The Walking Dead Killed Off Carl For The Wrong Reasons

The Walking Dead‘s decision to kill off Carl (Chandler Riggs) allowed for Negan’s redemptive arc in seasons 9 and 10, but this wasn’t a good enough reason to kill off a character who had been on the show since the beginning of season 1.

One of the most shocking moments in the history of the series came in season 8 when Carl lifted his shirt to a distraught Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and revealed that he had been bitten by a zombie. Carl’s fate in season 8 became the show’s most significant death, and it still has yet to be surpassed. Carl’s death had a tremendous impact on several of the characters, particularly Rick, who spent several episodes reeling from what happened. Carl, who spent much of the season talking about how he wanted people to live in peace and find a way to move forward, had a posthumous effect on Rick, his outlook on life, and his leadership style.

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It was confirmed in interviews that Carl’s death served a very specific purpose. It didn’t happen because Riggs wanted to leave; it happened because of the emotional impact it had on Rick. It’s been explained that Carl’s death needed to happen to get Rick in the mindset of his comic book counterpart. In the comics, Rick chose to spare Negan’s life at the end of the All-Out War, but in the show Rick was headed down a different path. With everything that Rick was doing, it was hard to imagine Rick not killing Negan. Based on his behavior throughout the season, such a sudden shift would have felt out of character. But Carl’s death changed that; inspired by Carl’s ideals, Rick allowed Negan to live.

If Carl hadn’t died, Rick would have undoubtedly killed Negan without hesitation, and most of the characters on the show would have accepted that decision. However, this would have cost The Walking Dead several key storylines from the comics. After the All-Out War, Negan went down a path of redemption and continued to be a popular character.

Essentially, The Walking Dead showed that it was willing to kill off Carl to keep Negan, but was the trade-off really worth it? It’s true that Negan is well-liked by fans of the comics and the show, but as everyone associated with The Walking Dead continues to reaffirm, the show doesn’t have to follow in the footsteps of the comics. It would have better to let the series follow its natural course. If Rick was poised to kill Negan, The Walking Dead didn’t need to kill off one fan-favorite character to prevent another from meeting an early demise.

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The Walking Dead Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

One of the characteristics that makes The Walking Dead such a unique show is the fact that its palette of main characters constantly changes. Unexpected plot twists result in old characters dying and new ones appearing out of nowhere. However, there are some characters who’ve, thanks to their intellect and wit (or pure dumb luck), managed to survive all 10 seasons of this unpredictable show.

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In the context of this post-apocalyptic world that showcases how, even with hordes of zombies looming around every corner, man is still a wolf to another man, we’ve decided to set aside the 10 most intelligent, adaptable, and resourceful characters who still survive among The Walking Dead.

10 Gabriel

From the very beginning of the show, we had positive predictions about the fate of this priest. Let’s just remind ourselves about his biggest sin when he, cowardly and selfish, locked himself in a church leaving a herd of believers to be overrun by zombies. And if he hadn’t been discovered by Rick and his crew, who knows if Father Gabriel would ever be able to adapt to the horrible circumstances.

Even after becoming one of the five co-leaders of the Coalition and seeming like a wise man, the fact stands that he had a lot of trouble adapting to the apocalypse. In the newest seasons, he seems to have come around and become much more adaptable and resourceful, but we’re still placing him on the last spot among the most intelligent characters in the show.

9 Ezekiel

With his charisma and wit, he was able to win over a group of loyal followers. But, aside from these theatrics, we assess that he wasn’t the most successful ruler, given an abundance of his not-so-wise decisions. Ezekiel clearly cares about his people, but let’s not forget that he also subjected them to Negan’s torture like some sort of a vassal, with a portion of them dying as a result of his thoughtless plans.

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Even after teaming with Rick’s group, Ezekiel continues to show his weakness and lends himself to depression caused by all troubles they face. No one can deny this character’s intelligence, but we believe that his accomplishments are better attributed to his charisma than his smarts.

