Walking Dead Season 10: Michonne Battles Zombies In Fiery First Image

The first The Walking Dead season 10 image features Danai Gurira’s Michonne in a fiery battle with zombies. After years of declining ratings and increasing fan discontent, The Walking Dead season 9 delivered what many critics agreed was the show’s best storytelling in a long time. If one development helped The Walking Dead overcome its recent slump, it was the season 9 arrival of the villainous Whisperers and their terrifying leader Alpha (superbly played by Samantha Morton).

Of course, season 9 was dominated not by new arrivals but devastating departures. No exit was more earth-shattering for the show than that of Andrew Lincoln, who departed as Rick Grimes after heading up the cast since the very beginning. Maggie actress Lauren Cohan also exited the show in the front half of the season, but it’s been reported that the series is trying hard to get Cohan back. Late in the season, a whole group of characters was killed off by the Whisperers, including long time regulars Tara (Alanna Masterson), Enid (Katelyn Nacon) and Henry (Matt Lintz).

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As The Walking Dead heads into season 10, another important long time cast member, Gurira, is also reportedly headed for the exit. As Michonne’s storyline prepares to wrap up, EW has released a first look Walking Dead season 10 image that features Gurira’s katana wielding character in a ferocious battle with zombies while surrounded by fire. See the image in the space below:

Speaking to EW, Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang offered some insight into the significance of fire in season 10:

“One of the things that we have going on this season is, we’re continuing some explorations of natural elements and how they play into our world. And fire is one of those elements that comes into play in a few key ways that twist the story in a way that will be pretty exciting.”

Indeed, bringing the elements more into play actually began with season 9, when a snowstorm descended and made things very difficult for the characters after the already devastating losses they suffered at the hands of The Whisperers. Going by Kang’s comments, it seems fans can look forward to more instances of bad weather or perhaps a forest fire complicating things in season 10 (as if the world being overrun by zombies wasn’t already complicated enough). Kang naturally isn’t giving much away about what specifically is going on with Michonne in the above image, but it appears the character is in a lot of trouble. Michonne of course is very good at getting out of trouble using her trusty katana. Somewhere along the line though, something must happen to Michonne that leads to her departure from the show.

Of course, just because Michonne is leaving The Walking Dead, that doesn’t mean fans need to necessarily say goodbye to the character. Rick Grimes departed the series without dying, and is expected to return in a series of Walking Dead movies being developed by AMC. Cohan too appears on her way back to the franchise. It would not be a shock if Michonne also left the show without being killed off, leaving the door open for the character to be reunited with Rick in one of the movies. As for season 10 of The Walking Dead, very little is known about what is expected to go down, but no doubt The Whisperers will be in the thick of things again, and no doubt the show will introduce a bunch more new characters (to replace all the ones that died at the end of season 9, if nothing else).

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Dan Zinski

Fear The Walking Dead: Is Alicia Going To Die? | ScreenRant

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 9.

Is Alicia going to die on Fear the Walking Dead? With Morgan crossing over from The Walking Dead and the companion series getting a host of new characters along the way, Fear the Walking Dead completely transformed in season 4, and that transformation has continued throughout season 5. Unfortunately, part of the show’s changes included trimming the original cast (who’ve been around since the very first season and the start of the outbreak), whether or not the decision was the actors or the producers’.

While Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades) returned in Fear the Walking Dead season 5, the only two cast members who have been around the entire time since season 1 are Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). However, Debnam-Carey is the only person who’s been a series regular since it all started. Sure, Morgan (Lennie James) may have taken over what appears to be the leading role of the series, but Alicia is still there at the top. The question is, how much longer does she have to live?

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In Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 7, “Still Standing”, Alicia fends off dozens of walkers while the children escape from their hideout. Unfortunately, she comes into direct contact with a walker that came from the nuclear power plant. Earlier this season, Grace (Karen David) made it abundantly clear that everyone avoid walkers with dosimeters on them, because those walkers may be irradiated, and killing them could risk exposure to fatal doses of radiation. Sadly, Alicia killed one of those walkers, and the zombie’s blood splattered all over her.

Given that Alicia finds the dosimeter after she kills the walker and is then provided a moment of realization of what just happened, Fear the Walking Dead is clearly setting her up for death – or, at least, the perception of her impending death. Of course, this could simply be another example in which either The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead has attempted to trick audiences into thinking a major character is going to be killed off, only for everything to be okay in the end. Perhaps the most infamous example of this from either show is how Glenn miraculously survived a horde of walkers by crawling underneath a dumpster.

At this point, it’s unclear if Alicia will survive her encounter with the seemingly irradiated walker, but if she does, viewers may once again feel cheated, as they have before. But if she dies, then it’s possible that many viewers may jump ship, seeing as this will mark yet another instance of Fear the Walking Dead killing off an original character only to replace them either with someone completely new or a known character from The Walking Dead. In this case, Dwight.

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Third Walking Dead TV Series Casts Three Key Roles | ScreenRant

The planned third Walking Dead TV series has reportedly cast three of its major roles. Robert Kirkman kicked off the whole Walking Dead phenomenon in 2003 with the original post-apocalyptic zombie comic book, and in 2010 the comic made the jump to television, as AMC debuted the first season of what would go on to become one of the most successful series in cable history.

With The Walking Dead proving that television fans had a hunger for ongoing post-apocalyptic zombie mayhem (mixed with a big helping of soap opera), AMC in 2015 debuted the spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead. Even though the original show has seen its ratings dip in recent years, and Fear itself has never entirely found its footing, AMC still plans a third series in the franchise, this one featuring two young female protagonists and focusing on the first generation to come-of-age in the apocalypse. Scott Gimple is developing the new series along with Matt Negrete, the latter of whom will act as showrunner, with an eye toward kicking off production this summer.

