The Walking Dead: 9 Character Exits That Hurt The Show (And 11 Fans Want Back)

The Walking Dead has been airing for nearly a decade. Since it’s first episode in 2010, it’s gained a major following and has become one of the most popular shows on television. Season nine just ended, and fans lost a lot of important characters along the way.

While viewers are used to losing their favorite characters in the zombie apocalypse drama, there have been quite a few big names leaving the show the past few seasons, including Rick, Maggie, and Carl. A lot of them were characters fans thought would stick around for much longer than they did. It’s rare for a series to lose its lead and continue on.

While losing a character can definitely attract viewers to a show and keep them glued to the screen, some of the losses harmed the show more than they helped. Those exits hurt the show in a major way, but they aren’t exactly popular characters that fans want back. Sometimes characters perish only to cause issues with the storyline. Other big names, however, like Glenn, are losses that fans would love to have reappear on their television screens. Here are 9 Character Exists That Hurt The Show (And 11 Fans Want Back).

20 Fans Want Back: Rick Grimes

Fans are still dealing with Rick’s sudden disappearance in the middle of season nine of The Walking Dead. While Andrew Lincoln had announced it would be Rick’s final episode, viewers still weren’t prepared for his emotional exit.

He flew off in a helicopter after being thrown by an explosion that his friends believe was his demise. Clearly, Rick didn’t perish, but he did leave the show so fans are left wondering where he and Jadis flew off too.

While the show is continuing on just fine without him, most fans have made it clear they would love to have the sheriff back in the future. They may somewhat get their wish. While Lincoln has said he’s done with the show, there are supposedly three Rick Grimes solo films in the works. Walking Dead fans haven’t seen the last of him.

19 Fans Want Back: Glenn Rhee

One of the most pivotal moments in Walking Dead history was when Negan brutally took Glenn’s life with his bat, Lucille. Fans will never forget the look on Glenn’s face right before he perished. It’s haunted everyone since season seven.

Some viewers claim the show went downhill after his exit, while others insist it was necessary in order to drive the rest of the season. Regardless of what fans think, it’s clear that he was a fan-favorite and people miss his presence on the show.

The loss of Glenn has resonated throughout the show for a couple of seasons now. It’s clear he was adored by both the characters on the show and the fans. Everyone loved him.

18 Hurt The Show: Lizzie And Mika Samuels

One of the most traumatizing moments on The Walking Dead was when Carol had to take the life of Lizzie after Lizzie took the life of her sister, Mika. Viewers were shocked, and Carol was never the same after doing the deed.

Fans still repeat the quote when Carol tells Lizzie to “look at the flowers” before pulling the trigger. It was heartbreaking and memorable, even after all these years. Viewers still argue about whether or not Carol did the right thing.

While Lizzie and Mika aren’t exactly characters fans are clambering to have back, their exit definitely hurt the show by causing Carol to carry the burden of putting them down. She deals with the repercussions for that action for a long time.

17 Hurt The Show: Simon

While Negan was certainly the villain of season eight, Simon was equally as bad if not worse than the bat-wielding bad guy. He did things even Negan didn’t approve of.

He had a surprising amount of character development considering he was just a side character for Negan’s storyline. Essentially starting as Negan’s sidekick, he worked his way up to try and take over leadership of the Saviors.

Simon was one of the more intriguing aspects of season eight, so when he lost his life, a lot of the interest with the Saviors storyline went away. The only thing left was Negan, and he wasn’t as intriguing without his leadership challenged at that point. While fans wanted Simon to perish, his ending was a little anticlimactic and ultimately hurt the show.

16 Fans Want Back: Abraham Ford

Fans didn’t just lose one person in the season seven premiere. That would have hurt enough, but Negan had to make it worse and take two lives. Abraham had an unfortunate ending along with Glenn.

While Abraham hadn’t been on the show for as long as Glenn, he was loved by a lot of fans and had truly become part of the group. He was full of great one-liners and was an interesting character to explore psychologically. Abraham brought a strength the group needed.

Fans that wish they could see Abraham again may get their wish now that The Walking Dead has started playing with time jumps. Michael Cudlitz has even teased reprising his role in recent years.

15 Fans Want Back: Jesus

Fans lost quite a few main characters in season nine, but Jesus was one of the most alarming losses. He perished mid-season in an unexpected twist at the hands of a Whisperer, who they thought was a walker.

Jesus has been around in the show since season six, but he has a much more prominent role against the Saviors in the comics than he did in the television series, leaving fans disappointed where the character’s story ended. Many believe taking his life at this point in the series was a mistake.

Right when he finally had his moment to show his full potential, the show took him away. The cool version of Jesus fans love in the comics never really made an appearance. Fans would love to see more of him in TWD if they ever have the chance.

14 Hurt The Show: Tyreese Wiliams

Tyreese is one of the most memorable characters to have perished on The Walking Dead. He had so much heart and loyalty and it really resonated with fans.

The creators of the show insisted he had to go in order to remind viewers of the value of human life, but fans didn’t accept that explanation. In the comics, he lasts much longer than he did in the show and he was taken out right when his storyline was the most interesting. This left viewers wanting more of the character.

To make matters worse, once he’s gone, he is barely mentioned by the other characters. His loss seemed pointless and really annoyed fans who expected more of Tyreese’s story.

13 Fans Want Back: Noah

It’s rare for a temporary character to hold as much space in fan’s hearts as Noah did in season five. He didn’t even last more than one season, but he’s one of the characters fans want to see back the most.

Fans really believed the show was setting him up to be an amazing main character who would stick around for a while. The character had so much potential and it was all wasted when he was eaten by walkers. All his development with both Beth and Glenn lead nowhere.

While the scene he perishes in is certainly intense and memorable, fans would have loved for him to survive for much longer than he did. The loss of Noah wasn’t meaningful or satisfying, it was just for alarming value.

12 Fans Want Back: Morgan Jones

Morgan is one of the first characters Walking Dead fans encountered on the show. He’s the first person to help Rick on his journey. While Rick lost track of Morgan in season one, he reappeared in season three.

Since then, he has grown to be a very important character to the show. Fans liked Morgan a lot more than the creators anticipated. He left in season nine, though it was a pretty open ending. While he’s no longer going to appear on The Walking Dead, his character moved to the popular spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead.

Despite that, fans would love to see Morgan back with his original group of people on The Walking Dead again in the future.

11 Hurt The Show: The Governor

While Negan has overshadowed all other villains on The Walking Dead, before he showed up swinging Lucille around, fans loved to dislike The Governor.

He was introduced back in season three and bothered Rick’s group until his demise in season five. While fans wanted him to get what he deserved, they were still sorry to see him go. He was a fantastic villain. The storyline hurt after he perished, too.

The Governor had people tuning in to AMC each week to see what kind of unhinged behaviors he would unleash on the group. Once he was gone, a lot of fans grew disinterested in the story. Some say the show started going downhill with his demise.

10 Fans Want Back: Dale Horvath

While he hasn’t been around for years, true Walking Dead fans will never forget Dale Horvath. The beloved character sadly lost his life after being attacked by a walker in season two.

He was a strong moral compass for the group, and a sort of father figure for a few of the characters, particularly Angela. Fans weren’t prepared to lose the character so soon after growing so attached to him.