8 Daryl

Daryl may not be the most intelligent character in the cast, but he’s one of the most adaptable and resourceful. He owes his survival and well-being to his hunting aptitude and a badass can-do attitude. With that in mind, his skills include: survival, hunting and tracking, hand-to-hand combat, crossbow skill, and navigation.

Aside from his practical abilities, Daryl also boasts an altruistic, protective, and loyal nature that made him one of the core members of Rick’s group and someone he can lean on anytime. He even displayed pronounced leadership capabilities throughout the show, although he prefers to stick to himself. In any case, anyone denying the intelligence of this longest-surviving male character of the Walking Dead would clearly be mistaken.

7 Aaron

At first, Aaron was Alexandria’s scout due to being a good judge of character. His mission was to bond with Rick’s group to assess whether they pose any threat to Alexandria. His intelligence was showcased early on, when he left water bottles for the group to test whether they’re wise enough not to drink them (given the risk they were poisoned).

Soon after, we realized that Aaron was a good-natured and practical guy with a myriad of survival skills under his belt. He later displayed his resourcefulness by managing to convince the Oceanside people to join the war – the fact tha allowed for the victory of Rick’s group over the Saviors.

6 Judith

This ten year-old girl has been born during the apocalypse, outliving many other, much older characters – and for good reason. She grew constantly needing to adapt to new and threatening situations. She mastered weapons like the katana and Rick’s revolver early on, killing walkers.

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She also displayed a keen ability to tell if someone is lying. Raised by Rick and Michonne, this clever and surprisingly mature young girl will surely grow up to be a serious badass and the worst nightmare of anyone who threatens her loved ones. Due to her maturity, cleverness, and adaptability, we’re putting her at number 6 on our list.

5 Carol

Carol is one of the rare people who displayed an amazing amount of character development in the show. From an abused and insecure woman, she turned out to be a fearsome and highly intelligent person. The series also shows her as an introverted, reliable, and quick-witted woman who eventually becomes a counselor to Rick, and later one of the five co-leaders of the Coalition.

Aside from that, she’s incredibly skilled with weapons, and has even gotten some medical experience along the way. She cleverly uses her image of a “regular old lady” to deceive and manipulate people when necessary. Yet, Carol will never hesitate to kill when faced with a threat. And though she may seem cold and perhaps even cruel on the surface, this only makes her survival in this brutal world easier.

4 Michonne

When we first got introduced Michonne, she was a lone survivor, relying on her katana skills when faced with enemies. The zombie apocalypse actually turned this middle-aged art and literature enthusiast into a skilled and careful warrior. And though she functioned perfectly fine alone, Michonne was wise enough to join Rick and his group, eventually becoming his right hand woman.

She was constantly the rational voice in the group, and her intuition and wise advice eventually got her to the position of the leader of the Alexandria – and quite deservedly so, if we may add.

3 Alpha

Alpha is a great example of a highly-intelligent person. However, she’s also often quite extreme in attaining her goals, which proved itself to be unwise. She is prone to violence and will always turn to sadism and murder to eliminate those who show even the slightest sign of weakness.

A clever character, Alpha was able to climb up to the position of the leader of Whisperers, subverting not only loyal followers but also hordes of zombies to her cause. Cold and calculated, she is the kind of person to give up her daughter for her ideology. But, for someone this capable and intelligent, we’d expect Alpha to be at least able to create a happier and more stable community.

2 Negan

You can love him or hate him, but you can’t doubt this intelligence. The secret to Negan’s success rests upon his knowledge of human psychology, enabling him to attain power over a large group of followers – the Saviors. Just from their famous phrase “I am Negan,” we can see that he’s risen to the level of a symbol for his followers.

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Negan is a charismatic individual, skilled in manipulating others and thinking strategically, which allows him to always stay one step ahead of everyone else. As opposed to Alpha, Negan only resorts to murder if he sees no better alternative. Finally, his intelligence is evident from his ability to easily adapt to a myriad of different situations, such as when he was detained in Alexandria or had to stay among the Whisperers.