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With production set to commence soon, that third, as-yet-untitled Walking Dead series has now begun putting together its young group of apocalypse survivors. As reported by Variety, the show has added actors Alexa Mansour, Nicolas Cantu and Hal Cumpston to the cast. Sources say Mansour’s character is a “a good-natured rule breaker who lives for today. She is likable and funny on the outside but sad on the inside.” Cantu’s character is described as “small for his age” and is a black belt in karate. Cumpston’s character is “big for his age” and a “shy loner that scares some kids.” AMC has yet to confirm the report.

Of the three above actors, Alexa Mansour has the most experience, with previous credits that include Madame Secretary and the horror film Unfriended: Dark Web. She’ll be playing one of the show’s two female protagonists, with a second actress yet to be added. Mansour’s new TWD universe co-star Cantu previously appeared on The Good Place, and had a voice role on the animated series The Amazing World of Gumball. Cumpston meanwhile has just one prior credit, the 2019 Australian comedy Bilched.

Given the flagging ratings for The Walking Dead, many were surprised to learn AMC was going back to that well for a third series. But, TWD continues to be a money maker for the network despite the dip in ratings, and the network obviously has faith that Scott Gimple can deliver a successful series (even though Gimple is widely blamed for having driven the flagship series into the ground during his showrunner tenure). Considering the problems TWD has had depicting kid characters, Carl Grimes being the most notable case of a young protagonist whom fans became increasingly annoyed with, it’s fair to wonder if it’s really wise for them to make a whole series focusing mainly on younger characters.

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Ranked: Best Seasons Of The Walking Dead

While it’s not quite the massive phenomenon it once was, The Walking Dead is still going strong as it heads into its tenth season. Adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comic series, The Walking Dead has expanded beyond the main series and into a larger franchise, most notably with the spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead.

It all began with the story of Rick Grimes trying to find his family in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by zombies–commonly referred to on the show as walkers. Over time the show has gone far beyond the initial premise, offering some of the most suspenseful, devastating, and even uplifting moments on television in the past decade.

The series has experienced plenty of highs and lows in its nine season run. Let’s take a look at a ranking of the show’s best seasons so far.

9 Season 8

Season 8 featured some strong moments like the scenes between Negan and Gabriel when they were trapped together, but it also featured some of the most questionable decisions in the entire series. The decision to take the life of Carl Grimes at this juncture in the series left many fans angered and disappointed. The pleasant surprise of bringing back Morales–a character whose whereabouts fans had speculated about since his departure in season 1–quickly turned into a point of frustration as Morales was swiftly terminated after being reintroduced.

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To top it all off, the season ended with Rick slashing Negan’s throat and then ordering for his life to be saved, a decision that made sense with Carl’s last wishes, but still felt strange after all the promises Rick made about one day slaying Negan and avenging the demises of friends like Glenn and Abraham. Season 8 had its moments, but it was ultimately clouded by a number of questionable decisions.

8 Season 7

Season 7 introduced audiences to a variety of unique communities. In addition to learning much more about the Saviors and the Hilltop, fans were able to explore the Kingdom, Oceanside, and the Scavengers. The world of The Walking Dead felt larger than ever and fascinating new characters like King Ezekiel became central to the show.

Despite these positives, season 7 suffered from the very beginning as the overly brutal and grotesque demises of fan-favorites Glenn and Abraham in the premiere served to alienate and infuriate fans. While the story of each community and their struggles was intriguing, it took too long for all the pieces to come together. The moment where Alexandria, the Kingdom, and the Hilltop united against the Saviors in the finale was an uplifting and rewarding payoff, but it only came after what at times felt like disjointed storytelling.

7 Season 2

The moment where Carol’s daughter Sophia emerges from the barn as a walker remains among The Walking Dead‘s most intense and emotional moments. Season 2 made that possible through careful buildup. It was also the season that introduced Maggie, Hershel, and Beth Greene, three characters who would go on to be enormously integral to the series.

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Shane’s descent into becoming a darker character was fun to see, but the drama between him, Rick, and Lori grew tiresome. The plot eventually started to feel stagnant on the farm as well. The world of The Walking Dead started to feel rather small and contained, and that’s not something a show should be experiencing as early as the second season.

6 Season 6

Season 6 forever opened up the world of The Walking Dead. Rick and Daryl’s first encounter with Jesus led them to the Hilltop, which led them to the Saviors, a chain of events that opened the doors between Alexandria and many other communities. The season also featured one of the show’s calmer, yet strongest episodes with “Here’s Not Here”, a beautiful episode that provided tremendous insight into Morgan’s complex journey.

Alexandria becoming completely swarmed with walkers and how the community banded together to defeat the massive herd is a standout moment for the series. Despite these positives, the introduction of Negan and the Saviors felt a bit clunky, and the contrived storyline with the Anderson family in Alexandria was difficult to watch.

5 Season 4

Instead of a psychopathic human or a massive zombie herd, season 4 began with an entirely different threat. Rick’s group had to contend with a virus that quickly spread and infected other survivors. Hershel was given an opportunity to shine as he used his medical expertise and bravery to save the day. It was refreshing to see an older adult being the hero, using skills that are often underappreciated on The Walking Dead.

That storyline and Rick’s attempt to lead a more pacifistic life was a promising way to start the season. However, the Governor’s abrupt return and the devastation he caused at the prison forced the season in a new and less fruitful direction. With so many characters separated, the second half of the season meandered and at times felt too disconnected.

4 Season 9

Under the direction of new showrunner Angela Kang, season 9 breathed new life into The Walking Dead, once again making fans feel eager and excited for each new episode. It ultimately ended up feeling like two separate seasons–one being the first five episodes that culminated in the show’s exit for Rick Grimes–the seconding being the episodes that followed after Rick’s departure.

The show returned to the basics that made it so strong in the first place and made every episode count, never making anything feel like filler. Rick received an emotional and fitting sendoff and the threat of the Whisperers was introduced, an enemy unlike anything on the show before. Longtime characters like Daryl, Michonne, and Tara were given focus and compelling story arcs instead of being largely neglected as they’d been in recent seasons. The season finale felt a bit lackluster, but otherwise season 9 was an excellent return to form for the show.

