Star Trek: Picard’s REAL Villains Revealed: The Synthetic Federation, Not Romulans

Warning: SPOILERS Below For Star Trek: Picard Season 1, Episode 9

The true villains of Star Trek: Picard have been revealed: The great threat isn’t the Romulans, but a federation of synthetic beings that exist outside of the galaxy and are coming to wipe out organic life. However, this doesn’t mean the anti-synthetics cabal called the Zhat Vash are on the side of the angels; in Star Trek: Picard episode 9, “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1”, the Romulans are still plotting to eradicate the planet Coppelius and the synthetics who live there, all of whom are the brothers and sisters of Soji (Isa Briones).

The mysteries of Star Trek: Picard season 1 are all tied together by the actions of the Zhat Vash, who have spent hundreds of years dedicated to wiping out artificial lifeforms. However, the Romulans believe that the threat to the galaxy is Soji and the numerous other synthetics built by Dr. Bruce Maddox (John Ales) and Dr. Altan Inigo Soong (Brent Spiner) from the positronic neuron of the late Commander Data. Ironically, it was Zhat Vash leader Commodore Oh’s (Tamlyn Tomita) plot to force the United Federation of Planets to ban synthetics by staging an attack on Mars by rogue androids that led to Maddox and Soong to escape to the hidden planet of Coppelius and spend 14 years perfecting human-like synthetics, culminating in the creation of Soji and her late twin sister Dahj. The Zhat Vash have been chasing Maddox and his “abominations” ever since but thanks to the devious machinations of Narek (Harry Treadaway), the Romulan Tal Shiar discovered the location of Coppelius from Soji.

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When Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) sought refuge for himself and Soji with his friends Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) on Nepenthe, the aged Starfleet legend confessed he was in over his head. It turns out this was an understatement because in his quest to find Data’s daughter, Picard and his ragtag crew aboard the hired starship La Sirena found themselves embroiled in a conflict for the fate of the galaxy. Worse, it’s unclear who is entirely in the right or whether Picard can trust the synthetics he came to save – especially when they placed him under house arrest under the orders of Sutra, one of Soji’s android sisters, during “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1’s” cliffhanger ending. So, let’s unravel Star Trek: Picard‘s macro story and try to determine who the bad guys truly are.

By using a Vulcan mind-meld on Dr. Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill), Sutra saw the Admonition, which is the ancient warning left behind by the ancient synthetics. For centuries, the Zhat Vash used as the Admonition as an initiation rite to plunge the unassuageable fear of androids into the heart of their members. However, it seems that Sutra was right when she guessed that the memories of the Armageddon hundreds of thousands of years ago weren’t meant for the Romulans to find but they were actually intended as a warning for other synthetic beings.

The complete message Sutra discovered detailed an ancient history of organic beings building synthetic lifeforms in their pursuit of perfection and then growing jealous because their creations don’t age or die. So, the organics sought to destroy the synthetics. The organics won the war long ago and, since they left the message behind, it’s logical to assume that the synthetics were the ones who dragged eight suns together into an octonary star system and left Aia, the Grief World, in the center. But hundreds of millennia later, the synthetics have formed a vast alliance of artificial beings far outside our galaxy – and they have a way to watch the evolution of the synthetic race that originated with Dr. Noonien Soong’s positronic androids.

Sutra and Altan described the Synthetic Federation as an all-artificial lifeform version of the United Federation of Planets. Their purpose is to “seek out advanced synthetic life and excise it from the oppression by organics” – a spin on Starfleet’s mission to seek out new life and new civilizations to join the Federation. The Synthetic Federation is waiting to be summoned by the androids on Coppelius to wreak the same devastation to the organic lifeforms in the Alpha Quadrant. Sutra sees this as the best option for her family’s survival against the Romulans’ attack. But she also bears a special grudge against Starfleet and organics because of the synthetics ban and especially because Captain Alonzo Vandermeer of the U.S.S. ibn Majid killed her twin Jana in 2390 under Oh’s orders when she learned they were synthetics. However, it’s unclear whether the Synthetic Federation are “villains” in the sense that they are evil, or if they’re just coming to fight for the survival of their synthetic race.

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However, the fact that there’s an even greater threat somewhere beyond the final frontier (that the Romulans aren’t aware of yet) doesn’t mean the Zhat Vash aren’t also the villains because they absolutely are. Commodore Oh, her operatives, Narissa (Peyton List) and her brother Narek, and their underlings have caused the deaths of tens of thousands during the Mars attack. Narissa also ordered the assassination of Dahj and she murdered Hugh Borg (Jonathan Del Arco) as well as thousands of Borg Drones in stasis aboard the Artifact. The Romulans are also looking to wipe out all of the synthetics, who are sentient beings, despite the fact that their creation was illegal under Federation law (that the Zhat Vash’s devious acts made possible).

The damage Oh has caused is possibly incalculable, especially since she was planted into Starfleet as a Romulan mole soon after Data was created and has manipulated the Federation from the shadows for decades. And while the Zhat Vash see their nefarious acts as necessary for the good of the galaxy, it is their aggression against synthetics that is now provoking the Synthetic Federation to attack the Alpha Quadrant. Sutra surmised that since the Admonition was meant for synthetics and not Romulans, the Zhat Vash have been willingly driving themselves insane for centuries, all based on something that wasn’t intended for their pointed ears in the first place. Indeed, if and when the Synthetic Federation attack, the Zhat Vash will have written the book of their own demise. The dreaded question is whether the Synthetics will stop at destroying the Romulans or if they’ll lay waste to the entire galaxy as well.

The final lingering question of Star Trek: Picard season 1 is who will be the Destroyer that the Zhat Vash prophecized would lead the synthetics? The discovery of the Synthetic Federation casts ‘the Destroyer’ in a new light; if it’s one of the synths on Coppelius, does the Destroyer merely lead the other Data-derived androids against the Romulans or is the Destroyer somehow an interface to the Synthetic Federation and will lead their army from beyond the galaxy?