1 Eugene

Although he possesses poor social skills, Eugene is a lot more than your typical awkward person. You see, he’s extremely intelligent – evident from his very first appearance when he tricked Abraham to protect him. He also showed an extremely high level of adaptability during his stay with the Saviors, particularly when he tried to impress Negan with his skills to survive, outsmarting him on a few occasions as well.

Eugene wields good knowledge in many different areas: he is well read, talented with electronics, and able to create explosives and poisons. And despite the importance of physical fitness when it comes to surviving a zombie apocalypse, Eugene is the perfect example of a person who’s able to compensate his shortcomings and survive using raw intellect.

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Walking Dead Season 10 Part 2 Return Date & Story Details

The Walking Dead season 10 is taking a midseason break and returns for the second half of its season in 2020. Like season 9, the tenth season of the AMC series is adapting the “Whisperer War” story arc from The Walking Dead comics. The second half of the season is expected to continue the story as the conflict with Alpha (Samantha Morton), Beta (Ryan Hurst), and the Whisperers heats up.

The Walking Dead season 10 represents an important shift for the series, as it’s the first full season without its original protagonist, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who famously exited the show early in season 9. Ever since, The Walking Dead has managed as an ensemble show, without any one character taking over as the lead. However, characters like Daryl (Norman Reedus), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Carol (Melissa McBride), and even Aaron (Ross Marquand) have all had to step up in a big way since Rick’s “death“.

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Full-scale war has yet to begin, as Alpha has a specific plan for defeating Alexandria and the Hilltop that doesn’t involve a full-on assault. As the season has progressed, Alpha has been slowly working toward crippling the communities. While the Whisperers, particularly Beta and Gamma (Thora Birch), have expressed unfaltering loyalty to Alpha, cracks are starting to show, especially since Alpha does have one glaring weakness: Lydia (Cassady McClincy). That being said, Alpha still holds the advantage. A recent twist involving Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas) revealed that Alpha has a person on the inside. Where the war will go from here is open to speculation. Here’s what to expect from the second half of The Walking Dead season 10.

The Walking Dead season 10 returns on Sunday, February 23. It’s standard for The Walking Dead to go on hiatus either at the end of November or early in December and return sometime in February. This time, it’s at the end of February, which means that the next Walking Dead series, presumably The Walking Dead: World Beyond, will premiere sometime in spring 2020, after The Walking Dead season 10 concludes.

The primary focus of season 9 and season 10 has been the Whisperers, and this won’t change in the season’s remaining eight episodes, though it may begin to dive a little deeper into the Commonwealth as the story with Eugene (Josh McDermitt) develops. Regardless, it could bring a conclusion to the Whisperer War. If so, the second half of The Walking Dead season 10 can serve as the wrap-up for what would be a two-season storyline.

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THE WALKING DEAD: WORLD BEYOND Official Trailer (2020) NEW Zombie TV Series HD

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Walking Dead Season 10 Rules Out A Major Maggie Comic Storyline

The Walking Dead will be forced to drop a major comic storyline featuring Maggie after season 10’s latest twist. After encountering the Whisperers last season, The Walking Dead‘s current run has been dominated by the ongoing conflict between the good guys and Alpha’s forest-dwelling goons, and it’s the latter that appears to have the upper hand. Although yet to launch another major offensive after season 9’s slaughter, the Whisperers are tormenting their enemies with random hordes, restricted food and a constant feeling of being watched.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead has featured some of the most significant deviations from the original comic book yet, and this is largely thanks to the departure of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. Stripped of its lead protagonist, the landscape of The Walking Dead has shifted dramatically. Alpha has a new commander called Gamma, Yumiko has taken charge of Hilltop and Alexandria continues to struggle with large personalities overriding the elected council, none of which made it into the comics. Those changes aside, the overall flow of the Whisperer War arc has been largely faithful, with the allied communities forced to bide their time in order to avoid being wiped out by Alpha’s horde, while Negan escapes and goes off to join Alexandria’s new enemies.