3 Season 3

Back in season 3, the concept of Rick’s group encountering a community under the leadership of a charming–but actually psychopathic–individual was new territory for the show. The Governor was the show’s first major human antagonist from another community, and he did an excellent job setting the foundation for the other villains that would follow.

Season 3 was also where Carol started to truly shine and develop as one of the show’s best characters. Daryl became better developed than ever as he was unexpectedly reunited with his brother Merle, now the Governor’s right-hand man. Michonne solidified herself as one of the show’s fiercest and most complex characters. Some questionable decisions were made with other characters like Andrea, but overall, season 3 featured quality character development.

2 Season 5

Though it was split into a few different arcs, season 5 featured some of the show’s best storylines. It began with the epic destruction of Terminus, quickly fulfilling Rick’s assertion at the end of season 4 that Terminus messed with the wrong group of people. It continued into the hospital storyline in Atlanta where Beth had a chance to show her bravery and resilience like never before, finally letting her be the leader of her own story.

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The second half of the season brought Rick’s group to Alexandria, forcing the characters to question the kind of people they’d become and who they could still be, and what the idea of civilization truly meant in a walker-infested world. The isolated world of Alexandria was a far cry from the brutal world outside, and it was fascinating to see the two worlds collide and how Rick’s groups dealt with this new challenge.

1 Season 1

From the image of Rick riding into a devastated Atlanta on horseback, to Rick and Glenn walking through the city lathered in walker guts, season 1 laid the groundwork for the show that would become a massive phenomenon. Unlike the overcrowded character ensemble of later seasons, the pilot episode mostly focused on Rick, allowing audiences to become fully invested in him from the very beginning.

Season 1 was more straightforward in its storytelling approach than other seasons, but it achieved the most important feat of making fans care about the characters and their struggle to survive. The game-changing finale where Dr. Edwin Jenner whispered into Rick’s ear that “We’re all infected” set the tone for the entire series as it would never be about a cure, but about the struggle for human survival and civilization.

What is your favorite season of The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Best And 5 Worst Couples on The Walking Dead

Despite being an action-packed, gory zombie show, relationships have a heavy presence on The Walking Dead. The show has been on the air since 2010, and is now nearing its 10th season. Though the ratings have taken a huge hit in recent years, The Walking Dead is still one of the most-watched shows on TV.

A big reason for this is the cast of multidimensional, complex characters the show presents. The fanbase may be dwindling, but it is still quite significant compared to many other shows currently on the air. Many long-time fans have continued watching The Walking Dead due to their love of the characters. The show may frequently feature battles and bloody zombie kills, but the characters and their relationships with each other are truly the most important part of the series. Let’s review 5 of the best couples in TWD history, and 5 of the worst.

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Shortly after arriving in Alexandria, Rick struck up a contrived romance with Jessie Anderson. Nothing about this relationship really made much sense. The whole storyline failed to satisfy the audience, despite the fact that is was very obvious how much TWD writers wanted it to sell.

Not only was this relationship standing in the way of the much anticipated “Richonne” (Rick and Michonne), Rick’s fledgling crush on Jessie brought out the worst in him. He acted like a love-struck, immature teenager in many ways. Seemingly forgetting all about his responsibilities as a father and leader,  Rick had a brawl with Jessie’s abusive husband, Pete, in the middle of Alexandria. This relationship and the entire storyline is certainly one most fans would rather forget.


These two don’t get much screen time, but from what is shown, they’re adorable. It was revealed that Jerry and Nabila were in a relationship early in season 9. Over the course of the years that passed during the ninth season, Jerry and Nabila had three kids.

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Although relationships developed offscreen are often unsuccessful in the TWD-verse, Jerry and Nabila are a rare exception. They are both fairly minor characters, but what viewers do see of their relationship, they love. Because let’s face it: Jerry himself is great, and Jerry in a relationship and being a father to several young kids is completely adorable.


In typical Walking Dead fashion, Carol and Ezekiel’s relationship was poorly written. The set-up was messy, and before fans were ever given a chance to enjoy this new bond, a six-year time jump occurred. This is a common tactic TWD writers use to seemingly have the plot move along without that pesky character development standing in the way.

In Carol and Ezekiel’s case, season 9’s six-year time jump did not do them any favors. Not many fans were loving this relationship when it was revealed the two were dating in the season 9 premiere, and a notable reason for that was because this romance had developed offscreen, at some ambiguous time during the year-long time jump between season 8 and 9. With this lack of development, chemistry, and the fact that Carol’s character appeared to be swept onto the sidelines due to this relationship, most viewers were thankful for Carol and Ezekiel’s break up in the season 9 finale.


Since most graphic novel readers were prepared for Aaron and Jesus to have a romance, Aaron and Eric’s relationship is often overlooked.

Despite Eric’s emotional death early in season 8, his relationship with Aaron was completely endearing and beautiful. The two met and began dating before the apocalypse, and were one of the few couples in Walking Dead history who were shown to have stayed together after the apocalypse. They worked as recruiters for Alexandria. Eric’s death in season 8 was tragic, and it was painful to watch Aaron endure this. While Aaron raises Gracie alone, whom he adopted shortly after Eric’s death, it would have been beautiful to see him raise her with Eric.


Even though Rick and Michonne had been The Walking Dead’s power couple for some time, the dynamic lacked charm and pull.

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Having the two get together almost directly following Jessie Anderson’s death was definitely not a wise move. Rick and Michonne’s romance happened suddenly, even despite having been built up for a few seasons. Their relationship has been a major part of the series since season 6, but many aspects of it come across as contrived, and their interactions are frequently written in a heavy-handed manner. Rick and Michonne may have been known as The Walking Dead‘s power couple, but whether they deserved that title or not remains questionable.


While Sasha and Bob’s relationship was very short-lived, it was nonetheless adorable. Bob was an ex-army medic and Sasha was a firefighter. Having met at the Prison, Bob was attracted to Sasha’s strong, stubborn personality.