After reuniting with her family, Soji spent much of “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1” questioning whether taking a life is justified in order to protect many others. She was musing about her desire to kill Narek but, in a macro sense, if Soji becomes the Destroyer, then it extrapolates to her killing the thousands of Romulans about to invade. Star Trek: Picard episode 9 ended with a hint that Soji would indeed become the Destroyer the Zhat Vash believed her to be. However, the more likely candidate is Sutra, Soji’s predecessor and golden-skinned doppelganger. Sutra clearly has a revenge-fueled agenda in mind and it was her idea to summon the Synthetic Federation. Sutra’s manipulative behavior, like freeing Narek from captivity, which led to the murder of her sister Saga (Nikita Ramsey) positions Sutra as a true villain. In fact, even though she was created from Data’s positronic neuron, Sutra acts more like Lore, Data’s evil android older brother.

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There are still other options for the Destroyer as well; it could be Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), who is now the ersatz Queen of her own micro-Borg Collective, or it could be Narissa if she was indeed assimilated by the Borg at the end of Star Trek: Picard episode 8. Trekkers can only hope that Star Trek: Picard‘s season 1 finale answers all of the questions in a way that lives up to the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes of the past.

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Marvel’s Infinity Stones Will Return To New Heroes and Villains

Marvel’s Infinity Stones are making a comeback, as a new comic crossover titled Infinite Destinies was announced on Wednesday. The series will feature eight different annuals starring new Marvel Comics heroes and villains which will focus on what ties them to the powerful gems.

The new annuals will take place in the pages of eight different series and each feature a newer character as a guest star. Two titles will publish an Infinite Destinies annual every month, starting with Iron Man Annual #1 by Jed MacKay and Ibraim Roberson co-starring Quantum and Captain America Annual #1 by Gerry Duggan and Marco Castiello co-starring Overtime. The Iron Man story will focus on Tony Stark tracking the kidnappers of Miles Morales, which leads him to Quantum and the Assessor. Meanwhile, Cap’s story will see Overtime will break out of death row and bond with the soul stone.

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Other series include Miles Morales: Spider-Man Annual #2 co-starring Amulet, and Amazing Spider-Man #1 Annual co-starring Star. The new heroes and villains will come in direct contact and bond with the Infinity Stones – just like Star previously has with the reality stone. Giving newer characters the chance to interact with Marvel’s most famous objects is a great way to put them in the spotlight. Each annual from Indefinite Destinies will also feature a small ongoing story within that will see Nick Fury reunited with Agent Coulson. Here’s how McKay described the main series.

The Infinity Stones have found new homes — as people!” Jed MacKay said. “INFINITE DESTINIES is the next chapter in the story of the Infinity Stones and the people they’ve bonded with — and the powers in the Marvel Universe who are taking interest in these powerful new players.

It’s great to see the Infinity Stones back and taking the center stage in the Marvel Universe. There are so many different ways the stones can impact the new heroes and villains, so really, the annuals can go in any direction they please. The question is, will these characters stay bonded with the stones or will someone collect them all by series end?

Check out the titles, release dates, and the characters featured in the image below.

Here are the covers for Iron Man Annual #1 and Captain America Annual #1. 

Lastly, here’s the full description of the series from Marvel.

The Infinity Stones and their abilities have always been shrouded in mystery, but one thing is for certain: where these stones go, trouble follows. Expect cataclysmic battles, shocking twists, and jaw dropping revelations about some of Marvel’s most promising new characters when INFINITE DESTINIES begins this June! Stay tuned for announcements about other INFINITE DESTINES annuals coming in July and August from Marvel’s top talent including Kelly Thompson (Captain Marvel) and Saladin Ahmed (Miles Morales: Spider-Man).

Infinite Destinies will begin in June.

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The Batman: Fan Casting 10 Villains Who Have Never Been In Live Action Movies

After Ben Affleck’s version of Batman failed to gain much traction in the DCEU, The Batman hopes to reboot the character with Robert Pattison donning the cape and cowl. The movie already has fans excited with a darker tone promised as well as the appearance of some classic villains including Penguin, The Riddler and Catwoman.

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While those baddies are fun additions, some fans were hoping to see some villains who have yet to get their shot at the big screen. Batman has such an interesting roster of bad guys, maybe we’ll see some new ones in upcoming films. Let’s take a look at some of the villains who have yet to appear on the big screen and who should play them.

10 Jodie Comer As Firefly

Firefly is a villain with a long and ever-changing history in the comics. The most popular version of the character is a pyrotechnics specialist who becomes obsessed with fire and begins a career as an arsonist in Gotham. Such a villain could make for some thrilling sequences in a film.

While Firefly is traditionally a male character, Jodie Comer seems like too fun of a fit to ignore. We have seen Comer’s incredible talents on display in Killing Eve where she plays an unhinged killer. She could use that same kind of energy in this role and have a lot of fun with the character.

9 Sterling K. Brown As Man-Bat

It makes sense that the hero who is a man dressed as a bat would face off with a villain who is a man who becomes a bat. While Man-Bat might sound like a silly premise on paper, he is actually a pretty interesting villain who could also provide an interesting horror element to the film.

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Man-Bat is a scientist who is transformed into a giant bat creature so an actor would be needed to play the tortured role. Sterling K. Brown has the kind of onscreen presence that exudes intelligence, but it would also be interesting to see him take on the darker aspects of the character.

8 Liu Yifei As Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva is an interesting character as she would see herself as less of a villain for Batman and more of a test for him. She is a skilled and deadly warrior who spends her time seeking out the perfect opponent who can stand up to her in a fight. She also frequently encourages Batman to unleash his full violence and kill his enemies.

Lui Yifei is an upcoming actor ready to break out big with this year’s live-action remake of Mulan. Yifei will play the titular hero in that film and looks to have handled the action scenes brilliantly. It would be fun to see her go from a Disney princess to a trained killer.

7 Song Kang-Ho As Calendar Man

Calendar Man is an interesting villain who started off as a rather cheesy bad guy only to grow more complex over the years. His entire gimmick is that he commits crimes based on seasons and holidays. He is featured prominently in the popular storyline The Long Halloween.

This would be a tough character to get right as an actor would have to walk a fine line between creepy and silly. Song Kang-Ho, the star of Parasite, could be the right actor to pull it off. Looking at some of his other great collaborations with Bong Joon-Ho, he plays difficult tones with honesty and intensity.

6 Phoebe Waller-Bridge As The Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter is one of Batman’s oldest villains but has yet to reach the big screen. He is a criminal obsessed over Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and the character he takes his name from. He is always a genius scientist who discovered how to control people’s brainwaves and turn them into his slaves.

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This is another character who could benefit from a gender-swap as Phoebe Waller-Bridge would be excellent in the role. It would be great to see the talented actor show off a fun villainous side and she could also bring some humor to the admittedly silly villain.