Dale actually wasn’t originally supposed to pass away so soon, but the actor had an issue with the show after one of his friends was fired and asked to leave the show. Fans would have loved to see where his character would have gone if that wasn’t the case.

9 Hurt The Show: Bob Stookey

Bob isn’t exactly the most memorable Walking Dead character, but he’s arguably one who deserved to stay alive. His exit ended up hurting the show.

He was charming and kind, which brought a much-needed energy to the show. While he did suffer from a drinking problem, he was working hard to correct it before he perished. He also had a sweet romance going with Sasha.

His positivity was refreshing in a world where so many characters are reasonably bitter and cynical. Once his life was taken, the optimistic energy he brought disappeared, leaving an emptiness in the group. While fans weren’t clambering to see him again, the vibe of the show definitely shifted in his absence.

8 Hurt The Show: Denise Cloyd

While the main characters on The Walking Dead are certainly important, every person has an important part to play in the story. While Denise wasn’t the biggest character, she had a strong impact on the show.

She brought important representation to the community with her romantic relationship with Tara, causing a major controversy when she perished. Fans accused the show of taking away all of their representation, a common trope for television.

Dwight accidentally hit her with an arrow that was meant for Daryl. While it definitely showed how dangerous and unhinged the Saviors can be, it ultimately hurt the show by angering fans for taking away a character in a budding relationship that was important representation.

7 Fans Want Back: Hershel Greene

Walking Dead fans have a special place in their heart for Hershel. He was an important mentor for Rick, and was a loving, wise presence the group needed in their lives.

When he perished, it deeply affected the energy of the show and altered Rick’s behavior. The way he dealt with the Saviors would have been handled completely different if Hershel had still been around with his words of wisdom. His loss resonated for a long time.

Especially after seeing Hershel appear in Rick’s visions in season nine, fans wish the father-figure was still on the show guiding the group. His influence was so great that he even affected Rick’s final moments on the show.

6 Hurt The Show: Merle Dixon

While Daryl is obviously the favorite Dixon brother, Merle certainly had an important role on the show. Any scene he was in was bound to be entertaining.

He was rude, unpredictable, and sarcastic. His relationship with Daryl was also incredibly complicated. Fans were always interested to see what he would get into next. When Daryl had to take the life of his brother after he became a walker, it was devastating.

After he perished, the show lacked a certain depth it needed in its characters. Complicated people like Merle are what made the first few seasons of the show so intriguing. While the next few seasons were still entertaining, they could have benefited from an intricate, conflicting character like Merle.

5 Fans Want Back: Beth Greene

While a lot of Walking Dead losses hurt, none have hurt fans like Beth’s exit. The youngest Greene sister was a fan-favorite, and people weren’t ready to see her go yet.

Fans had watched her as she started to change from a scared kid to a strong-willed adult. She had just grown out of her naive, childlike behavior, and was developing a great friendship with Daryl, but she was taken out before her story could grow any further. The timing was off.

Once the group made it to Alexandria, fans couldn’t help but think about how great her character would have fit into that new world the group was finding. Her demise was used to push the idea that anyone is fair game in the zombie apocalypse, but fans really wish she was still around.

4 Hurt The Show: Dwight

Dwight is one of the newer additions to The Walking Dead cast, but he earned his place in the show’s storyline pretty quickly. His development from an evil Savior to a redeemed ally was pretty interesting.

While fans had mixed opinions on the character, particularly the way Tara and Daryl forgave him so easily, it’s clear that his character arch was cut too short, hurting the momentum the show was building. He was one of the more interesting aspects of season eight, so his exit doesn’t make a lot of sense for the story.

Reportedly, his character will be moving to Fear The Walking Dead, so it’s possible it’ll be more clear why he won’t be on the original show anymore once the new story is revealed.

3 Hurt The Show: Lori Grimes

A lot of fans think Lori Grimes is one of the most annoying characters in the show’s nine seasons. While that’s certainly arguable, it’s also clear that she was a vital character to the storyline in the first few seasons.

Regardless of how irritating she could be, she was important. Her exit hurt the show more than some fans are willing to admit. She perished in an intense way, as Carl had to put his own mother down as she gave birth to his sister, Judith.

This had drastic repercussions for both Rick and Carl. Carl had to come to terms with taking his mother’s life, while it signaled the beginning of Rick’s psychological unraveling. He had hallucinations of his deceased wife and was unable to properly lead the group, leading to some frustrating situations for fans to watch.

2 Fans Want Back: Maggie Rhee

At the start of season nine, fans were surprised to find that Maggie was no longer on the show. She hadn’t perished, she simply left HIlltop and hasn’t been seen since.

Maggie is a fan-favorite character, so a lot of people are really upset to see her suddenly gone with limited explanation as to why. The show simply isn’t the same in her absence. It was hard enough losing Rick in season eight, now Maggie is missing season nine. Supposedly, her absence is due to a salary dispute between the show and actor Lauren Cohan.

Whatever the reason, fans clearly want her back. Hopefully, they will get their wish, seeing as there are talks of a Maggie-centered spinoff in the future

1 Fans Want Back: Carl Grimes

A lot of character losses have hit fans hard, but none hit the same way as when Carl perished. His loss of life signaled the end of the show for a lot of fans.

When people first realized he had been bit by a walker, they were outraged. How could a show that so clearly centers on Rick and his family continue on without his son? The two had been at the heart of the show since season one.

While it did continue without him, the vibe changed. If he had stayed alive, he would have been able to take over when Rick left. The transition would have been perfect. Fans insist his loss is one of the show’s biggest mistakes to date.

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Britt Poteet

Tom Holland Confirms Long Awaited Chaos Walking Reshoots Now Underway

The long awaited reshoots on Chaos Walking, the YA movie starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, are finally happening. It’s been nearly two years since production originally began on Doug Liman’s live-action adaptation of the Patrick Ness novel of the same name, and despite having two of the brightest young stars in Hollywood, the film has yet to hit theaters. The reason for this is the need to do reshoots.

Even though reshoots are a normal part of production, the ones planned for Chaos Walking appeared to be a different story. They weren’t scheduled to happen until very late in the process, and resulted in the film losing its early 2019 release date. If these reshoots were built in to the production schedule from the start, no such changes would’ve been made. What made these reshoots all the more difficult though is the star statuses of Holland and Ridley, who’ve both been incredibly busy filming other blockbusters.

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After over a year from the original report that reshoots on Chaos Walking were needed, they’ve now begun. Holland has been teasing on social media that the new round of filming on Chaos Walking was nearing, with first teasing on Instagram that his longer hair needed to be cut to match his look in this film. He then posted a few Instagram stories of him arriving in Atlanta, and then showing his drive to day one of the additional photography. His latest post (seen below) shows Doug Liman behind the camera on set, confirming that cameras are rolling on the reshoots.

The beginning of these reshoots is the first truly positive step that Chaos Walking has taken in over a year, making this a great piece of news for those interested in the film. There’s no word on if Ridley is also on set for these reshoots so far, but it would be quite surprising if she and other cast members like Mads Mikkelsen, David Oyelowo, and Nick Jonas don’t eventually report. According to a call sheet posted by Stomp and Stammer, these reshoots will last for three weeks – which lines up with the original reshoots report – and end on May 6.