For Sasha, it took her a bit longer to come around, after the fall of the Prison resulted in her being stranded with Bob and Maggie. During this time, Bob and Sasha formed a close bond. Early in season 5, Bob met his unfortunate demise. His death weighed on Sasha heavily, but even now, with both characters gone, the relationship remains adorable.


After Carl died, it seemed that The Walking Dead was heavily alluding to Henry being his replacement. Theories circulated that Henry would be the next Carl, especially after he met Lydia late in season 9.

But it wasn’t long until Henry’s naive personality came to light. Although he appeared to have big aspirations, such as being a blacksmith apprentice during his stay at Hilltop, all that changed when Henry met Lydia. The two began talking while sharing adjoining cells at Hilltop, and in these roughly five minutes of knowing each other, apparently struck up an epic romance. Of course, this ended in Henry getting killed by the Whisperers in the penultimate episode of season 9. Everything about this relationship was drenched in sheer stupidity and absurdity.


It’s often forgotten that Tara was the first LGTBQ+ character to be introduced on The Walking Dead. Her romantic relationships are also often overlooked.

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What was probably Tara’s best romance was her relationship with Denise. The two were only together for a few months, but were shown to be very in love. Denise’s tragic death occurred late in season 6, and since then, Tara has not had any other romantic relationship. Tara was Denise’s last love, as Denise was Tara’s. And it is a shame that this beautiful relationship is often forgotten.


Not as relationship-focused as it once was, it was somewhat surprising when The Walking Dead attempted a love quadrangle in season 9.

Even despite the fact that this entire relationship is absolutely ridiculous, it is terribly written as well. The fact that Rosita has three men who are in love with her, two of which have never had any interactions with her before the six-year time jump in season 9, is a ludicrous concept. Eugene’s unrequited infatuation with Rosita is about the only realistic aspect of this quadrangle. Rosita being pregnant with Siddiq’s child while being in a relationship with Father Gabriel is probably one of the most absurd, random, nonsensical arcs ever to appear on The Walking Dead. 


Glenn and Maggie were definitely the most iconic couple on The Walking Dead. Being one of the most long-term couples on the show, Glenn and Maggie were loved by the majority of the audience. They quickly struck up a romance early in season 2, and ever since, have portrayed one of the most sincere relationships on The Walking Dead.

They stuck together through everything, and even after Glenn’s death in season 7, their relationship remained a major part of the show. Though there were many relationships on TWD after Glenn and Maggie, these two will never be replaced, and will forever be an unforgettable aspect of the series.

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The 10 Most Chilling Walker Kills on The Walking Dead

In its nearly 10 year history, The Walking Dead has had its fair share of chilling and gory moments. Despite the zombie apocalypse premise of the show, a lot of these moments include the human characters—Negan killing Glenn and Abraham, Rick biting that dudes throat out, all of the terminus arc—but this list aims to go back to the undead heart of the show, that being the walkers and the ten most horrific moments that made us cry, wince, and put our hands over our eyes.

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10 The Well Walker (Season 2 Episode 4 – ‘Cherokee Rose’)

This gross masterpiece featured in episode four of the second season is one of the most well-known images in the show (you can even buy a figure of this guy). This walker is trapped at the bottom of one of Hershel’s wells and is contaminating the water supply. Glenn, being the smallest and the unluckiest, is picked to be lowered into the well and tie a rope around the walker. They manage to string up the walker, but as the group starts pulling it up, he bursts. Like a balloon, the well walker just pops, and his insides come flowing out. It’s gross stuff, and even those with the strongest stomachs might find themselves gagging at the sight of his entrails wriggling about on the ground.

9 Fire Truck (Season 5 Episode 5, ‘Self-Help’)

After their truck is sabotaged on the way to Washington, Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita are forced to look for alternate methods of travel. They come across a fire truck that looks to be in acceptable condition. When things start going south and a walker horde approaches, Eugene saves the day by blasting the walkers apart with the fire hose. Skin and flesh are blasted off of the bone and the dead are practically liquidated into puddles of gloop on the floor. It’s one of the most unusual ways the dead have been dispatched and showed audiences that the show still had a few tricks up its sleeve.

8 Trunk Head Smash (Season 3 Episode 10, ‘Home’)

Norman Reedus’ character Daryl has a lot of awesome walker kills throughout his nine-year tenure on the show. Perhaps his most horrific kill, though, comes during a scene in the season three episode ‘Home’. Having recently split from the group, he and his big brother Merle come across a family trapped on a bridge by walkers. Despite Merle’s reluctance, the brothers help the family. The best kill of the scene comes when Daryl slams the trunk of a car shut on an unfortunate walker’s head. The head explodes in a flurry of bloody brain chunks, looking real and gross enough to disgust even the most die-hard horror fans.

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7 Gun Through The Mouth (Season 2 Episode 10, ’18 Miles Out’)

After the glacial pace in the previous few episodes of season two, the tenth episode was a breath of fresh air. It had our first major confrontation between Andrew Lincoln’s Rick and Jon Bernthal’s Shane and some wonderfully gory zombie moments. The highlight of the episode comes when, amid the fighting, some trapped walkers get free. A couple of them fall onto Rick, trapping him on the floor in a big zombie pile-up. Their mouths inch closer, but he can’t raise his gun high enough to shoot the ones on top. So, in a totally vicious move, Rick jams his gun in the first zombie’s mouth and pulls the trigger until it clicks, killing all of the zombies piled on top of him.

6 Daryl’s Chain Kill (Season 5 Episode 16 ‘Conquer)

Not only is this the sixth most vicious kill on our list, but it’s also Daryl actor Norman Reedus’ favourite Daryl kill. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment too, but it’s shocking and entirely awesome. After Daryl and Aaron become surrounded by one of the Wolves’ traps (remember them?) they crawl beneath a truck, and Daryl grabs hold of a useful-looking chain. Just when you think the two of them are completely trapped, Daryl does his best Ghostrider impression, swinging the chain above his head and decapitating three walkers in one go. It’s a cool moment and begs the question, why not use chains as weapons more often?