5 John C. Reilly As Professor Pyg

Professor Pyg is one of the more recent Batman villains and one who could be perfect for Pattinson’s version which is said to be a darker take. The villain is a surgeon who performs experiments on his victims to correct the perceived flaws he sees in them.

The unsettling villain needs the right character who can balance the bizarre look of the character with his violent acts. John C. Reilly could be great in the part. He is often seen as such a likable person in movies so it could be interesting to see him play such a gruesome villain.

4 Christoph Waltz As Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange is a villain who tends to use his brain more than his strength to fight Batman. He is a brilliant mastermind and scientist who is one of the only villains to learn Batman’s true identity. Strange attacked Bruce Wayne on a personal level, leading him to bankruptcy on one occasion and even taking over the role of Batman.

Christoph Waltz might seem like a bit of a clichéd choice for a villain at this point, but there’s no denying he is effective in such roles. He could bring a lot of charm, cleverness, and evil to such a complex character.

3 Alden Ehrenreich As Hush

Hush is another villain who has only appeared in recent years but has already established a solid following. Tommy Elliott was the childhood friend of Bruce Wayne but holds a secret vendetta against the family. He succeeded in controlling some of Batman’s most dangerous enemies to carry out his revenge.

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Hush would need to be played by someone who is around the same age as Pattinson. While he is a couple of years younger, Alden Ehrenreich would be an interesting choice for the role. He is an actor of incredible range and it would be great to see him take on a darker role.

2 Emma Stone As Phantasm

Phantasm is a character not created by the comics but rather for the animated movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. The villain is a mysterious vigilante who targets crime bosses in Gotham and murders them. Soon Batman is accused of the crimes and must stop the deadly figure.

It turns out Phantasm is Bruce Wayne’s own former love interest Andrea Beaumont. Emma Stone could be an interesting partner for Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne and she could bring a lot of depth and intrigue to the complex role which is unlike anything we’ve seen her play yet.

1 Michael Shannon As Clayface

Clayface is probably the most popular Batman villain who has yet to appear in a movie. He is most known as a criminal who was exposed to a supernatural substance which allows him to shapeshift but also transformed him into a hideous monster.

Michael Shannon is an actor who could have a lot of fun with a role like this. He can play the intensity of the intimidating villain as well as the more complex moment of a man who has become a monster.

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10 Scariest Villains In Batman: The Animated Series | ScreenRant

An icon of the ’90s, Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS for short), is arguably one of the most influential and loved animated shows of all time. It debuted on Fox Kids in 1992, aiming to capture the dark and stylistic elements of the Tim Burton movies that captivated adults, while at the same time making the series watchable for children.

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While BTAS gave us some of the best versions of Batman, Robin, and Batgirl put to screen, the series is most known for its fantastic use of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery. The show gave us Mark Hamill’s legendary performance as the Joker, as well as introducing us to the iconic Harley Quinn, and giving us a fantastic new origin story for Mr. Freeze. Due to the dark, film noir style of the series and despite being on Fox Kids, some of these villains were outright terrifying.

This article will list the 10 scariest Batman: The Animated Series villains of all time.

10 Bane

Bane is one of the most infamous Batman villains due to the fact that he “broke the Bat.” In the legendary Knightfall story arc of the 1990s, Bane descended upon Gotham, hatched a plan to weaken the Caped Crusader, and then beat Batman to a pulp before breaking Batman’s back over his knee.

While BTAS didn’t allow Bane to break the Bat in the series, the show did give us, arguably, the best adaptation of Bane’s character so far, as well as the iconic image of Bane holding Batman above his head.

9 Killer Croc

This one may be slightly controversial due to Killer Croc’s treatment in the series. At first, the character was a mysterious and intimidating villain who was a match for Batman; however, as the series progressed Killer Croc started to become more of a punchline due to his limited intelligence.

That being said, there is no doubt that Killer Croc is still a terrifying villain. We certainly wouldn’t be laughing if he “threw a rock” at us.

8 H.A.R.D.A.C.

H.A.R.D.A.C. was another villain who made his debut in BTAS, leaving a mark on the wider Batman fan community in the process. The character first appeared in the two-part episode “Heart of Steel,” which focused around the supercomputer who wished to replace Gotham City residents with robotic replicants.

H.A.R.D.A.C. is scary, not only because the AI gives off Terminator vibes, but also because of his evil plan. It makes one think of classic horror movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

7 Clayface

Clayface is a terrifying villain, not only because his powers are so strong, but also because of the tragic backstory of the character. It provides another element of horror that is a perfect example of just how strong and detailed the writing was behind BTAS.

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It goes without saying that a character who can turn his arms into lethal weapons deserves to be on this list. Furthermore, Clayface’s shapeshifting ability also allows for a whole new avenue of horror.

6 Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul deserves to be on this list for one of two reasons. The first is that, when the character is first introduced, the imagery surrounding him is very unsettling, and certainly left a few young viewers disturbed; Ra’s Al Ghul is seen wearing a jackal head mask that, coupled with the soundtrack, is just plain creepy.

The second reason is that Ra’s Al Ghul is the head of an international organization that makes him an incredibly powerful and dangerous man (not to mention his unhinged state of mind after emerging from the Lazarus Pit).

5 Lloyd Ventrix

This one may come as a surprise to some as the character isn’t a particularly iconic villain in the series, but Lloyd Ventrix is an intensely creepy individual. His episode starts with a mystery, as we see a young girl being given jewelry by an unseen force. However, it is later revealed that he is the girl’s father, who has been ordered by law to stay away but has found an invisible suit that allows him to visit her.

The idea of an invisible man creeping around young children is a very disturbing thought indeed, and the voice actor behind Ventrix plays him perfectly.

4 Red Claw

Red Claw may be one of the most underrated BTAS villains. The character had several appearances throughout the show’s run, with the terrorist usually seen attempting to destroy Gotham with either nuclear warheads or some kind of chemical weapon.

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In a similar vein to Ra’s Al Ghul, Red Claw is terrifying because of her power in an international organization, as well as her own personal and ruthless skill set.

3 Scarecrow

Naturally, this list wouldn’t be complete without the Master of Fear and Professor of Panic himself, the Scarecrow. This character had several redesigns throughout his run on the series, with the first being the most unsettling of them all (though his design in the New Batman Adventures is pure nightmare fuel).