As long as these reshoots go as well as everyone’s hoping, then it may not be inconceivable for Chaos Walking to still arrive at some point this year. Lionsgate has not given the film a new release date at this point, and could look to push the film out this year after Holland stars in Spider-Man: Far From Home and before Ridley is seen again in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to capitalize on their popularity, if the film is ready in time. Since this may be a long shot at this point, a 2020 release is much more likely. Either way, it’s just good to know that Chaos Walking is finally moving forward again. But, with such a long time between the different periods of production, it’ll be fascinating to see if the reshot scenes are all the more noticeable.

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Sources: Tom Holland, Stomp and Stammer

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10 Characters The Walking Dead Wants Us To Forget

When a show has been on the air for as long as The Walking Dead has, it’s understandable – even expected – that the writers would make their share of questionable decisions. This is especially true when it comes to TWD. 

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Through controversy, backlash, and even driving their fanbase away on multiple occasions, the series’ writers have made several decisions that wound up hurting the show. Some of these decisions included introducing characters that failed to win the audience’s affections, or killing off beloved characters.

Because of that, TWD, of course, has quite a collection of characters that it would most likely want the fans to forget. Let’s explore 10 of the characters that The Walking Dead writers want us to forget.


From what was pretty much the very beginning of the series, a large portion of the Walking Dead fanbase adopted a passionate dislike for Lori Grimes. She was barely in the show for three seasons, but that was all it took for the fans’ dislike to morph into absolute hatred.

Sure, Lori had her flaws. She did make questionable decisions, and her parenting skills weren’t always the greatest. But did she really deserve all the hate she got? TWD writers didn’t seem to care about the answer to that question, as Lori is now a forgotten aspect of the show.


It has been nearly seven years since T-Dog met his heartbreaking demise. He was not a major character, but he garnered enough screen time and memorable scenes to live on in the audience’s memories.

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But The Walking Dead writers don’t seem to share the same sentiment, seemingly having forgotten all about T-Dog. This is most likely the writers’ attempt to bury the age of Darabont, the show’s first show-runner, as T-Dog was his original character. But despite that, T-Dog is still missed to this day.


Due to her major role in the comics, it came as a shock to many when Andrea’s less-than-intelligent decisions in season 3 accumulated in the finale to cause her untimely death. She had a significant presence in the show, but after her death, she was rarely ever mentioned by anyone.

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Many fans weren’t too happy with Andrea’s sudden demise, as they were expecting her to carry on a storyline similar to the one she had in the graphic novels. Perhaps this uproar provoked the TWD writers to bury Andrea’s character in the deepest archives of the series’ history, having many of the characters seemingly forget about her.


Dale Horvath was only on TWD for two seasons. But he made his mark nonetheless, from inserting himself into everyone else’s business to the point where it was almost humorous, and to his heartbreaking death.

The death of this wise character made for some pretty heavy drama and tension in Rick’s group. Dale’s departure broke the hearts of many, other characters and viewers alike. But TWD writers didn’t have much choice in killing Dale. In fact, actor Jeffrey DeMunn actually asked for his character to be written out of the show. Considering that DeMunn was a close friend of former showrunner, Frank Darabont’s (who was fired by AMC in 2011), it does make sense that the TWD writers would want Dale to vanish from the audience’s memories.


Morgan may be one of the lead characters on Fear The Walking Dead, but his exit from the main series at the end of season 8, still felt unjust, with his lengthy history on the show. Morgan made his first appearance in TWD‘s series premiere. He remained a major part of the series’ story, despite not appearing again until late season 3.

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At this point, when Rick, Michonne, and Carl accidentally stumbled upon Morgan, he was reeling from the death of both his son and (zombified) wife. Morgan was so traumatized from these horrors that he nearly killed Rick on multiple occasions in the episode, and even begged Rick to kill him. Due to Morgan’s breakdown, Rick, Michonne, and Carl left him. It wasn’t until season 5 when Morgan came back to the show and became a series regular. Lennie James’ portrayal of Morgan made him very likeable, but TWD writers utilized this in all the wrong ways; sending Morgan to Fear The Walking Dead and effectively making the characters cease to speak of him ever since.


Eric was an underdeveloped character best known for being Aaron’s boyfriend. Though he made very few appearances, it was always good to see LGBTQ characters represented on The Walking Dead. But when there is a decent amount of gay characters on this show, viewers have learned to be prepared to say goodbye pretty fast.

Eric’s heartbreaking death occurred early in season 8, when he was fatally shot by a Savior while assisting his community with an ambush. Tragically, Aaron is forced to leave Eric to bleed out. Later, Aaron finds that Eric has reanimated. Viewers are only shown a distant shot of the walker version of Eric, but this is nonetheless unsettling. Aaron is left to raise Gracie, an orphaned baby, on his own. Walking Dead writers have since left Eric’s memory in the dust, most likely in hopes of quieting the complaints of their habit of killing so many LGBTQ characters.


Perhaps one of the biggest, most regrettable mistakes that the TWD writers have ever made was killing Glenn Rhee. He was a fan-favorite since the very beginning, and it’s a popular opinion among The Walking Dead‘s fanbase that Glenn was significantly mistreated by the writers.

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This was a character who proved to be the heart of the show on multiple occasions, who was always making selfless and decisions. Glenn was one of the few characters whose humanity remained intact, and who always strived to honor his dead loved ones. Given this lovely character and Steven Yeun’s strong talents, TWD writers should have treasured Glenn Rhee. But instead, they killed him off for cheap shock value and the lame excuse of “following the comics”. Given the immense amount of backlash Glenn’s death evoked, it’s obvious that Walking Dead writers would, shamefully, want to keep Glenn’s time on the show a distant one.


Denise was not on the show for very long, but she had a memorable existence. In the days before the apocalypse, she was a psychiatrist. She originally went to medical school to be a surgeon, but due to her anxiety, she switched to psychiatry. This makes it even nobler when she becomes Alexandria’s doctor, and saves Carl’s life.

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Denise was timid and insecure, but many viewers grew quite attached to her quirky demeanor. Her relationship with Tara was short-lived but adorable. When Denise died late in season 6, The Walking Dead once again re-established its reputation for not only killing characters solely for shock value, but also frequently killing LGBTQ characters.


Season 6 was not The Walking Dead‘s strongest season, and one of the reasons for this was the entire storyline that surrounded the Anderson family. After Rick and co. arrive in Alexandria, Rick begins to show his problematic side.

He meets Jessie Anderson shortly after he arrives in Alexandria, and in TWD’s typical, heavy-handed style, viewers are treated to a scene of contrived flirtation as Jessie cuts Rick’s hair. This, of course, is only the beginning of a storyline that the majority of the fanbase hated with a passion. From Rick falling in love with Jessie within five minutes of knowing her, to Rick’s brawl with Jessie’s husband, Pete, and finally to Rick’s short, extremely contrived romance with Jessie – this storyline’s only real redeeming quality was its memorable end. Based on how badly received the Anderson family was, it’s understandable that TWD probably wants everyone to forget about this absurd arc.


Goodbyes are never easy on TWD, but one of the most peculiar instances of a character exit was Maggie Rhee’s. She had been a strong presence in the show since season 2, so it came as quite a shock to see the show dispose of her in such an unceremonious way. After the six-year time jump that followed Rick’s disappearance, it was alluded to that Maggie had left Hilltop. Apparently, no one really knows where exactly she is, and she is only mentioned a tiny handful of times after her departure.