5 Car Clothesline (Season 7 Episode 9 ‘Rock in The Road’)

This fantastic scene may get lost within the blur that was season seven, but that’d be a shame because it’s one the show’s coolest zombie set pieces (and, according to executive producer Greg Nicotero, one that very nearly didn’t happen). The group spot a Savior booby trap on the highway and decide to dismantle it and keep the explosives for themselves as a horde inches closer and closer. Originally the scene called for some of the walkers to be blown up with a stick of dynamite, but when Nicotero got to set and saw the explosive wire strung between the two cars, he had an even better idea. The scene sees the show’s power couple Rick and Michonne take a car each and drive down the highway, slicing the walker horde in half with the wire. It’s fun, it’s gratuitous, and, in terms of scale, it’s something that has yet to be topped.

4 Winslow (Season 7 Episode 10 ‘New Best Friends’)

The trash folk were a weird bunch. Not much liked by the other groups in the show and often despised by the audiences at home, their time on The Walking Dead was a mixed bag. But one of the great things they gave us was the showdown between Rick and the mysterious, metal-clad walker Winslow. After Jadis/Anne, the leader of the trash folk, has a tense introductory meeting with Rick, she forces him to prove his worth in an arena-style death match against the spiky Winslow. The fight is brutal, with Rick impaling his hand on one of Winslow’s spikes. But Rick does eventually prevail, ripping Winslow’s still-gnashing head from his shoulders.

3 Riot Gear Walkers (Season 3 Episode 1 ‘Seed’)

After Rick announced the ‘Ricktatorship’ at the end of Season two, the gang follow him to an uninhabited prison. But before they make themselves at home, they have to deal with the dead who stalk the place. Unlike the normal, everyday walkers the group have encountered so far, the undead at the prison are a different breed. Having died wearing riot gear, these walkers are now impenetrable to the normal stab to the brain. It’s an awesome scene, the highlight being when Rick pulls the mask off of one of them and pulls away the walker’s entire face, leaving only a chomping skull behind.

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2 First Kill (Season 1 Episode 1, ‘Days Gone Bye’)

This harsh moment was the first experience many people had of The Walking Dead. Whilst on the road looking for gas, Sheriff Rick Grimes comes across an innocent-looking little girl (well, she looked innocent from a distance, at least). As soon as he gets close, however, the audience sees the cold, dead eyes and the rotting, pale skin that would come to typify the early walkers on the show. Rick raises his gun and shoots the girl right in the head, painting the floor with her brains. The Walking Dead is nearly into its tenth season, so perhaps this scene seems pretty tame now. It’s not like this is even the only time a kid has been killed. But, as the very first few minutes of TV shows go, not many have been as shocking or as wicked as The Walking Dead.

1 Sophia (Season 2 Episode 7, ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’)

Only in a list about The Walking Dead (and maybe Game of Thrones) would you find two entries about killing children. The killing of zombie-Sophia is especially harrowing and unexpected, though, as it leaves viewers feeling completely defeated. Much of season two revolves around the hunt for Carol’s daughter Sophia. But in the mid-season finale, it’s revealed that Sophia has been undead in the barn this whole time. After Shane releases the zombies in the barn, there’s a sickening realization the newly-undead Sophia steps out. In a true show of leadership, it’s Rick who steps up to put Sophia down. Her mother, Carol, cries, Hershel looks utterly broken, and the audience is left in complete shock. Classic The Walking Dead.

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Tom Bumby

Walking Dead Actor Thinks Killing Glenn & Abraham Was Overkill For Fans

AMC’s The Walking Dead actor Michael Cudlitz says it was a mistake to have Negan kill both Abraham and Glenn in the same episode, as it was too much of a loss for fans. Based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead debuted on AMC in 2010 and quickly established itself as one of the highest rated shows on cable TV, with numbers rivaling those of network series. However, ratings for The Walking Dead have seen a steady decline in recent seasons, with the recently aired season 9 hitting new lows for the long-running show.

Pinpointing exactly why The Walking Dead has seen a decline in interest may be difficult, but it seems clear that for many fans, a big turning point was the highly controversial season 7 premiere in which bad guy Negan brutally murdered fan favorite characters Abraham and Glenn. Death was of course a big part of The Walking Dead even before that episode, but many fans thought the show went over the line in depicting the full graphic violence of Negan beating Abraham and Glenn to death with his baseball bat Lucille. It didn’t help that the murders came after a season 6 cliffhanger that left fans feeling manipulated.

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In a recent appearance on The IMDb Show, one of the participants in The Walking Dead‘s bloodiest and most controversial episode gave his own thoughts on why the show miscalculated in having Negan unleash his full brutality on two such popular characters. Cudlitz, who played Abraham, says he believes the double-murder was simply too much for the audience to take, and it was a particular mistake to kill Glenn given what he represented to fans. Cudlitz said:

“I always said, I personally thought it was not the wisest thing to take both Abraham and Glenn out in the same episode. It’s too much of a loss for the fans, for the audience. [Glenn’s] like the moral compass and the heart of the show at the time, even pulling Rick back, he was almost the Herschel whisperer – he’d also become that other side of him that was able to guide him, or at least help guide him.”

Indeed, Cudlitz is not the first Walking Dead cast member to express regret over the way Glenn and Abraham’s deaths were played. Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln previously said he wished the show hadn’t gone so over-the-top in depicting every gory detail of the murders, including showing Glenn’s eyeball popping out after a blow from Negan. Steven Yeun, the actor who played Glenn, also expressed disappointment over the way his character was handled, saying The Walking Dead never “appreciated” Glenn.