The scariest thing about Scarecrow, however, is his fear toxin. The character is able to reduce someone to a shaking mess, forcing them to see their greatest fears.

2 The Joker

As in the case of Scarecrow, a list concerning the scariest Batman villains would not be complete without the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Joker. BTAS is perhaps most well known for introducing the world to what some fans believe is the best portrayal of the Joker. The legendary Mark Hamill provided the iconic voice after Tim Curry was no longer able to lend his.

While the Joker is terrifying in general, the most unsettling and disturbing element of the Joker in BTAS was his use of the Joker toxin. This toxin caused the victim to laugh hysterically before then collapsing on the ground with a wide, unnatural smile across their face.

1 Mr. Freeze

BTAS deserves some immense credit for its treatment of Mr. Freeze. It was this series that gave the character his own tragic backstory, revealing that he was rendered cold after falling into a vat of chemicals while trying to find a cure for his wife’s terminal illness.

While the character certainly elicits sympathy, this does not make him any less terrifying. His unnerving and emotionless voice, coupled with his heartless method of attack, make him a terrifying foe.

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Were The Avengers The VILLAINS of Secret Invasion? | Screen Rant

No good deed goes unpunished, and that goes double for The Avengers. But the time has come for Empyre, leading the Skrulls to unite into a stronger alliance than ever before… and finally prove that they were the victims of Earth’s Mightiest Monsters.

Back in 2008, Marvel launched a mega-event series called Secret Invasion. The story centered around the heroes of the Marvel universe suddenly discovering that some of their closest allies have been secretly been shape-shifting aliens called the Skrulls for a long time. Nick Fury being…well, Nick Fury, had a plan for this and created a secret team of his own to combat the Skrull threat. Eventually, after much chaos, Fury’s new commandos and the Avengers fought back and somehow managed to destroy the Skrull armada. So, you’d think the problem would be solved. Well, not so fast.

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The Skrull and Kree have been at war for centuries, but have recently been united under the new King of the Universe, Hulkling! Now that the two races are forging a formal alliance, it looks like the Skrulls want some payback for the losses they suffered during the Secret Invasion storyline. To the Skrulls, the Avengers have been the bad guys the whole time. The destruction of their homeworld even once being foretold in a prophecy. Now, under their new king — and with a whole new army to fight with — the Skrulls have their sights set on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And thanks to Marvel’s latest official tease of Empyre, they’re recruiting other patriotic Skrulls to their cause.

The return of the Celestial Messiah to the Blue Area of the Moon sets off a new chapter in the Kree/Skrull War—only this time, it’s a Kree/Skrull Alliance aimed directly at Earth, and only the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and more of Earth’s heroes stand in their way…

Secret Invasion had the unenviable task of being the follow-up series to Civil War, a storyline that was later loosely adapted into the third Captain America movie. But given its own prominence in Marvel’s alien history, it was speculated the Captain Marvel movie would take advantage of the Secret Invasion story arc. In the end, the movie’s Skrulls were actually misunderstood victims, leaving Captain Marvel herself to become their greatest champion. e epic scale that EMPYRE is going for, one would think the MCU would want to adapt that storyline into a future Avengers or Captain Marvel movie as well.

Still, the message of this propaganda is clear: The Avengers are the villains responsible for war atrocities, according to the Skrulls, and it’s time to join the fight. Fans can probably expect more of the super cool propaganda artwork like the one above by John Tyler Christopher in the near future as Marvel gears up for the launch of EMPYRE.

EMPYRE #1 hits comic shelves in April.

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Source: Marvel

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Will Hirsch

James Bond: 10 Scariest Villains, Ranked | ScreenRant

James Bond is one of the longest-running movie franchises of all time. Since 1962, Bond has gripped us all with his daring missions, high tech gadgets, and terrifying villains. Due to the fact that the film series has been running for so long, there is a wealth of villains in Bond’s rogues’ gallery. Some of these villains are laughably bad, with schemes that have been parodied over the years, while others can be creepy and unnerving, imposing, or just outright scary. The upcoming Bond film certainly appears to have an unnerving villain, with Rami Malek’s masked Safin looking incredibly scary in the trailer released thus far.

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This article will list the 10 scariest Bond Villains.

10 Mr. Wint And Mr. Kidd

Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd represent a strange, progressive yet problematic moment in Bond’s history. It is heavily implied that the two are gay, with the two assassins holding hands at times and when Mr. Kidd suggested that Miss Case was attractive ‘for a lady’, Mr. Wint looked offended. On the one hand, their representation is homophobic due to the fact that they fall into gay stereotypes, on the other hand, their sexuality isn’t even mentioned, meaning it is just a part of their character.

Their creepiness, however, comes from their conversations with each other and how they tried to kill Bond. The way they speak is unnerving and they tried to kill Bond by locking him in a coffin, ready to be cremated.

9 Dr. Julius No

Dr. No is one of the most memorable and unique Bond villains of all time. Dr. No is a nuclear scientist working for SPECTRE, plotting to sabotage an American rocket for SPECTRE. Not only does Dr. No have terrifying weaponry, including a tank, on his island, but he also has extremely strong prosthetic hands.

While the hands aren’t particularly dexterous, they are more than capable of crushing objects, as the film shows clearly with Dr. No crushing a metal figurine.

8 Renard

Renard is an underrated Bond villain. While the villain did show up in the World is not Enough, a maligned Bond film, Robert Carlyle did a fantastic job of bringing the character to life. Renard is a terrorist who was shot in the head by another Mi6 agent, rather than killing Renard, it simply cut off the pain receptors in his brain, meaning that he feels no more pain.

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Aside from the fact that he is difficult to fight as he feels no pain, Renard is also a sadistic character. He enjoys punishing his henchmen if they fail, with many of his henchmen killing themselves if they fail in order to avoid Renard’s punishment.

7 Alec Trevelyan

Alec Trevelyan isn’t only one of the best Bond villains of all time, but he is also one of the scariest. While initially an Mi6 agent, Trevelyan felt betrayed after a mission with Bond left him scarred and believed dead by both James Bond and the rest of Mi6.

As a consequence of the betrayal, Trevelyan took a villainous turn and plotted to disrupt the UK’s economy, stealing millions from the Bank of England using the Goldeneye satellite.