Rick Grimes’ exit was monopolized and hyped for months before the episode aired. But it was Andrew Lincoln’s decision to leave the series, just as it was Lauren Cohan’s decision to leave. For Maggie, who was a very longterm major character, Walking Dead writers should have shown a little respect and given her a proper exit, rather than attempting to disintegrate her entire existence.

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Savannah Di Leo

The Walking Dead Season 9 Finale: 3 Things That Gave Us Closure (& 7 Things They Still Haven’t Addressed)

The Walking Dead roared back into form with Season 9, which was a remarkable step up from the lackluster storylines from Season 7 and Season 8. Season 9 generally avoided playing around with the fans and presented resolutions to plots within the same season.

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Despite answering some burning questions within the season, Season 9’s finale did bring up several new questions which are left to be answered in season 10 or later on. Here, we’ll discuss the 3 things we got closure for, and 7 things that still need to be addressed when Season 10 starts.

10 Haven’t Addressed: Why Carol Left Ezekiel

Seeing as Carol and Ezekiel had been married for about 7-9 years, it’s a shock how easily she divorced him in the season finale. Clearly, the loss of Henry created a rift between them, but things weren’t explicitly said.

We never found out what arguments had contributed toward this eventual dissolution of their marriage. There must have been something huge that led to Carol walking out on Ezekiel and returning to Alexandria – a place she hadn’t been to for almost a decade. Season 10 will obviously further address what happened between these two, but Season 9 left us wanting more answers.

9 Haven’t Addressed: The Time Jump

Season 9 had all of three time jumps. The first was around 18 months; the second was 6 years; the third, we have no clue. What we do know is that the third time skip changed everyone greatly since the loss of the people on the pikes.

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The blizzard hit Virginia quite a few months after the incident. Seeing as the Kingdom had fallen and in the previous episode, the community seemed to be experiencing a revival. All we understood was that some time had passed, but exactly how long it had been since Alpha’s attack was left a mystery; we don’t even know how far along Rosita is in her pregnancy.

8 Closure: Alpha’s True Feelings

Yes, the villain’s psyche is now something we are well aware of. At first, she didn’t seem to care as much about her daughter as she did about becoming the leader of the Whisperers, but the final episode showed that she was still mourning the loss of Lydia.

Alpha’s scene where she voluntarily is whipped reminds us that she believes her grief over her lost daughter, Lydia, is seen as a moment of weakness. We now know that Alpha wanted her daughter to be with her, but ultimately, her quest for power has taken first place in her list of priorities and she’ll always place that above everything else; even though inwardly she’d like Lydia back.

7 Haven’t Addressed: What Happened To The Helicopter Group

The Helicopter group was around the area for at least two years seeing as Jadis had been in contact with them pre-Season 7. However, the group ostensibly disappeared once they got hold of Rick and Jadis.

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They’ve never been seen or mentioned since, which means they aren’t in the vicinity anymore, but that doesn’t provide any explanation as to who the heck they were in the first place. We never found out what an “A” or a “B” were supposed to be – the people Jadis handed the group over to. Unfortunately for TV fans, it appears Season 10 won’t be answering these questions either.

6 Haven’t Addressed: Who Was On the Radio

The Walking Dead’s season finales always leave a big cliffhanger; Season 9 wasn’t an exception. The very final seconds of the finale had Ezekiel saying goodbye to Judith, before the radio intercepted another signal and a woman’s voice was heard.

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There were no hints of any other community existing nearby, which means this person is from an entirely new community we have no clue of; it’s always very much possible this community is far away. The show deliberately didn’t address this person on the radio since it’ll be the talking point among fans for the next six months until Season 10 premieres.

5 Closure: The Whisperers’ Nomadic Nature

We didn’t find out what specific beef the Whisperers had with the communities in all of Season 9. Alpha mentioned it was because they crossed into her borders, but she’d never been in those borders until very recently.

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The finale cemented the notion that the Whisperers consider wherever they are at present as their territory. This was confirmed when the Whisperers were nowhere to be found during the blizzard when the heroes crossed their borders. The reason for their absence was that the Whisperers simply weren’t there at all at the time and had migrated to warmer places, thereby confirming that they are truly nomadic and their borders go where they go.

4 Haven’t Addressed: What Happened To Oceanside

Oceanside was barely featured at all in Season 9. So little was shown that we have no idea who their leader even is now. Their supposed leader, Cyndie, has yet to be seen after the six-year jump but hasn’t been mentioned as dead either.

We never saw Oceanside in its present state either, and it appears the community is pretty much on its own now after the time jump following the pike incident. Who’s their definitive leader? Are they in contact with the communities still? Do they accept men in their borders now? All these questions remain unaddressed, and the finale chose to keep it this way.

3 Haven’t Addressed: The Status Of Kingdommers

The Kingdom became a fallen community once its resources dried up and its walls became too deteriorated for habitation. The finale saw the community members journeying to the Hilltop, but there were hardly any people seen.

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The Kingdom was supposed to be a large community, which makes for the finale’s depiction of the group so surprising. Did many of the members perish before the blizzard? Did they abandon the Kingdom and flee beforehand? We’re also not sure if Ezekiel even is a king anymore, and what are now the roles of the Kingdommers in the new communities.

2 Closure: Negan’s Redemption Path

For Negan, the whole of Season 9 was a slow redemption arc. He started out still wanting power, but then shed his worst side as his fatherly love for Judith overcame his quest for power. He remained behind bars for more than 90-percent of his appearances, but the finale saw him make clear that he was rehabilitated.

Negan ran into the blizzard to rescue Judith, something that was almost guaranteed to cost him his life, and then had a civil chat with Michonne in his final scene of the season. We can be certain now that Negan will not be playing the villain role in Season 10.

1 Haven’t Addressed: Where’s Maggie?

Maggie was said to be with Georgie’s people while things were stable at the Hilltop, but things have now gotten so unfortunate that there’s no leader of Hilltop at all. Both Jesus and Tara met their ends, and it’s been a heck of a long time since we’ve heard from Maggie.

She’d been sending letters before, but since Jesus’ death, she hasn’t replied back at all. The finale only mentioned that she hadn’t answered any of her letters, which throws in doubt whether Georgie’s group is even safe or not now. We don’t know if Maggie is safe, or if she’s battling foes like the Whisperers herself now.

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2019-04-10 01:04:16

Saim Cheeda

What To Expect From Fear The Walking Dead Season 5

Fear the Walking Dead season 5 is officially happening, but when will it release and what can people expect? AMC officially ordered Fear the Walking Dead season 5 in July 2018, shortly before Fear the Walking Dead returned for the second half of season 4. And considering everything that happened in the previous season, Fear the Walking Dead season 5 is going to be quite interesting.

In more ways than one, Fear the Walking Dead season 4 for the series. In the span of one season, Fear the Walking Dead lost its main character, Madison (Kim Dickens), and another original cast member, Frank Dillane, who played Madison’s son, Nick. Only a small chunk of the season 3 cast were present for most of season 4. The main cast of Fear the Walking Dead season 4, therefore, was mostly made up of new people, including The Walking Dead crossover character, Morgan (Lennie James), who joined with Althea (Maggie Grace), John (Garrett Dillahunt), and June (Jenna Elfman). In the back half of Fear the Walking Dead season 4, another handful of characters joined Morgan’s group.