Fans certainly seem to agree with Cudlitz, Lincoln and Yeun when it comes to the way Glenn and Abraham were dispatched from the show, as many of them gave up after the season 7 premiere and never returned. Though many think The Walking Dead has seen a resurgence in quality under new showrunner Angela Kang, the audience does not seem to be returning, which speaks partly to the lingering offense fans feel over the way the show seemed to revel in the brutality of Glenn and Abraham’s deaths as though they were mere props in some wild B-grade horror movie. The Walking Dead of course remains a violent and bloody show, as evidenced by The Whisperers’ massacre in the late stages of season 9, when multiple characters including Henry, Tara and Enid were killed and their heads put on spikes, but that violence now seems tempered by a little more sensitivity toward the characters and the fans’ feelings about them.

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Walking Dead Season 1 Cast Photo Highlights Dead Characters (& Is Super Sad)

A resurfaced cast photo from The Walking Dead’s first season makes sadly clear just how many memorable characters have died on the series to date. One of The Walking Dead’s claims to fame since its very first season has been a willingness to suddenly and shockingly kill off characters, even characters that are beloved or otherwise important to the plot. The Walking Dead likely sports the biggest body count on TV today, with the possible exception of HBO’s soon to end Game of Thrones.

It’s no secret that The Walking Dead isn’t quite the mass media pop culture juggernaut it once was, with the recently finished airing ninth season sporting drastically smaller ratings numbers than seasons 5 and 6, the show’s popularity peak. That said, the show – and the overall franchise it’s spawned – remain big business, and AMC has made it clear that they have no plans to stab The Walking Dead in the brain and put it down for good anytime soon.

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Should The Walking Dead survive long enough to reach season 15 – and there’s no reason to believe it won’t – one wonders just how different the cast will look compared to that of this fall’s season 10. As it is, a newly resurfaced season 1 cast photo posted by user eilandbushxxvi on Reddit has served to starkly remind fans just how many characters have been lost in the ensuing nine seasons. Check it out below.

As is readily apparent when looking at the photo, every character in it but Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon is no longer part of The Walking Dead cast. Some might be quick to point out that Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes isn’t technically dead like the rest of the greyed out characters above, but he’s presumed dead by the rest of the current Walking Dead roster, and Lincoln has said Rick will never appear on the flagship series again, so he might as well be deceased in this context. The absence of Melissa McBride’s Carol – also still alive heading toward season 10 – is also readily noticeable, although it’s possible she took the photo, or just ended up cropped out of this version.

The really sad thing about the season 1 photo above is that it doesn’t scratch the surface of Walking Dead’s total character body count. Many major characters introduced since season 1 have also met their makers, such as the late Scott Wilson’s Hershel Greene, Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham Ford, and Tom Payne’s Jesus. Season 9 alone played host to many shocking deaths, the ramifications of which will surely continue to be felt in season 10. Down the road, it’ll be interesting to look at a cast photo for season 9, and see just how many characters are now gone.

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The Walking Dead: 9 Character Exits That Hurt The Show (And 11 Fans Want Back)

The Walking Dead has been airing for nearly a decade. Since it’s first episode in 2010, it’s gained a major following and has become one of the most popular shows on television. Season nine just ended, and fans lost a lot of important characters along the way.

While viewers are used to losing their favorite characters in the zombie apocalypse drama, there have been quite a few big names leaving the show the past few seasons, including Rick, Maggie, and Carl. A lot of them were characters fans thought would stick around for much longer than they did. It’s rare for a series to lose its lead and continue on.

While losing a character can definitely attract viewers to a show and keep them glued to the screen, some of the losses harmed the show more than they helped. Those exits hurt the show in a major way, but they aren’t exactly popular characters that fans want back. Sometimes characters perish only to cause issues with the storyline. Other big names, however, like Glenn, are losses that fans would love to have reappear on their television screens. Here are 9 Character Exists That Hurt The Show (And 11 Fans Want Back).

20 Fans Want Back: Rick Grimes

Fans are still dealing with Rick’s sudden disappearance in the middle of season nine of The Walking Dead. While Andrew Lincoln had announced it would be Rick’s final episode, viewers still weren’t prepared for his emotional exit.

He flew off in a helicopter after being thrown by an explosion that his friends believe was his demise. Clearly, Rick didn’t perish, but he did leave the show so fans are left wondering where he and Jadis flew off too.

While the show is continuing on just fine without him, most fans have made it clear they would love to have the sheriff back in the future. They may somewhat get their wish. While Lincoln has said he’s done with the show, there are supposedly three Rick Grimes solo films in the works. Walking Dead fans haven’t seen the last of him.

19 Fans Want Back: Glenn Rhee

One of the most pivotal moments in Walking Dead history was when Negan brutally took Glenn’s life with his bat, Lucille. Fans will never forget the look on Glenn’s face right before he perished. It’s haunted everyone since season seven.

Some viewers claim the show went downhill after his exit, while others insist it was necessary in order to drive the rest of the season. Regardless of what fans think, it’s clear that he was a fan-favorite and people miss his presence on the show.

The loss of Glenn has resonated throughout the show for a couple of seasons now. It’s clear he was adored by both the characters on the show and the fans. Everyone loved him.

18 Hurt The Show: Lizzie And Mika Samuels

One of the most traumatizing moments on The Walking Dead was when Carol had to take the life of Lizzie after Lizzie took the life of her sister, Mika. Viewers were shocked, and Carol was never the same after doing the deed.

Fans still repeat the quote when Carol tells Lizzie to “look at the flowers” before pulling the trigger. It was heartbreaking and memorable, even after all these years. Viewers still argue about whether or not Carol did the right thing.

While Lizzie and Mika aren’t exactly characters fans are clambering to have back, their exit definitely hurt the show by causing Carol to carry the burden of putting them down. She deals with the repercussions for that action for a long time.

17 Hurt The Show: Simon

While Negan was certainly the villain of season eight, Simon was equally as bad if not worse than the bat-wielding bad guy. He did things even Negan didn’t approve of.

He had a surprising amount of character development considering he was just a side character for Negan’s storyline. Essentially starting as Negan’s sidekick, he worked his way up to try and take over leadership of the Saviors.