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One major alteration to the comics is the huge Dante twist from “Open Your Eyes.” Siddiq has spent most of season 10 suffering PTSD from last season’s ill-fated community fair, but has found a friend in fellow medical professional and Alexandria newcomer, Dante. Despite an awkward personality, Dante has seemed to help Siddiq in a time of great need, and covered for him when the stress got too much. At the end of The Walking Dead‘s latest episode, however, Siddiq recognized Dante’s tongue-clicking habit as something he had heard while captured by the Whisperers, coming to the stunning realization that Dante was a mole sent by Alpha. Trying not to show panic, Siddiq reaches for his weapon, but is silenced by Dante before he can fight back.

This is arguably one of The Walking Dead‘s best-ever twists, as while Dante does appear in the comic books, he’s just a regular member of Hilltop. Despite it’s effectiveness, however, the reveal does mean that Dante’s biggest comic arc simply cannot happen. In the original version of The Walking Dead, Dante falls for Maggie, but is continuously rebuffed due to the Hilltop leader still harboring guilt and grief over her deceased ex-husband, Glenn. Dante’s affection creates a side-story that acts as Maggie’s final piece of personal character development in the comics – getting over Glenn and allowing herself to commit to another.

With Maggie confirmed to return in The Walking Dead season 11, or perhaps even at the very end of the current run, any romance with Dante has now been nixed entirely. It’s likely that the spy’s true allegiance will have been outed by then, but even if Dante’s cover remains intact and he does start a relationship with Maggie, the focus will be firmly on his murderous intentions, rather than Maggie’s emotional growth.

With major comic characters such as Rick and Carl now gone from TV, The Walking Dead has been using different figures to recreate certain comic arcs, and this might’ve been the same with Maggie’s new partner, if only there were any prospective candidates. The likes of Daryl and Eugene have become too close as friends for anything further to develop, Gabriel seems to do well with the ladies but is committed to Rosita, and Alden might just be a little too young. A spurned Ezekiel might’ve finally found his true Queen, but it appears his time is drawing near. Unless The Walking Dead bolsters its ranks with new characters in season 11, it seems that one of Maggie’s biggest comic storylines will be dropped for the TV series.

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The Walking Dead continues with “The World Before” November 24th on AMC.

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The Walking Dead: 10 Negan-Whisperer Fan Theories That Might Come True

If you’re all caught up on The Walking Dead (don’t read on unless you are!), you know what has happened in the most recent episodes as the group battles their latest sinister enemy, The Whisperers. Negan has broken out of his prison cell and seemingly joined the Whisperers. As a loud, obnoxious fish-out-of-water with the group, he has puzzlingly bent his knee to Alpha and tormented Beta. He’s proven his worth and begged to join their cause and way of life.

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What’s really going on, and where will his story go from here? There are lots of fan theories, some of which might actually turn out to be true. Here are 10 of them.

10 Negan Turns On The Whisperers

The most likely theory is that this is all an act and Negan is secretly infiltrating the Whisperers from the inside so he can take them down and prove that he’s changed once and for all to the group at Alexandria and Hilltop.

Negan refused to put on his old leather jacket and carry his rebadged Lucille when presented with these gifts from a young fanatic who urged him to re-start the Saviors. He really has changed, fans think, so now he’s simply using his leadership and manipulation skills for the good of the group. If this happened, it would be the most epic mic drop moment ever when he returned to Alexandria.

9 Negan Kills Alpha

Another fan theory, taking the idea that Negan is acting as an undercover agent to another level, is that his ultimate goal is to take out Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers. It might take some time before he shows his true colors, but this is what he’s working towards.