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In the Fear the Walking Dead season 4 finale, Morgan’s group finally defeated the main villain of the season, Martha (Tonya Perkins). Instead of moving on and resuming their journey to Virginia, they decided to continue what Polar Bear started by working together and helping people in need. Will that change in Fear the Walking Dead season 5?

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Release Date

Fear the Walking Dead typically airs immediately after the latest season of The Walking Dead wraps. However, The Walking Dead season 9 concluded on March 31 and Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will premiere on June 2, 2019 – over two months later. Since that means that there’s a shorter period of time before The Walking Dead returns, this reduces the number of weeks that Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will be on the air but not the number of episodes. It could be a last-ditch effort to improve ratings for the series by keeping up the pace.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Cast & Story

Joining the Fear the Walking Dead season 5 cast is Austin Amelio’s Dwight, thus making him the second Walking Dead crossover character after James’ Morgan. The former Savior left The Walking Dead at the end of season 8 when Daryl warned him never to return. It appears that Dwight took Daryl’s warning seriously and is now searching for his wife, Sherry. Though story details for Fear the Walking Dead season 5 have been kept under wraps, it’s expected that Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will pick up with Morgan’s group focusing more on helping people than simply surviving.

Since Fear the Walking Dead isn’t based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comics, the story is always an original one; therefore, it can go in whichever direction the writers and producers choose. However, it’s worth noting that Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will also be revisiting the past, as Ruben Blades’ Daniel Salazar and Daniel Sharman’s Troy Otto are both expected to return despite being missing and presumed dead in season 4.

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2019-04-08 09:04:48

Nicholas Raymond

Walking Dead: Chandler Riggs Interested in Returning as Carl Grimes

Over a year after saying goodbye to the long-running character, Chandler Riggs says he would be interested in returning to The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes. The character of Carl Grimes, the son of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies), was first introduced in the original Walking Dead comics created by Robert Kirkman. Riggs debuted as the youthful Carl on AMC’s adaptation of The Walking Dead beginning in season 1 and stayed on until the character’s death midway through season 8.

Almost from the beginning, Riggs’ TV depiction of Carl was criticized, and many jokes ensued as the actor aged too fast for the show’s relatively slow-moving timeline. Despite these issues, the show mainly stuck with the character’s arc from the comics, even depicting the gruesome moment when he loses an eye. Ultimately though, Scott Gimple and the TWD powers-that-be elected to move on from Carl and Riggs, killing the character off in dramatic fashion at the mid-way point of season 8. The decision to kill Carl was of course met with a lot of disapproval by long-time TWD comic book fans, as in the comics Carl does not die at the same point in the story but instead lives on to become an even more central character (and indeed is still alive to this day). The show made up for the loss of Carl by splitting his comics storyline between a post-time-jump Judith and Henry.

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It’s been over a year since The Walking Dead removed Carl Grimes from the mix, but Riggs hasn’t entirely moved on yet. Speaking to the crowd at Walker Stalker Con London, Riggs said he would be open to making a return appearance as Carl if the opportunity arose (via, h/t CBR). Riggs said, “Great, yeah, it’d be a lot of fun. I’m super down, yeah. That would be awesome.” In the meantime, Riggs has continued his acting career outside the TWD universe, scoring a role on the ABC show A Million Little Things.

It’s of course nothing new for long-dead characters to make return appearances on The Walking Dead, and not as zombies either. Recently, Jon Bernthal, Scott Wilson and Sonequa Martin-Green all made comebacks to the show that killed them off as part of Rick Grimes’ own departure episode (Rick is of course not dead and is expected to return in future Walking Dead movies). Such appearances are normally executed as part of flashbacks or hallucinations, and frequently give a little nostalgic jolt to proceedings as fans get one more chance to say goodbye to popular characters from the past.

Given his remarks, it seems Riggs would be more-than-willing to appear in a future flashback or dream sequence to put on Carl’s hat and eyepatch one more time. It remains to be seen if The Walking Dead can fit in a nostalgic Carl appearance as the show moves forward into season 10 and perhaps beyond.

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Source: (via CBR)

2019-04-08 08:04:26

Dan Zinski

AMC Announces Female-Led Walking Dead Spinoff Show

AMC reveal plans for a third The Walking Dead TV show. Based on the comic books by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead first began airing on AMC in October 2010 and rapidly went on to become a worldwide sensation. Now confirmed for season 10 expected later this year, TWD has suffered ups-and-downs in terms of viewership but continues to be AMC’s biggest draw and recently survived the loss of lead actor, Andrew Lincoln. Unsurprisingly given its success, a spinoff called Fear The Walking Dead dropped in 2005. Originally recounting the early days of the zombie apocalypse, FTWD has since caught up with the main show and several characters have crossed over between the two series.

Despite already juggling two projects concurrently, AMC have made no secret of their desire to expand the universe of TWD further, and around the time of the season 9 premiere, reports began to emerge that revealed several different undead ideas were lurking in AMC’s pipeline. Following Lincoln’s on-screen departure, the first of these was confirmed to be a series of Walking Dead movies starring the show’s former protagonist, however rumors continued to suggest that AMC had more up their sleeve than just a feature length adventure for Rick Grimes.

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Those suspicions have now been confirmed, as AMC have announced (via EW) that a third scripted TWD series is in the works. The new show has been created by franchise veteran Scott M. Gimple and TWD writer and producer Matt Negrete, who will act as showrunner on the new venture. The series will reportedly start production on a 10-episode run this summer in Virginia ahead of a 2020 premiere. A synopsis for the currently untitled new show reads:

“[The series]will feature two young female protagonists and focus on the first generation to come-of-age in the apocalypse as we know it. Some will become heroes. Some will become villains. In the end, all of them will be changed forever. Grown-up and cemented in their identities, both good and bad.”

Financially, it’s not hard to see why AMC are investing more time and money into TWD. Even with the recent drop in ratings, both TWD and FTWD continue to do very well for the network, bringing in plenty of cash, and Kirkman’s comic series is also still going strong, providing the main show with plenty of source material to draw from and leaving other titles room to tackle original stories.

With that said, this latest addition to the franchise surely risks burnout from even the most ardent of TWD fans. While many viewers would be willing to invest their time into watching both the main series and its spinoff – which helpfully run at different times of the year – is their interest strong enough to watch three separate shows set within the same universe? The Marvel Studios TV output perhaps demonstrates a precedent for such dedication but did have the success of the hugely successful Hollywood movies to fall back on. Each Marvel show also featured a distinctly different feel, whereas one of the biggest criticisms of FTWD is that it has become very similar to the main show in plot, themes and tone.

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The untitled Walking Dead spinoff is expected to premiere in 2020 on AMC. More news as it arrives.

Source: EW

2019-04-08 08:04:17

Craig Elvy

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Will Continue a Story From The Walking Dead

Scott Gimple, chief content officer of AMC’s The Walking Dead franchise, hints that Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will continue a plotline from the main series. The news marks the latest in a series of crossovers between the two TV shows after Lennie James and his character Morgan departed The Walking Dead to make their debut appearance on Fear the Walking Dead in season 4. More recently, it was confirmed that another character who originated on The Walking Dead – former Negan henchman turned anti-hero Dwight (Austin Amelio) – would also be crossing over into Fear the Walking Dead.