Simon was one of the more intriguing aspects of season eight, so when he lost his life, a lot of the interest with the Saviors storyline went away. The only thing left was Negan, and he wasn’t as intriguing without his leadership challenged at that point. While fans wanted Simon to perish, his ending was a little anticlimactic and ultimately hurt the show.

16 Fans Want Back: Abraham Ford

Fans didn’t just lose one person in the season seven premiere. That would have hurt enough, but Negan had to make it worse and take two lives. Abraham had an unfortunate ending along with Glenn.

While Abraham hadn’t been on the show for as long as Glenn, he was loved by a lot of fans and had truly become part of the group. He was full of great one-liners and was an interesting character to explore psychologically. Abraham brought a strength the group needed.

Fans that wish they could see Abraham again may get their wish now that The Walking Dead has started playing with time jumps. Michael Cudlitz has even teased reprising his role in recent years.

15 Fans Want Back: Jesus

Fans lost quite a few main characters in season nine, but Jesus was one of the most alarming losses. He perished mid-season in an unexpected twist at the hands of a Whisperer, who they thought was a walker.

Jesus has been around in the show since season six, but he has a much more prominent role against the Saviors in the comics than he did in the television series, leaving fans disappointed where the character’s story ended. Many believe taking his life at this point in the series was a mistake.

Right when he finally had his moment to show his full potential, the show took him away. The cool version of Jesus fans love in the comics never really made an appearance. Fans would love to see more of him in TWD if they ever have the chance.

14 Hurt The Show: Tyreese Wiliams

Tyreese is one of the most memorable characters to have perished on The Walking Dead. He had so much heart and loyalty and it really resonated with fans.

The creators of the show insisted he had to go in order to remind viewers of the value of human life, but fans didn’t accept that explanation. In the comics, he lasts much longer than he did in the show and he was taken out right when his storyline was the most interesting. This left viewers wanting more of the character.

To make matters worse, once he’s gone, he is barely mentioned by the other characters. His loss seemed pointless and really annoyed fans who expected more of Tyreese’s story.

13 Fans Want Back: Noah

It’s rare for a temporary character to hold as much space in fan’s hearts as Noah did in season five. He didn’t even last more than one season, but he’s one of the characters fans want to see back the most.

Fans really believed the show was setting him up to be an amazing main character who would stick around for a while. The character had so much potential and it was all wasted when he was eaten by walkers. All his development with both Beth and Glenn lead nowhere.

While the scene he perishes in is certainly intense and memorable, fans would have loved for him to survive for much longer than he did. The loss of Noah wasn’t meaningful or satisfying, it was just for alarming value.

12 Fans Want Back: Morgan Jones

Morgan is one of the first characters Walking Dead fans encountered on the show. He’s the first person to help Rick on his journey. While Rick lost track of Morgan in season one, he reappeared in season three.

Since then, he has grown to be a very important character to the show. Fans liked Morgan a lot more than the creators anticipated. He left in season nine, though it was a pretty open ending. While he’s no longer going to appear on The Walking Dead, his character moved to the popular spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead.

Despite that, fans would love to see Morgan back with his original group of people on The Walking Dead again in the future.

11 Hurt The Show: The Governor

While Negan has overshadowed all other villains on The Walking Dead, before he showed up swinging Lucille around, fans loved to dislike The Governor.

He was introduced back in season three and bothered Rick’s group until his demise in season five. While fans wanted him to get what he deserved, they were still sorry to see him go. He was a fantastic villain. The storyline hurt after he perished, too.

The Governor had people tuning in to AMC each week to see what kind of unhinged behaviors he would unleash on the group. Once he was gone, a lot of fans grew disinterested in the story. Some say the show started going downhill with his demise.

10 Fans Want Back: Dale Horvath

While he hasn’t been around for years, true Walking Dead fans will never forget Dale Horvath. The beloved character sadly lost his life after being attacked by a walker in season two.

He was a strong moral compass for the group, and a sort of father figure for a few of the characters, particularly Angela. Fans weren’t prepared to lose the character so soon after growing so attached to him.

Dale actually wasn’t originally supposed to pass away so soon, but the actor had an issue with the show after one of his friends was fired and asked to leave the show. Fans would have loved to see where his character would have gone if that wasn’t the case.

9 Hurt The Show: Bob Stookey

Bob isn’t exactly the most memorable Walking Dead character, but he’s arguably one who deserved to stay alive. His exit ended up hurting the show.

He was charming and kind, which brought a much-needed energy to the show. While he did suffer from a drinking problem, he was working hard to correct it before he perished. He also had a sweet romance going with Sasha.

His positivity was refreshing in a world where so many characters are reasonably bitter and cynical. Once his life was taken, the optimistic energy he brought disappeared, leaving an emptiness in the group. While fans weren’t clambering to see him again, the vibe of the show definitely shifted in his absence.

8 Hurt The Show: Denise Cloyd

While the main characters on The Walking Dead are certainly important, every person has an important part to play in the story. While Denise wasn’t the biggest character, she had a strong impact on the show.

She brought important representation to the community with her romantic relationship with Tara, causing a major controversy when she perished. Fans accused the show of taking away all of their representation, a common trope for television.

Dwight accidentally hit her with an arrow that was meant for Daryl. While it definitely showed how dangerous and unhinged the Saviors can be, it ultimately hurt the show by angering fans for taking away a character in a budding relationship that was important representation.

7 Fans Want Back: Hershel Greene

Walking Dead fans have a special place in their heart for Hershel. He was an important mentor for Rick, and was a loving, wise presence the group needed in their lives.

When he perished, it deeply affected the energy of the show and altered Rick’s behavior. The way he dealt with the Saviors would have been handled completely different if Hershel had still been around with his words of wisdom. His loss resonated for a long time.

Especially after seeing Hershel appear in Rick’s visions in season nine, fans wish the father-figure was still on the show guiding the group. His influence was so great that he even affected Rick’s final moments on the show.