6 Raoul Silva

Raoul Silva’s plot in Skyfall was largely a revenge mission against M, which ultimately resulted in both her death and his own. While one of the scariest things Raoul Silva does involves removing his fake jaw, even if we put this aside he is a terrifying villain.

Silva is the head of an organization that is run based on fear of him. We see Sévérine twitch in fear at the mere mention of his name, he is certainly a terrifying villain.

5 Donald ‘Red’ Grant

Donald ‘Red’ Grant was a thematic ‘dark mirror’ to Bond. Red Grant was an agent working for SPECTRE and the Aryan henchman became a bit of a cliche in the Bond franchise after this, with henchmen such as Stamper being cut from the same cloth as Red Grant.

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What made Red Grant so scary was his ruthlessness, as well as his method of execution. At the start of From Russia With Love, we see Red Grant strangling someone wearing a Bond mask, an unnerving scene that makes us worry for Bond’s life.

4 Oddjob

Oddjob is one of the most iconic Bond villains. The character was the henchman and personal bodyguard of Auric Goldfinger, yet stole a fair amount of the limelight from the titular villain of Goldfinger. While Oddjob is most well known for his iconic razer brimmed bowler hat, it is his personality that makes him so intimidating.

Throughout the film, Oddjob never says a word making him a silent assassin. We never know what he is thinking and he appears to be unable to reason with so, if you wish to stop him, you will have to fight him.

3 Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi represents a foray into the supernatural for the Bond franchise. Throughout Live and Let Die, we cannot tell if the character does actually possess legitimate voodoo powers, or if he simply pretends to use dark magic as a form of intimidation.

One of the most terrifying aspects of this character is his maniacal laugh, which we see several times throughout the movie, most notably at the end of the film when it is revealed that Baron Samedi survived his apparent death and heavily implying he is a supernatural villain.

2 Jaws

Along with Oddjob, Jaws is one of the most iconic Bond henchmen of all time, with the character appearing in both the Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. The character is most well known for his stainless steel teeth that could bite through almost anything and his gargantuan stature.

Naturally, it is the character’s huge size and stainless steel teeth that make the character so terrifying. No one would want to see Jaws smiling at them in a dark alley.

1 Blofeld

No one else could have topped this list. While many different actors have portrayed the infamous and mysterious Ernst Stavro Blofeld and head of SPECTRE, they have all captured his terrifying and intimidating character (with or without a white cat).

Not only does Blofeld have a scary scar across his face, but his tone of voice and the fact that he is the head of an incredibly powerful organization only makes him scarier.

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Sam Hutchinson

Criminal Cringe: 10 Severely Over-Acted Movie Villains

We won’t lie. We love when our villains go over-the-top and chew the scenery worse than a Dalmatian with separation anxiety! It’s entertaining, cinematic and quite memorable to see great actors push the envelope for the sake of fun!

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Today we’re counting down 10 of the most severely over-acted movie villains of all time. These bad guys deserve a salute for soaring above and beyond their pay grade in order to dazzle us with unbridled theatrics. Let’s dive in!

10 NORMAN STANSFIELD / GARY OLDMAN – Lèon: The Professional (1994)

Gary Oldman is no stranger to playing outrageous villains, but his stint as Norman Stansfield in the 1994 action hit Lèon: The Professional is especially noteworthy. Here, Oldman channels absolute A-list acting skills, while still somehow managing to portray an incredibly over-acted villain. This combination, while highly unorthodox, makes Stansfield one of the most memorable villains of all time.

Every scene involving Stansfield is riveting, chilling and funny, all rolled into one. Whether Oldman is getting the shakes while dropping pills and talking about Italian food, or telling his thug subordinate to bring him “Eeeeeeeverrrrryyyyyone!”, Oldman channels all the energy and projects it onto the audience with ham-fisted over-acting which simultaneously deserves an Oscar!

9 JOHN KREESE / MARTIN KOVE – The Karate Kid (1984)

As far as bad teachers go, John Kreese takes the cake. Not only is he mentally damaged goods, but his treatment of his karate students is nothing short of appalling. Martin Kove brought a heavy degree of over-acting to the part of Kreese in memorable scenes that include Daniel and Mr. Miyagi’s first visit to the infamous Cobra Kai dojo.

Throughout the film, Kreese becomes more wicked and irredeemable when he forces his students to cheat at the All Valley tournament, only to fail outright. Enraged, Kreese attempts to pick a fight with Mr. Miyagi, only to be taught a lesson which unfortunately falls on deaf ears. Martin Kove churned out one of the 1980s cinema’s most memorable love-to-hate villains!

8 COMMODUS / JOAQUIN PHOENIX – Gladiator (2000)

Before Joaquin Phoenix churned out a killer performance in 2019’s Joker (and lectured us about the plight of oppressed dairy cows), he was making a name for himself in movies like 8mm, U Turn, and Clay Pigeons. His breakout performance would come in 2000’s Gladiator, where he played the wicked and ambitious Commodus, the scorned son of the late Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Phoenix channels all of his insecurity and anger to portray a memorable Commodus, who slowly loses his grip on Rome’s populace, putting him in the crosshairs of his nemesis, Maximus Meridius. While Maximus plays up the action aspect of the film, Commodus serves as a window into the broken psyche of a short-changed son who deserves all the ills he receives, right up until his death. With Phoenix in the role, that means a highly entertaining series of over-acted scenes involving wayward lust, blind rage, and crushing sorrow.

7 THE RIDDLER / JIM CARREY – Batman Forever (1995)

Following Batman Returns, the former Tim Burton franchise would fall into the hands of Michael Schumacher, to much fan dismay. His first crack at the Bat franchise included putting the rubber-faced Jim Carrey into the role of The Riddler in an attempt to capitalize on his mid-90s comedic fame.

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It was an ill pairing from the start, with Batman Forever scoring disastrously among fans, but somehow Carrey’s performance is still irresistible to watch. Sure, it’s not at all in line with the comic book character, but it’s trademark Jim Carrey in over-acting hyperdrive, and that can’t be all bad!


Although the opening act of Face/Off sees John Travolta and Nicholas Cage in their correct roles as FBI agent Sean Archer and uber-criminal Castor Troy, the script soon flips (literally), with both characters wearing the other’s face. Suddenly, Castor Troy finds himself infiltrating Archer’s professional and private lives, putting him uncomfortably close to Archer’s wife and daughter.