The crossovers come at a time when the wider Walking Dead universe is expanding at a rapid rate. After the departure of Rick Grimes – the man it all began with – from The Walking Dead season 9 it was confirmed that a trilogy of movies focusing on Grimes were in the works. Following that, the powers that be at AMC confirmed that yet another Walking Dead spinoff show was in active development. Just how the trilogy and new show will fit into and connect with The Walking Dead universe has been the subject of much discussion among fans of the franchise, and now it appears there will be another connection to discuss soon.

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More links between the main Walking Dead series and its original spinoff will be revealed in season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead, which is set to premiere on June 2. Speaking to (via CBR) at WonderCon 2019 last weekend, head honcho Scott Gimple suggested that a storyline originating on The Walking Dead would be continued on Fear the Walking Dead, stating:

“This season, I wouldn’t classify it as an enemy, but there will be this, beyond Austin [Amelio], this very interesting commonality, this story strand that’s gonna be furthered on this show that started on The Walking Dead,” teased Gimple. “And who knows where it will go? But that’s the thing on tap right now.”

With all the loose ends left at the conclusion of The Walking Dead season 9, there are certainly lots of plot threads that Fear the Walking Dead could pick up on. There’s the mystery surrounding Rick Grimes’ kidnapping via helicopter and the fact that the Whisperers look like they’re planning an all-out war against Alexandria and the other communities. There’s also the issue of who on Earth was behind the unidentified voice trying to contact Alexandria via radio that was heard at the very end of season 9’s final episode.

Looking more closely at Gimple’s statement, however, it looks like the possibility of a villain from the main show turning up on Fear the Walking Dead is unlikely given that he implies the connected plotline doesn’t focus on an enemy. As The Walking Dead just had a big time jump, putting it now six years ahead of its spinoff, it’s unlikely that any loose plots from after the time jump could be continued on Fear the Walking Dead either.

Could the storyline that Gimple hints at be connected to the main man himself Rick Grimes and the mystery of his helicopter-flying kidnappers? Hopefully, fans will soon find out when season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead premieres in June.

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2019-04-07 11:04:29

Helen Armitage

The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) The Walking Dead Episodes

Since its humble start back in 2010, when it aired only a six-episode first season, The Walking Dead has done a lot to define the zombie genre. It was hard to imagine back then, that TWD would earn the massive cult following it has. And now, boasting over a hundred episodes, a spinoff show, and several video games, the series franchise has grown extraordinarily. Of course, having this vast collection means that there are both iconic, unforgettable episodes, and then there are the episodes that most fans have probably long forgotten.

Let’s explore 5 of the best, and 5 of the worst, Walking Dead episodes.

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10 WILDFIRE (1×05) – BEST

The Walking Dead‘s first season was certainly remarkably strong. The memories of the old days with all those beloved original characters surviving together and creating intriguing relationships are fond in many fans’ minds. Though it only contained six episodes, season one played a significant role in shaping the show into the outstanding success it was.


“Wildfire” is one of the most notable season 1 episodes. Following a brutal bloodbath that took place in the quarry camp, this episode takes place in the aftermath of Amy’s death, and features the heartbreaking moment of Andrea being forced to put her sister down. “Wildfire” also gave audiences their first look at Carol’s warrior side, as she plunges a pickaxe through her deceased abusive husband’s head. Ah, memories.

9 PREY (3×14) – WORST

Almost an entire episode of the Governor chasing Andrea around a field doesn’t sound like a good idea now, and it probably never did. What TWD writers were thinking when they came up with this one is certainly a mystery, and many fans and reviewers would agree.


“Prey” later became known as the worst episode in season three, and to some, the worst TWD episode ever. It was, in some parts, creepy and unnerving. But after a while, the Governor’s ominous whistling and Andrea’s constant search for a suitable hiding place, got old, making this episode, for the most part, simply boring.


Concluding the half-season long search for Sophia and destroying Hershel’s barn full of walkers, this midseason finale will maintain a vivid memory for pretty much everyone. “Pretty Much Dead Already” crushed any lingering hopes that Sophia might still be alive. To make that even more heartbreaking, a few scenes before the little girl makes her entrance out of Hershel’s walker barn, Daryl and Carol have a talk that renews Carol’s hope for her daughter being alive.


After all this, who could forget that close-up shot of Sophia’s pale, glassy eyes as she stepped out of the barn, a walker? This episode was heartbreaking, gripping, unnerving, and utterly unforgettable.

7 SWEAR (7×06) – WORST

TWD bottle episodes that primarily feature brand new characters that no one cares about, understandably, never do well. And this particular episode was led by Tara, who was not really considered to be a main character at the time.


This made “Swear” one of the worst received TWD episodes, lacking in both structure and intrigue. For a whole hour, fans had to sit through the introduction of the Oceanside group. “Swear” delved deep into their backstories and all the terrible things that had happened to them. And no one really cared.


This iconic episode pulled in 17.29 million U.S. viewers, a record for TWD. But the season 5 premiere definitely had a lot to live up to, considering it succeeded a batch of poorly-received season four episodes. It seemed hard to fathom that “No Sanctuary” would be redeemable, but it ended up being much more than that. This episode was strong in every way, and it gave many a renewed interest in TWD.


With Rick and Co. were trapped in a train car, “No Sanctuary” picked up right where season four left off, kicking the fifth season off with a bang. This episode is action-packed, featuring Carol channeling her inner Rambo to save her family from the Terminus cannibals. But “No Sanctuary” also balanced the action-packed moments with quiet, character-based ones, ending with the emotional reunions between Carol and Daryl, and Rick, Carl, and Judith.

5 STILL (4×12) – WORST

Not only was this episode painfully boring, but it also thrust previously-background-character, Beth, into the spotlight by pairing her with Daryl. The concept of “Still” starts off ridiculous and only gets worse as the episode drags on. When Beth decides that she “needs a drink”, the plot for this episode is set and Beth and Daryl head out on a mission to find some alcohol. They succeed, play a drinking game, get into some fights, and ultimately burn a cabin down.


The best part of this episode was the Mountain Goats song that played at the end – that is, if you ignore the laughable fact that Beth and Daryl are flipping off the burning cabin during this moment.

4 I AIN’T NO JUDAS (3×11) – BEST

This episode finally reunited Andrea back with Rick’s group, which was satisfying after episodes of buildup. Andrea also had a tense reunion with Michonne, and it was sad to see that their beautiful bond had been put on the rocks due to Andrea’s decision to abandon Michonne for the Governor.


“I Ain’t No Judas” also featured Merle Dixon heavily, which was always a treat. This episode had several memorable moments. In one scene, while introducing Andrea to baby Judith, Carol tells Andrea to slit the Governor’s throat in his sleep. This would have been a suitable plan and probably would have saved everyone a lot of grief. In the end, Andrea stands at the Governor’s bedside while he sleeps. She holds a knife, but ultimately does nothing with it, while the episode winds down to the tune of Tom Waits’ “Hold On”.


This controversial season finale was a result of then-showrunner, Scott Gimple’s, affinity for cliffhangers. But Gimple took it a step too far with this one, infuriating almost the entire TWD fanbase.


Maybe this stunt wouldn’t have caused such an uproar if it hadn’t of been for the fact that the entirety of season 6 had served as buildup for this moment. When it turned out to be a moment the audience wouldn’t see for another seven months, fans were understandably shocked and incensed. It was certainly a bold and rather unusual move on the TWD writers’ part, and this makes the memory of “Last Day On Earth”, an infamous one, because fans will most likely never forget watching Negan bash at the camera with Lucille, before the screen went black.