6 Hurt The Show: Merle Dixon

While Daryl is obviously the favorite Dixon brother, Merle certainly had an important role on the show. Any scene he was in was bound to be entertaining.

He was rude, unpredictable, and sarcastic. His relationship with Daryl was also incredibly complicated. Fans were always interested to see what he would get into next. When Daryl had to take the life of his brother after he became a walker, it was devastating.

After he perished, the show lacked a certain depth it needed in its characters. Complicated people like Merle are what made the first few seasons of the show so intriguing. While the next few seasons were still entertaining, they could have benefited from an intricate, conflicting character like Merle.

5 Fans Want Back: Beth Greene

While a lot of Walking Dead losses hurt, none have hurt fans like Beth’s exit. The youngest Greene sister was a fan-favorite, and people weren’t ready to see her go yet.

Fans had watched her as she started to change from a scared kid to a strong-willed adult. She had just grown out of her naive, childlike behavior, and was developing a great friendship with Daryl, but she was taken out before her story could grow any further. The timing was off.

Once the group made it to Alexandria, fans couldn’t help but think about how great her character would have fit into that new world the group was finding. Her demise was used to push the idea that anyone is fair game in the zombie apocalypse, but fans really wish she was still around.

4 Hurt The Show: Dwight

Dwight is one of the newer additions to The Walking Dead cast, but he earned his place in the show’s storyline pretty quickly. His development from an evil Savior to a redeemed ally was pretty interesting.

While fans had mixed opinions on the character, particularly the way Tara and Daryl forgave him so easily, it’s clear that his character arch was cut too short, hurting the momentum the show was building. He was one of the more interesting aspects of season eight, so his exit doesn’t make a lot of sense for the story.

Reportedly, his character will be moving to Fear The Walking Dead, so it’s possible it’ll be more clear why he won’t be on the original show anymore once the new story is revealed.

3 Hurt The Show: Lori Grimes

A lot of fans think Lori Grimes is one of the most annoying characters in the show’s nine seasons. While that’s certainly arguable, it’s also clear that she was a vital character to the storyline in the first few seasons.

Regardless of how irritating she could be, she was important. Her exit hurt the show more than some fans are willing to admit. She perished in an intense way, as Carl had to put his own mother down as she gave birth to his sister, Judith.

This had drastic repercussions for both Rick and Carl. Carl had to come to terms with taking his mother’s life, while it signaled the beginning of Rick’s psychological unraveling. He had hallucinations of his deceased wife and was unable to properly lead the group, leading to some frustrating situations for fans to watch.

2 Fans Want Back: Maggie Rhee

At the start of season nine, fans were surprised to find that Maggie was no longer on the show. She hadn’t perished, she simply left HIlltop and hasn’t been seen since.

Maggie is a fan-favorite character, so a lot of people are really upset to see her suddenly gone with limited explanation as to why. The show simply isn’t the same in her absence. It was hard enough losing Rick in season eight, now Maggie is missing season nine. Supposedly, her absence is due to a salary dispute between the show and actor Lauren Cohan.

Whatever the reason, fans clearly want her back. Hopefully, they will get their wish, seeing as there are talks of a Maggie-centered spinoff in the future

1 Fans Want Back: Carl Grimes

A lot of character losses have hit fans hard, but none hit the same way as when Carl perished. His loss of life signaled the end of the show for a lot of fans.

When people first realized he had been bit by a walker, they were outraged. How could a show that so clearly centers on Rick and his family continue on without his son? The two had been at the heart of the show since season one.

While it did continue without him, the vibe changed. If he had stayed alive, he would have been able to take over when Rick left. The transition would have been perfect. Fans insist his loss is one of the show’s biggest mistakes to date.

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Tom Holland Confirms Long Awaited Chaos Walking Reshoots Now Underway

The long awaited reshoots on Chaos Walking, the YA movie starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, are finally happening. It’s been nearly two years since production originally began on Doug Liman’s live-action adaptation of the Patrick Ness novel of the same name, and despite having two of the brightest young stars in Hollywood, the film has yet to hit theaters. The reason for this is the need to do reshoots.

Even though reshoots are a normal part of production, the ones planned for Chaos Walking appeared to be a different story. They weren’t scheduled to happen until very late in the process, and resulted in the film losing its early 2019 release date. If these reshoots were built in to the production schedule from the start, no such changes would’ve been made. What made these reshoots all the more difficult though is the star statuses of Holland and Ridley, who’ve both been incredibly busy filming other blockbusters.

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After over a year from the original report that reshoots on Chaos Walking were needed, they’ve now begun. Holland has been teasing on social media that the new round of filming on Chaos Walking was nearing, with first teasing on Instagram that his longer hair needed to be cut to match his look in this film. He then posted a few Instagram stories of him arriving in Atlanta, and then showing his drive to day one of the additional photography. His latest post (seen below) shows Doug Liman behind the camera on set, confirming that cameras are rolling on the reshoots.

The beginning of these reshoots is the first truly positive step that Chaos Walking has taken in over a year, making this a great piece of news for those interested in the film. There’s no word on if Ridley is also on set for these reshoots so far, but it would be quite surprising if she and other cast members like Mads Mikkelsen, David Oyelowo, and Nick Jonas don’t eventually report. According to a call sheet posted by Stomp and Stammer, these reshoots will last for three weeks – which lines up with the original reshoots report – and end on May 6.

As long as these reshoots go as well as everyone’s hoping, then it may not be inconceivable for Chaos Walking to still arrive at some point this year. Lionsgate has not given the film a new release date at this point, and could look to push the film out this year after Holland stars in Spider-Man: Far From Home and before Ridley is seen again in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to capitalize on their popularity, if the film is ready in time. Since this may be a long shot at this point, a 2020 release is much more likely. Either way, it’s just good to know that Chaos Walking is finally moving forward again. But, with such a long time between the different periods of production, it’ll be fascinating to see if the reshot scenes are all the more noticeable.

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