The question is whether Negan will take out Alpha to bring down the group itself, or to take over the leadership post and appoint himself leader of the Whisperers. We’ll have to wait and see, but either scenario could happen.

8 Negan Reveals To The Whisperers That Lydia Is Still Alive

Alpha’s biggest crutch right now is the fact that, despite what she preaches to her followers, she still clearly loves her daughter Lydia and spared her life. She refused to kill her and is still clearly torn up about Lydia leaving. Meanwhile, the Whisperers believe that Alpha practices what she preaches and killed Lydia.

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Negan, of course, knows the truth and could use this as leverage against Alpha, or simply wait for the perfect time to reveal it to the group and watch them kill her for being a hypocrite.

7 Negan Actually Joins The Whisperers

While we don’t want to consider the fact that Negan never really changed, despite years in solitary confinement in a basement cell to reflect on his ways, it is a possibility and one theory fans have.

Maybe Negan will be happy serving as number-two to Alpha, kicking Beta and Gamma to the curb or down a few notches on the leadership pole. Or maybe he will take them all out, Alpha too, and assume the leadership role himself. Let’s hope this one isn’t true.

6 Alpha Kills Negan

On the flip side, maybe Alpha ends up being the one to kill Negan. She discovers that he is holding Lydia’s fully alive status over her head and takes him out before he can reveal the truth to the group.

This is arguably the least likely scenario, especially since, in the comics, Negan kills Alpha so we fully expect the series to follow the same storyline. Nonetheless, if the series wanted to literally flip the script and switch things up, this would be an interesting way to do it.

5 Negan Sparks A Revolt And Starts His Own Community

Maybe Negan doesn’t have to kill Alpha, Beta, or Gamma. Maybe, from the inside, he chips away at each member of the Whisperers, little by little, and begins forming his own group among them. Slowly but surely, he convinces them to follow his lead and break away from the Whisperers.

Realistically, many of the group members are just tired, scared, and afraid individuals who had no choice for survival other than to join Alpha, even if they don’t agree with her ways. She offers them protection, and if Negan can do the same with a roof over their heads and without having to live like savages, wearing rotting flesh masks and walking amongst the dead, who wouldn’t consider the option?

4 Negan and Beta Team Up

It’s unlikely but possible that Negan could get into Beta’s head and convince him to turn against Alpha. Beta seems like someone who could be easily manipulated, and Negan, as we know, is a master manipulator. So it’s totally possible that, despite how the two don’t get along now, they could become closer as Negan finds a way in.

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Beta, after all, just needs an Alpha to follow orders from, and to serve as his partner. So Negan could very well fill that role just as well as Alpha does today. And we already see cracks in the Alpha/Beta relationship, so it’s a definite possibility.

3 Negan Becomes The New Beta

Maybe Negan takes out Beta, or Beta is taken out somehow (Daryl, perhaps?) and Negan by this time has proven himself worthy of Alpha’s trust, perhaps by not spilling the beans to the group about Lydia.

Could Negan be content as a second-in-command? Probably not. But he has changed. Has he changed enough to step back, but not enough to want to join the group that took him down in the first place, especially when they clearly still don’t trust him? We can’t see Negan being satisfied as number-two. But who knows what has gone through his mind over the past few years.

2 Carol And Negan Have A Plan

With many hoping that Carol will play a role in Alpha’s inevitable death, this theory makes total sense. She’s crafty, so is it possible that Carol is the one who released Negan from his prison cell and concocted a plan with him. They are working together to have him infiltrate the Whisperers and have a bigger plan in place to eventually take them down.

We can totally see Carol doing this, and totally see Negan being game for the plan. So it’s a really viable theory that would lead to both a redemption for Negan and vengeance for Carol.

1 Negan Brings Lydia Back As Bait

Negan seems to have a soft spot for kids, and saved Lydia’s life once. He also claims he would never hurt a woman. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. Could he capture Lydia, or even have her come willingly with him, as part of a plot to turn the Whisperers against Alpha?