2 THE GROVE  (4×14) – BEST

It appeared to be a fitting arc for Carol when she adopted adorable sisters, Lizzie and Mika. But this quickly went south when Rick banished Carol early in season 4. After the prison fell, she reunited with her two adoptive daughters (and Judith) who had escaped with Tyreese. The five survivors came across a quaint little house and, even with the looming fact that Carol had not too long ago killed Tyreese’s girlfriend and he was oblivious to this, things seemed to be looking just fine.


That is, until Carol and Tyreese turned their back on Lizzie for a few minutes, and returned to find that she had slaughtered Mika and planned to do the same to Judith. All this happened because of Lizzie’s weird walker obsession, forcing Carol to ultimately have to put the little girl down, in one of the most chilling TWD scenes ever. No one will ever look at flowers the same after watching this episode.

1 WORTH (8×15) – WORST

In this primarily Negan-focused episode that no one really asked for, the audience is put through several run-on scenes that ultimately go nowhere. For a penultimate episode, this is especially unusual.

In a particularly contrived and poorly-written scene, Eugene gives a ridiculous speech while shoveling mouthful after mouthful of sardine mac and cheese into his mouth. Because it’s not disgusting enough when people talk with human-grade food in their mouth. “Worth”, overall, is not worth the watch, as it did not do much to advance any of the stories and was basically a filler episode when it should have been a very pivotal one.


2019-03-28 11:03:11

Savannah Di Leo

25 Weird Things Cut From The Walking Dead (That Were In The Comics)

Although AMC’s The Walking Dead started off as a mostly faithful adaptation of the acclaimed, and on-going, series of graphic novels that it was based on, sooner than later it started to veer off from the source material. Of course, there have been positive changes, such as the additions of characters like Daryl and Merle. But not every change has had the same impact with the fanbase. For instance, fairly recently, we saw the departure of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, who’s still very much present in the comics, as most fans are well aware of. But these massive story and character changes aren’t the only things that have caused a stir. In some cases, there have been some weird smaller details that were left out of the show entirely.

From a filmmaking perspective, some of these changes make sense as they work better on the page than they do on-screen. However, some of the things left out of the show probably should have been kept in to appease the fans who tend to like shows that are more devoted to sticking to the choices made in the source material. Regardless of the reason, they were left out, the entries on this list are almost certainly some of the weirdest aspects of the comics. Additionally, this list contains some of the stronger choices the comics have made that the show took in very odd directions. Without further ado, here are 25 Weird Things Cut From The Walking Dead (That Were In The Comics).

25 Carl’s Days As A Blacksmith

Due to the events of the midseason finale of Season Eight, we will never get to see Carl living out his days as a blacksmith. That may sound a bit odd, but this was something that Carl actually did. In the comics, Carl Grimes is still very much alive and doing quite well. In fact, he even spent some time living at the Hilltop as an apprentice to a blacksmith and entering into a relationship of his own with Lydia.

24 Lydia’s Banishment By The Whisperers

With Carl gone, Henry has stepped into his role from the comics. This is especially true when it comes to the Whisperers storyline and how Lydia fits into it all. Recently, we saw Lydia and Henry get rescued from The Whisperers by Daryl and Connie. But in the comics, Lydia isn’t saved, she is actually banished. This is because she and Carl have a series of discussion with Alpha that causes the Whisperers to believe that Lydia doesn’t fall in line with their ideology. She is then banished for it and sent home with Carl and Rick.

23 Maggie’s Pregnancy Reveal

During the first half of Season Six, Maggie let it slip that she was pregnant with Glenn’s baby. She first tells this to Aaron. It’s only later that she actually informs the love of her life. In the comics, she and Glenn learn of this news together when they’re visiting Alexandria’s Dr. Cloyd. Although Dr. Cloyd wasn’t in the show either, a version was – Denise. The show opted to go for a more built-up reveal as opposed to something that the pair got to enjoy together for the first time.

22 A One-Handed Rick

In the comics, Rick had a rather tumultuous first encounter with The Governor. This is because he got his right hand taken off with a knife. This was something that we thought the show would do but never saw. Although it might have made things a little more interesting, it posed a large technical and logistical issue for the filmmakers. If they had taken Rick’s hand off in the show, Andrew Lincoln would have had to wear a green glove for all of his shots. Then, with the help of CGI, it would have had to have been removed.

21 Tyreese’s Relationship With Carol

The Carol we see in the AMC show is very different than the one from the comics. In many ways, her television counterpart is more engaging and has provided audiences with some of the best moments in the show’s history. But, as a result, we’ve lost out on some pretty interesting and downright odd things about her character. For instance, Carol had a thing with Tyreese in the comics. In the show, it appeared as if the writers would take the characters down a similar road but they never did.

20 Carol Going Looney

As we mentioned earlier, the version of Carol in the show is vastly dissimilar than the one from the comics. In the comics, Carol basically goes nuts during the events of the first few issues. Eventually, she becomes so unhinged that she becomes convinced that a walker wants to be her new pal. She ends up feeding herself to the walker and passes away during the group’s time in the prison. That’s right, in the comics, Carol is not only loony but she’s also gone. Thankfully, the show decided to cut this plotline.

19 Eugene’s Loyalty To Rick And Alexandria

The show took the character of Eugene down a slightly different road in Season Seven. This is because, in the show, Eugene becomes a willing collaborator with Negan and the Saviors. Although Eugene wants to save his own life, as well as try and sway Negan away from war with Rick, the decision ultimately makes him out to be a turncoat. However, when Eugene was captured in the comics he refused to help Negan and the Saviors and remained in captivity.

18 Maggie’s Continued Reign

Fans were unprepared for Maggie’s departure during the Ninth Season. Everybody knew that actor Lauren Cohan would be leaving at some point, but they had no idea that she would disappear in the same episode as Andrew Lincoln’s Rick. In the comics, Maggie is still very much alive and is a born leader as well as a committed mother to her baby. Additionally, Maggie went on to be a mother figure for other characters in the show. Even though her character on the show is still alive somewhere, it’s unlikely that we will ever see Maggie on the show again.

17 Negan’s Excommunication

Negan’s storyline in the comics is pretty similar to the one on the AMC show. While there are a couple of minor differences, most of the broad strokes are the same. This is with one notable exception. In the comics, Negan has been released by Rick, Carl, and the citizens of Alexandria and completely exiled and excommunicated. On the show, he gets out for a time but swiftly rushes back to prison after he realizes that there’s nothing out in the zombie-filled world for him.

16 Rick’s Romance With Andrea

Andrea in the graphic novels is far more engaging than the one we were given on the show. In fact, Andrea became one of the most disliked characters in the history of The Walking Dead which led her to be cut. But, on the page, Andrea lasted far longer due to the fact that she was a more interesting character and that she was actually dating Rick. That’s right, Rick and Andrea had something quite similar to the relationship that Rick had with Michonne on the show. However, recently, comic-book Andrea passed away.

15 Glenn The Farmhand

For the most part, the Glenn we saw on the show was completely dedicated to Rick and the group. If there was a mission, he was first in line for it. This is a character that started off as a pizza-boy with little skill and ended up becoming a very formidable ally. However, in the comics, Glenn wasn’t always super dedicated to battling walkers with Rick. For a time, he actually stayed behind on Hershel’s farm to help with mundane chores. Essentially, he became Hershel’s farmhand. Since we spent SO much time on that farm, we should be thrilled that this was cut.