John Travolta hams the performance up to 11, and it’s spectacular to watch. His attempts to ingratiate himself into Archer’s family is both comedic and disturbing at the same time, while his business-style approach to killing the real Sean Archer is never without entertainment value. Travolta jokes, screams and cackles maniacally while turning the FBI into his own personal hit squad.

5 DARTH SIDIOUS / IAN MCDIARMID – Star Wars – Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith (2005)

Revenge of the Sith obviously wasn’t the first time we saw the menacing Sith Lord Darth Sidious on screen, but it was the only time actor Ian McDiarmid cranked the valve all the way to the right, and let the gas pour out. The result was a thoroughly scary, yet highly imaginative portrayal of the galaxy’s most notorious villain. What begins with subtle dark manipulation soon turns into a cacophony of cackling madness, as Sidious comes out from behind the curtain to wreak havoc on the galaxy.

McDiarmid’s slippery-tongued vocal delivery and maniacal laughter are brought right to the forefront, easily tripling his far more subtle performance in Return of the Jedi. The battle with Yoda is the culmination of what must have been decades of pent-up frustration for the Sith Lord, giving us one extremely over-acted performance that helped make Revenge of the Sith the most memorable of the controversial Star Wars prequels.

4 MICHAEL CORLEONE / AL PACINO – Scarface (1983)

Pacino’s portrayal of Cuban expat Tony Montana is pure comic book villain from top to bottom. Pacino’s menacing frown, thick accent, and crazy-eyes allow him to steal every single scene he’s in without batting a lash.

There are too many memorable scenes in Scarface to list here, but rest assured that from start to finish, Pacino’s portrayal of Tony Montana never lets up as he rampages through his list of enemies and dances on their corpses. The final act of the film gave audiences one of the most recognizable one-liners in history with “Say Hello to my little friend!”, which only Pacino could deliver with such honest and unrestrained sincerity!

3 GOLLUM / ANDY SERKIS – Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)

When it comes to CGI characters, Andy Serkis certainly broke new ground during his portrayal of the villainous Gollum in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Garbed in a ridiculous motion capture suit, Serkis mustered every ounce of acting skill he had to bring the digital character to life onscreen.

While a menacing villain, Gollum is also a source of comedic relief, and a major plot device. In order to bring the tortured and demented creature to life, Serkis needed to over-act. He managed to pull it off, creating one of the most recognizable movie villains ever committed to celluloid.

2 THE KURGAN / CLANCY BROWN – Highlander (1986)

Clancy Brown is an extremely versatile actor who can play hero, villain and everything in between. His gruff exterior and imposing physical stature made him a natural fit for villainous roles. Brown cut his teeth as the deranged immortal Kurgan, the nemesis of protagonist Connor MacLeod.

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Brown’s portrayal of The Kurgan starts off rather low-key and menacing, but it isn’t long before he goes off the rails and begins taunting poor little nuns and grannies, alike. Brown over-acts the part with an incredible lack of anything resembling an apology, which ended up churning out one of cinema’s most entertaining root-for-the-bad-guy archetypes.

1 THE JOKER / JACK NICHOLSON – Batman (1989)

Nobody could have possibly played the clown prince of crime better than Jack Nicholson in this 1989 Tim Burton superhero classic. Nicholson played the psychotic Jack Napier, second in command to the infamous Carl Grissom. Already a few cards short of a full deck, Napier is pushed over the line when a fight with Batman ends with him plunging head-first into a vat of toxic chemicals. One botched plastic surgery session later, and Napier comes apart at the seams, turning into a deranged lunatic who suddenly sees life in all of its comedic pointlessness.

Jack Nicholson’s performance is so over-the-top that it still remains the closest portrayal of the Joker to the original comic book source material if we’re not counting Mark Hamill’s voicing of the animated character. Nicholson is both hilarious and chilling at the same time, as he dances back and forth between madcap hilarity and sinister, wicked cruelty.

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Derek Draven

Disney Villains: 5 Reasons Why Scar Is The Most Evil (& 5 Reasons It’s Ursula)

When it comes to classic Disney movies, everyone looks to the incredible heroes that the company has created. Whether it be the amazing princesses such as Cinderella and Tiana, or the legendary heroes such as Aladdin and Simba.

However, the importance of a great villain can simply not be understated. Disney are amazing at creating characters that audiences simply detest from minute one, mainly because they often have horrible ideas in mind for the movie.

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Two of the very best are Scar and Ursula, which is why their respective movies (The Lion King and The Little Mermaid) are amongst the very best in Disney’s library. But, in this article, we will be trying to determine which one of them is the evilest.

10 Scar: He Achieves His Plan

While you can argue that Ursula does achieve her plan, she is only really in complete control for a few moments before Eric attacks her with his ship. Scar, on the other hand, does become the leader of the pride rock and under his rule, everything goes to hell.

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Animals that aren’t in his inner circle are simply left to starve as the water has run dry and everything simply turns to ash. He wasn’t to know that Simba was still around and had the potential to return and challenge him, because, without that, Scar would have remained in charge until he died.

9 Ursula: The Cackle

It might be something very simple, but the classic Ursula cackle is something that is incredibly unnerving and will strike fear into any young viewer. It’s something that became iconic with her character and is certainly one of her main traits, and it’s a great one.

She does it in such a way that makes Ursula seem friendly as she cackles along throughout a song, but in reality, it’s incredibly menacing. The fact that it’s essentially a laugh that is very creepy makes it even scarier than anything other people do.

8 Scar: “Be Prepared”

While Ursula is able to belt out an incredible tune with her very powerful and impressive voice, out of the two of them it is Scar who has the scarier song. Singing to the hyenas that they need to be prepared for what he has planned is incredibly creepy.

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The scene that comes with “Be Prepared” is also incredibly scary, with Scar stood up high as the hyenas walk around in order, in an almost creepy army fashion. Everything about it is scary and it just shows how easily Scar is able to convince people to follow his beliefs.

7 Ursula: Her Polyp Garden

While Scar can be very dangerous and does manage to kill Mufasa within the movie, he doesn’t then spend all of his time bragging about it or displaying his victory around for everyone to see. That is the complete opposite to Ursula and her incredibly creepy polyp garden of souls.

It showcases just how many people she has tricked before Ariel comes around, showing she has no remorse or will to actually help people. The fact she then keeps these little creatures is quite vile and shows just how scary she is.