Maybe he secretly shows them that Lydia is alive or threatens to kill her in front of Alpha to see what she’ll do. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if Lydia, Alpha’s only apparent weakness, plays any role in what happens with this plotline.

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The Walking Dead: It’s Now Been A Year Since Rick Grimes Left

It’s now been one year since Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) exited The Walking Dead. After serving as the protagonist of the AMC series since 2010, Rick left The Walking Dead early in season 9, thus allowing for the series to continue down a new path. It was said at the time that Lincoln would never return to the show, and so far that’s a promise that’s been kept. Rick’s story is expected to be concluded in three The Walking Dead movies, however.

In The Walking Dead season 9, episode 5, “What Comes After”, Rick stood alone as he tried to stop a horde of zombies from descending on the communities. As circumstances were dire, Rick accepted that death was imminent, but he expressed a willingness to give up his life if it meant saving everyone else. In the end, Rick blew up the bridge he worked so hard to build. Everyone present watched in horror as their leader was seemingly killed in the explosion. Just when it seemed that AMC had killed off the show’s main character, a twist involving Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh) and the mysterious CRM helicopter explained Rick’s departure. Anne found a badly injured Rick and had him sent away in the helicopter, unbeknownst to the rest of the characters, who still believe that their former leader is dead.

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“What Comes After” aired on November 4, 2018, which means that it’s been an entire year since Rick’s final episode. The Walking Dead movies were officially announced on the day of his exit, and still there hasn’t been any major developments on the next step in his journey. It’s surprising that so much time has passed without AMC making any significant announcements about what comes next. It’s still unclear what the time frame is for The Walking Dead movies or when they should be expected to be released. But what’s interesting is that The Walking Dead, without Rick Grimes, has changed so much in the span of one season – thanks to multiple time jumps, new characters being introduced, and a new villain at the helm.

The anniversary of Rick’s exit also means that the series has now gone an entire year without its protagonist. Where The Walking Dead would go without Rick was a key talking point at the time of his departure, since there were so many questions about how the show would move on without him. There were questions about who would replace him (if anyone), what direction the show would take without its hero, and how The Walking Dead would adapt stories from the comics that originally included Rick in an important role.

Now that so much time has gone by, the answers to these questions are a bit more clear. The closest thing The Walking Dead has come to a replacement is Daryl (Norman Reedus), who has stepped up to the plate in Rick’s absence, but for the most part, The Walking Dead doesn’t have any one protagonist; it’s taken more of an ensemble approach to the format of the show. At times – especially when Michonne (Danai Gurira) is on-screen – it seems that the show doesn’t want to let go of Rick Grimes just yet, but in recent episodes, especially ones that don’t lean too much on Rick’s legacy and influence, it’s become increasingly apparent that The Walking Dead is moving on; it’s just taking some time to do so.

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Walking Dead’s Michonne & Ezekiel Marketing Trick Was Perfect

Warning! SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 10 and comics ahead!

The Walking Dead season 10 finally has Michonne and Ezekiel lock lips, but their kiss is not what the show’s season 10 trailer led many to believe. The long-running AMC series has never had a strict focus on romance, but the relationships between its many characters are key to its appeal. Since the season 10 premiere, The Walking Dead has teased a few new romances, like Luke and Jules and even Carol and Daryl, but it was the tease of Michonne and Ezekiel from its earlier trailer that really sent fans wild.

Both Michonne and Ezekiel have been in romantic relationships before, of course, though neither end particularly well. After years of watching each other’s backs, Rick and Michonne took their relationship to the next level in The Walking Dead season 6, but it tragically came to an end with Rick’s “death” in the bridge explosion in season 9. Ezekiel and Carol wed during season 9’s time jump, but following the gruesome murder of their son, Henry, Carol calls it quits. There’s still a chance for either relationship to be salvaged – Rick is alive out there, and Carol and Ezekiel could reconcile – but hinting that Michonne and Ezekiel would next get together seemed to suggest to otherwise. After all, that’s precisely what happens in The Walking Dead comics.