14 The Chaos Caused By Hershel’s Secret

Hershel immediately came across as a good man who started out being pretty delusional. After all, Rick and the group found out that he was hiding walkers in his barn. These walkers were Hershel’s family members, neighbors, and friends. He couldn’t just let them go. Instead, he wanted to turn them back into their former selves. In the show, Shane managed to convince the group to take out the walkers, including a zombified Sophia. This choice cut out any opportunity of things going wrong. But in the comics, Hershel’s secret ends up causing far more damage as the walkers escape the barn and devastate his farm and family in a twist of tragic irony.

13 Carl Taking Out A Kid

Carol taking out Lizzie in the show was one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead. But this event didn’t exactly happen in the comics. At least, not in the way we saw on-screen. In the comics, Lizzie, and her sister Mika, were boys who were adopted by Dale and Andrea. Eventually, Ben turned on his brother and took him out, eventually turning him into a walker. The adults end up debating what to do with Ben while Carl took it upon himself to “solve” the problem. Although this plotline still could have worked in the show, the decision to cut Carl and replace him with Carol gave her more to do.

12 The Surviving Inmate At The Prison

While we did see some survivors in the prison, most didn’t cause too much of a problem. At least, the prisoners in the show didn’t end up being like Thomas Richards from the comics. Thomas was an inmate of the prison who survived the initial zombie outbreak. Once Rick and the group moved in, Thomas started to follow Hershel’s twin daughters, Susie and Rachel. Eventually, things took a turn for the worse and he did some really awful things. This weird and unnerving part of the comics was completely ditched in the AMC show.

11 Douglas And The Eyeball Eating

Before it was overrun by walkers, Douglas Monroe ran Alexandria in the comics. While we didn’t see the character on-screen, Deanna was created in his place. However, she wasn’t a direct copy of the character. After all, she didn’t tell the chilling story that Douglas told Rick. This story was about a father who, in the midst of the outbreak, ate his son’s eyes right from out of his head. This unnerving and weird story was punctuated by the son simply saying, “Daddy ate my eyes”, instead of crying in pain. Perhaps the reason why the show cut this moment was because their version of the character was too different from Douglas.

10 Lori Surviving Childbirth

The writers of AMC’s The Walking Dead just couldn’t wait to get rid of everybody’s least favorite character. In the prison, Lori passed away while giving birth to her daughter, Judith. The scene was one of the most heart-wrenching as Carl was the one who not only had to help deliver the baby but also put his mother down. But in the comics, Lori survived childbirth. However, not long after, she was taken out during the Governor’s raid. Additionally, Judith met her end alongside her mom. Apparently, the show just couldn’t justify taking out the baby alongside her mother.

9 Dale’s “Tainted Meat”

Dale was one of the biggest scene-stealers of the first couple seasons of the show. He also provided a much-needed moral compass for the group. However, he ended up passing by the end of Season Two. In the comics, Dale survived for much longer and even took part in a memorable storyline when he was set upon by cannibals. He told them that a walker bit him and therefore they were eating “tainted meat.” If this sounds familiar, it’s because the show gave these scenes to Bob instead.

8 Sophia’s Survival

Sophia wasn’t very memorable in the show. The only thing she really gave the series was something for Carol to be driven by in the first two seasons. Of course, there was that one heart-twisting moment when the zombified version of her was released from Hershel’s barn and had to be put down right in front of her mother. However, none of this actually happened in the comics. The character is still alive and even got into a romantic relationship with Carl (who is also still alive). Clearly, the show’s creators couldn’t figure out an interesting way to keep Sophia on the show so they decided to cut her altogether.

7 Carol’s Interest In Rick And Lori

For this entry, we have to go back to the vast differences between the comic book Carol and the television show one. In the show, Carol went from a meek housewife to a strong and devoted warrior. But in the comics, she was just pretty unstable. She also had a weird appetite for many of her fellow survivors. This included Rick and Lori simultaneously. Yes, Carol really tried to push for the three of them to have a polygamous relationship. Unsurprisingly, Lori and Rick just weren’t interested. The writers clearly knew that we wouldn’t be interested in that either.

6 Ezekiel’s Connection To Michonne

Michonne and King Ezekiel don’t really have a lot of shared screentime on the show. But if the producers and writers were being accurate to the source material, the pair would actually be in a relationship by now. In the comics, their connection started off rocky and eventually grew into a notable romance. Putting this in the show would have challenged Michonne’s relationship with Rick; something that she didn’t have in the comics. But the show’s fanbase seemed to like this romantic pairing leading to the decision to put Ezekiel with Carol instead.

5 Most Of Hershel’s Kids

Hershel’s family really got the shaft in the show. With the exception of Maggie and Beth, we only briefly met the rest of Hershel’s family before they were taken out by walkers. Even when we spent time on the farm, they were only in a few scenes. However, in the comics, Hershel’s kids are given far more to do. Sure, Maggie is still the main one, but her siblings had moments to shine. Nevertheless, the show decided to focus on Maggie and mold some of her graphic novel-siblings into an entirely new character, Beth.

4 Nicholas’ Good Nature

The show’s version of Nicholas can only be described as a “piece of work”.  He constantly battled with Glenn and proved himself to be impulsive and stupid. Ultimately, he decided to sacrifice himself when he and Glenn were trapped on that garbage can. But in the comics, Nicholas survived longer and ended up being an altruistic guy; something that was totally dropped for the show. In fact, Nicholas actually passed away while battling Negan and the Saviors. Cutting Nicholas’ good nature was probably a smart choice as it gave the show more conflict.

3 Eugene Finally Getting The Woman Of His Dreams

The writers of AMC’s The Walking Dead may take joy in making Eugene’s life miserable. It was obvious that he had a thing for Rosita since the moment we were introduced to them, even though something always came between them. This is the same in the comics, at least to start with. Rosita and Eugene actually get together after the time jump when things have seemingly settled down. The show decided to pair Rosita with Abraham for the first part of her journey but ended up pairing her with Gabriel after the time jump. This cut is pretty insulting to poor ole Eugene who would like nothing more than to be with the woman of his dreams.

2 Rick’s All-Out War

Even before Rick left the show, some of his most famous comic book storylines were transferred to other characters. In the episode, “Do Not Send Us Astray,” Tara gets hit with an arrow that could be infected. Fans thought that she was done for but she ended up being okay. However, those who have read the comics know that the same thing happens to Rick in the “All Out War” plot. This event caused Negan to believe that the Hilltop Community is ripe for the taking. Unfortunately for him, the arrow wasn’t infected and Rick marched out like a gladiator to face his ultimate enemy. It was a powerful moment that was cut from the show and handed to a less-deserving character.

1 The Word “Zombie”

Apparently, nobody on AMC’s The Walking Dead has ever seen a zombie movie. This has got to be the case since the word “zombie” is cut entirely and replaced with various other names such as “biters,” “geeks,” “lame brains,” and, most famously, “walkers.” But in the comics, the characters refer to these creatures as “zombies” all of the time. It really doesn’t make sense why the writers and producers made this weird cut. Regardless, we have come to terms with the word “walkers” and maybe even like it better.

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2019-03-28 07:03:04

Dylan Parker