intelligent. This cunning helped him frame Sirius for the crime that he committed, as well as search out Voldemort.

Wormtail’s intelligence also allowed him to be quite the opportunist. This trait perhaps sums him up the most, as from the start of things he knew how to get in with the “right” crowd. When the tides changed and there was a better group to be associated with, that’s exactly where Wormtail would end up. A fool wouldn’t be able to navigate situations like this, let alone stay on Voldemort’s good side.

6 The Other Death Eaters Didn’t Like Him

Being an opportunist didn’t quite go over well when it came to Voldemort’s closest servants. First of all, many of them, including Bellatrix Lestrange, were there because they either believed in Voldemort’s cause or Voldemort himself.

Many of these Death Eaters saw Wormtail as a clinger; someone who was merely there to survive and never truly fought for what they believed in.

Another major source of the dislike the Death Eaters had for Wormtail had to do with Voldemort’s first downfall. This event happened on Wormtail’s information. When Voldemort was seemingly annihilated after attacking Harry Potter, many Death Eaters saw Wormtail as a traitor who purposefully led Voldemort to his grave.

5 His Hand Was Cursed

Although the filmmakers behind the Harry Potter movies didn’t explore Wormtail’s silver hand, it was certainly talked about in detail in J.K. Rowling’s novels. Wormtail first got this magical silver hand after he severed it from his body while resurrecting Voldemort in The Goblet of Fire. However, it came with a catch.

The catch with Wormtail’s replacement hand was that it was cursed. Sure, the hand had magical properties, including being impervious to certain jinxes, but it also led to his downfall. Though Wormtail didn’t receive a proper final scene in the films, his demise in the books occurred when he was planning to do good on his “life debt” to Harry. Wormtail’s magical hand turned on him, wrapped around his neck, and took his life.

4 He was insecure about his body

Every single person on the planet has their own set of insecurities. This is true of all of the characters within J.K. Rowling’s masterful series. For Wormtail, it was his stature. Not only was his short height an issue for him, but his weight and shape particularly bothered him. He no doubt compared himself to the more traditionally handsome James Potter and Sirius Black while growing up.

Due to actor Timothy Spall’s height, Wormtail was portrayed a taller than he was in the books.

However, when he first appeared in Prisoner of Azkaban, he was around the same height as a 13 and 14-year-old Harry and Hermione. Both Harry and Hermione would grow to be taller, while Pettigrew remained the same height.

3 He Was Made More Rat-Like For The Films

J.K. Rowlings described Peter Pettigrew has had some of the qualities of a rat, especially after living as one for a solid twelve years. These traits included watery eyes, grubby skin, a pointed nose, and even a squeaky voice that followed him after he revealed himself in The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron wanted to make sure audiences absolutely knew that Pettigrew would have maintained some of his rat-like qualities after his twelve-year stint. These added details included extra nostril hair, knuckle hair, two big teeth, and a consistency between Scabbers’ fur and Wormtail’s locks. Hiding his neck with the right coat also made Wormtail’s rat-like look more believable. These details also came in handy for Wormtail’s visual transition back into his animagus form as he escaped.

2 He Took Voldemort’s Wand

Wormtail didn’t keep his distance the day after Voldemort’s downfall in Godric’s Hollow. He made sure he was nearby as he hoped his information would be useful. Voldemort, of course, wanted to take out a young Harry Potter due to the prophecy that stated that the boy could lead to his demise. Unfortunately for Voldemort, his attempt on Harry’s life backfired and he was practically disintegrated.

Wormtail deduced this once he came across the rubble of the house. He then found Voldemort’s iconic phoenix-feathered wand and took it for safe keeping.

He later gave it back to Voldemort once he was strong enough to use it once more.

There’s no telling where exactly Wormtail stored the wand while living as a rat for twelve years.

1 His Demise Was Connected To The Marauders

Wormtail’s connection to the Marauders, Lupin (Mooney), Sirius (Padfoot), and James (Prongs) was fully realized the day that he met his end. This is because Wormtail’s demise (at least in the book) was very similar to those of his three classmates.

All four of them, in one way or another, passed away while trying to protect or save Harry.

James met his end at the hands of Lord Voldemort that day in Godric’s Hollow. Sirius was protecting Harry when he was struck by Bellatrix’s curse. Lupin fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, giving Harry a moment to escape from Dolohov, who was later revealed to have taken Lupin out. Finally, Wormtail’s cursed hand turned on him the moment he was about to let Harry go, honoring his life-debt.

What do you think is the craziest fact about Wormtail in Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments below!

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