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It’s old news that AMC’s The Walking Dead has taken liberties with its adaptation of the comics, but a major difference between the two are the romantic couplings. Instead of either Rick and Michonne or Carol and Ezekiel, it is Michonne and Ezekiel who enter into a relationship during the war with the Saviors. It’s a rocky relationship, and during the following time jump, Michonne leaves for that solitary life at sea as Carol did in the TV show. Not longer after this, Ezekiel is killed by Alpha and has his head placed on a pike at the border, leaving Michonne distraught. Obviously, the timeline of events doesn’t match up with The Walking Dead TV series, but inserting a clip of Michonne and Ezekiel kissing in the season 10 trailer had fans all but convinced the two would become romantically linked just as they are in the comics. Only, that isn’t what happens at all.

In The Walking Dead season 10 episode 4, “Silence the Whisperers”, Michonne comes upon Ezekiel out by himself as she, Judith, and others are traveling to Hilltop. Disturbed by seeing Ezekiel ride out into the woods alone, Michonne follows and finds him on a cliff side, clearly thinking about ending his life. Michonne gets Ezekiel’s attention and has him step back from the ledge, at which point, he embraces and kisses her – creating the exact, tantalizing moment used in The Walking Dead‘s season 10 trailer. They pull back from each other, startled, and Ezekiel apologizes, blaming it on him not being in his right state of mind.

Michonne and Ezekiel’s kiss was a marketing trick all along, but it was a great one that played with audience expectations based on what’s previously happened in The Walking Dead comics and the currently single situation of both characters. Even better, though, the scene itself is a wonderful moment between two characters who haven’t shared a lot of screen time. In discussing her grief and how she’s struggled to remain strong since losing Rick, Michonne is able to comfort Ezekiel and assuage his own fears and doubts. The Walking Dead season 10 may not be giving fans the romantic relationship between Michonne and Ezekiel that was initially teased, but it is deepening the friendship between the two in an important way.

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The Walking Dead season 10 continues next Sunday, November 3rd with “What It Always Is” at 9pm/8c on AMC.

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Sarah Moran

The Walking Dead’s Latest Opening Song (Is It A Whisperer Clue?)

The latest episode of The Walking Dead, “Silence the Whisperers”, begins and ends with a song from Gordi playing in the background – but it’s possible this particular song could be a clue to the Whisperers themselves. So far, The Walking Dead season 10 has been setting up a massive showdown between the united communities, called the Coalition, and the Whisperers, who’ve now taken even more land from Alexandria and Hilltop.

Even though The Walking Dead is set a decade into the zombie apocalypse and there hasn’t been any form of new media to come out in the universe since 2010, the network and producers still tend to incorporate pop songs in various episodes every now and then. That trend seemed to have died off over the past few years, but it’s back now in The Walking Dead season 10, episode 4, “Silence the Whisperers”, in which Gordi’s “Heaven I Know” plays at the beginning and end.

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“Heaven I Know” plays over the episode’s opening montage, which highlights the lives of several people in Alexandria and Hilltop, and then it returns again at the end. While its use in the cold open is standard for The Walking Dead, the fact that the episode ends with the camera panning over graffiti that reads “silence the whisperers” with the song’s whispering “1, 2, 3” countdown playing in the background hints at the song being a clue to the Whisperer villains.

Gordi’s 2017 song itself has very little – if anything – to do with The Walking Dead, but the fact that the show specifically focused on the “silence the whisperers” graffiti, which comes straight out of The Walking Dead‘s comics, while increasing the volume of the whispering “1, 2, 3” countdown at the same time is too obvious of a connection to look past. It was most likely chosen because of that whispering conclusion while potentially signifying the fact that there have now been three major zombie attacks on The Walking Dead in season 10.