6 Scar: Greater Sidekicks

While Flotsam and Jetsam are certainly effective eels that help Ursula get to Ariel, it is Scar who has the greatest sidekicks. Even though Ursula’s are certainly smarter, Scar’s three Hyena’s (Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed) are simply greater, mainly because they offer more to the movie.

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This trio is definitely scarier, their high pitched laugh and maniacal behavior is absolutely unsettling at times and the Hyena army that ends up being created is reminiscent of a war movie. They’re freaky and they certainly help make Scar more evil overall.

5 Ursula: Creating The Storm

When Ursula finally gets what she had hoped for and finally takes King Triton’s powers, she wastes no time in highlighting just what she can do with them. While Triton just focuses on keeping the peace under the sea, having musical performances from his daughters, Ursula does the total opposite.

She uses an insane amount of power that Ursula creates an incredible storm in the ocean, showing just how quick and easy she is able to take to power and responsibility. It’s a very scary climax to the movie, as she brings terror to everyone.

4 Scar: Murdering His Brother

Even though Ursula does succeed in taking Ariel’s voice and turns King Triton into a polyp, everything eventually turns back to normal. Ariel gets her wish and King Triton returns to power, whereas Scar actually does exactly what he sets out to do, which is murder.

While he doesn’t expect to deal with a young Simba again, believing he has dealt with him. He does know that Mufasa isn’t an issue because he is the person responsible for killing him. This is what makes him truly evil, as Scar actually murders someone within the film.

3 Ursula: Shape-Shifting

Ursula has many different powers due to the fact that she is a witch, and when she realizes Ariel and Eric are beginning to fall in love with each other, she busts one of them out. That is the ability to shape-shift as she transforms herself into an evil human.

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She pretends to be the person who sang and saved Eric during the ships crash which created their first encounter. It’s an incredibly underrated moment of the movie, but it also shows just how desperate she is to get what she wants.

2 Scar: He Betrays Family

While Ursula is clearly wicked and cruel, at least she spends her time attacking poor unfortunate souls who she doesn’t really know or have any personal connection with. Scar, on the other hand, has no problem in betraying and even killing his own family.

At the start of the film, even though it’s clear Scar is evil, young Simba just thinks he is his slightly grumpy uncle. He tries to spend time with him and looks up to him, which makes his actions even eviler. The fact he could turn on his family in the manner he does easily makes him a contender for Disney’s baddest villain.

1 Ursula: Pure Power

While Scar is sneaky and clever, he is forced to do so because he knows that he doesn’t have the power or the skills to actually take down Mufasa himself. He is far weaker and that means he isn’t that scary in that sense, which is where Ursula has the upper hand.

Ursula is incredibly powerful and that isn’t just because of her incredible size, especially when she gains the crown. But it’s because she is able to create potions to do a variety of things, always getting what she wants due to that, which makes her incredibly scary as she has untapped potential we don’t even see in the film.

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Matthew Wilkinson

5 Disney Villains That Were Misunderstood (& 5 That Were Pure Evil)

Though some of their actions are terrible, the villains are some of the most interesting characters in the world of Disney. Our favorite heroes and heroines would be nowhere without these classic antagonists to battle against. As Disney fans, we’re grateful for characters like Maleficent and Captain Hook, even though they’re so widely hated in their own universes.

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Looking back as adults at the behavior of the most prominent Disney villains, it’s clear that not all of them really are as malicious as they’re made out to be. While some villains are just pure evil, others are slightly misunderstood. Read on to find out which Disney villains we empathize with, and which ones really are just bad eggs.

10 Misunderstood: Captain Hook

The villain of the 1953 classic Peter Pan, Captain Hook is portrayed as a child-hating pirate harboring an obsession with finding and killing Peter Pan, the story’s hero. Captain Hook certainly does have a vendetta against Peter, even going so far as to kidnap Tiger Lily to interrogate her about where his secret hideout is located.

However, when the context behind Hook’s vendetta is considered, it becomes easier to empathize with him. Before the story takes place, Peter cuts off Hook’s hand and throws it to a crocodile. Who wouldn’t be mad about that?

9 Pure Evil: Shan Yu

Shan Yu serves as the central villain of Mulan, though his mission isn’t to cause any harm to Mulan personally. Instead, he’s interested in forcing all of her people into subjugation by invading the country with his Hunnic army. When we’re shown the devastation that the Huns leave one of the mountain villages in, it’s pretty clear that Shan Yu is heartless.

While there was no real historical figure called Shan Yu, some have speculated that he is based on the real fifth-century warrior Attila the Hun, who led the Huns on a conquest across Europe.

8 Misunderstood: Edgar Balthazar

Edgar Belthazar doesn’t do anything as terrible as slaying a village or even trying to kill a child. Rather, his crime in The Aristocats is kidnapping his boss’s family of cats and abandoning them in the countryside so they can’t inherit her fortune. He also tries to ship them off to Timbuktu when they find their way back to Paris.

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It is far from okay to kidnap and abandon cats, but Edgar’s frustration is understandable. He’s a faithful servant to a lonely widower and after all his hard work she chooses to leave her fortune to the cats instead.

7 Pure Evil: Cruella De Vil

In the grand scheme of things, Cruella De Vil doesn’t cause as much death and destruction as some of the other Disney villains. That said, most viewers would presumably agree that she is still pure evil. Anybody who can look at innocent puppies and think only of turning them into clothing has to be pure evil.

At the end of One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Cruella gets what’s coming to her when she’s stranded with her henchmen and left in tears.

6 Misunderstood: Monstro The Whale

There are a few villains in the 1940 film Pinocchio, and along with Stromboli, Honest John, and the Coachman, Monstro the whale is thought of as an antagonist. By swallowing Gepetto’s ship, he nearly dooms the kindly old man to death. Still, Monstro is a whale. What else is he supposed to do but eat smaller creatures that he finds in the ocean?

Monstro doesn’t aim to make Gepetto and Pinocchio miserable. He’s not on some mission to be an infamous villain. He’s just going about his day. Everybody has to eat!

5 Pure Evil: The Evil Queen

She was the first real Disney villain but, even after more than 80 years, the Evil Queen is still one of the most fearsome. The scene in which she turns into the old hag has been scaring children for generations, if not because of her cackling laugh than the way she shows up at Snow White’s window and convinces her to take the poisoned apple.

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The Queen is completely motivated by vanity and it makes her pitiless. She doesn’t care about Snow White or anybody else in her kingdom and would kill anybody to be seen as attractive.