Now, Michonne and Judith are heading to Oceanside to figure out what’s really going on. Ultimately, though, there’s only one conclusion to this: the Whisperer War. Eventually, the Coalition and the Whisperers will fight each other, but exactly how that happens remains to be seen. The Walking Dead‘s producers are no strangers to dropping subtle hints for bigger events down the line, and the use of Gordi’s song in this episode just might be the latest one. If it isn’t, then it’s certainly a major coincidence.

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The Walking Dead season 10 airs Sundays on AMC.

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Mansoor Mithaiwala

Walking Dead: Negan Is Finally Released – But By Who?

Warning! SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 10 and comics ahead!

Negan is freed from jail in The Walking Dead season 10, and the preview for an upcoming episode reveals who did it. But who is this character and why would they release public enemy enemy number one?

Since the six-year time jump in The Walking Dead season 9, Negan has remained a prisoner in Alexandria. Recently, however, he has begun enjoying some “privileges”. Basically, Negan is now allowed outside of his cell where he’s put to work harvesting produce under the watchful eye of his guards. It’s not freedom, but it’s a start. One of Negan’s guards is Brandon (Blaine Kern III), a new character this season who has yet to be fully introduced, and he of all people is who the next episode preview reveals released Negan from his cell.

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In The Walking Dead season 10, episode 4, “Silence the Whisperers”, Negan rescues Lydia from an attack by recent Alexandrians and former Highwaymen: Margo, Alfred, and Alex. During the fight, Negan accidentally kills Margo, and for his crime, he is again locked away as the council decides his fate. But during the night, Negan escapes, and it’s clear he only did so with someone’s help. The episode ends with the culprit’s identity unknown, but the preview for The Walking Dead season 10, episode 5, “What It Always Is”, reveals that Brandon helped Negan escape. And to a certain extent, it makes sense because Brandon is who releases Negan in The Walking Dead comics.

In that telling, Brandon is introduced much earlier as the son of Morton and Tammy Rose. (Morton doesn’t appear in AMC’s The Walking Dead as Tammy is instead married to Earl Sutton.) Similar to what happens in The Walking Dead season 9, Tammy is killed by the Whisperers and her head is one that marks the border. Her husband, Morton, becomes frustrated and angry over Rick Grimes’ slow response to those murders and attacks him. The fight escalates and ends when Rick bites Morton in the neck and rips open his jugular, killing him.

Understandably, Brandon is distraught at losing his parents in such brutal ways, blaming both Alpha and Rick and swearing revenge. He goes to Negan in his cell and tells him of his plan to inform the Whisperers of Rick’s coming attack, hoping to get them all killed in process. Negan agrees to help and Brandon releases him, but once they escape and reach the Whisperer border, Negan kills Brandon. Ever the master manipulator, Negan just uses Brandon as a means to an end and nothing more.

The man watching over Negan (above) is AMC’s version of Brandon, now an Alexandrian resident with no relation to The Walking Dead TV show’s Tammy Rose. So far, he’s only been seen guarding Negan while he gardens, later reprimanding Lydia for speaking with his prisoner. Though, perhaps it’s his observing of Negan’s surprisingly gentle manner with Lydia that convinces him Negan doesn’t kill Margo intentionally. This version of Negan is further along the path towards redemption than he ever is in The Walking Dead comics, anyway.

Rick is obviously is no longer around on the main Walking Dead series and this version of Brandon doesn’t appear to have a backstory similar to his comic book counterpart. The reason, then, why Brandon releases Negan on AMC’s The Walking Dead must be different than his motivation in the comics, even if it leads to the same confrontation between Negan and Alpha. The preview for The Walking Dead season 10’s “What It Always Is” may have revealed who releases Negan, but the episode will need to explain what Brandon hopes to gain from releasing him.

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The Walking Dead season 10 continues next Sunday, November 3rd with “What It Always Is” at 9pm/8c on AMC.


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