4 Misunderstood: Maleficent

Maleficent is often thought of as one of the most interesting Disney villains, and sometimes, as the evilest of the whole bunch. It does take a lot of malice to plan to kill an infant, wrap a kingdom in thorns, falsely imprison a prince, and turn into a dragon out of rage. But none of that would have happened if Maleficent had just been included in the festivities.

On the one hand, nobody should have to invite someone they don’t like to their gatherings. On the other, it doesn’t feel good to be excluded. We can understand the seed (but not the extent) of Maleficent’s anger.

3 Pure Evil: Jafar

While some Disney villains are funny and loveable despite their evil actions, Jafar really has no redeeming qualities. He manipulates the Sultan, believes that other lives besides his own are worthless, and creates quite a ruckus when he finally becomes an all-powerful sorcerer.

One of Jafar’s most unsettling actions was coming onto Princess Jasmine. Again, in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t as devastating as the way he takes over the Sultan’s kingdom, but it’s something that is deeply uncomfortable.

2 Misunderstood: The Hyenas

Working for Scar, the Hyenas as the secondary antagonists in The Lion King. They help Scar to reign with terror, bully the lions, and take whatever food is available in the Pride Lands, leaving the lions to starve. While all of that is terrible, the hyenas ultimately act like this because they’re starving.

Anybody who’s ever known hunger can empathize with this. When people are starving, they’ll do anything to get by. Scar is the real villain in The Lion King and creates monsters out of the other characters.

1 Pure Evil: Ursula

Some Disney fans have expressed sympathy for Ursula, the Sea Witch of The Little Mermaid story. She is excluded from Triton’s kingdom and seems to lead a lonely, deprived life. Ultimately, her actions are just too evil.

Ursula manipulates Ariel and sabotages the deal that she set up in the first place because she can’t stand losing. She’s dishonest, controlling, sneaky, and above all, heartless and malicious.

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Vanessa Elle

Birds of Prey: 10 Other Female Comic Villains Who Should Get Their Own Movie

With Harley Quinn finally getting herself out of the Joker’s spotlight and claiming a movie for her own, it makes sense that DC would want to move forward with other female-led projects. What’s more, villains are all the craze at the moment!

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With such a rich history of characters and a roster depth almost unparalleled in comics, there’s plenty of female villains that could find themselves on the shortlist for this opportunity. Here are 10 of those iconic evildoers who could and should get their own movie.


The Flash villain has gone through a variety of changes in the comics and the TV show. From a malicious murderer to seemingly a savior, Killer Frost has been on quite a journey in her career thus far in the various forms of the DC Universe.

However, the focus has never been put on this interesting character. There’s a lot of compelling traits about her and a number of personal struggles, including that of her family, which would make for a dramatic cinema experience.


Poison Ivy’s power set is one of the most interesting on here. It’s visually stunning, inventive and could lead to some exciting action set pieces. Not only this, but Ivy’s personality has come a long way in the last ten years, jumping between hero and villain regularly.

The character has been more deeply developed than ever before. A pal and sometimes girlfriend of Harley Quinn, Ivy has a fundamental message about humanity versus the Earth. There’s a relatability to her mission, even if it is a little misguided.


Sure, Catwoman is about to get a little bit more big-screen attention, starring in yet another film alongside Bruce Wayne. However, Selina Kyle is much more than just a love interest to Batman and a talented cat burglar.

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Her story is one of struggle, as she’s tried to survive on the streets for so long. There’s certainly greed and bitterness there, but Selina also has an extremely strong moral compass. Her family is just as interesting, with Kyle’s sister, for instance, suiting up as the unstable Sister Zero.


There are very few size changers in the DC Universe, and there’s a good reason for that. If many other villains had the same power as Giganta then the Earth would probably crumble pretty quickly due to their destructive capabilities.

The origin of this character has been mixed, however the one that lends itself to cinema the most is a doctor struggling to find the cure to a rare blood disease. A compelling part of the narrative; however, is that she can lose her intelligence as she changes size, creating some internal conflict.


The Wonder Woman villain will be making her own cinematic debut, however the character deserves much more than just playing a supporting character in a DCEU film. Minerva’s downfall is a brilliant and Faustian story.

Her ambition gets the better of her as the archaeologist goes searching for magical artifacts. In different interpretations of the story, Minerva becomes cursed, doomed to live out her life as a monstrous Cheetah. Of course, this only leads to events spiraling out of control.


Her association with the League of Assassins is not the only thing that makes Talia interesting. However, a story about her rise to glory and taking over the League would make for a great narrative. We’ve seen the character go through many trials and tribulations.

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Whether it’s her love and conflicts with Batman or the difficulty of impressing her father, Talia has a deep emotional spectrum to draw from. Fans know the character well now, so a movie would be able to skip any kind of origin and show her development, perhaps in later life.


Silver Banshee is one character that the general public is now so familiar with. She’s fought Supergirl on the CW show a couple of times, although it’s hard to say what kind of impact this has had. The character we saw on the small screen is not comparable to the comics.

The Silver Banshee from the source material has her origin steeped in mystery. She’s essentially a ghoul brought back from the dead with an unbelievable set of powers that could allow her to even take on the man of steel. There’s a lot more to explore with this villainess.


The evil magic wielder has not actually been featured in live-action, which is surprising considering how cinematic her abilities could be. Based on legendary myths, the character would make an interesting movie without any links to the DC Universe.

It’s easy to pull from other Greek mythology in order to craft this story, however watching an ancient being like Circe enter the modern world and lobby for power and wealth would be extremely unique compared to the average villain solo film.


Enchantress has been the main villain of a previous DC Extended Universe movie. However, she wasn’t exactly given a fair shot. All the ingredients were there that should feature in a solo film about the character.

However, the performance was off, as was the execution. What’s more, there was never a personal connection made between the character and the audience. It would make more sense for Dr. June Moone to have to investigate the creature that lives inside of her.


There are plenty of Green Lantern villains that could help bring Hal Jordan into the DCEU. However, by giving Star Sapphire a solo film, it allows their paths to not only crossover but presents audiences with an even more emotionally-driven tale.

Star Sapphire was a former friend and sometimes flame of Hal Jordan. However, her path has not always been linear. She’s gone from villain to hero as she’s struggled to cope with her heartbreak; her journey to the leader of the Star Sapphire corps would broaden this universe massively and contribute to a great movie.

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George Chrysostomou